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Virginia Tech=22,






North Carolina=19




Do you believe me now Trinity?

Virginia Tech football finally overcame a 27′ -yes, a twenty-seven foot- second quarter total power outage of an offensive game with zero yards rushing in the 2nd-inning to eventually come from behind and leave Coach Ab’s drooling the drool of regret on his sequenced pixie dust fluffy pillow of remorse.

The Hokies -finally- did dig deep, suck it up, and pulled the fat outta the upsetting power-blue fire in the final seconds of the game. However, this one was a near thing gents. As in very, as in even, as in pick ’em, as in a PUSH. And with five games remaining? If I were a betting man -and I am- I’d wager that at least 80% of our final-5 will be more or less the same.

1Q 15:00 remaining:
Today’s word of the day could be… linear. As in flat, as in flat to start at least our second game of the season. And some would have me say that this was our third initial salvo south of fully wound up and ready to chew glass and spit nails 2018 beginning. Why? (as this current talent crop, lack of senior leaders, most popular baller now=a done Qb1, lack of experience and learning curve effects crew… well they can NOT afford to invest in a mere 30-45 minute warring effort.) Not at all!

Y-chromosome “ouch” 1o1…

1Q Game Duration/season remaining:
Don’t wanna hit this too hard (foreshadowing intended); though here we do not ignore this kinda thing, here; either. Anyone else notice who was pushing whom around on Saturday night? As this is part of the peril of running off too many hardcore lead-pipe enforcers. Like all, we have left is H.Gaines (who us under doghouse arrest), and Grimley over on O. Nonetheless, we sure lack enforcers right now, and that’s the enemy of good in a terminal contact spot. We get punched and don’t punch back— and yes, I know— the Ref’s very much do tend to see the second punch and “whistle” the same. However, and with sportsmanship being a fine thing indeed. let’s not go #HardSmartFluff… mmm-k? As typically power-puff soft North Carolina bullied us at times, be that early or late they were the team that plum got after us physically. And it is not that we backed-down or became cowed, so much as it IS that we did not… respond.

1Q 11:46 remaining:
Well, you need not ask anymore, he has a left-hammie, left-foot, left-ankle and a trick right knee. And with Oct.31st neigh upon us, it may take some Coach God Divine intervention if he makes it to the O&M finish-line as beat up as… this… (and I saw at least 3 re-tweaks of the above on film Saturday night. St.Nikhon and St.Servatius report to the Jacob’s Lantern dance-floor please!)

As double-D is just one elegant, elongated nearly magnificent looking effortless athlete. Which makes it a real live shame to see him out there quad-gimping along like this.

Dang… 1o1…

1Q 3:04 remaining:
Well, someone tried to warn yah on this… though here it is, I-77 South I.H.O.P. style as poor Jovonn Quillen got served. As in served up, total pancaked flat on his backside. If Cb pancakes due to such impish edge defenders are inevitable… do not lay back and enjoy it son. Man-up and fight-back, as best you can. Because if Eye is seeing this over and over and over, then so are the five remaining schools we will face.

2Q ~11 remaining:
I’ma not even listing them all… understood? Though Eye saw this all night long… as U.n.c. plum got after V.Tee and there were Hokies getting rolled and there were Hokies getting bowled all over. #38, totally, pwned; in a modern era lockeroom term.

i.e. this team can and eventually does hustle/heart along as best it can, although uber fistic, it, just; ain’t!

And if the Charmin among you find that to be squeezably soft? Well for once you ma’am’s are correct. Whereas U.n.c. routinely bounced right on up, you really should pause and just watch the habitually slow to get up after-play meta-communication(s) or body-language of our team to see what Eye mean. Aye, football (same as boxing) is a hurt-business and some nights business is good. And such ballistic competitions have been known to exact a mighty toil or toll indeed.

SEE here! This is #12 for U.n.c. Their ~70 lbs. lighter De knocking the absolute piss outta #54 for us in pass-protect. Or “Protect yourself at all times” to be sure.

(and do memorize this sudden lack of O&M physicality trend for Miami and uva back-to-back,
where sportsmanship is never the in or trendy thing to do)

2Q 3:59 remaining:
Hell yah, git, dat, work!!! And this is what I am typing about… just watch as #31 of U.n.c. steals a slipping Quillion out-of-bounds along the U.n.c. sideline on this V.Tech punt-return. However, and unlike before, J’von, cowboy’s up and floors #31 who accidentally rolls-up a U.n.c. assistant coach for all his mouthy troubles.

i.e. kids who give their lunch money to the lunchroom bully are… thin.
(or not fat in, heart!)

And if you do not stand up to a bully?
A bully will never stop sitting you down.

At least they did try to physically rally…

2nd-half remaining:
Well, if you are a T.Heel fan this is how you set the closing 30-minute tone and if you are a Hokie fan you are prolly tone-deaf to this. As U.n.c. executed one of the few suicide team double-steals I’ve ever seen. As Quillen (top) and all-world VHT Dax both got totally stolen on the opening KO. Though -and to their credit- unlike most of the first 4.5 innings, both got up and at least tried to fight back As just ask Fighting Back author and ‘Nam Purple Heart veteran Rocky Bleier. When you get knocked down — you get back up! You bounce. You roll. If you can not do that, you dig in. You hold on. You hold on, you survive, and then you fight back!

3Q 12:02 (dead-ball) remaining:
Least the social-media every girl is “big-n-beautiful” sissy element think me stirring the pot… here it is again g/f’s… as this time our Mike-Lb gets laid the bleep out, knocked flat on his wallet post-P.A.T. play. What in the Wide Wide World of Jack Lambert vs. Cliff Harris in Super Bowl X is going on here?!? As LOL, if Eye am seeing this…


3Q 11:oo remaining:
Best “look mah… 1-handed” Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® circus catch by a V.Tee wideout in many many a year. MEGA Kumah kudos insert (_____) here, check! ✔

Helluva a snag!

3Q with 3 r-shirt games, remaining:
Then, sadly, we enter the realm of Applied Sports Psyche theater of the absurd…

I do like him. He is (already) “my boy“. (and they love him!)

So, Ry’ Willis connects on a Lynn Swann levitating catch-of-the-year type throw, and you should best do, what?!?

Take him and his sudden (electrifying) surge of BIG-play momentum outta the game? Sure. As in surely not! Right?

Well, that’s entirely and precisely what we did here. And while I do get playing QVT for four games, and while I do get that Hooker’s iPhone just got totally lit {sic: up} by opposing coaches from Colorado to Illinois… all calling to see how he likes the tastes of that talented though raw Qb4, clipboard-carrying game…

…I do not get the QVT insertion point here gents?
Do you?

Although I do get the maths… and as the Brit’s say: “…it’s all in the maths.”
As the above pic’ is of QVT after he ran for a whopping 7-yards.

This pic is of Ry’ Willis after he sprinted 33 yards for six BIG points!

You do the maths

So what happens if QVT runs for… eight?!?

3Q 9:02 remaining:
I know, I know, not what you wanna see, although just watch as the right-knee of POWER to the Peoples short-circuits on the plant in the now nearly awful replacement U.n.c. sod. Scarry play. May St.Nikon bless. Thx @God. Peoples did get away with one, here.

3Q ~7 mins. or season remaining:
So, after three whole plays… why did Wiles (or Bud) pull the starting d-Linemen 1’s for this critical goalline stand in lieu of a Te playing Dt, a Dt who everyone knows is a shoulder/weight room year away from being right; and our 2018 opening day De4 and De5? I did not get zone subitutition.. you?

4Q :19 remaining:
Anyone else notice who Fu’ had his arms ’round along the sideline during the TO right before this? He was holding Ry’ Willis and Dalton “double deuce” Keene. Gotta work on that Pokerface a bit here Coach Fu’. As the Eye saw this one coming right as rain from approximately 199.8 miles away. (BONUS: did enjoy the only real steal of the entire game by Peoples with about 3:44 remaining; although some might wave this off due to playing the 4Q game clock and/or field-position concerns as well)

4Q remainingSeason Remaining:

Memphis BellesYou complete me!”

Tech Tidbits:
The U.s.s. Cunningham is nursing a left-leg ding of his own. Chung got his leg rolled-up “thank you” note to knee-brace manufacture style, plus TXT thank @Coach God! TyJuan Garbutt has a dinged up right-shin. Walker got his left-knee (accidentally) hyper-extended in the lumpy almost dangerous looking T.Heel turf on the U.n.c. closing 2nd-Q trick-play… just what he super does not kneed. Khalil Ladler has a bad right leg, I am want to say “knee”, although the line-of-sight obscured it; the only thing I am sure of is that it is on the orthodox side. Watts has a bad right elbow.  Belmar twisted his right knee. Gaines has a dinged up right elbow and wrist. Floyd has a knee ding. And poor big Vin Diesel only has 3 blown shoulders, a fully blown out knee, and now two sprained ankles to boot. That’s all. (Lord have, mercy).

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=9
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=17

North Carolina:
Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=11

On the good side, Ashby’s tacking was never bad, it was pretty good and it is actually getting better and better right before our very Eye’s. As when a pure footballer like #23 lays hands on you, you find out just how handy keeping a guy like two-three around can be. Though it is neat to see Bud finally spell his Mike-Lb for a change; as Rico is nothing else if not willing (not to mention he’s occasionally outta-position).

Farley is sure getting better and better at high-pointing a ball | albeit as a defender and not as an offender. As his length and lift are one of our few right-sized halt-unit edge player(s) saving graces.

That praise rightfully bestowed… tacking overall was so-so, and it did worsen as the game wore on. And that chart does not include four really sloppy miss-hits in punt and/or kick coverage to boot. Bud and Co. need to nixsay this stat. As this path is not gonna track well at all during a grueling, gauntlet of a big ‘Back riddled November.


     On the other side… did someone not tell you that this would be an oLine that was only 20% returning from 2017? Or in other words, Nijman looks like a Koufax or left-side baller to me. Blindside-Ot, left-G, the revolving C door and an outta place Nijam making room for up-n-comers at odd-side Ot— are all, therefore, starting 2018 in different spots or starting 2018 after sitting 2017. That modified Pareto Principle make a little more quantified 80:20 ratio sense to you, now?

Though I did see one whole 2017 looking play, whereby Nijman’s side (the right or even side) got a familiar late-play push and thereby drove the left-side U.n.c. dLine backward after chicken-fighting for about a “1-Mississippi” look. Very reminiscent of the closing ~10 minutes in any given 2017 games twilight work. Or in other words, this oLine is currently playing with a lotta household 110v blockers and sorely misses its one 220v industrial strength pusher/shover. A rather telling difference in raw power indeed— n’est-ce pas?

And although the TTT metric was skewed by Ry’ Willis game leading rushing effort (on contacts/hits received as a Qb); it was pretty even after that. Even if you do not typically do too well on a 2 INT margin night. Mind the store on that one folks; as Ry’ is known to have a wild hair up his throw-game side. (more below…)

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| || (1 VT flag)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| |

North Carolina:
positive: |||| ||
Swiss (neutral): |||| | (1 Heel penalty)
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| ||| (3 Heel penalties, 1 Heel fumble)

Aye, Virginia Tech did win the Lo.FM here. Every bit due to fielding a more experienced Qb overall, and due to the whacky scorekeeping final grade of the final play. Which had not less than four different yardage movements on a 2nd-n-10 chasing the chain-gang play embedded upon it.

That statistical honestly stated… the other good thing the Gobblers did here was… they did not wet the Lo.FM bed via soiling the O&M sheets with raw stupidity. U.n.c. did and even if Bud Lyte did not push them back(wards) often or enough, U.n.c. committed several boneheaded self-shoves the ‘rong way. And yah; we won’t be giving those back, either.

So, up above in the header you see what an ex-Flanker said regarding Ry’ Willis after breaking six whole quarters worth of game tape upon the same.

Down @U.n.c., Ry’ threw 16 uncaught passes. One was dropped, and yet a nearly backbreaking ten that’s (10) volleys were misfires from my almost boy Ryan Willis his ownself!

And yah; the Willis being less than 1,000% accepted narrative makes a bit more sense yet now. As Ry’ missed guys in every spatial direction you can name except… going Dennis Connor America’s Cup and sailing throws too tall. He threw behind his receiving targets, he threw out in front of them, he threw pennant chasing grounders, he even threw at least three inline sideline passes truly up for jump-ball grabs. And then, to banjax the whole shebang all the more… Ry’ then experienced not less than three sudden fits of accuracy with multi consecutive completions in a row. Including pitching a perfect 7-by-7 or streaking seven for seven perfect fit to close the final drive show. This heroism after having just completed another seven in a row. Per six straight to us; capped off by one straight head-scratching INT to them.

As this is truly a one-man plumbers convention of a Qb. As Ryan “I am not a thermostat” Willis’ game runs hot-n-cold and expands and contracts like a champ. Day-to-day in practice, game-to-game, and even in-game alike. (no word yet from Farrah Fawcett).

And although I do not (yet) understand how to predict the hot-n-cold Ry’ Willis… if you do?
Here is the eMail for you: [email protected].

Finally, anyone else notice how much S.Peoples gets the rock (including the pass) in clutch-time? Don’t wanna call this being too predictable, as he may be the best alternative here, although the trend is there and a blind man can see it with a cane.

the takeaway

…the takeaways is… I had soooooo, planned to take a film-study break this weekend, and same as the last few years, turn a blind time-consuming Eye to our BYE weekend.

And just Holden Hall data-mine the highs and lows of R.A.T.T. Virginia Tech statistical football for this article. Never the Sunday evening less, there was just so dang much juicy material up above… hear the 15-15 Chuck Yeager eagle Eye goes again… so give a listen.

Or as multi-time OPT champion St_Andrew of TSL so idealistically, utopian, and entirely precisely put it…

"he (Ry') has soft skills he needs to work on to win the team (over)."

As sometimes you just gotta dig deep and do something about it.
And the more memorable or the more forceful?
All the better!

Or to put it all another and final way… yes, it is true, JAX proly does not throw those two picks. Though it is also at least as probable that JAX’s game does not have the juice to spearhead that caliber of life-n-death, blood-n-guts, cardiac kid comeback drive of a staggering 18 plays good for a near centennial 98 yards gained and great for a game -and possibly bowl streak- saving 6 points.

And a Coach Tom Higgins consiglieri word to the wise for those of you on the Team reading these words…

Yes, I do get that JAX is your boy. I do get that we all hope QVT achieves credible “my boy” status before 2022 is all said-n-done.

Our #5, giving new meaning to… Pumpernickel!

I also get that as we prep to play OPEN, it is time to wake up and realize that this team is ultimately only gonna go every bit as far as Ryan Willis can wing it. Or every bit as far as Ryan Willis can scramble it.

Accordingly, let’s all go dorsal rally-cap fin, and hope that that mega gutty 4th down 9-yard gut-check run, that none other than Ryan Willis made, that this has made Ryan Willis a made-man. Or at the very least Ryan “the underboss” Willis. Gone full blown Sammy “The Bull” Gravano upside Chapel Hill to close.

As for my $0.03 in the game of life, that was a totally boss final drive that Ry’ -of all the people- racketeered. (to mix my sporting metaphor)

So here’s to Owens Dining Hall hoping that the streety O&M caporegime and soldiers alike realize that right now might be a really good time to order a whole-wheat on Ry’.

Hold the mayo’, please.

The final 98 yard game-winning possibly season saving drive... which Qb R.A.T.T. does what, here???

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Virginia Tech=22, North Carolina=19




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  1. Please consult with the Five Family’s that line in front of Willis about opening some holes for our RBs So as to make the peace with our balanced offense. Cause due to attrition, Bud Braci can’t be our family endorser this season as his squad has been swimming with the fishes. Sometime soon the Five Families have to go to the mattresses and win the LOS battle for us. But due to all the Preseason Hype, it is this that I am can not forgive and will not forsake my Section 7 vengeance.

    Let’s Go…Hokies
    Best GT

  2. Until UNC, (with a very deep dLine, mind yah); I had thought…

    run blocking >>> pass protect

    Maybe that was just a bad nite?
    Bad match-up?

    We shall see…


  3. Your first picture, our player was totaling getting held for about 10 yards and eventually held/pushed to the ground. Was falling just to try and get a hand on the runner. 44 was definitely getting up slow after every play.

    1. …he (Rivers) got per se shaken-up vs. N.Dame.

      Though he really has the look-n-feel on film of more than that.
      Like he’s willing himself back up through… pain.


  4. Willis is head and shoulders better than JJ, he just doesn’t have the Fu playing Uncle with him. Biggest reason l don’t like Uncle Fu. Hooker, l hope transfers and finds him an Uncle…

    1. Willis is head and shoulders better than JJ, he just doesn’t have the Fu playing Uncle with him. Biggest reason l don’t like Uncle Fu. Hooker, l hope transfers and finds him an Uncle…”

      I did pretty well feel the same way.
      Of all the VT media members, who have been lower on JAX than me?
      That said, I now get why Uncle Fu’ likes one nephew more.
      (not saying I agree, though I am saying I do finally understand it)

      Though he (Fu’) has gotta adopt some less risk-adverse ways as well…
      It will only help him foster his Qb2 takeover kids during hurtful years.


      1. Uncle Fu will always have this problem because he and Corny like chunky Nephews that will sling the ball to the cheerleaders instead of the second or third WR . When play scared, you have a JJ..When you play with the big boys, you play your Best to win.. Saban, Dabo comes to mind. I got me a new Clemson Babo big boy pullover last week. Just saying…

    2. How many of the incompletions were from plays giving Willis no option as to whom to throw to? If the receiver is covered or pulls up on the route, What does he do with the ball? Eat it, Throw it away, Try to throw it low or away from the receiver? Or try to make a play out of it like the interception to Cunningham? How many plays are successful by rolling out the QB hard with only one receiver designed for the play. ie. First play of ND. Why take away half of the field. Why so many long pass attempts when they were giving us the short ones?

      Three years in a row that the QB is leading rusher in too many games. I have never been a QB, Not sure how accurate I could be after either running the ball or being chased on the 3 or more previous plays.

      I like Jackson, but never saw the fire in huddle.

      1. They teach throw it up on the stands.
        He did, once. And he can run a bit. Though that too is part of Fu’ roiling on Ry’ “trying to do too much”. So it is a delicate balance.

        Good Eye. As U.n.c. did sag on those short ones.
        Nice fluffy spacy cushions.

        Fu’ has gone away from some of his quicker hitting shorter stuff this year.
        Why=??? I just do not have that one.


    3. I think we saw why JJ was named the starter. I have my doubts we would have marched 98 yards with the game on the line with JJ, but then we may not have needed to. No way to ever know. I think our first half O would have been better without the obsession with targeting Hazelton while in double or triple coverage.

      1. “I have my doubts we would have marched 98 yards with the game on the line with JJ, but then we may not have needed to.

        That’s not umpossible.
        I do feel what you mean there…


  5. RW may be better than JJ and I am glad we have them both. But to be fair I don’t think we know enough about the improvement that JJ reportedly experienced over the summer. He did spend some time hanging out with the Manning Family and some other quality young QBs.

    When you examine what JJ has done this year I factor in the following: game one, @ FSU, playing with some very young talent where he got the lead early and the game plan called was one of a conservative nature and we held on. It was somewhat raining as well so that may have played into the play calling. But JJ did what was asked and we won in a very tough environment. Game 2 vs WM we win easily and it appears we did not show the entire playbook but kept it on ice until needed later on. Game 3 vs ODU the he played into the second half and the team rolled up 600 yards for the game. So he played well.

    Now we move into a tougher part of the schedule of Duke, ND and UNC. The play book opened up and RW has done well. Could JJ have done the same? Honestly we don’t know as we didn’t get to see enough of the sophmore JJ to know. But there was some reason Coach Fu continued to back him and normally that means from what he sees in practice. Since Coach keeps things close to his vest we won’t know. I am glad we have both players on the roster just in case there is an injury like we experienced.

    1. I agree. We did not get a large enough sample size from JJ to determine whether he would have fared better in the last 3 games. I, like many, was convinced that RW’s cannon and better agility made him better suited for leading the offense. But now after seeing him compete I agree with Mr. Bourbon that we can now see why CoFu preferred JJ as the starter. No slight to RW because if nothing else the kid is a competitor but some of the throws and decisions make you think he needs to be reeled in a bit.

    2. JJ did look better on his Fading routes.
      And a little better on the sideline in-line throws.

      Though he’s not a juicy beat them himself kinda game-making Qb1
      he’s a Rolex game-manager with little improvements here-n-there.
      And he really needs 1 more juicy Wr and a stud Rb to max’
      out all of that game-management.


  6. I would bet the farm that JJ could NOT have mustered the game winning 98 yard drive that included a 4th and 9 SCRAMBLE ,that was almost a Miracle. I still don’t know how he got out of that UNC trap with seemingly 5 guys on top of him! He seems to have slightly quicker feet than JJ,although not a burner.

    After that you just knew we were going to win….our oline may have laid an egg much of the game until this point , but on the game winning drive they were pushing Tar Holes all over the field…even the horrific announcers acknowledged as such!

    My perspective is that we ran into a UNC team that played for nothing but saving their pride. They actually have some decent talent but have a coach that maybe should have been a truck driver.They had 2 weeks to prepare for us and they played beyond their talent and years….it happens every Saturday….

    Any more, a win is a great win ,even if you don’t win by 40.I think this win may energize this young team because they now know we can win – even against impossible odds. We met impossible on Sat night and Ryan Willis almost single handedly made it possible!

    Coach Fu- 3-0 vs UNCheat…last 3 games combined score of 115-29…I will drink tha Orange and Marion koolaid and drink to that any day of the week!

    GO out!

    1. He (Ry’) made 2 juke moves on that stellar run.

      He appears faster than JJ as in-line speed goes too.
      I’d bet $$$ on Ry’ in the 40 to nose out JJ. (longer strider for one).
      a coach that maybe should have been a truck driver

      Tho’ he looks beach-good.
      18 wheelers and Mack bulldogs everywhere, rejoice!
      ; )


  7. Good take Street! I don’t think JJ would not JJ w/ no cojones to make that last drive; he would have held the ball too long and been crushed by that UNCheat defense. I like Willis’ fire and competitive spirit and leadership! The picture of JJ sitting on the bench staring at the ground during the ODU game told me a lot about his “leadership” when facing adversity.

    1. I too am undersold on being homecoming King=being a King (bleep) leader.

      We shall see… (as spring is gonna be a real live Qb1 at least 3-way derby)


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