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#76 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #5o R.P.I. Miami:

Today’s word of the day is… a quote!

  • If you are not interested in war, war is interested in… you!”
  • Carl von Clausewitz
Foxtrot Uniform this mitch!

Head Coach: Manuel Alberto Diaz II: age=45, (2-2 year and overall); has a rep’ for being a good egg as a peep and for being a very industrious long-hours worker-bee as a coach. A defensive magus by trade; very itinerate coach. Really jumps around. The Larry Brown of defensive positions and of U.S.P.S. change of address labels. Tho’ a Linebacking rook-card coach. Really gifted in 2nd-layer terms. An Lb-whisper if there is such a thing.

Baller Diaz, is the son of former Cuban-American Miami mayor Manny Diaz, was born on March 13, 1974. At Miami Country Day High School, Diaz was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. In 1991, Diaz was a Miami Herald honorable mention All-Dade County Scholar-Athlete for football, basketball, and baseball.

A defensive coach with a scoring O @home!

After college Manny got into coaching at FLA.State. And here is his nearly who’s who of big-names and or really articulated halt-unit names on his way up through the defensive ranks. Bobby Bowden: Florida State (1998–1999), Chuck Amato: North Carolina State (2000–2005), Rick Stockstill: Middle Tennessee (2006–2009), Dan Mullen: Mississippi State (2010, 2015), Mack Brown: Texas (2011–2013), Skip Holtz: Louisiana Tech (2014), Mark Richt: Miami (FL) (2016–2018). That’s not cutting one’s proverbial teeth, that’s sharpening one’s defensive fangs! And notice as well, there are a couple of disciplinarians and a couple of ace recruiters in coach Diaz’s pedigree as well.

And by my count? Coach Manny has tallied an absurd… 41 national rankings 15th or better in the top national defensive statistical categories. With a sixth sense for Sacks and TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted. Likewise, Turnovers gained and Manny once was a very creative/aggressive special-teams coach to boot.

Big Papi Diaz is considered the mastermind behind the extremely notorious “Turnover Chain”. A Cuban link chain with a charm in the shape of the school’s iconic “U” logo, designed by famed Miami jeweler Anthony John Machado, more commonly known as “A.J. The Jeweler.” Who lives in the 3o5.

Daddy Diaz served as a Production Assistant at ESPN. The last highlight reel he cut was the 1997 Masters. Diaz and his wife, Stephanie, live in Miami with their three sons:
Colin, Gavin, and Manny

Hurricanes 2018 record: 7 up 6 down at .5oo in the A.c.c.

Base fortythree with Will offset:

Miami Defense: (starters back=5)

  • 13th in Total D.
  • 6th vs. the run.
  • 49th vs. the throw.
  • 26th in passing efficiency D.
  • 16th in 1st down D.
  • 4th in 3rd down D.
  • 51st in Red Zone D.
  • 12th in fumbles recovered!
  • 56th in passes pilfered.
  • 29th in Qb’s sacked.
  • 12th best in Tackles for a Loss (TFL) inflicted.
  • TBA in dLine Havoc. Bookends Jonathan Garvin and Gregory Rousseau are legit. Very when they get fully wound all the way up; and Dt is a bowl of lumpy mashed-potatoes vs. the run. This per the volatile -if not south of clean- Ford and Bethel in the trenches. Lotta things live in the dogpile down at da U. Accordingly, this might be a good game to get a visor and a mouthpiece. Miami entered 2019 with depth concerns upfront on D. And their Dline jumps/anticipates a lotta cadences; ergo, “HARD” counts may help here.
  • TBA in Linebacking Havoc. The top-3 or starters are Aces! Truly and they enjoy nearly 15 seasons of ball combined. They are the alpha second-layer in the A.c.c. right now. And they are prolly pretty dang tired by the end of the day/nite. What with a backbreaking five that’s (5) of their back-ups in the 3-deep down for the 2019 count. Coach God bless! Tho’ 114 career starts ball here… we won’t see a more experienced second-layer starting-3. Miami will spy Qb’s and Rb’s and then deal Lb’s on latent red-dogs if nothing real materializes skill-position wise early-on.
  • TBA in Secondary Havoc. S, Gurvan Hall Jr. only leads the way in tac’s (29). Trajan Band is prolly the best pure cover guy here and he had the 2018 pass-coverage metrics to back it up. “striker” back Romey Finley is a big-play maker. Although same as the U’s dLine, the hind-4/5 is not known for its layered-depth. The secondary will press man when the opposing O is chasing the sticks. Tho’ they got burned here, in particular, #2. Saw me some Tampa-2 and Tampa-1 and they will double off of the Tampa-2. With the Centerfielder in Tampa-1 nearly hard to find on-screen, as he’s not ≤15 off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). Insanely enough… they blitz toggle off of this, DEEPEST Fs comes gunnin’ forward with the Ss “trying to get back”. (love to catch them with K.King on a Fly pattern vs. this elevator motion). I also saw some baiting Cb-blitz with a soft-zone behind it. You get a gift 5 to 8-yard throw here; if/when you get the throw off in time.
  • D overall: Good D. Virtually great. Nearly brutal vs. the ground troops and pretty stout vs. any air force. Experienced D too with nearly 80% of the 2-deep being upperclassmen. Decent tackling D overall— although in the secondary… not as may shoulder first-school hitters to be found. Saw a lotta shoestring and New Guinea (headhunting) guys working secondarily there. The Lb’s will pop you and you will stay: “popped” however.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=57% Diaz’s new defensive coordinator (Blake Baker) loves creating havoc just like Diaz. Nonetheless, defensive depth could be an issue, both on the line and in the secondary, where the Canes are just a couple of injuries removed from relying on freshmen. And yet if the top-11 remains locked, cocked and ready to halt-unit rock? ^that^ and fifty-cents will get you a quarter cup of $tarbucks java; or at least a tenth.  …and OH YES… Miami enjoys virtually 3-decades (29 seasons and change) worth of experience in their halt-unit’s front-7. Wonder how well that does vs. our 3 Vice Squad Fr. blockers?

Defensive letter-grade:

Miami Offense: (returning starters=6)

  • 64th in Total O.
  • 86th in ground O.
  • 38th in aerial O.
  • 130 in 3rd down-converts. (DEAD-last)!!!
  • 1o2nd in Red Zone O.
  • 13th in Completion percentage O.
  • 1st with NO passes picked!
  • 128th in sacks allowed | 124th in TFL allowed.

    FREE the 70’s DEEP IFormation!!!
  • O overall: Rb: Deejay -grate, turnkey marketable name 1o1- Dallas. DJD is a 5′10″, chiseled 215 lb. runner who works really hard internally. Prolly make a good hubby someday for it too. Rb/slot-Wr, DeeJay Dallas is the more physical slasher of an Rb as a third-year baller. And he can wildcat as he had nearly 800 yards passing his final scholastic season as a gridiron Qb/Rb ‘tweener. Additionally, I’d wager than all four of the ‘Canes Top-4 would start at V.Tech right now. These guys are loaded for bear at Rb. Do feed the animal(s) here. As five of Miami’s Top-6 ground gainers average at least a first down every two touches with 2.8 ypc to spare! Wr: Wr1, 4.29 forty blazing Jeff Thomas is a crackerjack. He plays pretty close to a 220v game; well, once he decides to play. The ‘Cane Wr’s can stretch a field vertically or north-south when they do actually bother to catch the ball and they do pretty dang smart YAC (yards after catch) work. As eight different U grab-game guys average right at a 1st-down or better per snag. That and the sophomoric Te Brevin Jordan is prolly gonna be special… if he, stays.  And yet this is not that big of a ‘Cane catch-crops, pretty close to mighty-mites by-the-bye. Qb: Jarren Williams has done about as much as a nugget or rookie year in voting Qb1 can do. Very plural Qb -which could be a fit-in freshmanic thing- plural in that he distributes the ball very well. Prolly a Pt.Guard in another life. As not less than 14 ‘Canes have logged a carry and a nearly precisely matched 13 ‘Canes have snagged a catch. TOUGH O to key for it to boot. And oh yes… Jar.Will’? Well, he’s only 13th in Passing Efficiency in America! Five spots ahead of his inaugural Qb1 age? Guess that consensus top-10 quarterback by all three major scouting services rating did not suck? (topped out at 6th in Pivotal national terms). Legit dual-threat Qb, tho’ most curiously enough, when I ran his H.S. digits, they were good enough; maybe even great? Although not quite a pure “stick ’em” epic for such a V.H.T. D-1 Qb. And thus far he is a 49 yard (negative forty-nine) in inaugural collegiate terms. Go fig’? (even if he did have a scholastic habit even then of taking good care of the rock— gotta be a pretty sharp kid with some likewise pretty serrated coaching along the way for this to be a lifer pigskin integrity Qb trait). Finally, to only be 4 games further into his college Qb career than you and me combined? Jarren has logged 75% of his games north of 163 Qb rating. Which makes you wonder what; or where he is come 2022? And oh yes, he’s only 50 Qb rating points better @home. Oline:  G’s Navaughn Donaldson and DJ Scaife Jr. have the look and the pedigree. However, only Navaughn returns here as 80% of the decent tho’ ungreat 2018 starters are gonzo. The ‘Cane oLine has a few talents, tho’ they are raw talents. Undercooked in a word, as a lotta “moo” still lives in the U’s offensive front-5 blocking steaks. (and they might just be worse at identification than we, are!) (p.s. the oo’s report that Miami is “shuffling” their oLine during this BYE week to find the best run-blocking combo’) And other than the mammoth Navaughn kid? This is not your typically historic Jurassic Park looking Miami oLine physically upfront.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O prodcution=63% I’m not entirely sold with this ‘Cane O; overall. However, I am willing to do more than rent-to-own on Qb1 and Rb1. Some potentially serious talent lives here. film-study: Lotta ‘gun, and Pro sets. Even saw some early down DEEP Tb Power-I formation(s). Miami is rubbing a lot more underneath and they were surprisingly elegant at it. Very handsome Wr routes at times in tape. Miami is a shorter passing team than in years past. Don’t know if that is the rookie-Qb throw-points or a Diaz thang just yet? Tho’ they are not in so much of a hurry to go Oaktown Raider “mad bomber” deep like once upon a time in a Jim Kelly galaxy far far away. Very angular O. Oriental in a word, as politically incorrect: Slant-Patterns are all over. It seems like a pretty dang even play-split O… however they pass a bit more early on and that tells you just how much they already trust their f-Fr. Qb with the keys to the Co. car. And on top of that, they use a metric ton of play-action to further free up DeeJay for later on. Edge pass-protect is clearly south of the internal passing-cup —lotta underage drinkers blocking the keg here. Oline is better in run-fits than they are in their pass-shapes for the moment. Not that bad of a step-over inside-zone look and DeeJay is best between the tackles. Love his Roger Craig high knee-actions. Chin-straps and knee-lift kayo punches beware. And da U does a very sharp job on crossbuck or countering scissors looks into the B or C-gap max’. Misdirection was set up extremely well here men. Dallas has really neat quicks and jump-cuts for this work in traffic as well. Eye don’t know if the ‘Cane Wr’s are physical blockers? Tho’ they block well enough ’cause they block so dang low. Very 1970’s Pearson and Hill roll-down-(pseudo)-chop blocks. Not technically, illegal; though in a grey area, “charcoal” in point of fact. (Coach J.Ham’ and Mitch’ do some monkey-drills this week to help watch their knees!)
  • 53% run:pass 47% mix.

Offensive letter-grade:

Hurricane Special Teams: (return)

Miami is a reasonable 36th best in Net Punting and so is r-Soph. Lou Hedley. If this Lou shows up on your front-porch to court your inexperienced prize-daughter? Deadbolt the door. Load the shotgun— as this is about as nutty looking of a JuCo transfer and converted Aussie Rules semi-pro inked-up tat’ guy as there is. Seriously. This guy has more neck-in than Queequeg did and a biker-gang apprentice in-training this one has to be. Even JAX of SOA agrees. Lou is 25 years young, and he got his come ups during his eight years as a scaffolder in the middle of the Australian desert! Does the ink act as S.P.F.-55? 6′5″, 238 lbs. of raw imported Aussie lumber. Finally, this is the one P nobody wants to fight. And oh yes, he averages 25 ypc on fake-punts! Lou has a good -if not great- leg, career-long of 59. He was the #1 ranked P according to 247sports and he suffers no career blocks. And yah; Eye do not wanna Rough this Punter, either.

  • 113th in Punt Returns | 22nd in KO returns.
  • 39th in punt coverage | 87th and in suicide-squad.
  • Miami has blocked 0 kicks and allowed a mind-numbing 3 kicks to be blocked!!!
  • Miami has blocked 0 punts and allowed 1 punt to be blocked!

6′, 215 lb. 2nd-year K, Bubba Baxa was rated the fourth-best kicker in the nation by coming outta Texas H.S. football. So he’s prolly used to some pressure(s); although right now he may be feeling a little pressure as his 2 P.A.T. misses are fringe forgivable and yet 55.6% on his F.G.A.’s is generally benchable. Bubba has range into the high-30’s, although he’s not as reliable once he hits low to mid 40’s give/take; (with only one career make >47 yards). So look for some short(er) rugby punts if need be here. Bubba does pull double-duty and KO’s for the ‘Canes, so you’d have to think leg strength should check-out swell enough… even if that’s not showing out in the box score or on his scouting report just yet. That said, Baxa only has one FG-make in the last fortnight of kicking to boot. However, and to be fair, he is 19 years young and we should all ask 2021 back on that. That and he has already faked a FGA on an End-around of sorts.

m.s. Miami hits to the extreme reverberating “echo” of the special-teams whistle.

Special Teams letter-grade: if not for such hot-mess K block business? This is a very talented leg-game lot. However, they really do need to learn how to count outside-in. C+++ sunshine state right now, from what should never be less than a B+++ ST’s unit.

Unit Rankings:

  1. ‘Cane D.
  2. ‘Cane O.
  3. VT D.
  4. VT O.


  • motive: LOL! “Guess who’s coming to (Hokiebird) dinner?!?” ALL Miami vs. searching for the bottom Vah. Tech? EDGE=Da U, (huge)!
  • weather: should favor the better passing team and the better-conditioned team. Now if I only knew which team that, was? EDGE=push.
  • health/off-field: believe it or not, as Ripley’s goes? Miami is worse off than us… with a stunning seven, that’s (7) guys in their three-deep already out for the duration and three guys questionable for Saturday afternoon (Coach God bless!) EDGE=VT.
  • penalties: Fu’ is actually pretty much better here. As he is facing the 126th most disciplined team at the moment. (tho’ you have to wonder how the Zebras are gonna officiate this one? Hands-on or Hands-off?) EDGE=VT.
  • intangibles: The Hurricanes are a surprising 13th best in TOP (time of possession). This one really makes me 4Q wonder? Ditto their downright lethal-looking +123 differentials in the all-important Turnover Margin metric. EDGE=Da U and their chain-GANG(stars).
  • fatigue: Miami is +6 on R&R. And they are hosting about as culturally exhausted of a team as you will ever see. EDGE=Da U (XXL).

Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of who ‘canes could blow @Tech=17

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is… One of Manny Diaz’s first acts as head coach was signing onto Twitter and introducing everyone to #TNM, or “The New Miami.” The Hurricanes are 17 years removed from their last national-title-game appearance and Diaz understands his responsibility to turn UM into a national-title contender. Additionally, Diaz went wild on the transfer market this offseason, adding to the depth chart at Qb, Wr, OLine, De, Dt, and S’s. A true H.R. personnel hiring portaler or the anti-nexus of a Coach Fu’ is you will.

Still yet, Miami has remained a Smothers Brothers routine and continues to yo-yo both in terms of output(s) and focus. So, although the Diaz results are premature, thus far? The So.Beach song remains the same. Miami is not back, and they are not exactly beyond anybody’s reach until they prove that they can play Coach Robert Browning football and that “their reach exceeds (your), grasp”.

A War Plan Orange (and maroon), “red-alert”?

Clausewitz stressed the dialectical interaction of diverse factors, noting how unexpected developments unfolding under the “fog of war” (i.e., in the face of incomplete, dubious, and often completely erroneous information and high levels of fear, doubt, and excitement). These all conspire to call for rapid decisions by alert commanders. (that or our latest 2Q of work).

Clausewitz also argued that war could not be quantified or reduced to mapwork, geometry, and graphs. i.e. Fu’s beloved analytics. Clausewitz had many aphorisms, of which the most famous is “War is the continuation of politics intercourse by other means.”

The U wants to sex Fu’, up?!?


  1. Δ1=66.77% that da U wins in a regulation overmatched homesteading fashion. Think something like 30-10 tho’ not enough to call S.V.U. or Crockett and Tubbs.
  2. Δ2=10% that da U goes Miami Vice upside a wilting O&M gone nearly yellowbelly culture.
  3. Δ3=23.33% that Hooker sparks VeeTee up and we give Miami a toss-up kinda game. Hurricane ballers love Hooker’s and blow after all.
the optics
"In conFu'sion there is profit."
--Tony Curtis, Operation Petticoat

the skinny

The Sam-side or short-side of our D currently fields the 9th, the 10th and the 11th ranked defenders when taken stem to stern. Guess where Duke just went and where Miami -and everyone else- is likely to go?

Thingy is… the U is pretty muddled if not muddle-huddled over on O. Can what’s left of Bud Bôck do just enough for long enough to keep Vah.Tech within striking distance to make this a 1 or 1.5 play game late and turn a pressurized few screws on the mutually screwy ‘Canes?

Because if they cannot? Or if Bud Lyte big-play taps-out vs. an IsoPPP+ type of 220V Goliath ‘esque N.f.l. Pro’ Day testing numbers skill-position O? We could end up even more Duked-out and cocked up than last week. As Miami is a lotta things -and unlike David- merciful is not among ’em.

Forum Guide: in two weeks, we FREE Graham Houston the inventor; Coach God wiling.


  • The Hokies have won 26 straight games when holding opponents to 21 points or fewer, while Miami has lost 21 of its last 22 games when being held to 21 points or fewer.
  • The Hurricanes have played in three games decided by 5 points or fewer, winning just once (against Central Michigan).
  • Miami has more O, by nearly 50 total yards, nearly all of which is via the airwaves. Tho’ they also outrush us per carry by right at 1.5′. That, and they complete an impressive 12% more of their throws thus far this campaign.
  • Miami’s D is superior by close to 80 total yards, they are just south of 200% better per rushing-allowed and they are 6% thriftier vs. aerial assaults.
  • In the last fortnight of scrumming… the VT O vs. the Miami D match-up has titled in Miami’s favor by just under 50 total ypg. Whereas the VT D vs. the Miami O has only moved in da U’s direction by ~24 total ypg. Maybe not two ships passing in the night— more like an old harbor tug vs. an old destroyer.
  • Finally, Miami’s best offensive Q is our worst defensive Q. i.e. the 2nd inning before intermission. Accordingly, do keep a very sharp eye peeled for how the 2Q sorts out by the time we hit ~4:30 pm Saturday gents.

the call

Miami does a lotta uber-talented wait-station stoopid stuff upon breaking tape. They mess the bed on Special-Teams misQ’s… the next discipline they display will basically be their first, and they let opposing defensive front-7’s pillage their offensive backfield; at times.


Nevertheless, even if they are a buncha thuggy knuckleheads? Methinks they will be a buncha thuggy knuckleheads who get themselves up to play Viagra ball or hard enough in this one.

Whereas who knows if Fu’s crew know when this one emotionally tips-off?

Per Clauswitz his ownself…
such is the difference between Realpolitik, and politricks.

Miami Projected S&P+: 19th.
Miami Projected S&P wins: 8.7 W’s.

If we die?”
We die together…

You can get it done. You CAN get it done.”

What’s more? Yah GOTTA get it done!
–the other Coach Saben

That or a Cat’ VI Hurricane this way, comes!
As T.Hill and Co. are gonna lift their hind-leg and mark their tech-a-tory 25/8.

Me? I’ma gonna go wif’ this one… blows!

War, huh, yeah…
What is it good for?

5♣, A♠

With a Qb1 toggle, and a riot act read, what (now) R.A.T.T. happens @Miami?

View Results

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Misguided and reactionary public-opinion matters (nearly) nil here where real men congregate
-sans any and all T.O.S.- and “speak truth to the power“. 2019’s Purely Chicken agenda makes no never mind to the R.A.T.T.-tat-tat in me… nonetheless… a funny thing happened along the way to the O&M candy store early on during practice this week.

Numerous sources are reporting that the Henboss is your new Qb1.
(he of the putting a real live “R” into the Fu’fensive R.P.O.’s).
And there are credible suggestions that Fu’ -with Foster’s
full-backing- has gone ALL IN for @Miami this week.

Assuredly, be yea for or against Justin’s retainment; or his termination at will… clearly, The Fu’ture is Now indeed.

And the only thing I know about playing: “all in” cards men?
Is they had damn well better win. Moral VicTories
need not apply.

Well, actually; the other thing I know about “all in” cards is they can only be (credibly) played once— if you do get subsequently beat. Or in other words…

gogetters >>> GLOWgethers.

And Fu’ and Co. now need a full-out win like a dead man needs a coffin.
As there are only 27 mo’ shopping days until you know, when!

(revised) upset Index=~35%


Virginia Tech=2o, Miami=33






Happy St.Eustace Day @granddad, bro’ and pops!

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  1. Hokies , which team shows up. I hope one that Wants to play 60 minutes. Jury is still out on that part.

    1. Agry… which one indeed?

      Miami ain’t unreachable, either.

      This one really could be dum’ culture/heads vs. dum’ culture/heads.
      i.e. which team is the least culturally and mentally, stoopid?!?


  2. Went straitz to the aspirin, for this one. Skipped to the pray-dick-shun.

    And *I* get accusimified o’ bein’ negativz.

    Hopz weez dooz betta but I needz be seeinz it fo’ real.

    Itz a Sheetz world.

    1. You shoulda seen my OPT digits before the rally the troops and potential
      Hooker to Qb1 spark to a feckless powder came to light.

      I was pretty close to Miami by ~30.


  3. Backdoor cover for hokies that’s what I’m seeing. Angry road team scores early and bud’s D gets some turnovers. Looking for late FG to bust the 14 spread.

    1. Miami=stoopid as well as us.

      Not umpossible.
      Nothing is umpossible in this one on mutual dunderheads.


  4. “And there are credible suggestions that Fu’ -with Foster’s
    full-backing- has gone ALL IN for @Miami this week”

    Ummm, this suggests thst we we “partially in” previously? (Chews on that thoughtfully for a few minutes).

    Helms deep vs a tactical retreat to regroup and fight another (year)? Dont see Gandalf and the Rohirrim coming at dawn on the 5th day…

    Ready to watch game in man cave come what may

    1. Oh yes… our effort @BeeCee was just enuff.
      Just enuff to get… beat.

      We looked flat or not very bumpy vs. O.d.u. and Furman.
      Then we spit the bit vs. Duke.
      LOTR… gone Maverick? “he who runs away lives to run away another day?”
      We did this last year to save what we had @Pitt and G.Tech and Miami for uva.

      could be…

    1. THANK you!

      Happy to see a well-kept dot-connecting thinker in our midst—–>b.street

  5. Deuce is a difference maker, the much needed ED to an impotent offense. RPO is Hookers 1st DNA sequence or said another way….if he can’t run this offense then no one can. Look for the H backs to thrive as not since QB Evans have opponents safety & outside LBs had to worry about a serious threat running QB, finally the Deuce has been turned loose!!!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Kickin’ Canes Ass is a Hokie Tradition.

    1. Haha… yah; you and YOUR boy both get your chance here Chaz.
      I’m curious….

      More so to see if he sparks his boyz; (or not)?


      1. Hmmmmmm. As noted.
        Key now is to refund passing game for upgrades D vs Powder blue in 2

    1. Like playing Pt.Guard… I’ll, pass.

      20 was my seminal count for this one.
      (pardon the FLA mixed metaphor of course)

      (tho’ Miami can wet U’s bed same as us… maybe they help us out?)


    2. You’re on & it like mine peanut yellow box style. Section 7 to collect. :-).

      But all seriously we’ll be handing out boxes after our win tomorrow led by the Deuce!!!

      Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
      Deuce beats U every time!!!

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