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Nice opening round win over Fairfield folks.NC2A tourney team right here folks.

Clearly a better offensive showing than I had expected; though I had our opponent nearly nailed down. So will the real Hokie offense please stand up? Is Allen a real deep-ball threat? ADV sure liked being home and Delaney can score.

But how will we do vs. such a solid and very sizey Xavier team? Have we won our last game of the Puerto Rico Tourney?  Read on to find out…

Xavier is a quality D-1 hoops program. You tend to see them in some version of a post-season Tourney more often than not.  So this is no gimmie game.

Xavier is simply big. Only one of their top-8 scores goes south of 6`6“, only one is shy of 22oThis guy could be the real deal at the 5. lbs! This includes true 7` 265 lb. Center Kenny “the iceman” Frease. The Musketeers are also extremely balanced on the offense end. Their top-8 scorers all average between 7 and 11 points per game. Most think the best of the bunch to be either Anderson or Brown; both of whom are pre-season 1st team all-Atlantic-10 ballers.  Brown is the guy who will posterize you on dunks; Anderson is almost leading Xavier in scoring, and is leading Xavier on the glass. So I’ll go with him.

Last year Xavier was an Elite-8 team. They are damn good as hoops squads go and for the 4th straight time to open the year; we get to face yet another team that many preseason rags have picked to win their conference (the A-10). The Musketeers will have one of the deepest and therefore best frontcourts we see all year long not named UNC. The Xavier backcourt is very talented, but much younger. If we win we will have to beat Xavier with superior guard play, likely from distance; as I doubt we will break even with the Musketeers’ frontline.

The M.V.P. of the Georgia Tech football game ... was???

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Sorry to have to do it, but I do view Xavier as the legitimate superior basketball team here folks. Xavier is already 11th in Rebounding and 44th in FG% allowed in the Nation. Then they are shooting over 50% so far this year. i.e. now is not a good time to play a hot Xavier hoops team.
Virginia Tech=65 Xavier=76

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