Your winning Richmond Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=21, Richmond=1o

1o6-rushing… as “nobody runs on…”

Virginia Tech football is a (predicted) .75o or 3 up and 1 down, in Coastal Divisional 1st-place… and frankly it could be worse. NTTAWWT. At least not… when taken: prima facie, on the surface, or: “P.A.T.T.y-cake P.A.T.T.y-cake baker’s man!

The Hokies went “duck duck… goose” and spruced this one for most of the opening stanza of play and then played like they were holding on more so than holding their own. This is strange to me, as we counseled to not fight-small pre-game. Go on and truck/diesel the little-man here and get on to the gar-ron-teed low-scoring contest vs. BYE, then onto hosting the hot tix Note Domers, and then on to what appears to be an exhausting skate-eight and donate grueling end-run that sees us catch 4 of our last 5 @Away. Tho’ there I go again… putting the cart out in front of the horse… when truculent D-1aa sized Spiders abound. Nonetheless, you want to know what happened while already knowing who, won, right? So, read on… to find, out!

Game/Season Duration (thus far):
IF, Wr2 k.Smith does not stop this… he is in serious danger of becoming our most ‘complete’ Wideout since Ford. And he’s prolly Wr1 as blocking goes itself for at least a handful of years, maybe mo’?

1Q 13:11 remaining:
This is the first Lynn Swann moment caught on O&M tape since we caught (incoincidentally enuff) Pitt Panther Larry.Fitz’ on O&M tape.

…Super Swann!

As this is a true levitating stunning stellar snag… and notice that Turner (somehow) bicycle pumps not once, freakin’ TWICE, midair! (To get: “one foot in”).
Krazy! And we been waitin’ fo’ dis too!

Techno Bowl!

1Q 11:13 remaining:
Did our growing Vandy transfer Fs2 save the day here?

As Tae Daley lit this white-bread Qb1 up.
Made him eat his Wheaties.
(St.Julia bless!)

3rd knuckle down is concave the ‘rong, way! Yikes!!!
And Eye know Eye know… Fu’ “thud-hitting” hates this.
Tho’ we with brains, LOVE it!

Season Duration:
This is what a football total playar should look like…

Thumb‘s… up… (again). St.Ballam bless!

…as DAX is soaking his final (penultimate) year up.
That much sweat showing through is a kid you know will show up and show out!

(Bonus points: for a 1980’s tear showing too!)

1Q 2:11 remaining:
Beautiful -even textbook- job of what veterans’ call: “stringing-it-out” as #2, Jermaine Waller is getting pretty close to cashing a $unday-check. This is worth 3-credit-hours from Norris Hall and E.S.M. as demonstrating outside-in or containment “leverage” goes. As he strings the play and 3-would be UofR blockers out until help arrives and darts inward to the dogpile to score an assist in his own right. Helluva a simple, elementary, entry-level, paint-by-numbers play gone Pablo Ruiz Picasso stroke of genius.

Similarly, Tis’, Barno, and Garbutt all had really good containment/sealing or scraping to the ball days. As Tisdale is now (quietly enuff) your alpha-tackler on the season thus far.

(Seems to be playing his way into better run-fit shape as well).

2Q 13:38 remaining:
For those of you wanting Fu’ to ‘takeover’ Play-Calling on Corny?

SMH“… Fu’ (literally), not me!

Take a look for yourself… almost looks like he’s coaching the D during this offensive possession, as you do not cock your mouthpiece up like dis while X’s & O’s scheming involved.

2021 Season spent:

2021 Season remaining:

The difference between these 4-pics is, what?

An OPT hoops win to the armchair Qb1 who can tell me, first!
Too many of these are scrubs/specialists…

2Q 4:o4 remaining:
This is the 2nd-time we’ve caught double-four’s glowering at his very own Staff post-play.

And this is also the 2nd-time his very own Staff did not say jack-S back @him, too!

Therefore, one could dare to say that this is a: “Strong” look indeed.

game duration:
Richmond’s Qb2 is ungood @passing… mo’ like Qb(n)one.

Or from our point-of-view… mo’ like a Qb(won)?

3Q 7:17 remaining:
Did you catch the short-side ‘toss-sweep’ three plays before the play-action off the very same ‘toss-sweep’ to set up the longer post-pattern to Trè downfield here?

(As BAX’s vertical game only decreases as each given half wears along…)

Game Duration:
What did you not see in this football game folks?
(See: above participation guide!)

Eye did not see the backup P.T. that I wanted to see.

4Q 5:02 remaining:
Entirely did not wanna see this Dt1 hurt at the 55-minutes in marker.
As Williams is pass-rushing and gets pushed from behind… and something just gimped/gave.

…he even has a Klempson trick-knee, history! (St.Nikon help).

As this one stayed closer, for longer than any 2’s and 3’s and 4’s momma-bear or poppa-bear or grandparent/guardian up in the stands could stand. As our 1’s {sic: starters} went way too far and way too long to only be facing an F.C.S. club or squad.

4Q 4:33 remaining:
And from the quad-pictorial-sequence above… then, then, then, …late in the 4Q we take this risk here in what should be a low-risk or NO-risk ‘start the bus’ and get the game over with A.S.A.P. environment?!? Dang…

…why is BAX even in, there?!?

5Q 0:00 remaining:

Eye’ve never writ this for Will & Chris ever… tho’ this game-tape?

A Yawning Festival extraordinaire.
Boring. 25/8. 367-leap-year all over.

I mean it was dry to the
point of… arid.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=9
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=14 (1 INT)

Qb pressured=2
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=8

Time To Throw Analysis:
Well, the ill-fit throw-shapes from: Qb2 of Richmond skewed this one mo’ than a bit… still yet, it does not predict anything better than an O&M even game for ‘dear ole V.P.I.’. As Richmond clearly limited Qb2 decision-making exposure on 1 or 2-reads, or directed throws. As po’ Qb2, b.English III is not even a second-rate passer. He’s not even a bronze medalist. He is just barely a certificate winner, so Get Well Soon @Qb1, j.Mancuso.

Or to put all of ^that^ a different way…
what is the final score is Joe is good-to-go❓

Blocking itself vs. UofR seemed uneven, at best; at most.
Although, this is why you runs the maths… not yo’ moufs!

What do you see in this pie-chart compared to last week?

We see two main things… namely, first of all, plays decreased itself. We got less O&M offensive snaps. Less: “hikes” in— which tells you they did not want to be out there any longer than they had to be. We have no pigskin quarrel with this, we can even ‘golf-clap’ this. The key part was the negative grades, however… which diminished by 31.73% if you are keeping score @home. This is betterment, via subtraction (of negative-plays) not necessarily via betterment (adding: positive-plays) itself. As the keen among you will already observe that positive and Swiss plays alike only budged by one, that’s (1) block combined. Though at least that is cleaning some things up, and taking a car-sized bag of trash to the curb. 

This is not to say blocking was epic, or that we overpowered UofR. We did not. It is to say that there were incremental movements of the proverbial needle and they (generally) moved incrementally to the good. Albeit inch-worm style in this case… as the game wore on.

(o) (o)

In a similar vein… 6.67%.

Smothers Brothers yo-yo routine 1o1, up-down…

That’s how many members of the Vice Squad 1’s or starters have started every game so far this year at their assigned starting position.

Left-G Brockwørst can pull and hook-block and seal an even side edge like a blocking clinic champ. Then when you ask him to do nearly the same thing in pass-pro’ he suddenly becomes mo’ parts Clinique. And go fig’ on dat? As incongruent things like that must be putting poor Vince’s head in a trying to figure this offensive front wall all out, vice. Very very inconsistent play here folks. Sine-wave blocking if you will, as it is up then it is down then it goes back up only to fall, again. (Tho’ it sure is 2021 crossbuck or countering oriented— and I’d love to scopolamine or sodium-pentathol truth-serum them and find out: why(s)?)

That all to say… to be such a starting-unit or patchwork Great American Quilt?

Eye suppose this was to be expected or not off the charts all that bad… as it will be very interesting to see what the Vice Squad puts forth after playing OPEN in an Eye in the Sky typically wide-shut vs. big-bad Notre Dame terms.

(As C2, Jordan scrapes well to the 2nd-layer, wild to see just how tame his ‘hike’ game in comparison to our Zebra attention-gathering C1 too) Begging the question… who is your F’n Irish C1?!?)

xxx‘s & ooo‘s

Then this gem from C’s

…Brad Cornelsen coming down on Braxton Burmeister because his completed deep ball…

LOL… and ahhhhhhh-K… so, what happens if you INcomplete a deep ball?
(Or get one, picked)?!?

As in… maybe “dull”, “stale” and “passé” are the new: anxietized, worriment, and truncation?

Like we have given us our very own: ‘shakes’, ‘jumps or film-room late nite… spins?

As I had thought all of this to be a bit of #FireWhoever wish-casting or just rancorous: ‘blame-spreading’. Now Eye’ma not so sure?

As there is great attention to detail. Dot all i’s and cross all Tee’s. With nothing left to chance… when you win. Then there is micromanagement, smothering. (Or, crossing all eyes and dotting all Tee’s)… when you get beat; or look suspect when you win.

As this O just looks stalled on film.
Like something is clipping its… wings.
Like ‘Cougar’ attempting (and nearly failing) to land…

Like it literally has no textbook/mechanical: “lift”.

What with one run north of 25-yards and one pass beyond 33-yards
at the 33.33% seasonal marker!

Maverick: “Eject! Eject! Eject!

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| | (1 TD!)
Swiss (neutral): ||
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 INT! 1 VT flag)

positive: ||||
Swiss (neutral): ||| (1 UofR penalty)
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| | (3 UofR penalties)

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, and krazy as this run-fit/pass-shape is… we began the game with 200% mo’ Lo.FM’s experienced than UofR did in the ≅20-minutes or first third of the contest. That’s the news. The good news is we (somehow) navigated them at a near 50% positive clip, including tallying one major (‘major’=C.F.L. speak for a touchdown, “eh”).


Then those round things you saw rolling down the road were the wheels that came off of the offensive Hokiemobile. Why=??? As I’d tell yah if I only knew… and I’d bettcha they feel the very same. Although we did win the Lo.FM, the Lo.FM is the real winner on predicting a real weiner of a football game.

As the Hokie halt-unit inflicted a few Lo.FM’s on negative stops (Tackles for a Loss or Sacks). Tho’ they really specialized in creating Lo.FM’s via in-completing a buncha 1st-n-10’s or 2nd’s-n-mediums to their credit. Or was that just the UofR Qb2?
Either way…

Or to put it another way… the Fu’fense and O&M eggs and j.Ham are two ships passing in the nite.
(Albeit trending in differing or opposite directions of late).

Fu’rther… the drop in efficacity, efficiency, accuracy, and distancing or distal-(downfield)-accuracy itself, is most noticeable itself. Making the relief pitching of Ft.Knox for BAX a possible attempt (pardon the pun) to save or at least extend what pitching-arm po’ BAX has left.

Eye say this objective science-factly as in… against Richmond: BAX’s passing yards flat out plummet from 1Q to 2Q by an astounding 350%, then they fell-off again from 3Q to 4Q by another unsavory near exactly ≈200%. For the season: BAX’s passing yards fall from 1Q to 2Q by an astounding 41%, then they sag again from 3Q to 4Q by 24%. In addition to that, his bottom of the 9th (or 4Q) rushing metrics regress all the way into the red. Or, a truly hurtful decrease of 83% (that’s: negative-eighty-three percent)! And finally, his accuracy drops (pardon the pun) by an injurious 32% from 1Q to 2Q and again by a pernicious 25% from 3Q to 4Q!

That does not portend a health wing to me… although it does portend a suffering/gamey Qb1 who will have long-field ills if/when he really has to wing us to come from behind victory late in the 4Q.
(i.e., as in there are only so many arm-free throws left in his right-shoulder per half).

(o) (o)

Finally… tackling was not ½-bad by-the-bye. It did moderate a scosche, tho’ it only moderated to C+++. In particular, after a physical @Mo’town contest that was hotly contested last time out.

That squarely said… it is bizarre to me to see that at least “½” of our missed-tac’s are lowercase ankle-biting shoestrung failed attempts.

In very particular in the open-field; which does not make sense this side of not wanting to take on a northern hemisphere loaded for bear Earl Campbell via trying to get under #34’s pads. Why are we submarining everyone?

Fu' and Co. are a .75o football club... however what they really are is...

View Results

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The Closer

112th best in Total O, accompanied by being married to 49th in F.E.I. (offensive efficiency) is every bit as much coaching the verb, as it is Talent (the antonym).


The coaching is pretty good… maybe even B+++?
It is the Talent that does not have *that* much pop in its cans.


LOL… how will offing any of them improve the real issue?
As any Coach Next(s) will inherit this very issue(s) just the same.


Because to present a problem and not marry the same to a solution is to do no better than to complain.

The trickise part is this… this is like Fermat’s marginal last theorem… or, this is like dividing by: “0” or: ‘no solution’.

As this football team lacks studly VHT **** and ***** difference-makers.
And it makes no difference who you wish to #Fire in the meantime.

When body mapping the Fu’fense we find it gone mo’ parts tight-master…
and less parts “sigh”-gap.

And yet the mo’ ‘fire’ hashtags change the mo’ the Talent remains the same…

Some people are bad, friends...

The Richmond Spiders are a bad, friend.
Yah know what I’ma sayin’?

October 31st or not, these Spiders shoulda been Hokie Bird food. And yet when we (tried) to bite down we found them truly full of vinegar— even with their kan’t pass uno-dimensional Qb2.

This is why UofR Coach Huse’ nearly blew a sideline headset fuse a couple of times. As he knew he had a legit counterpuncher’s chance to sneak one here. Only to see his Qb1 break his orthodox throw-hand on that hexagonal talisman black-cat Hokiestone.

Per: David Cunningham of TSL: (in yardage terms):

  • 2nd worst pass O of the Fu’fensive era through the first 4-games? (Nearly 400 off-peak).
  • 1st worst run-O of the Fu’fensive era through the first 4-games? (Nearly 700 off-peak).
  • the worst ∑ O of the Fu’fensive era through the first 4-games?
  • the worst scoring O in the All Charmin Coastal?
  • and the 9th most big-M.A.C.’tastic O?
  • and the penultimate A.A.C. O?
  •   ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅!!!!

As UofR did not prove to be dogmatic, they did however dang near prove to be dawggmatic. As a more tarantula set of spiders woulda dog-walked a flat as a board 180° carpenters-dream Hokie team.

As there may only be ≈34 shopping days remaining until halloween. However, this was just not a crackerjack-looking game. As this D-1aa day was a 24-hour-lollipop. Or an all-day… sucker!

And barring bringing in another Rb1 ringer on O?

We will be stuck waxing nostalgic for Coach Next with candy corn for a spell…

the takeaway:

…well, fo’ such a lackluster, Ichy Crane gone Sominex in Sleepy Hollow kinda day?

At least we did not get post-w.v.u. hangover, took, right(s)?

  • We won.
  • Did Eye mention: “we won”, yet?

As there was only one, that’s (1) possession between these two that lasted ≥4-minutes-n-change!

As it was like nobody really wanted to take this one or Carpi diGame.


BEST message-board individual call all year!

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:
O&M eggs and j.Ham.

A centrist climbing formerly 62nd ranked total D now ascending to a nearly B— quality 47th total D says so.

As does DAX and Waller and the now back to being dinged-up po’ j.Williams who was just about to mount a very serious Dt1 charge.

Now if Strong and Barno vault forward?
This is a tasty stopping, starting-11.

Maybe VTizzle will now offer me a {sic: buy} out?

The Rest of the Story...

IF Fu’ had a pilot’s license? He would surely drive one of, these!

The Ταυ of Fu’…

  • Stale.
  • Passé.
  • Vanilla.
  • (cost-cutter) vanilla?

Something like dat… as anything too overly exciting karma’s his sutra and disaffects his zen. Surrogates his sex if you will.

As our big-whistle is a pasty (r)-O&M futball autocrat who is truly a cornucopia of… dull.

Your coach may be mo parts petroleum-jelly… tho’ our coach is…

...3-fingers of IcyHot, (neat); with an Absorbine Jr. nitecap

As you really could argue that this football game really shoulda been a M.L.B. or seamhead looking 14-3 final score.

  1. Yawn…
  2. ZZZZZZZ’s…
  3. tho’ 3-1, …right???

Nevertheless, and pay attention here… the next time this bugs Fr.Fu’ will be the first.
He’s very comfortable here. Very manageable here.

i.e., turtles collect, shells.


Ergo, therefore, to Whit… welcome to: All Championship Conference Popeye football (sans the spinach) gents! Or, to paraphrase Mister Forearm-flexor his ownself… “We be who we be.

As Miramar or a Top-Gun Coach m.Ironside caliber proving-grounds the Coastal Division 2021 sweepstakes just ain’t.

Leaving you and Goose with only one end-of-September landing strip…

True or False TSL:  “our pattern is… fu’ll“?



Virginia Tech=21, Richmond=1o




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  1. Ghost rider, stories of roster Mgmt issues were ignored by all, players playing whilst injured & my fav the shoulder is juiced and that’s not a long term play, atlas visions of sugar plumbs danced in “insiders” heads whilst visions of dog pile realities were steadfastly ignored.
    Fu crew is more Big Lots than Newman Marquis as money does matter but accountability maybe more atlas we have a new baseball stadium and few new Nike uniform combo too but weights for the big uglies…nah nor nutrition table too. Leaders get paid big bucks to make hard decisions and with Bab’s extension its win now regardless of juiced shoulder. Just win Baby, cause pretty only counts on amateur night at the kitty kat bar

    1. Well, the Coastal is such a Cluster-Fu’… someone’s GOTTA win, right?
      Might (still) be us…


  2. Buoyancy/Archimedes principle can no longer be denied? Some that opine blue bloods float on their $$ at the surface. Good old VT managed to resist negative buoyancy for 17ish years – hanging with the big boys on a blue plate special budget. Can it really be so simple as #$$ = where you find equilibrium in the water ?

    One can observe over several years that we are floating mid water depth (= 500 ball club), about where our $$ would have us be vs the field. We’ve seen what talent can do, what talent and hard nose can do, and what moderate talent and Charmin can do…

    We have an overly constrained problem set to anticipate different outcome..? Which cart or horse does one work on first? Gandalf and the Rohirrim coming on the dawn on the 5th day to Helms deep?

    1. “What floats on water?”
      Fu’ and very small, rocks?

      We have to… ‘displace’, Fu’?
      Yours is a true… Tempest of a post. H20 Hydra, in fact.
      +Physics for Engineers, several.


  3. Get ready for some serious box stacking by our opponents. If I were an opponent, I would put us in 3rd and long and make BB beat us. Our defense will need to play take away a lot for our offense to produce. I see a shit show a brewing with this team.

    1. Yah; I mean… why would you not?

      Go @Syracuse in year no.1 and under-Flood-Zone the whole shebang
      and dare Cory & the Fu’fense to take the top off of it… (if they, can)?


    1. Our starting C1 used to eat, no S, he ate freakin skin-lude and a little Cramergesic!

      (that stuff was sompthin’ else too!)
      GREAT pull.


  4. We may just be overthinking what is wrong with this O: BB3 needs to give his roommate Brock a kick in the a** and Old Tenuta needs to do the same to Big Tenuta son.

    Brock and Tenuta need to play better! We know they can, why have they underwhelmed so far?

    1. oLine getting the Top-5 good-to-go and sorted just right is the one lifeline Eye see here.

      They can genie a good forward run-shape push and that is the one thing
      we are prolly best at… if/when…


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