Your North Carolina Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=43, North Carolina=41

(in 6 OT’s)!!!

Like a dead man needs a…

Virginia Tech football just won a marathon 246-minute game. 4 hours and 6 minutes of duration if you are keeping score at home and mere 56 extra plays of tie-breaking work! This roughly equates to 23 extra minutes or a game that basically did not expire until about ½-way through the 6Q. Shew!

The Hokies hung in, they hung on and finally hung U.n.c. out to dry on the final Power-Qb-Iso over on the even or left side wham look. Shew some more! As this had to be one well-worn O&M crew come Sunday morning. Nevertheless, the hard-fought version is the best well-worn sense of a.c.c.omplishment there is. Because after a U.n.c. TD throw did actually get threw; Fu’s born again culture finally did break the seal, taking a size-72 O&M red-alert front page from Rocky Bleier’s brutally epic book and -of all the things- they finally started:  FIGHTING Back!

1Q 60 minutes remaining:
Did you see just how confident/swaggy U.n.c. was pre-game and in-game right up until the game really tightened up and put a mental-clap on both sides post-play displays? Eye literally have it in my notes that they were trying to bully and intimidate us… they wanted our lunch-money and were not real far removed from trying to stand us on our head and shake us for all we were worth.

(then the TD below happened and so did #HARDSmartTOUGH!!!)
Tho’ big-Mack has successfully changed their culture.
Gotta give him that round 10-8.

1Q 14:52 remaining:
Gonna (try) to go R.A.T.T. lyte-sauce on my critiques today, after such a one-of-a-kind EPIC VicTory. Nevertheless, I’ve been watching football for nearly half a century worth of seasons of the Game of Life. Never ever, ever, never, have I seen a De (go under) and crash a play so far/deep that he (accidentally) trap-blocks the backside De with friendly fire via mistake? (this leaves my clinical side wondering if Garbutt is just too amped up? Too high to begin the game? And as you can see… Garbutt fought Belmar’s Law and the LAW won!)

1Q :32 remaining:
Skip-pass that mitch!”

Great read by Hooker to boot!

Aye, someone has been known to mix his sporting metaphor in-game… as this is how you get on “point” when you see the need to go throw a lob-pass over the top of a football zone. Whereby you have a 3 on 2 advantage at the bottom of the screen. Just like in… hoops. Try as we might… football still ain’t rocket-surgery men. It is however easy as (π)… that or 3.14.

2Q remaining/cultural-season remaining:
So up through this point… me?

Eye was skared. Skared that U.n.c.’s aforementioned culture was about to arm-punch us and bully us fo’ keeps.

mid-script: HOWEVER, here is what got the party-started… (and on the subsequent play? Tis’ got his legs cut (dinged knee and all) and suddenly this Coastal-quiz started to get downright testy indeed).

2Q 14:54 remaining:
Just watch as #5 of U.n.c. gut-kicks the pursuing Conner a country-mile out-of-bounds along the U.n.c. sideline! As it was on until the break of dawn after this… shazam!


(READERS note: …that seemingly harangue firmly in place… the Ref’s swallowed their whistle on this day and just “let ’em play“. This may not have been Semper Fine(d), although it was consistent and that is all you get to ask as a baller.

Strict or “let ’em play” just keep calling it the same dang way. PROPs @the rather consistent Zebras crew here).

As U.n.c. was the (early) aggressor. You could see our guys gettin’ dogged and/or stolen even on the tone-setting two initial U.n.c. kickoffs. Then a (not) so fu’nny thing happened along the way to the O&M Clinical Store.

Our blocking was on par with our seasonal so-so, our tacking was actually backsliding just a scosche (7 missed tac’s up until this point— in particular in space) and the Hooker snap fumble looked way more parts mocktoberfest and less trick than… treat!

Our very own: … judas, goat…

Well, then #22 Connor got mad.
In point of fact, he got really mad.
And then our sideline plum got… worse!

As we say in the People’s Republick of the 3o4… FINALLY… someone wanted to “goon” (phonation guide: go+on said fast/together) and do sompthin’ about it. As Connor (accidentally) landed on the back of the U.n.c. TD receiving Wideout after the score out-of-bounds. And having played the spot? I can get why you would not like it if Connor landed on you. Nonetheless, when #5 Dazz -I have mo’ neck tats than you have neck tats- Newsome went back of head and smacked Connor around? Two’s went off! And then the rest of our team finally copped a fight-back attitude instead of the total bitch looking victim one. All it costs us was 6-points and one pivotal occipital head-slap. WAR #22!!!

^that could very well be the Play of the Cultural, Year^ to boot. A real flint-stone. As our culturally soaked powder (finally) took to an O&M spark! (p.s. U.n.c. sure attacked Connor all-day/all-nite… makes you wonder what they *think* they saw on pre-game film to provoke this?)

2Q 5:52 remaining:
THE Sickest ^juke-move^ in the 0-hole since the real Shake ‘n Bake in the 1970s.
PEACE-out to #21 of U.n.c.’s jockstrap!!!

2Q 1:44 remaining:
The “word” is: hyperextension (left-knee, may St.Nikhon bless). Although let me tell you -as I’d bet nickels to dimes that as the only member of the to likely have done this- these are nasty and can be catastrophic. Bending your knee against the patella’s grain is a bad/dangerous thing men. And that’s when you survive it… as I wore my hyperextension off/on for close to 14-months before it (thank Christ) suddenly/fully loosed up again.

…Ry’ on wheat threw this one up, COLD.

2Q :19 remaining:
Yes, I already know… every once else will be writing about Q’s OT throw. It was a helluva lob for a guy who is not (yet) known to be a guy who throws, lasers. It was also from a guy who was warmed-up wearing a thick lather of sweat, too.

Ry’ on wheat?

…you do the thermo’, maths.

Game Duration:
PROPers @James Hyson!!! Never seen an Umpire go in and manually help ballers up off the dogpile. Helps mitigate anything that may/may not be gettin’ ready to pop-off. As help is still the largest 4-letter word of them all. (may St.James bless!)

3Q 8:08 remaining:
Tis (not) always better to give than to“…

(p.s. also, observe McClease with the (now) left-forearm ding; (St.Julia bless))

2nd-half/OT duration:
In ~42 mins of ball; Q netted 128 on the ground. And due to shoestring tackles, he musta left another good 70-80+ yards out there as he was this close (index-mashed-to-thumb) to taking at least three other carries to the rack. “…a game of inches“, indeed. p.s. gotta add that McClease sold ice to Native Alaskan-Americans on Q’s R.P.O. keepers. As McClease juke-cut guys sans the football on two of ’em! LOL and seriously! (Finally, Q had the biggest gun of not less than 4-pretty-talented Qb’s on the field on Saturday. And it was not even close on deep-Out pattern velocity, either).

5Q, 1995 Frank vs. Miami remaining:

the 4th Fu’ girl’s name: …Khalil Ladler Fu‘!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=27

North Carolina:
Qb pressured=17
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=17

READERS note: and for clarity… we actually had (0) or zero missed tackles in the 4Q. My spreadsheet is up against its cell content column-wise so I placed the (2) overtime missed stops into the 4Q cell.

Or in other words, tacking itself really tightened up after the Connor dust-up and this tells you just how downright popular Connor must be. As it was so-so at best prior to that. And it should be noted that the relatively small/narrow Khalil Ladler (listed at: 5′11″, a buck-ninety (190 lbs.), which I question), well after missing several regulation stops he cowboyed-up and made two critical end of Overtime “dynooooo-mite” stops. Good Times or Jimmie Walker stops. That’s pretty potent work from what is basically your Fs3 in the clutch folks. Bra-vo ‘lil Ladler indeed!

So, if you look at the tackling per play metric, this is just C+++ stopping, as .22o to .23o has been our normative range for years. However, it was vastly better after the Connor fight. And so was our sideline emotionalization and vocalization levels. Gotta go enthusiastically all the way back to the final couple of Frank’s games since I’ve seen a VeeTee sideline erupt Vesuvian or Hellenic at anything and everything that went down. Eye for one cannot humanly communicate just how refreshing I find all of this to be. Like we (finally) broke the Vegan Tech emotional cultural Fu’fensive seal.

(as in: two weeks in a row, my Eye has spied youngling/benchwarmers doing dance moves in-game right behind coach-Fu’! When before they woulda been scared S’less of doing this and -even worse- getting caught doing this on camera). The Hawthorne Effect is a powerful drug… stage fright or shortening 1o1. As I for one infinitely prefer our emotionally ovulating or hot to trot and go get that work look 25/8.

And the TTT metric did hold on and call for an imbalanced tie, when you look at the pocketed part itself. Although Q slamming himself repeatedly into the LOL (line-of-scrimmage) is gonna skew this marker more than a little bit.

Segueing, tho’ still riding with Bud B⊕ck….

How about five stops from your highest class-rank Dt1?

50% of which were sacks good for 12 in reverse (credited with: a ½ sack if the mathematician in you is wondering). 60% of which were TFL (tackles for a loss) good for 14 in reverse. With two more Qb hurries. Great for a 110% scorer’s glitch type of day or 26 yards worth of t.Hell trashing! This from the kid that someone had to actively defend this week on Will’s pay-MB. As this is prolly his Hewitt’s best -or at least his most neeeeeeded- game of his Techman career thus far.

…the whispers say… that Hewitt himself went in and told Team & Staff alike that he had sucked all year last week. And that hell-by-damn he was gonna go out there and do sompthin’ about it too!!!

Understand guys… this was not Fu’ (or Bud/Wiles) calling him out.
He called himself, IN!

"Commitment is a choice... discipline is a directive."

Hewitt will make a grate hubby/daddy someday.

As Hewitt already gets it re: commitment.


This is also why some of you are nutty for wanting to sit DAX and Floyd. Truly. You guys just do not get it. You must: “keep to the code“. At all times. 366 days a year. Nonnegotiably. We all know the locker room code is never (technically) ‘rong. Tho’ even when it sometimes does actually come up a little bit short on being right? Guess what you still get to do?!?

You still get to keep to the code. Just like Bartholomew the Pirate had every ship he crewed do. DAX and Floyd -imperfections and two real live dings/dents aside- get and obey Fu’s culture. They are trying when others are tanking. Their “give a damn” does not break based upon the tally!

We’ve got some that are whale blubber everywhere. Something goes ‘rong and some of our peeps tank. Catch a bad-bounce or bad-hop or bad-call or bad-snap or bad whatever… and (previously) too many of our peeps tank. Cultural Slaughter House No.5. Captain Vonnegut and Captin’ Ahab report to the dance-floor and moby these dicks! Tho’ do leave DAX and Floyd alone when you do.

Finally, Ashby got credited with 17 total tac’s with 4 solo-stops. I’m not a fan… as Ashby single handily stuffed at least 5-6 “go” plays from U.n.c. via cowboying-up his solo self. And recall the only place improving comes before own is still the dictionary. And Ashby entirely owned a U.n.c. Rb who was one Ashby whiff from destroying any Bud Lyte sense of containment; continually. Man-card props at #25 (for this game). p.s. Hunter and Floyd both had a few silencing funnel/spill play big-gainer solo-stops as well; (i.e. they had five combined).

As Bud Lyte dug deeper than it has since hosting uva last year and held a kid who is gonna be a fine 2022 Qb1 to 53% passing and the ‘Heels to a mere 3.4 ypr. This with some very elongating zone-mixing coverages from the hind-7 to hind-8 that really stymied and extended Howell’s 18-years young or rookie year of voting t-Fr. mind.

^that’s^, not the worst defense overall folks. In very particular for a marathon 20-inning game that played out to a 4+ hour contest that went deep into the 6Q. (with a quickie of a tip of the O&M hat to big-Ben Hilgirth… as our conditioning part of the O&M S&C equation equated itself rather sportingly as we grew stronger as the Coastal night grew longer).

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (1 (OT) TD, 1 OT 2-point conversion!)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 FGA-missed!)

North Carolina:
positive: |||| |||| |||| (1 (OT) TD, 1 U.n.c. penalty)
Swiss (neutral): |||| (1 VT/U.n.c. offsetting “whistle”)
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| (2 U.n.c. penalties, 1 FGA-blocked!)

Ain’t no denying that the Howell kid is a play-maker when you read that right ^there^ folks. Very precocious kid for being a whopping 18-years-young. Even if his lack of Pirelli tires expensed him a few Lo.FM’s that our Qb(s) with greater leg-talent (may) have avoided. “Sam I can” is gonna make stellar sky-blue plays before 2022 is over, done, threw.

Hooker and Q helped keep/reduce VeeTee’s exposure to Lo.FM’s on ad-libs of collapsing pockets. Even if truly positive Lo.FM managerial experience could yet prove to be 2020 to 2022 away. As the positive side of Lo.FM’s are nearly always reserved for talented and upperclassman Pivots. Where the Experience and Physical acumen curves, intersect. (A.K.A. a r-Sr. year Ry’ on wheat’s heroic TD lob off the bench). So, go ahead and expect fewer early series negative Lo.FM’s and more staying on down-n-distance schedule courtesy of Hooker and Q’s wheels. However, likewise go ahead and expect fewer positive Lo.FM’s when we are chasing the chain-gang late in a given series per their birth certificates as well.

Now, take a looksee at the penalty maker(s) up above… do you sense a change in the jumpy/jittery O&M force here since our Qb(1)’s swap? Way way down on self-inflicted, wounds; ain’t they? (and this is a potentially serious composure enhancer to the potentially great if there ever was one!)

Do observe, that we need more positive blocked plays than negative blocked plays in order to qualify for a mere (per se) passing blocking grade (pardon the inter-sport pun). On this one, however, it must be science-fact pointed out that we nearly achieved a Swiss (or neutral) all-time record on a decently passable blocking day. Why is this you ask?

Well, with the bull named Q loose in the U.n.c. china shop… we had a buncha static to less than dynamic type carries outta Q in and around the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). They were not negative plays less one well outside the Ot box to the even or right-side. So, our basically 60% back-up Vice Squad oLine did hold a pretty good starting U.n.c. dLine outta our backfield once Q took the Qb1 reins. As U.n.c. TFL (tackles for a loss) were virtually blanked after QVT went to work. And 5.8 ypc does not suck from the pile-moving Q. Neither did his long-jaunt of 53 yards which maybe/sorta showcased his O&M red-line top speed as he actually slipped about ½-way on his way to six. And yet Q had at least 3 to 5 plays that were pretty close to breaking contain, and even if we did tally right at 50 rushing yards per quarter of scrumming with Q @Qb1… Q coulda pushed up on a bicentennial (200-yard) day had he just popped one or two of those aforementioned just barely contained plays.

This is an intrigue for any given offense and this is a dead-man finally finding a coffin for any traditional run-fits challenged offense. And although virtually entirely recalcitrant to publish this, Q brings so much run-effect and vastly so much more power/push to our typically 110v domestic run-shapes… methinks you gotta at least toy with conscripting the services of Charlie Sheen here.

And consider platooning Q with Hooker once Hooker gets back. Hooker gives you a bit more passing and maybe a little more dynamism on his run-fits. Tho’ for a team that lacks “hit”, or “pop” or “thud”? Q is a very lucrative 220v industrial temptation for an O that has only courted two power-pushers (Evans and Peoples) in the last four years.

This would give us a vastly more Kill(er) look inside the all too typically user-friendly All Charmin Conference where soft comes to thrive and rough comes to die.

I cannot speak for you… though me and my committee of one?

We entirely ratify any and all possible return(s) to any version of black-n-blue Big East football inside any finesse stylized conference. And if you doubt the veracity of that… do you doubt the terminal effects of running Rambo up the gut/inside the Ot-box? As it is not all that elastic to label this sudden powerhouse display as being: Resurrectional or Coach Lazarus football.

As Coach Kill is *known* for 2-Te, K.I.S.S., hard-rocking, “wham” type football. Coach Kill could see this 1,038 miles away over in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
And a blind man can see this with a cane.

Finally, do notice that snapping has worsened in the last ~9Q’s of scrumming, and I have nothing ‘rong on our Hudson-bomber. Tho’ this may hint at a health ding or undisclosed foible. Hooker missed at least four throws, and Q missed one. A 33% miss-rate for Hooker, with a 16% miss-rate for Q and yet a pretty dang solid 4.7% drop-rate from the catching corps. So, the corporeal issues are actually found on the front-end of the pitch-n-catch battery; contrary to what is being reported elsewhere.

Q-score this… Ry’ being the mere 383 Qb-rating Pivot for this game. Ry’ being the mere 100% passer for this game. Ry’ being the ex-Qb1 whose every third threw he chucked went for 6 points off of coming in cold to an extremely hot in-game situation… now gone, Qb3? ‘We are not in Kansas any more’ and a cruel mistress this oblong spheroid indeed. God bless Ry’.


  • I’m not saying that it IS time… tho’ you gotta wonder if it is getting close to time to Tulsa free-agent John Parker Romo a place-kicking shot yet or not? As leg-strength he gots and a long-range 3-pointer we might just 2019 needs! As this kid swings a damn mean-leg on an lb. for lb. basis @ a mere 169 lbs.! (plus, he ran T&F and that gives you more trickeration options with less a week’s worth of shopping days until you know when).
  • Paul Hogan’s favorite Punter, ever… with nearly a 50% chance to boom a punt 50+ yards is just pretty dang bad-ass.
  • Six diff’ Hokie grab-gangstas averaged 12+ per grab or a first-down and change per catch. This is only gonna further loosen things up underneath for whoever “hikes” it at Qb1 and for McClease or King once he gets his shoulder (St.Christopher bless) back. As we enjoyed six snags north of 18-big-yards on the day!
  • After halftime, and prior to one decent jaunt in OT; Bud Stout held U.n.c. to -3′ of rushing! That’s negative three-feet folks.
  • Although passing production {sic: passing yardage} dropped every single Q of play (79, 59, 49, 33 and just 18-yards in OT), we did ring the quarterly centennial (100-yard) rushing bell in the 4Q when we truly inflicted our will for the first time since the first-half of uva last year.
  • The Dt’s are a pleasant surprise vs. the run; in terms of helping to keep Ash’ and DAX second-layer scraping to the play cleanly. They also have begun to finally push the passing cup northward right into opposing Qb’s face(s). However, Ash’ is the Sargent-at-arms for this 2019 defense extraordinaire. His Teletubby midriff notwithstanding, he and his dinged knee just loosed up and played their first solid coverage day and even played a bit better laterally in pursuit. Not quite Jack Lambert rangy though a good deal less E-W truncated upon breaking tape.
  • Rambo as a full-fledged (7 carries | 25 rushing yards North-South) H-back you ask?  That’s sum {sic: Coach} Kill(er) advice to toughen up and install at least one 220v circuit breaker and POWER-on this previously somewhat shorty looking O over in the Lane Stadium fuse box if you ask me. (p.s. just watch Rambo’s already pretty dang Summa Cum Laude blocking escalate for this one. Tantric blocking here this young man, comes)
  • Ditto the Jumbo 2-Te elephantine sets… as somewhere Coach Hannibal is… smiling.

This was the best VeeTee football game since half-past... when???

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The Rest of the Story...

What coach Paul Harvey and I just saw was real live, authentic -and at least rated-R- stylized Power rushing with Q at the Qb1 helm for the VERY first time since J.Evans’ last rumbling, bumbling, stumblin’ carry vs. Arkansas.

What you just saw was this very same 220v power-game give this seemingly finessing Fu’fense an actual sense of E.C.G. paddles empowerment. No! Not wimminz lib’ or being a card-carrying member of the feminazi party. Not Purely Chicken. Not some stoopid Latinized: (Acta Non Verba) 2018 cultural fail T-shirt. Not even being a Skeletor looking grandmaw (Empress Georgiou) who stands toe-to-toe with Devo dinner party looking Klingon’s and slugs it out mªno-a-mªno. Sans breaking a single ‘nail… tho’ I sci-fi digress…

Right on the cusp of: “my boy” status!

As Science Fact itself goes… my spies say that one of our very own O&M Tiger Team spearheading Coach Kill’s best takes has been the program-wide lack of: “Identity“.

“Defibrillation paddles… please report to the dance floor!”

Because here, and in this terminal-contact sport that is actually named after one of the crueler medieval torture devices ever {sic: the gridir0n}? Well in this carnivorous sport, most athlete’s identity with punching and they best identify with punchingfirst! First to contact, first to hit … “always instigate, never retaliate.” —Arnold “red” Auerbach.


The fighting spirit! The will to win!” —Kelly’s Heroes

Eye say this in having suffered this terminal contact sport my ownself in quite literally applied sports psych terms… because having to calm a Wildman down is vastly superior to having to fire a buncha misQ, playing-time phobic kids, back up! “Attack! Attack! Attack! And when in doubt attack again.” Been a long time since we went Coach George S. Patton Jr. and choose to punch first. As Fu’ himself is prolly more parts boxer or maybe even a counter-puncher via analytic introvert number-cruncher trade. Enter: Fu’s very own coaching (and now cultural) consiglieré Phil Elmassian. Maybe even a wartime Elmo’ at that? As this was a truly Kill(er) move by the seemingly less than cut-throat Fu’… n’est-ce pas?

As said… Fu’ himself is prolly more parts boxer or maybe even a counter-puncher temperament wise.  Nevertheless, X’s and O’s sharp or not, that all goes emotionally “stale” in a word when you turtle into your uber intellectual shell in-game. Whenever you find yourself taking heavy emotional and/or game-play anxiety high-stress incoming fire. No matter how many smart-cookies you may indeed have stashed away in your shell, it’s just not the most masculine tip-of-the-spear look. It is a (got) hit and run look. Or got hit-n-hid. Even if that is hiding out inside real live sporting X’s and O’s I’s and Q’s… it cues a hesitant second-to-the-punch look. And second place is the first-place L’ers look.

As the epic Peter Gent pro’ football novel -and the actually highly S&M sanitized movie- North Dallas Forty teaches us all… sometimes you just gotta start a fight. As there is an original-school football litmus test that says that teams’ that like to fight are teams that are ready to play. And quite frankly our O&M blue-strips had been turning pink -if not yellow- of late.

And at the expense of a gold-tin-foil star for sportsmanship?
The post-TD dust-up could not have possibly come at a better, time.

Are we having Fu‘n, yet?

As this terminal contact sport is a gruesome human abattoir.

Recall Eye was the one that said Fu’ needed a breakthrough seminal VicTory: “like a dead man needs a coffin.” Like an incoming o-2 Frank needed to kick the door in on Miami way way back when in ’95. Well, Fu’s unassimilated previous culture at least knocked the saloon batwing doors off the hinges here.

The takeaway

That said, we don’t wanna get too high on our very own tarred-n-feathered fumes here. As we saw this after we upset a very talented and not very much of anything else F.s.u. down @Tally in the one-hole last season.

That’s the R.A.T.T., still nubile, still very underclassman heavy and heretofore still susceptible to a too young to know any better repeat tagline here folks.

Nonetheless, the effortless applied sports-psych calendar solution to that is… this BYE week should help our hawt-to-trot younglings decompress before catching any version of the got too high too fast and got drunk on U.n.c. victory bends. Were we playing N.Dame on a normal 6-day turn and this might be a real live clinical bugbear for such an underage squad. Tho’ 13 days in between will ballast us and bring us back down to our 5 up and 2 down Earth right as rain.


As Ry’ has now found out in his career
-twice- a Femme Fatalé indeed this oblong spheroid gents. Thereby giving new meaning to my new pet saying of: “if the participation Trophy does not fit? You must acquit“.

Or in our case… you must not acquit! Whereas, if Fu’ and Kill and Conner, et all have truly turned this upside-‘rong culture 180° around? This will be the largest (quantity) and the longest (duration) of a cultural cul-du-sac gone U-turn Eye have ever misdirected seen.

Seriously, this has been over one season of life on the proverbial cuts both ways razor’s edge. And rest assured, no matter how much credit Fu’Kill accrue they will never cull too much.

Because if this is much theater of the absurd emotional freneticism is not Fu’s breakthrough cultural moment? Hellen Keller and Eye have no idea what is?

p.s. all ^that^ love aside… do, not, sit, Q!!!
Q’s body-of-work- is posting fiscal and physical bonds that your 110v culture
-at least so far- could, not; cash!



Virginia Tech=43, North Carolina=41




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  1. Young and high on fumes or not, these Hokies are getting some swagger back to the program. Keep it rolling boys….

    1. That is the flip side… play @N.Dame right away to avoid leaking any positive big-Mo’?
      (could be…)


  2. Ty, ‘sreet.

    Epic game. Standing there, one could feel things change. First thought I was imagining things. Then as the 2nd half wore on, i saw the QP/Rambo and OL constant pounding wore UNC down. 500#s of RB plus 2 tons of OL/TE was raw and effective. Im thinking the boys liked it more and more as they got a taste of being the aggressors.

    We knew the play was a run, UNC knew too. And… they… couldn’t… stop… it. Glorious.

    A wise old man used to say to me “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”. Our emerging O identity of smashouth with dangerous air attack is a clear destination. Big10(?) ball in the ACC?

    Looking deeper, what do you think about farley/waller and hewitts sudden(?) jump up in their games?. Light goes on? Something physical? Scheme? Synergy? Is there another move for them to take in the future we should look for?

    For the first time in many years, as I was leaving a random hokie about my age just came up in west concourse to me to share in the afterglow. We didn’t know each other at all. That did not suck. Fan base is alive. Funeral is cancelled.

    1. Grate post! Lotta good stuff there!

      We knew the play was a run, UNC knew too. And… they… couldn’t… stop… it. Glorious.

      A wise old man used to say to me “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

      ^That’s a keeper.^

      I’m not as sure/unsure on the Cb’s… are they all that?
      I need another 4 Q’s, maybe 8. As other teams will be testing them and those answers will come.


  3. Great write up of the game and how the team aggressiveness evolved (regressed to the old Big East toughness). This is why young men play this violent game…to out hit and outplay the opponent. We need to keep channeling this anger and desire to win into effort. In more years watching Tech football than B-street, I have never seen a more needed change of team effort and performance than the difference in the Duke and North Carolina games. This is the kind of Tech team we fans have been looking for and will support.

    1. Agry!
      Last line in particular.

      So.West.Va. “identifies” with this.
      And Coach Kill -to his credit- saw/picked-up on this too.


  4. Tough comes from the heart, not the head. My heart agrees..”do, not, sit, Q!!!”

    1. The body fuels the mind.”
      –coach Norman MaClean, A River Runs Through It


      1. MaClean also “believed the art of writing lay in thrift.”

        Confidence, belief, faith is vital and/but cannot be artificially generated. It has to be real and from the heart or it is not. Real faith will accomplish much.

        1. Yes he did.
          The Presbyterian syntax is a lotta things. Long not being among ’em.


  5. Great read B-Street. I thought for the first time in a while we just went out and played with our hair on fire from Q2 onward. In fact the the tighter the game got the better we “just played”. That offense is so much more satisfying. Lets face facts, we (VT) need a running QB. Has been that way since the Post Druck Zone. Nothing more satisfying than ramming the ball down a teams throat. I may break out my “Just Run the Damn Ball” t-shirt if Q stays in the mix. I can take losing, I can’t take getting punked.

    1. Agry. Dual threats are a real conundrum headache in terms of defensing N-S.
      At least I know where Montan will be… in the pocket. Don’t know where Tyrod, any Vick, Q, et al will be. So I do not know when I can safely move/attack N or S. With Joe you can at least lay back a bit.

      Agry as well… I can not take watching guys not run plays out up @Pitt last year.
      That’s a kiss of death. As there are guys on the other side who ARE running plays out.


  6. As always, really do enjoy reading your articles B. All my 67 years and have never seen this,“A wise old man used to say to me “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Indeed a keeper.

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