Your winning Duke Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=38, Duke=31

…dis boy, gooooood!

Virginia Tech football did enough.

Personally, methinks that Full Metal Jacket said it best: “…and guts is enough”.

I for one found this to be what it takes to turn the proverbial corner and “gut it out” vs. a very motivated, very gamey, and downright outcome needy to the point of starving for a triumph of their gridiron own hosting Duke football team. As try as you might you still cannot spell VicTory without the Vee to the Tee! And in all candor, just how sure are you that 2018 VeeTee or 2019 VeeTee woulda pulled the fat outta the late game fire down @Durham? Yah; Roger that… me three on me neither. However, you wanna know what R.A.T.T. time it really is, right? So, read on… and just; watch!

Game Duration:
Shoutout to the venerable Coach Cut’. His team’s meta-communicating (i.e. body-language) was nearly that of the aggressor. And nearly that of a 3-nil team and not that of a team o-3. Nearly… tho’ either way; he got his banjaxed club back up when not every big-whistle, could. “3” cheers for Coach David— a good egg in a bad (o-4) mix right now.

(semi)-Game Duration:
Ditto Jarrod Hewitt, who plays: “…like his hair is on fire” to open this game and to open most opposing possessions that do not last more than a series or two. As in, 40% of his fourth-place total team tackles on Saturday @Duke were behind the line-of-scrimmage (LOS). wowzo! As #5 is on front-4 cloud-9 when his petrol tank is still on full early on.

And if you do not like kids like j.Hew’, a.Cannon and DAX? You prolly don’t like sunshine,
puppy-dogs, football, or even yourself.


1Q 12:28 remaining:
Can’t say I’ve seen a better shoulder-shiver type of Klitschko boxing hit on special-teams delivered from a Tb who is (unlikely) to know how to tackle, and neither can #5 of Duke. Who nearly gets totally ruined by our Tb4 who un-holsters about a clip and a half into 5’s right-side in coverage here.

1Q 7:11 remaining:
The likable Chris Coleman of our defense strikes, again!

Per before… if you don’t like a true self-made-scrapper like t.Matheny— than what do you like?

…and then post-pilfering Pick, his very OWN teammates knock him flat on his ass? Eye, love it!

1Q :19 remaining:
This must be a “render unto Caesar” diehard r-state Ref’… and least you forget this Truman’Crat is “spare the Biblebelt spoil the child” soul-school. Oldest school right here… however, do watch as he picks up a used mouthpiece sans any/all Pro-Life protective protocols right off the Durham mat. wow… and Coach God Bless!

2Q 13 remaining:
Don’t like seeing this… as Blackshear looks furious with the baseball -esque looking grounder, that my (almost) boy BAX authors on this short-hop duster of a throw. (i.e. you can indeed get on your Qb1— once, or maybe even twice. Although you get on him over on the bench. NOT where everyone can see your blatant receiving displeasure such as this).

…great Teammate 1o1!

2Q 3:19 remaining:
MOST curious to me and Dr. Glanville chemistry sets everywhere indeed… as it is none other than the Deuce, -who is now our Qb2- who is the one leading the sideline huddle on this TO. (i.e. not BAX).

2Q 3:14 remaining:
Johnson hit it, right as rain. Although Eye mighta taken a delay of game penalty to open this narrow-angle FGA up a bit right here.

2Q 3:08 remaining:
Eye wonder how many members of the VeeTee football media said pre-game that -same as any exotic dancer- Brice was obviously available to being… stripped?

2Q :25 remaining:
Was BAX throwing to a spot here? As Eye just cannot see a slip-grip or anything else to alibi this enemy of good-looking INT upon breaking-tape. You?

3Q 12:10 remaining:
The line-of-sight is (partially) obscured here, tho’ it looks like k.Jenkins dings a hand/wrist as one of his digits gets caught up (accidentally) at the tail end of the play. (might have something to do with his missed TD allowing tackle in the zone later on…)

mauling 1o1!

3Q 11:24 remaining:
Surprise surprise, look who’ll stand on his head (after a lane sealing takedown KO-return block) just to please yah? As DAX did seem a little less, well; DAX’ed, prior to this Herbert springing play. Tho’ DAX comes fully spring-loaded after this.

4Q 11:05 remaining:
Here is why Eye likes me some blackSmith… and here is why our (sometimes) off-target blacksmith keeps right on hammering away. As Lec.Smith is jus’ plum nasty. As this guy is at least partially starting on attitude alone. And his ‘tude is that of a bloody… hatchet! Dripping… at that.

4Q :64 remaining:
Hate seeing a knee blown anytime… hate seeing one blown with just over a minute remaining in a desperation situation. Hate seeing a knee get accidentally friendly-fire leg-whipped with under a minute to play in a desperation situation most of all. Dang… a cruel mistress this Terminal Contact sport men. (St.Nikon bless seven-eight of Duke).

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=16 (good for 12-points scored!)

Qb pressured=21
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=18 (with 1 INT)

Definitely seeing emerging trending towards going straight ahead at our back-up 2’s on the dLine. (not to mention the 3’s and even a 4 at Ss and Rover in the middle of the Secondary). As they do not hold gap-integrity super well and they keep Ash’ & DAX (or Tis’) even less clean than that. Watch this if/when we face a real set of root-hogs at opposing G-c-G upfront or a true Brahman-bull-style Fb/Tb from behind.

VeeTee and j.Ham or j.Tyler or r.Smith or the coach next door or whoever is coaching whatever at the moment… got a lotta pressure and looks at the Duke Pivot. As I’d be betting the over on Brice’s whirlpool Prop-Line for the post-game out on the Vegas big board. Because as bad as this TTT tally read if you are a Duke fan? Honestly, it really coulda read even worse. As the revamped 24060 halt-unit defensive staff is throwing a lotta new things at’cha and most of ’em seem to be sticking well enough.

Now imagine this stop-squad if/when they ever get back to full-medicine both in the Pressbox and on the sidelines alike❓

Tackling did worsen a bit as hind-4 health basically did the same… Que Sera, Sera… whatever will be will be. Not real sure there is a lot to be done for this until we recover some measure of testing health. Coach God willing— however, for the armchair Qb purists among you, you already recognize that tackling was still just a scosche above average or basically C+ on the day. (as the average is .220 to .230 misses/paly historically).

Although… we did inflict a whopping +250% more TFL (tackles for a loss) than Duke did; so, there is dat!

Our passing cup held up a little better and a little better as the game wore along— as the Duke De’s ain’t exactly chopped liver. Though at the moment, our left or odd side moves better in space, and our right or even side collapses better. Be real real real interesting if/when the Vice Squad fully gels and gets all of this sorted out and gets into the very same proverbial page. As methinks this 2020 VeeTee oLine actually enjoys at least a little bit of headroom, if not a little bit more than that. {sic: before they go roofing or peak}.

We also out-rushed Duke by a never seen before +590% in the second quarter! (as they finished negative for the bottom of the 2nd-inning). Geez!

VeeTee’s (much smaller ¦ and much more depleted) travel-squad actually (somehow) managed to play three more, that’s (3) more players than homesteading Duke. This is very hard to do folks… to the point of being downright unusual indeed.

…and, only one offensive drive from either side went north of 3:43 minutes in this one?!?
Did not seem like it to me… did it too, you?

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| (2 Duke D penalties, 1 4th down-convert, 1 TD!)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||

positive: |||| |||| || (1 TD!)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (2 Duke penalties, 2 TO’s burnt)

As said already, Eye really do loves me some Lecitus Smith. A worker bee, weightroom swamp-back lead-pipe leader. Prolly could have a pretty fair to middling urban environment Double Deuce type cooling/bouncing career after Vah.Tech if he wants it. Tho’ he is 5th outta 5 as our starting oLinemen go right now. He just plain misses blocks/assignments/reads here-n-there. And tho’ gamey enough when he does get his predator hairstyle engaged on the hunt? He needs to be more parts catcher and less parts fisher on more than a couple of his blocks.

On the better side of blocking itself, we find n.Gallo and our none too shabby blocking Wideouts. As Gallo in particular is doing a great job of ‘chipping’ at the LOS (line-of-scrimmage). Nearly the best I’ve seen at this since the fabled days of Jeff King. As someone brought these three Te Gallo brothers’ up football textbook, right!

Blackshear has some Earl “the Pearl” or Chuck Foreman in him.
As he’s got the 1st-school spin-move down like a stud.
Prolly could spin-cycle co-op with Maytag for it too.

BAX Burmeister did not have an epic passing day… and this just in… rain is rumored to be, wet.
Still yet, did he pass all that much worse than where we last saw Hooker @uva and vs. KY-jelly?
Not much— if any. Nevertheless, what bothered me here is… unlike last week when (most) of his misses were consolidated long? BAX literally missed all over the place @Duke. Like a can of O&M spray-paint if you will on Saturday. You were accurately foretold back in August that BAX is the bronze-medalist in the arms race for Qb1 at VeeTee. (so, that clearly ratifies the long or overthrown misses). However, 1 behind, 1 low, 1 out-in-front, 1 high and one that looked like it just got away from him grip-wise… and that’s at least two too many. (although two caught drops and this don’t feel any worse to be fair to BAX).

As a couple of those misses could happen, and yet Corny and Fu’ may need to toggle the depth of his (BAX’s) throw-points truncation wise to make sure a few of the more ragged or outright dangerous misses do not happen.

However, Eye did have to like BAX’s nose for the goal line and his willingness to absorb contact to gain the same. BAX ain’t the biggest dog in the fight, though he and Archie Griffin have a lotta fight in their dawgg.

As the Lo.FM goes… it predicts a slightly wider Hokie victory. And this is fundamentally correct less the TD on the muffed O&M punt-return. It also demonstrates that the Hokie D is doing a grand job at playing northerly and forcing more opposing Lo.FM’s to occur. Whereas the Fu’fense and coach Corny are doing a pretty decent job at avoiding the same.

The only thing VeeTee really Lo.FM lacks is good-big plays from BAX’s arm. (as most of our +Lo.FM plays are ground-gainers technically speaking). Tho’ that is superior to wetting the
Lo.FM bed in fire drill panic mode to be sure!

Blocking itself did slightly worsen as a few Swiss or neutral plays migrated into a negative grade. Tho’ the opposing dLine migrated more than a few individual talents upgrades upfront and that leaves this one pretty close to awash to me. I’d just like to see a little more I.D. and a little less assignment fraud down-low from the Vice Squad as we grow into a more deliberate blocking Oktoberfest.

The 🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:… hmmmm, tough one to call here… tho’ I’ma gonna give it to special-teams coach James Shibest. Who surely ‘saw something’ as return-fits go vs. Duke on tape.

Your Early season V.T. M.V.P. is ...who?

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the takeaway...

Here where…

(actual) Football Participation ➕ Statical Strategization far mo’ than Speculation…

Because try as we might, writing about Virginia Tech football?
Ain’t Viagra… Eye mean how hard can it, be?

Because as Eye see it? We are down an official 43 guys and counting to testing and tracing; and yet we are up an astounding 2-o on a plagued year!

I don’t know about you, though where I come from?

That’s an early favorite for A.c.c. Coach of the Year metric!

As Fu’ and (depleted) Co. are off to one helluva a start.

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

Someone gets Khalil Herbert a facemask, a face-covering, a balaclava, a face-shield, another face-covering, and hire Ear, Eye, Nose, and Throat body-guards to keep everyone, at least 7′ the (bleep) away from him at all freakin’ times!!!

As this 5′9″, 212 lb. grad’-year dood is our very own… Atlas.
As he’s got most of this O and a very decent slice of this team on his back like a damn, champ’!

WAR #21!!!

j.Ham tackling @uva-Wise was unwise at times and less than that at others on breaking-tape. Least you miss-think that read too severely, frankly? Tackling has been better this year than I had expected— all the mo’ so when being tackled outta bounds by an insidious R(naught) virus that Thanks Coach Christ, is no mo’ deadly than it thus far, is.

Is Coach Tapp… the new coach g.Scott?
That Fu’s staff has been craving; I mean starving fo’ too!
Like never ate, never seen a menu; ain’t even got a word for: “crumb” privation. Eye wonder…

Recall… someone gave you insider reports on the (rather successful) good-cop bad-cop routine that was oh so very usefully pulled together and then pulled off way more times than not. Orchestrated like an applied-Sport Psyche meistero by Coach Mitch’ and Coach g.Scott (Fu’s coaching B.F.F. -or at least he was- and wifey introduc(h)e(r)). These two were so accomplished at such that they even held Alexander and Hill and Gaines in check! (well, mostly they held them in check). And look what up-n-2018 happened once this dynamic duo split? Man-o-man, does Fu’ need a streetwise dawgg to help kennel his hard to spay k9’s like a dead man needs a… coffin! Because what if d.Tapp can make the harder to deal with kids… Tapp… out? WAR Tapp in ♤’s!!!

And to take all of that 1.5 decades worth of steps Fu’rther… this might just be the best composite V.Tech gameday football Staff since half-past 2005 (Beamer’s zenith staff); when!

Kudos to the H.R. side of Fu’!

As the sound, you hear in the background is the: “¢ha-¢hing” or
the fattening of both Jack Tyler and Ryan Smith’s
defensive coordinating resume$ as I type!

  • pre-season: “BAX gets the starting Qb1 reins and don’t die of shock if he never looks, back!

Consequently, why do you whiney-ass or weenie-ass in-game bitches piss & moan regarding every single starting Qb1 on poor Will’s message-boards (plural) nearly every single game? You children are not only the real pot-stirrers, you were told this seven times pre-season. And yet eight times you decided that being a dumbass was a better look than being a smart ass.

Remember… “There’s room at the top… it’s the bottom that’s crowded.”
—Josephus Miller, The Expanse



Now, don’t put any of that on me. Give the credit where the credit is due… as my sources are the ones who called that one all Spring Practice long. And seeing as how springball was rather deflated? I’d have to say that that was one of their alpha seminal calls ever wouldn’t; you?

And if you still really do wanna see BAX hook-up with the bench?

Write Corny and Fu’! They are the ones who (as you were told more than seven times), they are the two who have chosen to go for Qb1 run-fit max’!

(as whispers have hinted for a spell now… that they have a thang for their boy BAX… as this ex-Oregonian is their heartthrob Duke preview closing word: “duck“, now gone one-man O&M Duck Pond quack-attack! (…and you did just connect the closing preview, dots; right?)

Do you see a trend, here? Eyell give you a hint…

And oh yes… lest Eye Ginkgo whatever it is called, forgets…

314 rushing yards ➕ 324 rushing yards = they know <<< you!

🙉🙊🙈 >>> 🏈 fun!

  • pre-season: “Rushing max’ with BAX…” who foreshadowed this ALL spring-practice and ALL August camp, long? who???
…and… Dear Mr. b.street… how dare you call the Tech tally, perfectly; the pre-game tally on the number of peeps out, perfectly (and by 19-hours); and then miss Duke by one that’s (1) full, play?!? Whiskey Tango Hellen is ‘rong with you b.street? Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform, mitch!

Eye might just…

(per the: Eye-Black): Coach God bless 21’s fallen Hawaiian hommie: (Isi Holani, of KU)

…though in the meantime… I reviewed our testing list… there are at least seven that’s (7) guys on the list that I bet virtually none of you -this side of sharing the same high school/hometown- recognize the name(s) of. I know this because I recognized precisely 0.0% of those (God Bless) seven names my ownself. And it may be more than seven that lack name-recognition for some of you…


So, would you rather have 21 names on the list, and still be 2-o? Or, would you rather have say three names on the list (like say: QVT, the HenBoss, and BAX)? Or, might I interest you in only one name on the list (like say: 553 total yards and your first month Heisman Trophy winner, one #21 Khalil Herbert?)

Gentlemen, do you see what Eye means yet?

“The Rest of the Story...

  • Duke frontlines and surely Duke coaching >>> than Nc.State’s

…and yet…

  • Duke and Nc.State Roster avability >>> >>> >>> Vah.Tech (too)!


Everybody Shut the Fu‘ c, k, UP!

Fu’dos (Fuente+Kudos) to Fu’ and Corny… as their in-game “patience was (a run-fit) virtue indeed.”

As we saw… Fu’ and Corny stuck with their ground-assault shock-troop artillery spotters until they proved to be over 350-yards gained from the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) on target. Not everyone would do that, as it did take a few points to put a now o-4 and seasonally pretty-much finished Duke down for keeps, down on Tobacco Road.

This is not a good problem to have dear reader, this is not a problem that 72 other D-1 rushing attacks do wish they had, this is a downright great problem to have!

Or to borrow on the preview’s header: there is no ‘debating’ this.

Such is the realm of being the last-place finisher in an ugly-person contest.

i.e. “…pretty, much“!


Virginia Tech=38, Duke=31




Rest In Peace SydSnell!!! The crown prince of Arnold‘s, back in da, day… dang…

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  1. B-Street, can BB beat the top 1/4 of the conference (Clemson, Miami, ND, UNC) in your opinion? Against those teams, I think what happens is that the receivers are locked down one-on-one and the D’s are able to stack the box relentlessly. Even lowly Duke had a bit of success doing that, which is why the 2-D attack that HH brings is key.

    Reminds me of our game against OSU, Bud sold out with the bear front and JT Barrett could not win enough one-on-ones or speed options to overcome even with ridiculously superior talent at RB and WR.

    1. Today?

      A modest chance at 2-2 level BAX by later in the year.
      (presuming they develop him and groom/prune their playbook to FIT him)

      (neat Q too)!

    1. Well, Fu’ seems willing to play more than one Qb1 or Qb1a if you will.

      And a wet -does not favor Howell- Chapel Hill?
      Might just, agree.


  2. Dumbass… $martass… guilty on both accounts though data tells a story that folks don’t want to hear, with player grades not telling lies cause throwing multiple balls into double and triple coverage = INTs over time… especially QB’s making single reads and pressing luck to often = turnovers.

    Nor can an OC hide >2 games of an inability of his QB to pass the ball against 9 man fronts… just wait until this OL gets is hands full and DL get pressure on the QB (re 2019 UVA /KY jelly– then check your comparison cause getting QB pressure = INT is not good, but sitting in a pocket staring down single read and tossing into over/under double coverage is bad Quarterbacking football.)

    NOTE: HUGE credit to QP, learning in the off-season the back shoulder throw to perfection as demonstrated in-game uno, he listened that against press coverage vs strong running attack, must learn to pass out of 8-9 man fronts taking the aggressive press coverage to your advantage… one smart dude!

    so try as the spinmeisters attempt to spin this story in another way, this Western duck has speed & wheels but wings to fly through the air he does not. In the QB room must always be playing the long game and not sure we’re not in more checkers than chess mode…… .> 2 games films says opponents have learned must stop VT tailbacks running game, meaning DE squeezing inside thus giving QB more running space in the RPO with the goal to punish QB in 2nd/3rd level as the game goes on (IE See UNCHEAT DC, Jay Bateman… former Army Black Knight knows how to stuff a QB running game.) over last 4 yrs this plan has been found unstainable for FuFence with no QB able to withstand the season-long beating… so physics says it can’t work for this ~6 ‘ < 200 LBS soaking wet QB either… though… time will tell…as he may have Dorsett instincts & quickness to avoid the big hit… Thus the question to the EYE..has VT system offense turned into a modern-day version of the single-wing running attack and forgotten the forward pass by our big whistle?

    Let's Go…Hokies!!!

  3. Bstreet I have not been able to keep up with VT football this year. Why is BAX better than HH and QP? I know he is fast but we actually have a speed back that is capable so why aren’t we using QP to wear out a defense and is HH number 2 or just not able to play?

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