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#39 R.P.I. Liberty @ #38 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s (b’speak) word of the day is… (new and improved) … Polytricks.

pol-ee ]
noun, plural pol·ies.

  1. a combining form with the meanings “much, many” and, in chemistry, “polymeric,” used in the formation of compound words: polyandrous; polyculture; polyethylene.
  2. made of or containing polyester:

plural noun: tricks
(Old French from: triche)

  1. a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone.
  2. a peculiar or characteristic habit or mannerism.
  3. HERALDRY: sketch (a coat of arms) in outline, with the colors indicated by letters or signs.

pol-ee ] ➕ /trikx/

  1. fascist and fascist driven (thus far: bogus) electing results per not dissimilar, agendas…
  2. Or… Saturday afternoon come, 4 PM?

Liberty Head CoachDanny Hugh Freeze Jr.: age=51, (14-5 @Liberty and 56–37 overall); Freezy has a rep’ for offense, (optioning in particular), and recruiting.

The Freez(h)er, section! attended Senatobia High School and the University of Southern Mississippi, from which he graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and a minor in coaching and sports administration. Oddly enough, he never played football… tho’ was good enough to campaign two seasons of JuCo baseball at Northwest Mississippi Community College where he picked up a 2-year Associate Degree.

It was while attending So.Miss’ that Freeze became active in mission projects, serving as a missionary in Houston, Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg, Russia (St.Xenia bless!), and Australia. Freeze also served as the state president for the Mississippi Baptist Student Union.

A successful high school football coach at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tennessee, big-whistle Freeze coached Michael Oher and Greg Hardy. He subsequently served as the head football coach at Lambuth University from 2008 to 2009, Arkansas State University in 2011, and the University of Mississippi (Olè Miss) from 2012 to 2016

Under Freeze, the Olè Miss football program committed various recruiting and academic violations that figured in the NCAA’s decision to expunge 27 of Freeze’s wins and ban the Reb’s from post-season play for two years. He resigned from Olè Miss after officials discovered that he had used a university cellphone to call escort services multiple times over the course of five years.

Coach Freeze does have a mess of championships and awards when he is not doing/into this/that off-field. Among ’em would be… 1 Sun Belt (2011), 1 Mid-South Conference West Division (2009), 2 Tennessee HS 8-AA (2002, 2004), and 6 Tennessee HS 8-AA Regional (1995–1998, 2001, 2002). That does not suck. And neither does… AFCA Southeast Region Coach Of the Year (2009), Mid-South Conference COY (2009), 4× AP High School COY, and 5× Region 8-AA COY! You do not do all of that just on bum-fighting alone men.

In his first year with the team, the Liberty Flames played to a 7-5 record, qualified for a bowl game for the first time in school history, and accepted an invitation to the Cure Bowl in Orlando, Florida. On December 10, 2019, Freeze signed a 5-year extension with Liberty. Coach Freeze enjoys Arbor Day as well… as he has already spawned two coaching-tree roots: Tom Allen: Indiana (2016–present) and Matt Luke: Ole Miss (2017–2019). All other things aside, make no misQ here… this is a good dang ‘ball coach.

Freeze and his wife Jill have three daughters; Ragan, Jordan, and Madison.
Freeze is a born-again Christian and has been outspoken about his
faith throughout his coaching career.


God Bless!
As Coach God does, Forgive.

2019 record: 8 up 5 down and o-o in the NO conference (a D-1 Indy’)

Liberty Defense: (starters back=4)

  • kinda/sorta, a 3-4, sorta; tho’ with 2 interiors and 1 De and 1 ‘bandit’ hybrid guy; sorta.
  • 10th in Total D!
  • 24th vs. the run.
  • 8th vs. the throw!!
  • 19th in Passing Efficiency D.
  • 18th in zone D.
  • 8 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. 3 of the top-6 Liberty team tacklers work here and that is very new-school spread-set era rare to see! As the Liberty defensive bookends are just the truth. De’s Durrell Johnson (hybrid) and Tre’Shaun Clark (legit 3-point De) are tough off the edge; and the pride of Latvia itself: Dt Ralfs Rusins is downright solid. “Liberate tutemet” indeed. (Latin: “Save yourself!”) Dline is big, less the one Stud-De-sized guy. Tho’ everyone else is the enemy of small and not a friend of: medium itself. And the back-ups are nearly, huuuuge. That said, this is the one experienced defensive layer that Liberty courts and that surely has helped with Liberty’s 2020 trafficking and tradecraft run-fills.
  • 4 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Mike-Lb Anthony Butler (interception leader) and Will-Lb Aaron Pierre… these are the only two that are full-time Lb’s; and they are normalized in their physical metrics. The other two are leaner/meaner and move about quite a bit for it. The catch is that no starters returned here; not one. And this is a kinda thinny second-layer anywho depth wise. Jenny Craig Linebacking if you will. As ‘the Butler’ and Pierre ‘did it’ here and everyone else has not done as much.

    Nearly a 42 (opening set last week FYI).
  • 6.5 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. Javon Scruggs is a ball-hawking Safety and the whole secondary acts like Dorothy and Jayhawks and ball (not the man) on tape. Scruggs may just be the quickest guy on the field. Not a thumper, tho’ he gets over/under blocks like a quickness champ’. 21st in passes pilfered for a set of guys who are decent+++ as metrics go on tape is indeed scheming (or risking) the in-game application of coaching the verb. The hind-4 or hind-5 is 5×5 on height, or good enough vertically. Although they are light in the seat of the pants, as nobody starts north of a middlecase Cruiserweight of ≤185 lbs. here! Cb1 Dabney has been dinged-up for weeks on top of that. Liberty did return 50% of their 2019 starters tho’ Liberty is down to Scruggs (as Cb Faulks has been beaten-out).
  • D overall: The Top-3 2019 tackers are 2020 gonzo. Tho’ there is actual youngling talent here. (Film-Study): …this is a fast D. It is not however a Wendy’s savvy or “Where’s the beef?” defense. As this D is quick, darty and it can cover ground laterally and vertically alike. I’ma just not sure how well it does in a pure phonebooth slugging match or pier-6 donnybrook type of all-out brawl? Vice Squad: …are you? As one could be forgiven for authoring that there are about 4+ Safety sized guys running around on film here. LU will use a higher Man look on edge tho’ it is not so fighty as it jam-sees (or seams… get it?) along the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) after the ‘snap’. Very tradition Fs to Ss depth and intensity stagger behind that. LU will over-shift 2nd-layer to the wide or Will side and cheat a Sam up to the LOS at times. LU’s D actually tackles okay enough to be so light in the wallet. Tho’ they were picked on along the sideline routings for their lack of size by several teams on vertical Go/Fly type works on film. In particular vs. #2 (Cb, Emanuel Dabney) who seems to be favoring his right-knee on tape: (St.Culbreth bless). LU will back-off into a more medium-man strength on edge and an umbrella look behind that on passing-downs. Then deal a single-shot ILb red-dogger at times to augment their 3-4 down-linemen pass-rush. These blitzers are pretty dang vertical Top Gun fast too. LU’s De’s are effective, tho’ their bear-pit mastodon sized Ng/Dt’s lumber a bit outside the T-box east-west.
NOTICE: LU is really great at the one thing(s) the Vice Squad is the enemy of… good!
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=59% (or 81st most!) anyone is your conflict defender here. As this is a needy D in the film-room. As the same as Frank, they coach advancing -not covering- the ball and have 12 big fat defensive points to sho’ fo’ it. That all rightfully struck, the Liberty De’s are a White+Greenwood handful. Petrified, wood to extend the generation metaphor all the mo’. 10 different upperclassmen start here and you’d have to think they have the playbook down pat by now. And Eye will end on this note… lotta little feisty chihuahuas bite here. Muscle density they may lack further off the LOS, granted; altho’ these kids try hard to please and will bring what they gots when they launch forward. Gotta give ’em that undersized wiling/gamey round 10-9.

Defensive letter-grade:

Liberty Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 17th in Total O!
  • 6th in ground O!!
  • 66th in aerial O.
  • 19th in Passing Efficiency O.
  • 74th in zone O.
  • 23rd best in completion percentage O.
  • in sacks allowed | in TFL allowed.

    Pistol: baseO with 3-wide single ‘back.
  • O overall: Qb1: Auburn transfer and downright Pivot good-looking, truly striated and ripped-up Malik Willis, who once was recruited by Virginia Tech as a defensive back, yes, a Cb! Can play dat game! 67% and stellar 9:1 ratio (TD’s:INT’s) says so! Malik is a 6′1″ small-conference (or Independent) in this case, rising star as a 217 taunt lbs. worth of r-Jr. Qb1 stud. And oddly enough, he has already beaten his current team (Liberty) when still on his ex-Team (Auburn) back in 2018. Whereby he actually smoked his current team in 54-zip curb-stomping kinda day. Malik was basically a localized all-world ATL hot’lanta VHT (very highly touted) Qb1 recruit a few years back. Check it… as he only wears one AAAAAAA septa-A peach-state state-championship bling. Whereby he only popped for 2,562 passing yards and only rushed for 1,033 yards as a senior Qb1, accounting for 37 collective TD’s. This as a new(er) to football ex-hoops 1st kid who is still kinda developing/learning his new alpha sport in lieu of draining buckets. This while being an Honor Roll student who only picked up the Class 7A A.J.C. offensive player of the year shareware and was only named first-team all-state. This in only one scholastic season as a starter or Qb1! Far out, right? His uncle -you may have heard of him- His uncle, Lb, James Anderson, only played for 11 seasons in the NFL and was a third-round draft pick in 2006 from the 24060. So, the human genome project is rather humane here indeed. Caveat being… this is a good/Gifted fun-to-watch, entertaining Qb1. tho’ this is also a Qb1 who has cooled off by 9% since September. Additionally, he is better at the start than he is at the finish, as his 1Q passing outstrips is 2Q passing by a staggering ➕19% and his 3Q passing outstrips his 4Q passing by 8%! Now why this is Eye was unable to discern upon breaking-tape? Tho’ I do know you’d better get at Willis early and try to knock him off his A-game starts immediately. If not, sooner. Additionally, and this may ‘splain ^that^ well-enough… Willis 2Q and 4Q rushing total increase over his 1Q and 3Q rushing totals by ~➕225%! Now, this may be an intended play-calling tilt. Using the early pass to stretch the field to open up the run later on… tho’ it is so blatant that you need not be a locksmith to start to key this progression. Still yet, Malik had plenty of (H.S.) reps at Wr, he has above-average speed, he is a fast-starter and a stronger and elusive runner that gains momentum as he climbs the contain-breaking ladder. Upon further film-study review… Eye am inclined to say he has strong-speed. Not blazing, tho’ he’s strong and fast enough for his size/frame. Really tore-up physique speaks to this. Malik is not perfect, Malik is still a little Pivot raw in spots— as he has cockeyed Kosar mechanics to his motion at times. He has gone butterfingers or b.Simpson Qb1 on fumbles a couple of times to boot. Still yet, this is still pretty dang impressive for a Qb1 who prolly has more than a little D-1 headroom prior to ceiling things come 2021. Rb(s): the most ‘stylin’ and profilin’ cadre of ground-n-pound ever. Seriously, this ground-gang is seriously hirsute and A.C. Green seriously wants his Jheri Curl, back; yo’❗ No joke, leave your WAG’s unattended around this 3-headed rushing monsta if you dare. As not less than seven, that’s (7) different Rb centennial or 100+ yard-game rushing efforts live here; already! Not to mention two mo’ from Qb1 Willis up above— who only averaged a sextastic 10.55 So.Eastern rushing his ownself! Burly bang-on looking Peytton Pickett can 229 lb. push the pile. Scatback; and downright slender 176 lb. Shedro Louis gives you east-west and north-south stretch when he and his 8.4 ypc squirts free. And combo’-‘back Joshua Mack does it both inside and at least out to the off-Tackle edge. LOTTSA versatility carries the mail here gents. As “big” Mack had over 2K rushing in two Maine rushing years; and was merely the 3rd ranked long-jumper in N.Y. H.S. T&F. Lewis has been dinged off/on, tho’ he tore it up as a nearly 1.8K H.S. Wr and ATH (athlete) freak play-maker in sunshine state scholastic space. Mack (former: elbow staph infection, St.Julia bless) is said to be a starting-caliber Rb1 on a lotta collegiate campi as well. And Peytton’s Place is merely that of having been a double transferring: (Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas; then on to UMass and now Liberated indeed). As this Pickett’s charge (total=308 on 5.0 ypc), has shocked every recruiting service indeed. Or, Emeralds in the Lynchburg rough. Wr’s/Te’s: 14 different guys check in here with nearly a handful of snags or mo’. And 9 of that very 14 average a 1st-down or better per grab. With 6 of the same 14 averaging ≥15 ypc! “Shazam” @Gomer Pyle indeed! As less one N.f.l.’er, 5 of the Top-6 did return. Wr DJ Stubbs leads the catch-count (27) way. Though it is the bench guys who really rocket this set of Wideouts forward. As there are pretty much close to a handful of back-up burners as the pine-squad goes here. And this less one right-sized guy— this really is the Fun-Bunch or Redskins “smurfs” brought back to life. As a lotta little whip-it Devo type waterbug type guys go patterning here. That said, there are at least 3 contributors who may or may not play on Saturday as LU Wr’s go. In particular VHT recruit r-Fr. CJ Yarbrough (22 ypc! foot, St.Servatius bless!). oLine: is a mixed lot metrics wise, with a couple of shorties and nobody really heavyset at all. Though they do have footwork(s) and they are 80% upperclassmen and three of those four are 5th-year guys. So, experience and learning-curves are pretty well far-right trumped-up here. Left or odd-side is your go-to side here, as they all returned whereas the right or even-side all, left.  Ole Miss transfer Bryce Mathews should help, tho’ they are at least a man down from their 2019 pinnacle blocking-front. Ot’s were edgier (better) than G-c-G was upon breaking tape.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=44% (or 110th most!) Liberty is so-so (or less) on ball-security on film, might wanna go exotic dancer and try for a strip here. The Liberty throw-points are pretty well centrist, middle of the aisle, or moderate here. They take a few short or long shots; tho’ work mo’ things in-between. It is however a high-powered attack with an up-tempo passing game when it starts cooking with gas. This year however they are rushing savant mesh-point style more often than not. (Film-Study): most curious to see Qb1 all-world Malik in a full knee-hinge looking elbow brace just last week?!? (St.Julia bless) and all; tho’ this looks like something the bionic-man wore during the rebuild after the rocketing crash-n-burn. Yikes! There are also ‘whispers’ of a left-knee ding/brace here to boot. (St.Nikon bless!)… back to film-study itself… Fun-n-Shoot kinda O with a lotta crossbucks and counters and misdirection elements. Almost has a 1960’s backside RPO look to it as LU will pull backside even IN pass-pro’! Hence the (passing) or Wilkinson era Veer crossbuck itself. Kinda reminds of the A.F.L. pre-merger with the N.F.L. Or, of the A.b.a. just the same vis-à-vis the N.b.a. Or a play-action version of LaVell Edwards more truncated West-Coast O with a heavier tilt to the “R” matrix in the RPO’s with a few H’back split-fits. Malik is a good salesman on the RPO fakes and he’s got a laser-like arm out to an easy 50 or so wrist-flicking yards. (maybe mo’ in the bag then that, reminds of the older Vick just a bit). Additionally, Freeze and Co. align their Wideouts WIDE out indeed. As there is a lotta pre-snap sideline-to-sideline stretching here; which gives Malik even mo’ edge options if/when things break down. As there won’t be many if any contain guys waiting for him on edge if/when the U-cup springs a forward pass-pro’ leak. And as said, Malik has very good speed and he accelerates better than that. Not sure he’s as big as his listed metrics suggest? Tho’ he does damage once he gets behind your Linebacking layer. Then, LU will go double H’back and compress things a bit… and run a lotta scissoring set(s) from RPO’s. Then they flex all the way out to 4 or 5-wide with quad-bunching and stretch you laterally again. As the LU offensive staff does a great job of maxing their Qb1 threw Rb3 behind the LOS guys all the way out. A very schemey manipulative O indeed. (and the slightly smaller oLine reaches or scrapes to the 2nd-layer very decently). As LU surely plays the whole field elastically. E-W then N-S later on.


  • 64% run:pass 36% mix. ??? is your secret sauce offender here. As record-setting players — Qb Buckshot (great name) Calvert, Rb Frankie Hickson, and {sic: now} Washington Redskin Wr Antonio Gandy-Golden have all left the building and the Flaming record books behind. So, who knows as this is a very balanced attack. Or, whomsoever catches the rock early on, on normalized down-n-distance scheduling. As this is a run-n-fun set and they look to run early, often, and late. Then mix in a play-action medium or better strike downfield. Neat Smith Barney “the old fashioned way” system if/when the run gets out in front of the chain-gang early on. ’cause if/when they do? There is rushing talent to burn or to spare, here men. And everyone in the Liberty O huddle is at least a 4th-year baller less one sophomore. So, inexperienced they jus’ ain’t. And Malik is quite the straw to stir the drink. The mo’ Eye broke tape on him and studied him… the more I realized he’d sit Hooker or BAX. This kid is legit, and if he only had another inch or two in height the No Fun League Combine would agree. As this is a slickster option set when it feels its flow and catches its sexxy. As is… it Can$ (Canadian-Dollars) spend swell enough. (p.s. OBSERVE their oLine grades… maybe Eye graded them a scosche too, low?)

Offensive letter-grade:

Flames Special Teams: (P returned)

Liberty is a decent enough 48th in Net Punting; and so is Liberty punter Aidan Alves. Aidan Alves is an Ampipe Bulldog from my home Keystone state (Pa.). Well, actually he hails from Dillsburg, Pa., tho’ that’s close enough.

AA stands in at 6′1″ and tips the Toledo’s at 2o5 r-Jr. year lbs. Alves has a rep’ for leg-reps on your local gym’s leg-machine. As he blasted nine 50-plus yard punts, including a pair of 70-yard punts last year as a Ray Guy finalist. He also has 4 mo’ career coverage tackles than you and I do combined; so he is not your typical afraid to stick his nose in the fan footsie fondue finger-food afterparty specialist. Alex was a soccer and lacrosse Olympic crossover star in scholastic terms— where he had a tag of a being a clutch-K with several game-winning FG makes. Alex did not have any national listings that I could find, tho’ he won every leg-work award regionally from a pretty smaller or lowercase classification non-football-factory school. This is a good punter with a better than good leg.

  • Liberty is a wide-open 10th in Punt Returns | and okay 54th in KO returns. (tho’ one KO-return was housed already!)
    (2020 note: this is off-the-charts better than their 1.5′ punt-return ave. last year!)
  • Liberty is a decent 38th in punt coverage | and lessor at 69th in suicide-squad.
  • Liberty has blocked 0 kicks and allowed 1 kick to be blocked.
  • Liberty has blocked 1 punt and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

    Next time I know where this things’ kick is going? Will be the… 1st!

Alex Barbir is your K1 here and frankly, (ST’s pun intended) Eye am a little surprised he is still the K1 for Liberty at this point? As this Barbir-doll has missed 2 P.A.T.’s and is only .333% from ≥27-yards thus 2020 far. i.e. not everyone gets to keep their gold-contrast as a “one” when you miss like dat. Still yet, Alex is a 5′9″, downright sawed-off sparkplug looking, plucky 223 lb. K1! LOL. This dood looks like a lower level college-ball Lb or Rb at first blush. Alex is also a pretty big-deal Penn.State transfer ex-K1 for the Nitty-Lions. Where he was KO1 (kick-off specialist) and that tends to suggest that leg-oomph is not wanting here. Tho’ that was 2017 Happy Valley and since Alex got to Liberty he has been kicking it wif the bench. However, Alex did tally a whopping 125 touchbacks on KO’s down in Georgia High School play. So there is that, and there is also a striking 66-yard FGA scholastic make! This merited Alex the 7th K in the nation spot courtesy of 247Sports. So again, again, again, leg-strength is not wanting here, as Alex can boot it from here to Tennessee, even if it sometimes lands in… Kentucky. And oddly enough… he seems to have more ‘bang’ on the ball on FGA’s than he does on KO’s themself… go fig’ on that?

Special Teams letter-grade: this is not a bad ST’s unit overall, it is however Place-Kicker electronic tabletop shaky and that’s weighing the overall A to F grade down a bit.
C+++ here. (would be mo’ with mo’ FG-kicking).

Unit Rankings:

  1. VT O.
  2. Liberty O
  3. Liberty D.
  4. VT D.


  • motive: Let’s see… Liberty is our Super-Bowl raised to the N.b.a. Finals, power… oh; wait… XL EDGE=Liberty 25/8, 367, (as we/VeeTee also have Da U as a lookahead trap up next to boot!)
  • weather: favors offense— as this is a beautiful latent November Indian Summer New River Valley day to be sure.
  • health/off-field: Liberty has some Wr and Safety dings and dents. VeeTee however is still the thinner team here. (tho’ should still court mo’ depth overall mind yah). EDGE=Liberty.
  • penalties: Rarely enough, both sides are nearly tied on the quantity and quality of “whistles” against. Tho’ both sides accrue mo’ yards than their penalty counts suggest. (i.e. the count is actually mo’ disciplined than average, whereas the flagged walk-off is right at average itself). EDGE=push.
  • intangibles: VeeTee (although volatile) is a little better in all important Turnover Margin whereas Liberty is a bit mo’ better in TOP (time of possession). EDGE=split.
  • fatigue: Liberty has balled seven straight weeks to our six. They were OPEN last week and that counts with both teams are starting to show some wear-n-tear. EDGE=Liberty.


Beating #25 Liberty @Home as a 15-point fave is all about... what(s)?

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of  flamers who could burn  @Tech=8 maybe 9

the takeaway:

…the takeaway here is… this is Liberty’s best team in years.

This is supposed to be Fu’s second-best team in his half-a-decade worth of O&M years.

This all conspires to annualize things in a way that could yield a pretty fair to middling pigskin contest that could be contested for longer than any of us thought when this contract was signed a few years back.

The thingy is… if Liberty gets beat here?
6-1 is no bad Flamer start.

Neither was winning the Cure Bowl last year.

Now, if VeeTee gets beat here?
Do I hear anything better than a 2-3 Techno’, finish?


As VeeTee will play three Top 25 teams in their next four games and it begins with this week’s home game against #25 Liberty!

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

So, if all we saw was this… can you tell (fo’ sho’) which team is which?

Mouse HOVER for the answers…
…now, you armchair Qb’s, riddle me thus… ^this^ R.A.T.T. favors, whom?

formulae here favors… strength of schedule or actually a rather liberating lack thereof.

Check it out… Liberty has beaten the following…

  1. #122 Southern Miss who is 1-5 with a win over
  2. #127 Louisiana-Monroe who is 0-7;
  3. #105 Syracuse who is 1-6 and beat #97 GT;
  4. FCS North Alabama who is 0-2;
  5. #125 FIU who is 0-3;
  6. #110 Western Kentucky who is 2-5 with wins over #118 Middle Tennessee and F.c.s.

Which does surely a still prefect 6-nil count. Granted.

Tho’ murders row?
This; just, ain’t.


  1. Δ1=73% of me is want to say that the deeper team, @home, with more overall talent(s) should slowly -if not surely- pull away from the thinner tho’ scrappy team over the final 10’ish minutes of work. This happens and VeeTee wins by 2-3 full plays give/take.
  2. Δ2=17% of me however is wondering what will happen if we wet the Shanks Hall bed and give a gotta be sky high to play us like the International Space Station Liberty a real bell of a gift-wrapped day? We are better, tho’ we ain’t quite win via our C or even B- game better presuming Liberty does bring their A-game punch. This happens and Liberty wins a close one by 1.5 plays or less.
  3. Δ3=10% that anything and everything can and eventually will 2020 happen… that disclaimer sounded yet again… it is tough to think that Liberty blows Fu’ out on Beamer Way here. If anyone blows anyone Fu’ blows Liberty— and as we’ve seen at Memphis and at VeeTee alike, Fu’ ain’t RUTS adverse or sportsmanship willing. This happens and VeeTee cruises to a 3-score or better VicTory.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and Eye hope we don’t need much more than ~3-quarters and change worth of work here. Eye… hope.

the optics
…see the skinny below…
Or, ask the nearest member of the wimminz species how she feels about the “little-guys”.

As the eye-test here says that Liberty prolly does need some Hokie-help to win head-up.

the skinny
…is just that. LU’s D is kinda, skinny.
So, don’t fight their fight and crouch down. Go 1960’s mauling straight at ’em.
Lombardi, Kramer, Thurston, Gregg football until the Ag.School cows come home.

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • Liberty is an on-trend 16th best on 1st down O | whereas VeeTee is a sieve-like 77th best in defense of the same!
  • VeeTee is a useful 20th on 1st down O | whereas Liberty is 47th in defense of the same.
  • Liberty is a moderate 43rd on 3rd down O | whereas VeeTee is a modest 52nd in defense of the same.
  • VeeTee is a punty 78th best on 3rd down O | whereas Liberty is a downright spartan 8th best in defense of the same.
“…strange days indeed!” –Coach J.Lennon

Lo.FM Analysis:
This is not a good, look… men. Not at all. Both on 1st and 3rd-down O&M defense. Both of which sure look offensively inviting to me. In extreme particular on the penultimate down or 3rd-down itself. Keep an Eye or three on this one when it is fish or get off the pot, time.
sizey EDGE=Liberty.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • Liberty is a so-so 51st in Pass Pro’ | whereas VeeTee is a punishing 11th best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • VeeTee is a respectful 37th in Pass Pro’ | whereas Liberty is a sporty 27th best in opposing Qb’s sacked.
  • Liberty is an average 54th in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed | whereas VeeTee is a penetrating 27th in TFL infected.
  • VeeTee is a 33rd sized gasket in TFL allowed | whereas Liberty is a slightly drippy 44th in TFL infected.

Time To Throw analysis:
Although not quite backbreaking as line-item-analysis piecemeal goes… 75% of this does favor the Hokies to go’on and plum ‘git after’ the Flames and liberate some negative-stops on Saturday afternoon. EDGE=VeeTee.


most recent 3-game splits:
These science-fact show us and Coach Spock that… Liberty’s throw-O is coming on a bit of late; and this O becoming more well-rounded could prove to be rather acute to opponents indeed. The Liberty halt-unit is just a bit more user-friendly down in the trenches in run-fighting in the last fortnight of scrumming.

The Fu’fense has fallen off by about two 1st-downs per game on O, tho’ O&M eggs and j.Ham has improved by right at three fewer fist-downs allowed (30 ypg) per game. So, the Techsters are nearly awash here.

Liberty be very liberating on O. Extremely!

Overall: this is mixed as 3-game trends go.

Home/Away splits:
These objectively show us and H.A.L. that… Liberty’s D is nearly the same in your house as they are a whopping 15′ tighter out on the road as their run-fills shape up a smidgeon. The Liberty O run-fits however downright detonate in your backyard for a mind-boggling ➕90-yard betterment 🎼”welcome to our house”🎶. Or a  “daisy” indeed.

O&M eggs and j.Ham is about +30 ypg softer threw the airwaves @home, although a most welcome nearly 80 ypg fewer allowed in Lane Stadium down on Worsham Field as his run-fills go. The Fu’fense moves upward by a whopping 12′ of Total O. Although our run-shapes are much more ship-shape on Duck Pond (+45 ypg), where our home field passing tends to, submerge (40 ypg).

Overall: whoever wins this run-game H/A toggle wins here. Although as is, this is nearly a canceling effect year to date. EDGE=push

Forum Guide:
Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely saying that Liberate did conscript fellow A.c.c. Syracuse up in Will’s so-called: Jiffy Pop Dome by a 38-21 tally a fortnight back. And that’s no bad win for @Syracuse. Still yet, there are no mutual round-robin head-to-heads to compare here. Audubon, rejoice!

the call...

Inspect, circumspect, retrospect, suspect,
  • Inspection: of these two shows that VeeTee really should be the recruiting alpha of these two. And this just in, rain is rumored to be, wet. (137th, 135, and 89th are basically what we are facing with: 24th, 26th, and 76th our ownself).

    highnoon tip-off!
  • circumspection: however, yields that although Liberty lacks A.c.c. depth, they have a pretty spiffy skill-position set. At least lowercase A.c.c. quality. And that their D is misQ, coached-up max’. i.e. via hook-n-ladder or smoke-n-mirrors or transferring itself, the inspection margin is not quite so large as it seems at first blush.
  • retrospection: however, says that VeeTee prolly should be 5-1 and that Liberty has been within basically just 1-full-play of being 4-2.
  • suspection: however, says… VeeTee had better not look ahead here and muck around and let these Flamers spark-up early-on.

Liberty Projected S&P+: 77th.
Liberty Projected S&P wins: 6.67 W’s.


The Flames’ 6-o start matches similar starts in 1989 and 2008 when they competed as a D-1aa football team. Their current eight-game winning streak going back to last season is their second-longest to the 11-game streak compiled over the 2007-08 seasons.

Not half bad, is it?


Because, in the two years as an FBS program, Liberty has allowed two or more rushing touchdowns 11 times. Liberty’s record in those 11 games you ask?
1 up, 10… down.

As this one is a C.F.L. (Canadian Football League) or Elsnoir Bob & Doug fueled day, ‘eh‘.
“Steamroller!” “Steamroller!” “Steamroller!”

Or the classical old-school boxing adage: “a good big-man beats the good little-man.”

Try as we might, football still ain't rocket-surgery folks.

Oranges to tangerines notwithstanding… although Coach Falwell’s polyester may just be cunning indeed… the mightier team (and oLine) should wear the little man down here. At least a little bit as this one wears along…

No matter how good LU’s Qb1 or their very own Dematrius Davis (tho’ spicier/stronger),
and his polytricky stable of Rb’s may indeed be.


VeeTee should still ring the Liberty Bell.


upset Index=39%


Virginia Tech=47, Liberty=29


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



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  1. That’s a pretty high upset index. Even Meatloaf might agree that 2 out of 5 ain’t that bad. Do you suspect another not-all-in day?

  2. Mochas Gracias for the details as learned things about the Liberty did not knoe–nice write up…

    Size matter… O-line pounds the rock until submission. On defense keep everything in front of ya. Look for best game of the year from our LB crew. Dust settles Hokies take the W as the Flames just sit watch in awe.

    Section 7 Crew agrees Fuente flexes today!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!

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