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Virginia Tech=28, Georgia Tech=49

Welcome to the clubWill!!!

Virginia Tech football is at a nasty clinical crossroads of 4 up and 3 down or .571 winning percentage overall culture…

Acta non Verba!

The Hokies -to quote my late V.T.C.C. two-way starting V.P.I. 1952 father- the Hokies need to beat Boston College “like a dead man needs a coffin“. Or worse than that… as right about now might be a really good time to go ahead and get out in front of making nice will all your… uva, “mon amie’s”.

Godspeed @44!!!

1Q 12:45 remaining:
With just at a handful of games remaining… one could be forgiven for wondering out loud if this one is a season ender. Frue. Most likely true. As poor Rivers gets chopped right down to size on the ugly looking right-knee inflection on the backside edge of the play.

As #75 of G.Tech dammed our Rivers right on up (yes, this is technically legal inside-the-Ot-box). May St.Nikon (Patron Saint of tendons) beg for Dylan Rivers.

1Q 4:33 remaining:
Nice to see JAX supporting the team on the sideline, tough to see JAX (who can not train) looking no less, pudgy... as he’s got a real live Qb1 dogfight on his hands this spring (…or this August).

If I’ma seeing this? So is BeeCee, so is @Pitt, so is Miami and so is hooVa.

1Q 2:12 remaining:
This is the little bit stocky 5′10″ 196 lb. r-Soph, Cb, Q.Ladler coming up and delivering a non-wrapping up; although pretty decent shoulder “pop” to the rookie year 6′3″, 179 lb. stringbean G.Tech Qb2 along the sideline. Passes the sniff test seemingly well enough at first blush— n’est-ce pas? The second stanza, however, is the noticeably leaner Qb2 (Tobias Oliver), shaking himself, coming correct and having a wargasm right in the face of Q. That’s 1 stone and 3 lbs. in England where they will tell yah “196 vs. 179? You do the (want too) maths)“!

They attacked our 1 offensive power hitting Alpha. Bloodwine and Klingonee anyone?

1Q :10 remaining:
This is the most physical remaining Fighting Gobbler in the finessing Fu’fensive huddle. This is what G.Tech did to him on a surprising KO return after which POWER to the Peoples did not quite look the same. So you tell me… who physically wanted this one… mo’?

it… muffed, his…face!?!

2Q 7:15 remaining:
Yes, the football hit him in a bad place…

2Q 5:38 remaining:
Very nice total blindside Punt Return steal here, although just not from us… do you see a trend here yet?

2Q 4:16 remaining:
Harsh, though this might just be an accidental leg-whip on poor double-nickels #55 Hewitt. As the G.Tech C goes right on by on the missed block, Hewitt tries to come over the top and the C whipsaws him as he does. Tho’ the way Hewitt was moving (hopping, actually) IN-play in 1,000% self-protect mode looks dire to this Eye. God help…

2Q 3:19 remaining:
The word has been out since @Miami last year girlfriends… we can be bullied. Just watch big Vin’ Diseal -of all people- get stolen at the end of this play by #78 of G.Tech. Who punks Vin’ so hard that Vin goes flying then rolling 5 to 7 yards downfield and then Vin’ accidentally knee rolls-up poor #3 C.Farley —who already fields not less than 3 different leg injuries and sure as hell did not kneed a forth!

Two plays later, our one remaining hitter/upperclassman on D (Floyd) gets county trucked by the same #78 right at the end of the Belly-follow Qb-keeper run. Are you seeing the trend, yet?

3Q 4:40 remaining:
I’ma nobodies Dikembe Mutombo: “you have to look good to play good” fashionista. I like old-school (spit-shined heels and toes) 3-stripe Addidas cleats and “NONAME” jerseys. Nevertheless, how is this even remotely allowed, legal, or much less safe? Because do not cry for me Argentian or Atlanta if your boy gets lullabied on a dog-collar tackle by an opposing Boyz in da Hood!

He ain’t holding his back ’cause it feels, good.

4Q 8:33 remaining:
Not what Ashby -or anyone else- needed, as he’s been gimping/gutting it out on a right-leg hurt ever since @U.n.c. And now big Vinny elbow blasts him right in the lumbar-spine/kidney area and it looked so harsh that even the G.Tech oLine showed concern. And showing concern is counterintuitive to their necessary preprogrammed consciousness-less style of scrum. St.Ann bless!

4Q 8:24 remaining:
Even Eye am unsteady on the quantification(s) here… so how many leg/knee dings and dents is Walker now trying to walk off? As this is just the very final last thing in the world that coach Wiles and #8, in particular, kneeded at this stage of a needless game at this point in time.

4Q 3:40 remaining:
FINALLY! Someone decided that fighting-back was superior to laying back and enjoying it. #me3 here! As our Long-Snapper -of all the people- had finally had enough as Oscar Shadley totally
S-kicked #94 of G.Tech. (his second long-snapping steal of the year!)

…’bout time!

This is what Maj. General Colt of Kelly’s Heroes and I are typing about men…

  • [Listening to Kelly on the radio] “That’s it! Attack, attack, attack! Listen to this guy! That’s the kinda fighting spirit I was talkin’ about! If he’s a major he’s a colonel now!
  • Are the other 90 of you who dressed out Thursday night listening?

4Q 2:59 remaining:
Just exactly what a guy with a formerly petty bad (left) shoulder did not need! As just watch as G.Tech harvest Porcher IV’s right-shin/ankle right at the end of this off-Tackle plunge play… ugly, scary, anxieties, Lisfranc hyperextension. Geez… may St.Nikhon bless!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=
Qb hurried=
Qb hits=

Georgia Tech:
Qb pressured=
Qb hurried=
Qb hits=

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
Swiss (neutral):

Georgia Tech:
Swiss (neutral):

As you already know… there is no possible Lo.FM analysis this week, as any Option offense itself; and any Option offense that plays all fours downs when other regulation down-n-distance sets actually punt… scuttles the whole enchilada here.

What also scuttled the R.M.S. Titanic right as she was being Kamikaze iced by the LZ 129 Hindenburg, would be the fact that P.J. went with very narrow splits. And Bud went with Rivers, and then Dax on A-gap, gap-jumping, red-dog (immediate blitzes), and G.Tech still rambled and wrecked us on their B-back Iso’s and/or on their Qb-follows right up our gut! Did the armchair Qb in you catch this right away? As nothing worked here. Not the standardized forty-three, not the 30, not the double-eagle, not the bear, not a stand-up 20. G.Tech merely physically (and mega technique) whip-cracked and tamed them all. Cowed our Hokiebird in a word.

Same drill and ditto the TTT metric… as the G.Tech Qb can be hit on an easy 75% of the Full Metal Jacket plays that that really skews the dickens outta the TTT pet metric. As the Jacket Qb(s) got hit on 35 carries and five play-fakes | whereas Ry’ got hit on nine plays in total. Sure seems like we whooped dat ATL butt, and yet instead, we took one in the…

In lieu of that… I figured I’d pull out my Holden Hall MINE schooling and do some O&M data point mining for all of you this week in these sections…

LOL, and then 49-28 happened and banjaxed the whole shebang!

So even in sissyfield participation trophy, nobody keeps score, everybody plays, every girl on mySpaceBook is “pretty” and/or “beautiful” times… the last time that I checked: where you stand is still where you sit.

And as things stand right now we are sitting on a .5oo record in our last calendar year of football men! That is not good, that is barely bowl eligible if you are keeping score at home. And yes, here we do text “thx” @Coach God because here we do keep score. R.A.T.T. uncensored, unfiltered, unvetted, non-Disney Channel PG-13 score… so here goes…


(and before you recriminate me of “obfuscating” and “stirring the pot“… it was our very own beloved leader who put this one in the O&M blender…, not me!)

Ahhhhh, mmm-K, so how old did any of you say Bud Foster is?
Already well inside of Will’s .624 End Years winning percentage interval, you say?

(Frank was 66 when Will wrote this, mind yah!)

Because only Congressman Tom Osborne got out… just in the nick of time and really did leave per two National Championships … while he still on top {sic: of his HOF coaching game}.

If you reread Will’s article, the final “End Phase” -sans fountain of youth imbibing/guzzling coach Tom- almost unavoidably begins in one’s late 50’s. Or to put it another way… if you wanna Exit (antediluvian) Stage Left and get while the gettin’s good? You really do need to go on and get and take an early buyout while you are still in your late 50’s. While your gusto is still robusto enuff.

The objective data is infallible in Will’s very own age dissertation… aging coaches -even Hall of Fame aging ones- are virtually invariably slumping coaches. As try as we all might, Coach God, sex, and father-time… are all unbeaten. Always and forever…

So in all candor… as much as God Love him, and as much as he has done for Virginia Tech and for Frank Beamer… how much longer can an aging Foster do it?

As Will’s science-fact says that history is likely to be unkind here…


On the mo’ ½ full side… Ry’ Willis’ throw points were pretty well located for an “arc type passer” until the final series or so when forcing plays was the only possible order of the day. Nonetheless, it was wild to hear none other than Ry’ himself confess that his “confidence was shattered” and that he is still rebuilding the same when he got to Virginia Tech post his systematic swapmeet parting of the KU ways. (recall: they switched from a pocket system to a spread-set on him).

Peoples ran pretty dang decently, and our passing-cup was nearly phenomenal for being in the chase -and at times, severely chasing- for a good portion of a pretty well bad night. As G.Tech only recorded four pressures on Ry’ and his throw to Hazelton for 6 was one of the smoothest O&M connections in several seasons inside of Lane Stadium. Q’ and Floyd did put their shoulder(s) into and sting a few Yellowjackets; and well, ♫P.A.T.T.y cake P.A.T.T.y cake♪ fans… there you go…

TSL Surgeon General‘s Warning:

IF you are a P.A.T.T., or feel you are becoming a P.A.T.T. or if you are currently preggers or attempting to conceive a P.A.T.T.,
this rest of this Eye in the Sky should remain Eye(s) Wide Shut for you…

The politricks of winning...

I normally don’t do this, as lifting material from Will’s pay-side is generally frowned upon, nevertheless, who’s not frowning right now?

So here is what someone had to say the very day before we got run outta our very own ankle-grabbing house by PeeJay himself…

Lotta free and pay side posts over on alike, all of which are questioning the Fuente’s dismissal of edgy type players…

Yup. One should not question *the dismissal* of knucklehead ballers.

Let’s be real here… why would you?!?

What they did is binary ethos.
1, 0.

Take thy pick.
Shape up or ship out.
Fish or get off the… pot!

However, as a cogent and fiscal shareholder in this passionately beloved football program… aye, you do get to question *the when* of any of these dismissals. As they shoulda been gone; as in long gone, actually. And going them when we did really ripped at the toughness fabric of this sideline right down to its very seams. Hygiene seam-splitting 1o1…

So yes, you do get to question *the timing* of Fu’s latent or even laggard dismissals as that seems very Applied Sports Psych’ appropriate to me.

And the bastardized ill-got abortive offspring of all of that you ask? “…a lack of confidence“.

And yes, that is from a deep O&M state source when asked what is ‘rong beside known depth chart attrition(s).

What really scared the dickens outta me and the cowardly lion, the tin-man and Totto alike was hearing that Fu’ was pleading with his team to:
…buy into the process…

The last time Fu’ was heard in or post-game pleading with the team was at halftime of our spinout visit to the Bristol Motor Speedway. When he was begging his newly inherited and less than fully Pavlōv (re)conditioned football team to: “play with confidence” at halftime after leading and whooping up early on vs. UTenn.

This time Fu’ was begging/pleading them to “buy into the process“.
Well, if you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask me?
Ballers tend to process winning messages best of all and L’ing messages least of all.

This segues us neatly into a highly rarefied Eye in the Sky Word of the Day…

caveat vendi·tor

  (kavēˌät ˈvën(dee)ˌtôr)

noun. Latin.
  1. The axiom or principle in commerce that the seller is also responsible for assessing the quality of a purchase before the selling.
  2.  let the seller beware— i.e. “timing is everything
  3. And pleading don’t break up with me after a pumping is fickle timing. At best. At, most.

the takeaway...

The takeaway here is… that we just allowed a backbreaking 1,395′ -that’s one thousand, three-hundred, ninety-five feet- worth of Total O— every single inch of which was allowed on the… ground!

Fuer words, never…

To compound fracture all of that all the more… take a guess what the other teams longest run from scrimmage is when you give up a B.O.H.I.C.A. looking 465 (yards) on the ground? A sweet-16 you say? As I my own self would call bovine shicakus on that if I had not read the box score and was therefore forced to call… “bulltrue”! As I would call that downright pitiful, although that’s not fair to truly pitiful people everywhere. Though neither is only inflicting o-n-e, that’s (1) TFL (Tackle for a Loss) on 78 freakin’ opposing carries!

This while being held to 17:42 in Time of Possession and relegated to the D-league of a 20% successful conversion rate on third down. This when scrumming @home, at nite, in Lane Stadium, in front of a Thursday night on a national TV ESPN audience… all vs. the 104th best S&P+ total defense in all of America! I know it ain’t October 31st, yet; Nevertheless, if you are not scared yet?

You should be… as in you should be very concerned about playing the (returning) big-Back of BeeCee. You should be nearly terrified of the virtually #1 ranked ‘Cane halt-unit. You should be modestly Panther away date safari phobic. And you should be high anxietized, as in on total O&M redalert concerned to finish vs. you know… hoo!

Never mind having to beg Early Cancel U for a 12th game just in case we finish stuck on 5 W’s… (Ro.Parrish the thought). Never mind our 84% chance to go bowling pre-Gah.Tech… (now down to 66%).

As do recall that fellow All Cruciate Conference teams are a whopping 20% in the immediate game after getting cut down to size vs. the knee-eaters—
I’ma jus’, sayin’…   💯

After numerous dismissals, Fu' and his year no.3 cultural hygiene are R.A.T.T. what... right about now?

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Virginia Tech=28, Georgia Tech=49




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    1. Will Stewart when I started with “Do you have a thick skin?”

      Me: “Yes Sir.”

      “Well, if not… you will.”
      Aye, you are prolly right khakiblue…


  1. Pretty accurate from Section 7 viewpoint as seemed we engaged GT ~2 yds past the LOS, although live and in colour is seemed we laid back, esp 2nd level allowing GT to dictate the action. On O, seemed to fade away like that Def Lepard song said not to do. Defeat by 78 runs…

    BC’s big back, Mobil QB & Freaky good TE.
    If ever there were a few trucks in the Shibest bag of goodies, time to break them out… or our best bet is Scotty overthinks it and Cornelson’s baits him into a track meet taking the running game away from BC. VT wins in a shootout.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Shoot those Eagles Down!!!

    1. Our Best bet is Scotty overthinks it and Cornelson’s baits him into a track meet taking the running game away from BC. VT wins in a shootout.”

      Not umpossible. (that’s how we will just nick Pitt in my book)
      First P.J. and then a vengeful Scot and yah; Bud gonna=tired after this.


  2. Great analysis as always. Love Kelly’s Heroes. Lotta always with the negative waves Moriarties on TSL after this butt whipping.
    The GT cut blocking on film and in your pics looks to be the most intense and severe we have seen in some time, maybe ever. During the telecast and re-watching, I posit that VT players may have been so concerned with their lower body safety that technique, fundies, alignments, football body position went to feces and flew right out of the stadium! The first 3 series of O went scorched earth on GT, then the face mask punt fumble, lost our mental toughness, and why did we stop running Peoples and attacking? Mighty Notre Dame did not manhandle us this badly which may be a result of the cut block fear.
    Silver lining: hoova plays GT in hotlanta the 17 NOV before our 23 NOV tilt at Lane. Edge VT. I do think we have some skill and an O that can better help and attack the upcoming teams, even our weakened D. Much easier to align and assign to pro sets and spread formations which our D sees in practice.
    Wish we had 4-6 more bell cow DTs and some Chancellor, Vince Hall, Flowers, Moore, Graves type enforcers.

  3. Silver lining: hoova plays GT in hotlanta the 17 NOV before our 23 NOV tilt at Lane.”

    That is interesting…
    A keen foresight indeed.

    No way that can hurt us if they get their bone flexed.


    1. I don’t wish ill on any player, but some extra dings and dents in the hoova armor this year would not hurt one bit and might just be helpful with this 2018 VT team. Although, the opposite might happen, too. If hoova doesn’t get boat raced like we did or their knees don’t get “chopped” up, then what does that do to our fragile psyche? Interesting… I love this game!

  4. Cut Blocks … Just Regular Blocks will the Factor here on out.. Guts and Tackling has made lots of pictures this year..this VT Fan sees a bad ending for the season.. self inflected..

    1. “…Guts and Tackling…”

      My word here would be: “disconnect”.
      Both fundamentally, and something top-down is being tuned down, or maybe even out.

      And yah; experience and physicality are surely part of this…
      though I expect those Top-2.

      Experience will come…
      Physical/Talent(s)=Coach God.


  5. B’street some things can be dressed up made to look pretty (winning at all cost is loosing in the end)
    and even can be legal but totally wrong cruel and dangerous. Teaching and encouraging chop blocks fits in the later category and is a definition of winning at all cost especially when since someone else has to pay for your actions. This was driven home to me when watching VT/GT game and seeing a GT lineman drive into the back of a VT lineman’s knees from behind after the play had gone beyond any ability of the VT player to affect the out come and at the echo of the whistle and yes the VT lineman was still engage with an O lineman within the tackle box. Since I am a Pastor and the Golden Rule lives in my heart knowing retaliation perpetuates the wrong act that was not what come to my mind at that moment forgive me Lord my God. Some where in the midst of this battle self-preservation arrives especially for the young and inexperienced and a week or two of learning technique is not long enough because self-defense must become second nature to be effective that takes much longer. Self-preservation can be viewed as cowardice but we are born with it.

    1. B’street some things can be dressed up made to look pretty (winning at all cost is loosing in the end).”

      No doubt.
      A pyrrhic victory –or just an empty (you know you did ‘rong) one.
      It is quite the contrast… do you “turn the other cheek” or turn the other knee?
      Yah; I could see the sporting-Christian struggle here.
      Though I’d side with defending my teammates.
      (and maybe not so much myself)

      Kinda like the Orthodox Church’s views on War/real-fighting, they are taught to
      hear a soldier’s Confession “differently” as what they have seen/endured
      is so very hellishly bad– that who knows how they responded?

      (although prolly not the same as a civilian in peace)

      Sorta… similar here, as you are fighting for bodily health/continuance.


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