Your North Carolina football preview is, up!

#58 R.P.I. North Carolina @ #65 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football hosts recruiting boarder-rival North Carolina on Saturday afternoon in a nearing peak foliage New River Valley. This game tips-off at half-past 3 PM on R.S.N. (Reginal Sports Network | code for mostly FOX stations, with ROOT and YES on board to boot).

The Hokies are currently not favored; as a 3.5  to
4-point homesteading underdog (VT+4) out on the Vegas big-board for this one here. This is “terror dome” unusual to say the least and unwelcome to nearly discouraging to say the most. As someone has gotta win this one; even if there are only two A.c.c. teams with 1 L or less this campaign. This segues us effortlessly into today’s word of the day…

Today’s word of the day is… a quote…

There’s room at the top… it’s the bottom that’s crowded.”

—Josephus Miller, The Expanse

North Carolina Head Coach: William Mack Brown: age=68, (3-3 year and at U.n.c.; 247–125–1 overall); has a rep’ for stellar (pun intended) recruiting, FLIPPING-recruits, offense, Wr’s and Pitch-n-Catch development in particular.

Baller Brown was a three-sport star at Putnam County High School, playing football, basketball, and baseball. After his senior season, he won All-State as well as Prep All-America honors and was selected one of the nation’s top running backs by Scholastic Magazine his senior year. The Tennessean selected him as the state player of the year.

Baller Brown accepted a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University., where his brother Watson Brown was the starting quarterback. In his time playing for the Vanderbilt Commodores, he played for Bill Pace and rushed 82 times for 364 yards and three touchdowns, as well as catching seven passes for 50 yards and a touchdown during the 1970 season.

Brown then transferred to Florida State University. Brown played for Florida State under head coach Larry Jones. At Florida State, he had 31 rushing attempts for 98 yards and 10 catches for 76 yards in the 1972 season. Lettering twice as a running back for the Seminoles, he started his coaching career as a student coach after five knee surgeries ended his career prematurely (may St.Nikon penta-bless). graduated F.s.u. in 1974. He later received a graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1976. PROPs on this!

Coach Mack broke into the clipboard for hire ranks at So.Miss and has made a buncha big-name tour stops along the way. Among them would be: Florida State, L.s.u., Oklahoma, of course, Texas, and a previous stint at U.n.c. (1988-97). Coach Brown started out with three negative seasons in his first six campaigns. Then he began a much more positive ascent upwards through the more rarefied coaching ranks. As he got things rolling at Chapel Hill in 1990 and has suffered only one L’ing season ever since. (although he had been retired/outta coaching since 2013). Since returning to Chapel Hill, Brown has started a tradition of lighting the Bell Tower blue after every home win.

Extremely dang good on a career-stage basis!

Coach Mack has picked up a few trinkets along the way. Among them would be: the B.c.s. or D-1 National Championship (2005), 2 Big 12 crowns (2005, 2009), and six Big 12 South Division titles (1999, 2001–2002, 2005, 2008–2009). Accordingly, he has been awarded a few things along the way as well. Among them would be: the A.c.c. Coach of the Year (1996), the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award (2005), the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award (2008) and he is a 2× Big 12 Coach of the Year (2005, 2009). Coach Mack also sports a winning post-season mark at 13-8 when bowling. And thespian Brown made several T.V. Friday Night Lights appearances/cameos.

Additionally, Coach Brown has authored an 18-year bowl-streak, with 20 straight winning seasons. This with a mere 192 consecutive weeks ranked in the Coach’s Poll to boot. Coach Brown is one of only three head coaches in D-1 history to coach players who recorded a 2,000-yard rushing season, a 1,000-yard receiving season and a 3,000-yard passing season in the very same year (Tx, per V.Young). When combined with his brother (Watson Brown), they compose the pair of brothers with the most combined wins in college football history. And he is already enshrined in the Tenn. Sports Hall of Fame. And he and his family have done more than a lot of community/charity work… in particular in regard to abused children. (God Bless!)

Mack-daddy’s wife is named Sally. They have four children:
Matt Jessee, Katherine Ryan, Barbara Wilson, and Chris Jessee

North Carolina 2018 record: 2 up 9 down and 1-7 in the A.c.c.

U.n.c. Defense: (starters back=5)

  • 53rd in Total D.
  • 72nd vs. the run.
  • 59th vs. the throw.
  • 60th in Pass Efficiency D.
  • 28th in first down D.
  • 72nd in 3rd down coverts allowed.
  • 84th in Zone D.
  • 69th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 66th in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • TBA in dLine Havoc. De/Lb Tomon Fox, Ng/Dt Aaron Crawford, Dt Jason Strowbridge are quality and yet after them, there is a noticeable drop off here. Fox and S.bridge, in particular, are disruptive guys who can and will penetrate your backfield. Tho’ Crawford has been even more disruptive than the more veteran Strowbridge has to this point. And that is saying something as Crawford is suddenly having a very quality final-run-fit-season in his own plucky middle-gapping right. (i.e. the U.n.c. second-layer is playing cleaner than expected for it). Tho’ the U.n.c. De’s sure crash the belly hard; Hooker could do well to the edge here.
  • TBA in Linebacking Havoc. ex-Qb1 (no typo), Lb Chazz Surratt and Lb Jeremiah Gemmel are legit. There is a drop off after the top-3 and frankly, it is a pretty steep one that wants for even serviceable depth at that. As Chazz and Jerry make plays and are the glue-guys who are holding a centrist to a vanilla looking U.n.c. D together on film. Or rather they are your Breyer’s vanilla bean sprinkles as this is a Walmart or lower-shelf defense sans these two Lb’s. Although third-year 262 lb., hybrid Tomon Fox is just a pack-mule at the nominal Sam-Linebacking spot. This kid is nearly a De cheating back in a 2-point stance. A really disruptive kid who makes you wonder where he will 2020 be?
  • TBA in Secondary Havoc. U.n.c. plays the ball and not the man on tape and currently slots 34th best in passes pirated for it. And unlike some teams, they do have the “twitch” and/or “burst” to court some healthy measure of recovery-speed when they do miss on a break on the ball. T.Heels Sr. year Cb Patrice Rene (knee, St.Nikhon bless) is done for the duration. Fs Myles Dorn is prolly the best defensive backfield guy remaining. Dorn is beat-up and “Questionable” for this one and his play has been the same in film-study. Even if six of seven players with at least 11 tackles did return in the hind-4 there are/were some strengths here and now there are a couple of more alluring spots for potential exploitation. Soph, Cb Trey Morrison is whispered to be in an arm-cast (St.Julia bless) and Ss2 Cam’Ron Kelly ripped up his A.c.l. (St.Nikhon bless). Additionally, Ss1 Myles Wolfolk has an undisclosed leg-injury and is “DOUBTFUL” for this one. This more/less leaves the T.Heel secondary in one helluva a 20-40% remaining starting health shape.

    20 with a deep dang Cover-1 to cheat field-side help.
  • D overall: The preseason book(s) all read the same… stop-unit depth is a real live bugbear concern here. As creative/innovative defensive coordinator, Jay Bateman inherits a solid pass rush and seasoned secondary; and yet the incoming phobia was… just how much would U.n.c. opponents need to throw? As the 2018 ‘Heel stop-unit only had four different stoppers make it through the ’18 campaign intact. That and the fact that the Heel’s top-3 run-fighters (Dt, De, and Mike-Lb) all left leaves you wondering if the kids are all right here? Film-Study: U.n.c. tackling is okay and that is all it is. Shallow and leg-diving at times. This quasi 3-4 will over-shift to the field or Will-side and tends to hang its Fs a good 15+ off the LOS in centerfield keep everything in front. Man on edges is very variable. I saw it all on both the field and the boundary side… press, medium, and off-man and toggles/invert off of the same. Did see some halves or the aforementioned Tampa-1 behind all of these pretty creative/composite man looks. U.n.c. can give up a few IsoPPP+ type of chunk-yardage plays at times. U.n.c.’s pseudo-base thirty-four will shift into nearly a 20-look as you see up above when thinking pass and their Fs’s G.P.S. is typically off of the screen if you try to count to eleventeen.

    nuff said…
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=61%. The new U.n.c. D has the look-n-feel of an even version of a forty-three set. It has the look-n-feel of a unit that has simultaneously improved from its 93rd ranking last year and also that of a unit that is approaching its 2019 ceiling. If not, in fact, a 2019 unit that has already peaked— albeit due to the hind-4 insalubrious reasons indeed. T.Fox is your conflict-defender here; and oh yes, they have the: Turnover Belt!

Defensive letter-grade:

U.n.c. Offense: (returning starters=4)

  • 53rd in Total O.
  • 69th in ground O.
  • 5oth in aerial O.
  • 36th in Passing Efficiency O.
  • 51st in completion percentage O.
  • 44th in 1st down O.
  • 98th in 3rd down converts.
  • 10th in Zone O.
  • 119th in sacks allowed | 109th in TFL allowed!!! (remind U of anyone?)
  • O overall: Rb’s: Williams, Javonte and Carter, Michael carry the mail here and they carry it better than Cliff Clavin ever did as a more than serviceable 1-2 Rb punch goes. They are good, solid Rb’s, tho’ more parts doubles and triples as hitters. With only one carry north of 32-yards between ’em so far. They do fumble a bit upon breaking tape. Leading rusher 5′1o″, 215 lb. second-year year Javonte Williams has found a little more sinew since we saw him last. Even his face looks bigger/thicker for it.  Javonte looks part Cardassian with what I’d estimate to be a least an 18″ inch neck in photog’ stills. Strong/strapping kid upstairs with just enough shiftiness to compliment his suplex approach. (ex)-(last years)-leading rusher 5′11″, 210 lb. Sr. year Antonio Williams has some “juice” or some pop to him, as he does break front-7 contain from time-to-time. Although now the other Williams is merely Rb3. Still yet, this is a pretty fair-to-middling Rb Top-3. Easily in the top quarter of the A.c.c. Rb talent matrix for it too. Maybe more? As these Top-2 U.n.c. Rb’s have arithmetically combined for 17.8 ypr, collectively! Qb: F.s.u. **** (4-star) last-minute flip, Sam Howell looks like quite the Qb, catch. Ditto his shinny 5:1 passing ratio (TD’s:INT’s). Tritto 64% great for 1,544 threw the airwaves. That’s not bad work from a rookie year voter if you can get it gents. His 6′2″, 225 lb. rookie-year 5.07 forty, however, is a bit 2019 pokey. As this kid is a thud-thrower who sometimes invents is very own mechanics as he goes along. As this is an early-career Nolan Ryan power-pitcher who has yet to develop the complimentary breaking-ball; much less an off-speed pitch. Still yet, make no misQ here, Sam the Man has arm-talent to spare. And that same driving high R.P.M. throw can do things off-balance that other Pivots get sat down for. As Sam was the #2 N.C. H.S. baller this time last year, he was the #3 Pocket Qb and here is all he scholastically did… Sam finished his career by going for 13,415 passing yards and 145 throw-game TDs while rushing for 3,621 yards and 60 more scores. Sam set the North Carolina record for total yards with 17,036! Sam ranks second in state history in career passing yards and he was only named 2018 North Carolina Gatorade Player and USA Today N.C. Player of the Year following his senior year. Only real foible was his 59% high school accuracy that was not also parting the center of the horsehairs at your local dart-pub or the old Ton-80 Club downtown. That said, collegiate Sam is now up to a more polished 63% and whatever flame-throwing problems that Sam does have are heater problems that basically ~120 other D-1 squads wish they had. As Mister Howell is gonna be professionally, thirsty indeed. The only question is drinking from the Grey Cup or off of the Lombardi Trophy? Pivot mid-script: it should be mentioned that U.n.c. is pretty back-up Qb dinged up at the moment— if it were to come to that of course. Wr(s): Dyami Brown is prolly your apex Wr right now. Tho’ the U.n.c. grab-gangstas only have one snag ≥41 yards. As this is a medium to moderate length throw-game via design. With several VHT (very highly touted) 4-star guys having done next to 2019 nothing here. There is experience in this catch-crops as seven players with at least 10 receptions in 2018 are back. And don’t forget the Rb(s) who have 25 receptions so far out of the backfield. The only caveat is… this is not exactly All-State or the good hands’ people who are ballin’ here. As Hazelton’s butterfingers would fit right U.n.c, in.  oLine: left-G or veteran C Nick Polino and left-Ot Charlie Heck conspired to give U.n.c. one heck of an odd-side or blind-side oLine. Or at least they did before poor Heck snapped his right-hand (St.Julia bless). This left the ‘Heel offensive front-5 in an all underclassmen configuration and the next time that is a good look will be the first time that is a good look. On top of that poor Polino was last seen in a walking-boot (high-ankle, St.Phillip bless) and suddenly two guys who could start for a lotta A.c.c. teams started the long-n-winding P.T. training-room road back to football instead. The pre-season word was that run-blocking was leaker than the quick-hitting pass-fits were upfront for U.n.c. (Although this seems more equalized now upon film-study to me). As the Euro-English soccer or foutball heads that really do run Pro Football Focus read nutty -yet again- here; because what are these Top-2 Nc. ‘backs averaging if their oLine was not grading out to a D— to F+++ on run-fits? Twenty per carrying? Maybe two-five/handoff? Finally, I did see some snapping foibles— not unexpectedly with this many oLine shuffles upfront.

    U.n.c. base O: spread-gun with single back, 3-wide, 1-H-back.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=81%. The T.Heel O has a pass-happy coordinator (Phil Longo) and yet it enjoys run-friendly personnel. i.e. this is a schematically/personnel juxtaposed lot. This is not to say it lacks talent(s) so much as to say it lacks tolerance or machining fit. Longo is basically a Fu’fense+++ guy. Even greater tempo and an even greater E-W or horizontal stretch. Film-Study: saw me a lotta Spread-Gun works… sometimes with naked backfields and 5-wide, even quads to the wide-side. As U.n.c. floods middle a lot with a safety-value guy underneath or a solo-streaker going deep. More than a few inline or linear sideline “go make a play” iso’ routes live here. And to their credit, the U.n.c. Wideout’s have not been half bad and going-up and connecting on the high-point jump-ball type of play. The ‘Heel oLine will yield ground and take dLinemen “where they want to go”. This is a big part of their TFL and Qb-sacks equation allowed. Tho’ when done correctly they shield-n-seal decently enough— ‘Heel footwork permitting. U.n.c. also pulls and traps further downfield than almost anyone you will see. As you will see the backside G (and/or Ot) going after the play-side Lb off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). Same drill, lotta hook blocking, sealing, shielding. Kinda reminds a bit of a less zoning complex-driven C.News’ oLine. Technique and timing are everything for U.n.c. U.n.c. throws more than most at or outside of the Hashmarks. Good thing “Sam (arm) I am” can hack this. Tho’ zone-blitz looks gave his youngling eyes some literary issues at times. U.n.c. will wildcat Jev.Williams on short-yardage and they sure ask a lot of their H-back. Might as well be a C-back for crash as he is asked to kick out a lotta De’s or OLb’s on pulling/trapping and some of this is countering to his pre-snap motion. The H-back is not on Rambo’s level, tho’ when he blocks sharp the U.n.c. O really becomes hard to guard. I do know what his H.S. metrics said, nonetheless, it was most curious to me -to the point of boarding on being wasteful- that the new U.n.c. O-Staff asks 33 rushing attempts of the pocketed Howell at Qb1? Whereby (less the 20 sacks against) he has immigrated northward for a staggering 45′ on the year! ALL of which came on one single, run!!! (i.e. does this remind you of a certain “we’re not in Kansas anymore toto” type Qb?) U.n.c. has hit a couple of 2-point conversions already, so keep an eye on that. Wr blocking is reasonable, tho’ they sure as hell steal people downfield and you need to keep your head-on-a-swivel accordingly. And finally, Sam’s Qb rating has changed by 1/10th of a point all season long on average. Making him a very consistent nugget or debut year Qb1. Except for during the championship rounds or 4Q of play… where it Saturn-5  skyrockets to the great by +60 points in Qb-rating! As Mr. Howell is a 74% passer, with a perfect 7:0 throw ratio in the bottom of the 9th and that makes this youngling an already veteran looking Qb1 in the clutch. And Dyami Brown is your secret sauce offender here. He is the one true vertical stretch guy the Heel’s offensively enjoy; although his A-game runs really hot-n-cold. As his 1Q and 4Q vitals are all-conference —and yet his 2Q and 3Q measurements are Wr4 to nearly bench ‘esque.
  • 56% run:pass 44% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

mid-script: U.n.c. has been beat-up under big-Mack. What with 14 different starters out during one point in spring-ball.

T.Heel Special Teams: (0 return)

U.n.c. is a modest 72nd in Net Punting; and so is P Ben Kiernan. Well, unless this is the world-famous C.n.n. type historian Ben Kiernan? Although I could not biographically speak to this— there is a resemblance; tho’ I tangent…

This nugget or rookie-year Ben Kiernan is a 6′-none (or 5′11″), 2o5 lb. Dublin Ireland imported punter. ‘Aye’, he was merely the 11th ranked P in America last year by 247Sports. This after winning the pretty prestigious: Sailer’s 2018 Vegas Punt Champion competition to boot. Ben kicked-off and only punted in H.S. i.e. not the typical meta-leg-game P, K, KO all-in-1 specialist. In college Ben’s punting average is about 4-5 yards off of his scholastic mean. Tho he is young, he was not ranked ≤33rd best in the nation and starting out middleocore as a newbie leg-swing guy is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Neither is starting out with an early career-long of 64-yards and no punts blocked thus far.

  • 59th in Punt Returns | 60th in KO returns.
  • 86th in punt coverage | and a very user-friendly 118th in suicide-squad!
  • U.n.c. has already blocked 2 kicks and yet allowed a likewise 2 kicks to be blocked.
  • U.n.c. has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.

Noah Ruggles is a r-sophomoric 6′2″, 185 lb. K from down the Sunshine State way (Steinbrenner H.S., yes it is named for you know who— may St.George bless).

Noah was flooded with more kicking offers than most modern-era specialists; this after he broke basically every single Tampa Bay area kicking record. Noah was not ranked south of 9th best coming outta High School. He was 1st-string AAAAAAAA (ocho-A) two seasons ago and leg talent is not wanting here. Nor is his so-called: “long-lever” look. Think: if Bernie Kosar’s sidearm throw went sidearm leg-load or waist tilt upon the loading moment on the left-leg plant. “long levers” also make miss-hits better, or so the modern kicking theory goes. Right now, in his initial starting K1 year, Noah is 8 of 12 or 66.7%. Basically, two outta three kinda deal for the moment… he has a long of 49-yards thus far. Although Ruggles is said to have a mid to high 50’s leg in the bag. Perfect this season on P.A.T.’s (15 for 15). That being said, Noah has only been hovering right at/around 50% since mid-September as his early Indian Summer hawt-start has dropped along with the early Autumn thermometer.

Special Teams letter-grade: (there seems to be some righteous (although youngling) leg-agendas down on Chapel Hill. 2021 will footwork pretty well for U.n.c. for it. However, the rest of these ‘Heels special-teams are not so special or just making way too many errors. C overall,
although their pure talent is likely better than that).

Unit Rankings:

  1. U.n.c. O/U.n.c. D (tie, literally).
  2. VT D.
  3. VT O.


  • motive: Fu’ and Co. don’t exactly like U.n.c. And beating Brown could do a lot for Fu’. EDGE=VT.
  • weather: No real favorite to be found here. EDGE=neutral.
  • health/off-field: Both teams are carrying a few more dings/dents than on average. And although insalubrious for it, the canceling effect is pretty effective here. EDGE=push.
  • penalties: VT is technically ever so slightly ahead here, although this one is pretty much a sister-kisser awash. EDGE=push.
  • intangibles: North Carolina (3-3) has faced the 7th toughest a schedule in CFB, according to Sagarin. VT (4-2) is sitting at 107th in SOS (strength of schedule). Additionally, the Heels have a sizey edge in TOP (time of possession) and in all-important Turnover Margin. EDGE=U.n.c., close to an XL advantage too.
  • fatigue: U.n.c. was OPEN last week. Clear-cut R&R checkmark firmly in place for the 201-mile visitor on Saturday. EDGE=U.n.c.

R.A.T.T.... clinically speaking, after this game Fu' and his reborn Culture will be, what???

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of ‘Heels who could tar-n-feather @Tech=12

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… when a coach returns for a second stint at a school, it almost never goes as well as it did the first time. The 67-year-old Brown’s 11th year at UNC will come 22 years after his 10th. i.e. there is either a reason(s) he left | or a reason(s) he had to come back.

Still yet, this Big-Mack could (still) be the alpha-charismatic coach in-person in all of college football. The gregarious or anti-Fuente big whistle if you will. And if I am mistaken about that he’s still the beta or ceti charisma merchant at worst. As this guy could sell grills to the Hokiebird for Turkey Day.

Thingy is, Brown also has a hidden meddling rep; whereby he needs to put his finger in every staffing pie. That may or may not be the coming up on 70-years young case, although that is the historic vibe.

Before/After Rhode Island, I mean.

Tho’ Mack is a real live neighboring threat to Fu’ and Co. out on the recruiting trail.

As Nor. Carolina had been our lifeline to replenish/restock our siphoned Tidewater backyard.

So, this is a really big game with a whole helluva a lotta intrinsic and extrinsic Recruiting-reach implications on the line for the boarder-war poaching O&M Staff. Not to mention an L here cripples either sides’ Coastal race.


  1. Δ1=55% chance that U.n.c. does just enough to win a 1 to 1.5 play game on the road as I do view them as the credible favorite; even inside of Lane at this stage.
  2. Δ2=30% odds that Fu’ and company get up for U.n.c. and that our HenBoss is a totally boss one-man helter-skelter X-factor in his own right. (and the Heel’s secondary has at least a stone or two in their shoe).
  3. Δ3=15% that we let go that cultural rope and U.n.c. leaves us with got shagged 8 PM carpet-burns. (and I’ma gonna add 5% to this one culturally for each subsequent L from here on out).
the optics…
5-2 gives us a F'n Irish chance, tho' 4-4 is an Irish Car Bomb gone: zoom!

the skinny

Forum Guide: Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame debuts this week… (on a 1-game interval) and is calling for a 4-point VicTory. I also took the time to look at the yardage metrics and they are (actually) calling for 13-point U.n.c. triumph. And on an outlying 5-turnover day, this can only be considered more salient.

Splits: for the year, total rushing +15 {sic: yards} in VT’s favor; all due to a modest defensive edge as rushing O’s are 3′ removed from entirely even. Total passing is a noticeable +70 in U.n.c.’s favor more so due to offensive acumen.

The most recent 3-game splits however tell us that… U.n.c. is nearly +65 aggregate total yards (O+D) trending to the better on both sides of the Line of Scrimmage (LOS). As both their O and their D are improved on the last fortnight of play overall. VT is likewise trending upward, with an improvement of +70 total yards composite. +50 of which are on the offensive side.


Head-to-head, however, paints a vastly different picture… as although both teams have moved properly, U.n.c. is now propping-up a whopping +190 yards of total D plus Total O! That’s a 19 point predictive call there folks, if you are keeping Heel score at home. Despite a modest Hokie run-game increase, the Heels are up an astounding +215 aerial yards when opposing O and D’s are combined. i.e. they are throwing and defensing the throw vastly better than we are in the past 3-games.

  • North Carolina and Virginia Tech are tied for second in the ACC with a 95.8 percent red-zone scoring percentage.
  • VT has won 5 of the last 6 border contests since 2012.

U.n.c. Projected S&P+: 61st.
U.n.c. Projected S&P wins: 5.1 W’s.

the call...

Will did something that I liked in his preview… he basically said: here is the lowest number (best case scenario) thus far when viewing these two Coastal rivals through the lens of All Coaching Conference play alone. Very coach Emerson (self-reliant) of Will who used to look like Will Thoreâu in person. (with the pensive beard and all), although I tangent, yet again…

If you take what Will did the nominal single-step further you get a call for a 38-27 t.Hell win.


Eye hope that is the worst-case scenario.
Then I ran the above splits and the numbers told a different story.
And here I was at least toying with picking VeeTee in the Lane upset…

These are not my proverbial or pet two ships passing in the night… (i.e. teams heading in different directions).

This is an improving retrofitted shakedown cruise Corvette (VeeTee) being passed
by a brand spanking new Lt.Cruiser (U.n.c.). Both are actually on course—
it is just that the Lt.Cruiser is making mo’… steam.

i.e. the Lt.Cruiser is more expansive, indeed.

Bottom“(s)… up!



upset Index=37%


Virginia Tech=3o, North Carolina=36




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  1. Meh. This one goes to the team that wants it more. In a football sense, this game now means as much as the Hoo game does. Fu has always had his i’s on the tarheel state. Eye’m sure Fu was seriously miffed by the Duke debacle that added “1” to his 8-1 record against North Carolina teams. But who wants it more? The secret will be a guy half way to the end of a hopefully magical final season and that would be Bud Foster. Can Bud dial up his Carolina born LBs and DBs? If he can, I think the Hokies will flip your predicted score. But as always, great predictive analysis from b-street. good stuff.

      : )

      And methinks this to be the first new-Qb1-cultural litmus test.
      Pink? Or blue?


  2. Word the through grapvine is we will be without our entire left hand. Missing our favorite Mikey that eats everything. The icing on the cake is not having our 1 make a man miss homerun hitter. This has the making of another Duke. Prayers up the backups eat their Wheaties

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