Your Boston College Eye in the Sky is up!

Virginia Tech=28, Boston College=35

Listen up… this cultural reboot is gonna take a minute, or 3…

Very few called this one correctly… meā culpa, self-included. Although Eye did insanely manage to nearly call it double-perfect bassackwards.

Personally, is how many are taking this one. And yet the next block or tackle I see Will miss, or the next catch I see Chris drop will be their very first.

I for one strive to find a R.A.T.T. surreal approach to things. As the glass is not half-empty or half-full right now. So much as the proverbial glass is upside ‘rong. Stranger things have happened and here in the upside-down we are gonna tell it like it is… and yet this cultural rehabilitation story is gonna remain Fu’lly untold for possibly as long as 28 more months. So, if Coach Fuente is inevitable? —and he and his buyout clause are… you naysayers had might as well lay back and enjoy it, as best you can. Surgeon General‘s warning:

If you are a P.A.T.T.?
Or if you feel you may be preggers with a P.A.T.T.?
This rather (VT-5) or upsetting Eye in the Sky may not be the one for you!

Game Duration:
This is from 1Q technically speaking… though just notice Holt and Jackson looking at each other with: “who has #?” As you were told what this oLine was pre-season… and footwork or Fred Astaire twinkle toes specialists they just ain’t.

Not great, tho’ I’ve seen worse and so have you.

Game Duration:
Did not like our virtual lack of block-shedding from our hind-4 nearly all afternoon long— be that best laid at the Secondary feet of Mitch’ or J.Ham’ I do not know? Tho’ I do know that getting taken for a ride all day long is a tertiary mitch look. (that: or the BeeCee Wide Receiving corps is the best blocking unit I’ve seen in years)

Further, our youngling Wr’s could learn a lot here. Trust me. There were numerous screens/short-passes in which the very next BeeCee defender they went physically after woulda been the, first. (less Rambo of course— he made edge-sealing plays go all by his ownself; literally!)

Mutually all of our very shallow Secondary run-fits. Shew! Did we over-aggressively or too acutely pursue play after play after play? Kiddy pool shallow on our Secondary run-fits for the duration.

1Q 12:40 remaining:
Here is the non-dirty tho’ technically illegal Garbutt concussing hit (may St.Paul bless). As if anything this is a flag for blocking in the back. Nevertheless, it is not helmet-to-helmet or earhole or any of that tripe. It was a shoulder-chuck type and so be it.

The kicker is… I’ma really starting to wonder if Fu’ and Co. are now getting tagged by an opposing “soft” rep’. As Eye can nearly never find an O&M steal inflicted on opponents these days on tape and quite honestly? BeeCee took our lunch-money and then still beat us up. (i.e. note the ordering please)

Game duration:
What is up with the flexion Ry’s plant or hind-right-leg this year? Is there some kinda hidden injury here? Because where did this much knee-dip come from as he winds up and plants to throw? I don’t have this one, tho’ this one sure looks gimpy when trying to pass the Eye test, per se. (not dead sure on this one… hence the use of “strikethrough”. Tho’ I ain’t sure I’m incorrect, either… any of you?)

At this stage of his career? This is real close to a career-ender, here! : (

Game duration:
I’ll say this for Ashby… as I was the one who said he’d found a little bad-weight this off-season… he’s cut some of that off to his credit. And what he has left? It sure helped him stand-up BeeCee oLinemen who outweighed him by 50-80 lbs. and shed a sporting amount of them like a stud.
Bra-Vo at Ash’ as more than a little Vince Hall lives sawed-off sparkplug here.

And to not be too thin? Ash’ played his ass-off off-the-edge making numerous perfect takedown tackles as a pseudo Will (or wide-side) Lb on the day. wow! Game ball goes here.

ouch, face-numb 1o1!

Game duration:
The “1-Mississippi” delayed or deeper BeeCee blitzes came uncovered all day long. Additionally, Ry’ does not respond well to Penthouse full-frontal pressure.

2Q 11:27 remaining:
NOT a fan of this as our defensive efficiency rating was vastly higher (~45%) with Divine out there and ready to roll last year. As it looks like he takes a nose-breaker/stinger on this open-field stop on the BeeCee KO return. (in addition to an old gingerly left-knee). And here I thought helmet technology had Larry Csonka upper facemask nose-loop done away with this (mostly, anywho)? (May St.Zoe bless!)

4o77th M*A*S*H yikes!!!

2Q 7:05 remaining:
That strikethrough may be bogus… as I truly feared/thought Ry’ “popped” if not blew his right-knee out on the fumbling sack play Here. Ry’ has gotta be a very flexy guy to get back up from this. (may St.Nikhon bless!) As just notice the absurd angle at which the anterior side of his right-foot caught in the turf and therefore the torque it applied to his poor knee here!??

Game Duration:
Kendricks and Crawford might just get there… maybe even Pollard who had a very quality 4Q; as at least none of ’em sucks vs. the run. Decently to plucky run-stuffers to be so dang single-Gap young. Ditto Tisdale at Lb— who at least hits peeps like he is a Lb in veracity. (i.e. you gotta start to wonder if DAX’s playing days are, numbered? Just ask the total Aunt Jemima pancake job on the go-ahead TD by BeeCee).

Likewise, our way too early improvements in catch-game acumen from our new Wr-Coach. As Jafar Williams finger-tip drilling sure has come a long way.


2Q :47 remaining:
(see: above). Here (St.Nikhon bless) is the ugly looking left-knee outside-in left-knee hit on poor Holston. Who was jus’ warming up and jus’ getting going too. Whispers say imagery was positive | cutting on the way. Dang…

3Q 14:53 remaining:
Sure looks like Tre popped his left-hammie on this hitch-pattern men. Dang…

Game duration:
Strange change(s) in Ry on wheat’s R.P.O. game… as last year he missed the hand-off and kept too many. And yet this year he got the I-back killed on numerous internal leads; when the edge (for him) was wide freakin’, open. Go fig’ on this?

4Q 12:15 remaining:
Floyd is really motor-mouf talking a lotta shite. You need to play at this verbose of a level if you are gonna bump your gums at this Verba non Acta level son. (not to mention you really do need to go ahead and make the game-saving stop when you come clean on the final life-in-death 3rd & 8).

4Q 3:18 season remaining:
Holt -who heretofore had been playing with a bum left-ankle; and with a frozen left-shoulder already- really pronated that very same left-ankle on this accidental roll-up. This brings the unfortunate possibility of a “snap” into play. May St.Phillp bless, as Holt did about as much as he could Saturday on a ¼ flat tire that did not have much left to, spare.

From what little I could see, Harris did fine on his three whole plays; though 3-plays does not a season make going forth…

4Q 1:58 and game remaining:
Don’t wanna say too too much here folks… although don’t wanna Purely Chicken ignore this one, either. As DAX is surely a lotta likable things. Tho’ he -as someone pre-season posited- is noticeably less physical as a Jenny Craig ‘backer right at the point of attack. If you think that’s pot-stirring… go on and just look at DAX flat on his back on the final BeeCee TD about 5 yards pancaked off the LOS (line of scrimmage). Then watch this final desperation 3 & 9 and watch our head-cheerleader going Tarzan wild pre-snap. And then getting totally Jane’d. Keep your powder dry son. As you are drawing an enormous amount of opposing attention to yourself Miss. Holli’. And unlike Ry’ on wheat who is taking fire in colorfully bullying terms?

You are bringing this on yourself for your very own bouncy Animatrix. Verba Non-Acta.
Whiskey >>> disco >>>talk” here.

Game duration:
The BeeCee defense just played the best-uncovered game vs. the Fu’sense I’ve seen since the Fu’fense got here. They were +1 or sometimes more than that play-side and that +1 defender virtually missed zero tackles all-day. An idyllic game of defensive scheming… bra-vo!

Game duration:
‘nother strange thingy here… the Fu’fense basically won 1st down for more of the afternoon than not. NOT forcing us to chase the sticks on at least 2nd-down and thereby (in theory) opening up the playbook. Tho’ I did not see much of an open playbook; did you? As Corny hit B.C. with nearly a 60-40 1st-down pass:run play-calling ratio and really had the Eagles outta sorts for it to start most any given series. It was on 2nd and or 3rd down where we really wet the O&M sheets. Go fig’ when playing well out in front of the chain-gang whereby pressure and therefore misQ’s should theoretically be, reduced?

Finally, penalties and execution per se were pretty solid. In particular for a still pretty dang young football program in the one-hole of a brand spanking new season.

…strange thing this oblong spheroid; ain’t it?

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=16
Qb hurried=2 (1 INT)
Qb hits=24 (or 27% of our plays!)

Boston College:
Qb pressured=9
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=12

Willis: did my people not use the term: “senioritis”? Did anyone else use this term in the last six weeks? Thought so… As he had a very erratic camp at times re: Turnovers. So, this has been going on for at least a fortnight+. Maybe several weeks, plural. And he sure is getting a lotta colourful attention out on the field at times. Duke and U.n.c. last year and Boston College this year. There were defenders quite plural on all three teams that were not of the caucasian-persuasion who took ancillary if not extra shots at Ry’ and his “scared money” blast. That’s just not the right Trumpette to blow in locker-room terms right now be you FOX or C.n.n. As things are now more factional us vs. them and cliquish and colorful than ever before post-Kaepernick and under The Don. Trust me… this was the main storyline from the coaches clinic this past summer @VeeTee.

Also, trust me that it was my peeps that reported that Ry’ cut a further 7 lbs. this past summer. He’s at his lowest Qb1 collegiate weight in point of fact and if this extra non-color-blind attention keeps this already heaty/needy pace? You have to wonder if his narrower/leaner speed-max’ body can do the 13-game same?

Now, and to compound fracture all of ^that^, as previously taught on this very website… Ry’ gets so damn hot! A steamy player if you will. Hard to dial his thermostat back down when he does as he really does extraordinarily aim to please. An exceptionally sincere player— and if you don’t believe me just ask #5 of uva.

Which I do like mind yah. You want a fighter-bee gents, not a Borg-drone, and not a queen. And Eye thought Fu’ did a vastly better job of trying to manage this (thus far) this year. As gone were the previous Fuente post-misQ freak-outs on an already proverbially 110% freaked-out Qb1. Ry’ is one of the very few to merit that technically bogus 110% cliché tag. Same as Mister Scott, this Qb1… “is giving you all she gots”.

That being rightfully said, where were the dial Ry’-back-down easy throws after each Turnover? Try to get him something resynchronizing. Whatever his favorite play(s) or route(s) are; go to one of them. Or just something simple like a Hitch or dump-off safety valve to get him back on track; (or did that just make too much, sense?)

How much further outta bounds does this need to be?

Now the easy -or Corporal Obvious- thing to write here is that 5 Hokie Turnovers cost us the game. That’s not untrue. That’s pretty well Frue. (or mostly true).

However, that is cliché and that’s what surface skimmers do… As yes,
-those Peter Fonda Easy Writers are not ‘rong-
as we very likely do win on a zero Turnover day. Or maybe even on a 1/2 negative marginal day. And yet if my Aunt Kim had nutz and a bolt she’d be my Uncle… Tim.

Rain still=wet, football still ain’t rocket surgery men.

Nevertheless, from what my actual ex-baller mathlete eye saw… there were three things that really hurt us here not named Ryan Willis…

  1. BeeCee outcoached the Fu’fense. Plain-n-simple. As the way to play the Fu’fense is flood zoning as @Syracuse and Duke have shown us over and over again. Force the Fu’fense to protect long to throw long and take your chances via taking away all the underneath quick-hitting to medium stuff and therefore, in theory, knocking the Fu’fense outta its pet “bang-bang” football sync’.
  2. (less some improved Dt Foster run-fits). BeeCee’s frontlines serially outplayed us. And someone did warn all of you that our oLine played well with a heavy shoulder when they put that same brawny shoulder on you and got fully physically engaged. However, someone did tell you that they sucked in space last year on film and had difficulties in blitz/red-dog identification procedurally and man-O-man did BeeCee deal their Lb’ers and an occasional secondary specimen for it too.
  3. Most prolly don’t have the Chuck Yeager 15-15 Eagle Eye to see this… tho’ take a guess on how tackling went in this one folks? Not epic, although not totally wasteful dung. Right up until about the final 7+ minutes of the bottom of the ninth inning when we nearly spit the tackling-bit. 9 missed tac’s (player speak for: “tackle”) in the final ~10 minutes of play. You can call that whatever you deign fit… BeeCee wore us physically down? We still do not respond well to cultural body-snatching or punches right on or just below the beltline? This in a single or one-play game down 21-28 when tackling went kaflukie mind you. Call it what you will though just don’t call it #HardSmartTough. It was more like SoftDullFluff on breaking-tape to close over on Bud Lyte. (and yet this was not that bad of a 45-50 min. D… go fig’ on a sudden rope burn type of let-go like ^that^?)
  4. …and oh yes… credit where credit is due… Brown can do more for you this year than last. As he only came up 41 Qb-rating points and only one guy said they were the highest on him of the entire media-pool pre-game.

    Thx @Coach God!!! (perfect on all picks is how we, roll)!

Now, and for my almost-boy Ryan Willis… recall you were told/taught that Ry’ is a lotta things, and a 2nd-halfer is just not one of ’em. To borrow on Chris Coleman who was borrowing on Mister C-note himself… Ry sure is a vicissitudinous Qb, threw-n-threw.

As both his rise and his run can slope and they can slope most suddenly -highly positively or highly negatively- in either direction in a nearly whimsical manner. In point of fact… as word association goes? “Sudden” is a pretty damn good word to describe Ryan Willis. As his game can suddenly catch-fire every bit as much as it can go 32°f straight to hell. Check it out…

Historically speaking… Ry’s completion-percentage fell by 4% in the final 30-minutes of Kansas play and by 5% last year in the 2nd-half at Virginia Tech. You were told this. You were also taught that his Qb-rating drops (see the pun) it drops by a staggering 42% after intermission!

Tho’ here is the suck of it that nobody else has… Ry’ has been a cold-blooded Red-Zone killar. Well up until yesterday that is. As prior to yesterday his Red-Zone Qb-rating inside the opponents 10-yard line was a Hall of Famer totally lethal RTG-312 points! Which went Wile E. Coyote holding the Acme anvil off a Chestnut Hill cliff to finish with precisely 0.0 Qb-rating points inside the Eagles 10-yard line up on in Beantowne. 312 to the Sunday Qb great down to 0.0 pick-up-game backyard, cut. Nadir that and you do the… maths!

Finally, Ry’ on wheat might as well be Ricky ‘wild-thang’ Vaughan from Major League.

Seriously, as by my 36 McBryde Hall hours of calc’ and stats… Ry’ how now pitched 9 multiple INT games outta 21 career starts (@KU + VT)! So right now, the line-of-best-fit or 4-squares regression analysis says that there is a 43% chance he will hurl more multiple Pick games before he is O&M career is over, done, through.

As right now 2019 Ry’ sure looks a lot like 2018 Ry’ to me.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| |||| (2 TD’s! 1 BeeCee penalty)
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| |||| (4 VT flags, 2 INT’s)

Boston College:
positive: |||| |||| || (2 TD’s)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |||
negative: |||| |||| || (1 declined VT flag, 2 BeeCee penalties)

The Cirque du Sucklay is that we (generally) stayed on schedule for a while in this one. Only thing B.C. beat us to was the punch— and boy-O-boy are we gonna unpack that one down below Road Warrior Hawk fans!

As Fu’ and Corny had to be pulling what little hair they have left out when they saw how well they mostly did in playing in front of the chain-gang. In extreme particular when you see that all, that’s 100% of our yellow-flags throw against were under Lo.FM situations. WoW! Never ever seen that one before and I’m two decades+ into this…

As a previously sold-out version of Bud Bøck did try to get back on tap late in the 2Q and throughout the 3Q and at least into the first couple of chapters of the 4Q. Holding Brown and B.C. to 30 yards per Q passing after 1Q. And that’s hard to do in the basketball on grass modern era. Not bad for that timespan, though Recency Effect and Always Be Closing (ABC) wanted a word with all of that.

2 Dline TFL (tackles for a L), with zero sacks! And our alleged Dt1 averages .038 TFL (tackles for a L) per game for his career. This is why you were told he is not a Dt1. Prolly not even Dt3.

Cb’s overly aggressive— which made our aforementioned shallow run-fits even worse as they did not listen to Foster’s call to loosen up and not play Oaktown Raider Lester “the molester” Haynes and Michael Hayes press-coverage.

Poor defensive spill-fits behind the play that was too acute. Too forward. Although too aggressive is prolly the better problem to have. An inconsistent or imbalanced defensive effort from a 45-minute team. Lotta technical or fundamental things to clean-up.

Lotta defensive dings/dents on the day men. Tyree Rodgers, TyJuan Garbutt, Jovonn Quillen (left-ankle), Emmanuel Belmar (left-elbow), Jalen Holston, and Zachariah Hoyt all sustained injuries and did not return to the game. Divine returned after coming up gimpy early on and Tre Turner appeared to be battling cramps in the second half. Plus, poor Haze’ and his slow-healing hammie.

That’s more than 36% of total starters folks!


We have scored above 31 ppg a grand total of “no” times going back to the belly-up total cultural fail that was @O.d.u. not named the now treasonous try that was the Marshall football game. Think about that one for at least a little minute men… no matter this and no matter that… and no matter what anyone else is telling you… vs. every real D-1 football team that we have played since our ill-fated visit to the 7-5-7, we have not been able to get outta our very own way inside of 60 minutes of scrumming for long enough or often enough to generate >31 points per game! As 31 ppg is your gold-standard for beating Fu’.

There is no way in the “Wide Wide World of Sports” that that is purely coincidental now coming up on 11 months of pigskin men. A streak that genuine has to be code for something… is it talent? Is it coaching? Is it culture? Or is it something else?

Could it be our thermostatic Qb1 who gets stuck in chilly spells or at least in forcing things spells? As Ry’ sure seems like a gamey, gritty gutty Qb1— and yet he ultimately looks one brick shy of a load upon breaking tape to me.

Too many O&M misQ’s gents… I’ma P.A.T.T. on that.

As we missed our 1-on-1 “go make a play” secondary match-up chances. Whereby we instead committed two bad INT’s and yet we still outgained BeeCee by 24′?!? Geez… and sigh… as we did have our, chances.

Maybe the R.A.T.T. better team did not win?

Now, Eye am not saying that officially— mmm-k? Although I am officially saying that the more mature, the more experienced and the surely fleshier or more corporeal team, did.

the takeaway

I took a couple of upfront things away from this one upon Sunday night film-study review…

Our Gap-plugging was improved. As 3.3 ypr (yards per rush) allowed equates to 11th best in the land for all of last-year. This vs. quite possibly the alpha-‘Back in the A.c.c. and this vs. quite possibly the alpha-cadre of ball-carriers in the whole A.c.c. This with only one rushing attempt north of 16 yards allowed on this opening day.

NOT a #HardSmartTough end-game… look.

We were also virtually +8 mins. in TOP (time of possession); this does not suck. As that has to help rest any dLine.

Our rushing offense was another story; entirely. As 2.3 ypr would have finished 129th or next to last, last year. As technically speaking, our Pocket-Qb1 lead us in rushing yards gained (38). He also led us in shots-taken and might as well have been doing: The Crawl in Blacksburg bar-hopping terms for the amount of abuse that Ry’ on wheat took and attracted to himself.

Tho’ make no mistake people, this 2019 Virginia Tech football team goes ONLY as far as Ry’ can wing it; let me tell you right now.

We’ve got to keep him clean.

As his clean pocket throws are actually pretty dang tight.

A 1970’s Don Strock cup of Coffey redux here we, come?

vt88hokie of Will’s pay-MB writes:

Our running plays are so finesse and they never seem to be even close to stressing the defense. We have no rhythm and no plays to base our offense on.”

The “finesse” one is really buggin’ me…

"I’m concerned with the lack of physicality shown by Virginia Tech football."

Reason(s) being twofold… firstly, that’s NOT demonstrating any understanding of the All Cat Culture that is historically soft-played Atlantic Charmin Conference football. The A.c.c. has had a softie rep’ for decades in and around the coaching circles.

"I’m talking about the inability to deliver (and take) a hit."

i.e. Frank got this Big East black-n-blue like nobody else ever A.c.c. has. He came in with some lowercase players who were tall on toughs and heart a beat more talented team(s) physically up.

--Will -freakin'- Stew

Secondly, it is also buggin’ the piss outta me because we have some real live mastodon type oLinemen right now. You were told they lacked footwork, in extreme particular in space. And that they lacked or were inexperienced in blitz-recognition. Agility to cover and get there just ain’t their big-ole XXXL oversized thang.

STOP stealing my thunder Will!!! --b.street

Thingy is… power to the Peoples is gonzo. So we don’t have a Mickey Fitzgerald Incredible Hulk type of power-‘Back to fit their heavy-shoulder downhill pet plays. Sigh… as Eye am not real sure what the fix is here per such a lopsided oLine vis-à-vis Rb personnel juxtaposition?

Are any of X’s and O’s you???

vt88hokie of Will’s pay-MB (also) writes:

In hindsight, it sure seems like Fuente was winning with Beamer’s players (through their on field play, leadership and culture). Even though it was Beamer’s weakest recruiting classes, we had players like Sam Rogers, Peoples, the Edmunds brothers, Stroman, etc. who had the character and skills to win games.

I am afraid our problems are deep rooted and much more than X’s and O’s. Every D1 team works hard in the offseason (S&C) and feels like they have great chemistry, teamwork, etc. I think all of the talk during the offseason about improved attitude and teamwork is shallow. It seems like everyone, mostly the players, are trying to convince themselves. You never had to even question or discuss this attribute on Beamer’s teams. Even after the big team meeting,…”

Well, 2018’s bottoming out is so damn lowly that this is a helluva a long 2019 cultural climb or chemistry ascent. That’s not a 60 min. climb sans some truly catapulting revolutionary breakthrough catharsis moment. Those happen once a career. (A.K.A. Frank upsetting Miami @home in 1995).

Or in other words, we need to give this cultural reboot time. One does not Coach Lazarus resurrect a filthy 11-game culture in a mere 60-minute petri dish of (hopefully) clean-burn cultural growth.

One also needs some senior leadership which one does not 2019 have. That -same as positive cultural confirmation answers- will have to wait until the 2020 and/or the 2021 campaigns are all said and done.


Now, take a really deep O&M R.A.T.T. breath here guys… mmm-k?
Breeeeeathe in… exhale… deep breath… exhale… don’t turn blue in the O&M face…

Nevertheless, we are objectively and science-fact…

  • .428

(.428) is worse than last year. Which is where we now are in our last 369 days of football culture! Or how ’bout being 8 up and 11 down for our last 19? (Or .421)?

As the only thing we could potentially confirm now is a negative. Recall as well you were warned about this in our False Positive S.O.S. (strength of schedule) section this summer. So, the same warning applies now… 60 minutes does not cultural rebooting fail make!

And if you ask me? The king-R.A.T.T.?

I’m still not objectively sure where this culture is or is not heading? I have concerns, that are all too eager to turn into outright doubts. Although it is just way too 2019 early for that.

Which leaves me only sure of a couple of things going forth…

  1. I am sure Whit cannot afford to culturally ride with anyone else for at least two more seasons, plural. So you and me? We are prospectively stuck with this furtive cultural situation… be that ultimately prove Pro or Con in retrospect terms.
  2. And I am also sure that Fu’ now desperately needs his very own culturally confirming breakthrough type of 1995 Miami upsetting VicTory like a dead-man needs a coffin. He really does too! Sooner=better here.
  3. 10.05 @Miami or 11.02 @Notre Dame… I’ma eye-contacting with you.
  4. Or Eye am left looking to 2020 through 2022.

In 2019... Fu' will culturally prove what?

View Results

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     Well, we played better than I in-game had expected upon film-study. As the oLine blocked better as the day went along. Our tackling up through about ~52 minutes was noticeably better and a little more physical than 2018 expected.

Ry’ on wheat and Co. fought ugly. They did not always fight well; although they did always… fight. Bud Bøck did all it could do and did reasonably well in run-shapes vs. Dillon right up until they did not. (Pass rush will have to wait until 2020). Now, were they mentally worn-down? Or just metrics-mugged and physically beat-up? As they sure looked more parts 2018 and less opening parts 2019 to close. Making this final grade: Incomplete. Or a very unnatural game upon which to break tape.

Overall: …this game was not so much a cultural fail as it was a cultural… punt.

Virginia Tech=28, Boston College=35




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  1. If Ry keeps getting wrecked a handful of times/game, those QBs in the wings will get time. Strategically, I would think hard on managing Rys time in the line of fire next couple games – if we can…

    Nice Csonka call out. His nose was a masterpiece. Hope we find a ground game soon to help with the D over loading the short/medium pass.

    I liked the young guys. Looked serviceable! Robinson looked bigger than I expected.

    What are you looking for next game or 2?

    1. Just empty the bench.
      What else is there to prove?

      Empty=eval’ fringe guys… mix/max’. Start prepping for Duke and @Miami right away.


  2. Mochas Gracias for your Eye sees more in part 2 than many see in 3.

    Two defensive call outs: (1) Ashby & Diablo are your leaders on this defense, both need to take the reigns going forward. (2) Hewitt was AWOL, that’s n/a going forward.

    special team call out—fair catch the ball, if you look at those losses, we’re getting crushed in the Hidden yards-so stop starting behind the 25 on offense.

    Offense If FuFense is RPO grounded then replace QB Willis as the throw away downs in the RPO are creating 3& long, due to his inability to run that package.

    Here’s your unbailed hay segment -replace one QB with two & put HH at the helm with QP in the backfield (pistol). QP’s body resembles more RB than QB and RPO in ingrained in HH’s DNA. It opens up the one read and go, which quite frankly was the best FuFense we’ve seen. (2016-Evans).

    Two games for tweaks for a Coastal Run; otherwise it’s pitchfork time in Bkburg

  3. Bstreet you nailed it with the experience number on the BC call be fore the game . Even though they replaced guys they were doing it with Juniors or 3 year program guys . Maturity that is what I saw Saturday one team had it and one did not . VT needs some maturity and it will only come with more games and time . VT has no good upperclassmen or only a couple . BB may get his appeal and we need that because I just don’t have a good feel for RY being ably to win a big game not that he would play but from insurance if Ry gets hurt . On a more positive note I watched the PC and they marched out C Smith , Robinson and King three freshman and was very impressed with them but they are all freshman. What does that say ? VT needs a duel threat QB and I think BB is the guy that fits the Fu fense best maybe HH or QP but we still need to throw to use the skills we have .

    1. Agree with BB…he is CLEARLY our 2020 QB..thanks again NCAA- the one least talked about that we may need the most…

    2. Well yah; they were more composed to close.
      Always Be Composing.

      (tho’ C2 hit that, PROP’s=Chris)
      I was wondering the same and took it out… Ry’=just how, clutch?
      (tho’ his heart is so dear and really does want to please…
      hate to type that out, tho’ hate is not my job)


  4. Just saying…Shane Beamer, 2021. A guy that’ll head smash his players on the sideline, chase his RBs down the field for TDS and would be the antithesis of arms folding, gum chewing, glasses changing stoic saying nothing on the sidelines. If the ceiling is 7-8 wins, and the 2020 recruits aren’t riding in with the cavalry to plug holes at RB and CB, you might as well have a guy that’ll go to the walls to get the talent, and ones that the players will empty their tanks for (Mil Bowl).

    I’m more and more convinced that Fuente cannot recruit or coach himself out of this hole. But as you said, we’re all bozos on this bus having to wait that out.

  5. After ODU, can you compare the catch rate numbers for the wide receivers, moving forward an important area to improve especially with too many frosh receiving targets (35,83,80,te3). Need Damon and Tre and Hezekiah as our 3. Was surprised that the TE could not be more involved though a solid run game would fix a lot of these problems.
    DE play is so bad I think a top40 D is not attainable this year.

    1. Yes Sir.

      Or maybe?

      As they are typically not up until a month/3-5 weeks into the year.
      Tho’, if you remind me I shall– Coach God willing.
      As Eye wanna see/revisit this my ownself.

      thank you!

  6. Not great to see Fuente allegedly ignoring the top target for 2021’s parents at their multiple on campus visits.

    1. Do what now?
      Yah; I’ll surely agry… if true… and we know this how?

      (tho’ helluva a late addition if this is legit– you sure here JPCT?)


      1. Allegedly – and take it with a grain of salt – but Tony Grimes’s pops is on Twitter with the following today, when some VT fans were chirping about PSU aggressively recruiting his son:

        “Never hate on another programs recruiting tactics!! If yall really wanna know the truth; with all the times we been to Va Tech; i haven’t spoken to the Head Coach not once!! Not Once!!! But you wanna talk to my son🧐 what kind of recruiting is that??🧐”

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