Your 1.5 decade old, Commonwealth Cup champion Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=34, france=31 (overtime)

OFF the damn O&M, hook, speechless!!!

V.Tech football‘s >>> culture >>> uva’s football’s

The Hokies summoned enough heart to light the Cowardly Lion and the Tin-man’s chest on fire alike. Enough heart to open their very own cardio clinic! And caused enough drama to nearly stroke me right on out. Seriously, Jerry West and Eye are the worst possible spectators. As that’s about as thrilling of a classical-Lit’ rising action and ultimate mindboggling tantric climax as you will ever O&M football game see. And oui-oui… sooooooo, hoo’s your daddy now virginia?!?

READERS note: Eye am sorry, although I have “gonna play them twice” 5Q-8Q high school football championship rematch; and Fury vs. Wilder contractual obligations this week. So this is a mini-me Eye (part I).

Coach God willing, after a few days off next week, I’ll fill in the Eye blanks, later on, give/take, as this kinda OVER the top VicTory deserves more time than Eye have to give. As there is no way V.Tech was playing an Early Cancel U make-up game this weekend on top of the 12th State Championship run and the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Right? No way no way in the world… well, unless…

So here is a few Commonwealth Cup runneth over plays to tide you over, mind-melded to more of a clinically truncated Tech Thoughts format down below… as there is sooooooooooooooo much material here, and so little double-championship week; time.

1Q remaining:

1Q remaining:

2Q remaining:

2Q 0:00 remaining:
the 2018 season, with only 30 minutes remaining???

…my peeps really should take a cyber bow. For their exclusive to right here and Will’s pay-side call of this former ham-on-Ry’ Qb2 cutting weight to go SPEED max’ to try to run better?

Well, maybe he’s not the most authentic R.P.O. mac-daddy-Qb.

And R.A.T.T., for that matter, maybe he will never be?
(as most pocket-Qb’s just ain’t via any definition and/or trade)

Very few have the guts/determination to make this play! Worf Warrior sauce 1o1!!!

Though he’s Ry’ “full metal jacket” Willis for what he did, HERE!

And the “Baywatch” body as they put it? Well, it sure looked like to my Eye, that the erstwhile slowest Qb on the team ran this uva mitch, right on down. Right after he knocked the Umpire down. Blew him up then chewed #5 of uva up and totally spit him out. As this has 26 years worth of streak-killing inertia written all over it. It really does. uva houses this pick-6 and how much does a 4-win downtrodden and nearly shite-kicked Virginia Tech R.A.T.T. have left?


And did you see *his* teammates and how they (finally) treated poor Ryan post-game? First time Eye’ve ever seen them in a nearly a unanimous embrace.

As this tackle and that final drive may very well have been Ry’s -make your damn bones- Sean Glennon crackback hit in the spring-game moment. Gone right. All sins are forgiven… or so we all, hope. As the look on #11’s face of total disbelief that the pasty Ry’ on wheat caught his boy from behind is priceless beyond any/all words that I know of. wow!

Way to be: “my boy“.

You did this the Smith Barney way… you, “eeeeeeaaarrrned, it.”

3Q 11:11 remaining:
Believe it or not… this is the ONLY place that gave me actual and factual in-game pause on “hoo” might just win this one in the, end.

As much as I am recalcitrant to ever publish anything giving w.v.u. and u.v.a. any credit(s)… the game really did hang in the balance as things were starting to trench-tilt in uva’s favor here. As honestly, if I am Bud? I go get Fu’s permission to burn all 3-timeouts as R&R placements. Same as late 1980’s showtime legendary coach Riles usest to do for twilight Kareen. As this D is too thin, too young and too small to be absorbing this kinda shocktroop shocktherapy as they are now basically reduced to play a 110v household appliance game. And do R.A.T.T. understand, this is a big/physical uva oLIne, even if its raw block-game metrics are much closer to C+++ than they are to anything else.

Then a funny thing happened along the way to the O&M bitter-sweet 220v candy store… a handful of plays after uva scored a brutal 80% pancake blocking down in the Worsham Fieldl grass up front?

Our (now) honestly pretty middleocore Vice Squad oLine fought-back. Best they could. And ground up a 6:20 minute drive for a 3-pointer and then they ground up a nearly 4-n-a-½ minute drive for a major (CFL: for a touchdown).

Or in other words, Bud Lyte was not on B.O.G.O. (buy one get one) free special in a potentially drunken 3Q of play where we/V.Tech actually won the TOP (time-of-possession) by nearly +5 minutes of ball and that -as much as anything else- saved the late game, day.

3Q remaining:

4Q remaining:

4Q remaining:

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=17
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=18

Qb pressured=13
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=29

So, if all Eye told you pre-game was… Ry’ Willis is gonna put up a 42% passing day, throw 2 picks, one on a sideline-out with 0:00 left in 2Q and finish the day with a lowly 45.7 Raw Qb rating -which was actually an improvement off of an even lower 21.5 rating last week- what would you have said the score was gonna be?

What would you have even set the O/U (over/under) at for the number of games left in the season at? Zero? -0?

Yah; me three as in some regards… Eye have no idea how we won? At least not in terms of head-up or simple helmet on helmet arithmetic football. And I’d bet Kris and Chris have no earthy idea over at either.

Though three chunk-yardage plays >43 yards worth of ISOPPP+ married to five abortive uva fumbles later and here we Marshall are! wow!

Can’t say Eye saw that one coming. Though I can say my Eye heard that Bud was not real post-game happy with his final 30 minutes worth of hind-7 to hind-4 play on D. And I can also say that we came out and did a fine 1Q job of punching less loquacious than in previous years uva right in the opening stanza mouf. Even in an ugly baseball looking o-o nasty scrumming match of a beginning, V.Tech finally found and put their big-boy pants back on. And that was a helluva Beamrball finish to the 2nd-period that could not possibly happen to a nice bunch.


And how about Ricky Walker in the Beamer threads with his most combatively spry looking game on tape since his first knee-knock down @Tally vs. F.s.u.?

He tallied a whopping 7 stops, 29% of which were for negative yardage (-6) with a Qb hurry, a Qb pressure and then forced a fumble.

That’s bull-of-da-woods Dusty Rhodes type football right there folks.
God Bless R.Dub. Nice to have you back.

(Halt-unit additionally: DAX sure garnered a lotta attention for his Bosworth flip-out move in uva’s backfield in 1Q. As the hoos were all kinda after him after that. Including a right-shoulder tweak/sprain on DAX who (somehow) engineered a couple of critical 4Q stops his ownself at <100%. He’s gonna be a special one folks… and DAX Fuente… it kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?).

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
Swiss (neutral):

Swiss (neutral):

the takeaway

To me, Fu’ did three important things here in putting a 1,000% total mind job upside of Bronco’s insecure -last girl to get her knock-knocks in, in high school- gummy-bear, claylike, applied sports psych’ soft head.

  1. Tell him he’d better get us now because he won’t be getting us… later!” EPIC. Totally epic clinical swerve at both ends of the stick. As said by coach-Fu’ to the A.B.C. talking head sideline chick pre-game. So what does she run off and stirring the pot do? Well, she does coach-Fu’s bidding, see… in, spades! And delivers this mutual mea culpa and ultimatum to Bronco himself— fishing for copy in reply, no doubt.
    Engaged with his sideline and ballers all game long. 25/8. As the mans’s eyes=razors, here!

    Nonetheless, let us examine the applied sports psych matrix of what Fu’ really did here… as he masterfully and simultaneously lowered the 3:30 pm sporting clinical bar while deftly raising the clinical drawbridge between 2004 and 2018 the instant Bronco started across. The Bridge of Certain Death and coach M.Python’s “NONE SHALL PASS” please report to the Lane Stadium pre-game dance floor. …or in other words, “whoa is (2018, 4 win) me.” Almost like telling a hateful opponent to “take it easy” after they tally a highlight reel play against you early on. They hate you. You hate them. That’s what time it is. And yet they surely did not expect you to say that. Not for one second; did they? Do you think coach Bronco expected coach-Fu’ to slip a stiletto into his mind as Fu’ successfully conveyed this admission and prediction pre-game? Me, neither; although I do expect that somewhere Niccolo Machiavelli and Sun Tzu are both… LOL!!!

  2. Then we see that after being the soft-cop, Fu’ refu’sed to shake Bronco’s hand pre-game?!? LOL—Tommy Jefferson: your crossing over Whig party’s Freudian slip is showing. As Fu’ totally ruined Bronco between the ears with textbook “Intermittent Reinforcement” or hot-cold theoretical work suddenly presenting himself as the HARD-cop! As coach Fu’s Hokiebird applied total pacifying therapy to Bronco’s stool pigeon per the A.B.C. informant now gone head coaching on-field sportsmanship rejection/rebuke/rebuff. And yes, somewhere skull-jockey extraordinaire B.F. Skinner is… ROTF!
  3. Finally, we see Fu’ his own self… Eye get that maybe up in the stands lineal distance and/or LOS (line-of-sight) negate your powers of observation -and therefore deduction- here. So allow me… Fu’ looked like a totally different coach in sideline meta-communicating textbook terms than the aloof and easily offended big whistle we’ve screen-capped in M.S. Paint for weeks. Fu’s eyes looked like razors. Straight razors, as he just knew winning here -vs. a nominally superior uva team this campaign- was gonna be a close shave indeed. Seriously, Fu’ looked like his very own life was on the line— and yah; it may have been. At least in terms of Hokie hygine and O&M cultural validation terms.
    Then he {sic: Fu’ (and Corny too)}, well they stuck to their man. As Terry Bradshaw told us all before the Stillers first Super Bowl vs. the (seemingly) far better and easily vastly more experienced ‘Sota Vikings: “When you invited to the biggest dance of the year you dance with who brung yah.” A-freakin-men. As who else has bemoaned the substitution patterns of Fu’/Corny per inserting QVT the instant poor Ry’ takes another haymaker for dear ole v.P.i.? Just me? Yet again, yah; thought so… though this time QVT never took his baseball (orange) fitted cap off. Not once. He was there to hold the clipboard, he was there to signal in plays, he was there just to look the hurry up and wait 2019-2022 part. Then Fu’ had both Hilgart and grad.assistant offensive coach  Caleb Gelsomino working Ry’s head-game. They were working on Ry’, not Fu’. Way to be an analytics breath of fresh air here boys!
    This year (2018) and this year’s Commonwealth Cup (-5) or five-point underdog game were all Ry’. Brilliant. Simply head-game, brilliant. As Ry’ was not looking over his shoulder when he went to war, and he kept right on warring as best his juxtaposed Pocket game could in Fu’/Corny’s triple-point modified up-tempo spread option sets.  And ultimately? Ry’ pocketed the win and Fu’ (finally) kayoed Bronco and sent Bronco unceremoniously through the O&M ropes. WoW! Sometimes you win in pure X’s and O’s ways per se outcoaching them… sometimes you win purely on the Jimmy’s and Joes. Rare, rare is the day that you win in out-couching them mental terms and as the aforementioned Sun Tzu schooled us all 2,563 seasons ago… “…the best battles are not outfought, they are out… thought.”

    QVT ain’t playing any more than me dressed like this.
  4. Seriously folks… it takes a lot lot lot, to pillar of salt my mind, and my praise could not be more effu’sive here if it tried. Just a helluva a clinically cornered grey-matter effort by the (new) Viceroy of all things O&M in in-state Commonwealth terms. And as much as Fu’ culture seemed to be vagranting Ventnor Avenue? Fu’ may have just wasted the booHoo culture and left them entirely Gentrified on whatever is less than psychogenic Baltic Avenue gone skidrow terms. Bra-freakin’-Vo professor Fuente. As this one’s gonna leave a c’ville cultural… mark.

LOVED loved loved this win… and Eye do not even have time to ‘splain our lack of trickeration, as we went no more than french vanilla, and did NOT even remotely throw the whole entire play-book at uva in desperation. K.I.S.S. or Occam’s Razor football to extend a metaphor…

NO acute endgame @Georgia Tech last year. NO strange, frenetic, frantic end of halves play-calls and obtuse chronometrics game clock or timeout wise either.

This was Fu’s pet word gents: “trust”.



Head honcho to ballers. And guess what?
It, showed!

Trust me on this, and trust me that we will get deeper here,
next time, Coach God, willing!

How did VeeTee upset arch rival uva in this one???

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Virginia Tech=34, france=31 (1 OT)




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  1. Our players simply outplayed UVA. We have stars now, not just the future.

    Tre, Keene, Willis, Peoples, McClease, Walker, Hollifield, the OL, Belmar, and others.

  2. It was the sheer will to win. Greater survival instinct. Better colors. Prettier women. Drunker horses.

  3. Real passion won this game, bottom line from the players, coaches and fans, Lane was Rockin’ the entire game and in the 4th QTR, the outbreak of Let’s Go…Hokies!!!! Brilliant!!! Great win, now let’s close the deal, beat Marshall…. Going 1-0 this week!!!!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    BEAT Marshall!!!

    1. Real passion won this game.

      (you could almost argue -in reverse- that uva came out a bit… flat)

      Go fig’ on that?!?


    1. Well, we’ll never know.
      Thank Christ.

      Though that too is not umpossible.
      (far from it, actually)


  4. Not putting a damper on the win cause it sure was special. Guess I’m just getting old but when you put the football on the ground that dang thing takes some real mysterious bounces. It bounced our way this time.
    Yee Haw

  5. Like I posted Very Early Friday Morning, To win, VT would need the Luck to be on their Side and Turnovers . Willis is a Warrior , Dax is the real Deal, Peoples, for a Beamer Walk-On, Ran Over UVA .. Team showed some life. I hope Fuente Uses Willis’s Tackle for a Training Tool for the DBs that seem to missed that class coming up in Pop Warner Football.. Where we heading ? Birmingham Bowl ??

    1. Bowl???

      Eye have not even (vaguely) considered looking… got sum herding to do,1st.


  6. While I voted for “we were fortunate”, the real answer is ‘all of the above’. We did out coach them and out culture them as well, but as much as Hokie fans are always bemoaning ‘not getting any of the bounces’, we got pretty much ALL the lucky bounces in this one. And we needed every one of them.

    1. Okay.
      I can give a listen… as yah; I do (mostly) agry.

      Or bronco and co. sure went quarterhorse on their coaching day.
      What a day to Glue Factory headset, too!


  7. After you get some time, anyway to do some analysis on the success or not of the constant roll out
    of Ry. Never been a fan of taking 3/4 of the field away from a QB to throw to 1 receiver who is covered 50%

    1. So he rolls poorly?

      To a given side (R >>> L)?
      Or when rolling either way?


  8. Although I chose culture over luck, lot of luck involved, bottom line the O&M men had more will for the streak to continue than uva had for it to end!

    1. bottom line the O&M men had more will for the streak to continue than uva had for it to end!



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