Your winning Furman Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=24, Furman=17

(Wild Turkey) whiskey co$ts… money!

Virginia Tech football escaped. Survived. Hung-on. Made it, and barely… just!

The Hokies are about as sure a thing as FREE money Vegas gets. What with going a nearly miserable 3 up and 11 down vs. the point-spread since Bill & Mary of last year. And you have to wonder how many wins this teetering team has left in it after taking multiple right-hooks clean in the first 240 minutes of 2019 A.D.? Fu’rther, where will this team go? How will this all end? Well, in order to understand that we have to know from whence we came and in order to tracing paper all of that we must go straight to the source. This segues us effortless into a bonus Word of the Day…

Today’s word of the Day is: Fuente

(Hispanic), feminine noun

  1. the source.
  2. A fountain or spring.
  3. memo to: b.street: #ShutTheF(u’)Up!!!

2Q ~13 remaining:
So… if I quote the following stats to you, you will quote what score to me: @home, as a 23-point favorite vs. little ole D-1aa Furman?

3 sacks inflicted with zero missed tackles from Bud BΘck! Ry is humming along right as rain and checking-in at a lofty 88% passing. Our Blocking has tallied: 10 +’s, 3 Swiss and just 1 – (positive, neutral, negative). Hmmmmmm, let’s see…

How ’bout looking up at big bad F.c.s. Furman on the ‘rong side of a 3-7 scoreboard?
Yup. As that’s what time it now is men.

NO soup for you!

2Q :22 remaining:
SHEW! (the unsung) Play of the Year for, Fu’?

Same as the Ashby OT fumble vs. hooVa… this one may have saved Fu’s culture, his season and ultimately his job. As Coach Kendrix and Co. suuuuure sucked us forward and into this perfectly drawn up crossing/drag-route trap.

Only to go B.Simpson and hang up the receiver on a potentially game and backbreaking 6-point major straight to the freakin’ up 21-3 halftime house!

As least we forget, this is possibly the slowest/stiffest looking Bud Lyte on film -not named Farley- this side of the final edition of the WT-6. (wide-Tackle-6)

3Q 15:00 & season remaining:
Did like the fact that we seemingly came out a little hot-to-trot and wanting that Paladin work after what had to be an interesting intermission 20-minute period here. As this may or may not have been playing like their “hair was on fire” although their halftime ears may have been a bit singed.

Keshawn King=your 1-man Red-Team or wildcard or outright post-season lifeline. As this O -and possibly even this season- only go as far as he can game-changing carry them. As once he learns a little more zoning set-up patience… this guy is gonna be like trying to pick up a drop of Mercury (Hg) at your high school Chem’ Lab once it hits the floor— i.e. v-e-r-y hard to catch on the move.

RY CARRIES per game 19


3Q 10:32 remaining:
This is the first of at least two or three kingly dings on the day, tho’ I thought this to be closer to a nuclear injury. As it sure looks to me like King’s right ankle/knee got tweaked after his foot got (accidentally) pinned by the Bandit of Furman in the Worsham Field turf.

And although I don’t know how the girls feel about him? This is one flexy kid to me. (as in most mere mortals blow an ankle, or a knee or each/both out here). (and he came into the game with a right-soleus ding to boot).

BTW: any armchair football historians among you noticing a similar Roger Craig high knee-lift rushing style to King’s gait? (albeit it a little more kinetic, or at least with a greater leg churn than Montana’s boy brought).

3Q 3:44 remaining:
Sad play… I mean you ain’t ‘posed to waste food here in the 1st-world; right?

“(1), 2, 3, 4… tell the people what she wore?”

Tho’ that’s exactly what we do… as King gets tangled/tripped up by the heel of Hudson as King shoulda worn a 6-point crown and he really should still be running here.

A suck thing to be tackled by a grass-gremlin… and candidly enough… the Fu’fense just cannot afford to squander “house” type plays such as this.

Then on the very next play… our lifeline Rb King catches his left toe-cleats in the turf and… well… let’s just say he releases and goes down suddenly. On the sideline, sources say he was grabbing his right lower leg; go fig’? Like a foot or bottom of the calf. (did not look real bad— this being easy to say 62 un-tackled miles away).

St.Adam, bless!!!

Game Duration:
Why is Wr downfield or engaged blocking in space okay to rather decent enough… and yet our Wr’s routine miss/release Cb’s into the screener?

Just a most unusual disparity to see on film.

4Q 14:01 remaining:
Second play and this is entirely how you “mean” Joe Green decleate a mitch and have a coke and a smile. WoW! Where did all this sudden explosion #93 come from?!? Not ½ bad work if you can get it; especially from a guy playing with a ~90% left-shoulder.

Game duration:
“LOL, I’ma, jus’, sayin’…”

4Q 5:05 (possible season, remaining):
(see above:) our Training Staff runs for two reasons only, they love the given kid or that kid just really got totally nuked. I for one was worried this was a spare-rib going “SNAP”. Dan Pastorini flak jacket here Ry’ on wheat, comes.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=2
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=12

Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=16

Bud Lyte is quietly, slowly; yet surely enough turning some pass-defense screws. Did you notice that we are now up to 18th fewest passing yards allowed? 30th best in passing efficiency defense itself? How ’bout that improved pocket-pressuring upfront? Crawford looked nearly reborn again in terms of finally playing with the previously expected/hinted “twitch” and/or burst, and Kendricks’ proverbial light flicked on as well. As we are now a shiny looking 20th best at pickpocketing opposing Qb’s with 3.33 spg (sacks/game) and a more than reasonable 40th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted. This plus the fact that we are 44th best in 1st-down defense means that we are giving ourselves a chance to play in front of the defensive sticks via creating more Lo.FM’s than on average. 16th best in 3rd-down defense tells you that Bud Foster is starting to dial his pressure packages back-up and return the 24060 (B’burg zip-code) to its former Blitzburg prominence. Finally, placing 38th best in Red-Zone defense is surely a good deal north of the always cliché “bend though don’t break”.

All that R.A.T.T. science-fact Coach Spock praise rightfully bestowed… the little nugget that says we are a still pretty lowly 89th best in support of the run-game is giving our defense; fits. Literally, as our Run-fits tend to be too shallow, or too flat. Acute or obtuse; when they miss they miss big. Nevertheless, if those run-shapes will at least slowly yet surely mature, we should evolve into a decent if not solid stop-unit by the time that (16th ranked in Total D) hooVa rolls around. As Bud Lyte may not be great; it may not (yet) even be outright good. Nevertheless, there are encouraging signs here, in particular in the hind-4 and to some extent in the hind-7. As our 48th best in Total D 2019 halt-unit can take its Top-10 and go beat last years 98th nationally ranked bottom-11.

Contrary to reports elsewhere… our tacking itself stayed virtually the same (basically with a Δ=.o1, or 1/100th of a change). And likewise. contrary to reports elsewhere… our tacking was not that bad for O.d.u. What did credibly change however was our Coach Euclidean efforting or our geometric fits. Our defensive-shapes minded the store noticeably better— not perfect mind yah as hinted at above, tho’ not pretty dang BeeCee bad either. We also appear to be slowly yet surely playing with a little more shoulder between the Ot’s or at least a few more front-delts. So that’s an encouragement too. The one hang-up, however, is… my visual-mathematician self-went back and looked it up… our tackling weakens as the day wears on. From pretty dang clean or well above average 1Q’s -and even the post-halftime more restive/sharper 3Q’s on stops- only to soften in the final 10 or so minutes of 2Q and then really relax in the final 10 minutes or so of period no.4. Which sure seems to be more of an S&C pattern to me with our run-fits or angles to the ‘ball now starting to go protractor and firm back up.

Finally, block-shedding went up for the first time since I, do, not, know; when? DAX, yes, DAX Adams, and a couple of others actually (successfully) fought off blockers -or at least fought through them- and then made stops! (and man-O, does Ashby blitz as the pseudo Will-Lb, or whats?)

So, the D has improved from last year and even since @BeeCee. As 98th in Total D from last year skyrocketing (so far); all the way up to 48th in Total D this year says so. Eye know I am right on that, little… and I will now officially predict this much… they are so young they won’t be getting any worse from here on out. The R.A.T.T. caveat however being…

Thingy is… is this an O&M red herring that has been D-1aa fugazi cooked then Monarchal and Paladin cleaned?

The answers are coming…”

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| | (3 VT flag’s)

positive: |||| || (1 TD, with 1 VT TO burned, and 1 VT gimmie flag)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| | (1 Furman penalty, 1 VT INT!)

the takeaway

Observe… we are one that’s (1) single, solitary play removed from the very first ever Lo.FM, TIE!!!

Just one more Swiss or neutral Lo.FM attempt and this game was perfectly deadlocked on paper. Perfectly deadlocked with now 1-2 D-1aa Furman, at home; mind yah!

The truest marker or difference maker itself being… VeeTee wet the Hokiebird’s sheets when facing Lo.FM’s way more often than Furman did not. And therefore, it was the upstart 23-point underdog Paladins who looked the more composed part. Think about that one for a moment men…

Nonetheless, we were 100% snap-clean (God Bless Holt), and for the first time in several seasons, we were also 100% catch clean. Only Ry’s 3 misses sullied our erstwhile medium-things squeaky clean day. (and one of those American’s Cup sailing throws got picked as well). Still yet, 81% passing with a net of 30 on the ground and two really sharp-R.P.O. option-keeper decisions in the 2nd-half is also an encouragement (Eye, hope).

That… and Ry’ on wheat sure has made several hanging-in-there amazing throws under pressure this campaign so far. All medium to long Terry Bradshaw drops right on the freakin’ money. Plus, Rambo just had the best blocking day on one knee dent (surgically repaired righty) and one knee ding (sprained left) that I’ve seen since Neverurary, give/take. Rambo’s at least a special-teams Pro’ for it too! As dood had five that’s (5) pancake blocks for his Aunt Jemima on Saturday. Rambo gets it… when you are the big man you fight big… never lower yourself and fight… small.

In closing, and I don’t wanna pick too much at a class-rank or line-crossing scab… tho’ #61? Our C3? He is gonna see a lotta opposing attention after what I just saw on film.


  • Nobody fears us… this may be a subtle point, tho’ it is a paramount one as well. Our previous crowning O&M Pharaonic days of yore are now, spent.
    You can see it in the last two games with little men not risking the BIG (bad) “go for it” type of play ’cause they were sure they would get enough little to medium plays later on to steal the deal. Applied Sports Psych’ gone wild! Mutual of Omaha’s wild at that.
  • Lo.FM and TTT (thx @Coach God); yet again=winner-winner chicken-dinner. As both say close game or narrow Vah.Tech win and a close win is what we got.
  • @Danzi inexpensive shot-takers… 2 words son(s)… Adrian Hope. Why am Eye the only one who found him in his preview? He only has 18 sacks in his last 13 collegiate games. That’s it. He’s a suck De. Cut him now! (prolly a real William Wall if you are wondering-out-loud at home). And he’ll false-start more than just poor Danzi before 2019 is all said and done, too.
    ADD-IN: further… it is not just sophomoric or freshmanic ills, as the returnees’ power-blocked downhill well enough in November, while being a year younger last year to boot. So that sieve won’t hold H20 with the gridiron cognoscenti. Their foibles to outright ills are twofold … first up as you’ve already been told, they fall down go “boom” in space or on reaches to the 2nd-level. i.e. footwork, agilities just do not Vice Squad live here. Additionally, and the kicker for the oLine is… they and more than a coach-Fu’ few… seem swamped by our playbook/schemes/calls. Lake Okeechobee… between the ears. (now might be a good Frank-n-Stiney time to “simplify thing” … much as it pains me to retroactively type that out and you to read no doubt).
  • The Lo.Fm. rider or stipulation being… as we’ve seen transparently illustrated for over a decade each; now… you really should be getting more better plays when chasing the chain-gang down the field with a fifth-year or r-Sr. Qb. As only upperclassmen have much -if any- chance of delivering the goods when dialing long-distance here.
  • i.e. this is code for Gestalt Theory in reverse… as there is NO doubt that we are currently less than the sum of our recruiting ranking parts. Because this team is suffering from (self)-Applied Sports Psyche Lyme disease. As we are just waaaaaaay too afraid of making misQ’s and therefore we playing tighter than a tick.
  • DAX: DAX: DAX!
  • Dings/Dents Eye can report… Hooker (left shoulder), Nestor (left shoulder) and Hewitt (leg).
  • Game Ball=Chamarri Elijah Conner! This hommie plays way bigger than his listed 5′12″, 211 lb. metrics. Most 2021 curious to see where his apex game is. Can momma Conner 40-weeks gestating hurry up and get back to work?
  • p.s. sources say to bet the Under this weekend vs. BYE. Bi tries a lotta things… although contrary to popular belief… scoring is not among ’em.

The Kill(ar) Hiring…

First of all, may St.Barbara (the Patroness of Sudden Death) beg for this poor guy… seriously. As here is what wiki (not b.street); what wiki says…

Kill suffered a seizure toward the end of a game on October 2005. Subsequently, Kill was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which is now in remission. Kill has since started the Coach Kill Cancer Fund foundation to assist low-income southern Illinois residents with treatment. Then, from 2010 through 2013, Kill was plagued by a series of gameday hospitalizations, most of which were also seizures. Shortly after a game on September 2010, he was hospitalized for dehydration. He then suffered two gameday seizures during the 2011 season followed by one each in 2012 and 2013. After the 2013 seizure, Kill announced that he was taking a leave of absence to address his health and get his seizures under control. After coaching for the entire 2014 season and the first seven games of the 2015 season, Kill announced that he was resigning as head coach on October 28, 2015. He cited health reasons, including at least two additional seizures, as the cause for his decision.

" of the game plan, practice, evaluations."

Now… ^that’s^ the party-line coming outta V.Tech…. tho’ me?

This is code for what?

  • To free up more Fu’ time? For what(s)? As that sure seems like Don Corleone territory to me.
    This is an underboss hiring? A peacetime Consigliere? (he’s not a wartime one due to health—God Bless; right)?
  • Or is he just a so-called (O&M) Red Team (offensive) auditor? (as he has an O coaching tag)
  • Is this guy a not so subtle hatchet-man? A right-sizer? All jobs now=unofficially on the line?
  • Something else/other…? You tell me for FREE down below…

On the high-side however… Kill has a rep’ as a (bleep)-kicked program builder-upper. Like a Coach Lazarus or something akin. 38–14 at Saginaw Valley State, 55–32 at Southern Illinois and 23–16 at Northern Illinois all conspire to say so. Which when you consider he basically coached peeps who had never won much of anything tells you he can indeed coach. Coach Kill is about an epic of a name is there is and he does know his way around a football field. He is well-liked and even better thought of inside coaching-circles.

R.A.T.T.... right now V.Tech football is truthfully, what?

View Results

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The takeaway...

This is what I want my Culture to look like!!!

As we now have to post seven, that’s (7) wins, after the now entirely regrettable @BeeCee D-1 L just to post-season qualify thanks to our D-1aa double-dip…

Placing your hand on the TSL Bible… do you R.A.T.T. see five more wins on the 2019 regular season docket not named Rhode Island? As no amount of a RUTS (run up the score) win vs. now, o-2 Rhode Island will aid and abet our post-season cause. This with a formerly nifty looking 23rd ranked D-1 passing offense that just dipped to a very middleocore 64th passing offense vs. the 99th ranked D-1aa passing efficiency Furman defense.

Or did this nonpareil level of O&M candor just make too much… sense?


TSL (first-half) Friday night: “VT must be good —look what BeeCee is doing to Kansas!”
LOL! Take that “toto”, P.E.T.A., Gayle Sayers, Danny Manning and actual pigskin X’s and O’s I’s & Q’s all over. Then take this… BeeCee? Well, BeeCee finished on the stink end of the stick… ultimately getting doubled-up 24-48.
Along similar holding feet to fire lines… someone said this (2019) team was so suspect that it could indeed find itself in another single-shot game in the 9th inning of play. What they did not tell you is that they lie!
This was not a 1-play game in the 4Q so much as it was a 1.5 play game against with ~22 minutes left in the contest and all of that in the midst of the post-Scandal Illustrated cultural reboot. That’s a negative 1 & ½ play game in the red folks vs. “F.c.s. Heavyweight Furman”. LOL! They ain’t even a damn D-1 bantamweight men… 
And yet these two collective 53-point underdog little guys have played us within one play or outright led us for ~90% of the last 120 minutes of scrumming. You do the maths!
V.P.I. has beaten the breaks off of D-1aa's by an average score of 43-7!!!
And yet they were doing us out at home as we/VT were the one bending the power conference knee; and -even worse- being shortcircuited while bending forward (at) the waist. As yet again as the realm of mythperceptions goes…

the TRUTH fairy >>> the tooth fairy


That being said… and as we all know… to present problems and then just merely walk away is to do no better than to… complain. Problems must be married to solutions and managers or coaches must consummate the solutioning relationship. A.S.A.P. As sooner does=better here…

"...sputtering, lifeless Hokie squad." --Will freakin' Stew

Thingy is… we’ve been watching this relationship degrade for what now? Since the canceled E.c.u. hurricane game (somehow) desequencded the whole entire Fighting Gobbler lockeroom shebang or virtually for a year give/take…

(it has been) 33 years since Vah.Tech last beat a D-1aa club by only 1, play!

As try as we cultural-reboot or F5 chemistry keystroke might, at Virginia Tech, you still kan’t spell having: “fun” without having… Fu’. (as coach Kill was surely not hired to tutor Coach Next)

Being the constant sideline in-game enemy of fun is just not a good 2019, look!

Or in other words gents… it did not look to me like anyone not named Furman wanted to be out there in the first half of play on Saturday afternoon.

The so-called: meta communicating or body-language sideline marker(s) for virtually all of the football game -for the 3rd consecutive week- look extremely clinically arrested or stunted in a word to me upon breaking tape. Meaning: something has to change before something does A.c.c. play give.


Like this team needs a class clown… a joker… or someone to short-short a coach (like David Wilson did); or pizza and kegs of beer nights quite plural. Get away from football for a minute or three… go be college kids and blow off some steam before this highly anxietized looking cultural power keg takes a sudden oblong spheroid bad-bounce in-game spark, and blows us all to Timbukone!

"once the conversation starts about whether or not a guy can get the job done, 
I’ve never seen it stop."

(and yet sources said the Staff was planning on five consecutive days of practice before breaking for recruiting trips for Friday Night Lights). Way to not be and to not get it, coach. As this team needs a break from you and from itself and from timbuckFu.

Because, what if Eric Carr (Tiz’) is actually correct?

And this 2019 football team is more talented than it is showing upon breaking tape
because it is just way too dang mental-game uptight to in-game show out?

Then again… what if Eric is actually ‘rong?

And this 2019 football team is not all that, resourceful?

here we, come!


Virginia Tech=24, Furman=17







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  1. Excellent read as usual B. I’m struggling also to see 5 more wins on this schedule. If that ist half team shows up we might only when 2 or 3 more. Where do you see the 5 wins coming from B?

    1. The new health news (in particular Qb news) is not encouraging.
      Man… I guess I don’t?

      @Miami and @N.Dame are virtually outta reach… and you could argue that any of the rest at least have a shot to sneak one on us. (or they are the favorite going in…)


      1. Is willis dinged up?
        If we dont reach 7 wins__ Do you think we have another mass exodus of players agian this year?

        1. Yes. Acromioclavicular (inner shoulder joint) injury.

          Plus some wheel ding he was carrying along well enough; actually.


          1. there are vibes that QVT is already looking around… time=tell,

            tho you did ask: so, I would not lean “NO”.
            Maybe a few less?


  2. Thanks for the insight. How does one help a group of young guys turn on the “nasty?” I’m not saying dirty, but at least getting in the dirt…

    1. By not coaching it out?
      (and running them off)?

      As recall… Fu’ inherited some hard refugee Beamer guys… steals feel immediately
      under Fu’. So that’s on Fu’. It was still in the ballers under Frank.


  3. Chamari Conner may need to walk around the locker room Friday night, Sept 27th and smack a few boys right in the mouth to get anyone to have a pulse along side him. We have maybe 3 guys on D and 3 guys on O playing with their hair on fire and the other 8 looking to not get their unis dirty. Either all 11 are in or they’re not. We need to be more loose, relaxed, and play with a purpose.

    When I hit a golf ball, I can either be tense, put a death grip on the club, and hit an absolutely bad shot as a result…or, I can relax, lighten up the grip and let er rip right down the middle where I’m aiming. The easier I swing with less tension, the further it goes where I intend it. Our team, absent a few on each side of the ball look tense, tight, robotic and slow afoot.

    1. FULLY agry.
      Golf, sprinting (T&F or in the pool) and distance running… all about being in the groove.
      Smmmmmoooooth sports to apex. Not overpowering anything. Gotta be loose/relaxed to be maxed.

      Conner is fun to watch.
      he and Rambo actively go looking for physical work(s).


  4. For me the second half provided me with some hope in that the team seemed to turn loose bump chest console a teammate that had just fumbled be excited about playing this team sport. Confession know nothing about zone blocking!!! But it appears foot movement is scripted therefore much like learning to dance. I can have all the rhythm in the world but looking at my feet or thinking about where they must be place makes me slow and mechanical and off balance and incapable of moving in unison with a partner. Is this a fair picture of where our o’line is?

    1. I really don’t know?

      As their lack of betterment in footwork since last year does not tell me
      that’s getting any better any time soon.


  5. Hokies will win the Coastal this year. (Ctrl+C this one for sharing among friends come December.)

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