Your winning Rhode Island Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=34, Rhode Island=17

How do you like me… noooooooooow?”

Virginia Tech football, WoW!

The Hokies are now on a 2-game win streak. So, IF I were you? Well, I’d take full advantage of the 24-hour rule. Celebrate this streaking for a day/nite. And tomorrow? Get back to R.A.T.T. U.n.cheat work. As I cannot gar-ron-damn-vee-tee you anything else for the duration. Not after all the things Eye just found upon breaking tape vs the 229th ranked team in the composite R.P.I. land. As anything and everything can and prolly will happen after this… So at least for a twenty-four… do what *the* Dr. Asani told me to do as a u.grad’ at Vah.Tech… “don’t worry, be Hokie!

This is just not a good look… dood has to be well north of 245 lbs. with this much, gut.

1Q 15:00/season(?) remaining:
Owe yah’ll an apology here… as the only place improving comes before owning is still the dictionary.

Me and my peeps? We bogusly said that Ashby would play his way into shape. Like Phillip always game-worked Shaq-Fu. Wellllllll… not so much. As hommie looks like he ate a beer keg; now. (and he’s got a dinged right lower-knee/top-soleus to boot). Dang… (and may St.Nikon bless).

1Q 13:53 remaining:
What colors did Rambo’s team sport in H.S.? Gotta wonder if he is one of those tho just HAS to rep’ those threads (or tribute whatever/whomever) from here-on-out; indefinitely. Uniform code be damned.

1Q 11:58 remaining:
Oh my! Hate these looks… stomach turning… as poor Lec’ Smith -who was playing (run-blocking) a bit better- both gimps his left-leg on impact and then gets the very same right-leg (accidental) headbutt collapsed pronating anteriorly by the U.R.I. #99 Dt as he falls to the Worsham field turf. Dang… this is a very odd play that will rent your lunch for you. You can see it twice… once going down and once coming back (⇑). St.Nikon bless!!! As Smitty did gut this out for two mo’ hobbled plays.

2Q 10:33 remaining:
Poor K.King… a cruel mistress this oblong spheroid… crueler yet when a natural surface impinges your right shoulder’s A.C.-joint upon impact. (St.Christopher bless and dang…) (Tho’ my eye did spy King back in on the penultimate series of 2Q, so that’s encouraging here).

2Q 9:56 remaining:
IF this had only counted— the VeeTee reception of all-time?

Game Duration remaining:
God Bless #4 of Rhode Island. Never seen this faithful of a display before. And #8 (Wr) and #6 (Wr) and #17 (Qb) and #56 (De/Lb) … how do you guys feel about…………………………….. portals?

2Q :00 remaining:
67-yards on the Hail Mary in the air if you are keeping score at home.
This Hooker can win the arms… race.

3Q 14:56 remaining:
Always surprises me you don’t see more of this in football or ref’s getting popped on the break in boxing. As big ole #53 (who liked to fight guy; earlier) Volvo’s -if not trucks- the Umpire at the end of the wildcat carry on this play.

Degree of difficulty=10 here.

Game Duration— (hopefully) Season remaining:
First game all year long, that Eye literally saw some peeps making some peeps; miss! ‘Clease, Robinson, Haze’, Hooker, King.

Several Hokies puttin’ shakes on Rhode Island defenders and leaving two nickles chump-changed when cutting on the… dime.

3Q 8:42 remaining:
My boy and last year’s Fool’s Hammer holder a.Cannon may have a few ‘burst’ or footwork limitations… tho’ this pulling seal block on the even side moving L to R is Sunday level. Seriously… this is as hard of a block as there is to nail and Cannon hammers it like a stud.

And I will add this for Cannon, he may not be a 155mm howitzer talent, although his efforting is exceedingly north a snap-n-pop. Accordingly, the Vice Squad oLine blocked better, and for longer further downfield after Austin’s insertion in lieu of poor Smitty. There is something to be said for this kinda fight as the willingness to scrap can prove to be infectious indeed.

I will also add… someone taught the HenBoss up on R.P.O. mesh play-fakes and prestidigitation sleight-of-hand routines. As he faked out the A.c.c. camera crew several times on the Qb keeper or Qb giver day.

O-u-c-h 1o1!

Game Duration/Season remaining?
Blitzburg -and Coach Mitch’- peeps, watch #22 Connor’s inside foot on blitzkrieg type plays. Do you see what Eye, mean? {sic: he’s giving this away with the inner foot cheating in front of the outer foot)

Game Duration:
Being well acquainted with blindness my ownself (THX @St.Helen! Less a little Moore’s Lightening, my left eye is nearly right as rain); I typically do not say this… however, the bottom of your screen Field-Judge musta missed 5-7 easy offsides calls. More so R.Island’s and yah he did finally see one in the closing minutes; although I can get why both staffs got upset here.

4Q 1:04 remaining:
Lawsy! This gives new meaning to club-feet(s)!
May St.Philip beg for Dzansi’s right & left ankles that look like he is in size-22 cleats.

Observe poor Holt’s custom orthotic that nearly looks he’s now made outta
Mary Shelley spare-parts-esque to boot.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=6
Qb hurried=nil
Qb hits=19

Rhode Island:
Qb pressured=13
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=9

Well, to the pretty dang good, tackling improved mo’ than a little bit to hit a Duck Pond O&M highwater mark while ramming it home vs. little ole D-1aa Rhode Island on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, for the purists among you… this team still tackles too high; or sometimes too low. Goldilocks shoulder-lead stopping this just ain’t. Nevertheless, getting better is not the new worse. Although getting better vs. the little man may or may not code the same vs. bigger/badder 53rd in Total D-1 O U.n.c. ‘Heels next weekend. Still yet, this is a step in the right direction. Geometry improved, at least somewhat— in particular from Evel Knievel crashing type De play. Floyd is still too shallow, tho’ he is balling on 1.67 legs; and really sucks at change of direction vectoring for it as you could painfully see on a shallow pass-fit in the 2nd-half. Floyd, however, is hitting heavier when he does correctly get there and yet now it is time to see if our ***** or five-star Hunter-Gather is more parts go get her or glow-getter?

Our pass rush is trying hard enough… Wiles boyz is fighting for his job or sending him out on the legit. And although our reborn Blitzburg pass-rushing sets are 13th best in Qb’s sacked, they leave us nearly naked on speed which leaves our hind-4 or hind-5 effectively 1 in coverage. This from a pretty stiff-legged defensive backfield that lacks recovery speed in the 3rd-place. Now mix in some slower zoning rotations/help… and a 2nd-layer that is nearly pass-protect suspect when Tis’ is not on the field… and you begin to see just how well the plucky Rhode Island pitch-n-catch battery worked us on mid-range angular routing as the day grew longer. This being why not less than three D-1aa Rams just averaged ≥14 yards per catch.


As giving up what we did vs. U.R.I. with our guys going Alice the Maid and draped all over their Qb1, Vito Priore -who along with De #56 and #8 at Wideout “can drink from my canteen any day“- may not be the worst thing. Although it must be a better thing vs. our upcoming second ram-mascot in a row.

Hopefully, Crawford can somehow get right— although Pollard, Porcher, and Kendricks did just enough vs. a did not run enough Rhode Island offense. So, gleaning a solid read on them at Dt3-Dt5 is elusive here. And yet the 36th ranked offensive efficiency team is on tap next.

So… even though halt-unit efforting seems better in the last two weeks (to their credit); and although tacking was severely better vs. the F.c.s. little man here… Bud Lyte/Bud Bõck is in for a Coastal series of mucho bigger tests as the 79th ranked pass defense up next(s); plural indeed.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| | (2 TD’s, 1 URI penalty)
Swiss (neutral): |||| | (1 URI penalty)
negative: |||| ||

Rhode Island:
positive: |||| | (1 VT flag, 1 two-point P.A.T. )
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (1 URI penalty, 3 VT flags)

BONUS: Fu’ coaching the O in-game… got what you wished for… (pic).

The 2 Hooker TD’s here are most welcome/encouraging indeed… ditto going ~27 sans his first negative Lo.FM. Now I need to see this as the Division foes and conference race heat up alike. As V.Tech took care of their TTT and Lo.FM business alike; although Vito sure vetoed several fugly looking Lo.FM plays for the Rams; a salty kid with some real live mud in his eye that Qb1 for U.R.I. (we do need to clean up our helping them out on Lo.FM’s for A.c.c. play). That said…

(pretty much) for most of the season, the Vice Squad has been offering V.Tech Qb’s decent protection upon the construction of the so-called: “passing cup”. Not epic, not great, though not Skidrow bleepy blocking coverage either. And if you are keeping pie-chart track? Blocking just improved more than a little bit this week vs. itty-bitty-titty-committee Rhode Island.

Now however the blocking narrative has changed… more directed/scripted/vectored Qb1 runs per the guy who used to be Qb2 taking the helm. Additionally, the Fu’fense did far more pocketed (passing) things than I thought they would. (A.K.A. possibly not wanting to “show” anything for U.n.c. et al coming up).

So, this pass-blocking narrative is hereby awarded an: “Incomplete”. As I wanna see if we roll and/or sprint-out our pretty intriguing sandlot style Qb towards the edge on true R/P-O type plays? As he sure seems perfectly at home in ad hoc or ad-lib mode. This would fu’rther restore some of the noticeably missing 2016 E-W or horizontal stretching that opened up so many latent 4Q rushing lanes for Teller and Co. later on after it had forced opposing D’s into an uncomfortable amount of lateral elasticity early in the game.

Run-shapes, however, seem a bit more… feisty, in word. This from a starting oLine now functioning -best it can- at ~40% health with the internal blocking wedge 1’s at G-c-G all dinged, dented and plum out altogether at times vs. Rhode Island over in the early fall New River Valley. And recall our current starting C is really a G/Ot and technically he’s not even our C2. As C3 Hudson is showing some mean-block-finishing tendencies downfield. Really nice pin-work out in space which we’ve not seen in a minute or 1,000, give/take. Nestor isn’t showing up at all— and trust me here… unless you are Jerry Kramer in the Ice Bowl freeing Bart Starr up to beat the Cowboys? O-linemen are Romulans. Invisibility or the nearest cloaking-device is their best friend. “my boy” Cannon -who is more parts siege-mortar- came in (as he always does) firing on all cylinders. The king-bee who hustles and drones on and on and on…

So that’s not the worst thing… and “yes”, I do realize this was only the zillionth ranked D-1aa rushing defense (actually: 111th) who only had one defender (#56) who we’d take at Tech.

This is why I am postponing most any/all rush-to judgments -that I can- until post-U.n.c.
As Coach Morpheus taught: “…the answers are coming…

(just ask 8 pm this Saturday nite…)


Hooker’s accuracy was a different matter indeed and I cut him a one fringe Hazelton (maybe) drop slack. As he sure misses in a very army way. Too much arm I mean… too high on sailing America’s Cup savvy throws or too far out in front. Fs’s who prefer centerfielder looks everywhere will be licking their chops if this now 12-miss trend holds up. We had two lowercase snaps from Hud’ who has been a useful surprise to be only a handful of games into his Centering career. And one early deflection which may or may not be a Hookin’ ain’t easy trend.

That all being Rhode All The Time said… Hooker and Fu’/Corny’s Qb1 swapmeet is still unbeaten. And it additionally seems to have milked a little more emotion outta a sometimes flat and at other times a feckless lot.

This with the 53rd ranked D-1 defense up next.

This 27-point favorite yet mere 3-play VicTory vs. Rhode All The Time is code for what?

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the takeaway… 45-7.

Per our very own Will -freakin’- Stew’…

Recall that his how V.Tech treated dinky D-1aa or D-1 teams -‘aye’ know O.d.u. moved up- prior to Fu’ on average. Under Fu’ in the last calendar year, we are now 3-1; which is technically well south of bum-fighting average.

As the Brit’s say: “It’s all in the maths” —and at the risk of being accused of being too, well; mean… Fu’ is cap-gun pistol whippin’ these “de plane de plane” oompa loompa lilliputians to the tune of 31-25, on; average!

This would actually peg us as the D-1aa or F.c.s., no.2!

Coach Paul Harvey: “And now you know…

As you (already) know… you are being force-fed the indelicate I.V.-drip of:

  1. It’s the coaching— FIRE-Fu’!!! (several BIG-name writers already on board here)
  2. It’s the coaching— FIRE Corny and the Staff!
  3. It’s a: “lack of player development“.
  4. It’s a med-staff/S&C-staff deal.

Well here where real men congregate and spit truth at the power? Here’s what’s Behind The (O&M) Door #5… and behind the heretofore hidden O&M trapdoor.

Tho’ first… and officially for the record… NOWHERE have I said that those who have already published they are “gone on Fu‘”… nowhere have I published that they are technically ‘rong. I have however said that they are technically: “premature“.

As Fu’ is gonna load a The Deer Hunter Russian Roulette gun for all of them and for all of you.

My fellow writers… why not give this time and this won’t be a tall-tale. This will be an easy Pro or Con epitaph that will virtually write itself. As going prologue on this end game… and after seeing what just happened down on So.Beach…

Opining this now is like reading the end of a book; first.

…albeit the ‘rong book in their case.

Now, and that lesson in publishing patience/discipline aside, here is what Tech-time it really is…

IF they are correct and if Fu’ needs to go… that would de facto mean that it is the X’s and O’s and not the Jimmy’s and Joe’s.

This saves on $ubcritions as much as any recital can… as Coach Next will be stepping into a pretty talented team/situation; whereby the O&M (next year) grass is always greener… n’est-ce pas?

Unless of course, he ain’t because it ain’t?

Because 10-win streak superior talent is nearly nowhere to be seen upon breaking tape. This is why I -apparently the beta if not alpha-Fu’-#agendaist- this is why I went out of my way to say that tapping 39th in Total O last year with a pocketed-Qb2 as your spread-set Qb was a superlative display of coaching the verb. This year, however?

…head, P.A.T.T.’s?!?

Well in all fairness, this is Fu’ and Co’s fourth-place year in his Hokie quadratic set as that very same coaching the verb metric goes. Granted.

However, that’s a relative placement. Not a statement that their 2019 coaching suddenly sucks or that their collective 44-individual and team offensive records set suddenly don’t hold no Duck Pond H20 no mo’.

As the only alibi to that lowercase coaching mantra is: it’s the culture. Which of course could very well be glossed as a sub-set of coaching— and yet we all know that’s not what these FIRE-Fu’ Tech sports-writers mean(t).

Here for over a year now I have hammered the Futtball culture. This typically looks more parts a low-octane one as breaking tape goes, and now it has also become a rather chinny one of late in terms of responding to adversity.

As our Ctrl+Alt+Del Qb1 culture has never had to give in-game; chase.

That makes calling for any head-coach head-offing chaste. As we really do need to see just how much this new Qb1 team puts out –or gets out– in the clutch.

Because after this Qb1 rummage sale… Fu’ and Staff have changed their very own fickle culture about as much as they in-season can. And Coach Fu’ surely did not hire Coach Kill to terminate or bad-cop blow Fu’s big-whistle at will.

A.c.c.ordingly, let us all hope it really was merely a Qb1 fickle culture… and not a fecal one.

As that would potentially validate their FIRE-Fu’ case…
which makes a-n-y Qb culture entirely Fu’tile indeed.


Virginia Tech=34, Rhode Island=17




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    1. Yah; I know… sorry ’bout that.
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  1. I don’t know what to think, except that we still have a chance for the Coastal because every other team in the division besides Georgia Tech doesn’t know what to think either.

    1. Fair. True.
      Can’t argue that.

      Coastal waters=mostly (outcome) murky… for now…


  2. The Deuce can make RPO read 1, so RI game was to work on passing…amazingly from the pocket vs Mobil laterally. This I ????? During game but as EYE noted must be to get passing game reps reading defense but show limited to ACC DCs.
    IMO, RI & Furman were both treated like spring coaching scrimmages by staff. Good side great development tool & W. Downside home stadium fans see worts, limitations & ineffectiveness that brings forth wrath & vile.

    Bottom line Fuente now has a QB who can execute the RPO naturally.

    Now let’s go beat the stuffing out of Cheaterpants U!!!

    1. Let us hope they were so Strategic as to treat them as a good Tactical use.


  3. We are not a very good football team at this time, but still holding out that we will.
    Thanks B for all you do.

    1. You could very much as we rank, statistic and just ‘trinsically feel… “middleocore”.
      In a word…


  4. “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

    I get that. Trying to remain patient.

    What a jolt another win over the heels would be.

    1. Well, patience would pay the debt of this Qb1 cultural swap.

      IF, -and as we all Apocalypse Now know- “IF is the middle word in life“…
      if it was the Qb1 stale looking culture…


      1. Being honest about this coaching and roster. Do really see them winning more than games.

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