Your Boston College football preview is, up!

 #32 R.P.I. Boston College @ # 28 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… a·vail·a·ble

/əˈvāləb(ə)l/ adjective

late Middle English (in the senses ‘effectual, serviceable’ and ‘legally valid’): from avail + -able. The sense ‘at someone’s disposal’ dates from the early 19th century.

  1. able to be used or obtained; at someone’s disposal.
  2. (of a person) not otherwise occupied; free to do something.
  3. not currently involved in a sexual or in a romantic relationship.
  4. Lebron James rather sage and maturity ripened word to describe all things as 2020 necessities go; after winning the N.b.a. Finals post-game no.6.
  5. (something neither team has done epically well thus, far…)

Boston College (new) Head Coach: Jeff Hafley: age=41, (2-1 overall and @B.C.); has a rep’ for Defense itself and the Secondary in particular. Also said to be an Ace at game-prep’, and an Energizer bunny type of coach.

Family man 1o1…

Baller Hafley was a four-year letterman (1997–2000) as a Wr on the Siena Saints football team and graduated in 2001 from Siena College with a bachelor’s degree in history. He earned a master’s degree from the University at Albany, SUNY in 2003.

Before entering the N.f.l. ranks, Hafley spent 11 years on the collegiate sidelines with coaching stints at Worcester Polytechnic (2001), Albany (2002–05), Pittsburgh (2006–10), and Rutgers (2011). While at Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights were the ninth-ranked passing defense in the country and Duron Harmon earned first-team All-Big East honors and Logan Ryan received second-team accolades. Both Harmon and Ryan were drafted by and played for the New England Patriots. Additionally, you can see where recruiter Hafley has some inherent in situ P.R. type juice already Nor.-by-Nor-East hooked-up and good-to-go.

In 2012, Hafley made his N.f.l. coaching debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He joined the Bucs as assistant defensive backs coach and spent 2013 as the secondary coach/Fs/Ss. In 2013, Hafley oversaw a unit that helped Tampa Bay finish tied for third in the N.f.l. with 21 interceptions. On January 27, 2014, Hafley was hired by the Cleveland Browns to coach the secondary. Hafley would remain in this role for 2 seasons (2014–15), before being relieved of his duties due to a coaching overhaul. On January 24, 2016, Hafley was hired by San Francisco 49ers’ new head coach Chip Kelly to coach the defensive backs. In 2019, he was hired to be the co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State. Hafley quickly established himself as one of the best recruiters in the country, truly. He has a rep’ of: “a monster” defensive coach in the coaching sewing circles. And, he can also ink studs to LOI (letters of intent); what wit being ranked ninth overall recruiter for the 2020 national recruiting class by On December 13, 2019, he was hired to be the head coach at Boston College after the firing of Steve Addazio.

Pappi Hafley is the father of two daughters, Hope (born 2016) and Leah (born 2019);
and so is his wifey, ‘Gina.

Boston College 2019 record:  6 up 7 down and 4-5 in the A.c.c.

Readers note: (ratings=outta 75 (currently) active D-1 men’s football teams so far)

Bee Cee Defense: (starters back=)

  • 29th in Total D.
  • 31st vs. the run.
  • 33rd vs. the throw.
  • 19th in passing efficiency D.
  • 7.5 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. De/Dt combo’ Brandon Barlow might be the next solid/good De for BeeCee; Marcus Valdez is a really solid De who will play upfield at times. 6′1″, 300 lb. TJ Rayam is prolly the best Dt. 5′10″ Chibueze Onwuka, an Ng/Dt hybrid, plays with a naturally vertically-challenged lowball sense of leverage. Tho’ this is not as physically stout looking BeeCee defensive frontline as before in terms of pure mass/bulk. Lumpy mashed potatoes and sandbags and B.J. Raji this crew, ain’t. 2 starters are gone here and some expected this 2020 Eagle front wall to prolly be playing 2021, already. Although the dinged-up De Maximillian Roberts has the vibe of a kid play 2020 for keeps. As this is an emerging final-year (5th-Sr.) talent who is finally breaking out to keep an eye on. Overall, the internal BeeCee run-fits look best on celluloid to me. And they may just be a scosche better than forecast in trench-warfare terms this season. (interesting 70’s Steel-Curtain Joe Green tilt on the Ng/Dt on the C, and Will side 2-point stance De as well too) And the top-5/6 guys are quality here; tho’ depth thins just beyond the starters to be sure.
  • 6.75 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Isaiah McDuffie (he of off-‘n-on knee this/that, St.Nikon bless) is a stud; when his wheels allow him to be studly indeed. 5th-Sr. year Max Richardson -who some say is the alpha Eagle defender- was even more of a play-maker last season. Tho’ he’s blown his knee (St.Nikon help) and that’s two knees in your Linebacking Top-3 which is a Ménage à patellá faux pas. Tho’ Max is a sizey/rangy guy when he is left-knee alright. The second-layer is pretty depth-chart thin thanks to football and to all 2020 things alike. God Bless. Still yet, all sources agree, this is supposed to be the lynchpin of the 2020 Eagle halt-unit. (at least in theory)
  • 6.5 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. Hind-4 plays the ball and not the man and will take risks accordingly. (this is an aggression toggle from before; mind yah). Josh DeBerry is your leading play-maker here. Both in run-support and in pass-flex. As the Landry era term hints… Josh moves around a bit and flashes you a little this and a little that. An active guy to be sure; although the hind-4/5 is pretty thin same as the Lb’ers above due to 2020 differential reasons. Mike Palmer is a good tackler and 75% of this layer did return so there is that. Brothers Brandon and Bryce Sebastian return in the secondary. Bryce is an interesting case, as he was recruited and listed on the roster as a Wr before being tabbed to fill a hole in the secondary in his true freshman season.
  • D overall: (film-study): BeeCee now asks a bit more of their Sam and Will Lb’ers than before. In particular in coverage(s) (short-midrange pass offs vs. Wr’s to deeper guys). And on occasion, they had a time getting lined-up pre-snap for it. In point of fact, the BeeCee D looked like a C.f.l. O (Canadian Football League, ‘eh’) pre-snap with runny-goes from blitzers and they did red-dog from all over. (“HARD” count or “on-two” might draw an offside here). Dline did at least try to bring the physical pain, a soft-touch they just ain’t. They will generously trade leather as much as their system retooling acumen allows. Lotta elevatoring runny-goes too, as BeeCee flashes (fake-news) blitzes and real blitzes alike. BeeCee plays a bit more medium to off-man than before, and some say that Cb is >>> Safety as well. And there is Tampa-1 type Fs here; with a little jam-Man short-side on narrow down-n-distances. Linebacking cadre does an unusual unanimous gap stepover (left or right) pre-snap at times. Going very Bud Grant 70’s looking Ragnar covered/uncovered for it. Pitt did have some deepest-short to medium successes on the edge for all of this too. The BeeCee D seems less vanilla more schemey to me on tape as well, with more moving-parts (literally) than the old stand-up/stand-off whoop you man-to-man Coach J.Wayne mänō ä ˈmänō Stevie D’s did. Tackling is north of average. Cb’s will crowd a bit at times, and they play a lotta peeps here. As this team is strong upstairs handwork/shoulders wise. And they do mix-n-match forty-two and forty-three looks for you purists at home.

    B.C. base fortythree D:
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=81st% (16th most). Isaiah McDuffie who will sack or pressure a Qb is your conflict defender here. F’n Eagle D could be a gaggle of Exotic Dancers, as they really strip the ball. The program that didn’t allow more than 5,000 yards in a season since 2013 gave up 6,223 yards, finishing last in the ACC in total defense, last season at 32 points per game allowed and had the league’s worst pass defense because the pass rush was among the nation’s least effective. So, there (prolly) really is only one 2020 way to go here. Ups. And now the big-whistle hiring makes even mo’ sense; n’est-ce pas? 16 of the top-19 2019 tacklers do return; so experience is not found wanting here. Though play-making was pretty well 2019 absent. Check it… the Eagles allowed offenses to convert over 46% of their third-down chances on the season, and were hammered for 50% or more in six of the last nine games, and went a miserable 0-7 on the season when allowing that many can’t get off the field swing-down converts. To take that steps (plural) further… going back to 2013, the program is 1-17 when the defense gives up half of the opposing third-down tries. Geez, yikes, and ouch! Again, you can see why *this* defensive coach with some mud in his eye was brought in. However, this Eagle D does appear to be a bit ahead of schedule in a round-robin or common opponent terms (teams that both BeeCee and VeeTee have already faced). Or at least a very good deal ahead of O&M eggs and j.Ham’ year to date. Eye’m not entirely sure I buy that based on what I saw on film; although the numbers are more than cold-canvassing selling that here and they are pretty warm or Indian Summer type of numbers indeed. The one caveat is overall defensive recovery-speed, as although Eye won’t outright label Bo.College as: ‘slow’, they do plod or ground-pound a bit.

Defensive letter-grade:

Bee Cee Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 61st in Total O.
  • 74th in ground O.
  • 16th in aerial O.
  • 23rd in passing efficiency O.
  • 18th in completion percentage.
  • 44th in YPC (yards/catch); not a deep throw-O.
  • O overall: Qb1: Brown is gone and now VHT (very highly touted) N.Dame transfer and immediately eligible Qb Phil Jurkovec takes the Eagle reins. Jurkovec (grate western-Pa. All the Right Moves surname) was Selected to participate in the 2018 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Where he was one of four finalists for the Felix “Doc” Blanchard Award, which recognizes a player on the U.S. Army All-American Bowl East roster “who exhibit prowess in the classroom and the field”. that does not student-athlete suck. And neither did finishing his Pine-Richland H.S. career stats up with: 11,144 total yards, 8,202 passing yards, 71 TD passes, and a 68.4 percent completion percentage! Great for 3rd place in western-Pa (en Fuego hotbed for Qb talent historically) total yards passing all-time. That’s 11.1K careerist passing mind yah on only 9 handheld healthy digits as he missed over half a year with a ripped-up thumb. (St.Julia bless). As I and Fonzie are wondering where Jurkovec is in Pa. history on two good thumbs? Because as a wingman Top Gun Sr. year went? He only went for a state single-season record 5,180 total yards, with 63 total TDs. Which led Pine-Richland High School to a 16-0 record and the 2017 Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association AAAAAA state championship. That’s all. Hence Phil’s mere 66th overall national-ranking and 4th best dual-threat Qb tab per 247Sports. Phil’s is only the second bio’ I’ve studied with NO family information. Addition via subtraction I fear, Godspeed on whatever that is code for here. Phil goes: 6′6″ with a whopping 37″ can dunk vertical at 228 lb. metrics on 4.84 serviceable pigskin speed. In film, Phil looks a deceptively good athlete given his size. He enjoys the arm strength to make all the throws and flashes touch on the deep ball. Big ass long-limbed/wingspan helps puts his receivers in good position after the catch. Can make things happen when the play breaks down. Phil however does court a quirky arm action, not a smooth release; wasted motion does lurk here. As this kid brings a nearly 70% passing acumen in collegiate terms overall; and yet at BeeCee his passing has cooled every week from an apex of 74% to start to a nadir of 54% last week. Go fig’ on that? And go fig’ on being nearly 10% better @Away than @Home with a stellar +68 visiting Qb1 or road-warrior bump! Phil also throws historically better by +6% after intermission. So, there are some competitive/gamer type signs here. And same as Viagra, you gotta wonder what this F’n Irish now F’n Eagle Qb1 could do if he could only remain upright and, erect? (mo’: below). ’cause 65.1% good for 1,181 yards, with a shiny 4:1 passing ratio and no real Rb help— as this is quasi Atlas world on your back territory indeed. In the team’s first four games, Jurkovec has compiled a program-record 1,181 yards. That’s more than guys named Flutie, m.Hasselbeck and Matty Ryan. A few forced throws notwithstanding, this is a strong-armed kid, and he knows/shows it too. Rb: Dillon is gone tho’ all 250 lbs. worth of burly big ole David Bailey, #1 Rb in N.c. and a 6′1″ second-year baller, is back. Well, actually 238 worth of him is back from last year. As he cut some bulk/mass to speed his game up and try for better/overall fitness shape. Accordingly, he kinda reminds of a heavier/thicker d.Evans of V.Tech Rb fame a bit. Kinda narrow upstairs for his listed metrics. Still yet, sniffing up on nearly 900 rushing last year in relief is pretty dang good; and it was in fact good enough for Honorable Mention All-A.c.c. 35 TD’s on an average of 30 mpg (minutes per game) due to his high school blowing peeps off the field is none too shabby either. As Dee.Bee was only the #1 ranked H.S. Rb (per Rivals) outta Maryland a couple of years back. Tho’ he was a little lower thought of nationally with his 65th Rb ranking overall per ESPN. As the recruiting reports are a bit mixed here. As the downright downhill or plucky looking Bailey has a long of 12-yards after one month of this campaign.  Although he is catching a deeper ball as that goes. He seems a serviceable grinder with a better top-gear than you’d expect upon breaking-tape. Who has (so far) downshifted a bit this season to date.  However, Dillion does have a history of outburst rushing output type of games. When he (Dillion) gets it cooking he’s cooling with gas indeed. ( 6′, 235 lb., sophomore Javian Dayne –son of all-time NCAA leading rusher and Wisconsin legend, Ron Dayne- is a yet to develop mail-carrier curiosity here to boot) Wr’s/Te: Legit 4.39 forty Wr Zay Flowers leads the grab-gang with: 21 catches, good for 4o5-yards, great for a burner stylized 19.3 ypc, with a long of 77-yards and  24 points tallied already. And it could be mo’/worse than that with anything north of adequate hands. All-A.c.c., surpassing play-making balls here, that’s all. And Zay-Zay has been scalding hot of late. Seriously folks. Te Hunter Long (grate g/f name) might want an ‘alpha’ word with Mister Flowers. Hunter Long is nearly an old school Marv Fleming possession type Te working sit-down and curvilinear routing at Te underneath. And he is one of the better A.c.c. Te’s. A first-down insurance all-state or good hands team member to boot. There just ain’t much experience here (only one Wr returned with mo’ than three that’s (≥3) 2019 receptions, tho’ talent is even south of that after mercurial Wideout Kobay White went Exit Stage (and bum knee (St.Nikhon) bless) Left. And on top of all of that? There are six that’s (6) different Te’s and Wr’s combined who may or may not be able to give this Saturday nite a go. (God Help!) Catching itself is quality in the Top-2 and drops off (pardon the pun) after that. oLine: honestly? The BeeCee blockers ain’t blocking all that stellar at the moment. More like an eclipse or throwing shade if you are (somehow) related to or a friend of p.Jurk’ here. And this is a pre-season shocker, nearly. As four starters are back with the line working around All-A.c.c. right-Ot or right-G Ben Patrula with all-star caliber blockers in blindside-Ot Zion Johnson and C Alec Lindstrom. Ben is a pro’, his both Tackling, Guarding, and Centering abilities say so. Alec is a Sunday camper. The line led the conference and was fourth in the nation in 2019 with fewest sacks allowed, and it was even better at blasting away for the league’s top running game. 80% of the starters have returned with the only 2019 vacancy to be filled is at right-G. BeeCee uses (see: pic) narrow splits and we all know that’s what plunging, Iso’, whamming teams like upfront. (‘cept it really ain’t worked that well, season to date… go fig’ here?)

    B.C. base O (unbunched):
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=54% (88th most). Although not a long-throw O by nomenclature definition, there are five grab-gang-guys with at least one snag ≥25 yards here. As BeeCee tries to lull you to sleep and then alarm clock you long. Even more so no thanks to the truncate ground-game what with only one that’s (1) rumble north of 12-yards so far! (and not one of those meager jaunts is from the Rb’s or Wr’s combined!) Film-Study: saw a lotta play-action with single Hb (Bailey) sets and p.Jurk’ is a caveat venditor ice to Eskimo’s salesman at this too. Bailey is the real-deal at Te. And how our so-so Linebacker’s deal with him might be your Coach Mulder X-factor itself. As he’s a longer and slightly more kinetic Jeff King on footage. A good player, who actually has some open-field moves as a Te onboard. BeeCee will go under C old-school I-formation on shorter spots of the ball down-n-distance wise— and sometimes more Jumbo-Te often than that. They use a nice amount of counter or influence looks be that authentic play-side or bait-n-switch to the countering part backside. Did notice that the BeeCee oLine seems to be missing assignments every bit as much as they are blocks in run-fit terms. Tho’ the even or right-G is prolly the weak link here. This prolly won’t last for November. There are scissoring run-shapes here to make Coach Euclidean proud. There are bunch/tight formations off a split-Back look to create pass-shape assignment confusion; and p.Jurk’ has enough wiggle to extend plays for a lateral 2nd-4th look downfield— as he threw better than I expected when flushed.
  • 46% run:pass 54% mix. d.Bailey (if/when) breaking out is your secret sauce offender here. In spite of the numbers, passing has not been a BeeCee stalwart or Stallworth if you will. As there has been limited airwave’s game-wide consistency; as this throw-set runs a bit hot-n-lukewarm. And even for a right-running offense, that’s an imbalance at best or a set of “keys” and overlays at worst. Tho’ what if your rushing-O is now averaging a mere 5′8″ per carry or south of 2.o yards? This too is another imbalance; although one that seems like it should not be there on 2019 paper. As poor p.Jurk’ has the look-n-feel of a kid trying to do a bit too much -albeit with very healthy individual talent quotient itself- upon breaking tape. As in… this is an XXXL ask of an XL Qb1. Tho’ -as said- if/when Bailey and the BeeCee run-shapes finally pop-clean? Look (scoreboard) highwire balancing act out

Offensive letter-grade:

Fn Eagle Special Teams: (return)

Boston College finished a sporty enough 19th in Net Punting last year and so was grad’ and r-Sr. 6′. 190 lb. fifth-year Punter Grant Carlson. This off-season Carlson (somehow) shrunk an inch (now 5′11″).  Far-righthand mushrooms are strange jus’ like dat— just ask Coach Alice. Before that, Carlson was an AAAAA all-state punter down in the sunshine state who did not miss an FGA under 65 yards in any post-season kicking competition. So “yes”, leg-talent and leg-strength both work here. Grant has now amassed a 65-yard long boot in collegiate punting terms thus far… and yet history says he has even more leg in the bag than that. As he has yet to miss a P.A.T. in any competition. So, you kinda have to wonder if he is best served as footing BeeCee a leg-up as a punter —and not as a place-Kicker? Grant has had one career punt snuffed out and he botched one trickeration punt-fake run as well. Overall, this is a good and heavily experienced Punter, who is just short of playing footsie great.

  • BeeCee is 64th in Punt Returns | 54th in KO returns.
  • a modest 42nd in punt coverage | and a better 27th in suicide-squad.
  • BeeCee has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • BeeCee has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

Danny Longman (neat kicking name) is a 6′1″. 19o lb. true Jr. year, Kicker. And Dan-the-man -same as Carlson down below- swings a big foot. 92% career touchbacks at any level on KO’s says so. So, does only missing on FGA and one P.A.T. in scholastic terms. Including the Florida Championship winning clutch FG-make back in 2017. Danny also holds numerous school and regional T&F records in the 400m and the grueling 800m events. So, he surely has enough legs plural to get to the corner on any fake-FGA. Ditto being a big-time foūtball (soccer) recruit in addition to all of that gridiron kicking acumen. That being said… Temple U’s grad’- transfer Aaron Boumerhi and his 73% career leg might want a word with all of ^that^. Either way, expect BeeCee’s FG-Kicking to improve a bit this season. (UPDATE: Danny has not kicked (in-game) in two weeks, so it looks like they shifted to the Kicker below).

Also, Kickin’ is… Aaron Boumerhi. Aaron is a 5′12″, 196 lb. grad’ transfer 5th year Kicker who has a really deep/flexy leg-load on his wind-up. (i.e. he might just be a smidgeon slower than on ave’ for his follow-through). Aaron is also a National Honors Society for students earning a 3.5 GPA or higher. and proper’s on that alike. As a Kicker, Boumerhi had a good though not quite a spectacular resume coming outta a soccer starring high-school career. Lottsa local regional honors and statehood not as much. Aaron also had a history of kicking dings and dents so we may not have an honest read on his ceiling health-wise. From what I can glean between two different schools, Aaron is prolly the more accurate kicker overall with a narrower range. And Danny is the home-run hitting Kicker if/when you wanna try his bigger tho’ less accurate, deep-FGA leg.

(whispers say BeeCee’s LS (long-snapper) may be out… St.Nikephoros bless!) And the BeeCee KO coverage team does some in-line shifting to mess with your blocking count pre-KO itself.

Special Teams letter-grade: hmmmm, C+++/B— fence. As in …if the BeeCee ST’s only had more return game “oomph” I’d give them a higher grade here.

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O.
  2. BeeCee D.
  3. VT D/BeeCee O (nearly tied).


  • motive: …not a whole helluva a lot to dig up here. Not a rivalry, both records are similar. Et al, etc… EDGE=PUSH.
  • weather: a cooler New River Valley night is on tap. And this won’t help the BeeCee throw-game any. Should help the better rushing team and thus 2020 far? That really appears to be the good guys. EDGE=VT.
  • health/off-field: early in the week… 33 (2 clubs combined). As both squads have a myriad of hurts, academics, and testing/tracing this that as an insalubrious bugbear goes right now. EDGE=next week.
  • penalties: VeeTee and Fu’ have a noticeable advantage here, per 51 big ole penalty-yardage spots if you are keeping score at home. EDGE=VT.
  • intangibles: BeeCee is pretty TOP (time of possession) solid, and as the year wears on that one won’t hurt the TOP winners. Not 1ι (one-iota). BeeCee is also a miserly 8th best in the all-important Turnover Margin marker. Sizey EDGE=BeeCee.
  • fatigue: VeeTee has logged one less game in the last month of scrumming and sleeps locally for this one. EDGE=VT.

R.A.T.T. ...picking the winner here is all about... what(s)?

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Eagles who could soar @Tech=11

the takeaway:

Although it seems to the point of ‘feels’ like Boston College football has been more -or better- of late— in point of fact they were a mere 44 and 44 under coach Stevie.

.5oo football right on the nose. As it doesn’t get any mo’ mathematically even than that.

That however is why the likable and 6-time post-season bowling in seven years Coach Addazio was not retained.

He could not fish or get off the pot and the fenced Boston chowder’s need less butter and mo’ parquet if you will than that.

So, this ain’t your same-ole, same-ole Boston College gridiron ferrous type of squad. This one tosses the football and if they ever get the should be better than it is ground-gainers cracked up?

Look, out!


xxx‘s & ooo‘s

formulae football here favors Virginia Tech. As BeeCee has seen its 2020 seasonal ceiling sag a bit due to two consecutive seasons of early-entry N.f.l. escapees and coaching-change Δ departures. As the Hokies seem to field more overall talent Top-22 stem to stern than BeeCee does; ‘seem‘.

Ditto the factoid that there are actually 44 F.B.S. players that have rushed for more yardage than the Boston College team has this year. (i.e. one could read this as an uno-dimensional team, at least thus far).


  1. Δ1=65% Eye do favor the homesteading squad here. Tho’ I changed this from 60% on the TTT and Lo.FM better than expected looks down below. As we/VeeTee should have more overall talent. At least over on O.
  2. Δ2=30% This one could be 35% or more than 1 outta 3 tries if you like. BeeCee will surely go at our depleted Secondary and the best pure-passer on the field wings ’em for the Eagles; not for the Hokiebird.
  3. Δ3=5% (maybe closer to 10%) each week that something truly outlying statistically variant goes down and either side plum detonates/explodes on the other.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and Eye hope VeeTee need not win more than high 40’s worth of scrapping here.

the optics

This one looks okay enough on paper and upon statistical review. Tho’ I’ll make you a late November prediction right now… one of these 5-2 combined football teams is more parts 2-5 or cracked glass to close.

Eye say this as there is some backchannel scuttlebutt that BeeCee has noticeable physicality doxing advantages over the more finesse or diva looking Hokie club this year. (it’d be really nice to see the Vice Squad take offense to that and clamp down good-n-hard on the Eagle TOP (time of possession) wings come Saturday night).

As in… Boston College has lost its last eight games as a program –and 11 games against FBS teams– when allowing 170 rushing yards or more. Virginia Tech has hit the 170-yard mark –as a program– in each of its last five games and in nine of its last 11.


the skinny

Boston College is basically just finishing up Springball and August Camp at this time. As they have a new Vito Corleone head honcho and new underbosses at O and D-coordinator alike. So, this team’s best 2020 ball is likely out in front of it. Tho’ they are pretty experience and learning-curve shy at the moment for it. (Whereas VeeTee only ranks mere 6th best/highest in returning experience). That just has to help the home team here.

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • BeeCee is 24th in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is 41st in 1st-down D.
    VeeTee is 39th in 1st-down O | whereas BeeCee is 54th in 1st-down D.
  • BeeCee is 28th in 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is 30th in 3rd-down D.
    VeeTee is 53rd in 3rd-down O | whereas BeeCee is 47th in 3rd-down D.

Slight edges to be found here on 1st-down per each offense. And the BeeCee O is better on Lo.FM’s than the VeeTee O; with the VeeTee D a bit better than the BeeCee D on Lo.FM’s. Pretty much a canceling effect, tho’ one of these two needs to go’on and make a 3rd-down (O or D), play!

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • BeeCee is a hurtful 72nd in sacks allowed | whereas VeeTee is 4th best in Qb’s sacked!
    VeeTee is 28th in sacks allowed | whereas BeeCee is 18th best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • BeeCee is 66th worst in  TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed | whereas VeeTee is 24th in TFL D.
    VeeTee is a solid 20th in TFL allowed | whereas BeeCee is 32nd in TFL inflicted.

BeeCee is not bad at all on Havoc generating D. It is rather that VeeTee is better than BeeCee at generating halt-unit Havoc and that the BeeCee O is close to defenseless at preventing the same.
EDGE=VeeTee (significantly, too).

Performated TEXT

the call

BeeCee Projected S&P+: 39th.
BeeCee Projected S&P wins: 6.9 W’s.

Hit Khalil Herbert, Blackshear, HenBoss (or even a little BAX/QVT) and Tre ‘the burner’ Turner upside BeeCee early and often. Control the clock, let the air out the football and keep the needs a 2020 mulligan j.Hamm’s Lyte D a minute or three to develop nice benching.


The closer:

So, Boston College ain’t ½-bad. They ain’t chopped-liver or a team you wanna mess around with and allow to hang in the game. In particular, if you are forehead rubbing an @U.n.c. hangover that just won’t (quite) let go.

8 PM tip-off:

They are, however, kinda: inert looking.

NOT bad. In point of fact, they are a bit north of average. This is coaching (the verb) rather well up on Chestnut Hill. Considering the inherently spotty nature of their depth-chart as talent personnel limitations go here-n-there.

And yet there is no real: “bang” to their game.
Not enough ‘pop’ in their cans.
Decarbonated, in word.

Nevertheless, there is a chance that the third-half of Nc.State, (after their passing Qb1 swap), breaks off here. As you have to favor their Qb1 vs. our Secondary 2’s or 3’s on Saturday night over in the 24060 New River Valley.

And amazing enough, same as last week’s weather.God gaff on my part— I’m hoping cooler early autumn temp’s help chill the BeeCee throw-fits, out.

If not?

Big-12 pinball-style football here we come!

As the stampeding Fu’fense can indeed score with ’em.
The only tally discernment is will O&M eggs and j.Ham, be ‘available’ to: stop; ’em?


upset Index=43%


Virginia Tech=33, Boston College=33 (OT, baseball: 6-3 VeeTee!)


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  1. Excellent insights on new BC whistle Hafley, as was but of unknown foot the Section 7 crew less short stint @ OSU.

    Believe this game is crossroads for VT:
    Quickly learn to play and coach defense in a way to get stops or prepare for one of the most volatile off season in VT history.

    Meanwhile VT offense must pick up mojo from UNCheat game. Honestly something you don’t see from section 7, struggle to see VT finish on top on Sat night, as call me Mr Missouri: but show me that the Fecensive coaches learned their lesson and the defense can get some stops, otherwise a long night.

    Regardless really good write up. Always learn something from your articles.

    Let’s Go.. Hokies!!

  2. I think that this game is an identity game for VT. If they play with Hooker at QB and stick to the offensive, ball control, game plan – running Herbert 20+ times tomorrow then we’re in good shape. We should win fairly comfortably – something around 31-17. If we don’t do that and it turns into a shootout then I think BC has the advantage. What I mean by identity game is that we know what we do well at this point and what we don’t. In the past our O coordinators have gotten cute in these types of situations and tried to surprise the other team instead of playing to our strengths. That’s a bad idea and will lead to a loss. The defense has to be better and we have to trust it to keep BC under 30. This should be the game that we follow our script and start taking steps to being a very good football team this year. We will still lose to Clemson and probably one other (Miami?) but if we stick to our identity we’ll win the rest.

    1. In the past, our O coordinators have gotten cute in these types of situations and tried to surprise the other team instead of playing to our strengths. That’s a bad idea and will lead to a loss.”



  3. Let’s hope the Hokies break through, with a very rare thing – a win on October 17, which VeeTee has apparently not, accomplished sunce; 1970?!

  4. Good stuff as always B’strasse. This game is as close to a toss up as ever. Historically, hokie d’s eat up one dimensional offenses.

    But, in the year of the twenty, a time in which I was hoping for clarity in all things Fu, it is what it is and it will be what it bees.

    Can tech keep grinding up yards in the ground in a way not seen in a decade? Has the defense been given a crash course in astrophysics, angles of pursuit, and hanging on the finish tackles?

    I believe. October night football in Blacksburg is borderline heaven. It won’t be easy. But against the team that proved miracles do happen, it will for the Hokies tonight

    1. I do not know, yet?
      (not sure we know until November, either).
      Fuller strentgh+fuller strength coaching=wait until then… God Wiling.

      Thanks 1992!

  5. I’m from Missouri. Even with us sitting inside the T25, which would normally be cause for guarded optimism…

    Underestimated the loss of spring ball and solid late summer camp impact on installing the jham/tnt/Claeys etc defense.

    Recent years, the target for the O was 31 points. Get there, and we had a good chance to win. This year the O has to score in the 40s, I fear.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Again I do not (yet) know?

      Tho’, I do not (yet) know that you are ‘rong, either.


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