Your winning Miami Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=42, Miami=35

This Hooker skipped, out!

Virginia Tech football edged closer and closer to the point of no return. By nearly 10+ calendar months we have been walking something other than Occam’s Razor that has cut more than both ways.

The Hokies benefited -and tremendously- from +30-yard line average starting field position deep in Miami territory on three outta their four initial short-field possessions. Then Corny made the (boot-play) call of the year and iced his bosses’ hot-seat for at least two more weeks. As Miami was literally one titled hold on a goofy P.A.T. “doink” from clowning us and going Fu’gazi upside what little would have remained of our gridiron culture. Making this less parts the cliché game of inches and more parts a game of degrees. About 10° of tilt and Fu’s hot-seat would have been set to broil. And yet if my Aunt Kim had nutz and a bolt? She’d be my Uncle… Tim. As some days you get the bull and some days you get the horns and VeeTee left So.Beach horny indeed.

Game Duration:
So, and while not a S.A.T.T. (Soft/Sugar All The Time) my ownself -thx @Coach God and mum/pops- I gotta say… Miami is filthy. I mean calling Miami dirty is not fair to dirt, everywhere. And that’s not fair to thirsty dirt that would rather be, mud. Tho’ Eye tangent… suffice it to say that it began on the 2nd Miami carry, and then it escalated with an elbow drop to the occipital part of Hooker’s head on a Qb-plunge internal keeper at the 10:23 mark and then it actually got… worse. At times… much! Seriously, if I am Fu’ and Co.? I submit a tape of all this sporting hooliganism to the All Control Conference for official review/censor. Because peeps will get (entirely) unnecessarily hurt on inexpensive-shots if this is allowed to continue.

And any Terminal Contact sport is lethal enough as is/on its very own. shew!

Game Duration:
REALLY like this version of McClease. Big fan of his high-class routine and how he treats the “young bulls” (his words) from his ‘hood as well. Tho’ he’s just a scavenger type runner. Darty, cunning, forwarding, quick/snippy attacking style— very strong kid to be so relatively small/lean in B.M.I. (body mass index) for what he gets on Y.A.C. (yards after contact) as an internal muskrat type rusher. Scrappy kid, my kinda guy… on his way to “my boy” status too.

1Q 12:47 remaining:
The single SICKEST F’n move I’ve seen on VeeTee tape since the surname: Vick!

Hommie did NOT break Miami ankles, hommie ‘caned KNEES!
Barf-o-rama 1o1…

1Q 9:48 remaining:
Do you see/count a difference, here?
As three more came rushing up to add to the adulation post-scoring-play. I’ma jus’ sayin’…

1Q 3:55 remaining:
Helluva a defensive INT-returning block by #17, Divine. Who totally plows the field on #23 of Miami along the ‘Cane sideline. #CleanHardRough. Bitch-making 1o1 men.

Game Duration:
Boy-O, did #1 play just like that— Floyd’s best game in a calendar year give/take. As he tackled well and maned-up in pass-defense even better than that. We who’ve balled call this: “playing-free”. Like his body finally got right. And let go of some old-pain(s) thereby freeing his physical alpha-game, up. Bravo @one!

2Q 6:34 remaining:
Tis’ new Delta Tau Chi nickname you ask?

Hill gets the living piss beat outta him here. FIRST BLOOD. Ragdolled. Rode all nite and hung up wet.

2Q 13:32 remaining:
Dangerous play here as BIG ole Dazni gets his right knee cut down to size (accidentally) at the end of the internal plunge-play by McClease. (May St.Nikhon bless).

He does reenter the game a few series later on… after Canon does his yeoman’s type relief work best he can.

2Q 13:24 remaining:
Very next play… Rambo prison sexes Hill; again. As sourcing says this was on the routine last August camp before T threw himself under the O&M bus @O.d.u. Ditto Hill wanting to fight like a little-girl post-play. Dood is a pass-rushing specialist, and has enough run-fighting talent to get by… although he remains very incomplete as a Human, being.

Then just one play later… Hill feigns a hamstring pull and simply takes a dirtnap dive trying to run off the field. The most alluring part is that Miami’s med.staff gave him NO sideline treatment/attention for such serious hammie issues.

Another Playtex move from a pillow-bitter or from a jake on the fake.

2Q :42 remaining:
Scary play as our real Dt1 (Crawford) gets his bad left-soleus accidentally right-leg-whipped via friendly-fire along the Hokie sideline in pursuit of Perry’s scramble attempt. May St.Philip bless.


14:23 3Q remaining:
WoWzO! Even Eye did not glean this in real-time, tho’ look at the bend in Hooker’s left-ankle/foot at the end of this limp looking play?!? Gotta be a helluva a flexibility-freaky to get up from this! (St.Sebastian bless). As those are his cleats facing the lens with his leg more/less facing nor-by-nor-east!

3Q 5:oo remaining:
Observe Ashby fighting-forward in run-support and suffering a left-shoulder/neck-stinger on the unfortunate knee-lift to the forehead down low for it. St.Vladimir-John bless.

9:26 4Q remaining:
Notice, and Eye did not catch this one live my ownself, although do watch poor Tisdale— who had a helluva a relief ‘backer day; get leg whipped from behind accordion style and come up holding his right knee posteriorly. Almost an inflicted hyperextension from the backside if you will. (St.Nikhon bless). (this is a dangerous play gents, the very same ended Nijman’s year two seasons ago)

4Q 6:15 remaining:
F5 to the point of refreshing… to see big ole Lecitus Smith cuss the even or right-side back-up oLine plum the Foxtrot Out!!! On this botched-blocking passing-cup after our Hooker got sacked. And yes, I already know, Hooker’s typically do some of their best work in the same.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=21

Qb pressured=18
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=20

On D Bud Lyte did about all they could to be out-talented such as they were/are.

Tackling was great for one stanza and normalized for the game after that. Chamarri Conner is just a damn stud —who only lacks an inch give/take for being a Sunday baller. Tisdale continues to intrigue. Then Bud went Gen.Patton and when in doubt: “attack attack attack and attack again”. And now stands in at a Blitzburg 16th best in the nation in defensive sacks inflicted and a well nifty above-average 33rd best in TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted just the same.

And yet Bud Lyte is 89th in rushing defense, 70th in passing efficiency defense and a very vanilla 72nd in Total D overall. (and this IS a noticeable improvment— make no misQ).

Or in other words, Bud is going out firing on all desperation-based cylinders. This is entirely why we were so dang Duke trick-play available; even as 24 shopping days remain. A.K.A. the “hair on fire” efforting was (finally) there; even if they are playing with a pasty photographer named Greg Brady hair-talent ‘fro.

Bud just got basically everything outta them that they had to give… this is coaching and motivating the verbs. After this, however, I would be concerned if I was you; because I am concerned if/when we face another really good oLine/Rb combo’ or just a savvy, sharp, smart offensive coaching acumen possession-based team. As although efforting was not among them @Miami, there are halt-unit limitations here folks. And like the defensive artist that he is, Bud is (somehow) canvasing more than a few.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| (1 TD, 2 Miami flags)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |
negative: |||| |||| ||

positive: |||| |||| || (2 TD’s)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |
negative: |||| |||| || (1 INT, 2 Miami flags, 1 VT penalty)

Our left-side oLine really struggled to protect Hooker’s bad (torn-labrum) unorthodox or blind-side shoulder on Saturday. That’s the news… the good news is… apparently Hook’s keeps a pretty good set of whiskers north of that dented shoulder as he sure did get his chin-checked from behind all day long. Hommie took several decking type left-earhole hits and popped right back up right as rain. Mutually scary and impressive alike. As blocking grades (actually) modestly retreated for the second-consecutive week to see a new all-time, low. Dang…

And as shinny as his legs were, Hooker also threw not less than five total misses… (miss1, miss2, miss3, and miss4). And I do mean it when I type that four of ’em were nowhere close and two of those four left not less than 14 points out on the field. As this one really coulda been a 56-35 Hokie route.


Nonetheless, Hooker did make two pure Sugar Candy sweet feathery throws late in the fourth {sic: Q} in the clutch. Who knew he was this Gifted when he took just a little something-something off of his fastball HR pitch? As arm strength is not something this jitterbug greased-lightening stylized kid, lacks. Because our Hooker makes downrage look easy…

As Hooker is actually a very deft-touch or soft catchable thrower; when he wants to be. (although his Wr’s may disagree as they only had two collective grabs as Wr’s Saturday afternoon)


Miami went the opening 26 minutes of scrimmaging sans a “+” or positive Lo.FM tally and still nearly freakin’ won?!? Huh?

As our O&M inferior talent + a so-so at best/at most culture just beat noticeably superior orange and green talent + with a strange brew of chemistry-based upon immature-stupidity.

That plus such a massive early turnover induced Gobbler lead took the rock outta the hands of the Top-4 Hurricane Rb’s. Who conspired for a mere 14 touches on the day. All four of which would start at Virginia Tech right now. As three of that very same Top-4 just averaged ≥8 yards per rush on the day.

Whereas V.P.I. tallied not less than a whopping 42 carries on the day— only two of which were credited as Qb-sacks. And yet V.Tech notched a mind-boggling 3 minutes (that’s negative three) minutes of TOP (time of possession).

A strange game this oblong-spheroid men; go fig’ on this?


  • Did you like the freebie 10 yards on two different “HARD” count offsides that the preview found? You are perfectly welcome [email protected].

    Fu’ shakes Qb1, up!
  • Rough gnarly game gents… then it actually kicked-off. As I watched Miami knee-pin or elbow-drop our guys in/around the dogpile all afternoon long. So often that I am left wondering if they are actively teaching this?
  • Not to mention ^that^, this was a very physical game from stem to stern. Bet the Over on the Training Room whirlpool prop line for the next day or two and you might consider Rhode Island+ Teaser POINTS here. As we have to be mentally down/drained after this and we sure are physically beat-up. (several key players suffered not less than dings/dents here).
  • Additionally, Bud Lyte and Wiles boyz in particular burned through a metric-ton of calories in the last 10-12 odd minutes of warning in this one. As they just kept launching themselves at the Miami oLine like curs or wild-dawggs and again at Perry right unto the bitter end. A far cry from their less than k9 primal Duke efforting to be sure.
  • Finally, Bud himself, Fu’, the training staffers, the S&C peeps and the whole entire O&M sideline et al… VERY animated in the final hellacious Q of Fight Club. As they too have to be pretty well drained for this high of an octane or rocket-fuel type of end-game pure straining down on So.Beach.

the takeaway

  1. FIRE FU’!!! Where are all of you? Termination at Will is the very definition of an H.R. gas-chamber. Which even as a blue-state Biblecrat or Truman’ Dem’, I’m not technically against —same as corporal and capital punishment alike. All I ask is that whenever you so brazenly sentence (see the writing pun) whenever you sentence someone to life in front of the VocaTional firing squad, I do ask that you and the forensics unit behind that firing squad be irreversibly right as aim. As I ain’t met a careerist version of St.Lazrus. Neither has Coach Cephalophore. Because when you go Dr. Guillotine and let the big whistle heads roll, they do not very often go Borg’-starfish, regenerate and grow back. I mean even K.Kong’s patella-tendon is not any more reactionary than this! Not even if you cracked its reflex-arc with the Empire State building itself. So, would all you high-n-mighty members of the Fourth Estate who told everyone that Fu’ had to go last week… come on in here and tell us all if he still has to go?

    V.Tech‘s national Offensive rankings:
  2. +++coaching is gonna beat us, folks. This is a very easy Tech team to scheme against right now. Even more so over on O as the Fu’fense has never been this easy/predictable/limited. And unless Hooker can hit at least three of those aforementioned misses? Defenses will go Jersey Shore and creep forward as their Run-fighting phobia mounts in terms of combating this Hooker’s R.p.o.’s.
  3. Not the Jimmy’s and Joe’s, it is the X’s and O’s (coaching). It is the medical staff. It is the lack of player development. It is anything and everything less talent. This is the biggest and least credible crock horse dung this side of Secretariats hind-end. As what R.A.T.T. just happened was that the worst hygienic and clinical applies sports psych’ team in the Atlantic Coast Cultural just went 12.25 and handed us their very own arse. Cheek-splitting with a pillow under their very own hips per the kinda thermometer you do not put in your… mouf. Listen, they outgained us by just south of 235 yards for the damn game! That’s ~24 points left (somewheres) out on the So.Beach field per the first-school rule-of-thumb of one point per every ten-yards gained.
  4. And that less than upright Hurricane ending? Well, the uva overtime fumble and the @Miami “doink” and Lou Gehring and Coach Fu’ are the culturally luckiest men alive. (as just imagine the DEATH to Fu’ narrative if that ‘cane K had hit that ~99% odds P.A.T. make?)
See: the northwest lean/tilt?

Seriously folks… and I hope the butt-hurt among you can get with this… Miami spotted us 5 turnovers
Christmas come early style and if not for a sloppy P.A.T. hold they and their +233 advantage in Total Yards would have come all the way back to crush Fu’s (attempted) C.P.R. culture like a worm.

Aye, you P.A.T.T.’s are not ‘rong, as this is a helluva a Hokie win. As try as you might you still cannot spell VicTory sans the Vee and the Tee.

Still yet, Fu’ and company have a helluva a long way left to go.
And the really sharp coaches we have left to play are gonna give Fu’ and Co. a Davidic fit.

The nearly "inert" looking Fu'fense is R.A.T.T. code for... what???

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The Rest of the Story...

For the record… I’ma not sure if this was Fu’s 1995 Miami breakout moment?

Then again, I’ma not entirely sure that it was not, either?

Time is the greatest critic of all.”
–Coach George Burns

And time will tell…
Even if Rhode Island does not.

Eye am however sure that when Fu’ and Company needed a Lou Saben preview moment and “had to get it done” they dug deep and they got it done vs. the worst possible simpleton type of pigskin culture in the All Clinical Conference.

A.c.c.ordingly, and per Occam’s Razor… there are prolly 4-5 Coastal close shaves, nicks, cuts and outright razor-burns that 2019 remain.

And to assume anything Fu’rther beyond that is to make an ass outta me
after having just made an ass outta (da) U.


Virginia Tech=42, Miami=35




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      1. I was not really commenting good or bad on that sentence. I think I just ran out of aspirin, at that point.

        1. “beer when it’s near” “brandy when it’s handy.”
          –Fred G. Sanford.

          that should help!

    1. B’Street is upping his game. HST didn’t even have that line in his arsenal.

      1. Truman?
        ; )

        and thx!

        IT was SUCH a dirty tape… it made for at least a PG-13 Eye.
        infectiously symbiotic if you will.


    1. AWSEOME!

      Best compliment ever.
      Cummings, Faulkner, E.Hem’, all south of “Q”.


    1. Totally my theme song. I start every year playing that for my students as I enter class. They seem to love it. Of course, they have to since I teach college.

  1. Watched live in Hard Rock & here’s my skinny. Da U was looking ahead to another VA U on Friday. With exception of #94, Collective U was not mentally ready to go as toe meets pigskin ( think about that for moment, mental nutzbag most ready to go on team of dirtbags).

    Bud played aggressive in back half whilst blitzing like a mad man up front. 1st I’ve seen that in 2 yrs.

    Offense…Deuce is loose…kids first 5 as you say sailed but as the came worn on, he settles down. But his ability to make the 1st read in RPO, enables this O go Go… look for former QB Evans game plan forthcoming with one read and go, with a few jump balls in pitch and catch game.

    As Dust settles, there’s a chance to continue the bowl streak, as talent > system at college level. Hookers got talent.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Beat RI

    1. Improve every week with these young bucks and we got a chance in all of them
      not named Norte Dame.

    2. When Bud does that it evacuees the Middle in no-mans-land.
      Very WWI look.


  2. B street: Do you think the ground swell of public pressure made him make changes alone or was it Whit,Jerry Kill, college gameday embrassment. Because his sideline responses and locker room celebration say it all to me.

    1. Pressure.
      And he was smart enuff to realize that 2019 and his reboot was NOT working or
      striking a pose (or prose) with this team. So he read them a new Fu’ner script.
      At least he ain’t totally static.

      And he will take this newer look and battleax RUTS -if he can- on R.I.U.
      (to make his team feel best/most confident heading into U.n.c.)


    2. Or maybe Willis’s shoulder injury affected his passing to the point where he is no longer effective at QB until healthy. Our offensive woes were more than Willis though.

      1. …yup. Could be.
        Not umpossible for the orthodox/throw-side gun too.


  3. B street: Thing about Saturday is it changes nothing. If this team fails to get 7 wins. Which now requires 4-3 going forward. This season will still be a failure. We came into this season with one of the easiest P5 schedules in the country. B Street would you bet the mortgage on 4-3 to finish the next 7.

    1. Nope!

      NOT even stolen/absconded rent monie.
      (tho’ 4-3 seems right, I’d bet he gets to 5-2).

      (then with more film out peeps will move defenses forward vs. Hooker)


  4. If the U makes the extra point. Holds on for the win Tech loses the game by 1. Surrendering a 28 point lead. Does coach Fu even have a seat on the plane coming back to Blacksburg? Ala Lane Kiffin. How hot is his seat this week?

  5. Herbie gave coach Fu #1 coaching performance for the past weekend for the win.Trying to save face maybe? In the alternative universe: The U makes the extra point and holds on to win by 1. Fuente would have been racked over the coals for losing a 28 point lead.He would have been #1 on Herbie’s hotseat list and it would have been justified. One missed extra point could have change this whole narrative.

    1. But they didn’t. And we scored a TD anyway afterwards. We WON, got the W. All that matters. Get better and move to next game.

      1. Exactly.

        I didn’t get Bstreet’s point of the botched PAT being the reason that the Hokies escaped. If Miami makes that PAT, and all other things remain the same, the Hokies still win… only by 6 instead of 7.

        1. Are we sure “all other things are =” once the pressure needle switches?

          I mean we’ve not responded well to being behind the O&M 8-ball since?
          Evans? (or Brewer?)


          1. Miami tied the game, dude. After being down 28. The pressure needle was swooning fo’ sho’.

            I don’t know how much more they’d have been behind the 8-ball just down one with time on the clock, timeouts in the hole, and Miami’s defense playing right into their wheelhouse all day long.

    2. True Fair.

      Fu’s low side is as lucky as Frank’s high-side was.


  6. Was at the 95 Tech vs Miami game. No one gave us a chance,. Miami came out of the locker room strutting. I went to the Sugar bowl that year too. Hope this could be Fuente’s 95 moment. Time will tell.

    1. Don’t think Fu’ enjoys true melee combat ballers like: J.C. Price et al.
      Nonetheless, this is a helluva a win.

      And he HAD TO HAVE IT and got it.
      That’s no bad thing, gents.


  7. Good summary but 2 key points are:

    Bud played the Prevent A Win 3 man rush defense in the second half which almost did cost us a win…I suspect that CBF won’t do that one again.,shades of Matty Ice from 2008..if true, then the defense really has greater potential than noted going forward

    The game should never have come down to a ref whose watch belonged to Mickey Mouse..the Hail Mary half time pass is successful about once every 1,000 tries.. plus bad officiating costs us at least one score on an INT that was overturned

    Don’t know if we have turned the corner but I sure feel better …and you say an emotional drain??? Really? More like an emotional high!
    Go Hokies!!

    1. This! Getting that W down in Miami with all the junk being spewed everywhere…This was an adrenaline shot for this entire football team and fan-base.

      1. My hope is this spring boards us to get at least 7 wins and make a bowl. I think i want to win the Uva game more than anything this year.

    2. is he that thin on frontwall guys?
      did he really like his backside that much in passing match-ups?

      LOVE to hear what he was thinking there?
      it is, spurious…


    3. On the INT being overturned… if you’re referring to the late hit called on Hewitt, that was a legit penalty. While it was just a shove, it was unnecessary, and clearly after the QB had let the ball go. That’s just gonna get called in 2019, and Hewitt knows it. If Hewitt played in 1989, that would’ve been OK, probably even encouraged.

  8. ‘In the last 2 games, post-big adversity moment (Fumble against Duke, Hail Mary against Miami), #Hokies have been outscored 73-21.
    I love what I saw against Miami in getting the win but they need to respond to in-game adversity better than they have thus far
    That has to get better or we want make it to 7 wins.

  9. ‘In the last 2 games, post-big adversity moment (Fumble against Duke, Hail Mary against Miami), #Hokies have been outscored 73-21.

    far out!
    Neat/hard find… gonna borrow that➡b.street

    as it sure (still) makes us look chakly indeed…

  10. As they say, nature abhors a vacuum, or, in another sense, gaps exist to get filled. The loss to Duke was so particularly horrendous that it created a big negative gap in performance just waiting for a bounceback to fill that gap, if even partially (same dynamic as a letdown following a huge win is retracing the positive gap).

    It’s a really good thing VT stopped the comeback, though. All gaps eventually fill (a less robust application of reversion to the mean), but that Duke gap may have lasted until 2020.

    1. Coach Aristotle surely agrys.
      As do Eye.

      Good take Synaesthesia.
      What you are calling a “gap” Eye’d at least call a pothole, if not a Program breach.


  11. I would have bet the farm that VT wasn’t going to allow that final tying TD..and crap they did it twice! If you weren’t there , as I was, you didn’t see the energy on the sidelines before both good plays….this was NOT an emotional drain..geez

    1. Ours or theirs… as sidelines go?

      (Telly did show the freak-out dance moves on the U sideline, they were feeling no pain or anything else for that matter)


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