Your winning Wake Forest Eye in the Sky is, up!

Virginia Tech=36, Wake Forest=17

Everyone wants to win though not everyone hates to L.” ^him!^

Virginia Tech football just upset a nationally ranked team and home!

The Hokies offed #19 Wake Forest and (hopefully) have now woken themselves up from what was trying to stretch out far enough to be a nearly 365-day, “long winters nap”. As Eye actually saw peeps creeping up and populating the corners of Lane Stadium in lieu of peeps cleverly disguised as disgruntled empty seats. Whit must be Night Before Christmas bottom-line ticked O&M pink to see actually bottoms in his $eats. Now if we could only get peeps to watch the game (itself)? Of all the things, instead of checking to see what someone you won’t even care about in less than a year or two said on your there is a me in tEaM i-phone. Oh well, elephants are best-eaten one-bite at a time so let’s get un-packin’ and then get onto a very Technical game up next.

1Q 12:23 remaining:

insalubrious to see 1o1…

Did not like the look of this as poor Tre Turner gets his burner of a right-heel caught in the Worsham Field turf and this is how you blow a soleus/calf or Achilles spark out. This is a gnarly one if you’ve ever played this game… St.Sebastian super bless. As yah; no shite he came up lame after this… again; this is a very dangerous/hard to watch play.

1Q 6:04 remaining:
As unwant as Eye am to gratify this early season “FIRE him” herd mentality… this call and the 2Q 2:16 run-call are as G.O.P. as it gets. (virtually the same play too— makes you wonder if they thought they saw something on Wake’s right-side here?) Still yet, the Don of the single-wing gone right of rightwing R.Nixon raised to the Barry Goldwater power if you will. Aye, there is FOX, there is Genghis Khan conservative, and then there is this. As the only more conservative thing to do would have been to quick-kick on 3rd-n-goal-to-goal from Wake’s own 19-yard line. I serially dunno what’s Gipper up here? So, you tell me on these O&M state calls?

1Q 4:32 remaining:
Did anyone else catch the new pass-rush move here? First time this side of the inaugural Deacon (Jones) head-slap I’ve seen anything new… as Belmar head-fakes/shakes the blindside Ot of Wake inside-out on this sack. Very release technique or N.b.a. wing isolation old-school James Worthy clear out of him too.

1Q 3:30 remaining:
Arn Anderson and I don’t like to blow our own horn… though: “toot-toot“! As these Deacons be preaching in: The Strip Club.

3Q 8:44 remaining:
Notice the already dinged up right-side stride of Tre… as something appears to “let go” as he tries to ramp up and red-line this O&M sideline jaunt into fifth-gear itself. Seemed to get up okay enough post his on-field treatment/evaluation… though still yet. This kid is giving us our first quality triple-mesh-point R.P.O. east-west horizontal stretch element since 2016. And that’s so important to the base structure of the Fu’fense itself as to almost render his Wide Receiving, gravy. As nearly 30% of Tre’s total yards from scrimmage are on the, ground.

Game Duration:
I’ll say this little for our 1-2 Running Back punch… ‘clease and King may not be crowned as the Conferencing alpha Rb set overall so long as Clemson’s Etienne (alone) draws breath. Tho’ they sure have to be giving him and anyone else a run for best footwork(s) and suddenness of cuts. As these two change direction sometimes before the play even starts.

Just ask #33’s 3Q 7:04 ankle-severing Coach Guillotine type double-cut.
WoWoW! What a move!

NTTARightWT! Let Flavor Flav’ be yo’!!!

3Q 6:55 remaining:
I’ma, jus’; sayin’…

3Q 5:20 remaining:
Tough play… this is what I am writing about below whereby Ashby got entirely pancaked Aunt Jemima style and green eggs and ham(mie) hurt by the right-Ot of Wake.

And then to add injury to insult, you can just barely see big ole Crawford -just back from injury in his own right- catching his right leg on the slide and he sure spent a while down in the Worsham Field turf before leaving the field very gingerly. (St.Nikhon bless!)

3Q :05 remaining:
Hard to ‘splain what I’m seeing here… tho’ Ashby’s gimpy/lame 2-tackle day ends here at the 75% mark as it looks like something left-side “just gives” right as the right-Ot of Wake pops Ashby in pass-protect when Ashby reaches for the throw and suddenly stops reaching mid-reach. (whispers hint: hammie)

(observe: the cut to his right knee-pad hemline to allow the tape-job hidden full metal hinged knee brace under his too-tight football pants to boot)

4Q 14:52 remaining:
Really nice effort by big ole rotund Darrisaw to get close to 30-yards downfield on the screen-pass to our sideline where he actively chugged his way to actively blocking the last ten of those said 30-yards in open space. And let me assure you folks; this is no small ask of guys this physically large and in charge.

And at 311 lbs.?  #77 musta burned an entire order of McKie-D’s fries just to get there too!

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=6
Qb hurried=o
Qb hits=16, (1 INT, 1 TD!)

Wake Forest:
Qb pressured=5
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=16, (2 INT’s!)

Time To Throw analysis: Well, both teams actually protected and generated “1-Mississippi” type throwing time on the regular. And Wake’s Qb1 is a slippery sort. Tho’ our kids did put several on his ass and they put a few more on him after intermission as well. As we literally hit this Wake-up-call Qb harder than I’ve seen us hit a Pivot in a little minute or three. LOVED the Hulk Hogan traps flex post-big-defensive play. (this is a Hilgirth signature flexy thingy if you did not already know).

As we all know… you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been!

So, here is where we 2018 defensively, were…

Those yesteryears Bud Lyte nadir stats are a real pain in the graph… nevertheless, the one thing that did not go “moon river” on the whole shebang is Turnover Margin. Which was actually quite 2018 reasonable by-the-bye.

Now just imagine where the 2019 overachieving, Broyles Award de facto nominating (Assistant Coach of the Year, in the nation if you need to know) Bud BΘck would truly be if the Fu’fense could actually hold onto the ball? Now recall Will’s very own metric that even truly EPIC Hall of Famer coaches start to really negative-slope decline at age 59.

And what more in the “Wide Wide World of Sports” could a no doubt aging (60.5) Bud Foster rightfully 2019 do?!?

Well, honestly? His still pretty dang young -they are all back less one starter- and he’s still pretty dang modest -if not outright shy on depth- halt-unit could enjoy mo’ in-game rest(s). R&R. O2-masks and therefore more sideline coaching the verb. If only we had a quality turnover margin who knows how good this final edition D and this team would truly be? And oh, by the depth-chart dinged-up defensive R.A.T.T. way…

Budweiser is actually 22-ypg worse overall since the Qb1 swap, and 50-ypg worse via the airwaves. As the Fu’fense really needs to give them a TOP (time of possession) breather… as Eye can nearly sense one more tremor in the O&M force…

…or did this just make too much, sense?


As this game itself went… 700% more officially scored Qb hurries did not suck. And neither did DAX and Floyd who tallied silver-medal and bronze tackling O&M days respectively for it.

This is overtly why the dumbasses who say you have to sit them down are just that… dum’. They and Crawford, Garbutt and my almost boy Hewitt upfront are your stop-unit cultural inflictors. As they -same as boxing- “impose their will” on the gridiron. They are not sin-free playars, granted; although their hearts are true. William Wallace ballers if you will.

And after a nearly Tin-Man Cowardly-Lion heartless looking 2018? Eye say again, you can not, not, not, sit these guys down no matter your pro football focus metrics.

BOOM!” Outta here!

Tackling itself continues to look noticeably better since the Qb1 cultural-swap, and it would appear to be a dangerous thing to light a fire under TyJuan’s butt. As our Garbutt be: “doin’ the butt”. (older cool people help the younger cool people out, here).

12th best overall in TFL (tackles for a loss) inflicted and 30th best in opposing Qb’s sacked says so. Love to see us get some downtime for the noticeably gimpy Ashby who (now) has a nearly insufferable three southern hemisphere leg-dings. Only two tac’s for the game is what he typically calls the first two series of, play. As Ash’ got canned on the 3Q 5:25 steal and that’s not Ashby’s style. Whereas tackling was not just solid, it was as easy as “1, 2, 3”; as you can see above. As this is quietly becoming a very dang good tackling-unit under Budweiser. Almost twice better than average in the last month if you are keeping tackling score @home.

Now if we could only tighten chunk-yardage defense (110th in passing down yardage allowed) up through the airshow? Foster is gonna backdoor a pretty dang handsome exit stage left
looking 2004 rebounding kinda D.

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| ||| (a 4th down convert, 1 Wake flag)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: ||||

Wake Forest:
positive: |||| |||| (1 VT penalty)
Swiss (neutral): |||| | (1 VT penalty)
negative: |||| |||| |||| (2 Wake flag’s, 1 INT!)

Lo.FM 1o1… so, lookie here, an actually kinetic play-making Qb who seems to be enjoying an upswelling of applied sports psych’ as well. And if you doubt the veracity of that… do not doubt the count itself. As Corny had the Fu’fense cooking with CH4 (natural-gas) as they silently set an all-time record for a mind-boggling 23 consecutive plays of NOT falling behind the Lo.FM count and having to chase the chain-gang. Qantas and all (allegedly) on-schedule carriers take, note(s)!
(and this does not even include the 7-straight plays right as rain 4Q marker)
Bra-freakin’-vo Brad’!!!

(additionally, a fair-play Lo.FM tip of the hat is in order to J.Newman of Wake. Who courageously hung in there, took contacts plural; and still hit 3 long-ass Lo.FM 2nd-half converts. He’s a keeper when most Qb’s is catch-n-release).

So, here in Realtyville, on the 3rd rock from the Sol-System’s, Sun… we tell it like it is. The glass is never ½ anything, the glass is twice too large. (or upside ‘rong…)

Accordingly, let us take a deep breath for a minute before this fanbase turns O&M blue-in-the-face. As here is where we really 2018 were…

And in the next graph, we see where we really 2019, are…

“Yes”, Eye know… ’cause I ain’t Paul Logan and I’ma about to beat you to your very own, punch… I ran the Qb1 swap meet numbers for you… as our Total O is up 15 whole entire yards since the Ry’ on wheat O went Qb3 sourdough culturally stale. As we are churning out precisely 4-bills or 400.oo ypg ever since. This would rank the Fu’fense 73rd nationally or still technically below average— if you can mathematically 130 current D-1 total O’s believe that. (basketball on grass crazy, ain’t it?)

“Aye” the Fu’fense has improved with a fu’ller looking R.P.O. repertoire at its disposal, VTizzle granted. Tho’ it has not really improved all that much and a ‘snap’. It feels like it has, as it has a more physically demonstrative and emotionally cocksure having fun again lift to it. Tho’ the helium type numbers don’t lie as Nick Bakay used to say; and the increased yardage returns are worth a rule of thumb 1.5 additional ppg scored.

And yet of all the damn things… our scoring offense is entirely and exactly and precisely the same?!?

A strange game indeed this oblong spheroid men.

Or in other words… what would the Fu’fense 2019 be if it ever learned to hold onto the ball? Or if Hooker ever stopped pimping accuracy itself? As he sure misses long or out in front -and ‘yes’ girlfriends’ I know… “size matters”- although I also know someone sage secondary coach is gonna order his Fs to centerfielder overplay the deepest man in coverage and sit on a miss. Because as much as our fumbling butterfingers are Bart Simpson’ing us again and again, our throw-fits are forfeiting over more than an FG of scoring O per game. Finally, if you run the theoretical maths on all of that we could actually be ~26th in scoring offense. We prolly would have just nicked one @BeeCee, and we quite possibly would have stolen one last week over @So.Bend. Then we would be a very salty looking 8 up and 1 down for it at the moment. If we could only hold onto the ball…

And yet, if my Aunt Kim had nutz and a bolt she’d be my Uncle… Tim.


As this game itself went… guess who is now all the feakin’ way up to a totally kill(er) 19th best in oLine POWER RATE?!?

I’ll give you a hint… they ain’t preaching jack-(bleep) at Klempson next week, either!

As the Vice Squad is doing basically dunk-you-very-much work to be:

  • approx. 40% freshmanic (at times).
  • approx. 40% sophomoric (at times).
  • and 20% walk-on (at times).

You do the maths!

As what more do you want such a youngling/nubile offensive-line to 2019 premature do is beyond me? In point of fact, you could damn well argue that this block-party is doing way more than it has any rookie or rookie year+ Oline has any right to do. Admittedly, it is not perfect… sacks allowed is just above average and TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed is only the highest possible C+++ north of that… and yes our sack rate is 26 spots worse on standard downs than on passing downs— go fig’ on this?


Nevertheless, the Vice Squad has all been trending to the right or in the betterment direction since September while its overall health has remained astonishingly and juvenilely in decline. This is jus’ borderline plum crazy gents. As the future -and getting back to 1995 Orange Bowl 10-deep depth-chart- is so bright here that Coach Vice does wear shades. Or now might be a great time to at least upgrade his company car; twice.

As we just outrushed a highly skillful Wake Forest by a highly noticeable 240% per rush. We only out-passed Wake by 9′ overall. However, we out-passed Wake by nine-feet on 12 less passing attempts while suffering very modest edge blocking on our screening and short-throw-fits. Coach Jafar Williams stops this regression and tightens this backup and the Fu’fense is finally gonna Wideout fulfill its preseason catch-crew optimism all the mo’. As even ‘crash’ Rambo looks a little edge-fits gimpy (rt.knee) of late.

And… I just gotta get this off my “you can’t have fun without the fundamentals” Magic Johnson chest… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is Hooker doing flipping the snap 180° end-to-end only to miss-grip the football?!? (i.e. a fair amount of the time he misses the laces and merely grips; a leather panel)! Is this the Genesis of his too high or too far out-n-front misses? (LOL, I mean who in their right mind teaches this or refu’ses to correct this?)

i.e. when you are trying to build a culture/program back up in a game of inches?
Every centimeter counts…

R.A.T.T.: ...6 up 3 down VT honestly ranks where nationally in D-1 football right now?

View Results

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the takeaway...

"We are thirty-three! We are thirty-three!"

Nevertheless, do notice who is OPEN this weekend, then plays a pretty sleepy-hollow looking 90th total D ranked Coastal Division glorified scrimmage in about a fortnights time. As guess hoo has their All Coastal Championship leader in the clubhouse standings completely 5-2 fixed, with only 60 minutes of in-league gaming left compared to 180-minutes of divisional warfare for dear old V.P.I.?

I know I’ma guilty of putting the cart before the horse— yet again… although getting G.Tech over with A.S.A.P. and getting our starters some bonus downtime would not be the worst thing. Not at all men.

The Rest of the Story...

Sources close to the program say that… Fu’ says that it was actual Fu’, his own self… who was to blame for the early year {sic: up} tightness.

(i.e. not Ry’ on wheat gone flat-bread culturally)… after the ugly 5-turnover @BeeCee pigskin possession-integrity fiasco day.

Pay attention… as this demonstrates several on-the-job-training important thingys…

  1. 1st up, it showcases leadership and shielding. Leaders have to take the blame and downwardly award or deflect acclaim. You stop the most arrows when you are the alpha or prime-mover who jumps up over the seawall at Tarawa, first.
  2. 2nd of all, it demonstrates ownership. As the only place improving comes before owning is still the dictionary and you gotta go 10 two-letter words to get with this: “if it is to be, it is up to, me.” Fu’ -to his credit- has owned up to his playing-time sanctioning creating a too scared to make mistakes culture. Coach Ben.Frank’s Poor Richard’s Almanac playbook all agree that perfection is best. Although Lombardi put it better than anyone else…  Looks like Fu’ has had enough of his misQ pressure bursts playing-time pipes.
  3. 3rd and finally of all, Fu’ realized that trust (post-mis-Q) is better than being thrust to the bench for the duration. (A.K.A.: note the presence of the absence of P.T. turnover sanctions vs. Wake!) Because the last time I checked stars shine and when you don’t have an entire constellation of stars, assigning the few stars that you do have to the purgatory of a mostly-cloudy pine-squad day makes for one long-ass night.

    Mt.RushMORE indeed!

I say this …as this collective Staff is just starting to peak this 2019 Fu’tball team.

This football squad is just entering its 2019 prime— one that we all hope will eventually turn into an experience-curve and maturing or matriculating 2020-2021 O&M golden-era.

As in, I want to believe that our very own search for intelligent cultural life has been answered. Those of us who have taken and therefore understand Applied Sports Psych’, we are: “not alone“.

As we may just finally have an answer to our very own Fu’rmi Paradox.

Or to put it another way and in its most simple clinical binary format: bark once for “yes” and twice for “no”, …as nobody wants to play Virginia Tech right about now.

This is Mars Blackman football if you will— as that’s:
or “no, no, no, no, noooooooo… body.”



Virginia Tech=36, Wake Forest=17







SWEAT equity” indeed!!!


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  1. Definition of a man, or crazy?
    “you are the alpha or prime-mover who jumps up over the seawall at Tarawa, first.” Somebody has to be it. This team is getting out of the water.

    I was looking for more cheerleader pics but am not complaining. Cool summation of the game. Now get off the beach.

    1. The final definition of a man –(most likely).
      : (

      (the front/Index page always keeps a girly pic up top article-to-article)


  2. Nice Eyes observations. That Hooker ball spin has to go as noted, could explain the 2-3 passes that go astray.

    Wahoos will mentally choke on 15 + over next 3 weeks as they heal & start to game prep to lift that that burden away. Time off will help them heal up but rust will too sit in and if VT OC calls game allowing The Deuce to play without the bridle bit this one could be over quickly as the mental burden to win will implode these Wahoos.

    Next up time to exorcist the Yellow Jacket curse from Fuente.

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!
    Stomp the Yellow Jackets

    1. I’m presuming that spin takes his hands off the laces.
      Now, he has big ole bear paw hands… tho’, stil…


  3. “Realtyville”. I like that, cause that’s where I live. I’m celebrating last weekend just as much as anybody, but let’s keep it real. That Wake team #19 ranking was soft. I present their body of work thus far…
    -Escaped by 3 at home to Utah State. (you know… the other Utah that’s not really good.)
    -Almost blew a 21 pt lead at home to UNC.
    -Did another Houdini up at Chestnut Hill by 3.
    -Lost at home to a very “meh” emotionally confused Louisville team at home,
    -FSU should have beaten them in Winston-Salem, but they remembered they’re supposed to suck, so they quit and gave it up.
    -The 44-10 victory over NCSU came as a result of a bunch of turnovers and short fields, and the boys from Raleigh packing it in. By the 3rd quarter you could almost catch the players trying to sneak over to the bus. NC State is an epic, tragically bad football team this year.

    Wake hadn’t been outside of the 336 since late September. Their defense is suspect, and that QB/RB slo mo mesh thing they do was tailor made for the Hokies speed up front.

    I hope the boys have turned a corner like you suggest, but Fu would do good to get Coach Frank in the locker room to give his famous you’re never as good as you think you are speech.

    1. I do agry on Wake NOT being a world-beater.
      Clemson turns them all kinda out this weekend. Good speed call.

      Tho’… I’d just let the good times roll.
      No Frank back toTerra Firma speech.
      Let them eat cake and try to get back to the Terror Dome.

      As that speech works best on Seniors.
      Younglings won’t know much -if any- better.
      And I do not wanna take my foot off the big mo’ pedal.

      Like an old high mileage car… if it ain’t broke?
      Don’t break it.


  4. Ashby actually can be seen pulling his hamstring and coming up limping on the last play of the third quarter as he lunges to make an attempted tackle. He gets up holding his hammy.

    1. Good Eye.
      +1 Sir.

      Poor kid… he’s most willing to give what he has left for ‘dear ole V.P.I.’
      (almost too willing for his own, good)


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