Your WINNING Pittsburgh Eye in the Sky (part II)

Virginia Tech=19, Pittsburgh=9

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3Q 13:42 remaining:
Odd=left, even=right.
Memo to Trey: learn it bro’!
(don’t let Pee Wee things like this keep you off the field bro’)

Friendly fire 1o1:
Friendly fire 1o1:

3Q 8:35 remaining:
Yah I’d say that Wr blocking has improved under coach Moorehead just a bit; and I’d further say that #23 of Pitt would agry. Ditto #23’s ass, as that’s exactly what two-three got knocked onto. Thanks to a nice comeback steal by #82 the Byne kid; who you really should like more than a little bit for the way he plays the game; already. (#stolen)

3Q 6:06 remaining: (see: above pic)
Why does #6 of Pitt hate #28 of Pitt? Geez! Talk about your Panther on Panther crime! (just watch the end of the play as #6 had run a long way; and by God he was gonna hit somebody; anybody at that, as six knocked two-eight a good five-yards off the keeper carry by LT3. WOW!)

Looks worse than it is; I think...
Looks worse than it is; I think…

3Q remaining:
You tell me? Because if you are a Pitt Panther coach; I could see why you might have been screaming for the auto-Ejection on this one for what a true Hokie fan would label the arm-extension and what a Panther booster would deign an outright left-cross punch that cost #8 his helmet.

Either way; a blind-man can see the change in the Grimes oLine demeanor with his cane; and so can #8‘s head. #Grimey, #efforting

3Q | 4Q boundary:
Pitt amassed a whopping -18, that’s negative eighteen feet worth of total offense in the third stanza of play!

4Q 8:03 remaining:
The best Dt in the Coastal Division? The best Dt in the whole darn A.c.c.? Maybe even the best Dt in America? Maybe; however, on this particular play “skip” Hopkins got drilled, pancaked and nearly abused on a wicked down-block by the left-G of the Pittsburgh Panthers. I point this out not to be divisive or droll. I point it out because it is the best 1-Gap over hit I’ve seen all year long! This harkens back to former Panther Bill Fralic’s devastating trap-blocking days for Pitt; way back when. (that, and the fact that D.Hop is so damn good, you prolly won’t ever see this one again; at least not in Chicago Maroon terms)



Finally, I also point this play out so that you will observe #98 grabbing his left–knee in unpublished terms on the accidental friendly-fire Hi-Lo by Luther Maddy at the end of the play. Nobody else is covering this. #Eye(s) Wide Shut.

4Q 5:45 remaining:
The real-time play here did not do a whole lot for me; beyond a negative scratch mark in my blocking column. However, the replay really speaks volumes. Notice the left-hand lean away from the left-hand Lo and the right-hand Hi incoming Pitt Panther pressure by LT3 on this throw. As LT3 got sammwiched by a ugly looking Hi-Lo by the Panther edge rushers here. In the past; this was code for what; the former America’s Cup savvy sailing throw –maybe even an intercepted pass in a worst case scenario? Yah; and I do still wanna see LT3 make this throw under Playboy savvy “full frontal” pressure right up the A-gap gut. However, and that caveat firmly in place; this is a Professional or Sunday caliber throw indeed men. Make no mistake on that. #improved #props

"Boom! Boom! Pow!"
“Boom! Boom! Pow!”

p.s. note in the “heavy” formation; you follow the H-back or Fb on his pre-snap chop-steps to the key the play nine times outta 10; someone worried about this all spring/August

4Q 2:24 remaining:
#34 Jarrett is a lotta things; a really underrated hitter being among them. Don’t believe me? Just ask #15 D.Street of Pitt who absorbed a massive shoulder-violence tackle upstairs on the Go route along the Virginia Tech sideline in a perfectly fierce and likewise perfectly legal (non-spearing) collision-hit along the sideline.

4Q 1:46 remaining:
The game is sown up, most guys are playing to run out the clock and/or avoid injury at this stage. Not #45, “Drago” Rogers who totally keeps his legs churning and ultimately pancakes the rather athletically gifted #25 of Pittsburgh along the Panther sideline as  our very own Rocky III Ivan Drago scarped two-five off the LT3 pile. You just gotta LOVE a kid who plays the game like this folks! “Four-five must, break, vou!”

Twenty-thirteen Tackling is so very much improved ... because of what?

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Time To Throw (T3)©
Virginia Tech offense:
Qb pressures=11
Qb Hurries=1
Qb hits=2o

Pittsburgh offense:
Sacked=9 (I counted the 2-point conversion Sack)
Qb pressures=16
Qb Hurries=o
Qb hits=2o!

VT Drops=2
(not ½ bad, not bad at all)

Much much better!
Much much better!


Film-study Corrected Score:
Recall that VT missed one makeable FGA; left one dropped INT out on the field, and basically gave Pittsburgh an early Christmas present on the overly-aggressive Bud Stout 2nd Quarter blitz that set up the opening Pitt FG. Finally, we had a tripped up 2-point conversion return; and Pitt did earn one rightful major (or TD) to their credit. That’s no worse than the following in utopian and simultaneously objectified tape-breaking terms:
Virginia Tech=3o, Pitt=6


TIME TO THROW tutorial, blocking and tackling, back to basics!)




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