Your Pitt Eye in the Sky is up!

Virginia Tech=14 Pittsburgh=47

…a low Qscore, indeed!

Virginia Tech football… is down.

The Hokies ain’t what’s up!!!

  1. One king in one land is peace.”
  2. Two kings in one land is… war!
    —Robert the Bruce

As the O&M Locker-room is officially at… war!!!

When asked during the post-game on Saturday night if he would consider making a change and becoming the team’s play-caller in the bye week leading up to Clemson Fu’ responded bitterly.

No. That’s the most ludicrous crap I’ve ever heard. Next question.
—Justin Fuente, (current) men’s football head coach V.Tech

(readers note: there are Easter Eggs on mouse hovers available here/there on some pics… Eye’ma jus’ sayin’…)

1Q 9:24 remaining:
Yups. ‘fraid so.


Been that kinda year… ain’t it? As this gives new meaning to: “Going for the ball(s).”

1Q 1:24 remaining:
Ahhhhhh, yah… mmm-K.

If a pic is worth 1K proverbial words?

This one currency swaps at 999… and change.

As three different Hokies got stolen at the end of this punt-return. And the appropri far-right look of the one in the XX-chromosome formation is that of a man on a: “mission”(ary) indeed.


2Q 13:27 remaining:
Holston with a kip-up looking right-knee pin on a very strange bridge over the dogpile. (St.Nikon bless). Tho’ he was back in the game a few plays later… Coach God willing, hopefully, this only looked grimacing worse than anything else.

2Q 3:35 remaining:
Tré with the ugly/unfortunate left-wrist football pinning, while bearing the weight of his upper body and that of #31 of Pitt who basically (accidentally) splashes the pronate wrist across the oblong-spheroid at just the ‘rong instant. Dangnation… St.Julia bless!

2Q 1:29 remaining:
Worst; complete; scoring; pass; Eye’ve seen thrown against us… ever?

And it not only got there you say… it, scored?!?

LOL… how is this (wounded) Duck Dynasty possible?!?

2Q 1:06 remaining:
What is it with our guys taking it in the dong all day? (St.Elmo’ bless!)
(and in the shoulder prior to this too, St.Christopher bless!)

Intermission: 30:00 remaining:
So, Pitt was on pace for an astonishing Indy 500 102 total in-game plays at halftime!
Or, on pace to wear us plum-tuckered-out.

And this one went from some unsavory WWI mänō ä ˈmänō j.Wayne raised to the sgt.York style trench-fighting power early on… to basically being the blatant enemy of: sportsmanship itself. And frankly, we were the uglier team here. (mo’: below)

Which really leaves me wondering what Fu’ -who is about a r-state (squeaky) clean-cut as they come- thinks here? How is he of all idiosyncratic stickler people suffering this well?

Or has it grown beyond his, control?

3Q 9:59 remaining:
So, this one really burns me up… and apparently BBQ’ed poppa Hudson too. (mo’ below…)


As we were only down two plays here, and about to cut it to only being down one.

As Brockworst… who did tally some sharp hard-grinding to the ‘echo’ of the whistle pancakes on the day… gets punked.

who taught you to release inside-leverage like dis?

By a Lb’er of Pitt who underweights him by 77 freakin’ lbs.!

—Steve Austin

3Q remaining:

4Q remaining:

4Q :51 remaining:
Well, just what you do NOT wants with a game already decided in fu’ll… as Holston and several Wideouts…

…all get dinged at the end and Hudson got yanked.

(tho’ at least the loveable a.Cannon scored a final play pancake).
IF you do not like our Cannon you hate puppy-dogs and sunshine itself.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=15
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=26!

Qb pressured=6
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=8 (1 TD!)

The much-vaunted TTT metric does correctly predict a Panther den-party.
Though in all candor, it predicts a closer one than does a 33-point curb-stomping mate.

Ditto the fact that we were (per se) only outgained by 122 total yards. Which should aver, posit, and connote about a 1.5 play Pitt VomiTing of VeeTee.

Tackling itself was so-so… tho’ the queer thingy is… it was pretty bad to start, and then to close?


Well to close we either did not get there (i.e. in position to tackle). Or we were just too well blocked to tackle as our smaller -and in extreme particular- our slower, less twitchy defenders were either covered, enveloped or outright Sex Panther inhaled.

Ergo, 4Q tacking vitals actually bucked-up a scosche through no real credit of their own. As tackling itself was a mind-numbing 226% softer this week than last!

(although we DID run plays out vastly better than our jus’ plum Q-word last culturally expiring visit to the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio).
So there is… that!

No joke.
Eye assure you, our end game hustle was 20-20 better, here.

In the last cumulative fortnight of play —consisting of two scrums… O&M eggs and j.Ham has faced one full-strength oLine; cumulatively!

A 40% oLine on Saturday from Pitt ➕ a 60% oLine from Miami = whats?

Well, for starters… (do you see what Eye did there?) …for starters it equals a mind-boggling:

  • 1o7th worst in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed.
    and 59th in Qb-sacks allowed (from: Pitt).
  • 120th worst in TFL allowed.
    and 1o7th in Qb-sacks allowed (from: Mia.of.FLA).

…and that’s at Fu’ll strength mind yah!

(o) (o)

And yet when we play them?

We not only flirted with 1,000 yards-allowed combined… we did some heavy premarital petting with the same. Good thing we did not get preggers here.

—Steve Austin

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| | (1 Brockworst flag, 1 Tenuta flag, 1 clock; 1 Pitt penalty)).

positive: |||| |||| ||| (1 VT flag).
Swiss (neutral): |||| (1 VT flag).
negative: |||| ||

The much-ballyhooed Lo.FM metric gets closer than the TTT metric did as it at least does succeed in predicting a larger margin of victory. With a few things to bear in mind here post-Panthers…

A surprising amount of average to less than average Pitt plays here… Eye did not get the feel for that in-game, did you? As Eye messed up, in that they seemed smoother than they were on my in-game 1st-school 424 Shanks Hall clipboard. Though this is why you take the time to run the numbers and not your message-board, mouf.

Although, this as well from a Pitt team that got stuck in the Heinz Field mud and stalled their first three scoring drives that went for merely 9-points on right at 130 yards-generated. Or, this one coulda actually been worse. Ditto the fact that we mucked for the first 36-minutes of pigskin until we tallied our second positive “+” Lo.FM Fu’fensive marker of the day! Geez! And again, in all candor, it did not seem that way to dumbass me under live-fire in-game.


And as you can see, Pickett’s-charge did not crush hardly any BIG Lo.FM plays. Tho’ he made mo’ positive plays that were *just* big-enough when he absolutely had to. Like a medium sized-guy with incredible Bed Club stamina. Including 100% on 4th-down and a useful enough 44% again on 3rd-down converts. (this vis-à-vis our very own: o for 3 fail on 4th and pitiful 27% on 3rd’s).

Hooker started out pretty reasonably well enough— to his credit(s). Then Herbert seemed to get his rushing A-fits on track in the 3Q. And yet our Hooker finished 25% on Hokie passes and 100% on passes to Pitt in the final 31-minutes of work. Well, that is; less the final 2:09 of QVT work if you are keeping stickler score at home.

Nonetheless, remember, same as horse racing… it is not where you start; it is where you finish. And our Hooker climaxes early and often and then finishes chilly -if not clinically frigid- late. This is unfortunate, as Hooker is a likable guy, tho’ it appears he has reached his next-level Peter Principle passing ceiling; in particular, late {sic: when forced to throw on the scoreboard chase}.

(o) (o)

Blocking itself was hard-fought, hard-won, and sometimes just hard-beat.

i.e. bet the over on each team’s whirlpool prop line for both sets of frontlines as both teams left a piece of themselves undertook out there on the Ketchup Bowl turf. Kinda like Ali vs. Fraizer part I; these two need a minute or three before Part Deux.

An ugly, non-Disney, non-Hallmark she’sy movie kinda scrum.
A tough way to earn a living from a cruel mistress of a Terminal Contact sport.

Blocking also just hit its nadir or low water-marker as a 60% Vice Squad vs. possibly the 100% best-Dline we will see all year was a proverbial “110%” bad-match-up at best or at most. Internally on our G-c-G wedge blocking trifecta in particular. As the Pitt dLine is somewhere better very solid and extremely good -if not downright great-. And Eye gotta admit, their discipline and composure while being centered so much garbage all afternoon long was impressive indeed.

A cyber Norris Hal tip of the hat to the Pitt dLine coach and his kids head-game thermodynamics is merited, here.

the takeaway...

There are very serious problems with our football program, and we are well aware of those problems, but there are not any solutions to those problems that we
know about now
—william floyd

Eye guess coach Lombardi ethos=dum’?

Well, at least not this side of poppa Hud’ vs. poppa Hoff’ over on the always willing to lower the ball even fu’rther twitterscape.

Hokie on Hokie, crime? Only our enemies benefit this.

Beyond that?

Yah; pretty much… I mean beyond a General Saul fall on your own sword swan-dive plunge?
Or, beyond Baylor -or whomever- really wants and gets Fu’?

Resistance is Futile“… tho’ in the meantime?

Well, haters gotta hate… Kumah, Hill, Cunningham, et al… just’ can’t lift their hind-leg high enough and lemonade spike Fu’s press-conference signature H20-bottles. And just like Hollywood Knights taught us all: “…it does have a little waaaaang in it.”

And no Eye don’t mean Ed or David thereof.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:

  • Coach Bustle?
  • Daddy Hud’?
  • Poppa Hoff’?
  • Or, maybe, taking a deep… breath, 1st?

…………………….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, eye; wonder?

What regular season R.A.T.T. happens... next???

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s:
Pickett’s passing patience underneath.
This airhead out-thought us every bit as much as he out-fought us.

A Sun Zu Ancient Art of Qb1 for sure!

formulae football:
We have gone backward a staggering 44 spots in yellow-laundry since the season began! That’s just not a toe-the-line Semper-Fine formula for success gents.

Mo’ like coach Beethoven’s dirt nap… i.e. (de)composing.

 “The Rest of the Story...

How many head football coaches can we R.A.T.T. afford to, pay?

(see: pic below):

It’s nothing short of #HardSadRough to watch this year and possibly this big whistle’s career finish up.

As he’s clearly well past totally uncomfortable.

Too much turtle… not enuff, shell.

I mean very.

And in all candor?
It is prolly only gonna get worse Hokie fans…
…with no Coach Next word from gonna get “better” itself until 2024; or beyond, give/take.

That all Jamerison ¢enter O&M regretfully and yet R.A.T.T. fiscally in place.
The last time Eye checked? Where you stand is where you sit.

Because as things $tand right now and looking ahead…


Even with 75% of ’em @home, Eye don’t expect to go much better than 1-3 in our next fo’ games…

  • #4 Clemson,
  • uva,
  • Middle Tennessee,
  • @ public enemy #1 w.v.u.

Klempson? LOL. Hell’s bells, Eye and my have indeed ballled in parts of seven different decades-old body, can (still) suit up; play-out in that game… and it would not matter for either side.
Either way…


Nonetheless… and for the Prices (pitched) Fork #FireFu’ crowd… what if Fu’ gets the troops back up and knocks the white-chocolate (they call it: brie) outta uva and drinks the 12.12 Jacob’s Lantern mini-bar dry?

What then?!?

Is he still gone?
Or, is he 2021 lifeline’d?

i.e. why not give it a minute or three… as same as last year…
Fu’ will load your Commonwealth gun for you.
🏈🔫 <<< 🦃🔫

The Fu-fighters >>> or <<< just Fugazies?
Time is the greatest critic of all.”
—Coach George Burns

(and time will tell).

That all said… this campaign has at least 120-minutes (of scheduled) ‘ball left in it; right?
So, there are plenty of chances left to attack poor Fu’ yet to be thrust upon us.

Though me?
Well, Eye and my committee of one you ask?

We believe in seizing the moral high ground first… (always attack downhill).

Why not throw Heaven & hell alike a cross-sport curveball, here?

As taking cuts on poor Fu’ right now is well south of
batting-practice. With the old-school
blimpy red Wiffle Ball, bat.
i.e. how can you, miss?

The Closer...

The Fu’ture Is… Now! –Coach George Allen

Metron: “You surprise me, Captain.”

Captain James T. Kirk: “How?”

Metron: “By sparing your helpless enemy, who surely would have destroyed you, you demonstrated the advanced trait of mercy.

Something we hardly expected. We feel that there may be hope for your kind after all Captain. Therefore, you will not be destroyed. It would not be… civilized.”

Metron: “You are still half-savage. But there is hope.”
—Metron’s parting words to Kirk

b.street: “We’re a most promising species, as predators go.
Did you know that TSL? “We’ve frequently had our doubts.”
b.street: “I don’t. Not anymore.”


Virginia Tech=14, Pittsburgh=47




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  1. Rebuttal @Will Stewart:

    This is comparing oranges to tangerines… as the motivation factor(s) are all in Frank’s swansong favor. Whereas poor Fu’ has what motivation card(s) left to, play?

    We can tactically debate now or when on departing/offing Fu’, right?

    Tho’… no matter how a twilight Frank -the best HOF Coach Ever, with: throat-cancer (Saint Blaise Bless)- coached to end his final Fu’ games?

    He -Frank- was able to rally his admittedly sagging troops when the O&M chips got big-Rotunda Orange and Jefferson Blue.

    How you ask?

    Fu’ and his: Black Eyed Pees❓

    🎼”Where is the love, the love, the love…?“🎶


  2. If fully healthy we’d have given Pitt a good game. Given that Pitt isn’t all that, that isn’t saying much. Our starters are too fat or too thin, too slow or too unimpressive to be put our recruiting rank very high among our peers. I’ll concede all the variables one wants to put up as the reason for this year’s results but the future doesn’t look better because of recruiting failures. If not for transfers we’d likely be winless this year. If we replace CJF we’d have to wait for a few better recruiting classes to rise above ACC mediocrity

    1. but the future doesn’t look better because of recruiting failures.”
      Yup. Welcome to the ‘fraid so, club.

      If not for transfers we’d likely be winless this year.”
      Now this one stuck in my crawl a bit… this can’t be fair/true; right?
      (tho’ do observe that Eye brought myself up short of outright calling ‘rong… hmmmmmm)…

      If we replace CJF we’d have to wait for a few better-recruiting classes to rise above ACC mediocrity.”
      ‘fraid so, again.

      strong post!

      1. That’s the dilemma. If the masses push to blow it up, we’re signing up to be ‘20 Florida State or ‘20 Penn state bad without the same level of resources to make it better

    2. You do realize Pitt was missing 16 player including their best offensive player and 3 starters on the o line. im sure they would take VT guys playing if theirs could.

  3. Plus many on the Arena star trek episode reference. Ya never know when you might need to find a sulphur deposit.

    Where are we going to be, once we break out of the storm? Red sun at night, or morning?

    Tactical retreat and reposition or hold the line?

    All eyes turn to the portal and Burruss.

    1. I really don’t know…
      …no good options Eye can see.

      Tho’ I load the uva gun, only.


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