Your North Carolina Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=45 North Carolina=56

A tough game played during tough times by even tougher O&M kids!

     νirginia Tech football gave ’em the proverbial: “good ole college try.

Τhe Hokies -try as they might- just could not (quite) get over the hump vs. a highly skill-position talented North Carolina football team down on Chapel Hill, and ultimately ended up getting humped in the end. Recall what someone on Will’s pay-side message board called their exploration of U.n.c. men’s football club skill-position ballers on film: “…Clemson Lyte.” Yah; I mean pretty much, right? Though their precipitous weather forecast -which was the only singular way to credibly forecast an upsetting VicTory- also got humped and that left that sportswriter looking rather “dumbass” indeed. And as we all know, the only place improving comes before owning is still the… Dictionary. So, Eye hereby own-up and confess my sins. As that was a suck prediction to an otherwise bang-on preview. Such is the good-bounce/bad-bounce inherent nature of this oblong-spheroids game of… Risk. Still yet, Fu’ and Co. do merit nearly outta the world bonus-points for owning so damn much Hokie-heart. The Tin-Man and Cowardly-Lion and me all three agry! And in the end? So did U… N… C!

2Q 6:28 remaining:
Don’t look now… tho’ ex-Qb1 stud scholastic star (j.Mitchell— who did have the toughest possible high school rep’) is starting to grow into his man’s game son! Or into his Te body as I type.

Just ask #15 of U.n.c. if me and my favorite Aunt Jemima likes some Eye.H.O.P.!

1st-half time-stamp (per request: withheld):
Those of you hatin’ on BAX passing… what do you see contusing under his skin at the top of is clearly wounded passing arm right here?

Yikes! (St.Elmo‘ bless!)

2Q 3:47 remaining:
Hoffman— won’t exactly be winning any O&M golden-rule Sportsmanship Awards anytime soon. Tho’ now you get to see why! Because exactly how sporting would you be with a 6-8″ knifing/appendixing wound hanging outta your gut?

Yah; Roger that. A big 10-4 on me neither.

And I’ve been in four knife fights.

2Q 10:40 game remaining, and/or until a Cure duration!
Per Deep State… here is what they were broadcast sayin’…

…the normal eye-poke protecting visor stops about 15%.

However, the newer add-in bottom visor stops nearly 85% of (bleep) that nobody of any political affiliation wants to inhale right, now!

PROLife masking 1o1!!!
May Saint Donald, Bless!!! Let’s go on a Living-Spree!

3Q 10:50 remaining:
This is (pre-play) LOS (line-of-scrimmage) all kind bouncy Tre the burner Turner in high-gear, and it is what we all hoped we’d get to see. Well, less a juicy Tre getting his own play, his ownself, called back for not even remotely being ‘set’ pre-snap. (as clearly, he knew he had this U.n.c. Cb already beat pre-snap). Other than that? Great looking play— right up until he tweaks his (southpaw) foot after the score. (St.Sebastian bless!).

Blackjack... 1o1!

As this double-no.-1 kid is an eleventeen one-of-a-kinda gazelle… well, when he is head-right and body-safe alike that is.

3Q 5:12 remaining:
c.Darrisaw with a Ponderosa “Hoss” Cartwright sized one-handed that’s (1)-handed steal of #21 of U.n.c. here! LOL and wow!

4Q 7:46 remaining:
More on this one is down below… tho’ Hook’ double-shook poor #2o of U.n.c. outta his sports-bra…

Beetlejuice!” “Beetlejuice!” “Beetlejuice!”

…as HenBoss literally spun two’o of U.n.c. around twice; just like a top!

4Q game duration:
Over-n-over-n-over and over… 25/8, 367 leap year, and all day!

[email protected] …do you see what Eye, see?!?

4Q 4:33 remaining:
Just what a secondary that ‘be illin” don’t be needin’… as poor Waller comes up grabbing his right-groin area after his feet’s slipped out from under him on the U.n.c. field turf trying to corral the almost downright shifty Williams on this one. (St.Artemis bless!)

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=6
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=21

North Carolina:
Qb pressured=1
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=4

There is not a whole lot to TTT to say here… as a blind man can see it with his cane.

Although the Vice Squad did keep the Tech passing-cup reasonably clean, the U.n.c. blockers were not real far removed from keeping the t.Heel passing-cup squeaky clean.

I mean that’s not super far removed from some w.Redskin “Hoggs” or maybe the even more technically sound 1972 Miami ‘fins style Qb1 All-Pro protection.

As Trojan only wishes they *could* issue some protection like ^dat^.

As recall… my upset was predicated upon our roughing Howell up AND the weather making ‘slingin’ Sammy Howell uno-dimensional. Neither of which bothered to happen this side of one not all *that* bad sliding-hit from the always willing to Cyberdyne T-8oo hit Conner.

So, PROPers to U.n.c.!!!
The superior TTT team won this one.
As yah’ll sure as hell gots sum shiny offensive parts.

As for Vice Squad t.Heel blocking pie-chart… it barely moved from last week, although technically it did ever so slightly improve. All while blocking health, itself declined by ~20% upfront; min yah! As a lotta peeps wish they had our 272 rushing and 235 Skynet yards-garnered problems. It was not perfect; they did leave a few yards out there— as I’m not sure the Vice Squad ever got 1,000% in sync due to the Qb1 swap meet. However; I am sure it coulda been worse. I’ll put it that way.

Mythpreceptions 1o1:

Phantoms, spooks, and (C.I.A.) NOC’s.

Do you recall what Eye called the sagest post ever on the FREE-message board?

Will and Chris say: “rain is no longer rumored to be wet” and some of your burn every umbrella you can find. Whereas me and m.Poppins? We ain’t got no stinkin’ spoon full of sugar, saccharine, NutraSweet, or anything else. It is always bikini-season and we don’t eat sweets. So, “buckle your seatbelt Dorothy… ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye!

Recall what my peeps told you during August camp…

QVT >>>  💪   >>> the HenBoss >>>  💪  >>> BAX


Their (WS+CC’s) statement of ‘better passer’ is a very relative term. Believe you me… as I am writing to you from the People’s Republick of the 3o4. Where everything is… relative indeed.

Do you see what I mean? As the sideline and/or bench is all any of our Top-3 see @Clemson or ‘Bama and they are prolly not better than Top-6, there!

What they should have meant is… “yes” the HenBoss is the best passer on the team. Granted. He however is not all that much “better” than average. There is a G’zilla sized difference here that some of you folks have mistakenly vis-à-vis run away and hyperbole’d with.

Such is the difference between having epic sourcing and having suffered this Terminal Contact sport under 7-time State and 1-time National Championship winning coaches and getting called for roughing the pass’her after tackling a girl in a game of two-hand-touch.

This is what we West Eggers can get looks like…

Or to turn the late great Dr. Coach Stephen Covey on his head, shake him for all he’s worth, and end with the beginning in mind…

…this is what happens when you read and then craft or tailor the story to fit your narrative. As here the uncapsizable narrative always rights itself.

Now, …what that (ex-coaching) poster Free message-board wrote in to say was…

Virginia Tech can NOT get a Tua or a Lawrence. Because there are not that many of them to get in the first place; and if you think they are coming to third or fourth-place little ole V.P.I. you sir needs to get with it!

And this is how the other East Egg half, lives!

What Virginia Tech football can R.A.T.T. get is… an incomplete Qb1 candidate (with potential). Maybe even two or three of ’em and hope that Corny and Fu’ can crack the fourth or the fifth-year developmental Qb1 code on just one of ’em. Eye mean like it or lump it —this side of a once in the history of history itself MV1, and one T-mobile every 15-20 years? That’s 24060 style Pivotal truthing for you itself.

Now… in all fairness to the “FREE Hooker’s” crowd, the HenBoss does enjoy the following over BAX…

  • A bigger -tho’ not quite bionic- arm? ✔
  • Taller height & therefore better visibility? ✔
  • A quicker niftier buggy-whip old-school Terry Bradshaw Qb3 Joe Gilliam caddying quick-release (that actually appears to be more decisive at times)? ✔
  • Prolly an extra slip-move in his hips/jukes downfield? (jus’ ask #29 of U.n.c.) and… ✔
  • A better grip on the football proper? (as Eye have counted four (4) BAX’s Butterfinger foibles here thus far) And as someone has shown you in screen-caps, the HenBoss gots some #23 M.J. type of big ass bear-paw mitts. Truly, getting to 3rd base is his thang? ✔
  • Might be a better or at least bendier pure athlete? It’s close, tho’ lowercase ✔.
  • …and on top of all of that… did you see O&M Eggs and j.Ham’s halt-unit buck up a notch or three vs. the U.n.c. run-fits and actually tackle Carter and Williams for a few series upon Hooker’s insertion as the 2nd-½ Qb1? Eye did! (as this kid is the most effortless Qb1 leader since the days of Billy Dee Williams gone Lando gone B.Randall, “A long time ago, in a Lane Stadium…“✔

However, notice the left or odd side horrendous miss by Hooker on a rather mundane -if not simplistic- pass out in the flat and the near Mitchell miss for a Pick to see that the HenBoss has a pretty incomplete throw-game fit, same as BAX. (albeit with less game-breaking run-fit speed!) It really is just that he throws a prettier looking tighter-spiraling connecting pass. And Hooker is getting to where he is now taking a 2nd or even a 3rd backside playbook read downfield off of his frontside or play-side check(s). Which is not less than one more than BAX.

Though still yet… the only way a pure Pivotal stud Qb1 like the Howell’er of U.n.c. misses that did not Hook-up throw into the flat is if he, trips.

Or in other words… why not go’on and give the O&M Ry’s on wheat and BAX’s and Hooker’s a message board break? There really ain’t a whole helluva a lot more that they can do.

Accordingly, and in penultimate words…


(o) (o)

The one thing however that Corny and Fu’ can do: “better”… is… scheme people open. As great Scot was at least a decent amount “better”, here. Do a back-shoulder 50-50/jump ball in-line pass pattern throw count on the Fu’fense here. These are Bucky, Haze’ and maybe Mitchell plays. Though who else do they really 2020 fit?

Or in final words… please do yourself and all of us a favor and STOP polluting Will’s in-game message boards with such tripe! As these kids (pretty much) is what they is. Quarterbacking Popeye’s or “I yam what I yam” they just ain’t.

As there is just not that much spinach in the keyboard warrior, world!


BAX >>> 🦶/Punter  >>> QVT/HenBoss


Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| (2 TD’s, 2 U.n.c. penalties)
Swiss (neutral): |||| (1 U.n.c. penalty)
negative: |||| |||| |

positive: |||| |||| (2 TD’s)
Swiss (neutral): |

As the Lo.FM went… if all I read/studied/knew post-game was this, and the TTT metric? I might could believe on U.n.c. creeping up on scoreboard 50’s something. Maybe?

Eye would however not have believed VeeTee even being within contact, much less; striking-disstance.

And to be direct, less an absurdly sized ticker (or heart) and some really serrated on point play-calling right when we desperately needed it most? We, weren’t. (within contact/range).

U.n.c. is only about one oLineman removed from being a pure offensive-machine. As they only want for about one more quality pass-blocker, and to borrow the preview’s word… what in ‘tarnation’ could you do to stop ’em this side of Tuscaloosa or Clemson?

As Carolina opened with a nearly unthinkable 100% on 1Q Lo.FM’s whereas it took us almost those very same 15-minutes of scrumming to hit just one to the (+) against three non-positive ones. (vs. U.n.c.’s opening up with an unheard of 6 outta 6 Lo.FM’s popped positive in the first 40-minutes of play until they hit their first non-positive Lo.FM; which actually graded at equilibrium or neutral. Huh!?! Never ever have Eye seen that before— and it’s not even close.

And Carolina graded PERFECT for the freakin’ game!
NOT ONE NEGATIVE Lo.FM, outcome❓❗❓

I mean that’s Swann, Franco, Stallworth, and Terry peaking Longfield Management.
“Bra-vo” @Sam Howell and U.n.c.
This kid is legit; very!

(o) (o)

Did my people not ask… who do we face that has a really strong internal G-c-G blocking trifecta? Or a really salty mail-carrier(s) at Rb?

Right on cue… as it was the nationally ranked 47th rushing yards allowed per game, ceded in the closing 4Q stanza alone. Whereby U.n.c. butted us for an astonishing 483′ allowed on the ground all by its own self that is just abysmal indeed. As U.n.c. only went backward for 12′ on the whole, entire; day!

Rest easy, as we are (actually) not that bad… we will only be better with our top-4 Safeties returning, and if/when our lead Dt (Crawford) gets his right-knee right as rain (St.Nikon help). Still yet, their caveat remains… as we prolly ain’t all that great in ground-control terms, not even at full-strength. Such is the realm of 2022+ coach Tee Dt’s and their systemic associated run-shapes.

Ditto our pass-fits needing some Safety-Zones; what with Howell only missing one throw in the final 37-minutes of scrumming! Yikes… ouch, and yikes again. As our red-zone defense is tied for third from last, place! With 92% opposing scoring opportunities allowed. Yikes, ouch, and double-damn!

Or six, that’s (6) quick-strike U.n.c. TD scoring drives at ≤2:42 TOP!


give the guy a minute, or three!

j.Ham tacking at uva wise… don’t wanna hit this one too hard… tho’ I do not wanna have to self-recriminate for not hitting it at all, either.

As suffice it to say… that what Eye found and subsequently canned upon breaking final-year defensive coordinator tape for a shelved off-season article due to the threat of no season at all… was…

  1. A whole lotta 1999 Bud BΘck type of looks.
  2. And in all candor? A team that was unwise as tackling itself went. (in particular downfield or over on the edge of play).

This was not j.Ham’s first misfit set of toys year, which should be a mulligan anywhere. It was also not his second-season whereby it really should be a W.I.P. (work in progress) with the emphasis on the progression itself. It was his final year at Uva-Wise where methinks a good deal of this shoulda already been cleaned up, retooled, and retrofitted, by then.

Though upon breaking tape?
Not so much…

…hope Eye am ‘rong and @U.n.c. was just a kitschy looking got out-talented glitch?

Though that’s a Town crier’s quicksand commentary for a later day…

the takeaway

Six, that’s (6) different players combined rushed for ≥6.o ypc on average across these two teams combined!

The Fu’fense racked U.n.c. for a shiny looking 260 on the ground and a respectable-looking 235-yards through the airwaves with a perfectly parsimonious looking zero turnovers. With only a mere four “tweets’ for a very modest 26 yards in reverse. Since half-past never ever is that a suck offensive look?

Eye mean…

It ain’t even Oct.31st yet and this is downright, spooky!

What Eye mean is… they’ve done studies you know… as all we needed was that 60% chance of rain to go Sex Panther and do work every time.

Seriously, we get that rain and we mighta just nicked this one.

And yet without a single solitary drop of rain our R.A.T.T. chances Y.A.C.’ed one up and went dry-heaves right down the OPT drain.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner: Chris Coleman… he wrote the superior preview here.

(and Johnson, who did basically all that any Kicker can do. He deserves an old-school mini-me halftime Hokie cheerleader thrown to the Lane Stadium crowd white plastic football)

After 3 football games, the Hokies are R.A.T.T. closer to... what???

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s:

Not much to say here… as least not in uppity-ass 2020 all lexiconically bait-n-switch tricked out terms. As Fu’ and Co. coached a good game and yet the U.n.c. Jimmy’s and Joe’s made a couple of our guys (physically) look like bitches and ho’s.

We got outclassed… there is no shame in bold-faced telling that Truth. 

That candor all firmly in place. Our Rudy’s (j.Hewitt who is a Rudy+++ and poor t.Matheny who is Rudy’ish) truly broke my heart.

No joke… the saddest thing I’ve seen in breaking tape for Will for 3-decades now is the empty fuel tank of poor #30 right here. (the video should be cued up for you…)

Dear Mr. Scott and Mrs. Shannon Matheny…

…seriously, please do come take a cardiac cyber bow!

As you two raised a damn hearty young man here.
You really did!

As it is just heartbreaking to watch your kid try to pour gasoline on the rushing bonfire that is N.f.l. bound m.Carter of U.n.c. As your kid bears down on his empty fuel-tank, not once; TWICE! I’ve literally never seen anyone try this hard (TWICE) on the very same beaten play. Amazing. As your kid burned calories and sinew trying to somehow will himself to catch the vastly more velocity Gifted Carter of U.n.c. and Eye just can not stop watching this play… Eye just can’t.

As your boy's heart is writing checks that his ass just can't, ca$h.

Jesus Christ!
What a gutty kid you gave the Earth!

WAR Mister Scott football: “giving yah all she’s got“!!!

Ditto the closing 4Q display of a dumped Hewitt who looks plum tuckered-out, seated on his (now) spent keister as a hard-fought and hard-beat play comes to an end.

Then big ole #54 of U.n.c. -who looks like he might could fight a bear and actually win- walks over right as the Telly camera pans away and grabs the basically prone Hewitt by the bottom of his Dorsal-protective shoulder-pads and (seemingly) effortless lifts #8 right back up to his feet.

As Eye can only assure the vast majority of you who have not suffered this Terminal Contact sport physically and emotionally…

This is the highest possible form of waring masculine respect.

I fought you. You fought me. We fought we.
Acta non-Verba, indeed, in 🂡’s!

Respect: a warrior’s, Grace.

#8 of VeeTee and #54 of U.n.c.

🎼”That’s what it’s all about!“🎶


So, thus far, it would entirely objectively appear that it is gonna take >25 Fu’fensive points to win this season— again: ‘thus far.’

…who should start???

Once we get our med’s and get close as we can to getting our full-strength back? Me?

Well, Eye’d like to think that it won’t take any more than 23 maybe 24 Fu’fensive points to win.

…and who should Sit?

That attempt at levity aside… let’s let j.Ham cook.

Then hit me back and in early November regarding can he “take the heat…

The Rest of the Story...

Not a good day for my prognosticenti ego, and yet another great day for my OPT digit’s humility.

As my peep’s sure aced all their call(s) on this one just right… as in: recall the ending of the preview where they said that Fu’ and Co. were up for this one and really wanted this work.

“…I’m just hurt for our players; they tried, they battled…” Amen.

Be yea Fuente friend or foe… Fe-Fi-Fo-Fuuuuuuu’… surely wanted this one and it surely showed in the post-game pressor.

Be Fu’ INTJ personality this, or Právda micromanaging Bolshevism that… at least do the man the honestly of NOT questioning how he really feels and how much he really wants Virginia Tech football to really succeed.

As ‘crinkling’ water-bottles notwithstanding…

…^this^ is what it looks like when you actually don’t keep your powder-dry and when you do wear your emotions on your Hokie sleeve. As poor Fu’ was visibly hemorrhaging uncontainably sincere O&M feelings in the U.n.c. post-game pressor.

On what was an ultimately downright gutty display, on an ultimately sanguine or downright leaky O&M emotional day.

As this was also the VERY 1st-day since Fu’ got here that Eye’ve not only felt better about all things Fu’, it is the very first day since Fu’ got here that Eye felt: ‘connected’ to Fu’!

And frankly?
That feels pretty damn good!



Virginia Tech=45, North Carolina=56




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  1. Don’t know how this defense gets fixed this year. NC State and Duke were getting push on designed run plays too, it’s just that VT fans didn’t notice.

    1. Yah; fair. True. Real.

      The key is… who can threaten to out-score the Fu’fense that remains?

      @Pitt on fatigue.
      uva is nobodies gimmie and they have confidence.
      Alabama and Clemson themselves may be the only ones who can tame the Tigers.

      Tho’ we’ve got a shot at the rest and we have some shot to close 1-2.
      (maybe even 2-1 best case).


  2. Was in the stands and to say it was a Civil Engineering road grading deployment by the UNC OL Vs our Front 7 would be an understatement; combined with LBs being caught up in the slop, it was clear our front 7 were outmanned by Searles’ Bunch.

    At the end, Scoreboard was closer than reality as don’t think VT ever stopped UNCheat, just a couple of dropped passes, but otherwise UNC did what they wanted on offense.

    Coaches will scheme some areas around to help offset the soft middle but as you noted UNC O is well balanced and talented to run.

    Fixed on our Mike LB, who seemEd to have slowed dramatically this off season, nor can he shed blockers, nor can he stop huffing and puffing after a few plays. Wonder if his conditioning was that much impacted or if he could be the Doritos man CC referred too? Or maybe Searles crew is that just that good.

    Noticed in warm ups that QB HH & BB are not accurate in throws, believe it is what it is with BB, and maybe some rust with HH, but neither would win tire throwing accuracy contest but was impressed by QP improvement.

    That said, there’s some leadership mojo with Hooker that you can’t deny, team believes and often that’s the difference as the sidelines excitement went straight up as he took the helm in 2nd half.

    Will note, as the common theme is to say Coach Foster stayed too long, wasn’t engaged, blah blah blah. Can’t deny we’re seeing the loss of his 2nd layer coaching on the field This year cause our strength going into the season looks soft and a step slow vs the run and non existent except in blitzing vs the pass. A Heavier Dax, Skinnier Tisdale and Chubbier Ashby, none of which are playing to their potential or expectation through 3 games. That is my one observation through 3.

    It was fun to see Football love and in colour!

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Beat BC!

    1. I can tell you this little… our Mike has a history of knee-dings.
      DAX reported to camp in 2 full knee-braces as to boot.
      (Eye saw this one with my own 2-beedy little Eyes).

      What did C2 say? (context=?)

      +several Rog.Staubach’s for: Tire Throwing.
      Yah; that’s a real location sharpner. truly.

      On no doubt… Eye saw this Hooker jumper-cables as well (same 2 beedy little…)
      Hooker has an effortless “ALL eyes on me”, Gift.
      Tho’ BAX is not so shunned as Ry’ on wheat.
      (at least and that’s good here).

      Hmmmmmm, did they update the DAX weight anywhere? you sure on that?
      (you are correct on the other two.. tho’ Ash’ came back nice and tight to
      be Ash and fell-appart on his 15 day shutdown diet/workout wise).
      Seriousy, he found 2” of gut give/take.


  3. Good article b-street. Only difference I have is with passing comparison. Hard to compare HH who hadn’t played all season with BB who is what he is (the 9-25 at Duke shows the UNC game wasn’t an aberration). No Spring ball really hurt both of them and the team.

    1. No spring prolly hurt BAX a bit more.
      (and it ALSO hurt their critique of BAX top-down).


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