You (NOT) winning Liberty Eye in the Sky is, UP!

Virginia Tech=35 Liberty=38

,.. a bearish (Fuente) market no’, mo’?

Virginia Tech football should FIRE coach Fuente! (and you did not read it here, first!!!)

The Hokies were told this not by yours truly, tho’ by none other than Will Stewart and Chris Coleman 4o9 days ago. Eye however am the one who had the audacity to say they were premature. I never said they were ‘rong… I said wait until the end of the 2019 year and Fu’ would load your gun for you —be that either way. Now, in all fairness to Will and Chris… was Eye late to the Schwarzenegger (termination at will) party? Or, Were Will and Chris the most epic coaching H.R. (human resource) 1st-movers of all-time? And how does Fu’s agent feel about bailing out on Baylor money right about now? As he just got gut-punched by the little ole Fighting Falwell’s… who took many post-game Liberties with us indeed. Not sure? Neither am Eye, So, welcome to the club… however, here is what I do know…. and here is what I am worried about… 

1Q 2020 A.D. regular season remaining:
You tell me… does this look like a team ready to play?

Or a team that is trying to talk themselves into it, & just going through the O&M (e)motions?

Did not like seeing this… 

That Eye will leave to you and your committee-of-one… here with me and my committee-of-none?

Well, we did notice a couple of interesting things to start. One) Liberty had NO fear of us at all. Zippo. Zilch. Zero. Zip! They threw (pun-intended) the whole entire playbook at us from the word go. East-West stretch, vertical North-South stretch, even early November trickeration with all the leftover 31st of October candy marked down and on sale. Or in other words… they played and schemed like they were the 17-point betting favorite. Think about that…

Two) did anyone else notice the opening O&M eggs and j.Ham Lb stagger? They were a smidgeon or smidgeon+ deeper to start. That’s showing the Flames a lotta respect; and maybe even a bit of speed pyrophobia. Now Liberty ain’t velocity cheap; granted. Still yet, there is showing respect and then there is second to punch. Maybe even a bit too, much {sic: respect} … ’cause when you is the champion/fave it behooves you to fight like the same. ’cause if you don’t the judges, won’t.

When you is big? You go’on and fight big!
i.e. you don’t give your height, away.

Three) did anyone else notice that the Vice Squad graded very poorly early-on? Did they wear Liberty down as the game moved along? Those is some big-ass boyz LU has on their dLine. Sideline O2 masking is their thang… as they prolly do have limited petrol-tanks/lungs for having to load that much wood upfront. Still yet… they did allow a grand total of zero Qb-sacks and they likewise allowed zero-TFL (tackles for a loss)— and “yes” a lotta oLines wish they had ^those^ problems.

1Q 9:43 remaining: (see: above pic)
Do you recall someone warning about the mini-me Cyrus Lawrence workload, here?


As this looks like a cleat just spun out and that that’s not a good look when you already have a damaged hammie on board. Any sudden movement or even worse, a sudden give of this/that is the sudden kiss of death, here. (St.Culberth bless!)

2Q 12:42 remaining:
Hate this… dreaded no-contact ‘knee-gimp’ as Barno was playing faster-n-faster and better and better as a itinerate or Larry Brown type of De work in progress of late. Tho’ you can see his left-leg buckle in high-octane pursuit down the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) here. Right as his left toe/cleat catches and it all pronates inward on a very odd foot-pin angle. (Soleus dinged | older injury, that he’s been dragging along and taping-up). Dang… (St.Nikon bless!)

And this dood plays so hard… the stitching on his numerals won’t hold!

A strident Qb1, indeed… WOWOW!

2Q whole game remaining:
‘The Galloping-ghost’ (A.K.A.: Harold Edward “Red” Grange) …or… ‘Crazylegs’ (A.K.A.: Elroy Leon Hirsch)?

Eye just can’t decide… can you?

2Q 8:41 remaining:
Time for sis’-Fu’ to ring bro’-Fu and his potty-mouf back up!

Or, rather… was this an old-school Chuck Daly ploy motivational-move? In that, you as a mouthpiece coach have to burn some damn anger and freak-out/flip-out on something, someone, anything… when you (in-game) realize that your troops’ powder is all… wet?


2Q 8:33 remaining:
Dang, dang, dang, Ashby hustles/chugs over -best he can- only to get accidentally friendly-fire left-leg-whipped right into a hyperextension right on the point of the patella (kneecap) at the end of the LU scramble to their even/right-side. (and literally, he collapsed after the play, NO weight bearing at all). St.Nikon bless!

And to his credit, he looked a little bit less gutty in profile. Just starting to Shaq-Fu play-his-way back into fighting trim or game shape.

(REALLY: neat sportsmanship by #14 of LU here as well— Coach God Bless!)

~35 game minutes remaining:
Okay… for an OPT TSL hoops win… what was this Fu’fensive play the very first one of the, day?
(first correct answer… wins!)

2Q 1:38 remaining:

This play reallycrackedme; up?

4 A.c.c. Network games 2020 remaining:
Enjoy the delicious Katie George while she small-Network lasts.

As this yummy eye-candy gal is gonna get picked up by some big-guy, soon!

Dangnation… : (

3Q :24 remaining:
The likable oaf otherwise known as the Dusty Rhodes ‘hard times’ of VeeTee football, J.Hewitt; does what he does early series when he is freshest. As he busts the A-gap of Liberty’s right or even side up like a lowercase Brahma Bull! (only to end up grabbing his; well, groin… St.Elmo’ bless).

(to make thangs all the nastier you ask? Poor Tis’ gets hi (LU Wr) lo’ed (Divine) and stolen cut down to size at the top of the play. sheesh!)

4Q 2:o4 remaining:
Poor Crawford… finally, just; starting to get it Dt back, right?

Not so fast my gamey yet gimpy Dt-fans… as poor Crawford gimps his right-knee (no contact; inward inflection) yet again (the third time at least this campaign thus far), right at the end of the Liberty plunge-play up the gut.

And crawling on all-4’s like a k9 after it is never a good, look.

Dang, dang, dang…

4Q :08 career remaining:

context: On why calling a timeout before the field goal attempt on a 59-yarder…

Why buy the cow when you can milk the Ag.School fo’… free?

What does that mean? … It’s more about making sure you’ve got the right guys out there to go execute the block. I don’t know about the whole icing the kicker thing.
Whether it’s 59 yards, 51 yards or 21 yards, you call a timeout to make sure
you get everything straightened out.
” —Coach Fu

Hmmmmmm… okay… I’ll play… so, we are executing an FGA-Block here? Right?!?

Well, by my count there are at least 3, and possibly 2 more guys who do NOT know you called Block-Max’. As the two edge guys look like they are in fake-FGA-max’ lateral contain— and you have deployed 3 centerfielders or tri-Safety look behind all of that, right? So, on FGA-Block-max’, we only ante up 45% of our potential blockers to the S.W.A.T. team attempt itself? Hmmmm…

Then we see the bogus media reporting that this is because nobody had the right scouting-report here— and they are snowing you in July that this kid has no, leg; right?

…well, Eye mean; almost nobody had it… almost.

And if you were telling the truth young man, and you really were in Block-max’… why ghost the look by calling a TO? Eye mean, why throw the (cry) baby out with the bath-water and give Liberty a free look up your skirt like dat?

4Q (ostensibly) o:oo remaining:
HATE as in the enemy of love this turn-n-taunt by #44 of us.
Pathetic. Truly.


This look is a lotta things girlfriends, and “Strong” just ain’t among ’em.

And you are fortunate that #85 and #15 did not amount
to a lot more than an even hundy on your
dumbass post-game.

…you really are!

4Q :06 remaining:

…and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is this?

U, n, r, e, a, L!
Eye have no idea?
Nadda. None. Nil.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=12
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=26

Qb pressured=13
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=24 (with: 3 fumbles & 1 tipped!)

Time To Thow analysis:
Well, this is a stumpy Snuffy Smith (cartooning) one… as that’s a whole helluva a lot of collective two-teams worth of hits and Qb-pressures to yield NOT one interception combined?!? The TTT metric itself does correctly predict a close game; and that is entirely what we gots. Tho’ neither Qb1 soaked the bed— even if Wills’ and his butterfingers did go b.Simpson Qb1 and dribble at least a little bit.

(o) (o)

Tackling itself -for the first time all year long- inverted!

As O&M eggs and j.Ham’s tackling has opened weaker and closed stronger on stops year to Liberty date. Tho’ on Saturday over in the 24060 we wilted a bit as the day grew longer (and apparently) Liberty grew a bit, stronger.

Tackling is down, off, softer for the year… same as we saw and never got around to publishing (due to 2020 madness) upon breaking-tape of uva-Wise in the off-season.

They too sucked at Tac’s. (player parlance: for ‘tackles’). Tho’ this is the first time that our tackling went Netflix in the upside-down. (and this is something to keep an eyeball on men; if things continue to laxative as stopping goes as Turkey Day draws nigh and our level of opposing competition only antes right on up).

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (2 TD’s!)
Swiss (neutral): ||| (1 LU flag)
negative: |||| |||

positive: |||| |||| |||| | (1 LU flag, 1 LU fumble)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| || (1 VT penalty, 1 LU fumble)


Or this is one EASY O to coach against sans Herbert.
Find Hooker, hit-on-our-Hooker. Rinse. Recycle. …repeat!

As he had at least a finger in 9 outta 10 of our yards-gained for the game and a truly mind-boggling 96.63% of our yards prior to intermission! WoW & geez— and how hard to predict was this? Eye mean, Viagra need not, apply. As a blind man could see this tendency with his cane.

As our #2 was our #1 -and sometimes our only- option for most of last Saturday afternoon over in the New River Valley. Go’on and bet the OVER on the whirlpool prop and on the caloric-burn for poor Hooker alike. As he seriously played a Mister Scot football game… and was… “…giving you all she gots.”

Lo.FM analysis:
We did create some off-schedule down-n-distance favorable looks and we tried to take some liberties with these Flamers from time-to-time. O&M eggs and j.Ham got into the Liberty backfield decently enough. The thingy is that Liberty nearly liberated O&M eggs and j.Ham for 50% on 3rd-downs and they did 100% liberate the other Justin’s halt-unit going a Moses Malone ‘esque “fo’ for fo'” on 4th down itself.

As we had our chances to go’on and get off the field with a drive-ender of a kill shot, and yet we defensively misfired on not less than 10 of these potential drive-killing plays. (very similar to @Notre Dame, uva, and KY-jelly last year recall).


As the rest of the O went… beyond being virtually perfectly, predictable?

The one thing from my data-mining Holden Hall efforting is… although our Qb1(s) ain’t making the big-bad Lo.FM play, they ain’t hitting many drive sustaining singles or doubles either. Never mind R.B.I. type triples or home-runs. And frankly, that IS to be at least hoped for -if not outright expected- by this stage of their careers. As Herbert had hit nearly all of ’em coming into this one his ownself. However, this week Hooker finally hit a few deep-3’s with peeps hanging all over him. So, hopefully, this is a forward (see the pun) facing “the game is starting to slow down” for him sign… November=truth or dare here.

As LU’s Qb1 (m.Willis) for all his fumbling and cockeyed Kosar passing mechanics?
He hit three different BIG Lo.FM lip splitting plays right when he 3Q had to.
And again three drives later when he 4Q had to.

And you gotta give him that triple knockdown round, 10-7.
And what does he hit on us if he holds onto the, rock?
(Eye mean look at his to our ➕ plays ratio).

(o) (o)

And coach Freeze you ask?
Well, he only put the game clock in the DEEP industrial-sized freezer!
As he added dry-ice, snow, and air-conditioners (plural) to the whole shebang.

With what is a truly turn you blue in the face numbing +1 full quarter of football (less 3 whole ticks) worth of Time of Possession massive advantage! As these Flamers icebox
surely sent shivers through the Fu’fense threw and threw.

the takeaway...

Pretty blistering that our ex-Te1 (m.Burnup) questioned our being ready to play. Twice. He did this right before Fu’ came on air, and then again right to Fu’s face!

i.e. if that is what our ex-Te1 was actually sayin’?
What the bloody hell was he, thinking❓❗❓

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:

  • …Mike London?
  • Peeps who hate T.O.: Terrell Owens?

No, wait; that’s not it… hmmm….

Or maybe it was the enlightened ones…

…in the O&M, dark!

Come on guys give Will a break!

So, do Eye owe Will and Chris the piety of a formal/public professional apology?

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s

…this is our old-school green-slate Dr. Glanville chemistry class chalkboard for the week…

Chris Coleman is saying we lack: “buy-in“.

Could be. To some extent at least… as Fu’ is not a motivational off-season speaker extraordinaire; to be sure.

Eye’ve seen our guys leave the locker room early -while he is still speech-making/talking- my ownself. And they weren’t chompin’ at the bit to git out there and get’er done; let me tell you. So, Eye can’t say C’s is dead ‘rong. Not after less than all-in efforting @Wake and home for seemingly dinky little-ass Liberty.


His take does have some teeth… that being rightfully said… let’s walk that lack of: “buy-in” back a step or three and see what we sees?

’cause… and LOL… ’cause if you just have too get SKY high to beat Wake and upset #25 Liberty?

This R.A.T.T. conspires to tell us what(s)?

i.e. what if it tells you... how good are you in the 1st-place?

…or 45th Coach’s Poll good and A.c.c. 7th place in our, case!

formulae football

So, Fu’ defenders and pot-stirring unnaturally expectations-raising P.A.T.T.’s, riddle me thus…

…is it…

Player Development of 24th, 26th, and 76th >>> Liberty’s recruiting classes: 137th, 135, and 89th❓

…or rather is it…

Herbert >>> Liberty’s recruiting classes: 137th, 135, and 89th >>> Player Development of 24th, 26th, and 76th❗

Or… VeeTee 2020 is exactly, entirely, and precisely 1 player better than… 2019 VeeTee!

Ergo, therefore… to Whit: although Eye may not be from Charlotte, even Eye know what a tangled message board web they… weave…

Hmmmmmm, as Eye do gotta wonder… is the 1Q of Miami really code for the 5Q or Liberty or fo’ flaming out, twice?

The Rest of the Story...

  • this story began 3-weeks ago is all Eye can tell you here & now… mmm-k? Tho’ I can tell you presently that this team has displayed tendencies both on-field and off-field of a team that is just outta sync’. Missteps. Mental encroachments. MisQ’s. Misfiring. And if Eye to select a single solitary word to describe all of this? …backfiring! Like an old pre catalytic converter O&M car with pigskin hiccups.
  • buy out: can we? Where are we gonna garner the $12.5 large in 2020 to afford to do this with revenues in the incoming tank? As yes… it is true… “the emperor has no clothes on…” someone foreshadowing-intended cue: The Streak by Ray Stevens. As the winning-streak went first, then the Commonwealth Cup streak went, and now the Bowl streak is about to go boot? As we are looking 4-7 right in the… Eye. (honestly: who are we favored to beat/upset from here on out? And therefore: how Commonwealth Cupped will we be on a 4-game L-streak?)
  • big $$$ begging… there are also whispers that Whit & Co. were about to go BIG-money begging for some facility and $taffing upgrades and so forth. (Literally) right about now and prior to Thanksgiving/Christmas gifting from our deep-pocket-donors.
  • big $$$ begging (part Deux)… or, are you now left bending the knee to the deep pockets to help buy Fu’, out? Then you’d still have a very mediumcase $2.5mill to offer a very likely mediumcase caliber new head-coach. And then you’d still have to go out and twice ring the deep-pocket dinner-bell to get Coach Next up to snuff All Commerce Conference wise in just another year or three. Do you see what I accumulating mean?
  • …then we catch a none too subtle whiff of the big-money deep-pocket type renaging on what was already in the works in lieu of… Fu’! i.e. Fu’ is their zero-sum donatory dealbreaker. Fu’ goes or their checkbooks they will close.
  • I may not have been in Owens Dining Hall in decades; plural. Nevertheless, even Eye know that 2020 is sure quite the Fixed-Pie.

…or in other words… like him or lump him… with the fiscal budgeting $hutdown that is 2020?

…we’re 2021 FùBAR!!!



Eye await the kindness of your, reply

That all rightfully said… I unlike most of the traditional never balled anything other than their own balls traditional media…. me? Well Eye wanna throwback, achronoclastic, soul-school Bible’crat like the guy; I 9th Commandment sincerely do.

Though damnation if Fu’ is  not:

So, here is your big chance young man.
Come on in and set the and the record straight…

The closer...

…and here is the Roy Gerela gorilla’s k.Kong sized of an emotional head-game Kicker…

…jus’ how the hell does Justin get this beatdown team back up to play da U after all this Liberating muck?

Eye no lie… for Eye do not know?

I’m, füddled…

How, ’bout; you?




Virginia Tech=35, Liberty=38




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  1. Boy our football program is a real mess but I do not see anything that can be done to straighten this mess out and I am sick of the excuses bottom line we are not getting job done

    1. Hmmmmmmmm…
      At this Monday nite moment?
      And this side of Herbert’s hammie healing all the way ups?

      NOT inclined to disagree——————————————>b.street

  2. Excellent recap and insights as always, your literary juice, makes the season smile…. now Read it 1st here as see the Hokie Phoenix rise from these flames. On Sat it was there before our eyes. As once we went into 2 min drill, Senor OverCoaching OC turned decision reigns over to QB Hooker and the difference was clear–but I. Digress.

    CJF, Adios Amigo y Buenas noches. Your replacement was right before our eyes in Lane and it won’t be a cold day in Blacksburg but a frozen one as in Hugh Freeze leads the Hokies out of this wasteland called the Fu-zone. Freeze out prepared, out coached, out motivated his players, got the W the hard way/-he earned it vs our Memphis legion, who ain’t no Elvis.

    Lastly, if you believe VT is beating Miami I have a stack full of Benjamins for action. Last year Hooker surprised them and they Still almost won. 2020 they score at will and hate to say it but don’t be surprised if they extract some revenge against Hooker.

    1-3 rest of season may be the best case the rest of the way.

    1. Phoenix rise from these flames.”

      Stefano Dimera is still; alive?
      ; )
      Yah; fair play, you boy did work things well.
      He needs some help(s) if Herbert is melted Sorbet, however.
      Kan’t says I disagree… tho’ hell, Eye’d almost take uva-4.


  3. On offense, we don’t have another back to run inside? Hooker outside ok, hooker inside and we may need a new QB. Cant for the life of me understand not running to holston inside, or Marco lee????
    On defense, scheme does you no good when you can’t tackle and get off blocks. Looks like a soft team that are not willing to lay the lumber. Maybe you revert to old scheme or man on man to loosen up the mind and untie the feet? Or maybe we are just soft

    1. Lee had/has a bad shoulder. (left I wanna say).

      Tho’ “aye” agree.
      Hooker and his already braced-back-up left-shoulder won’t survive this level of contacting.

      His TTT metrics are hurtful looking indeed.


  4. You lightly touched on recruiting B so let me add this. Our top 2 RB are Hokies via portal. Otherwise, we’d b starting our current 3rd string tailback who can barely get on the field now…..UGH!!! Further indictment of CJF’s reign.

  5. BStreet: I know you love polls, so I have a poll for you. Where will we be in 3 years?
    1. In the words of Rocky: You, Me, or Nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Fu will bounce back and we will get another 10-win season.
    2. Fu lost the turtle and the hare race with Bronco and we are rebuilding with a new coach. He just can’t develop players and we must if we want to be successful.
    3. It doesn’t matter because this is a sinking ship due to outside factors (money, Virginia talent pool drying up, location, etc.) We are destined to keep getting worse without the Jimmy’s and Joes’ and should focus on basketball.
    4. I need a mulligan, 2020 is just too crazy to make any prediction.

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