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Our Hokies return to seek refuge in their Cassell after having played 10 solid quarters ofEpic this hoops team is not. basketball down in Puerto Rico; but only going 1-2 overall for their troubles.

That’s not good; but fortunately neither is Elon. wvu blew them out 45 and some place called Tennessee-Martin worked Elon by almost 30.

So feel good that we will win. But we do have some work to do before a made for TV showdown with Big-10 stud Whisky.

Elon at a glance:

  • Last year we only beat little ole Elon by f-i-v-e points!
  • Elon’s nickname is “The Phoenix” and Stefano DiMera loves this team.
  • Elon is the 13th most user-friendly team as defense goes, allowing nearly 55% of opponent’s shots to find the net.
  • Elon is only making 57% of their FT attempts.
  • A key back-up Elong Frontcourt baller is already out for the year.

In other words, there is not a whole lot to like about this years Elon hoops team. This PhoenixBrett is decent enough. Lettuce needs work however. squad is paced by Brett James. A senior Richmond area shooting-guard who might be able to start for us. Though he can give Alice the maid her mop back as soon as he takes it off his head. Brett chips in a soild 15 per game to lead Elon in scoring. But then scoring drops by nearly a full 5 points to second leading scorer Ola Atoyebi. The Phoenix’s best frontcourt baller is no doubt Adam Constantine who is a spry but wirey true small-forward playing the 4-spot (power-forward), while leading the Phoenix in boards.

Elon did have a very surprising conference tourney run to close last year; coming within one game of sneaking into the NC2A’s in fact. But outside shooting and general lack of  internal defenders continue to clip the Phoenix’s wings. Despite poor Brett James trying to pull an Atlas and carry Elon on his back.

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This is not smack, as we/VT have been upset before. But Elon is a lower level Southern Conference team to me. We really should win this one going away. But the Whisky look-ahead factor should not be ignored. VT will win this one, as Elon is just too young, too small and does not have the offensive firepower to beat an ACC hoops squad on the road. The only question here to me is by how much???
Virginia Tech=77 Elon=57
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