Your Clemson Eye Wide Shut is, up!

Virginia Tech=1o Clemson=45

Sizing each otherups!

B’: is: officially …” opting out” on this Eye.
(this one is entering the nearest Transferring Portal).  A.S.A.P.!

Street: #RespectMyDecisionTSL!!!

Today’s word of the day is… defu’se.

/dēˈfyo͞oz/ (verb)
British WWII term:

  1. remove the fuse from (an explosive device) in order to prevent it from exploding.
  2. reduce the danger or tension in (a difficult situation).
  3. ^^^this^^^ before 8 PM this Saturday nite!

oh, wait… okay… so Eye turned up the keyboard heater, calmed my mouse down,
and opted back in… sorry!

1Q game/season duration:
Whereas –the rest of the easily impressed media glorified this shite– we told you it was, and that it every bit still is… dead ‘rong!

We told you from ‘official’ sourcing… that this kid was getting a bad-on-field “whistling” rep’.
We told you it would gain traction and reputationally hurt us for him.

And then it was on!

1Q 12:44 remaining:
Ahhhhh, what is this exactly?
Well, Eye mean in addition to #13 wants to kill #76 for it?

Was this spearing or targeting the CU Dt’s left-A.c.l.?
(no joke… how do you call this?)

1Q 9:20 remaining:
Then it escalates, ’cause the Ref’/Umpire did not put a stomp to 1Q 12:44… as Brock basically spears the thinly (skull) plated part of the occipital of #13’s noggin!
Jeez! I mean this is Jake Grove @w.v.u. inexpensive as fû¢κ!

And this is even mo’ selfie than dat! And why?
You helped your teammates with this nonsense in a Terminal Contact sport, how❓

LOL, you helped ’em to 3rd-n-24, dumbass❗

Brockworst… 1o1.

Then he was told to go play… bench.

Eye wonder why?

Season 120:oo remaining:
For what it is worth?

Eye thought we opened a bit better than we had the right to Applied Sports Psych expect.
As Fu’ did what he could, Whit I meant: “with” what little he could, as best he could, for as long as he could. Being as overmatched as he should.

No joke… as being belly-up from the drop of the puck, or tanking this one to bunker what few bullets we do have left in the Radford Arsenal is something more than a Fu’ coaches would do.

So, some finite proppers are in order here.

i.e., this one coulda been worse, very…

1Q 9:00 remaining:
#22, Connor, double-deuce cooler if need be on the side.
As nobody told this hommie to give-up and spit the bit and just Q’…

As this might be our best open-field tackle of the year. Bra-vo!

1Q 4:20 remaining:
BEAUTIFUL spiderweb Fonzie double-thumbs up receiving above and out-in-front of the top of the numerals snag here by Rob’. Truly. Best fundamentals I’ve seen from the catch-cådre all year.

(recall: keep thumbs up when facing below the numerals, thumbs spiderweb down when facing above the numerals, thumbs up when reaching out in front of the body. then knee-bend as personally most hand-game comfortable, to adjust for receptions between the top/bottom of numerals, right? Easy-peasy-1o1…
…as try as we might, rocket-surgery this sport, just; ain’t).

1Q 2:44 remaining:

Microcosm… much?

2Q 0:oo remaining:

At least he obeyed his coach, right?

This is what playing not to L, looks like. : (

As he did NOT reach for the endzone and risk the strip!

…and wait, there is more…

…right as ESPN3’s cam’ cut to intermission?

In the background on the unpopulated Lame Stadium SKYCast mic’?
You can plainly hear clear as day: “STFU asshole!”

Football… you just can’t make this oblong spheroid, up!

3Q and uva remaining:
So, this was not a good nite for our Hooker, n’est-ce pas?
Fist, I mean first of all he gets his face cranked-up (uncalled) by #98 post-sack!

you don’t hide the healthy side!

Then he’s too cold. That from Will Stew’ on TSL’s pay-side.
And, then he is 4th-bear just “toooooooo” anxietized about it. (St.Xenia bless!)

Then we catch this glimpse… notice he is only pocketing his throw-hand or orthodox or right-side. Not the needs to be pinned bum-left-shoulder side (St.Christopher bless). Captain Kangaroo pocketed at that.

Then at the 3Q 1:28 remaining marker, you can see what I can only describe as an attack. Panic. A Near seizure moment almost… and God Bless…

the Game of Life >>> much >>> the game of little ole 🏈

And honestly, just how much can my down-out-down trust my Qb1 like this? As he clearly needs, head-game help(s).

So, why not get him the same?

Or did that just make too much Coach Fu’dian, sense?

3Q :56 (on game tape) remaining:
BAX… geez!

triple-double: …YIKES!

Eye mean, he’s real Blessed to have a left-knee (or even his Lisfranc or Longus left-foot) after this set of same play wrenching pronation(S) plural. If you hated your lunch? Take a look at the angle of the left foot.

Pinned/caught in the Worsham Field turf and facing away from the left-knee as the left-knee rotates, inward?!? wow! Paging: St.Culbreth and St.Sebastian alike, please report to the Jamerson dance, floor!

4Q 10:16 remaining:
This is not a good nor a competitive look… saw it several times on breaking-tape, tho’ one point-out will have to suffice. As Eye literally saw our guys plum let go the rope in pursuit of Clemson breakaway or possible breakaway carriers. When a diving tackle at least grabs the Tiger by the tail. Even if he still goes in for a major or 6? Put his ass down in the dirt to at least let him know you are still there.

Dang, dang, dang… : (

4Q 10:12 remaining:
And wait, it can get worse, ’cause it did get worse… poor Christian Darrisaw gets his left-leg/knee accidentally hip-whipped from behind and he totally collapses the joint like an accordion, and poor CeeDee goes down like a dead-sack-of-potatoes. St.Nikon bless! As his teammates are screaming for the Training Staff immediately as the athlete’s mind is still the ultimate M.R.I. machine. Dang…

Then my peeps 2020 August camp sleeper pick -well, prior to his shoulder-dent; St.Christopher help- a rarefied Marco Lee sighting occurred… kinda like every eleventeen prime-number bigfeets. You never know when you will see one…

God Help!

4Q :42 remaining:
Then …Silas Dzansi, happens. Every bit as wastefully as Lee Suggs did vs. UConn way back already decided game, when.

As #9 accidentally yet totally torpedoed poor and quite likable Six-o’s Frankie Lane “Muel-Train” or weight-room Swamp-Donkey right-knee.

Nearly gruesomely outside-in at the end of this ultimately meaningless play.

Hate this…

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=6
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=17

Qb pressured=4
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=8

Tackling was not all that bleeped-up here.

As much as it can be vs. the possible eventual National Champion. And it did objectively improve more than a little bit off of our Pitstop, so there is that too. Only foibles were the aforementioned non-attempted-tackles on breakaway chunk-plays. And one of the 2Q misses went for six, as in points. Tho’ I’ve seen worse than this and that is not the worst or least possible cavalier sign.

Time To Throw analysis:
Clemson won the TTT metric and it sure as ‘bleep’ is tough to beat anyone other than yourself when you only tally “whack” a mere eight Qb-hits against.

As All-World Qb1 t.Lawrence played a pretty dang clean game by-the-bye. (although holding him to 54% and a mere mortal 134-point Qb-rating is a lot more than most anyone else can say ¦ ditto holding the A.c.c.’s all-time leading rusher to a modest 66-yards and no TD’s).

Again… this isn’t ½-bad and maybe this is showing a few O&M eggs and j.Ham,
continental breakfast signs?

(o) (o)

Knox Kadum scouting report:
1,639th ranked *** recruit (247sports).
157th player in Georgia (

  • 6′3″, (only) 184 lb. r-Freshman.
  • a lowercase 4.89 forty. Although quick/darty at 4.28 40-shuttle time.
  • decent 29″ vertical.
  • High School Pro’-style and Spread-style Qb1 alike.
Shame… 172-Qb-rating and was just starting to get going on the run, too. : (

Did have offers from: Rutgers, Akron, Tulane, and Charlotte.

In high school, for the duration of his four-year career as a starter, K2 completed 64.5% of his passes for 7,400 yards with 76 TD’s against only 15 INT’s (or a: 4.75:1 ratio). k.Kadum also rushed for 2,414 yards and 37 TD’s. And in doing so he led Rome, Ga. to back-to-back AAAAA state championships in 2016 and 2017. So, he is a winner and that’s never a bad sign.

Some, not all; tho’ some recruiting services had K2 mentioned as a: “S.e.c. sleeper pick”. Made his H.S. bones after surviving being piledriven into a Telly-camera-tower and staying in the game for it to boot. After which he thew a game-winning fade-pattern at 14. (years, not yards). Said to need some arm-strength and footwork alike. Throws off the front-foot at times and bleeds velocity for it. Did lead several big-time scholastic comebacks. Said to be zippy, efficient, and heady. Did have 195-receiving yards. So, trickeration is on the menu with K2. Did well in the 400m in H.S. so conditioning should not be wanting here.

Pretty much a likable/literal: Matt Saracen of Friday Night Lights Qb2 gone Qb1, fame.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: ||||  |||| || (1 Brock penalty, 3 fumbles for 6-points!)

positive: |||| ||| (2 TD’s!)
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| | (1 INT! 1 CU flag)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, when you go threw three Qb’s, with three different “cadences”, three different mesh-points on R.P.O.’s and three different girlfriends and three-different triune everything else; all in the same night?

It’s downright impressive that our long-fields were not mismanaged any worse accordingly. Seriously. You could and prolly should expect worse, here.

Tho’ my partial boy BAX opened-up sharply Lo.FM enough (see: pic). Keeping us on schedule or making plays threw the airwaves alike. Then we got in our very own way, and then t.Law’ laid down the  ➕ BIG-Lo.FM play law (as #1 Draft Picks have actually been known to do), and suddenly things started to O&M slip away.

Now, I’ma not here to front and poše like most other websites do… tho’ it woulda been curious to see just how long BAX mighta been able to summon his inner m.Brewer “the” Oh.State part II vs. Clemson, had he been able to stay in the game.

We will never know. (as defensive talents Clemson does, have).
Tho’ we do know he was pitching the Tigers a fit, until his left-knee gave, out.

(and oh yes, after BAX went-out t.Law’ smelled blood in the Duck Pond waters, again;
and merely went on a 6-straight “+” Lo.FM spree)

As last time I checked?
Champs do tend to roll like dat.

(tip of the cyber, hat!)

(o) (o)

It is becoming curious to me… that the Vice Squad allows a disproportionate amount of Sacks:Pressures:Hurries.

With Qb-sacks allowed being the low-water mark and yet brush-by pressures bearing high-water marks and throwing too quick Qb-hurries playing 72-stroke golf or very much par for the course. As two of the three grade very well here.

This is most, anomalous folks.

Therefore, something is off here… be that a senseless pocket-sense, missed-assignments, or just plain getting beat late after the “three-Mississippi” internal Pass-Pro’ chronometer has gone off. Love to ask Vance up on this one… would that we could. (tho’ it does seem to hint at some ‘coachable’ protection headroom).

Finally, purr the ESPN3+ SKYCast… O&M eggs and j.Ham had a pretty decent coverage day all Tiger things considered. Best mixing and disguising and bait-n-switching he’s shown all year long. As his softer player-privilege zoning is settling in or at least settling down a bit. What with a few Fosteronian things creeping back in upfront and suddenly we only allowed two Clemson grabs ≥19-yards on the night! (and a lotta play-off teams will wish they could say the same, trust you me, here).

the takeaway...

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
Fu’ & Corny for letting the air outta the pigskin and going Dean Smith 4-corners stall-ball.
Best job of this (and of playing keep-away) since @w.v.u. way back in 2005.

xxx‘s & ooos:
The temporal-accord or timing is everything was an extremely mixed-clichè here to put it, mildly. Will really hit this one already… tho’ suffice it to say that we owned clock-management and
really shortened the game outta the Fu’fense huddle— only to botch timeout usage
and tuck-tail to close the 2Q of play.

Or to be quite Frank… as the superior team up 17-10 and maybe you consider this?

Tho’ what exactly do you have to 4-6, L?

formulae football:
Honestly… I’d love to hear what the Clemson Staff thought upon breaking-tape. As me and my committee of one? We were actually decently pleased with how both frontlines played vs. **** and ***** Galaxy Class starship kinda kids. Not perfect, not great… tho’ nobody O&M
truly got their ass-whooped upfront. (and that surprised me mo’ than a scosche).

Clemson was code for what(s) in R.A.T.T. hooVa, terms???

View Results

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The Rest of the Story...


Apocryphal, Mandela (in)Effective and mythpreceptions… or just patella-tendon (knee-jerks) gone scratchy catnip extra-emotional and entirely non-strategic/longview P.M.S.❓

With Salem, Victory Stadium pitchforks firmly, devoutly, and O&M resolutely in-hand!!!


#16 oz. of flesh!!!

(see the punny?)

 Because it is the fault of the following… (all indeed fireable offenses¦termination at will)

  1. The Head Coach! (#FIREFu’!!!)
  2. The o-Cord’! (#FIRECorny!!!)
  3. The d-Cord’! (#FIREj.Ham!!!)
  4. The medical Staff & Training Staff!
  5. The front-end or front-office of Jamerson!

Mmmmmmmk… then riddle me this?
When will all you witch-trail savants wanna confess the truth?

"A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish."
—Ty Webb

Mike Burnup “SAID” it for you post-game this very time.
It is the one, that’s the (1) single solitary thing that you just can not fire!

It’s going to take some better players to get this thing back…

This about 2-fortnights after he let it slip there were “cultural problems” behind the scenes. This right before this 4-game tailspin began.

On the one hand… So, it’s the players?

Post-Pittsburgh 3-Mile-Island fallout: gone Sons of Anarchy part II?

What the hell did the players expect off of their: “It’s us, or him/them” ultimatum?!? LOL!
I mean, just how far do you kids expect Fu’ to bend forward at the waist and say: “AHHHHH”?

Fu’ can NOT let you win that fight.
Eye repeat… Fu’ can NOT possibly let you win that fight!


Not one round, not one second of one round. Or there literally will be nothing, left.
(nothing left: culturally, command-n-control wise, nothing).
Nadda. None. Nil. Zilch. Zero. Zip.

Fu’ does (or allows you big-baby usurpers) to do this and Fu’ should never ever coach again.

Inmates >>> as(s)ylum?

is …asinine indeed!

And a locker-room death sentence or life in front of the firing squad.

And yet then this little nugget popped-up…
…and it is a very fair ask indeed.

Yah, and Roger that… Eye do see what you mean… as that’s a helluva a good question?
Ain’t it?

On the other hand… so, it’s the coaches?

Nevertheless, Fu’ does have a little something-something of a preview Word of the Day (absurd) point. (in the pressor blurb he 1st-mover preemptively put out last week to the traditional brick-n-mortar 4th-Estate).

Eye mean, he’s been beaten by one-point, by one leg-swing and one full-play in three teeter-totter playground seesaw days gone skinned at least 3-knees “blow on it!” kinda mercurochrome nights. As o-3 in these three hotly contested contests is some harsh-sauce there.
Stinging, actually.

NOTE: …the authour!

And yet, upon fu’rther inspection… we’ve been outgained now in six of our last eight. (100, 122, 24, 48, 82, 161). This works out to an old-school 1 point for every 10-yards rule-of-thumb of: getting beaten between about an FG up to an intentional Safety after 2-TD’s. Which is not exactly blown off the field or blow on the Dunk Pond waters, right?

Nonetheless, our real or accrued point-margin in those contests actually worked out to: 35-points, 33 points, 1 point, 3 points, +7 points, and 11 points. Or in other words, we has-been the little engine that could {sic: not}. As there really is no better metaphor this side of Gestalt Theory^1 power.

So, it is either: “if not for bad-luck poor Fu’ would have no luck at all.”

Or: “Where you stand is where you sit.”

"A hole is a hole is a hole..."
—steeet idyom

And from where this unholy mess stands to me?

As Sun Zu taught us all regarding the assignment of:
blame… “It takes two hands to clap.”

i.e. it takes: players A-N-D coaches, alike!

Now here’s what time it really is… just  ⌚

if you’ve been living under a rock or if you’ve recently hit in the head with a rock…  we are supposed to want to “burn it to the ground”, right?

Well, why?!?

  • This is what too many ostriches and not enuff sand lack of foresight looks like.
  • This is what Penthouse gone pent-up frustration emotionalism orgasma feels like.

Whereas, me and my sources?
Well, we cord-cutters are successfully clinically detached.

As you very much should (already) be too!

Why though?


‘Cause unlike most of you, we envisaged and foresaw this… emotional orgasma… coming!

For three years we’ve soldiered-on under the label of the pot-stirring whip.
Dutiful, faithful, good damn soldiers too!

We were ready. Our intelligentsia R.A.T.T. filled sandbags were ready.
And yours could have been, two!

Incidentally, -and to hold our credible feets to the fire- we did however miss two things…

  1. Firstly, this went longer (calendar-wise) than we thought it would, or even; could. As Fu’ has been the greatest “fish or get off the pot” fence-sitter we’ve ever seen. Seriously, he should enter the dais tipping-point and/or middleocrity extending lecture circuit forthwith. He’s the best ever at this… as we have no idea how this thing made it this far as dysfunctional as it was (at times) behind the scenes. Clueless, even…
  2. Secondly, we did not succeed in predicting the “Us or them” mantra of players drawing a sandy line in the Slusher Beach volleyball Pitt(s). The misguided and misplaced bottoms-up club type of strip all gears animos somewhat surprised us, and the outright rebellion of dysfu’nctional defiance literally did take us aback. A fight they should not have selfie elected to fight— as it was the one fight that even a totally quacked-up lame-duck big-whistle could NOT possibly let them, win! Did I mention that Fu’ just had to win here, yet?

Addmidtitly, we did not foresee ^these^… nevertheless, unlike the “burn it to the ground” crew… we sagely installed our aequo animo O&M gridiron circuit-breakers just fine three years ago. And unsparingly, they brain-game fu’nctioned exactly and entirely as they should.
As they could have for you too… had you only, believed.


In the meantime… here is what they want to have happen…

…of which only one, that’s only (1) thing is downright gra-ron-damn-teed!

  1. #FIREFU right now? And you 1,000% assure Coach Next the biggest possible financial or fiscal hole. And ^that^ is all; as in that is the only thing you 1,000% assure!!! The rest may or may not improve or upgrade. Tho’ you can sleep insolvent nites just like ^dis^!!!
Dear: “FIREbugs: ^this^ is us! You get 1-match, 1-shot, 1-chance!

Do you understand this; yet TSL?
The lack of fi$cality is your one ¢ertainty!

  • Because… how can you be so sure Coach Next is a better coach (the: verb)?
  • Or a better recruiter in in-state terms?
  • Or a better culturalization agent?
  • Or better at anything else?

Or is it just possible that -this side digging up v.Lombardi-
it really won’t matter who you hire, as VeeTee peaked back in 2011?

And, nyet comrades, Eye actually don’t wanna see this 2020 tactical grenade defuse itself right in Fu’s face.

Because the one thing, the only thing I’m sure of is the one thing they ain’t strategically telling you in their acetylene rush to propane.

Although the #BurnItDown crew has plenty of petrol…
…they only gots one, damn; match.

Oh shite… I shoulda choose: diffu’se❓



Virginia Tech=10, Clemson=45




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    1. if that is a famous children’s bookish reset?
      That’s rich!


  1. Maybe the best ever….


    So How can Babs survive? as Fu is symptom like a runny nose, visual-annoying-messy but a symptom not the root problem. So now as VT faces another mercenary hire, aka Brent, what trust/ faith/hope can the Hokie Nation place @ our bush league Babs to right this ship.

    Feels like the band has been ordered to play whilst the Titanic is sinking and Babs ordered another old fashion whilst at the helm.

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!

    Beamer had football friendly Weaver if VT is to build a football program can a Farm league AD fund it?

    1. Nice post, McKinsey alum perchance?

      Feels like we’ve successfully navigated 41.7325° N, -49.94694° E so many times since beating Mich on the field (and then losing upstairs) in N’Orleans. Or have we? That game or more specifically that immediate apres-game was my personal high H20 mark w TechFB. I dare say I was not lonely in such post-Sugar-high sentiment. We were the better team, won the field, and yet found a way not to succeed. Even the Detroit Rock City partiers told us as much back at the hotel bar. We’ve been a ghost ship ever since. Wake 0-0 might have been the life jacket call on deck, but the boilers were long flooded by then.

      We’ve been starving for O2 climbing the Top 10 (20?) ranking mountain for years now. “VT can’t get out of their own way” says the E$PN analyst. Was he talking about the Clemson game … or our program? Not the first time we’ve seen this. Heck-fire, the foot-shooting has evolved from anomaly to expectation.

      Man, could ramble on forever with this. Like everyone. Very frustrating.

      Everyone, I mean everyone, wants to rush in w/a call to arms to right this ship. Yet, the Captain continues to stay bunkered up on the bridge turning nuts-n-bolts. Yes, the man can handle the Stihl 400 Series with ease but not exactly presenting himself as a SAF Certified Forester much less a consumer friendly FSC.

      Whit picked up a great tool that does great boiler work but unfortunately seems to be ill-suited (and positioned to be fair) to close that ugly gash in our hull. The AD (and VTPrez!) have to quit distracting us w/champagne and in-flight meals, only the Engineer and White Star Board can stop the same iron rivets from continuing to pop season after season after season. Bueller? Bueller? You think the water is cold now …

  2. Pure brilliance. That is what it is. One match. Not just one match, but one broken short fuse match to blow it up and hope it lands the way you want. I’m way to cautious to light that much, cause unless you’re a skilled architect now in the professional detonation business, that explosion probably doesn’t finish the way you hoped it would.

    1. Well, thanks.

      I only thought it decent. The end was the keystroke-keystone tho’.


      p.s. tho’ the point stands… we ain’t go a ‘bama/Clemson matching-budget.
      Not at all.

  3. Pure brilliance. That is what it is. One match. Not just one match, but one broken short fuse match to blow it up and hope it lands the way you want. I’m way to cautious to light that match, cause unless you’re a skilled architect now in the professional detonation business, that explosion probably doesn’t finish the way you hoped it would.

  4. Nice prose B!

    “I don’t care if he sh!t$ on you. You don’t give me a 15-yard penalty. Ever. Got that?” Coach H. Criddle, Greenbrier East HS.

    That said, I shed not a tear for the Tigercat DLman piling up at the X and then receiving a load of brockshot. You present three cases in your write-up of opposing forces taking shots at our O-players, leg whips included. MMA practitioners know the effects of innocent looking lower leg kicks. They can add up, even score at times. Same drill with hands in the face all game. The nature of it. Only prob I have with that Hoffman penalty play is … well, … the penalty!! Cause as the ol’ sayin’ goes “if you get caught, you ain’t trying hard enough.”

    Aaaaaaand another thing, you might re-consider your take upstairs re: Center Hoffman pic. I hear what you’re saying but in my opinion that pic is exactly the mindset VTFB (underscore FB) needs right now and especially on the O-line, and more especially in the year AD2020. Rhetorical Q – Who would you want beside you (or more better … in front of you!) in the trenches? Do we want Col Jessup or LTJG Kaffee upfront on the wall? Just sayin.

    I dare say ‘there’s the spirit Mr. Hoffman’, just clean up your barracks (see pic, what a mess) before lighting up the post-game cigar next time. The job isn’t done until the job is done young man.

    By the way, did you see the story about the VT grounds crew thank you letter (tweet I guess) to ClemsonFB about the way the Tigers left our visitor locker room after the game? Very impressive play there by Commander Sweeney. Very impressed. Go Tigers.

    You don’t have to be gentle to be a gentleman!

    1. oh wow!
      Taking me back… did you play for Homer?

      Beautifully kept field. The g.East groundskeeper was a savant.
      The field his canvas… the mower/trimmers his, brush.
      Eye kinda wonder if this is the real Brock?

      Or if this is the Fu’ is leaving… Brock?
      (i.e. getting away with what he can while he can?)


  5. So if I read this correctly we are DAMNED if we DO and DAMNED if we DON’T
    hmmmmmm Not good

    1. No Coach… at least I hope it’s: “no”.

      More like… doubled-dammed if we get this one ‘rong.
      ^this is more so the point^.


  6. Ok, money is an issue, but can we address the elephants in the room? On offensive staff, keep Vice and Lectenberg- they seem to be doing their job. Strength guy must go- how can players not get bigger? Tisdale, Turner etc?
    On defensive staff- who is dead weight? If you aren’t contributing, go now.
    Players, if they are an issue, then keep kicking them off the team.
    But the bottom line is this coming year is numero six, it is time to shit or get off the pot. No excuses-, money, covid, attitudes, or talent can be applied for to stop the changing of the guard next year.
    I am telling you that somebody better find another Herbert to tote the,mail, or the offense will take a huuuge step back. We cant throw the ball. And defense better find someone that wants to hit somebody and stop tackling air. Otherwise, this is a 3 win team next year.

    1. Oh, no doubt about it…

      2019 beats 2020 sans Herbert.
      That ought to scare you 31st Oct. style too.


  7. So how many games would this 2020 team have won this year without the transfers b.street? We both fear the truth here because it isn’t pretty. We must improve recruiting and yes improve coaching but one must start with the coaches since they control, as best they can, who we bring on. But there’s not enough money to improve the coaching … hard days gentlemen and they don’t look to improve within a year or more. Nevertheless, I for one I’m not going to stop wearing my burnt orange and Chicago maroon

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