Your Pitt Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=7, Pittsburgh=28

“The program Smith has grown beyond your control. Soon he will spread…”

Virginia Tech football sucks? No. Or, at least not yet… although being a robot this side of Dr. g.Baltar’s Cylon-detector does suck. In particular when your very own website thinks you are not part of the TSL-12-Colonies. Tho’ Eye tangent…

The Hokies are in a fu’nk.
Too much junk in the trunk.
Nevertheless, what’s a Fu to do— how say you?
As here? Here where real men congregate and spit truth at the power?
Here where we is gettin’ ready to Sunday and Monday night cook? Well, we are glad you asked… as we did lifeline one solution. And we now ask… do we hear another???

1Q 5:o9 remaining:
The old-school crowd would have me say that this gives new meaning to the term: “Pee-Hole-block.”

The W.O.K.E. crowd would have me say that: “NTTAWWT”.
As one could literally say that Brockwōrst totally dictated his thang to #10 of Pitt on this, play!

1Q 4:12 remaining:
…then… just two plays later… po’ Brockwörst gets his foot caught up in the Umpire’s ball-wipe towel and (mildly) gimps his right knee. As try as you might, you just cannot make this sport, up!

2Q 5:o5 remaining:
This may or may not be a next-level Wr… he may have been a smidgeon oversold at his own expense. However, po’ Tré never met a “lower-body” ding that he would not accept.


As this time, he catches his foot in the Worsham Field turf, and frankly, this one coulda been worse. (As this is how you blow a Lisfranc injury out when (right) toe-trapped on a synthetic surface). St.Sebastian bless!

2Q 3:33 remaining:

MEMO @Lane Stadium “boooooooo“-birds:

F, l, o, c, k… you!

…silence is O&M Golden… and if you can do any better?
…by all participatory memes… plueeze, do!

2Q 1:33 remaining:
🎼”Nobody told me there’d be days like these.”

gets to 3rd base… in th’ ‘rong… sport!

Strange days indeed.”

Most peculiar mama.”🎶

—Coach j.Lennon

2Q 1:15 remaining:

…this pussy-cat makes our Rb1, riiiiiiide, beyotch!

2Q ≅1:44 remaining:
Here is the logo-obscured Waller ‘lower-body’ injury.
Johnny’s on the spot said: “walking-boot” and that says foot/ankle. (St.Sebastian/St.Philip bless). Tho’ it happens while engaged or weight-bearing fighting release techniques downfield. This is disconcerting. Dang…

Multiple sources -and then Fu’ his ownself post-game- reported that Fu’ really went after the team and attacked them at halftime. That’s fine by us… has to happen here and there… tho’ that’s not really the Terminal Contact Sport point… is it?

…the point being… did it; help?
Did you really see an uptick here?

IF: “yes”, like what(s)?

Some of you will say: cue: David Bowie: “…under pressure“?

Well, yah; there is that. Tho’… he just spent some of those freakout bullets.
(in an outgunned attempt) … that misfired.


i.e., why not keep ’em holstered until later v. a lower caliber team?
Like, oh, Eye dunno?

Like Syracuse?!?

Because… whenever someone is up an astounding 1,528% rushing on you at the break?
Do you really think the riot act shall prove 2nd-half riotous, indeed?
Or did ^that^ all just make too much… sense?
(See: tackling graphic trending below…
if you doubt my quantification qualifications.)

final-30 duration:
BIG-chief-DAX is back and he’s tackling pretty dang well to have all kinda wrist and finger woes alike. (St.Julia and St.Barlom bless!) (And least we forgets our Ginkgo… whatever it is called? Same as Ashby’s trick-knee… this has been an ongoing issue for a couple of years).

3Q 8:20 remaining:
Did you catch the not one, the two, that’s (2) ESPN2 preview shout-outs Saturday?
Nice to know someone is, listening…
…thx @Coach God!!!

3Q 7:14 remaining:
Neat sportsmanship from the Referee (Stu’ Mullins) here.


As it is VERY infrequent to see any Zebra vis-á-vis baller contact.

As such is the realm of taboo— generally with great, reason(s).

3Q 6:42 remaining:
Seen me several of these this year… tho’ unlike last year(s)?

They ain’t got their boy to go caterwauling off too… Qb2.

…he has a point… to a point… right up until he, dont.

As #8o has what-for in for BAX on the back0ut reversing of the field throw-away up into the north endzone stands here.

And although this Blacksmith may have had a decent enuff N.b.a. looking block-out for a rebound type of seal? You never ever do this on film! (Maybe over on the sideline in-game, tho’ that is pushing pretty far upwards with regard to the offensive huddle chain-of-command).

3Q 5:44 remaining:
Eye missed this in real-time… tho’ man-o-man… po’ d.Hunter (#7) goes downfield to fight the gunners of Pitt on the V.Tech punt-return “Riddell” call and just (hyper-extends) and gimps his left knee and comes up dreaded-no-contact on the bunny-hop. Geez… St.Nikon helps!!!

…sad-looking play upon breaking tape. : (

3Q 4:32 remaining:
Amaré Barno with an accidental leg-whip ‘ding’ here… he stayed in. So, hopefully, that’s a good sign… (tho’ his recent return to nominal play-form, is a good sign). ’cause De’s do not typically log a log jamming 8-solo stops married to 3-Qb-hurries this side of L.C. Greenwood fame pur game.

As you can (compression sleeve) see in this game… he has a history of right-leg dings already.
…one of these numbers does NOT look like the other, numbers. Can you tell which?

4Q 3:29 remaining:
Dangnation… one Cruella de Vil puppy-drowning mistress this oblong-spheroid in spades…

…as po’ big ole #45 (Garbutt) takes an inadvertent headbutt right to the kidney from the Pitt Rb3. (St.Elmo’ bless).

4Q 2:47 remaining:
Then right after all of ^dat^… po’ #6 (j.Fuga) pops his left shoulder when he overshoots the Pitt Rb along the sideline and impacts the playing field at a very acute angle. Dang, dang, dang… (St.Christopher bless).


…tho’ why are these doods are still out there in a 3-play-game with less than 3 to play
Eye do not know?

(although off-camera: …the vibes say that Lb4 d.Ferguson may be done for the year (left-Shoulder, St.Christopher bless!)

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=11
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=13

Qb pressured=17
Qb hurried=zip.
Qb hits=16 (1 TD!)

Time To Throw analysis:
Frankly, sans the one big Touchdown chuck by Kenny? You might say the TTT just took its 4th L all-time, ever! Thingy being… BAX was clearly in self-protect mode at times. (Although he did turn it a bit loose(r) later on in the final 10+ minutes or so of scrumming).

That and the fact that Pickett -for some reason(s)- actually likes to challenge defenders, physically. Which has led to his gamey-gutty alpha self, getting mo’ than a few Panthering dings and dents along the way. As you’d like to think they’d have all these Brawny Towels and flannel-shirt machismo coached-out by now, rights? Well, that and getting hit on 3-Qb1-sneaks and this one skewed oddly enough for disparate reasons. (Although, in all candor, it did NO better than skewing to a TTT, tie, at best, or at most).

So, go’on and hold our metrical feets to the fire here… fair is fairs.

(o) (o)

As for blocking itself… it was okay at times… Pass-Pro’ was not horrible. And yet it finally occurred to us that we are not folding well to the 2nd-layer where we should have a good big-man beats a good-little (or medium)-man advantage here. Our downhill Gap-over run-fits are not bad. And Brockwôrst himself may have had his best game of the year on run-blocking. Tho’ still yet, this oLine is a step or ½-step outta synch. (And yet, our quarter-horse backfield ain’t helping much either).

Finally, it was most unusual to tally a near-record setting 13-combined misses on the day. As each Qb1 went America’s Cup or coach D.Connor and sailed throws with the wind at their back; and then threw grounders or short-hop nose-divers with the wind in their face. The insalubrious part being… po’ wing-clipped BAX lofted nearly 200% more misses than Pickett did. And the fact that BAX’s misses literally chart all over the place: (some: short, long, in-front, behind, high and low) tells you that his wing is just hurting overall. (i.e., not something you can (much) script or roll or remove plays from the playbook to avoid; which sucks… truly). St.Christopher bless!

Well, Eye guess you have to say that Fu’ -to his credit- did squeeze a little O&M blood from this halftime Hokiestone rock. Rights? And there is that little line about “…cast the first stone.”

As for the game? Tackling averaged out to be just beneath a C- letter-grade by-the-bye. Not too mean, median, mode, heinous, right?

However, and in lieu of getting proverbial “glass-house” quarried here my ownself… we only ask that you do make mental note of the 3Q: rise >>> run …then… the subsequent rise got run over in 4Q.

Do you find that to be Culturally, on; …trend???
As they did tackle better right up until they did, not.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: ||| (1 Pitt penalty)
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (1 VT flag, 1 VT INT)

positive: |||| ||||
Swiss (neutral): |||| |||| (2 Pitt penalties)
negative: |||| |||| |||| || (3 Pitt penalties, 1 VT flag)

Lo.FM Analysis:
…one thing really leaped out here… (in addition to Pittsburgh playing a sloppier game than Eye thought in real-time) … was Ken-Doll-Pickett. As he sure hit a buncha fenced Swiss (neutral) plays that were right on the negative/positive fencing cusp. That said, they did gain +yardage. At least a little to a C— amount. Or, in other words, he’s really crafty at getting what little to medium he can. Might not be super box-score sexxy… and you’d only say that ’cause you are correct. Tho’ it don’t wet the Lo.FM bed, either. And how you grade it is such a fringe matter that it… Depends.

The real kicker is that this was (m.Gibson) as Bret Maverick football… “He who fights and runs away can run away another day.”

And this segues neatly into just what the Pitt-O-Staff did. O&M eggs and j.Ham was pretty sharp on taking what throw-game they could take away, away. So, what did Pitt do?

208-yards rushing is all they did. Which could be a season-best run-fit off of a season nadir pass-shape. That’s not just coaching the verb men… that’s Talent the noun. As Pitt rushers conspired to produce 50% of Pitt points when they took it to the casa.

As in j.Ham lacks the halt-unit rebuild Talent to only take away just so much.

tho’… a staggering 21 total plays deficit, bad for a 17-minute deficit in TOP (time of possession) may not have done that any favors either, I’ma jus’ sayin’…
…ditto negative 3′ rushing in 2Q.

…as only 3 plays charting north of 17-yards {sic: gained} is ‘inert’ just like ^dat^.

…and so is having one HR-play at the midway point of the regular season. (HR plays=depth of a good post-pattern or ≈40 to 45-yards in the air). In point of fact, we tally one play ≥33-yards.
You do the maths…


…den math on dis…

The Pittsburgh C1 was so-so and gimpy and yet he spearhead punked us for 4th-n-1 7 total yards!

  • ➕3…
  • ➕2…
  • ➕2…
  • then… one miss on a 4th-n-5 incomplete.
  • …the first three runs, all on 4th-n-1… 75% of the time Sex-Panther worked for at least 6′ rushing every, time.

(o) (o)

Vice Squad/Blocking analysis:
Well, this is why you run the maths not yo’ mouf’s!

As technically, speaking… there was a modest hike in positively graded blocking plays from Neuter Lame. No, I’ma not frontin’ or posin’…

Nonetheless, upon fu’rther inspection… a truly bizarre-o front wall trend emerged…
…as the well-schooled among you will have already observed… Swiss or neutral plays hit an all-time high! As this multiple and at least 8-deep Panther layer (or lair) was very hit-n-miss. As in extremely. We did okay to pretty good or we got straight Panther dawgged! As this is about as uneven of an oLine grading effort as I’ve seen in a long long while to keep it on the… level. Go fig, here?!?

Dear VT A.D. Whit Babcock...

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

the takeaway

…the scud missile of college football struck V.T.C.C. and Major Bill in a Yuck Private kinda way?
No. Whoa Nellie, and not yet… let’s see how all of our Leadership O&M white-hats rise to the 1-trick-pony Syracuse occasion, 1st. As we are still a per se winning or .5oo football team, rights?

Then my hommie VTizzle went ALL-in and dropped this pay-side true 1st-mover bomb!

…true original school thinking on fu’ll display right ^there^ men!

So, soon as we got j.Ham’ (and post all the Klempson blowing-kisses love)? My peeps said… “with some experience…” he’d make a very curious candidate (for: Big Whistle). And he has localized and homespun bonus points galore. (Plus: his Wheat Bread vs. mayo-on-white-bronco in-state?) LOL…                                                                                                                                                  👊🏿

who gets *their boyz* funneled to them this time?

As The real ask is not so much: “Is this a Bridge Too Far…” as opposed to: “Is this a Bridge Too… Soon“??? Stay tuned on that one sports-fans…

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
Pur as already mentioned above… clearly, it was the: Pitt O-Staff… as they serially took what we gave them (some… run-fits) when we took their aerial assault away. As try as we might… this game still ain’t rocket-surgery folks.


Mrs. Fu’ had better be blowing sugar-cookie kisses at j.Ham’ and his  red-white-n-fu’ python behind the scenes. As he may be the only things keeping her Hubby1, employed.

David Cunningham new of deigned to call this: “non-responsive”. And some may take umbrage wif ^dat^… (as they may have played a little better/harder after the half) … tho’ no umbrage allowed with this…

Then DeeCee, in a totally epic moment i-phoned {sic: ‘texted’} W&C wif dis…

“David Cunningham covers the games for us, and he texted Will and I after game and said the vibe in the postgame press conference was,

“for the first time, Fuente spoke tonight like a man who knows...
 he might not be here after the season.”
…BUYout pre-pay $ign… here!

Then this gem from Ser Chris Coleman of…

Fuente softened up on the players after the transfer portal exodus following the 2018 season. I definitely think that made the players like him more, but I think it came at the expense of respect, and respect is more important. This football program isn’t as tough as it used to be, either mentally or physically. I’m not saying the head coach needs to be a tyrant, but I don’t think Fuente’s velvet glove approach is the right one for a football coach to take.
—Ser Chris Coleman

Best parenting advice I’ve ever heard?
He needs a fathernot a friend.”

However… not as sure here bro’…

To me, retaining Justin Fuente along with Brad Cornelsen for the 2022 season is simply not an option. There’s absolutely no way that it can be allowed to happen, and I think Babcock needs to tell Fuente that in no uncertain terms if he hasn’t already (assuming he hasn’t already made the decision to fire Fuente). I think Fuente needs to divorce himself from Cornelsen right now, immediately, and take complete control of the offense, from everything from game planning to playcalling. I don’t think he has anything to lose at this point. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Clearly what Tech is doing now isn’t working, so why not try it?
—Ser Chris Coleman

IF/when Fu’ did lame-duck Corny and take the O over his own-self?
He’s giving Whit all the ‘just’ cause’ he’d ever need.
As that’s the ultimate “I got this”
careerist all-in bet!

…as in I got this straight razor, these wrists, and this smiley-neck,
all in an O&M Duck Pond steam-tunnel hot bath.

Don’t do it Fu’!
This is the 3rd-worst Hokie-O in 31-years.
That’s the most ludicrous crap I’ve ever heard!

Piss in the O&M Red Dawn radiator and limp this 2o21 Hokie-truck, home!
And “baa-aa-aad” as this may be… Corny needs to be your Judas-goat; not you.

“The program Smith has grown beyond your control. Soon he will spread…”

  • Fu’nky?
  • Fu.B.A.R.?
  • Resistance is Fu’tile?
  • …or Justincredible gone Justin, London?

As we’ve all seen this Owens Dining Hall V.P.I. B.B.Q., before, rights?

Though now we are told to #🔥🍿!!!
i.e., fire Corny (or, the Wr-coach, or the Rb-coach), rights?

…observe the ‘pink‘ …Day!

What they are not telling you is the following in their today myopia gone full-blown N.W.O. hysteria…

  1. IF, you #FireCorny? You just gave Fu’ a seventh-time year number… one.
  2. AND… who really wants a 365-day timelimit, job?
  3. (As it takes years plural to retool an O or D).

You really good wif dat?
You really strategically sure “pur” dat?

This is the realm of a piecemeal approach or tactical nukes and the Hokiebird has gotta strategically or longview “Winter is coming”… eats!

Or is it all over again next year when the O slips up, onsides-punts,
and goes… 2o22 …déjà Fu‘?

The Rest of the Story...


Here in the sportlight… well, we honestly thought Fu’ and them did about all they could 11oV do vs. high-powered Pitt.

…hear me out… as the better more talented team with noticeably deeper Talent
in several key places won by only 3-fu’ll-plays.
And honestly, that’s not half-bad.

BAX clearly was doing the best he could with what he had left on his right side.
D was missing big-Chief DAX a bit… tho’ what can you do with that rule?
15 misfires from an All-A.C.C. Qb1, and prolly a year-long worst-day
overall. He even caught some weather love too.
As forcing a season-high 8-punts from
offensive juggernaut Pitt
does not suck.

As this was a single-play game for the initial 25-minutes… n’est-ce pas?
i.e., meaning… this one coulda and prolly shoulda been worse, maybe even quite a bit…

…and unless Malachi Thomas is some sorta Rb1 messiah?
Just how much mo’ juice can anything squeeze from this 9v O?

♂️♂️7 >>> Jane Bond >>> Fufense

I know what you’re thinking, ’cause right now I’m thinking the same thing. Actually, I’ve been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn’t I take the pill?

’cause beating (or is it upsetting) ‘cuse=his Oak wooden-stake, his silver-bullet, his handful of NaCl, his clove of garlic, his War Memorial Holy Water… syringe. And here is a little hint for you Justinian… ‘Cuse is 13th best on the ground.

Your cultural-chin will get checked and we will see if your physical manhood measures… up.

…as you have one home date in the final 36-days to end your, tenure… I mean year.

So, as promised… a sycophant poem in: 5:7:5…

Or… our first-ever: Bye-Fu-hiku:

  • Four games end the, year…
  • seven blocks of, ceramic.
  • Is Tahj Bull’ their, boy?

Happy Anniversary @Will-n-Wife!!!






Virginia Tech=7, Pittsburgh=28




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  1. Mid year firings are amateurish behaviors of an AD being told what to do by people who really run the athletic department. Give Fu the rest of the year to win some games and dig out of the hole.

    Will corny pull a Stinespring and suddenly get the team winning?

    In other thoughts, replacing an OC with one that makes 1million and another million for position coaches could be much less expensive than wiping the slate clean. I still think there are players on this team that are leaders, winners, and maybe champions. Let them do their thing. Only have to be better than Cuse on the day we play them. Let’s go 1-0 and reconvene the pitchforks for December. And you never ever fire someone who is above average without a rock solid upgrade.

  2. yups.
    midyear=punny look.
    (and how outside in attractive is being reactive like dat?!?)
    In other thoughts, replacing an OC with one that makes 1million and another million for position coaches could be much less expensive than wiping the slate clean.

    Okay… Eye can feel that… Whit (could) too…
    And you never ever fire someone who is above average without a rock-solid upgrade.

    ^that’s^ the 25/8 Dialtone hang-up… can we find a REAL upgrade???


  3. Extremely well done, as EYE is crystal clear….
    * Section 7 felt Pitt would win, but was pleasantly surprised—a few observations:
    * Defensive side didn’t fold tent and go home with limited support from O
    * Mike LB Artis may be better run stopping Mike than beloved Dax, NOTE: Sorryexcuse RB next up.
    * “10 yrs ago Justin” is the Justin I want for the remainder of the year, not the recent new and improved
    version as noted in his Post game with Laz/Burnop…
    * OLine pass blocked better than previous games but is underwhelming in the running game
    * Holston got jacked up by the Pitt Defender on that blitz… Felt that play sums up the story of Justin’s team vs Pat’s team these last few years…

    Sad note: Justin’s admission he can’t get though to these players and is a lost at what to do, was sad for a young promising coach but much more sad that Babs sacrificed the Fuente Lamb and his ass isn’t already in the fire, as root causes and after action reviews… his hands are bloody!.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat Sorryexcuse!!!

  4. That’s the one thing Arty is good at. He’s stiff… tho’ that typically codes well for trench warfare.

    Tho… Eye’ma wondering how long the D can take (the O)???
    Sad note: Justin’s admission he can’t get through to these players…
    …and your post-game Radio take…

    …these mean what specifically?

    (Eye never heard a sec’ of that this time…) TIA.


    1. Said similar take in embedded CC article in postgame to press. Bottom line not sure what to do to get players to respond properly.

  5. I agree with you and think we should let the season play out. To win at VT we need to develop talent and retain talent. I just don’t know if Fu knows how to do that. We lose a ton of talent to the portal each year and many players (especially on offense) look like the same players from when they were freshman. What do you think?

    1. We, kinda see it as Talent is, capped.
      (in lieu of underdeveloped).

      Tho’… there is ONLY 1 way to be sure… (change).


  6. I voted Other. The armchair AD’s coaching lists on the board seem like mostly people that are Fuente background 2.o. I don’t see the point to pay a FAT buyout for potentially the same situation in 4 years. My emotional side has always had spurts of the #firesomeone but when I really think about it I know it won’t change the talent as you said in the article. In conclusion, I have no eFFin idea what to do.

    1. …that is the bother… the worry.

      How do you break the cycle and reboot The Matrix???


  7. When Pitt went up 14-0, I felt like the game was probably over, that VT couldn’t overcome a 2-TD deficit. That said, and to your point about possibly wasting a halftime motivational outburst, there was a spot past halfway in the 3rd, where I almost changed my mind. VT scored, Pitt went 3-and-out on almost no gain, and then VT was driving into Pitt territory. I could see all the warning signs of the momentum avalanche that VT has found themselves on the wrong side more often than not. When you’ve been playing with a huge lead early and then the other team starts getting closer, you get a little nervous, and you’re 1 turnover away from full-blown panic trying to hold the lead.

    Unfortunately the window wasn’t open for very long, VT failed that 4th&5 conversion attempt, and then Pitt took up too much remaining game time. Don’t know what the likelihood of VT actually making it through that window, 5%?, they still would’ve needed 30 more yards, score a TD, get a turnover or at least a very rapid 3-and-out, score another TD decently quick. But it was higher than what I thought they had at halftime, where the main reason I even stayed in the stadium to watch was because the trees hadn’t really changed color yet so there was nothing else to do, and I’d just be going back to sit in a hotel room.

    As far as coaching hot seats go, I don’t know what the right answer on timing is, but I would agree that one way or another, Cornelsen has to be the fall guy. I don’t envy Babcock, or the AD of a VT-like program, who needs to consider a head coaching change the same year as Southern Cal and LSU.

  8. “the momentum avalanche”
    +1. Gonna borrow that.

    (a favorable freak-BIG-play or… Leadership is the only exliar/panacea there)


  9. It is possible that Fu and Co are just about getting all one can from the team though there is a strong argument about lack of development, it all begins with the talent – “ better more talented team with noticeably deeper Talent in several key places won” Could lack of development also be related to the talent? Back when VT was known as finding diamonds in the rough we talked about how many of the top 20 in Va are going to Tech now the 30-something rated player in VA is a big deal for VT. But who is responsible for recruiting? It keeps coming back to the same spot.

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