Your Miami Eye Wide Shut…

Virginia Tech 10, Miami 28

Virginia Tech football just got bamboozled; plain-in-simple here folks, the better team won, they won legit and sportsmanship dictates: “congrats to Coach Richt and Miami.

The Hokies however were their own worst enemy at times… four drops, two muffed snaps, and shallow leverage on tackling. And yet, unlike the fight until the end finish when hosting Clemson, our intensity osculated a bit here as Always Be Closing goes. Maybe we need to spray for that previous regimes’ staleness or hygiene one more time? Or maybe this was the game where we finally missed the B.O.G.O. double-shot of Sam’s and Evans’ once a decade alpha leadership? On top of all that, we got physically beat-up, accruing several injuries here, and we took the loooooong way home as airplanes, busing, walking, et al goes. A burn the tape kinda game, although you know me and Operation Petticoat’s Tony Curtis: “in confusion there is profit“…

What The… Fu’?!?

Pressures makes diamonds and yet it also bursts pipes as that was a pretty leaky first half in terms of composure. As yah; we did ball out semi “hard” all less the last handful of letting go rope defensive minutes. Though were we “smart” and even more disconcerting to me… where were our mental “tough”(s)?

You don’t hook with a hooker“.
Don’t hook with a hooker is right up there with: “…don’t wrestle a pig.” You both get dirty and yet only the pig has fun. Or in other words leave the dirt(iness) to Miami. Keep it 100, keep it real, be above, remain… composed.

Aggressive, though in control?

Now, and for the record, I’m the one that has effusively praised S&C coach Hilgirth -and to a lesser extent oLine coach Vance Vice- for restoring more than a scosche of the old school black-n-blue big east hardness to #HardSmartTough.

Though just how smart is it to hook with a a hooker? You jab with a hooker to keep the hooker off balance and then later on you bring the lumber. And yet how did we open things up? (Even if this seems outta step with restoring some much needed demeanor upfront, bear with me)

As this is still a very YOUNG big game staff not named, two. Those younger ones shoulda walked right down the Jamerson hall and asked those two refugee old salts for some focused, yet deliberate big game intensity composing advice. A fighting aperture 1o1 if you will… now see what I mean…

1Q 9:41 remaining & most of 2nd Q duration:
Saw me a lotta Teller and Osterloh echo of the whistle pancakes… and me and Aunt Jemima wanna knows… who hates pancakes? Nobody! That’s the sort answer, although the more clinical thing is to say… stay composed. Stay within the foundation of the Fuente system. Be yourself, don’t try to act out and Singapore cane Miami. And if you don’t believe me that there was a subtle applied sports-psych difference here… just ask hateful w.v.u. how a 60 minute mouthful of Hokie compose tastes.

BIG man who is short on speed; not; heart!

1Q :41 remaining:
Now not to bemoan the high octane calorie burn here or the effort, though watch as #74 Phaff hits/blocks no less than three ‘Canes here. Technically, there is nothing illegal about it; though it is chippy play at best and out of Fuente character playing at worst. As this is not what the Fu’fenese asks. Love the battle/willingness, however, unlike remaining composed vs. w.v.u., this is stepping outside yourself and/or your given assignment(s). Even though aye, granted, it looks play-station bad-ass as hell.

That’s not the Tao of Fu’ folks, the Fu’fense is a symphony of calculus,
not a bootleg of calluses.

2Q :15 remaining:
My virtual boy big Parker Osterloh got about an A— on his run fits and a D+++ or C— on his pocket protection. As the outside shoulder simple speed-rush gave him some fits; in particular when it was the smaller De or the right-OLb. Though he did collapse the trench-fighters that he got fully engaged smartly enough. As I was holding my breath here as the very final last thing anyone with a big belly in front of a bad black needed to do is this belly flop after the Savoy fumble pop-up return that was truly hurtful at the end of the screen pass. Can’t say Parker did not take one for the team here men (Godspeed).

see: ellipse

3Q 9:43 remaining:
Did we just fake a high-snap fumble as Savoy literally waves at the football as the pass from Gallo to JAX goes out-in-front of his pad level and just over his facemask? I dunno, though was this a set-up for the actually fumbled triple mesh-point (end-around, Hb draw, Qb keeper) R.P.O. play later on? (as the ball is by Savoy and into JAX on this first one, understood?)

Then here IS the fumble, same exact thing, wave at the ball at it goes, bye? LOL, whiskey tango foxtrot is this?!?

Is Savoy late and not clearing the trinary flexion point? Is the snap itself that tardy?

3Q 7:30 remaining:
I’ve seen worse go uncalled unchecked regarding the personal-foul on the Roiser keeper-fake. Though as hokiepro put it on Will’s pay-side, do you call this next week vs. Georgia Tech where someone is supposed to light the Qb up every, single, play? You don’t have to play tackle folks, you can always play… tuba. “Dear PlayGirl forum… one summer at band-camp…”

3Q 5:24 remaining and 4Q 14:33 remaining:
This to me is where we really wet the play-calling bed… we/VT are down 21-10 here or right at 1.6 plays. So what did we do? Well we asked our Rolex game-manager to win the r-Freshman game on his own. He went o for 3 or 0% on the 3Q three throws in a row and then 1 for 4 or 25% passing, good for 10 yards and a punt on four consecutive throws in the 4Q one. As one of the things that the Fu’fense understood well before it got to Virginia Tech was to avoid 1st-down creating Lo.FM’s at all costs. As the Fu’fense is a singles and doubles kinda O with just a few trip’s mixed. Miami or “babe” Ruth hitting for HR power when chasing the sticks this O just ain’t.

left biceps and/or shoulder

Then I noticed something as this game wore on that explained so much about our Qb1 to me… JAX has an okay enough vertical top speed; once he stops hesitating and decides to gun it downfield north-south. Kick the damn pig and give it a go. As he’s a legit 4.61 forty guy. However, his 4.46 20-yard shuttle time is bottom 29%, and his 24” vertical is bottom 34%. Or in other words, and to be direct, Miami made Josh look slow, horizontally. This is where you want him and his lack of height and his Bryan Randall+ arm to be if you are in defense of the Fu’. Keep Joshua and his Summa Cum Laude mind and yet his C+ body pinned in the pocket or force him east-west. Or to put it another way… poor JAX could not even get set-up on three different screen passes on the night; which is crazy up-field ballistics from the ‘Cane D.

As to me… the only way JAX is gonna get much better is if you surround him with better parts —as his deans list mind-game might just figure that one out. (UPDATE: whispered walking-boot and bruised throw-hand/wrist here. Godspeed @17!)


halftime/3Q game remaining:
Here’s one they ain’t telling you about… notice the recently added left-biceps closed wrap and the newly added upper-arm/shoulder original school Ace bandage elastic closure brace on poor Wyatt Teller’s T.Rex sized left arm/shoulder. Yikes & God Bless.

4Q 14:55 remaining:
Here is the Alexander injury… obverse of Nijman’s last week. Which recall someone said did not look all that bad upon breaking tape. Then that someone went outta their way to say… though it has that oddball much worse than it seems feel to it; right?

Well this one does not look good; like it just suddenly yanked/pulled. Like a cleat bit a lump and “snap”.  He’s begging/waving for medical attention as the play is still live beyond him and that’s v-e-r-y worrisome. you don’t beg for iatrical help during a live football play; ever! Harsh… may St.Alexander bless!

4Q 7:59 remaining:
This was a defenseless, pronate, ball-n-socket arm going forward scarrrrrry looking play. As Poor JAX nearly got his arm ripped off by the legal karate chop from behind by the right-De of Miami. Shew! This is a pretty close-call in terms of a torn labium, deltoids, connective tissue, the works. WoW, thank you Coach God this wrist-hand injury was not more nuclear than it was.

4Q :10 remaining:
This ain’t adding insult to injury sports-fans; this is adding injury to injuries; plural!

chain, GANG, 1o1…

As you can say this/that regarding JAX’s and his athletics/metrics or his long-term ceiling/roof, nevertheless, he sure took an ass whooping to end this contest for dear ole V.P.I.

An unnecessary crackback DEFCON 5 one for any Qb1 down three scores with ten ticks left…


Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=15
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=27!

Qb pressured=3!
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=12

58% run:pass 42% mix.

Anyone remember that marker? You should, someone just wrote about it -wondering why/how it had not changed even one percent sans: Evans, Ford, Bucky and Sam- as someone just wrote about how it was the very same play-calling mix this year versus last year. Which is interesting in and of itself… howsoever, why change now? Or in other words: “if it ain’t broke, don’t… break it.”

81% run:pass 19% mix. (1st Q). Virginia Tech 0, Miami 0.

From the PREVIEW

Observe the @Miami play calling mix after 1Q of a one then a scoreless game… whereby T.Mac’ had nearly beaten the Vegas rushing prop for his entire night in 1Q! Then in the first 35 minutes he did 60 minutes of work and then somehow finished 5 yards in the whole for the final 37% of the game? Does that make any sense at all to anyone else? (if “yes” please, by all means jump right in and riddle me this down below)

87% run:pass 13% mix. (3rd Q). Virginia Tech 7, Miami 7.

Do you see a trend yet sports-fans?
Okay, than how ’bout this…

60% run:pass 40% mix. (2nd Q). Virginia Tech 3, Miami 14.


41% run:pass 59% mix. (4th Q). Virginia Tech o, Miami 7.

Or in other words, when our Staff, yes, the offensive play-callers abandoned the run, got all kinda ancy and pressed, we got beat -and nearly pumped- by a 20-3 tally.

When we “ran the damn ball” -as someone has been hammering for three straight weeks, we played Miami to a standstill. Even. Push. Tied, 7-7, as try as we might folks…

rocket surgery >>> still >>> football

And trying to force 220v through a physically 110v throw-game Qb is a circuit breaker at best or short circuiting at most. As the Fu’fense is nearly 80 ypg underwater or off of its season average in the last month. (And all vs. inviting or extremely inviting
impoverished or slumping run-fit D’s
Go, fig’?!?).


Burst vs. Bust:

Less the very first T.Mac’ carry (+15), Virginia Tech ran for not more than 10 yards on a single gallop for the rest of the night. To take that a step further no Virginia Tech Rb ran for more than 9 yards max’ for the rest of the night. On the other side da U’s Qb1 (Rosier) turned in a phenomenal +187% career rushing night! As yes, someone’s preview did tell you he had run for “1.3k” in in high school and was something of a sleeper dual-threat Qb who had been pocketed at Miami. Miami additionally fielded 600% more plays that ran for at least 10 yards than we did! To compound fracture all of that… we/Virginia Tech had one pass reception >16 yards, whereas da U had no less than five grabs that went for north of that!

As Bud Böck went… saw me a bunch shallow run-fits on tap and then saw me a number of pretty fair to middling O&M athletes in good or decent enough position and just not making plays. Yes, that second part will happen vs. physical soon to be fiscal next level freaks like Miami, though still… why did we overrun so many run-shapes? As this was Bud Böck’s  first D+ in geometry per coach Euclidean in a long long time.

The same drill as some of our aforementioned blocks above, there was something here that was too aggressive, or too amped up. More parts animal husbandry primal and less parts Westminster Fuente pedigree. Which absolutely tracks right up to and rings the bell sans the “password” on the front-door of Miami’s Fight Club notorious past —and that’s not Miami’s fault either. That should be beneath us, as we lowed ourselves here and of course these type of sporting civics cave dwelling thuggy-bears ain’t exactly know for helping nobody up.

Fued, up?

the takeaway

..the takeaway here is that this was basically the anti-wvu game.

Back in DeeCee we stayed cool, calm, and collected in a 123 total yardage margin night of a burning house and the more composed team pulled the fat out of the fire. Here we flamed on and raised speed-dial hell with Adam-12 and Emergency and then ended ‘rong side up in the upside down.

That’s the news, the good news is… even though we do field two pretty solid defenses in Georgia Tech’s #28 total D and then closing @france with uva’s #3o total D; neither defense is plum loaded with crazy ass athletic freaks. They are solid, well coached, dependable and solidifying as I type; nonetheless, neither one is a Formula-1 or Porsche type stop-unit.

Or in other words… for as humbled as the laterally sluggish and vertically so-so JAX is, with a limited and nubile catch-game Wr corps, a blindside Ot we should consider slotting over on the right, and a Tb1 who still only merits Tb2 type work… confusing as that all may conspire to be, and for any and all lampooning up above… we just do not match-up as poorly @the ATL and over in gay paris as we did in So.Beach.

Ergo, we do have a profitable chance to win out and 10-2 which is actually an improvement over last year, or so last time I checked.

@Miami we could/should have... what???

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Virginia Tech=1o, Miami=28




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  1. B’Street’s eyes in the sky…never lie or as you once penned, “…Truth hurts”. This quick glance in the rearview mirror would aid the windshield time forward…. and in spite of Big Whistle in Cleopatra mode, must address 2nd down play selection…as live behind the sticks this season. Just a notion, get sole playmaker more involved even from slot,,,, as positive mojo is contagious…just as reverse mojo can be defeating… now that and a good shower, its time to roll down I-85 take on the jersey stealing yellow jackets.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
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