Your Commonwealth Cup Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=33 Virginia=15

Fu’s got the last “laugh”, noooooooow!

Virginia Tech’s Hokiebird pulled a rabbit outta the incoming, slumping and shipping all kinda o-4 titanic water, O&M hat.

The Gobblers played quite possibly their best game of the season, or at least their most complete game of the season, or et al their best and most complete game of the season, since the first game of the season. (which was a pretty solid production in its own right… although Eye tangent). And perhaps it is not coincident that that was the last time that the true Qb1 of 2020 was truly fully healthy last season. Or as Coach Robin Williams would have me author… “Irony is ironic indeed.” As coach Fu’ and Co., to their truly XXXL ginormous credit, went St. Lazarus raised to the phoenix power and rose up from the had not won anything in 42-days dead! Or in other words, in me and my peoples (now) well-soaked June estimation(s)? Fu’ and Co. are not getting their run or they’re just due here. We will now proceed to rectify that, and put the rubber to the road… as you gotta wonder just how much Virginia Tech-17.5 woulda paid out early on that Commonwealth Cup afternoon? (recall: VT-3 was the opening line that closed Even as the house took a bath here). Nonetheless, there is a lot lot lot to get to, as this one heated-up, spun-out, heated-up sum mo’ and then literally boiled over late.


You kill the mind, you kill the body.” –Timmy Bradley, multi-divison Boxing World Champion.

And guess hoo went totally mental body-snatcher on this nite, here?!?

1Q 13:03 remaining: (see)➡️
Eye wonder if this is where the post-game fight really did go round#1: ‘ding‘? As it is hard to get much more stolen than our poor #89 did here. Geez… and Eye would surely be LOL if this were, only a… hoo.

2Q 7:42 remaining: (see)⬇️:
Real happy we were not knocked down to Qb(none) here. As BAX could ripped his orthodox-shoulder outta socket on this one. As the unchecked (the outnumbered us Will-side) uva OLb had a real-live shot to really damage BAX on this throwaway to the sideline-out. (St.Christopher bless!)

This is NASTY/scary lookin’ on tape!

(the blue arrow is the Wahoo McDaniel tomahawk chop to BAX’s ball-n-socket and the Chicago-maroon arrow is his right-hand on the truly sawed-off follow-threw… seriously, he’s quite fortunate to survive this whipsaw intact… very!)

2Q 6:29 remaining:
Why did we deal two, that’s (2) Lb’s into the very same Sam or even-side A-gap blitz?

This is the very thing that not having a spring ball (mistakenly) allows for… even in mid-December!

3Q 10:32 remaining:
Oui-oui, we all know that Herbert can run with authority, some moves, and some speed all live here as well; n’est-ce pas?

Tho’ here he shows that he can put that shoulder into you with his stacked-up north hemisphere and actually block —when he wants to, and the Pro’s will be wanting some of this! Really nice pancake at the end by #77 on the right-De of uva as well.

3Q 9:33 remaining:
Denzel… much?

Catch of the Year?

3Q 9:24 remaining:
This literally is fingertip or old-school Juggs Machine Tip Drill and one helluva a snag!

3Q 7:04 remaining: (see):⬇️
Here is the Garbutt spark that was keepin’ the post-game powder keg totally lit!

Meh… it could be better… and yet it could (get) worse alike.

Eye’ve seen worse… tho’ #70 of uva did double-hit a prone Garbutt on the ground and then Garbutt locked into his cervical spine like Mr.Spock gone chiropractic põn farr!

Again, it’s a rivalry game, and yah; it may rub you the ‘rong way… tho’ Eye’ve seen much worse go uncalled than this.

And frankly, I’ma not real sure this calls for *that much* retaliation? He got you, you got him back… it’s about as even as it can be at this lower-level of sportsmanship equilibrium restoration moment.

Game/November/December duration:
Amare Barno… just playin’ better and better and Chris Coleman’s first-mover OLb to De call just looks sager and sager all the time.

As hommie is playing mo’ and mo’ with epic hand-technique and pure reach (letter: “T” measured in boxing or wingtip) that gets his hands on you before you can get your hands on him. Then he additionally courts superior footwork and quicks and pure high-end speeds out on the edge compared to any Ot he odd-side faces. As this kid really reminds of the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff’s very own or of a younger L.C. Greenwood… who enjoyed the very same (1974) Towering Inferno type of Klitschko ‘esque reach.

And the nutty part is… he’s still hand-n-the-dirt; improving!
Barno has bookend headroom that remains.

4Q game duration 2021 remaining:
I’ll say this for Jalen Holston… he sure runs north-south with struggle-max’. I mean he’s a fit to tackle with his high-knee-lift that can cuff you uppercut style right under the Roger Craig-looking defending chinstrap.

…kinda like a cranky crotchety tho’ leaner Cedric Humes.

4Q 7:40 remaining:
Notice BAX getting his right ankle pinned at the end of the even-side Ot-keeper player by the left-De of uva. Then notice three, that’s (3) different oLinemen of two different colours helping him up post-play as he goes bunny-hoppin’ off the field. This is a very encouraging sign. And not a locker room acceptance sign we’ve been treated to pasty Qb1 seeing at VeeTee since m.Brewer to boot.

4Q 1:51 remaining:
oooooooo-K little boy… you is my new girlfriend my #0 hommie!

Let’s see… during a global pandemic, be yea state or state… and all while getting your dumbass drilled as a favorite in a rivalry game… you thought this would be a good look, how? Why? LOL!?!

Too bad we did not beat you 21-6… tho’ as get pegged, cucked up as you clearly already are?
…you would prolly like dat!

What a dildo!!! Powertool 1o1!

4Q 1:27 remaining:
This is how you storybook ending close out a career!

The clock strikes midnight and your glass-slipper did not snap a heel.

BRA-VO to Qb sacking j.Hewitt!!!
As he’s one of the few who can say he did not leave, he stood by dear ole V.P.I. through thick and thicker and he did what he could, as best he could, with all he could. Methinks Coach God likes peeps who same as Mister Scott… are “giving yah all she gots!

4Q 1:21 remaining:
This Eye did not catch this in real-time, admittedly…

…tho’ note the Team dancing around their big-whistle and taking it upon themselves to put his hoodie UP for him on Fu’s noggin!

Eye’ve NEVER seen this level of Team ca·ma·ra·de·rie with Fu‘ before… have you?

This is rallying around the flag and ‘acceptance’ all rolled into one. And you gotta kinda wonder… did Fu’ and his stickler, cross every eye, dot every T one-man ways-n-means committee finally breakthrough here? At least a little bit?

p.s. there is a LOTTTTTTA O&M talk being talked at the end here folks.

Eye mean a whole lot. Very animated and nearly confrontational at times;
as 2020 frustrations were showing out at least 2,020 times over.
That, and all work and no play does not make DAX a “dull boy”.
(as hommie is fu’n to watch and somewhere M.L. Carr
wants his freakin’ towel, back!

5Q lifetime braggin’ rites remaining:
For those of you who questioned me on including our Te3 (#89) …

…fo’ some praise a few weeks back…

…he’s likes to fight guy❗️

why Terminal-Contact sport question dat?

And then?

Well, then the party truly did take to spark…

WAR #45!!! wowow!

Been a veerrrrry long time since I’ve seen anyone go down this bunkhouse stampede hard.
As he went down to ~a 10-peep stomp pile swinging like a F’n Wildman savage!

And then?
The SOB got back up and freakin’ started swinging; again!!!

Four-Five is a damn-dawgg.
His locker-room legendary bones are super made, 4life!

(best since Mark Webb and company brawled uva @uva 35’ish years ago)

WAR “4Life!!!”

wowow, unreal!
Eye mean, this is incredible!

Tho do learn just one Real Estate: ‘conflict management’ lesson here ‘four-five’… if you just gotta go full-blown wolfpac’ and put the ‘fight’ in: Fighting-Gobbler post-game?

Do not fight near the other teams’ sideline hommie!

Fight near your very own. “Location, location, location.

In spades!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=11

Qb pressured=13
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=12

For the very first time all year long… we just saw a: “Faster”, a “fresher” and a NOT overtly outta position D.

And frankly (pun intended) it outcome or scoreboard, showed!

EVEN this mueling of a doggydawgg knew… you have to spread work, out!

Recall… who’s peeps were worried about @Pitt fatigue as much as anything 2020 else, once the juggled regular-season schedule was finally redone?

As this is all code for being VERY Turnaround: by Paul “bear” Bryant. Mister (H2o) meiser or water-is-for-sissies Junction Boy whip-cracker his ownself. Swallow multi-(NaCl) or salt tablets while ironically emersed in whirlpools and imbibe no water. Did I mention the “no water” part, yet? As Dowsing rods are for sucks. Nonetheless, even he, legendary Coach Bryant… recognized that you need to alternate hard-to-soft-to-medium teams on the schedule. And that you have to space your in-season R&R out a lot more than you bearishly August camp bootstrap do. As even the most grizzly pre-season allows for a jump in a dried-up mid-Texas dust bowl of a squaller creek!

As it goes from nothing (pre-season) being history book recorded to everything historically recorded (per the: Eye in the Sky regular-season) in a hurry.

’cause the only thing that really pre-season counts you ask?

Health. And ours was very testy and then it actually got worse and then our best Qb1 and our best Rb1 in a decade both got put out.

(you do the ➖Qb1 ➖Rb1 = 4 (incoming wins) maths.
Or a midway… punt!)

Now mix-in a buncha guys who were finishing up a real August camp of scheming/development halt-unit wise in about late October. Maybe even on into the entry-level of November itself?

Now mix in a Lane-ass tried-ass team that basically got curb-stomped during @Pitt Purfect Storm; then mix in an overwhelmed (tho’ mo’ rested) team that was TIED with national champion Clemon for the first ~29-minutes and change of what eventually did become a let-go-the-rope tiger-tail…

…and you have a nearly unthinkable VicTory snatched from the jaws of excrete vs. our arch-rival uva. Truly. This is applied-sports psychology mind-boggling 1o1 folks.

And as we have Britanically said here before… “it’s all in the maths.”

(final stats vs. yearly average)

Check it… when the D was at least kinda/sorta healthy to begin the year…

  • 413 ∑ yards allowed on average (or, a decent enuff 52nd best overall in Total D; with NO training/schooling and basically only learning-on-the-job training; mind yah!)
  •  …then they get beat up, hurtin’…
  • …and the D falls all the way down to a 106th overall Total D ranking in annualized terms.
  • …however, they finish the season (with the real R&R) of rest+reps and only allow a penultimate thrifty Tiger output of 435-yards, then they married that opposing silver-medal efforting to a smothering season-best 322-yards allowed vs. arch-rival uva!

Yes, Eye know, Eye know pot-stirrers… if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt she’d be my Uncle Tim.
Fair play. True enuff.

Tho’ it is also true enuff to type that the 2020 end-game O&M eggs and j.Ham halt-unit woulda checked in at 42nd best overall!!! And when you take the opening healthy games, and the closing two R&R games they woulda tallied a Dinty Moore stewing or workmanlike 53rd best overall.

This places them right on the highest possible C+++ or lowest possible B— 2020 Total D barrier. And this makes even more handsome stop-unit things possible in 2021 terms. (Health willing: as depth is very thin here not named d-Line and maybe 1 or 2 secondary spots).

Now that all effu’sively said… my peeps and Eye are still (frankly) a bit stumped about how this one happened here? Although, we did glean a few Deep State Jamerson whispers
post Staffing film-study… (mo’ down below) …

(o) (o)

Tackling -which had been very uva-(un)Wise suspect to start 2020- objectively improved in recent weeks. And frankly, it was only a few shallow/wide Euclidean angles removed from being very close to geometrically perfect in the final 10-20 minutes of uva. As it improved all game long, and early on that could be forgiven to big-game jitters or rivalry-start over-emotionality. Not ½ bad, and it sure as (bleep) has come a long way from its 1o3rd ranked in Total D in 2020 nadir. (Moving all the way to average and recently to a solid enough or virtually a crafty looking B—).

And the defensive backfield’s tackling was nearly superb vs. uva. There were a few quality knocks lumped in, several textbook open-field stops, and very few ‘mighty’ Casey “whiffs” to be found upon breaking hind-4 or hind-5 tape here. As Conner and Divine, both really plum got after uva and not much of anything got behind them to close the year.

On the other boo-hoo hand… it took uva about ~50 minutes to do it… tho’ they did finally figure out that there are a couple of things to attack in O&M eggs and j.Ham’s softer more player-privilege zone looks. Fortunate for us, they needed to figure on longer-yardage mathematics than the game clock afforded, as uva was basically playing 12-defenders (11 j.Ham’s and 1 timekeeper himself) at this latent stAGE of the game. As they popped the outside field-Cb out near the sideline in retreat to deeper zones several times; and they also hit us up just outside the edge of our slower hook-zone drops from DAX or a very gimpy Ash’ just inside of the hashmark itself. Several times… and Eye gotta wonder who 2021 just off-season saw all of this to boot?

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| (2 VT penalties)

positive: |||| ||
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| |||| || (1 INT! 3 uva flag’s; 1 “+” fake-punt)

Curiously enuff… these two ran Lo.FM head-to-head if not neck-n-neck for a good long while. No real tic-mark advantage to be found as both teams stayed mean, median, mode on down-n-distance schedule or made just enough positive Lo.FM plays to get by when they played behind the sticks. The one difference maker was just plum silly-ass VeeTee misQ’s. On special teams, on 1st-down erasing penalties. Or in other words, this one coulda possibly been worse for hooVa than it was —if VeeTee had only stayed outta VeeTee’s very own way.

Then a funny thing happened along the way to The Lawn’s candy-store… as O&M eggs and j.Ham had done one thing right all year. They finished a very lofty 9th best in (opposing) Qb’s sacked and they likewise finished a nifty 32nd best in TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted. This not only moved the oblong-spheroid negatively or against uva, yet it also bottled up a pretty dang inert-looking uva offense deeper on Lo.FM’s as the scoreboard gap slowly yet surely began to widen all the mo’. As uva just did not have the single shot play-making spoilers to git dat get-back work when they were really chasing the chain-gang and in a negative Lo.FM down-n-distance hole. 9V juice if you will. As you gotta give coach Hamilton his due here— as he not only dialed up his pressure packages at just the right time, he dialed them up to maximum negative effect. (Or for -3o-yards on TFL and another -27-yards on sacks if you are keeping score @home) Which old-school rule of thumb is worth about 2-FG makes for Vah.Tech give/take.


As great as Herbert is… and he is sure *the* Alpha portaling get from the last off-season, he missed at least two big-big play holes backside zone-wise in this one. Another interesting one is… the truncation of the Fu’fensive throw-points under BAX and to some extent under the now gonzo HenBoss. As this was never, and will never be; an Oak-town Raider “ghost to the post” or “mad bomber” vertical stretch set. It airwaves hits too West-Coast quickly to pass-pro’ for sandlot going that “One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi, Three-Mississippi!!!” long in the first place.

However, it got shorter and shorter as the year wore on and then got downright truncated for uva with QBax. Be really interesting to see where this slots, (pardon the aerial pun) next year in 2021 with nearly NO visible Qb depth remaining at this time.

It was also noticeable just how much having our Top-3 Wr’s out there together, doing work at the same time meant to our admirably narrowing throw-fits.

Mitch’ + Turner + Robinson = a top-½ of the All Catch Conference Top-receiving-3. Maybe even inching along to Top-¼ of the A.c.c. if/when all-3 remain 2021 good to go solo.

Albeit, after 2021 that we are strikingly thin for such an overloaded Wide-Recruiting cadre of late(s). Be really curious raised to the real necessary power to see another Te and at least 2-Wr’s springtime/August blossom into true catch-corps form if/when that all goes down of course.

(o) (o)

And as even a novice level football fan can plainly and science-fact Coach Spock see…

…it is not that BAX played a perfect game.

He did not…

It is however that he bounced back from his two misses and one slight tip and shook them off whereas the misses from Armstrong really stretched his head, stood him on the same, and shook him for all he was worth. (See: ball colored: PIC’s)

As BAX went summertime dorsal-fin and rally-capped better from his two real squirrelly misses whereas Armstrong went shotgun blasting pattern and sprayed even mo’ throws after a desequencing miss. And there are worse things you can say about a kid who hits a hit after he misses a miss. …worse things like 33-15.

Fu’rther: Drilling down deeper into those stats, Burmeister had a much higher on-target rate with his passes in the late games (64.7 percent) compared to the early ones (45 percent). And he had 71% home compared to 41% away. As the first step in learning how to win is to win @home. The 2nd step is learning how to win @away (program building 1o1). The 3rd step is in learning how to beat seemingly superior teams and curb-stomp bums. And you can just barely see a Fu’fensive sign of this when we were on rare occassion(s) locked, cocked and ready to 2020 rock.

Now, be you a MINE Holden Hall boy or not… dig these 4Q metrics: BAX was: 75.0% 21.8 ypc, zero-sacks; and an all-world 257.7 Qb-rating! Can you say: “Closer?” Or, Kent Tekulve?

Additionally, even during his crampy early-season so-so unpracticed start, he only logged one game south of a 100-point Qb rating. And a seasonal nadir of a 91-point Qb-rating is something that all other starting Fu’fensive Qb1’s wish they had, had!

As: their 9o-points, 83-points, 44-points, and 11-points as career lows would all seem to,
agry as low-pointing the yearly ball, goes.


The Vice-Squad (rather similar to O&M Eggs and j.Ham), was good, though a little uneven at times. As both our graded pie-chart positive plays and our Swiss-Miss. or neutral plays ticked upward a scosche this week. As in…, we missed several pure assignment blocks per/game all year long and that remained on-trend to end the year here. However, we flat out: slipped, tripped, or just whiffed a couple of times and maybe outta 11 contests “momma told me there’d be days like these”.

Or, to put it a mo’ ½ full way… we left a few points out on the field, more so than we beat uva worse than the score showed. As -to their credit- uva did tally a few more stalemates along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) than Eye had forecast— every bit as much as a ground-gremlin just jumped up, bit, and shoe-string tackled a would-be O&M blocker on a play that had the run-fit and the shape to go places. Oh well… c’est la game.

the takeaway

Social needia vitiating or impairing most of’s ability to understand much of anything not withstanding… Fu’ and Corny -to their credit- did not panic here.

They did NOT throw the whole entire playbook at uva.

They did not author a myriad of trick-plays and reach for hero-ball.

They stayed within themselves and stayed within their Fu’fensive 460-East bound Lane throughout. And be yea Fu’-friend or be yea Fu’-foe, you gotta give ’em that round 10-8. They held their water when most expected that coming in off of such a recently catty-looking set of offensive efforts; most expected their pink water to break. And purr the post-Pitt 3-Mile Island -esque radioactive locker room tantrum fallout? How could you failed coup attempt blame ’em?

Tho’ a wounded and cornered Fu’ proved to be a very different animal than his feline detractors had come to expect. As it was Bronco who was busted and force-fed Fu’s cat-of-nine-lives foof.


Point, in fact, see the mid-4th-Q drive that went 14 straight plays with NO Lo.FM’s tallied against the Fu’fense. Low risk, on-schedule, “predictable outcomes” nearly Frank-n-Stiney all over again. Nothing fancy, fried-Treet or potted-meat-style football. Tho’ it sure ate a lotta game-clock and pretty much sealed the Jeffersonian veal via going oblong-spheroid 4-corners O and letting the air outta the ball. Similar to none other than Frank Beamer, coach Fu’ is a pretty savvy County Fair blinking-contest contestant, when he is no saline-solution need apply jocking the twilight end-game lead.

As incoming Coach Halcyon this jus’ was not.

And neither was his post-game outburst or near rupture of bottle-crinkling self. As Fu’ and company -to their ginormous credit- paid the Blutzoll (WW2 blood tariff) when most thought they were about to go ‘cannonball’ off the Torgenson Bridge of Certain Death. Recall, everyone not named; well, me… told you so! As they finally figured out that…

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"
--African Proverb

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
Video Room’s staff!

As they cobbled together all possible @hooVa got ‘the streak’ snapped weak-sauce footage. Football footage of plays where we did not run the play out. Plays where we either let up, fell-down, or generally spit-the-bit vs. went bakers-dozen and loafed vs. a rather beatable or middleocore cavalier squad who along with their most determined Qb1 simply perked up all the 2019 mo’ than we did.

And guess what(s)?

It worked.

uva and VT play this one 100 times... what R.A.T.T., happens???

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

xxx‘s & ooo‘s:

j.Ham for digging/dredging up some old-school Stud and End-De sets/looks! These my little Eye spied upon breaking uva-Wise tape this past summer. And it had me wondering how well it would do vs. today’s speedy/spready O’s? Which, well, for instance… uva’s? Well, theirs just, ain’t. It did however give the boohoos a fresh look or wrinkle and uva and Armstrong looked like a grape that took too long of a hot bath and went raisin for it too. (’bout a ½-step deeper on the Lb’er drops too; with DAX and his pretty bad left-thumb all taped up).

p.s. NOT saying this is a great today/2021 look necessarily— tho’ vs. a rudimentary or non-high-octane O? It might just still have some StarTAC roaming analog legs.

As less than athletic uva… made us look faster than we really were/are.
(Think about that…)

formulae football:

Not Bronco… who may have taken us a bit lightly. And frankly (coach-speak intend); you could o-4 incoming O&M textbook Recency Effect see why. Tho the mo’ intense rivalry team when the 1st-round went: ‘ding’ was (actually-n-factually) not hooVa. This is not V.P.I.’s fault either. Then, uva seemed to deselect a bit on O. They almost ‘clicked’, and then they could not find the seatbelt metal on mettle slot in the gathering dark.

(Then they did not stop and ask fo’ offensive in-game adjustments or directions; either…)

^that^… and Armstrong went stretch-Armstrong arm flab here. As he flat-out sprayed throws and missed at least a handful of makeable throws or truly wide-open guys. Almost looking a bit dinged-up upon breaking tape. On a Dixie Chunks ‘wide open spaces’ gone spaced-out space-cadet throw-game night. Plus two uva drops. As they did have their chances (plural) here. Go’ fig’ this oblong-spheroid gone baseball’s ‘bad-hop’ of a sport.

The Rest of the Story...

R.A.T.T.? Or, fantasy tball 1o1?

So, Coach Next ended up being vetted as more parts stardust and Fuente more parts asteroids.

Hmmmmmmm… Eye wonder where I immediately post-game read that, 1st?!?

(their film-study): Techbits:

  • That all P.A.T.T.y-cake said: this was not a good “I told you so” Justinian message! Which was fractured self-contained delivered at the worst possible Hubris time. . “THE PLAYERS DID THIS!!!” This shoulda been the big-whistle’s deferring/defecting of any/all credit post-game message. A certifiable Coach Marsellus Wallace moment… or “…pride F’n wif’ yah.”
  • Starting BAX @Qb1 broke Hooker tendencies on film-study for uva. a Kay.Cee Chief move they professionally picked up in the off-season along the way. Major switcharoo Cornroll credit is merited here, folks.
  • The snowed-in OLb Lb injury for hooVa (may St.Charles bless), really showed out upon Staff’s breaking of tape— it showed out in that it really slowed an already not quite fleet-of-foot Maginot Line halt-unit for uva down to a wooden or laconic crawl.

The Commonwealth Closer:

We told you that Fu’ did not feel that bad about his uva chances, because he, (rightfully or not), because he felt his team was a good deal better than that rather negative 4 up paired with 6 down or .4oo (40%) marker prior to hosting uva.

This was indeed a non-starter with most of TSL… understandably so.

Nevertheless, what we did not tell you is… those closest to Fu’ said that Fu’ was not only breathing his own fu’mes, our pretty dang right-wing Grand Old Coach was liberally inhaling them! Nevertheless… they also said they wondered if he had: ‘found something’ on film?

That ah-ha or that eureka moment whereby you just can’t wait for this one to hurry up and start!

Be that fake-news vaping away with you… or not… we reported that he really was pissed off that he was only 4-6 at that point in the season. A season that saw him get beat by 1.5 plays, by 1-play, by one FG, and then by one single solitary point!

Now be that more parts sour-grapes make bad whine or more parts piss-n-vinegar— and notwithstanding that if not for bad-luck poor Fu’ really would have no luck at all… was Fu’ actually taking true❓

VIZ… and accordingly, Eye’ve not exactly been the 1/2-Fu’ll President of the Fu’-Fan Club.

Have Eye?


Mea culpa. However, you gotta give the man his R.A.T.T. uva due!

Accordingly, go’on and bring that same message-board hind leg hiking gridiron energy… with equal-kilojoules when Fu’ does get one right. Don’t piss down his back and tell Will’s TOS it’s raining.

Do this with equal vig’ is all Eye asks. Remember gents, football -the same as the game of life- is not Viagra. i.e., you need not make this pigskin any harder than it already is. Somebody go remind flacid Le Saber of such!

Or, Commonwealth Cup cockade on dat wahoos.

So, three cheers for dear ole V.P.I. and for Coach Fu’…
you sure O&M lemonade spiked uva’s punch here!


Techmen=33, desperate hoowives=15











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  1. If you have given a choice of VT wins at least 81 times, I would have voted 🙂 (BTW, my year of graduation)

    I saw a twitter vid in the locker room after the game. Coach FU, asked for quiet, and then he yelled “that’s why you don’t f’en quit”. The locker room went nuts!

    Thanks for the Commonweath Cup eye review!

  2. Maybe this is/was a turning point for our team. They looked tough with uva and some of clemson, and that was not how they looked against pitt. Tech has needed a new identity since Frank left, and it has shown its ugly head each and every year. Maybe fuente has found his niche with his team, and can start recruiting to realize the teams identity. I am assuming fuente better find it this year, or the Johnny lawsons and other big donors will get someone else to find techs next identity.

    1. Tech has needed a new identity since Frank left…

      …that is totally and entirely fair.

      And much as Eye am (still) want to love Family/Therapy-first?
      It is not its OWN identity. it is an inherited one.

      And frankly -pardon the pun- extending that may not have been what’s best…


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