Your Maryland Eastern Shore basketball preview!

#285 R.P.I. Maryland Eastern Shore @ #43 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s basketball checks in for its final post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Eve, O.O.C. (out of conference) tune-up or beat-down game— depending upon your Holiday cheer or bah-humbug as 2018 A.D. closes its curtain.

The Hokie Holidays return on the cups of the 2018-2019 annual boundary and host the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, all the way from Princess Anne, Maryland. And you have to wonder if we/Virginia Tech are now ranked at the top of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference or not? As we’ve sure beat-up on that poor 31st outta thirty-one nationally ranked conferences from stem to stern in the last couple of seasons. In short, this one is not long on visiting acumen, at least not in roundball or hardwood terms. As this is one of the least hoopology flexing teams we’ve seen in a minute, or three. Though you wanna know who will win (VeeTee); and by how much? Read on… to find, out!

Maryland Eastern Shore (Interim) Head Coach: Clifford Reed: age=53, 126-173 overall, 1-12 at M.E.S. Has a rep’ for: being a communicator, experienced, has regional ties and not a lot else.

Born in Ormond Beach, Florida, baller Reed graduated from Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach in 1983 and began his college basketball career at St. Johns Community College, where he played form 1983 to 1985 as a 2-Guard/SF swing. Reed transferred to Daytona Beach Community College to finish his associate’s degree. After graduation, Reed served in the United States Army; (thanks!). Before enrolling at Bethune–Cookman College in 1989 to continue his college basketball career. Reed graduated from Bethune–Cookman in 1991. He played two seasons at Bethune-Cookman from 1989-1991 and was named to the M.E.A.C. Second Team his senior year. He set the single-game school record for three-pointers made (seven) and scored over 1,200 points in two seasons with the Wildcats. Reed transferred to B.C.U. from St. Johns River Community College, where he averaged 18 ppg over two seasons. He was also named to the Mid-Florida All-Conference team in 1985.

Are Hawks fans seeing: Re(e)d, here?

Reed eventually graduated from Bethune-Cookman with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education. He would later attain his graduate degree from Concordia University in 2011 with a Masters in Coaching and Athletic Administration. Neat resumé points are awarded!

Reed’s first coaching position was under Horace Broadnax at Bethune–Cookman in the 1991–92 season. The next year, Reed began a two-year stint as junior varsity boys’ basketball coach at Mainland High School also in Daytona Beach. Then, from 1994 to 1997, Atlantic High School in Port Orange, Florida, Reed later became an assistant coach (1997 to 2002) again under Broadnax and head coach (2002 to 2011) at Bethune–Cookman.

Reed’s most successful season at Bethune–Cookman was in 2010–11, with a 21–13 record, M.E.A.C. regular-season title, an NIT berth. However, Reed was fired on June 28, 2011, for refusing to cooperate with police in the investigation of a rape accusation against his son C. J. Reed, who had played at Bethune–Cookman from 2009 to 2011; the younger Reed was never charged. In September that year, Reed sued the school. In late September 2016, Bethune–Cookman proposed an undisclosed settlement with Reed.

In 2012, Reed returned to coaching as an assistant at Georgia Southern under Charlton Young then reunited with Broadnax as an assistant coach at Savannah State for the 2013–14 season. In 2014, Reed joined Bobby Collins’s staff at Maryland Eastern Shore. In total coach Reed has put his 16 seasons as an assistant or apprentice coach in; in full.

On March 27, 2018, following the announcement that Collins’ contract was not renewed the previous day, Maryland Eastern Shore announced that Reed will serve as the interim head coach of the team for the 2018-19 season and that the Hawks will then conduct a national search at the end of the season.

Daddy Reed is married to Vera Reed. They have a son, Clifford Jervon “C. J.” Reed, who played for his father at Bethune-Cookman from 2009 to 2011 and Georgia Southern from 2012 to 2013.
And his favorite book is Good to Great by James Collins; “yes”, that counts!

Mary.East.Shore at a glance:

  • next to last or 350th in scoring O (55.5 ppg)!
  • third from last in FG shooting overall (36.7%)!
  • 343rd in 3-point shooting (27%).
  • LAST in reboudning margin (11.3 rpg)!
  • 66th in steals, however.
  • as a pitiful 21 team metrics rank 301st or worse outta the 32 vitals I track!
  • 1 injury listed. God Bless.

U.M.E.S. Returning Starters=2

Maryland Eastern Shore Strengths:

  • Fouth-year r-Jr., 6′7″, 224 lb., and one #12, A.J. Cheeseman is the don’t quite look his physics or metrics on tape size wise, big-bird alpha-Hawk here. As he known for leading U.M.E.S. in scoring (12.5 ppg), and he’s known to be nearly second in rebounding (3.8 rpg) and he’s known for not doing much of anything else. As he’s netting 18% of his three’s, 59% from the charity stripe and 40% from the floor. So he’s more parts shooter and less parts, maker if you will. The Cheese’ balled at Gordon State College and the University of New Orleans before he swooped into Maryland Eastern Shore. And three schools in three years is a good sign of what? Beggers <<< choosey? Not real sure here tho’ at least he was on the: Heat Check ATL A.A.U. club coming up which has to be one of the better Rec-League names, ever. Though I do know that A.Jay has a rep’ for flash-temper(s), a little outburst scoring and for fouling out. And also for having been a kid, some thought would and possibly should have chosen football. Cheese’ the hardcourter will block and shot and plays pretty decent D when he wants to. He did win the 2017 Southland Championship (big easy/N.O.) and competed in the NCAA Tournament for it. So he has some experience/success to draw upon. And he says his favorite book is: 1984 by George Orwell. Never ever read that before in a players bio’ and I doubt I ever will again. Good on A.J. as yes… “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others“… epic!

    I guess this one’s the best… maybe?
  • Colen Gaynor is a 6′5″,  185 lb. r-Soph. who had been ineligible or uncleared (nearly) all year and only got the NC2A suits Clearinghouse looksee a-okay nod of approval last week. So this is a pretty decent sized get back for a team struggling to score or do much of anything else. 10 ppg and the team pacesetter at 5.8 rpg with 45% shooting on the regular is welcome indeed. Though 16% long and 50% from the FT-line are masonic bricklaying indeed. His favorite saying is: “Delay is not denial” and his bio’ says his pregame routine is: “too stretch”. So there you go… still yet, Gaynor was prolly the best ** or 2-star recruit of this non-astronomy class allotment at M.E.S. And he is said to be a pretty good golfer to boot.
  • The only other Hawk dropping double-digits in scoring is: 6′2″, 180 lb. Ryan Andino. ‘dino is a combo’ Guard and a graduate student baller by way of finishing his work up last year and double-double props on going for your second’s just like dat bro’. Nice! As a hoopster goes, Ryan is dropping you 12.1 ppg on 34% and well, on 34% again long. Ryan sat (r-shirted) last year to nursemaid numerous injuries (plural). Although he seems to be back together again and the conditioning will come as he’s one of the few modern era guys with a slight Khalid El-Amin or Joshua Jackson dad-bod’ look. Ryan is an honor roll student and (unfortunately), his bio’ shows a baller who has been dinged-n-dented off-n-on throughout all of his college career. Godspeed on that as his scoring average has gained every season and you have to wonder how much (more) it woulda gained at 100%? As this kid was the M.E.A.C. Rookie of the Year four years ago.
  • Per 3-starters taking med’shirts last year, there is experience here.
  • U.M.E.S. did beat -or was it, upset- they did beat Central Pennsylvania College 77-52 back at Thanksgiving for their lone triumph on this 2018-2019 docket.

Maryland Eastern Shore Weaknesses:

  • Ahhhhhh, everything?
  • As harsh as that may read, this team is being pummeled. Like lowercase talent has already gone: “Rope? What rope? Chit-mo-fo’, we let that go a long time ago.” As have to serially wonder just how much these Hawks wanna ball all-out for this lame-duck head coach.
  • r-Jr., 6′6″, 220 lb. Swing and Gulf Coast State College transfer F, Marlon Adams is out with a bum shoulder for the duration (may St.Christopher bless). Out with him would be his 5 ppg and nearly 5 carroms on 53%. Although that was three years ago at Eastern Kentucky and you know how I red-flag feel about three schools in three years time.
  • Pt.Guard 5′13″, 186 lb., thrid-year Bryan Urrutia has been really dinged up all year, although he and his 7.2 ppg and team-leading 5.2 dimes dropped (apg) are hobbling along best they can. And yet more was expected and much more is needed here, than 16% from deep and 31% from the floor. St.Nikon bless! As this is supposed to be a mini-me box score stuffer or all-around game, flavored kid.
  • brown-dwarf star Amhad Frost is back although his 12.9 ppg ain’t. As only 3.2 of ’em have returned from knee injury (St.Nikohn bless). As again, much more was expected and needed from the 6′, 185 lb., r-Jr. One who can or at least could shoot the 3 (at 40% last year).

Hawks Bench: (depth=4’ish)

The Hawks are basically down 2 starters or key-performers already (God bless). So what little depth they did court is now dang near, invisible.

Montraz Oliver is a r-Soph., back-up Pt.Guard who checks in at a lean looking 6′3″, 159 lbs. Ollie’s nickname is “Miracle”, and he is majoring in Computer Engineering. Good on him for dat. Impressive, actually. Montraz leads M.E.S. in free-throwing (89%), so there is that and he does get you 4.8 ppg with 25% long.

6′6″, 185 lb. Gabriel Gyamfi is a Jr. year Swing by way of Colby Community College who hits for 4.2 ppg and just under 5 rpg and has something of a rep’ as an outburst rebounder; if there is such a thing. As 2G plays for his defense/rebounding and not for his 0% thus far from 3-point land. Nevertheless, this kid has been hot of late ¦ one of the few Hawks who, has…

Soph. LeAndre Thomas is a project true-C who does not project into being much of anything other than being actually tall here. And try as we might, we just can not coach 6′11″  in height or Billy Hite. Although I tangent… Thomas also goes a worthy looking 245 lbs. and you have to wonder if match-up wise you will see him vs. the A.c.c. here? Tho’ he’s been seldom seen since his token 60″ or sixty-second debut.

This final out-of-conference cupcake is really all about... what?

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Hawks who could soar @Tech=zero, zip, zilch.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… the Hawks have only made one post-season -the 2015 CollegeInsider Tournament- since a decent slice of our readership was, born. Or since 1974, take thy pick…

And when you are in a mind-boggling 277 total point hole on the year; with a 7% winning percentage on the campaign; I’ll be the one campaigning for your being spring-broke or down on some beach come March Madness 2019 A.D.

As said above, the Hawks did beat -or was it, upset- they did beat Central Pennsylvania College 77-52 back at Thanksgiving. And that means they have managed to win one entire whole basketball game in their last 302 days of hardwood action. Think about that one folks… as the Hawks have been grounded by not less than 55 L’s since their nearly miraculous 2015 post-season C.I.T. tourney run. And that means poor Maryland Eastern Shore is even further removed from Cassell Coliseum than the 411 miles in between suggest.

The call

Well, this 7pm, ACCNetwork ESPN3 streaming one is just not much of one if competitive basketball is your thing. If seeing Buzzketball run away and hide is your thing you’ve prolly come to the right place. If chanting: “FREE Ka-bong-o!!!” is your thang than now would be a good time to get that thang. As your Coach, may not have the {sic: playing} time available again for that until about this time next year.

As all of my pre-season magazines have Maryland Eastern Shore picked last, dead-last, deadest-last or penultimate last sans Lindy’s. Who’s third from the last prediction looks got Christmas Party punched, out; or sloppy ugly Christmas sweater drunk right about now.

And although I did try, I could not find one single 1st or 2nd-team all-Mid American Athletic Conference nomination for any of the fifteen current roster members over in the Hawks Nest. Not one, and not one nomination for any of the numerous “best” or “most likely to” or “leading” anything fan-friendly publication fodder awards in-conference for any of these Hawks either.

As there is just not enough elf-green lipstick for this Holiday pig. This is a bad hoops team gentlemen, one of the worst we’ve faced in years to be uncensored. And this one is pretty much Name That Tune gone name that score.

Only thing I can come up with is having everyone S&C weigh-in after holiday grubbing, as we did look a bit disinterested last week just mucking about with the soft-touch otherwise known as North Carolina A&T. However, the whispers so say that Buzz is pleased with the: “maturity” of this years team. So hopefully that’s a non-issue this year.


  • Second-year O&M Wing, Alexander-Walker is the only player in a major conference averaging at least 18 points, shooting over 55% from the floor and better than 45% from 3-point range (minimum four attempts per game).
  • Accordingly, Alexander-Walker has been named to the Oscar Robertson Trophy Midseason Watch List award annually to the nation’s top player.
  • Virginia Tech opponents’ have shot (115) and made (74) fewer free throws than any team in the country. wow!
  • Senior Wing Ahmed Hill drops 12.3 ppg and leads the Hokies with 28 3-pointers, pacing a team that connects at 43.5% on 3-balls for the season and holds the opposition to 32%.
  • V.P.I. is +3 on rests here and even more than that during Holiday Travel planes, trains, and autobahn, rubs.

As the actual game goes… Buzz and Co. can win by about whatever they want and that really gets down to just how much court exposure Buzz and his 1’s (starters) want, or how much stay-sharp work Buzz feels they need.

And as you already know in spades… Eye don’t write fluff, and Buzzketball really should beat the damn breaks off of this less than Hawkish nearly feckless bunch. So pay attention to the crowd, it might be mo’ interesting than the game itself. Buy an extra holiday ‘corn or soda and appreciate on life.

That or start a: “FREE KA-bong-O” (clap-clap-clapclapclap), chant!

VeeTee rolls here… and you can count by fives or maybe even by tens if you
marginally please.

(99% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=88, Maryland Eastern Shore=44







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