Wofford football preview!

#113 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #241 R.P.I. Wofford:

Today’s word of the day is… gimme.


verb: gimme

noun: gimme; plural noun: gimmes

  • give me (not acceptable in standard use).
  • a thing that is very easy to perform or obtain, especially in a sport.
  • a conceded or picked-up short putt in match-play in the sport of golf.
  • Saturday morning/afternoon’s glorified scrimmage of sorts… or so we all hope, right?

Wofford Head Coach: Josh Conklin: age=42, (19–23 overall and @Wofford); has a rep’ for Defense, and defensive creativity.
$282,345.oo (tho’ his perks/bennies took him to 3-fiddy-K last year).

Coach Conklin served as the defensive coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh from 2015 to 2017. He played college football at Dakota State College in Madison, South Dakota as a star Lb1. Where Conklin.edu was also named: Academic All-American for the Trojans. Ergo, this is not just a proverbial dum’ jock.

Hence, in addition to his bachelor’s in physical education from D.S.U., Conklin also earned a master’s in sports administration from South Dakota State.

Said to be a Secondary guy on defense having played a rover/bandit or hybrid spot in his own right.

Coaching sewing circles say Coach Conk’ is a very creative blitzer. His 111 sacks during his three seasons @Pitt say you should… ‘agry’. At his other tour stops, his hind-4 was known to play the ball not the man, and put up some very sharp INT numbers for it. Ballhawking 1o1.

Coach Josh did open with a nearly stunning 17 wins in his first two Terrier campaigns. Finishing 12th and 17th ranked nationally for it handsomely enough. Tho’ the last two seasons have collected exactly two, that’s (2) wins more spade and neutered combined. So, you’d have to think his seat is warming if not outrig

ht heating 2o22, up. And they are off to a perfected 2o22 start… zip-3. Godspeed!

As our ex just fu’nd out… such is the realm when taking over for legendary coach Mike Ayers (218 wins). As you have big shoes to fill and had better own a lotta socks.

Poppa-Bear Conklin and his wife, Molly, have three children —sons Clark and Davis and daughter Millie

2021 record: 1 up 1o down and o’fer eight in Southern Conference play.

 Wofford Defense: (starters back=8)

  • 49th in Total D.
  • 64th vs. the run.

    The home team!
  • 45th vs. the throw.
  • 93rd in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 36th in 1st-down D.
  • 5oth in 3rd-down D.
  • 73rd in Qb’s sacked D.
  • 1o3rd in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted D.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=???%
  • Well, they stat or stack up better here than over on O. A relative lowercase F.B.S. ‘relative better at that to be sure. Though honestly they did look a bit stouter here than I had expected. Not good… not average… just not (bleepy). So, there you goes… not much to sees here.

Defensive letter-grade:
D+++, I suppose. As there are just a couple of signs of life here. Not many mind you, although more than zerO on the other side itself. So, there is that…

Wofford Offense: (returning starters=6)

  • 1o3rd in Total O.
  • 97th in ground O.
  • 1o8th in aerial O.
  • 1o6th Passing Efficiency O.
  • 1o1st in 1st-down O.
  • 62nd in 3rd-down O.
  • 84th in sacks allowed O.
  • 82nd in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed O.

    Total Eclipse of the Heart…
  • O overall: Rb1: Irvin Mulligan… he of the taking a mulligan on his signature double heart-shaped lens pasty sunglasses… LOL. Actually, check dat… if you are self-cool wif you, enuff; to roll with those, out on a public beach, and snap then social needia publish pho-togs of the same? I feel yah g/f. emPowerHer 1o1! This lady’s tee Mulligan tips the Toledo’s at a listed 2o5 lbs., and stands in at 5′10″. Seemed smaller last year on tape to me, tho’ seems like he’s found a little right mass this offseason, so, that might just square now to boot. Had okay to good H.S. (Beaufort, Sc.) numbers, with 5K rushing for his career. Steady if not spectacular scholastic baller. 848 rushing last year with 8 majors is showing some next-level sign(s). Positive slope and encouraging just like that. He has only caught 5-balls in 3-years; not much of a passing fancy. Did have six different centennial rushing days in 2o21, and the curiosity was… he averaged ≥8.5 ypc in all less one of them. So, he nets a lotta rushing even on a light(er) workload. This keys us in that Irvin is a very strong systemic fit for Wofford. Might be their best offensive player or the most likely to be able to help us/VeeTee.
    Then Eye found that: newbie initiate Rb1: Nathan Walker actually leads Wofford on: 24 carries for 81-yards or a modest 3.4 ypc and a long of 45′. (With all Rb’s combined for:) 0 points. Zilch. Zero. Zip. So, there you goes… not much to sees here.
  • Qb1: Derrick Peyton, 6′2″, 200 (listed) lb., Senior season Pivot. Does not look it on tape; looks like he could eat a steak or two and drink a protein shake or three. Academic Honor Roll kid, so that helps. D.P. did rack up: 8,667 passing yards, 9,544 yards of total offense, 77 passing touchdowns, and 16 rushing touchdowns in high school (Conway H.S., Sc.). S.C. Region 6-5A Offensive Player of the Year; so that does not suck. Big bro’ played Qb1 @Furman and pops was a pretty fair to middling Te1 for Wofford (1978-82) himself. So, this is a legacy kid and that never sucked either. Peyton may or may not be Manning, up. Though he will run. Not a scared-of-contact kid in spite of his slight-looking beanpole metrics. ex of Appy.State as their (likely) backup caddying Qb2. Seems a reasonably efficacious Qb1, when not chucking picks. As he has 3 of his 4 seasons pegged at an attractive 141-point Qb-rating or better (capping at a shiny 176). Tho’, did I mention the picks yet? As he is a rarified perfectly balanced 1:1 career ratio passer (ten:ten, if you need to objectively know). And yet he has only been sacked thrice on 145 career attempts. He has been dented and dinged-up thrown out; however. Missing a month last season with a (neck, foot, knee; Coach God Bless^3)! In point of fact, he just had to play the entire spring game (both ways) due to Qb-crunching down at Wofford. Yikes! Coach God Bless sum mo’. That said, when not getting hit {sic: too much}, Derrick does flash a favorable 7.2 ypc on the ground! 4.72 forty, and frankly he seems to move or at least squirt free better than that— if not quite a pure burner itself. Darty, slippery Qb1 in R.P.O. sets. Has a nose for the northward 1st-down marker to be sure. Decent athlete (can dunk at 34″ vertical). And seems to be the kind that gets it. Field-vision in lieu of pure I. and Q. Intrinsic player, which makes the intercepting total all the more woeful. That all said, last year? Well, last year the quarterback situation has been fluid for the Terriers, with four different quarterbacks getting starts over the course of 10 games. And that’s never ever a positive Pivotal sign. Then Eye found out that newbie Qb1: Jimmy Weirick has put up 54% passing modest for 187 chucking yards and a negative o:2 passing ratio. So, there you goes… not much to sees here.
  • Wr1: Alec Holt is the alpha of a very beta bunch. Or a ceti crew. Alec has a little speed; he will pop long here-n-there; tho’ very inconsistent guy who seems mo’ parts T&F and less parts pigskin in some ways. Some thought Mr. Holt (no relation) to be more of a Db prospect outta H.S. Was a member of the: competitive cheer team in H.S., maybe that’s why? Seems to be a very streaky shooter; big games or disappearing acts. Can return a kick if need be. Did chuck a couple of scholastic TDs at Wr, so trickeration is in play here. Not much to see here… so this will not be a long section. Then Eye found out that nobody has registered more than 4 snags. With not mo’ than 46-total-yards and with only one completion north of 22-yards year-to-date. Good for zero points. Nadda. None Nil. So, there you goes… not much to sees here.
  • oLine: does have a rep fo’ courting at least a little size up front. Now, and dig on this… last year? Well, last year Wofford has seen nine players start, with none starting the same position for all ten games. Despite this, the Terriers rank seventh in the nation in the fewest sacks allowed with just 10. That’s not just coaching the verb, that’s updating the résumé! It is also experiencing or returning likable Learning and Experience curving alikes! (Tho’ this section Eye did get pre-season (sorta right, well, a little, well, less ‘rong than the rest). Pats self on back—–>bstreet. As this group is supposed to be something of a strength… give/take of coure.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=???%. Wofford uses a wing-bone style attack and its rushing offense was one of the best in the country as it ranked 13th with an average of 208.6 yards per game last year. Or, at least they did… now they run in circles or confusion. Seriously, they are all over the place. Tho’ I presume they still wanna run-1st; if/when they can.
  • 68% run:pass 32% mix. Wr3, Kyle Watkins is your secret sauce offender here. The only stretcher threat they got vertically. The Terriers also faced a transition with the retirement of veteran offensive coordinator Wade Lang, the mastermind behind the triple-option offense that carried Wofford and Ayers to great success. Ergo, and to replace Lang, Conklin hired Tyler Carlton of Western Carolina to be quarterbacks coach and co-offensive coordinator along with running backs coach Dane Romero. Conklin says the Terriers are still an option team — they averaged 234 rushing yards and 137 passing yards in five spring games — yet the new fab {sic: game} plan is clearly evolving.
    The Eye realized they have gone backwards for ≅80-yards this campaign and that they are 100% as butterfingers go. As they have coach Coach Heimlich and maneuvered to ‘cough’ up every single fumble right into the other team(s), lap. Lap-dawggs 1o1, in spades.

Offensive letter-grade:
D–. There is just nothing to hang your hat on here. Nothing to have to key or takeaway in defense either. Bulldogs or even schnauzers these Terriers just, aints.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT D.
  2. …(gap)…
  3. VT O.
  4. …(gap)…
  5. Wofford D.
  6. …(gap)…
  7. Wofford O.


  • motive: Wofford. Or the VeeTee 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and anyone O&M needy for P.T. on the home dress roster. EDGE=their Gobbler parents getting to see their sons ’22 play; (or so we all hope).
  • weather: Well, you could prolly sun-screen-play this one. However, in gridiron terms? It favors whatever you do post-game in a glorious Indian Summer or pre-Equinox (o9.22) New River Valley. EDGE=everyone!
  • health/off-field: VeeTee is still recovering a couple of good guys, and got a couple of good guys BeeCee dinged up. EDGE=Wofford.
  • penalties: Wofford wins here… Top-6 strictest in the yellow laundry. EDGE=Wofford.
  • intangibles: two good TOP (time of possession) teams and likewise two poor Turnover Margin teams so far. EDGE=nobody.
  • fatigue: Too early here… both should still be up to speed(s). EDGE=TBD in a week or two.

R.A.T.T.: ...this glorified scrimmage is good for, what(s).

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…we are better than this, right(s)?

3o4 Primers:

  1. West Virginia Qb1, JayTee Daniels has thrown interceptions that were returned for touchdowns in each of the first two games. Dang! Good for: 12 the ‘rong way.

    He’s ahhhh model… you know what that memes!
  2. Wendy’s Rb1: West Virginia: RB C.J. Donaldson. The 240-pound freshman was held to 48 yards on 13 carries against Kansas after rushing for 125 yards in his college debut a week earlier. “Where’s the beef?”
  3. The West Virginia Mountaineers are o-2 for the first time in more than four decades! With pressure ramping up on coach Neal Brown, Saturday’s game @home against Towson is a must-win. Especially considering the Mountaineers have never been beaten in 22 games against F.C.S. teams.
  4. 3o4 DEFCON-1 here we 24o6o, come!!!

Lord Haw-Haw …or… Tokyo Rose?

…O/U on Mo-town WVa. spies in the stands=???

(i.e., hopefully, we have deployed some of our very own for their actually 2-o Townsen contest  as well)

Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  Terries who could  ‘woof’ @Tech=2 maybe 3?

the takeaway:

There is not too much to be too taken with here, right(s)?

Did Eye mention: “So, there you goes… not much to sees here”, yet?

Wofford is 1o1st or worse in seven of the 114 D-1aa National Team categories I tracked for this one.

The squirrelly part was these Terriers actually bit down and checked in at a sweet-16 D-1aa National Team categories that rated fair-to-middling or outright good/great.

Maybe they are not as entirely bad as they seem…

(Attempt at statistical satire insert (_____) here, check)!



formulae here favors

…not much if you are with the other guys.
Prolly nothing at all.


  1. Δ1=99% VeeTee wins and this just in… rain is rumored to be, wet.
  2. Δ2=1% chance the last piece of Sky Lab hits me in the head and we are all very upset come 3 PM give/take. And in all candor, it is prolly mo’ like 1 in multi 100’s, plural.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and hopefully we only really have to ante-up and kick in for 2o-odd-minutes or so here.

the optics…
Well, when you went out and raided Presbyterian and Navy in terms of your two alpha off-season recruits? You may just be in for something of a long season, itself.

Possibly, very…

the skinny
Well, Wofford’s D is not as undersized as Eye had expected less one light in the pants Lb1. The rest are quite reasonably constructed height and width-wise on D. The Terriers oLine is just a little south of regulation-sized, tho’ there Rb1 is well north of the same (5′12″, 244 lbs., final-year: Nathan Walker). Walker does pass the eye test. Kinda stout in fact upstairs. (Wr’s are a slight lightweight allotment mostly, however).

3-game splits, H/A, ask October.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely… see: above.

the call...

36th in 1st-down D for Wofford vs. a pretty piss-poor 113th best in 1st-down O for Glenn and Co. is about all I could find to acid-test here. Basically, if they give us much of anything on down number one, everyone else is gonna give us a one-two combination right down the 1st-n-1o pike and leave us beak-bent for our top of the 1st-inning troubles.

the sportlight…

It’s all about having fun,” Conklin said on his radio show this week. “Enjoying the atmosphere, enjoying the competition. Having an opportunity to go against some of the best competition in the country against good coaches, good players. It should be fun for everybody in the program.”

Don’t exactly feel like he feels like he is coming to win, do it?
(Tho’ do have fun bro’).

Game ball or mag·num o·pus:
LOL… a Rb4, or maybe a: Qb3?

p.s. there are interweb reports that poor Wofford’s been (breakdown) delayed in getting to Roanoke on Friday nite.
Patron Travel Saints bless and intercede. Dang…


We have some things that we have to get fixed, at the quarterback position especially,” Wofford head coach Josh Conklin said. “The good news right now is that I feel pretty good about what we need to do to get things corrected.
Quarterbacks Jimmy Weirick and Cade Rice combined to go 7-for-2p for 59 yards in the air last Saturday versus Elon.

Too us?
^^^that’s one 3/2’s full coach^^^. Godspeed on that as well…

Nevertheless, only two things exist to be gleaned here…


  1. The training-room report (Coach God forbid) post-game.
    Meaning, do not call a single Timeout. Run the clock. Get this one over with early and A.S.A.P. alike.
  2. That… and where exactly is Prybar’s thermostat truly set? Is he ‘kinder/gentler’ and does not make Wofford ‘lay back and enjoy it”? Or, is he go’on and send the you have NO damn chance via a no Mercy Rule, or no tap-outs are accepted, allowed or surrendered message? Coach Merrill Gainer comes to mind here… some want to deprogram you for next time, right now.
  3. …two if by land.” Coach P.Revere
    Get this game over with. Did I mention the A.S.A.P. part, yet?

    ’cause in all candor… you only wanna show what you want w.V.u. to: “sea“.
Technically speaking… the rulebook says…

In generic terms, the rule of thumb is “45” points at most levels or per most sanctioning bodies. Although some roll until you get to a lopsided 5o-nil look.
So be on the lookout for that.

You will learn something about how b.Pry the Sportsman cooks here.
That’s the only gimmie you could possibly make him putt, out.


upset Index=1%, if we are Arnold’s and The Cellar totally krunk!!!


Virginia Tech=55, Wofford=3


Please support the VT F.C.A.!





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