Your west virginia Eye in the Sky!!!

Virginia Tech=21, west virginia=27

Today’s word of the day is… ackrofillia!



Classical Greek+b’speak!
(circa: 2021, A.D.).

  1. meaning: (extreme love).
  2. (to their credit): WVa.’s opening “want too” level.
  3. (per our big whistle’s self-admitted discredit) our lack of the very same.
  4. or, our “want too” level under Fu’ to get the damn Black Diamond Trophy the 24th of September 2o21, back?!?
  5. …stay, tuned Hokie-fans.
  6. time=tell.

Here is what someone wrote the CnC of TSL pre-game, Friday afternoon …
(time-stamp included for your temporal veracity)…

The colors make mo’ than a little sense, don’t they?

1Q 9:17 remaining:

Did we jump offsides?

Do we deny this?

Was the free-shot long-ball the correct react’ from doege?

Do we deny that?


However, where is the facemask call on the even or right-side Ot from w.v.u., here?


Game Duration:
Curious to see O&M eggs and j.Ham back things up a much as they did; as they cheated both the Linebacking 2nd-layer and the 3rd-layer or secondary a good step or two deeper in their initial or base set-up(s). This being a hope that your front-4 can go’on and whoop their front-5 alone, and a phobia of wanting to contain speedy or twitchy elements when said front-4 does not.

…dang. : (

1Q 3:44 remaining:
Shewie! (see: above(s)). Po’ big-ole and likable swamp-donkey weightroom worker bee #6o, s.Dzansi, with the UGLY and defenseless harsh looking knee collapsing hit with his foot pinned from… behind. Dangnation. As he was immediately writhing in pain and grabbing his leg soon as he hit the artificial surface. (Ditto the alacrity of the training-staff run-out…) St.Phillip bless, (right) ankeling sucks. (Early hints are: bad, tho’ NOT as bad as in-state thought).

Fn traitor!!!

1Q 3:o4 remaining:
Glad someone did it… ’bout time too!

He who is not with me is against me.
—Matthew 12:30

And Nestor cast the 1st-stone, the 2nd-stone, the next-stone, the middle-stone, and the final-stone. And someone reallllllly shoulda quarried his ass fo’ keeps.
(As you HAVE to set ^this^ is not lockerroom “ok” tone).

1Q :54 remaining:
Trè with the Y-chromosomes everywhere dreaded: ‘groin’ injury.
St.Elmo’ bless! (then a cold-spray hand-ding later, St.Julia bless).

NOT what speed-merchants wanna… vend.

2Q :17 remaining:
Po’ Trè who has not met a ‘ding’ that he will not fling… gets his left-toe(s) caught in the synthetic surface on this crossing route. St.Sebastian bless!

3Q 3:17 remaining:
Po’ Blackie (above):… most complete Rb we have and prolly the best inside-zone big-play threat we gots as well. And he went out into the 3o4 sticks and went… cramping. (St.Culbreth help!)


Amaré Baron skunked again=code for what(s)?
(in addition to so much Zone-Blitzing him backward into, coverage)

3Q J1:o4 remaining:
You can see (above:) why BAX self-glosses as: “White Iverson.”
As he literally nearly did break #8’s ankle(s), here!

4Q 13:59 remaining:
Check out the rarefied double-pancake play inflicted by w.v.u. here.

punked… twice!

As yes, the mountaineers may have been the mo’ misQ prone team on the day— and yet they were also the mo’ physically prone team as well.

4Q 4:45 remaining:
I’ma just sayin’…

3rd miss for (a likely) 6 of the campaign…

4Q 6,195 days remaining, with 371 days to, go:

This proverbial “game of inches” is best measured in centimeters, indeed… : (

…because… and Eye type this in all science-fact objective arithmetical candor… for all of you hatin’ on the final two Corny plays?

  • On 3rd we had: 4 guys out in pattern vs. 6 pass-defenders…
  • On 4th we had: 3 guys out in pattern vs. 6 pass-defenders…
  • …and yet (somehow) vs. twice-max’-protect’, w.v.u. tallied 2 Qb-pressures and 2 Qb-hits?

…you do the (ailing) Vice Squad maths!!!

4Q o:oo remaining:

…only 371-Hilgirth-training-days until the 12th and final round goes: ding!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=13
Qb hurried=3
Qb hits=22 (2 fumbles)

west virginia:
Qb pressured=11 (1 INT)
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=19 (1 fumble, 1 TD)

Blocking: experienced its first truly bearish market contraction in a spell, if not in a… while.

As the w.v.u. front-5 to front-7 plum “got after” anything and everything O&M. No (bleep). This is the hardest Eye’ve seen an opposing D try to get to the rock and then pound the rock in several seasons vis-à-vis VeeTee. Truly, seriously, their caloric burn prolly topped 1K/peep. Prolly sweated out a handful of lbs. of H20/man. I won’t naysay or rain on their high-octane parade. You just have to respect on people who are {sic: most} willing to suffer a Terminal Contact sport at all costs just like dat.

And frankly, with a .8 of our oLine, with ⅔ catch-corps and with 100% of our Top-3 Rb’s either out, dinged, or dented? The fact that we suffered a stunning 34.61% worsening in our blocking is not all that shocking. Sucking? Yes. Shocking? Nope.

(mo’ below…)

BAX -he of the respectful 144 Qb-rating and reasonable 62% on the day- did about all he could. He ran for 11-yards in stat sheet theory; and yet was sacked for nearly fiddy (5o) in reverse. He extended drives and prolly ran for easily over 150-yards East-West as the crow flies. Or in other words, this O would be hurtin’ and seriously at that if not for what passing he could play-extending genie and what rushing he did broken-play banjax. With a great nose (or eye) for where the given down-maker was, by just barely, over and over and over again.

Curious to see the amount of so-called: ‘runny-go’ blitzing pre-snap from O&M eggs and j.Ham this weekend up @Mo-town, WVa. Eye have to presume that this was to try to throw frozen-ropes at the at least somewhat statuesque j.doege of w.v.u. And I’m not really against that. Tho’ they sure came from deep/far away off the LOS (line-of-scrimmage), or, they jumped the ‘runny-go’ gun and poker-face tipped their hand when w.v.u. went on a 2nd-clap-count. Again, I do get the conception of this… just not so much the breech-birth itself.

(o) (o)

TTT Analysis:
Really stood up extremely well to post-game scrutiny here… as it predicts a very tight game. And we (eventually) got a very tight game. Tho’ one in which w.v.u. made about one mo’ full play and that is precisely how many mo’ full-plays they hit. (Although: the 3x sack-multiplier is rough uphill sledding… jus’ like dat).

Finally… and unless the scorekeeper is having sex(s) with someone(s) on the team?

How did we/VeeTee tally 13 mo’ plays?
And yet w.v.u. tallied 22 mo’, tackles?!?
LOL… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is dat?
…this team is okay in spots… yet lacks: “oomph” in others.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| ||| (1 TD, 1 wvu flag)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |||
negative: |||| |||| |||| ||| (1 wvu flag, 3 VT penalties, 1 VT fu’mble)

west virginia:
positive: |||| |||| | (2 TD’s! 1 wvu flag)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| (1 wvu fumble, 1wvu INT, 2 wvu flag’s)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Observe, w.v.u. literally went nearly ≈15-minutes before notching their 1st negative Lo.FM! Whereas we tallied a harshing 333% mo’ then they did in the opening stanza. As w.v.u. had Fu’ and Co. on their heels and Fu’ & Corny are typically coded for successful and heavily front-end loaded scripting. Tho this afternoon tho’? Not so much.

However, the fact that the Fu’fense went fo’ it on 4th-n-1 on the w.v.u. 25-yard-line only ≡17-minutes into the contest tells you just how point-total-phobic they truly were. (As 42-yards on a wind clam day is not beyond Romo’s, depth).

Lo.FM finally… it is very difficult to study the above metrics and not say that w.v.u. was mo’ focused early-on and (generally) a bit more composed for the duration than VeeTee. Who went Coach Beethoven and began by decomposing with several composted negative Lo.FM’s along the way. And the truly chilling part is… BAX’s sequencing beat doege’s one-on-one. As doege had: 3 mishandled snaps, he had 2 misses for TD’s on deep balls, he had 1 throw tipped to a wide-open Wr. i.e., if you are a loitering ‘eer-fan, yah’ll left some points out there, prolly several at that.

And BAX and Co. sure fought like scalded dawggs on the 3rdQ triple-Lo.FM. drive whereby three plays overcame a massive49 yardage divot with a BIG 6-points tacked on at the end. wow!
Ditto their two that’s (2), blood-n-guts 4Q drives that overcame 56 yardage
disparity and nearly ended in 14-points.
The STAFF owes ballers an apology here…
and Eye never type stuff like ^dat^.


On the stop-unit side… DAX has played better-n-better every week so far. And honestly, he’s starting to make a liar outta me and my peep’s pre-season call of: DAX being an exalted Tua’man+++ for his final campaign. As he scraped better to the ball than ever before, he actually shed a couple of blocks for stops, he made a stop while being blocked and he (generally) played a ground-holding hard-to-budge kinda day. (Plus: he made the defensive audible on the final INT-pre-snap).

  • “Three cheers for Hollifield,
  • “Three cheers for DAX,
  • “Hooray for DAXy,
  • “He’s a horse’s ass!
  • (Washington Redskins ‘over-the-hill gang’ post-game singalong tribute)

Tackling Analysis:
Well, it was uneven… sometimes it was pretty dang solid, and then it really got under/over or shallow/deep misfit or misshaped. And a few times… it just got, trucked. As w.v.u. and the shoulder-stinger (St.Christopher bless) l.brown brought the firewood Saturday. They did not quite physically “woodshed” us… although, they surely splintered some would be edge stoppers from time to time.

Additionally… it really was trippy (bad-pun intended) to see how many tackles we missed, low. Like dust-bunny grounders in M.L.B. “low“. As we had a buncha of lowercase 1st-contacts that the Vulcans and the Mountaineers (in particular: Rb1, l.brown) just went right on through. Sad… as Eye have to now presume that j.Ham is good with ankle-biting as he’s not correcting it at all.


Brockwørst and Wr-edge blocking not named Drake and/Smitty did not have their best day hat-on-hat or win many -or at least not enuff- one-on-one battles máno-a-màno. The 4-point stance and outside-eye techniques and quicks of stills gave Brock (and C2, Jordan), some roller-skates from time to time and the w.v.u. edge defenders were just plum more aggressive and backed our Wideout’s down a notch or even three at times. ‘meow’ insert (_______) here, check! (Brockworst having to pitch-hit at right-Ot is a mulligan, although the play where his De went strip-club and short-shirted BAX for the goal-line fumble hurt mo’ than a little bit).

One of the very few things I really do not enjoy about the Vice Squad is… its zone-count and/or zone-pass-offs from blocked to unblocked. As w.v.u. nailed a mess backside tackles from the uncovered defender; or we released a chuck or semi-blocked defender to pick someone up play-side and the guy we released went catch-and-(don’t)-release on us. As this was a pretty quick D from w.v.u. to do this, this often as well.

^^^this^^^ all conspired to allow for a mind-bending 91 yards in reverse on the afternoon.

Or, a literally unheard-of 5o5% more negative yardage allowed than inflicted for the day!?!

(o) (o)

BAX -to his credit- does mind the play-fake store pretty sincerely by-the-bye. Faked me and the cameraman out alike once on Saturday afternoon via carrying (foreshadowing intended) a keeper fake-out Marinettely enough.

So, you do gotta give him that round 10-9… as not all Qb1’s are this slick on their salesmanship.

Finally… if you is still feelin’ all froggy and geeked-up?

Consider thus… do you see what Eye see, here?

The wide or Will-side keeper was there more than thrice
….whereas this other team has at least a little: “oomph!”

the takeaway...

The takeaway is… for being down two full plays with ≅54 minutes remaining?
With the hateful err-Uruk-hai foaming at the mouf fo’ Techman-fresh?

The tape was not *that* bad to break after that… because if you combined these two teams, you’d prolly have one full team on your hands.

As Virginia Tech slowly yet surely played better and better as this one wore on. They did not Q-word or spit the bit or leg go the O&M rope. We did out-score them 21-13 after that. And yet -as you, no doubt will correctly point out- if my Aunt Kim had nutz-n-a-bolt?

She’d be my Uncle, Tim.

i.e., some of you are decrying coaching whereas we here are willing to give coaching (the verb) a modest cyber-tip-of-the-hat. Or, at least we would if we wore a hat… though I tangent…

Nonetheless, if you want the ½-fu’ll version?
This is a ceiling team with some basement leaking health.

However, if you want the R.A.T.T. version?
See: the above pic at far-side, right…

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Wiener:

It ain’t us/VeeTee.
Eye’ll put it that ways…

As o-12 in Goal-to-Go good for zero, that’s (o) total points is a bad-look.

Even for the 3rd from last ranked zone O.

Buy or Sell: ...on Saturday afternoon @Mo-town, 3o4, the better team, won???

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

xxx‘s & ooo‘s:
It honestly is/should be Fu’ and Company… who whittled their way back into a Fight Club kinda day— to their credit. 99 to 32 in 4Q Total Yardage says so! As O&M eggs and j.Ham restricted w.virginia to a mere o.0937 points/minute from the end of 2Q on.

Although another way of saying ^that^ is to say: …w.V.u. (somehow) managed to not only, not slam the door shut… they managed to let us see where they hid the skeleton-key.

formulae football:

…you really would think it would be the team whose Qb1 went 50% on 3rd and Longs (9+), not the team whose Qb1 went 16% on 3rd and Longs (9+), right?

…you really would think it would be the team who won TOP (time of possession) by nearly 5-minutes, right?

…you really would think it would be the team who committed 67.7% fewer penalties, right?

…you really would think it would be the team that went +2 in the all-important marker otherwise known as: Turnover Margin, right?

…and you would surely think it would be the team that won 4Q total yards by a staggering +3o1%, right(s)?

‘rong sports-fans!

As a strange thing this oblong-spheroid in spades!

The Rest of the Story...

…here is my other Word of the Day… theologoumenon!

the·​o·​lo·​gou·​me·​non | \ ˌthēəlōˈgüməˌnän \
plural theologoumena or theologumena\ -​mənə \
New Latin, from old-Greek theologoumenon

  1. a theological statement or concept in the area of an individual opinion rather than of authoritative doctrine.
  2. most of the message boards, and every single VT football writer. Who combined to go a perfected o-ALL in their pre-game, call(s).

To begin the greatest possible visiting cultural acid-test of ’em all, we went… Cultural Club.

At least during the 1st-half… as none other than Fu’ his ownself admitted so!

As one does not knock gently on the door of college football's Hell's Kitchen.

One takes an ax to the same and kicks the damn thang, in!!!

As Fr.Justin, the coach is well-intended enough. And yet we are really starting
to wonder if he would not do better in a different vocation.

As the tonsorial-artist formerly known as: coach-Fu’.


After that, however, they do merit some proppers…

As this seriously was a truly EPIC job by Fu’ and Co. of what old-schoolers call: shrinking a game that nearly did, and prolly should have, gotten away from them.

As w.v.u. missed 2 (fourteen-point) homerun throws, and generally went quad-musketeers and busted a cap into their very own old-blue-n-gold foot all afternoon long. As they left several plays and a lotta yellow laundry out on mountaineer field to boot.

The Closer...


Now mix in the following from the “all good things must…” school of thought…

  • he broke the uva-win-streak!
  • he broke the bowl-game streak!
  • he broke the consecutive winning-seasons streak!
  • …and has now broken the Black Diamond 6,000+ day ownership streak!

Or in other words…

theologoumenon >>> ackrofillia >>> po’ little ole b.street in TSL Jail

Or in final words…

Dear Justin James Fuente:
(present-tense) men’s Head Football Coach @Virginia Tech

Fu’tball only counts in…

Do recall young man… Eye’ma the one, the only one, who stood behind you post-O.D.U., post-Duke, and post-uVa 2019.

In point of fact, I am the only member of the media who attacked the rest of the media on your behalf.

And although I won’t be taking their never-balled inexpensive shot via calling for your termination…

…I literally got nothing left defense-wise fo’ you girlfriend.


Whom would you… choose?

And frankly (pun intended) if O&M things continue to ‘develop’ as they are, and you let w.V.u. go Game of Moans and beat us again in Lane next season— thereby necktucky hic-hop keeping the B.D.T. for all-time? My ‘expected outcome’ from you???

Eye expects that you needs to ‘begin’ to pay your debts and go’on and resign.
Right there. Right then.

•••  ——— •••  

As you let these dumbass ackrofilliacs stick it in our, eers.

You are the shortsword known as: “The oathbreaker“.

You bend the knee!

🦵️ 💯🦵️ 

Tho’ at least there is ^dis^… VT wins next year on some play down in the student-sec. EndZone!



Virginia Tech=21, west virginia=27




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  1. Not hard to figure out the Fu and his Memphis crew. They are Simple in planning and have no depth in true thoughts of the game. But they know how to make money. I picked this loss pretty much on the more jet sweeps and missed passes that a normal QB could throw.. carry on my friend

    1. …he does not plan-B or at least surely not plan-C, well (in-game).

      @Brandon Patterson detailed the shortness of his, script.


  2. Your “game of inches” pic was the third down throw at the end of the game, correct? I can’t believe the TV folks never showed a replay of it or the officials didn’t pause to look at it in the booth. He’s probably out, but I thought they always erred on the side of caution to at least look at it. Oh well, on to U of R.

    1. Indeeds!

      Neat Ginko yours.
      Yah… I mean… why not be 1,000%, sure?

      Or would that make too much, sense?
      (ditto their sideline step-outta-bounds post-catch play… neerver looked, wonder why?)


  3. Thanks B, nice apres guerre prose.

    1. “You’re either winning, or you’re learning.” W. Healy (one of those young HC rising up the ranks)
    2. “We’ll take ours and play theirs.” Coach Beamer (one of those former young HC that a program was built around)
    3. “Don’t let them beat you twice.” Ibid above

    QUESTION: So what did we learn in Morgantown that can be improved (fixed?!) this season, subject to coaching pearl of wisdom #2 above?

    my 2-cents:
    1. Run the QB.
    Mentioned ad nauseam in every post-game analysis, #3 is not pulling the ball and running. Is this not a foundational tenet of the Fuente O philosophy? This can be fixed (repaired? band-aided?) today, even if it means playing another QB (like this Sat) to heal the BB3 shoulder if that’s the issue.
    2. Pick up the pace on O.
    We don’t have a ground-n-pound running game. We don’t have WR(s) to stretch a defense. Playing the possession game to dink-dunk down the field is not stressing any defense we’ve played yet. If we’re going to do that, pickup the pace and then perhaps all the misdirection and jet sweeps might actually start creating some stress, ie like the 3-option does (did@GT).
    3. Employ the Enforcer
    See Hockey. I just don’t see the mean machine out there anymore, even when we’re playing against the guards.


    1. ANSWER:

      …not too much is my R.A.T.T. view.
      2. do we have ground-round on the bench? (Lee and/or Gray?)

      3. they wee LOL at us… seriously. we have no (physical) stroke.


  4. Mighty fine feather in pen scribing…may I add one: Dereliction of duty by Whit Babcock since September 27 2019 @ 11:03 PM EDT.

    You Eye has seen the Glory, so tell me so, why does every 2nd year starting QB digress in FuFense?
    Does Mr. Communication (BC), fog their brain with his game plan, complexity– so they don’t trust their instinct or their eyes—looking for something else???
    Are they all physically beaten that they can’t execute?
    How much pain juice can a QB’s shoulder withstand before there’s long term damage?

    Mochas Gracias

    1. Eye don’t know?

      2nd year=mo’ hurt(s)?
      (or as you say… an accumulation of Fu’fense hurts?)


  5. B…I try to read your articles each week because I think they have insight and honesty that no one else covering Tech provides. And each week I SMH because I can’t figure out 90% of what you have written. It’s soooooooo frustrating!. Can you tell me where I can purchase an Enigma machine or software download that will translate your writings for me and others who read and write everyday English?? If not, I think I’m at a point where I just need to throw my hands up and admit defeat. Keep up the good work.
    Go Hokies!

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