Your WINNING North Carolina Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=17, #9 North Carolina=1o

Additionally… a Hokie Twister hit Chapel Hill JIC you live under a rock or have recently been hit in the head by a, rock!

Virginia Tech football won a game that mucho embattled Fu’ (and Corny) had to have just: “like a dead man needs a coffin” —whatever the hell that means… (Although Coach God Bless Mack Brown on his bro’s repose this week, a cruel mistress this oblong spheroid in spades. May St.Mél of Ardagh bless and intercede!)

The Hokies came out ready to play, played pretty well (tho’ not perfectly), and did enough to hold the O&M line late. The only real calculus is… just where is this 2021 Virginia Tech football team relative to any (potential) ceiling? Or to any roofing headroom itself? As me (in-game) thought that we coulda beaten U.n.c. by more than the scoreboard showed— until I read the final Box Score and broke tape on the final 10 minutes and change. As things tightened up a bit once Fu’ and Corny ran -near 70% ground-game calls pun somewhat intended- outta their pretty dang usefu’l plays. That all R.A.T.T. said… this may be Fu’s biggest Tech Triumph to date, or at least this side of taking the Commonwealth Cup back. And Fu’ is 2 up and 0 down or 1.00 as a win-percentage since 11 December 2020 A.D.! Tho’ what did we really learn from the Press Box point-of-view and what do we have left to do? Read on… to finds, out!

1st few drives
Early on we saw a lotta what B.P. deigns to call: “influence blocking” or what we old-schoolers call jab-step misdirection’s… from the Vice Squad with the play going behind that on a countering look the other way. On a bubble screen down the VeeTee sidelines at the bottom of the pic.

This made for easier edge/seal blocking from the Wr’s which was okay, got better, and tried to flirt with being good. The Te’s began with good blocking and nearly wandered off to blocking greatness itself.

Nevertheless, our Wideouts were a very willful lot. They generate a lotta Y.A.C. (yards after contact) on plain ole ‘want too‘ in yesteryear Bud Fosteroian terms. Arguing for an extra 3′… Eye likes dat! (In very particular t.Rob’… who is trending nearly broken-field elusively post-reception).

The caveat being… how many times can you run this smoke-n-mirrors look before the opposing D vapes you and figures it out?

hint: ask BAX’s virtually same play 2nd-half pick!

1Q (hopefully healthy) season remaining:
Here you really can see BAX’s new sinew look big-n-bold. He is thick with right-mass. Even if he weighs virtually the pre-cv19 weight-cut, same.

1Q ~10 remaining:
Now, this is a ponytail, a (potential) man-bun and the ubiquitous p0rn ‘stache all rolled into one well-coiffed melon. As our Qb3 has mad Qb1 hair-game!

Texas Ken Doll… 4ever!

1Q 8:23 remaining:
IF you gonna do it?
Might as well get your money’s worth, right?

hommie got every single 15-yard, cent!

1Q 8:11 remaining:
Did like the new wrinkle of the hot-potato-looking (forward) pitch to the Wr-jet-sweeping Tr? Turner here. (Yes, that’s their box score spelling of his name). And somewhere Coach d.Quayle, approves…

Game duration:
Did see Maryland transfer C, Jordan manning the even or right-G slot. (Thought this was our best run-fit look to boot). As the Vice Squad rotated a nearly full-house 9-deep on Friday Night. (with two other oLine caddies getting ST’s blocking works (d.Bailey Jr. and j.Hanson)). So, this is a Fu’ture tense encouragement, and a cry to reup and lock Coach Vice up before someone else, does!

Congruently, Brockworst served up some very sharp pin-blocks and pancakes alike on the inside vs. VHT (very highly touted) **** U.n.c. Dt’s all nite long. Likewise, our oLine folded to the 2nd-layer decently to nearly good-enuff. There is some headroom here… tho’ we needs to figure our Rb work(s) out STAT. (MUCH more on that below…)

A ‘game of inches’ best measured in… centimeters!
Quixotic 1o1!

game duration
Although Eye do not enjoy the services of our film rooms videography… it (seemingly) appeared that we proverbially ‘saw something‘ about the U.n.c. P’s release. As we plum got after him and got close to the point of missing by a fingernail at least once. The caveat is… did we feel we needed ST’s or non-offensive points in *this* one to eclipse mighty #10 ranked U.n.c.? Or, are we gonna be non-offensive points needy for the, duration?

2Q 5:52 remaining:
My virtual boy BAX took 2-dings in this one, and this one was a shoulder one. Observe the loosening technique of windmilling to get the shoulder ball-n-socket loose post-play— and he does have an acromioclavicular history. (St.Christopher bless!) (The other was a midriff when one of the U.n.c. Dt’s got just a touch inexpensive on a belly-splash right after the buzzer).

2Q 2:13 remaining:
Did get a “LOL” in at the Barno Hulk Hogan trap’s flex on po’ Sammy post-play here.

As Amar is officially $unday’s on his, way!

Extremely strange way to get Terminal Contact sport, hurt. Dang…

3Q 13:50 remaining:
Garbutt -who is indeed likes to fight guy- gets a bizarre-o dreaded no-contact ding here. As he was celebrating the Qb-sack post-play (arms raised) and suddenly he went down grabbing his middlecase right-side ab’ wall. Like something cramped or pulled. St.Elmo’ bless!

3Q 10:13 remaining:
Fuga with the do not wanna see (as Eye’ve been blinded b4 my ownself), right-eye injury/gouge here. Life in the dogpile is nasty just like dat and the alacrity with which he shed his own lid post-play speaks to the pain he was feeling. St.Helen bless!!! As right after the play is hiked, the left-hand of the U.n.c. left-G gets up high and under the facemask of our very own #6. And six went down like a dead sack of potatoes. Ouch…

4Q 13:52 remaining:
Chatman with the realllllly nice open-field halt on the U.n.c. screen action at the bottom of the screen. As it looked (in-game) like he was signaling out… although this is something right-side. As you can see him crutching a staffer & baller for support post-play. Godspeed @two-seven, as his one-stop was a great one; maybe even the Tackle of the Game.

dang 1o1

4Q 12:52 remaining:
The one backside BAX pick does not bother me as much upon breaking tape as it did live-fire in-game. As it almost looks tipped/deflected by the hard-charging right-De (recall: you were pass-pro’ Tenuta, warned) and then the rangy OLb of U.n.c. made one helluva a Stretch Armstrong catch on a ball that was spuriously looking as an underthrow (or, was it a tip?). That said, as any girl will tell yah; tipping does, count.

4Q 7:53 remaining:
Here we see the now officially oft-injured poor j.Waller with a right calf ding or cramp… this plus a foot surgery and a fixed shoulder to boot. As he got defensively and accidentally friendly-fire leg-whipped and truly chopped down to size in support along the U.n.c. sideline at the top of your screen. This is not a good-looking play… (as he is holding the tibia… see: above)

4Q 1:51 remaining:
For the X’s and O’s savant(s) among yah… here we see De a.Barno zone-blitzing, which is to say dropping into a de facto Mike-Lb zone-drop while spying Sammy in lieu of DAX. Now, this does demonstrate a whole lotta remaining De trust (namely: left-Dt/De Williams, Dt/Ng Fuga (like him here), and surprisingly right-De Griffin) —so that’s good, and Eye do trust Barno to oo7 and undercover efficaciously enough. Granted. Although I want my alpha pass rusher doing just that; rushing the passer on the money down or with the game on the line on 4th-n-11 to go.

He CAN do this… I’d just rather he do what he does, best!

Game duration:
The true armchair Qb’s among yah… what (Eye in the Sky: signature) word did this Eye in the Sky just perfectly abstain from?

(hint: 1st time I’ve never seen one, from either, team…)

(First, correct answer wins an OPT basketball, win!)

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=8 (1 personal-foul)
Qb hurried=zip.
Qb hits=1o (1 INT, 1 TD as well).

North Carolina:
Qb pressured=1o
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=14

As TTT goes… O&M eggs and j.Ham done great not just good here! As 6 Qb-sacks ➕ 9 TFL (tackles for loss) inflicted is a whooping 15 negative stops! Or to put that a mo’ objectified way, that amounted to a mind-boggling near 1 in 4 (or 24%) shoehorning a t.Heel behind their very own L.O.S. (line-of-scrimmage). Wowow!!! I mean, that’s staggering to the point of nearly unheard of, and one of the few (good) things we saw from the 1o6th ranked j.Ham inaugural halt-unit was a plethora of negative stops in 2020. And at this point, I’da have to officially call that: ‘on-trend’.

Hokie blocking itself was pretty dang tight by-the-bye. Not quite perfect… tho’ a pretty tasty pie-chart for only a typically irregular looking game #1 vs. a bunch V.H.T. (very highly touted) chippers upfront. The best part(s) may have been… I really did not see any Vice Squad members shifting into reverse or on roller-skates all night long. Nor did I see any of our boys getting physically pwned by mans-game, son! (Yes, U.n.c. did tally some stalemates, and they won a couple of chicken fights… tho’ we graded decently enough). The only blemish was the 2021 holes were not a blow wide open as the apex 2020 holes were circumference-wise. Tho’, let us and Coach Euclidean see where this one goes… and if/when the Vice Squad generates a deeper Ot-box-push —then reup this part in the 10th month.

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

Three consecutive sacks in a row really pitched a “Howell” at the moon O&M fit. And that’s some apex predator 1970’s Steel Curtain fit pitching to be sure.

The fact that 75% of our Top-4 t.Heel tacklers were edge players is a curiosity to me… makes me wonder if U.n.c. saw something edgy that they wanted to attack on film? Or did they wanna avoid our deeper Dt’s and just attempt to wear the thinner off-Ot and wider guys out? That said, I cannot say I super disagree— at least not depth chart-wise, and Eye’ll be watching to see if this is upcoming pattern or not. (as 1 dot is a dot, 2 dots is a line, 3-dots is a trend and 4-dots is a pattern, with penta dots being things beginning to take… shape)

Although 15 negative stops inflicted against (great for 81 total yards) in reverse is not playing in the opponent’s backfield it is taking lunch monies from and bullying the same.


Now consider thus… even with all those backfield tallies in our favor… it was actually U.n.c. who outrushed us sans not one, sans two, that’s (2) Sunday No Fun League talents by a mind-boggling 214% per rush on adjusted out sacks under Friday Night Lights!!! That’s krazy raised to the point of absurd… or it must be the t.Heel offensive coaching staff taking a baseball bat to the old-school football projector reel-to-reel. As we/VeeTee need some work on our run-shapes on O and some work on our run-fills on D alike. Even if this was tacit at best during in-game viewing. (This is why you run the post-game maths, not yo’ moufs!)

Additionally, tackling softened the fu’rther we went downfield for j.Ham. Lotta gnat’s or ankle-biters here and U.n.c. went (Mack) truck right on through these low-ball tactics more often than not.

My boy DAX was ‘okay’. He made a few bigger plays in addition to being Romulan cloaked at times. So, maybe he’s schematically coached up enuff to be a final-year Tuaman at Mike-Lb? As he does a lotta internal things ‘okay’. Block-shedding is just okay, tackling is okay+++. Tho’ he’s not outta position much if any… and he can set your D right as rain. Too bad he did not get an r-shirt, year!

Still yet… O&M eggs and j.Ham did pick Sammy thrice and force U.n.c. to go coach Helmich and cough the football up twice. (Never once covering a t.Heel fumble). That’s pretty dang good… and no preview doubt about it… we surely did (very) well to face U.n.c. in the one-hole to begin 2021.

(o) (o)

Finally, do observe that the t.Heels only amounted to one offensive drive ≥3-minutes-n-change (or, 3:46 minutes of T.O.P.) In T&F we call this ‘no wasted motion’ as Coach Hamilton’s halt-unit minded their P’s and Q’s with very few misQ’s or blown-assignments on film. That’s pretty much playing ceiling football… which does leave you 2021 defensive headroom autumn curious… time=tell there. (hint: we are 65th in total D outta 124… improved all the way to middleocore itself)

p.s. the Fu’fense enjoyed not less than five, that’s (5) possessions at least 4-minutes-n-change longer than big-Mack’s longest offensive keeper! w0w!!!

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| (1 TD! 1 U.n.c. flag)
Swiss (neutral):
negative: |||| |||| |

North Carolina:
positive: |||| |||| | (1 4th-D convert, 1 VT penalty)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| |||| |||| || (5 ugly Heel flag‘s, 3 big INT’s!)

Tackling… as you can see… spoke to one of two (or to both) possibilities… either we lacked some depth and/or fuel in the close of halves petrol tank. Or, U.n.c. was developing better in game-shapes and bends than we were. Or in-game coaching the (verb).

The Lo.FM itself was… happy-happy joy-joy for the don’t worry be Hokie(s). As we actually went over 20-minutes of scrumming before we/VeeTee tallied our first negative Lo.FM! (Against 9 different Lo.FM’s of any flavor from U.n.c.!) Broadway take note… that’s one helluva an opening Cornhole script! In point of fact… it was BAX who looked mo’ veteran, mo’ poised and mo’ composed upon breaking tape. (his somewhat uneven closer R.A.T.T. included). Whereas the much-ballyhooed Heisman candidate was the Pivot who played Beethoven football and was… decomposing as the night went along.


BAX is better downfield. No if’s and’s or butt’s… as his fading and sidelining is noticeably better in terms of very deft soft-touch dropping the arc-pass right in the old breadbasket. Now the question is… where is QbBB or “sunshine’s” (cue: Remember the Titans Cali’ pasty replacement Qb1’s moniker), where is QbBB or “sunshine’s” over the middle and on angular routing?

6.3 ave.yards >>> 1st down >>> 4.3 ave.yards

 V.P.I. >>> 231% better on 3rd-down >>> U.n.c.

As you can plainly see… it was the Cornhole offense that stayed on schedule as down-n-distance goes… and then executed noticeably more money-plays than slingin’ Sammy did when the Fu’fense had to chase the chain-gang during unfavorable 3rd down spots of the ball. Hip-hip-hurray! As this is truly upperclassman territory or heightened Experience Curve effects on a ‘mostly clear’ New River Valley Friday night.

As you can see… one Qb1 came out in virtually perfect sync…
…whereas the other Qb1 never got IN-sync!

As it was the seemingly lessor Qb1 who nearly twice often pulled the O&M fat outta the powder-blue fire more times often than not.

This is an Fu’fensive efficaciousness encouragement folks, although it really is only top-of-the-2nd {sic: inning} as there Eye go putting the cart out in front of the horse yet again.

(o) (o)

See what Eye sequentially first-30 minutes, mean?

On the one hand… through no fault of VeeTee’s own… the U.n.c. skill-position replacements were so-so at best/at most. Or south of what I had inaccurately forecasted. As all-World Sam I Am suffered from a severe head-cold kinda night. What with 3 misses, 2 drops, and 1 tipped.

These are not his typical metrics and we surely did very well to catch (pardon the pun) the t.Heels in the one-hole.

✖️’s 🏈 0️⃣’s

However, I was a bit off on wondering where all of our defensive speed was during a rather mild (if not soft) zoning and off-man kinda look? (Per: deeper hook-drops all over and lenient off-Man). Now, it did work, and it did remind me of turning Major Harris into corporal harris many moons ago… (i.e., depriving both he and Sammy of the HR throws they InstaMySpaceBook crave). As neither guy is much of a hunt-n-peck or aquarian footballer. (So, let us belay anything further here and give this curious look an October ask back once we face some differing eminence of Qb1’s).

On the other hand… three Hokies accounted for a whopping 72% of our offensive output on Friday night (BAX+Blacks’+Turner). This is predictable and needy alike. As Mitch’ and T.Rob and at least one other Rb should not feel like they were not invited to the party. Because with this already feeling like an offense via committee, those three need not be a ruling quorum or yardage voting bloc in and of themselves.

On the final hand… 3.8, 1.5, and 2′, as in 2-feet! This is our traditional run-fit work behind an oLine that is prolly in at least the top-⅓ of All Charmin Conference run-fits… and if that does not handoff concern you now?

Give it time… it; will.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:

That was his best opening script in a while. Three O&M cheers are his. (Although we do need a 4th cheer as we are not so hot-to-trot when we run outta plays and have to go Mad-Libs off-script.

The most R.A.T.T. conclusion here is... what(s)???

View Results

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The Rest of the Story...

We couldn’t put the game away” —Coach Fu’ post-game

That’s not untrue… however…

Do you remember what my true insider sourcing said about the halftime speech at Fu’s first truly BIG Vah.Tech football game?

The one where he read them the box score and the yards gained/allowed per play in a certain oval-track Volunteer fashion?

The one where he went WWII Bristol bomber on them… tying (in vain) to convince/instill in them to not to let go the rope at the first sign of trouble and be so easily (in-game Recency Effect) … swayed?

It’s 2:19 AM on Monday night as I am writing this— Monday the 30th mind you… prior to any and all hosting U.n.c. withdraw or evacuation of mental acuity or anything having officially gone #HARDSmartTOUGH.

As we finally did showcase a bit of mental toughness to close. First-time ¦ long-time, right?
Always Be Closing… as this game of X’s and O’s is as elementary as your A.B.C.’s.
And we finally did roll with the Fu’ U.n.c. punches that we did not, slip.

That fairly being said…

Game-Planning >>> ingame coaching (the verb)

Vah.Tech >>> 10 minutes T.O.P. >>> Nor.Carolina

Which is less parts insult and quite possibly mo’ parts… ceiling. Possibly even roofing itself. As the V.P.I. Rb talent departure is stagging to behold. And that leaves a pretty good run-fit oLine, with a Qb1 who can only have his ground-gaining number called so-often… which leaves the whole O scrapping to find things to help balance out the rest of the pretty talented triune at Wr and prolly even mo’ talented 3-deep at Te Fu’fensively out.

I can and did say that because this was a game separated on the play-count by one single solitary ‘hike’ of the ball.

Whereby it was actually U.n.c. who outgained us by nearly a fiddy spot or a U.S. Grant dollar bill ($50). This would portend about a 5-point t.Heel win via the old-school rule of thumb of 1-point tallied per every 10 yards of total O gained.

…think about that one for a minute, men.

The closer...

So, in final summary words… when I watched the game-tape over and over and over… the following things emerged… only one of which did my Eye manage to catch up to in-game…

  • methinks… and to Fu’, and Corny’s and j.Ham and Staff’s enormous credit… we punched pretty close to our weight limit in this one. i.e., we left a lotta wheelies from the Hokiemobiles tires while we burned rubber on Tobacco Road.
  • however… me also thinks that medium-Mack and Co. must be pretty sick. They did not match their punching to their weight-class to their discredit. Now, that’s not Fu’ and company’s fault… granted. Nevertheless, you have to think Coach Brown was pretty red-faced upon breaking-tape here. As I doubt he feels totally sure that the better team, won.
  • i.e., just how much headroom does this 2021 VeeTee football club have {sic: left}❓

••• — — — •••

The final addendum being… this 2021 Hokie football team will go every bit as far as its few high-point star’s health & j.Ham’s advancements can carry it.

BEST camo‘, EVER!!!

We do have star power at, at least 4 defensive spots, then at maybe as many as 5 or 6 offensive spots (with an undercutting not less than three Positional overlaps or logjams in play here mind yah). With a couple of brown dwarf guys per side after that.

The killer part being… not only do we lack or want for legit depth behind said star-power and O&M brown dwarf guys, our starting talent thins to the point of being spotty at best/at most for the other 3-4 guys in each starting huddle.

As there are still Memphis caliber shells in our All Championship Conference
gun that needs to clear the breach!

Meaning: …there will be opposing match-ups that thankfully do not pick at our available spots well… and there will be a few opposing match-ups that plum get after the 11th, the 10th, and the 9th pop-gun ballers in each huddle suddenly and successfully enough.

Barring a true Rb sudden emergence… or near-perfect top-22 health?

I’ma kinda wondering if we just played our best game of the year, already?
Recall: we were wondering the same last year and @F.s.u. before that…
How, say; you???


Virginia Tech=17, North Carolina=1o









God Bless the USofA!!!

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  1. This isn’t original, someone else posted it on messages boards, but the run maths are a little skewed.

    We took three straight kneel downs for about -5 yards each at the end of the game – not counting a couple half hearted attempts near end of first half.

    We “gave” them two LONG runs on last two plays of first half – one was about 30 yards – because we had three defenders 40+ yards off the LOS to prevent score on what was definitely last play of half.

  2. Fwiw, Brax was doing the windmill thing from the beginning, before he took a hit, and did it fairly often.

    Re RB’s, there were second level holes there that Juice took advantage of last year that the crop this year just doesn’t see. Can’t be coached up, in my opinion, it’s instinctual. Maybe there’s a younger back on the roster that has “it” and just needs a chance on a Saturday to show.

    1. good look.

      (tho’ not a good BAX look… that’s more chronic than a 1-off-hit would be).
      dang… St.Christopher bless.


  3. Howell needed his outside receivers brown and corrales. Our team needs to get better and will.

    1. Agry.
      I was really taken aback by their (lowercase) level of play.

      Eye bets Mack was too.


  4. Too bad you didn’t give a 4th option to vote on, ie that VT was better than expected. But hey, your pole and your agenda.

    1. agenda=3 responses yield most accurate survey data– per Dr. J.Sneeds epic
      Statistical Techniques class. Virtually ALL of my polls=3 answers alone.

      I did toy with that one you suggested… a good thing there is space here at the, bottom.


  5. Your summary is dead on. We have to have King or another tailback emerge and Mitchell get more use. Past seasons without a real threat at tb have had opposing D staffs start to shut us down pretty fast. Fu needs to take his chances with King vs. Wvu and let the chips fall where they fall; otherwise, we will be too easily outscored, especially if we get a CB dinged or Peoples at safety or anybody really. Winning the adjustments got Frank and Bud a lot of wins. We don’t seem to have that on either side or at the top right now.

    1. Yah; Roger that.

      Eye heard they are hopeful Blackshear breaks off a few @Rb.
      Tho’ they have to trust King if he really is the Rb1. Butterfingers or not.

      And likewise… I’ma wondering what it takes to put @w.v.u. down?
      35? 40?


  6. Great start to season. Everything follows from that

    You posit near or at ceiling regarding performance of certain squads. Only thing i can say in that regard is we are at peak health. I think more experience playing together and in system leaves room for greater execution.

    Everyone just got a big helping of what/how it can be. Belief

    1. +1 for ‘peak health‘.

      And how many game 1’s do you get to enter saying that?


  7. Regarding UNC’s continued attempts at running wide, it surprised me also. For years the book on us has been run right at us, not around. How did Longo and M. Brown not “know” this? I just think they made a mistake by running plays they liked vs plays designed to beat our D.

    1. Or, is Mack Chuck Noll redux?

      As he said you had to run at the BEST dLineman to wear-n-tear him down to make him
      more manageable later in the game. Maybe…


    1. It is!
      (tho’ someone MB beat you to the punch).

      That said… remind me and I will give you an OPT hoops game #1 tie for a win.
      Just ask…


  8. (Forgive my weak attempt at Bstreet lingo)…..but not much mentioned above but VTs Dbacks were “D-Block” with a hand or two on almost every pass ….. most defenses give up 7/8 of those passes resulting in 14-17 more “Pointification” in my estimation….if our Dbacks continue blanketry…..Dline will continue negativity…..we have great man coveration again…or at least this game we did…..

    1. It is a really interesting secondary on Man looks.
      Tho’ not a behemoth-sized one on run-fits.

      Do we play a power-rushing team anymore???


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