Your 2019 Belmont Stakes preview is, up!

Well, one of the most bizarro Triple Crown seasons -ever- rounds the bend and heads for home this weekend at just beyond half-past-six late this Saturday afternoon over on N.b.c. and up north in New York 

Here we go again horse racing fans as what has been a rather underwhelming crop of 3-year-olds just added extra sludge. As this is yet another muddied look spreadsheet as you will soon see down below…

A Triple Crown season with the first ever Kentucky Derby winner disqualification— whereby an absurd second longest shot all-time odds wise (at 65:1); eventually saw a seemingly last-place pony shockingly coming up roses.

Then, most of the better ponies -including the unfathomable Kentucky Derby winner (a 6,500% R.O.I. blue-ribbon winner named: Country House) skipped the sprinters’ dream of the Preakness Stakes and now we have a barely serviceable Belmont Stakes marathoning field on our hands (or hooves) to show (foreshadowing intended) for it. Tho’ who will actually run, and who might actually, win? Read on all of you thoroughbred sport of Kings fans to find… out!

Here are a few things to commit to your 2019 Belmont Stakes Ginkgo-gland before you engage in any version of ¢ommitment per your 2019 Belmont Stakes wallet or purse-strings… mmmm-k?

  • First up, in a near isomer or Preakness Stakes reversal —whereas the B’More oval lacked quadruped Usain Bolt’s or Cole Beck’s as pure spriting acumen went… this year’s Belmont Stakes lacks Roger Bannister’s or distance pedigrees as marathoning goes.
    And it lacks it on a level heretofore unseen in my (2002) or nearly two decades worth of experience at doing this goes… as only two, that’s only (2) of these 2019 Belmont grueling 1.5 mile entrants grade out as being north of the 320 DIST (distance) Mendoza-Line marker and none of them grade out as being really, truly, madly, deeply super long-legged or strategic reach type of distancing horses. Not one, with only 20% of them appearing to have enough petrol in the ole channel hopping drop-tanks in the first place.
  • Second of all, not one -as in zero or (0%)- of these 2019 Belmont Stakes horses checks in above my bet’able threshold for actually feeling spreadsheet ready/froggy enough pre-game per chalking up a 3.0 or better summative (∑) cumulative rating. Not one!

  • Thirdly, and in point of fact, not one even trumped a just barely so-so matrix of a 2.5 cumulative rating this year.
  • Finally, future 1st-ballot HOF’er Bob Baffert is a no-show as the alpha trainer in recent years, here. (if that tells you anything…)

Or in other words horse racing fans… I have never ever, ever never seen either of ^those^ first two impoverished markers emerge pre-race, individually, before… much less seeing both of these Baltic Avenue looking impoverished markers emerge simulcast or simultaneously at the very same, time!


So, as you can clearly see… my Acrostic up above (W.H.A.T.) might as well have been W.H.O. or maybe even… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

As this is has been a turpid junior year sporting season of equine ‘capping to put it mildly… and The House has been ROTF and LOL all the way to the CHDN’s (straight) bank this year for most pony players after totally raking a massive gate as 19 favorites bit the muddy Kentucky Derby dust.


Or to put this a final way… maybe this wagering of a debarkation day should be, postPONYed?

Because if you rode with me all these times, we’ve broken even or made money every year less two Triple Crown seasons and if we walk away right now we are still up just a couple of 2019 house-chips. “THX” @Coach God!!!

Accordingly, chintz this one a bit is my best advice gents, or just N/P (no play) this one and ask me up pre-game on Boston College once we all have both squads injury and post-August camp(s) scouting/sourcing reports firmly in hand.

(i.e. just bet a couple of 10ths of a U, or a 2-dollar tix, if you must bet at all)

Nevertheless, ships may be safest at anchor and yet that’s not what ships are, for…

Anchor’s, away!”


  • Spinoff (.5u)
  • Sir Winston (.5u)

Who wins the 2019 Belmont Stakes???

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Belmont Stakes=SMALL wagering this year!!!




God Bless these ultimate sacrifice souls… 75 years, later…

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  1. Darn it Mr Street, you just had to pick my longshot … obviously i thought nobody else would bet on Spinoff 🙂

    While i agree this is a terrible Belmont compared to the entrants from most of the last 25+ runnings, there is money to be made. However, in order to hit a nice return, the key is to bet BIG, not small. Play exacta boxes, tri boxes and even supers boxed (10 centers).

    The better race is the Met Mile, 2 races before the Belmont. Historic race with an excellent field.

    Good luck and enjoy a day of racing

    1. Spinoff=??? Who knows with him?

      Has all the testing numbers/quantification(s) and has gone Elden Campbell of
      latent Magic Johnson fame and done not very much with it all.

      He’s due or he’s a 1,000% flop… 7pm=time to tell.
      Boxing is all leather and wraps to me good Ser.
      Nevertheless, if you can HIT any of that?

      Please post it in Will’s Lounge and I will surely PROP you up.


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