Your winning Georgia Tech Eye in the sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=45Georgia Tech=o

Today’s word of the day is… paean!

On and on and on and on… you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s…”

noun: paean; plural noun: paeans

late 16th century: via Latin from Greek paian ‘hymn of thanksgiving to apollo’ (invoked by the name Paian, originally the Homeric name for the physician of the gods).

  1. a song of great praise or great triumph.
  2. an expression of enthusiastic praise.
  3. 45-o!!!

Virginia Tech football just opened a vacuum-sealed case of whoop-ass on the other Coastal Tech in ATL A.c.c. play on Saturday afternoon. 45-zilch! And quite frankly, it wasn’t even that close.


The Hokies came to “dee.dub” A.K.A.: ‘do work’ and went right on B.O.H.I.C.A. working and wrecking the other Tech 366, 25/8!

1Q 15-13:33 remaining:
G.Tech -due to a dead ball 5-yard penalty- actually gained 14-yards in their first series on 3-downs worth of plays— and yet they (still) had to punt.

As this ‘rong looking oddity of a top of the first inning reminds one of the boxing adage: ‘be first to the punch.’ As we’ve seen in the last rather uneven 400-days of play (which sees us at 10-9 since A.D. (after Duke last year)) —in this here proverbial game of inches? Every; centimeter, counts.

And a narrow opening 3rd-down-halt here did clinical wonders for us for the rest of our pugilistic ‘inflict your will‘ punch-first cultural day.

Just like my late father taught me… “you have to be the one to go’on and whip him in the first three downs for the rest of the game.” (i.e. the offender/defender you would be assigned to most often… as here there are no jabs. Only power-punching as there is NO overtime or bouns pay in fighting).

1Q 9:53 remaining:
Neat to see a Punt-steal as this is where you really earn your wanna hit somebody stripes. As the geometry and angles and lack of line(s)-of-sight are aplenty in any version of kick-coverage.

Move aside and let da man go Through…” –Soul Coughing

However, in lieu of the same, we see this… as here we see Wr, (4.57 forty, 4.22 shuttle times) Tayvion Robinson -who is in serial danger of becoming our next return-specialist with real live open-field, swag’- we see T.Rob’ slip-n-slide, then break “LUCY” {sic: old-school for “L” as in a lefty return, “Riddle” was for righty} he breaks left and well… I guess you just gotta steal somebody, right?

So T.Rob’ friendly fires poor #8’s ass up —on a rarefied: Phil Patterson sighting mind you. As T.Rob’ plows the field with his Philly on this one. “wow, LOL, and wowow sum mo’!”

1Q 4:42 remaining:

Just what sure felt like an Eye-Gouge right to Hooker’s fully offensive-lineman hinged left-knee.

That thank St.Nikhon checked out right enough over on the sideline. As our newfound offensive diversity and team-wide bull-market of efforting Identity can ill afford any more cleat catches in any more turf(s) such as this.

This one coulda been worse guys… much worse.

As Eye had to slow this down to glean this one for you… tho’ right at the moment of leg-spreading trying to make a cutback right t0 left weight transferring move… you can see Hooker ‘gimp’ his obviously still tender and still not fully healed Heavy Metal knee-brace hinged left knee right as the weight of his body and gravity fights the Normal Force upon impact with the Boddy Dodd turf.

Thank God this was the real stuff and had a little give/flexion to it as this is how you “pop” a still south of 100% knee for season-ending keeps. May St.Nikhon bless again! As this is a toe-catching bad angle and a misstep all rolled into an entirely suspicious-looking one for our #2.

A brave kid leading from the now twice-hurting and at least once needs off-season work front!
(no wonder the rally to the new Qb1’s battle-cry ring true here)

Now, that coach God willing being cleared-up and put to rest…
what is this B&W thingy under his chin-strap?!?

Tho’ damn if his replacement isn’t Legends of the Fall loaded for… BEAR!

I’d do this if Eye was only 1,000% sure what it meant… you?

2Q 5:52 remaining:
Here we see the new swaggy thing to do post-play —and surprisingly not get whistled for “excessive celebration” and/or “taunting” as the NC2A has sure backed up on being the enemy of fun. (just don’t forget the Pirate Motto of: ‘hold fast’ with regard to sportsmanship).

As Farley does… a new modified turkey wings or choking sign. “Paging: Coach Heimlich: please report to the Gold Club dance-floor!

3Q 2:06 remaining:
Defend yourself at all times.
Boxing referee and Nevada District Court Judge Miles Lane.

No freakin’ (bleep)… or you end up a very inexpensive butt of the joke down at did not win much of anything on the day -not named this steal- Georgia Tech.

As same as T.Rob’ up above… I guess #3 of Gah.Tech figured he had better finally hit someone; right? So, he gently shoves poor #30 Caleb Steward to the turf. Whereby Cal.Stew’ promptly goes Swing Dance competition routine and (inadvertently) butt-scoots in the finest early 1940’s ‘row your boat ashore’ move. Too funny… bet the Over on the film-study room joking his ass up for dis one here!

4Q 10:13 remaining:
(thx @mlewisr for helping me read my own non-opposable right-thumb chicken-scratch hand-writing for this find)!

There is NO need for this up 45!

So, being up 45-zip and sans the homerun ATL Fulton Co. Stadium 46-point shot…

Crawford and his previously bum ankle are still in there. And guess what happens when you do not heed Adm. Adama’s advice of: “grab your gun and bring in the cat“?

Well, this happens… R.Walker wastefully enough… as someone was typing: “FREE the scrubs!!!” on Will’s pay-side right before…

Note the end of the play as poor Crawford buggy-whips his right foot on the hook-slide in the Georgia Tech turf trying to sack the Qb. This did not look truly awful or lunch-rental agreement bad; Thankfully. Tho’ it sure looks 6.5 full plays worth of advantage up on the scoreboard unnecessary to me. And yet this is easy to say at home in the 3o4 as my ankle is not taped under my sock a-n-d over my cleats itself.


Dang it... was hoping to no longer see this. Musta been Class I. : (

4Q 2:51 remaining:
Observe our actual C2 gone NC2A clearinghouse “wait till next year” C1, with his fully hinged left-ankle brace (in black) poking out above his left-sock in final series of downs ‘centering’ relief here. As someone was told Holt should be able to play in case of emergency weeks ago… tho’ this level of bracing is not a salubrious sign. (St.Phillip bless!)

Notice as well that (r-Fr.) John Harris is now your back-up or right-G2 (in lieu of the very likable weightroom nut cake and knee-blown-out Tyrell Smith (St.Nikhon bless!!!)). With travel squad members: left-G (t-Fr.) and high school knockdown machine Jesse Hanson, and blindside-Ot Walker Culver (r-Fr.) taking over on the odd-side to seal the deal.

Or goodness gracious this is one exceptionally young Vice Squad 2-deep. As 2019 has a lotta “moo” in it upfront as this is one undercooked or nearly raw version of ground-chuck. Nevertheless, it sure makes you salivate for just how good this 2022 V.Squad blocking crew filet mignon should be!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=3
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=16 (with a never seen before 4 big/fat TD’s!)

Georgia Tech:
Qb pressured=16 (with one Pick-6 and one Tip)
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=20 (with one INT)

As far as the TTT calculus itself went… notice the Qb Pressure mathematics… which shows us that we pressured their Qb 530% more than they pressured our Qb.

And sans having Falcon Steve Bartkowski Qb your ATL team, again? I seriously doubt you win much of anything because as John Facenda of N.f.l. Films taught us all: “… a Qb on the run is a Qb on his, bum.” As go’on and bet the Wrecked Training Room’s prop line on detergent here as we put Georgia Tech’s Qb1 on his wallet and in the dirt way more often than naught.

Whereas the HenBoss enjoyed a nearly exceptionally clean-pocket or untainted passing-cup.

Now if our Qb coach could only fix these catch-points of his? As one of two things will happen vs. Pittsburgh and/or uva… first of all, someone is gonna get killed having to go get one of these America’s Cup sailing or Coach Dennis Connor type throws in a tight game. That, or some really sharp Mike Wagner type of intuitive/intrinsic and willing to gamble Fs is gonna cross-sport and play Centerfielder and float behind one of Hooker’s throw-points just begging for the overthrow (INT). As we now have an official tally of (Σ=23) or twenty-three total misses from Hooker; 74% of which are science-fact or Coach Spock high or out in front. A.K.A. it is just a matter of time folks…

(mid.scrpit: 100% of Q’s misses have been thrown behind, or low.
A surefire sign of reading his passing-tree cue(s)… tardy or late!)
i.e. Q is still pruning passing-tree literacy itself!


The gridiron salient ‘visual mathematicians’ among you will Dr. Crittenden see that the pie-chart above has been shrinking on Swiss (neutral) and on Negatively graded blocking plays alike for pretty dang close to 12 Q’s worth of scrumming. Now, I’m not saying the Vice Squad is bullet-proof or a coach John Gatti Teflon Don’s just yet…

Rather, I am saying that their improvement(s) are indubitable. As this is a helluva a job of not only juggling dinged, dented or just plain put out for the year parts… this is juggling dinged, dented or just plain put out for the year puerile or juvenile parts. You do the maths!

And yes ‘squeezable soft’ All Charmin Conference Powerpuff’s… this is how it tastes when a (now) Killer instinct type of football team outrushes you by a phenomenal 453% on the day!

Consider thus… our previous walking wounded (former) Oline 1’s are nowhere starting line-up to be seen. This tells us several things… first up, this tells us that the Vice Squad is big on one of my favorite People’s Republick of the 3o4 mottos: i.e. “if it ain’t broke? Dont’ break it!” As our newbie and nubile looking replacement starters don’t look like they will be going anywhere staring-lineup wise anytime soon. And here is the binary kicker… they seem at least as physical as the guys they have replaced were at their late 2018 sudden return to closing November violence. And yet they seem to have superior footwork at the age of 18 and/or 19; already! I’m not saying they are K.Bacon’s sidekick (Willard Hewitt) cornfed Tractor racing “let’s daaaaaaaance” sudden Fred Astaire’s. Nonetheless, they are more Footloose and fancy-free horizontally. Meaning they actually get to the zone-over blocking point to which they have been assigned more often than the former starters (quite honestly) did not. This at least gives them a chance to ‘execute’ some manor of ‘leverage’ when they do. And tho’ still a few rug-cuts south of being officially labeled Twinkle toes— to be so damn young they really ain’t half-bad at this. And here is the offensive-lineman kicker; they are slowly yet surely getting better and better or at least more comfortable with our Inside-Zone Qb-leads or A-gap gives (to the Hb McClease or King). *this* being one of our more… wait for it… this being one of our more PHYSICAL plays!

p.s. LOVED the 1950’s looking Coach Mosely 74% run:pass 26% split. If they can’t stop it?
You call it again until they do/don’t.
6 outta 7 in the |zone| says so!

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: ||||
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| (almost 24 mins. before the 1st one)

Georgia Tech:
positive: |||| ||
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (3 GT penalties, 1 fumble)

Bud Bòck just allowed a little over 4′ per rush! 4+4+4 in yard does=a first down. 4′+4′+4′ however=Assistant Conference Coach (of the year)! So does stinging a pretty good spearheaded G.Tech rushing O (as Mason is legit) for a Steel Curtain looking 67 or nearly seventy-yards in reverse. This is code for just over a touchdown itself worth of total yardage of a TFL inflicted by Budweiser and coach Wiles upfront.

Accordingly, recall our typed-up pre-game TTT and Lo.FM interpretive/predictive makers… how does 2nd-n-8 fare on average? Or how about 3rd-n-9 as your arithmetical yards to go mean? LOL! That sure encodes for a shut your shutout-mouf or a butt-kicking to me.

Tho’ DO file this one away friends… we/Vah.Tech is far more O&M golden vs. teams with incoming Lo.FM and TTT difficulties than we have been vs. teams with solid/reliable O & D frontlines.
N.Dame and Duke I’am looking at and learning from you!

Additionally, pretty kool when you go the opening 11-minutes of scrumming (16-plays) and mount a full 2-score edge before encountering your first offensive Lo.FM on O. All while inflicting five opposing Lo.FM’s for the other Tech’s troubles. That’s not staying on schedule folks, that’s playing ahead of schedule and that’s what we call playing for keeps.

Finally, when you count the zebras yellow-handkerchiefs, you can easily see which team went Coach Beethoven via, decomposing. And which team was nearly an unheard-of Lo.FM symmetrical about the trinary Lo.FM axis. That’s (5, 4, 5) if you are keeping plotting Cartesian score at home. (for HELP: look upstairs and do the Lo.FM count…)


Pay attention to Budweiser’s tacking chart(s) of late… now, do you see the bar-graph trend?

As I was wondering if I had graded this game too homer or too leniently?

Until I looked up that little factoid that we only had assisted stops (meaning: more than one tackler in on the play) in on a mere 19% of our tac’s or stops! That’s Jack Ham’s level of getting you to the ground solo-artist tacking art. The queer thing is… Eye saw Techsters guys tacking very high and Eye a saw a few burrowing very low… although Eye also saw an early Autumn blizzard of guys willing to pay the defending price to get the offending job done. As the given Gah.Tech ball-carrier did not get past much -if any- of our Capt. Picard type first contacts. The initial uncovered (i.e. unblocked) spill or funnel guy cleaned the Y.Jackets clocks. This is Rolex type timepiece tackling precision folks. And this was frankly not entirely 2019 expected from such a youngling halt-unit.

Accordingly, the same drill as the above men… as you have wonder how good this 2019 underclassman riddled D can 2021-2022 be?

And honestly, you gotta wonder what it would be if the same or a homogenous single-gap
systemic Budweiser only 2020 could?

the takeaway

  • FREE Tahj Gray and his remaining three 220V r-Shirt eligible games!!!
  • MEMO to all fu’ture tense O&M recruiting target Qb’s… Godspeed and God Bless, though frankly? You need not 24060, Beamer Way, apply.

    heads up!”
  • The HenBoss only averaged 20.3 yards per snag! I wonder what that would be if he ever really gets his beta targeting software upgraded and all the kinks/bugs fully ironed Pitt/@hooVa out?
  • Oscar the punting Grouch just had an off day. Well, if a 46-yard average day lowers your seasonal total… and yah; 126 other D-1 Punters’ wish they had Bradburn’s problems.
  • Gah.Tech actually won the 4Q by 16′ worth of Total Yards. Do what? And if my Aunt Kim had nutz-and-a-bolt she’d be my… Uncle Tim. LOL @the GT message boards—–>b.street
  • Budweiser D’s have now tallied 570 total defensive points— I’ma jus’, sayin’…
  • Budweiser has precisely 60 mins. remaining in his Lane Stadium all-time, career— again; I’ma jus’, sayin’…
  • And “yes”, getting 50% passing, on a 46-point Qb rating day bad for 1 INT’s is indeed code for: “we felt like we might could get him to play for us.” (Foster post-game on the GT, Qb).
    GONNA seriously miss this actually say something worthwhile quote-machine know as Bud Foster in the soon to be J. Edgar Hoover Fu’-man totally canned world.
  • Ditto: ‘make sure you are “right” before you come to the game!‘ Or just how Budweiser wants you to pre-game and get totally parking-lot down for Pitt next week. ROTF! How many coaches still risk saying something totally keg-stand party-animal like that in our mitchy P.E.T.A., world?

Who do you R.A.T.T. outcome fear the most???

View Results

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The Rest of the Story...

Faster is better sports fans; because faster is safer. Or expressed in its least/most ineloquent form…

PUNCHER >>> (punching) bag

As for the first time in honestly quite some time, Eye just watched us beat a semi-talented team to the punch. Eye watched this again and again and again… as we went Cobra Kai football and we struck first, we struck hard, and we showed the scoreboard NO MERCY.

Been a 2016 minute or a season or three since I’ve seen that much ‘tude copped from the typically micromanaging, nothing left to chance, cross all eyes and dot all T’s Fu’fensive crew. We came to kick ass, we came to gut-punch and we made the other Tech swallow their gum.

And here is the kicker... you play faster AND safer when you are having, fu'n!

Because when you loaf in a terminal contact sport? The guy(s) who ain’t loafing is gonna know you are coming and bake you more than a cake.

I say this as guess who we totally loafed like we owned Mel’s Dinner against all over the Ketchup Bowl field last season? Likewise, guess who won’t be doubting their chances and appears to be peaking about as much as we are cresting at the very same moment to boot?

I say this because we’ve got at least 8 straight quarters of more than quarter bounce football up next. This is about to turn, nasty; real live slugging match type scrapping.

As this is gonna be a very fistic finish to 2019 either way men.

As Pitt plays at least until the “echo” of the proverbial whistle, they suddenly have a lotta pop in their cans and mud in their Steel City eyes. Over in gay paris, we see a team that is laying in the Coastal weeds having just shut OPEN out while we were running actual ball down in the ATL. This week that same archrival team gets to pretty much take any Liberty that they please vs. an underwhelming 98th ranked Flamer run-defense.

Although there may be no overtime in the Game of Life…
there is sudden death.

Or in other words, this seasonal marathon turned all-out Coastal Divisional sprint is terminally ON until the break of dawn after this folks! Single elimination football at its finest. As we now suddenly control our own post-season destiny. And no matter any Pittsburgh outcome this/that, we will still likewise control uva’s streaky destiny after that.

Because if we do somehow go first-string paean Coastal concerto, and actually clinch the All Charlotte Championship trip and run a pretty and pretty dang testy looking 120-minute gauntlet vs. the Panthers and the cavaliers?

Go’on and bet the under on this teams’ Total Points for the A.c.c. title tilt now; thank me later. As this O&M team is gonna be overdrive red-line plum tuckered out… be that per finishing: o-2, .5oo, or a shiny 2-nil.

“…buckle your seatbelt, Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye.
—Cypher, The Matrix



Virginia Tech=45, Georgia Tech=o




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  1. Defense @#44. Whodathunkit? Pre season, conversation was 70ish would be a big win and step in right direction. I begin to wonder, is this possibly bud and charlie’s (and others..) best performance – not in gaudy terms rather the bringing along of youth and various pieces and parts? A final season nova of showing em how its done?

    The wheel route throw by QP was sweet.

    Can’t think of anyone more appropriate than bud to get the ballers ready for a street brawl.

    1. That was a sick sideline connect.
      Tre looked really burned that he did not tightrope stay inbounds and break that one upfield too.

      #44 is near, astonishing?
      One of his best jobs of the legendary allotment?
      (or bottoms-up TRUE send him out straight baller, love???)


  2. Excellent recap of the massacre @ Bobbie Dobbs. VT played their game, @ VT’s pace and ate the Jacket’s lunch. Nothing fancy just we want this more and we’re a ton better.

    Nothing changes this week vs Pitt, fair to not so good offense, aggressive defense front with a soft middle and DBs on island. Beat them with TE, moving the pocket & winning a few of the 50:50 balls. Then watch them implode starting with their coach.

    Last 60 mins in Lane, simple: This, Bud’s for you!!!! This week defense sets up offense whilst special teams win hidden yardage. Offense scores more.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat Pitt!

    1. Those Islander corners are all grown-up now.
      Duz’ has what he’s always wanted there; now.


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