Your virginia football Commonwealth Cup preview!

  #44 R.P.I. virginia @ #65 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… cesser de!

Verbe transitif, (french), (kwĭt′ĭd)

  1. Cesser ou cesser.
  2. Partir de; laisser.
  3. Décomissionner ou quitter un emploi.
  4. Abandonner une activité par frustration ou désespoir; abandonner.
  5. ~ 8 pm until somewhere deep into next week?

Virginia Head CoachMarc Bronco Clay Mendenhall: age=52, (15-21 @uva and 114-65 overall); has a rep’ for defense, no-nonsense, strictness, quirkiness, and even more quirkiness.
i.e. the quirkiest.

Happy wife happy life.

Coach Bronco also has a rep’ for… bowling. Well, he did, up until two years ago, as Bronco Mendenhall (head) coached football teams had gone bowling 100% of the time. And yet guess hoo is going bowling; again? In addition to that, Bronco has a reputation for defense overall and the secondary in particular as he was an Fs and team captain for the Oregon State Beavers back in the mid 198o’s. Bronco has also placed a flashy 68 ex-players with the National Football League since 2oo5. He is also known for graduating his players, and ranking his former program seventh for most Academic all-Americans during his tenure at Brigham Young. His dad was a stalwart De for B.y.u. in the mid-50’s and his brother (Mat) started at De for the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII. So clearly football is in his blood and likewise all over his sporting family tree. Bronc’ has tallied three conference titles and one conference Coach of the Year award (2008, Mt.West). He helped pioneer the modern era Spread-fighting blitz-happy 3-3-5 defensive scheme; which industrializes an Lb/S hybrid position in the hind-5.

With a track record of success at B.Y.U., a reputation for instilling order and accountability, and methods and metrics straight out of a stuffy reddest-state business management text, Bronco Mendenhall and his by the FOXNews book ways and means have done about all anyone could do at his {sic: new} liberal arts school. As this no-nonsense coach may look like a very trumpeting or vanilla 7-5-7 pasty questionable fit; although -and to his credit- he’s been pretty colorblind after replacing a rather colorful (unqualified) tribal Minority hire. And to be quite direct; Bronco and his seemingly juxtaposed cultural fit is ahead of schedule here folks. Fu‘rther one could (now) actually agrue he’s in-state ahead of guess, hoo? So props to Bronc’ for getting a big-M.A.C. style u.v.a. gridiron team into a bowl game back-to-back.

Mendenhall is married to Holly Johnston. They have three sons: Raeder, Breaker, and Cutter. Mendenhall is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

french record: o-2 in World Wars
hoova 2017 record:
  6 up 7 down and 3-5 in the Atlantic Coast.

virginia Defense: (starters back=8)

  • 22nd in Total D.
  • 47th vs. the run.
  • 15th vs. the throw.
  • 44th in defensive S&P+.
  • 71st in Qb’s sacked.
  • 1o1st in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • 15th best on 1st-down D! (then, wait for it…)
  • Then 99th in 3rd down conversion percentage allowed!?!
  • 125th in dLine Havoc. De is a bit beat-up and that’s a potential target here. Although this dLine -all three of ’em- are big. Though 67% of the starters are in their rookie season of voting and combine to be 36 years, young. Yet they are nearly S.e.c. sized in point of fact with nobody less than 280 lbs. and 67% of ’em are >300 lbs.! You do the… maths. Unless you can keep ’em on the field… as this is an extremely thin halt-unit frontline; with their best De (M.Alonso, left-knee; St.Nikon help!) out for the duration. So experience is wanting here as well. Though there are 20-sets and politically incorrect slants here as this is an angular front when it attacks.
  • 26th in Linebacking Havoc. Team Captain, one #13, 6′2″, 258 lb., final year Chris Peace is legit. As in PEACE-out if this 10 TFL, 10 sacks, 15 run-stuffs, and two fumbles forced freak gets it going. This kid is next level, and we simply must put a hat on #13. The other OLb (6′8″, 228 lb. Charles “oui-oui, I can dunk” Snowden) has about half the numbers of Peace and that’s not real far from declaring skirmish -if not declaring war- for a lotta teams. Really good edge Linebacking crew here folks. Pretty well-seasoned 2nd-layer (13 years combined) on top of that. Sam and Will will cheat up for even looks at times.
  • #1 in Secondary Havoc!!! 17th most in passes pilfered as this team clearly plays the ball not the man. In point of fact, Cb Bryce Hall is only #1, that’s first-best in all the land in passes defended this year. Whereas Ss, Juan Thornhill is only second in INT’s in America (6); and he only leads uva in stops with nearly 20 more tackles than anyone else has. Can you say: “defensive M.v.p.”? How ’bout special-teams M.v.p. with 2 FGA-swats! On top of all of that the 2 kids who rotate at Fs are the top-2 hoo defensive efficiency rated guys. Also, this is the biggest secondary we’ve faced all year, all less one are 5′12″ or better and all less one is 205 lbs. or more! And 186% more passes broken-up than your opponent’s is just downright, phenom’ 1o1. 16 seasons worth of experience with one 6th year player all ball here. As does plenty of depth. Although Fs Joe’ Blount does have a bad wheel (ankle).
  • D overall: FILM STUDY: uva (mostly) plays from its base thirty-four defensive set. They do a lotta combination in the middle of the field. With halves and more medium-man than my Eye was used to on edges. Lotta blitzing combinations here. uva will deal and twist, loop or stunt their ILb’ing twins, or Will or Sam in any concert with their normal 3-downlinemen you can dream up. Front side is prolly a bit more exotic than backside although the backside is very pass-coverage useful. Best pass defense I’ve seen from uva since the legacy Howie Long legacy kid days for the record. The boundary-Cb will tighten up that medium-man into press-man at times/situationally, although there may be some wide-side room for some quick hitting Fu’fensive works here. Lotta linearity in the hoo pass sets or hind-8. Be that second-level (Lb’s, which can layer deeper) or in the secondary itself. And yet Eye even saw some arrowhead looks on the Will side from the secondary to overload and force things back towards midfield. The hoos have elevator blitzing (closer ILb drops and his tag-team ILb parter reddogs); and there typically is someone extra beyond the 3-downlinemen coming on most plays here. Although when you deal ILb’s, Sam/Will you are H-back/Te and/or Rb short quick hitting passing available. Hope Corny goes after this.
  • ∑ (summary): Clearly this is a D that stiffens -and severely- the further from the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) that you move. And this is a pretty dang decent tackling team by-the-bye. Never thought I’d type that about you know hoo, either. (and not quite as mouthy as in the past, pretty mean, median, mode to a C+++ level of “woofin” out there from what my Eye could hear).

Defensive letter-grade:

cavalier Offense: (returning starters=5)

  • 89th in Total O.
  • 62nd in ground O.
  • 90th in aerial O.
  • 64th in offensive S&P+.
  • 13th in 3rd-down conversion percentage!
  • 28th in completion percentage O.
  • 99th in sacks allowed | 59th in TFL allowed.
  • 36th in efficiency.
  • 73rd in explosion.
  • 49th hardest Rb’s to tackle.
  • 12th in stuff rate allowed.
  • 113th in red-zone O.

    Do mind the quadratic backfield run-fits store here!!!
  • O overall: Hb (oui, that’s how he’s listed) Olamide Zaccheaus is 11th in receptions per game in all of D-1. He is one of the tri-Team Captains, he was 2nd-string all-A.c.c. last year. He surely gives new meaning to Z-patterns, he holds numerous uva receiving rec’s, and has a game-breaking element to his game when he does get loose. Not half bad for a ½-pint-sized Wr/Hb hybrid at barely 5′8″, 190 final year lbs. Olamide is Nigerian for “the blessing has come”, and for a somewhat overlooked mere *** star Philly recruit? has been pretty blessed here indeed. And lest we forget in the rush to worship his grab-game acuity, he’ coming up on 600 rushing for his career to boot after being a 4-time National qualifying sprinter in high school. Leading rusher (868) r-Sr. year 5′10″, 224 lb. Rb Jordan Ellis is another quality find/evaluation as he too was not all that highly thought-after or all that highly sought-after coming outta the greater ATL area. As breaking the 1.8k threshold in <400 attempts is very decent production. Solid, actually… tho’ Jordan’s pass production is down 300% this year for reasons Eye can not discern? A true dual-threat Qb would be one #3, Bryce “I look like I’ma in my 30’s” Perkins. The 6′4″, 210 lb. Jr., Perk’ is a 65%, 19:9 ratio decent enough thrower whose got a dinged foot/ankle as a runner— per the insider whispers. He was also the Jr.College championship game runner-up in 2017 at Arizona Western Community College. This after 2 years (one r-shirt, one, hurt) at ‘Zona State. So hooVa is his third team in three years. In H.S. terms he only won one state and only set an Arizona state high school record for single-season completion percentage! WoW! Yah; that’s legit. So is his 4 limbed N.f.l. family tree. As Sunday genetics is in his thang. That said, Perkins does not seem to sense backside pressure all that well. And he drops by 5% on the road and by 22 Qb rating points when in your crib— so there is that little lifeline. The oLine almost wants to grade out below average; as the hoo run-fits are decent and yet the hoo passing-V is sloppy at times. hoo oLine was as good as I’ve seen in short-yardage 220v power rushing needy situations as I’ve seen in a minute or three. They are better and more experienced inside at G-c-G than on edge. Transfers have helped and there are six guys with previous starting experience plus 6′11″ actually a little lean r-Fr. Ot, 290 lb. Ryan Swoboda. Likewise, don’t die of shock if Perk’ and Ellis both crack 1K rushing for the year on us before Black Friday ends. Ditto Zac’ at wideout and a 1,000-yard triple-crown club does not suck. Additionally, five of the uva top-6 pass catchers grade C+ to A- on their catch percentages and that’s the best we’ve faced statistically all season long. uva is not the best passing downs (need to throw situationally) team either as none of their four metrics was any better than 103rd best nationally when they had to pass. i.e. Bud really needs to force the early-down Lo.FM issue here at all costs. 11th best however on Open Plays or normal down-n-distance situations. i.e. pressure bursts hoo’ville pipes, here. This is a big ole Line however, 60% of it lives north of 316 lbs.! Ditto the very right-sized hooVa catch crops. As there are very dicey measurables in play here gents… Ginko this for late in the game.
  • ∑ (summary): O did not seem to respond well to blitzy situations as Bud Lyte might wanna party like it is 1999 all over again. The hoo O did force things in red-zone terms as well, as needy bonehead plays or simple turnovers can be bend though don’t break had here. They are a bit more of a deeper passing O with five TD throws >35 yards this season. hooVa will work east-west and then take a few vertical shots downfield here-n-there. Their run-sets are steady, nearly determined, however gangbusters they (mostly) ain’t with only two carries north of 34 yards thus far. And only 2 hoos have >74 total yards on the ground the year, so either Qb Perk’ or Rb Ellis is carrying the 22901 mail here (uva’s zip code).  i.e. run-fit KEY them and nobody else! Though Perk’ has only been south of 61 rushing once since September, and we all know Bud’s 1-Gap spill system only unnaturally accounts for a rushing Qb, at best/at most. FILM STUDY: all sorts pre-snap backfield combinations live here… Spread-Gun, with anything you can think up as a Spread-Tee or Spread-Pistol, looks go. As I never ever thought Eye’d type this… although I really did like the play-side overloads, Leads, and Whams from the zima-guzzlers this year. Who knew soft is the new, hard? As there are power-rushing game elements in play here and you have to wonder how well that wears on a nearly tapped out Bud Lyte as this rivalry game wears on after sunset? The motioning (mostly) went play-side pre-snap here and that may be a tip… though still, it would not be that elastic to call this hoo O a 2018 Dooley set. As there are half-rolls, and RPO sprint-outs play-side or Will (wide-side) galore. Perk’ will sprint L & R so you can not orthodox key him; although he did not RPO pitch-much moving odd or left. Naked backfields were code for quick rhythm passing-pops, or a few Perk’ A-gap takeoffs or Qb draws. Lotta right angles and angularity here, again this is still a red-state B.y.u. Trump O on its basis. Did see some teams try to physically rough Perkins up… wondering if he has a “soft” hashtag attached? Though still yet, not really super mega fancy football …so what you see is what you get this year beyond a stray countering look. This is the obverse of misdirection from Pitt, so no excuses! Bone up! Man up! Cowboy Up!!! (or bend gently forward at the waist and get B.O.H.I.C.A. from cav’ man himself for the next 364 odd days)
  • 58% run:pass 42% mix. i.e. key the run!

Offensive letter-grade:

wahoo Special Teams: (P returns)

uva is 42nd in Net Punting and so is r-Sr., P, Lester -yes, I look like Vinny Testaverde; no, b.street is not stirring that up- Coleman. NO bleep on that hommie. ‘preciate that hollarbackgirl, anyhoo… hommie is a Campbell Trophy Semifinalist, and although I’m not sure what that means I am sure that’s >>> being a quarter-finalist. That attempt at comedy aside… I do know that being named 2nd-string all-A.c.c. last year does not suck. Neither did being named 1st-team all-Prep’-State punter in high school. That’s polo collar poppin’, packed your very own picnicking basket good to me. And why do you own a picking basket in the first, place? Tho’, I tangent… anyhoo again, this P was a high school Tight-End? And then took up picnicking?!? What? mmm-k… although that does bring trickeration into play… and his backhand is pretty solid too, as their Coleman was 1st-team all-state in tennis. No joke. Les’ can KO, he has had no punts blocked, ever; and he has 1 assisted tackle thus far going on, forever. And oh oui, he does have 31 50+ yard punts on his mere 1.5 seasons starting P career resume`. Snap. As Les’ can le` boom dat ball.

  • 87th in Punt Returns | 10th in KO returns.

    Siamese much?
  • 5th in punt coverage | and yet in 1o9th suicide-squad.
  • hooVa has blocked 2 kicks and allowed 0 kicks to be blocked.
  • hooVa has blocked 0 punts and allowed 0 punts to be blocked.
  • 5th Offensive field-position! | 27th in Defensive field-position.

38th best in FG percentage nationally (79%) would be Kicker Brian Delaney. Bri’ was rated the No. 5 kicker in America by 247Sports. That has cachet, and so does an AAAAAA state titlist championship bling. So I gotta give this special-boy that round 10-8. Gotta give Bri’ these rounds as well: as he was only rated the No. 1 punter in the country per Kohl’s Kicking and then only rated the No. 2 kicker by Dang yo’… that’s some real live leg-talent there folks. Making uva’s inking of Brian something of a kicking-coup. This second year K has a career-long of 46 thus far and no career blocks. 100% on all his P.A.T.’s; and he is 75% from beyond 42 yards on the year— so a long-FGA in lieu of a short punt would be in play here. Although his range seems high 40’s to me.

Only one KO return specialist has more points scored on KO-returns than Wr Joe Reed; who also has the third most catches for uva this season; I’d say that counts.

Special Teams letter-grade: 87th in S&P+ special teams ranking is uva. And I’d have to say that I find that to be too low. Me? To me, this is at least a B+++ special-teams unit, and it might be A— sans just one KO coverage gaff)

Unit Rankings:

  1. uva D.
  2. uva O/VT O.
  3. VT D.


  • motive: 2-words… guess, hoo? XXL edge=DeGual. (as they’ll never get a better streak-bustin’ shot than this)
  • weather: dry at least, tho’ do dress warm. Soup weaher if you will. And this can only favor the better lines and run-shapes. Which ain’t uva by a metric ton though it ain’t V.Tech at all. (modest) EDGE=french fries/toast.
  • health/off-field: uva has 3 critical injuries and they are coming off of extra-innings vs. the G.Tech chop-shop. Although V.Tech has a longer injury report. So a small to medium EDGE=france.
  • penalties: We ain’t bad here, although guess hoo has bronco-busted at least a fair amount of this former mouthy stupidity right in the now 9th best in penalizing terms, head?!? EDGE=C. de Gaulle.
  • intangibles: 10th in TOP (time of possession) vs. a very thin and thinning/transferring as I type Bud Lyte is a real live late-game concern. uva also has 11 miscellaneous yards gained on the year and that’s exactly eleven more than we do. EDGE=Philly Pétain.
  • fatigue: uva is actually +1 on rests in the last fortnight and change; although they do have to travel on a short-week here so we will call this one a wash. EDGE=push.


Getting beat by uva here would be like... what???

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of boo-hoos who could start @Tech=12.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… uva is 7-4 on the year on the 99th SOS (strength of schedule) metric whereas V.Tech is 4-6 scrumming against the 55th SOS vital.

1-3 on the road S&P+ 44th ranked uva visits 1-4 at home S&P+ 82nd ranked Virginia Tech on a Thanksgiving+1 Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm on A.B.C. network in Lane Stadium over in the New River Valley as a five-point Vegas big board betting favorite (france-5).


And the last time france was favored to win anything WWI happened.

And then… WWII; happened.
Do you see a trend?

Nonetheless, that is where we find ourselves in this topsy-turvy upside-down mad mad world.

The dinky, dippy, sissy, mitchy desperate hoowives are favored to beat us at home— with more than a few publications on each side of the Commonwealth divide picking them to punk us just the same.

Think about that one Hokie Nation, and let your entitlement and ego R.A.T.T. drink all of that in. As how many weeks ago would we all have been basically LOL at all of that in spades?


Nevertheless, as we know… football is a cruel mistress, 50 shades of T.Jay, and even getting beat by 1/10th of a point on the corrupt Vichy’s judges scorecard would be real live gay Paris bitch indeed.


  1. Δ1=80% Hate to say it, though how do you not favor you know hoo, here?  Pareto principle notwithstanding… this one is no better than an eighty : twenty split. As pierre piper (may just) pick a peck of pickled peppers indeed. And here for 14 long-hard years, I had always thought that this peter was a… catcher?
  2. Δ2=20% On the other hand, I like to think of this one as a deep contested-3 in N.b.a. hoops. The guy shooting it is a pro’ after all and both sides have their hearts in their throats until this one draws iron or tickles the twine.
  3. Δ3=100% and I’m not joking here at all folks… bronco is gonna bust our ass good-n-hard for as long as he can and as hard as he can. Just as Bobby the brain Heenan -who may or may not have actually been from, Quebec- once said… “you kick people when they are down because they are easier to reach.Accordingly, there is a 100% chance uva will rub our nose in it and run the score up as high as they human can if we spit the bit and let go the Commonwealth rope.
the skinny

In order to pull this home upset vs. the very upset minded hooVa cavalier club, this shite-kicked Virginia Tech squad simply must channel their inner-jerry and win this one on the ground per actually executing a Spartan and downright disciplined, physical and martinet Schlieffen Plan. And thereby going total kaiser rolls upside these brie lovers heads.

Check it out… Virginia Tech has not won a ground-warfare battle since… September!

54o wimminz…

Racking up or rather getting racked for a downright hurtful 916 rushing yardage margin in the hole! A nearly 1K massive infantry squad level deficit if you will. So Virginia Tech is dead here, n’est-ce pas mon amis?

“Not so fast my friends” as the pretty dang good this season maginot line has weakened by 96 ypg down in the trenches on average over the last three games after two De’s with 9 combined starts have been put out for the duration and since their best Dt has been dented to boot (Godspeed). Accordingly, in the last 3-weeks, uva is actually 40 ypg worse vs. the run than Bud Foster’s worst run-fighting defense in over a decade is for the season! Crazy, is it not? That and Virginia Tech is actually 10 ypg better than uva is at rushing the ball over that very same 3-game timespan.

Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide is merely calling for a two-play or 13 point hoo win. HOWEVER, -and pay attention here folks- …the aggregate yardage marker is calling for an absurd 49.3 point pistol-whipping! Seriously, uva has played much better vs. common opponents head-to-head than V.Tech has.

the call...

uva has opened up like gangbusters in 1Q terms this year, so nominally I’d be want to say: “the start=the finish” here.

Hooever, this has not been a nominal year. And quite well, Frankly, we have been playing Playtex football of late… only good for one period and we ain’t got no second-string.

Accordingly, I’m not want to nominate that familiar refrain… as the end will end badly here if uva can help it. As I seriously doubt Bronco is gonna off his dwaggs in this one. Here is his big chance to make is very own charlottesville legacy and simultaneously his chance to break the Blacksburg legacy. Two streaks D.O.A. and two Hokie-birds K.I.A. on thanksgiving day+1 with one stone.

Eye really like how Will has put things this year -not to mention his virtually perfected V.Tech point total calls- and do bear in mind sports-fans that Will is the big cheese of all things Sabre, Techsideline and Sportswar. And therefore his must mind his punch-placement store.

Will is the one who has done an epic job of rib-tickling with the ole poison-pen of a stiletto with absolutely delightful -not to mention entire accurate- k.kong sized junk blasts in description of this cluster-foxtrot of a closing 2018 with lines such as: this season is “no better than herding cats” and this is a program and a coach”searching for the bottom”.

FREE Q-T-π!!! Hold the Ry‘!

Hammer meet nail.
And no TSL, that’s not “outta whack!”

Our “leverage” on the Commonwealth Cup hath run out. Our diseased streak(s) are in the waiting room of  Dr. Guillotine’s applied sports-psych FREE clinic. And you do know what he was famous for, right? Bobbiting for apples!


So, I do not like the hooVa Wr, Secondary and semi power-rushing match-ups. And Eye really did not like seeing Perk’ getting off with 74% and a 4:1 passing this month. As he’s really been heating up as the late Autumn climate has been chilling-out. Whereas my sources say poor Ry’ has been cracking-up under this much pressure… (see: right).

And beyond QVT somehow lighting our O&M fire, it’s it and that’s dat.

Ergo, therefore, to: Whitt, methinks we are the team that is about to go David Bowie under pressure and we will be the group that either goes gently into this bad nite or acts out as uva has numerous end-game times in the past. And then I read this after already having written ^that^ on Tuesday…

‘…Tech’s feeling more pressure here than UVA, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.‘
-Brandon Patterson, TSL-

     I have to agree. Preach bro’! As my sourcing says nobody is feeling more {sic: pressure} than poor Ry’. And so, our 5,096 days runneth out. And do imprint this on thy memory gland… our last three opponents have outscored V.P.I. by 14 or more points in the third quarter. As the Fighting Gobblers have drooped each game in the negative streak by an average of 21.3 points.

That’s the news… the (hopeful) news is that uva is not outta reach (entirely) because they lack the firepower to 23-45, 28-49, 22-52, or 13-38 punk us. Or so we all hope…

Unless we/VeeTee really do suffer a real live cultural fail on national T.V.

We do that that I serially doubt Bronco will take his foot off our throat— or out our ass.

Like 14 years or 1.4 decades really is a long long time to wait… that kinda no-play chastity has to be ready to finally let go and get off.

So I’ll raise Will’s herding cats and search for the bottom with a:

hail, cesser!

upset Index=34%


Virginia Tech=19, desperate hoowives=36







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  1. Yep…Corny and Uncle Fu will shoot the rest of their toes off ….Can’t quite change their habit..VT has gone to being bad. Bud included, has the sunset starting to get close.l think so. Everybody has a sunset..

    1. The sun has no set on Foster (who just last yr had an all world defense) he just has the youngest defense he has ever had by miles, and terrible injuries to boot. This is the youngest team in D1A right now and we will get back quicker than usual….just remember you jumped off when we do get back in a yr or 2. No room to get back on this wagon as you (and many like you) only jump on when things are going good and bail at the first sign of adversity (literally hilarious that half of our fans are guilty of the same thing that they accuse our players of….of bailing on the team when things go bad). I refuse to go negative in the 24 hrs up to kick off…but I do see validity in bSt’s assessments and appreciate his angle and understand his job in that is to be honest. Fans jobs are to believe in the team. Let’s Go Real Hokies!!

      1. Will’s the slip age=59 years quantified article really stung on all things now.

        Made a memo to my ownself on that as well.
        As only Frank and Congressman Tom did anything >59 years.

        Maybe that is it?
        Though I do know that that plus -as you correctly say- his youngest D ever?
        Well that’s his biggggggggest most gaping Gap ever as well. And maybe that too is a bugbear?

        Thank you though!

  2. That is probably a fair, unbiased call of this game. I think that we will see what we have deeper than just the first couple layers. Can we dig deep? Fuente has to treat this like it is the Super Bowl. All the tricks have to be unloaded, every man has to play to his absolute highest level of energy (everyone does not have to play their best gane, but everyone definitely has to play at 100 the whole game and we habe to see something we haven’t seen since FSU and Duke, some guys hype on the sidelines like it matters). Corny has to put his foot on the accelerator from start to finish. How about mixing multiple deep shots in the playbook?

    If we can do all of that (and that is not asking for anything that is ridiculous and not even near asking for a perfect game…which we do not need) then we can win this game.

    Hokies 27 Hoos 20 (upset minded and we hold them down in the cold!!!)

  3. All the tricks have to be unloaded…

    TOTALLY agry!
    Onside KO to start!

    I mean, what are you saving anything for, now?
    Go down crazed swinging. Let ’em rip.


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