William and Mary basketball preview!

#215 R.P.I. William & Mary #77 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns to hold O.O.C. (out-of-conference) court vs. in-state (former) rival William and Mary Sunday nite in a downright coooooooling as Eye type New River Valley.

The Hokies are off to a reloading-looking type start after two nice big fat VicTory dances at Lehigh and Delaware State’s expense alike. William & Mary checks in with an even or .5oo 1 up and 1 down on the year after evening their record vs. nearly helpless Mid Atlantic Christian on Thursday nite ( 116 – 4o). The Tribe now hails from the CAA Conference (Colonial Athletic Association). They have won 12, that’s (12) games— in the last 2.4 years! Dang… nevertheless, what you wanna know is… who is gonna win this one and by how much, rights? So, read on… to find, out!

William & Mary Head Coach: Dane Fischer: Age=43, 33–48 (.407) overall, and @W&M. Has a rep’ for

Home court advantage 1o1

Baller Fischer was kingly enuff as a college basketballer at Ithaca College, where he graduated in the top 10 in career steals and assists while helping guide the Bombers to an NCAA Tournament appearance. He was a three-year starting point guard and helped lead the Bombers to a berth in the NCAA Tournament and an ECAC Upstate New York Championship. Fischer was voted team MVP his senior year. Pretty sharp One or Pt.Guard. And the same as ex-Qb1’s in pigskin terms, ex-Pt.Guards make the best head coaching material for having to know every assignment on every, play.

Upon graduation, Fischer entered the coaching ranks, taking an assistant coaching position at Williams College under Dave Paulsen, where the Ephs reached the national championship game of the 2oo4 NCAA Division III Tournament. In 2oo5, Fischer headed to the Division I ranks joining the coaching staff at Rider, where he stayed until 2oo8 before reuniting with Paulsen who had taken the head coaching position at Bucknell. While on staff with the Bison, Fischer was part of two NCAA Tournament squads and four Patriot League regular season championship teams. In 2o15, Fischer followed Paulsen to George Mason to serve as an assistant coach.

Fischer is married to the former Chelsea Chowning, who was a women’s basketball Academic All-American at the University of Kentucky, where she graduated with her doctorate from UK’s College of Pharmacy. The couple has two children, a daughter Camryn and a son Bennett.
As part of the 2o21 Coaches vs. Cancer Suits and Sneakers T-Shirt Challenge, Fischer and his wife, Chelsea, helped W&M rank fifth in t-shirts sold, raising money for the American Cancer Society and childhood cancer research. May St.Nektarios bless!

Tribe at a glance:

  • 19th in 3-point percentage O!!
  • 19th in rebounding margin!!
  • 29th most personal fouls ‘whistled’ against!
  • 33rd in Bench Points!
  • 44th in Assist:Turnover margin.
  • 51st in FG-percentage O.
  • 73rd in S.W.A.T.’s.
  • 17oth in 3-point% defense allowed.
  • 292nd in Fastbreak points.

Returning Starters=2

William & Mary Strengths:

  • Noah Collier F, 6′8″, 22o lb., third-year Four from Michigan. (This) Noah may or may not know much about arks that float… tho’ he does know even less about arcs. Seriously, unless his vitals are a massive typo… he has never hit a 3 in college. Which may or may not have anything to do with the fact that he has never collegiately attempted the same. (Modern-era) curious to be sure… nonetheless, this Noah is a good-looking kid. Seriously, he should look into some kinda mirror agency, take some swim lessons, and not narcist worry too much about it all. I’d bet the over on his girl game here. As scoring in the other low-post goes… this Pittsburgh transfer P/F was the 32nd ranked Four outta high school from Rivals. Collier is said to be a rarefied natural leader, tho’ his Philly scholastic digits were nice, albeit nothing *that* leading. Good all-around, tho’ not roundball dominant at all. This was a curious take for Pitt… so, Noah is either an emerald in the tall grass or a bit of a reach by the Panthers. Either way, this (W&M) level may suit him better. C0llier was well prom nite groomed, as he played for any and every touring team he could find. Few can match him for mileage here; almost make you wonder about eligibility/attendance-wise. As he was not home very often in H.S. terms. Tho’ Collier should be ahead development-wise just the same. His maternal grandfather was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen; ww2, wow! I am curious… although is prolly a 2o24 ask.
  • One, #35, Ben Wight F, is a 6′9″, 22o lb., c-bus, Ohio baller with a history of facial fractures. St.James bless. As this r-Jr. year Four (P/F) looks a bit finesse to me upon breaking tape; although such is prolly expected when you break your face. Anywho… Ben still managed to ante up and kick in with 12 ppg and 6 rpg on a nifty 62% from the floor for the Tribe last year. Which makes you wonder where he could be if he stays healthy this year. Coach God willing of course. Coming outta Buckeye country, Ben had at least a little bit of a shot-blocking defensive rep’. The O may be something of a bonus per his prom-era pedigree. A solid, fundamentally reliable kid who does not misQ much. Stays and plays within his 18′ range and he has a lotta nice 1-hand finishes in the post. Someone taught this jump-hook kid well coming up.

    Broke beak 1o1. St.Zoe bless!
  • 6′6″, 216 lb., Gabe Dorsey is a classical ‘tweener SG/SF or Two/Three combo’ player. Gabe is in his second season after a season over in Nashville, Tenn., for Vandy. Gabe -same as Noah- up above basically averaged tenths or ≤1 in nearly every category for the Commodores. So, he too may be finding his level as a Three @B&M. That said, Rivals did award him **** or four stars, and frankly mo’ was forecasted and mutually expected here. (Barely) Top-15o from Rivals and 247Sports ballers tend to roll jus’ like dat. Said to be a record-setting 3-point specialist in scholastic terms both up in the Keystone State (Pa.), and over in the Crabcake State (Maryland). Don’t know about his wedding-crashing game? Tho’ I do know that every single Dorsey father and/or brother has played D-1 ball for V.M.I. (Godspeed) or Penn.State. So, the D.n.a. appears C.b.a. or so at least. So, there is that and Gabe is a music producer of some social media ilk apparently. Doubt that hurts anything at all.
  • Miguel Ayesa G and Jake Milkereit G just debut game opened up (14-points and 21-points), vs. the D-III nobody they just harvested. So, I put ’em in here. They, however, were not opened up upon looking them up in my one-reup preview magazine (Lindy’s). So, hard to say what is really expected for the duration here. Dexys Midnite Runners or not?
  • Tyler Rice is said to be a lead-G ‘dribble-drive’ specialist. As this One (Pt.Guard) can break you down and get by you to create for himself or for others from the perimeter. 6′2″,  176 lb., Sophomoric waterbug or jitterbug type One on the ball. Very quick, tho’ not a very epic pure shooter tho’.

William & Mary Weaknesses:

  • Honestly, normally size is a legit small-school to mid-major concern. However, W&M is trying to be decent here. Not super lightweight; I’ll put it that way.
  • Offense (338th best in shooting in ’21) or the lack thereof have been the signature Wright nag here.
  • …and he is low on Experience itself this year.

Tribal Bench: (depth=5 to 7, sorta…)

…not much.

This is a low-tide bench.
ALL G’s checking in at the scorer’s table less one flimsy-looking F.

Chase Lowe G, Matteus Case G, and Charlie Williams F, at least try to help out on Windex wipes; Chase can shoot a bit and that’s that here. They are right-sized, 6′6″ up to 6′1o″ for the Four (P/F) Williams. So, they do match up well in vertical backup terms. Case is the bullpen or relief shooter everyone G.S

(m.s. the substitute Chris Mullin kid is no relation, sadly for the Tribe).

R.A.T.T.: ...coach Mike should be looking for what(s), here?

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Tribes who could TePee @VeeTee=2 maybe 3?

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is…

…not a lot to be taken with here. Lehigh prolly beats William and Mary.
And William & Mary prolly cleans Delaware State— if that helps you any?

And I did get one rescue animal Preview Mag in the 3o4 mail yesterday. (Thx @Ebay here!!!)

Lindy’s has W&M 11th (outta 13) in the Colonial; with NO (as in zero) post-season honors candidates, and frankly, after studying them I’ma inclined to agry. They have been down/off for a bit and their 5-year rebuilding plan is only technically entering year no.3 under Coach Fischer.

They are just starting to restock any variety of keeper parts.
Might have one backcourter (now) and a couple upfront… and a real drop-off after them.

Read: Wilie E. Coyote… acme anvil… Cliff’s Notes!

This is not a vote you off any given Island tribal mounting squadron.


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a December ask back.

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is only up +2% in shooting percentage margin (both teams with real skewing blowout margins here); VeeTee is up +1% in 3-point percentage margin (same as above, both clubs are straight smokin’ fools of late), and yet we see that Bill & Mary is actually up ≈+7 in rebounding margin year-to-date. Same drill… punking little guys inflates big big opening showcase typea numbers jus’ like dats. (As V.P.I. is an alluring +11 in board work/game so far their ownself…)

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… in shooting percentage margin, in 3-point percentage margin, and in rebounding margin… all conspire to say: “see yah in two mo’… yo'”!

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

Both are even in R&R.
VeeTee is up 1.5% at the charity stripe for the year.
VeeTe is a 1.oo host; whereas W&M is .ooo as a guest.

The Call...

No.3o8 Net Ranking William & Mary  @ no.61 Net Ranking Virginia Tech:

So, last time out you smoke or you gets smoked out of conference gaming, right(s)?

As in… the Tribe’s output last time out was the second-most in a game in program history and the victory margin was its largest since 1943.

Whereas little ole V.P.I. has only won by: 65 combined points so far in two entirely overmatched contests to whoop-azz open 2o22-2o23 play.


Beyond that… and just getting my preview magazine swagg back?

W&M cannot take our A-game punch— prolly cannot take our B-game punch either.

Hopefully, they could not take our Ceti or C-game punch; at least not running ball in our backyard and in defense of our very own Cassell.

Eye did like their frontcourt match-ups, better than I expected there. Nevertheless, of the one whole recovery preview magazine I now have… the Tribe is just too lowly ranked or prognosticinti thought of to pull the upset here.

The closer...

That candor being said… in all candor, we could be due to ‘bounce’ a bit to mix my sporting (Horse-Racing for a poor next race) metaphor.

This one kinda has the Sleepy Hollow feel to me to it.
And that is not Billy and Marie’s fault either, mind yah.

As methinks VeeTee could be flat or a bit unorganized before kicking it up a notch
to win by 20-3o late.



(93% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=77, William & Mary=55

please support the VT F.C.A.!







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