Your winning Wake Forest Eye Wide Shut (is), up!

Virginia Tech=16 Wake Forest=23

“Cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye…”

Virginia Tech football did us proud in getting beat as the visitor a couple of weeks back down on Chapel Hill.

The Hokies on Saturday however did poor Will and Chris’ message-boards: “LOUD” in a word after half past 7 PM. As the cyber-sphere erupted with FIRE Fu’ this and that. (no joke, the Hokiesports feeds were ugly with those drunk outta their minds on O&M haterade Saturday night). Accordingly, there are more than a few fiery wounds to suture and more than a little O&M blood to stanch or slap hot-wrought-iron to in this week’s Eye. And as you will read below… me and Coach Riley already know… now is when you get to really do some teaching —the highest form of “coaching” the verb. As in… Give a man a fish he eats fo’ a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats forever. So, “ding-ding” TSL children. School is in secession my little ninja’s (忍者)’s… let’s see who catches on and who (still) wants to play catch-up? Because in this week’s Eye Wide Shut?
Resistance isFutile!

TSL Surgeon General’s Warning!

  1. IF you are a P.A.T.T. …
  2. IF you feel you are becoming a P.A.T.T. …
  3. IF you feel you may be 4th trimester preggers with a P.A.T.T. …
This may not be the Eye in the Sky, fo’ you!

1Q remaining:
Coach John Lennon and momma told me there’d be plays like these…

“Ouch!” Yikes and “Ouch” sum mo’!

…as the microcosm of the day erupts. As #59 of Wake Vesuvian erupts and totally shellshock shellacs #5 of VeeTee. This on what would be an epic steal over the top of the dogpile on the accidental collapsing from behind pin from down below; if only we were not cheering for VeeTee. Sigh…

And that leg you are seeing inside the thin orange ellipse is very very very fortunate to still be attached to Mr. Hewitt. As Mr. Hewitt had a very bad day at the O&M office as is. And it coulda very well been his last day at the Jamerson Office, per this nasty pigskin grad’ degree of hard knocks play. St.Nikon bless!

Eye actually likes/favors a little Fu’suvian eruption from time-to-time. Can’t be stoneface 25/8 this side of Tom  Landry in this sport.

1Q :26 to :oo remaining:
Sister Fu’ gonna be dialing up bro’ Fu’ for being this X-rated Fu’ssy —recall: she did this due to the erroneous spot-of-the-ball freakout call @Notre Dame his first year.

As Fu’ erupts @what appears to be Jafar (Wr’s) and Shibest (Te’s) for not getting another play out to the field just in (26 sec’s) time.

And honestly? Yah; that should be enough time— if you really want the about to flip-the-field change wind direction (or whatever expiring favorable conditions)  to squeeze one more play in *that* dang much.

i.e. we are playing like Coach Beethoven is right now; or, …(de)composing.

2Q 11:52 remaining:
De facto Qb1 HenBoss and his hommie (literally/bunkie) k.Herbert may love shoe day on QVT. Tho’ apparently they hate thigh-pads, or just forget to pack ’em here.

2Q :20 remaining:
Now, this is what max’-efforting looks like… as #5 of Wake Forest sells totally out and times the snap perfectly going (defensively) old-school Walter Payton over the hood of the pile to all-out/all-in attempt to stop the Hooker A-gap work like a total champ. #5 of Wake Forest “can drink from my canteen any day.”

Maybe Fu’s sissy can give Hewit a ‘ring’ too?

3Q 13:42 remaining:
Nonetheless, the pigskin cadaver decomposition continues, as this time one of our actually likable worker-bees and Team Captain’s j.Hewitt goes 3-Mile Island, Love Canal, and (K-414). Kursk all kinda ballistic and melts totally and entirely down on a Jane Fonda type raised to the Jack Lemmon power core containment fail.

And there just ain’t no Coach Wilford -do the right thing no matter anything- Brimley to manage/massage this pile of hot button uranium here.

Eye have seen worse go un “whistled”. And so have you, tho’ I need to see mo’ from my Team Captain than this. As this is not setting a salty-tone gents. This is setting a Ms. Dash you get no mo’ smoke with Hartman (Qb1 of Wake) once you get you get all kinda Cougar and Maverick: “Eject! Eject! Eject!” fired… ↑^^^up^^^↑!

(as poor Hewitt’s noggin and composure both went canopy: ‘bump’, here).

3Q 9:58 remaining:
Far out so-called: “Raise Dot Tat” from the HenBoss here.

Cool Modine... 1o1!

Eye won’t lie… as in-game I thought this might be a Cross.
Now upon tertiary or Triune review and I’m not as sure…

Though either way, this tat’ is designed to raise the dot(s) with increases in blood pressure and/or adrenaline hikes. Like oh, Eye don’t know… maybe like during a football game itself?

Ink neat!

3rd with ~23 minutes remaining:
The fact that Fu’ and Shibest went for it on the shorter 4th-n-4 was a gamey gutty call. No doubt. Tho’ with this much time remaining in a single play game and that tells you just how much they felt they could not stop Wake enough to only need a single-shot scoring look themselves.

Game Duration:
Whomever the PbyP and color-commentators were?
Methinks you can bet the over on time the Play-by-Play guy spent in the color-guys, lap.

And yes yes yes, I know, tiny lap-dogs are all on Hollywood trend my girlfriends.

Geez & Yikes!

4Q 8:09 remaining:
Not what our vertically limited throw-fits needed to see, as the already bilegul (foot, hammie) Tré Turner gets (accidentally) cleated along the sideline and it almost looks like he tweaked the foot/ankle on top of all of that to boot. St.Sebastian, bless!

4Q 2:38 remaining:
Took us almost 58-minutes of scrumming… tho’ all work and no play(s) does not make DAX a dull boy.

As DAX truly unloads Jack Lambert double-forearm shiver upstairs on the (pseudo) KO-return up man of Wake Forest. LOL and w0w!

As DAX is prolly not a good candidate for sweep-patrols or intelligence gathering in WWII terms.
As this kid is a: “take NO prisoners” kinda kid 25/8, 367!

(and helluva a catch by (#6) of Wake! The La.Dodgers could surely benefit from you!)

4Q ~2-n-change remaining:
Nice and downright welcome to see Crawford back out on the field. Seemed just a little less gimpy entering the field of play than when we saw him getting ‘test-play(s)’ work back vs. Nc.State. (and someone had gotta take up the first 30-minutes’ worth of slack @Louisville for Dt1 next week). Tho’ he was still clearly favoring/protecting his right-knee in-play at times as well.

The next play however and not what you wanna late-game see. As #38, the rising De talent Barno comes up right-leg-lame at the end of the play.

Where he got his right-knee accidentally leg-whipped in a Quixotic or windmilling style as his momentum carried him into the planted right-Ot of Wake and the Ot’s plant-leg held up and made our mini-me tree of a De fall down, go, ‘boom’. St.Culbreth bless!

As you can actively see our Training Staff telling Barno to use his left-leg to get up!
: (

4Q :45 seconds remaining:
You did catch the NO fear of our Hooker getting the rock only up one single solitary full-play from Coach Claw’ of Wake on this one, right?

Coach Claw’ don’t care if his wife, girlfriend, secretary, or anyone else finds out about our Hooker. As he coulda gone for the long-field-goal attempt in lieu of this punt. And a real ace of an FG-K he gots. That’s how little he feared giving our Hooker his, rock!

The sideline overthrow eye-roll from eighty-three (#83, t.Rob’) was priceless too.
(as we saw entirely the same thing to close @uva last year).

4Q :00 remainings:
As this is a far more meta-communicating or chemistry/locker-room eddying look…

…as Coach, Dr. Glanville would give j.Hew’ a B+ and a loaner chess-set just for this.


Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=14
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=18
Sacked=2 (1 fumbled)

Wake Forest:
Qb pressured=8
Qb hurried=nil.
Qb hits=1o (1 BIG TD!)

TTT Analysis:
Well, Wake won this for sure. Some of this win is situational however; whereby Wake was able to peal their ears back and gun for Hooker on obvious passing situational downs. Tho’ they also managed to at least contact Hooker in our V-shaped passing-cup. Whereas sans one really big end-of-his-day hit from Hewitt, we did not put much pain at all on the lowercase sized Hartman of Wake Forest. And it scoreboard showed.

O&M eggs and j.Ham tackling however was suspect. Tho’ the skewing thing is a staggering (pun intended) five missed tackles on one play that allowed six-points! That really mucked the whole shebang up.

Nonetheless, Eye can add, that j.Ham D’s seems to tackle noticeably better after intermission. Here is hoping that once we collect enough seasonal data points, that that is code for some quality halftime defensive adjustments to his spill-points.

On O… we are crunched vertically in our throw fits. As you have to defend what on average vs. the Fu’fense 2020 throw-fits? 20-25 yards downfield? Maybe 35’ish yards max’? Accordingly, this is literally spilling FREE defenders into our run-fits lap at times. Good Eye to NativeBurger here.

(o) (o)

The entire VeeTee football media; not named this website here: “Hooker is the better passer…
Where? {sic: where is he the ‘better passer’?}

Context is not only key folks… here?
Context is… KING!

As Hooker was merely the better O&M passer in…  camp!
Not in America! Not on the East Coast. Not in the A.c.c. And not better than 3rd in the Coastal.

Tho’ ^this^ is entirely what it looks like when your non-football sources out-kick your coverage.
Whereas here we just tallied an only had 10-men on the field punt block.

Context, guys; context!

PAY side preseason Post!


Eye call horseshite on this tired ass expectational “pot-stirring” nonsense 25/8 and 367; jus’ ’cause here we ain’t Leap Year scared.

Yet in this receiving context? Some of you non-ballers just can’t wait to message-board “L.Swann” dive off the Burress Hall gargoyle infested, ledge!

As your’alls superior passing boy just set a new misses record leaving him Miss. Hooker indeed.

Check it out down below…

I mean there is missing, there is ‘hamartia’ (archery/Greek for: “missing the mark”) and then there is this! Go’on and pass on this Hooker and abjure your boys’ passing acumen.

Classic Concentration gameshow 1o1…

So, he is: “the better passer”?
At what? Wimminz?
In what? Hoops?

I say this with the totality of objective statistical backing at my liberal disposal. As in… Hooker just missed a record-setting and mind-boggling nine, that’s (9) throws guys! And he literally missed them literally all over the play. Like a can of spray paint conserving nothing on a windy day.

This throw sucks so much that Debbie Did Dallas, thrice; and Hooker nearly missed his hommie (#45) of Wake by 12” behind!

On top of all of ^that^ mess, we come to the little factoid that of Hooker’s 16 incompletes, Wake Forest -not Virginia Tech or his intended target’s mind yah- none other than Wake Forest got a downright absurd eleventeen, that’s (11) different hands on his throws in this one!!! That one I’ve never tracked before. Although I’d wager nickels to dimes that Deacon defenders getting 1st-date gone third-base handsy with a backbreaking 68.75% of your incompletes is getting pretty dang preachy in our film-study room right about now.

And yet we nearly outgained Wake by 100-yards?!?

Accordingly, I’d give real live money to ask the Wake Secondary Coach when he and Fs n.Anderson saw regarding our Hookin’-up on film?

(and methinks Corny would, too!)

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| || (1 successful fake-punt)
Swiss (neutral): |
negative: |||| |||| |||| | (2 INT’s! 1 fumble! 2 goal-to-go! 1 KO flag too!)

Wake Forest:
positive: |||| ||| (2 4th-down converts! 3 freebie VT flag’s)
Swiss (neutral): |||
negative: |||| ||

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, actually, we did pretty well-getting Wake’s O to evacuate the field on 3rd-downs and better than Wake on handling our own 3rd-down business on the Fu’fensive side. So, there is that. However, our only going 50% in their red-zone when we had the ball negated all of that previewing 47% on 3rd-down in-game barometer El Nino style business. We had our shot here men, and yet we wet our very own O&M zone sheets —and that’s not on Wake.

As we/VeeTee had our chances and just could not hold our water. I mean, there are not less than nine that’s (9) diva looking plays where we were our very own self-inflicted wound on Saturday down in Winston Salem. Because, it is not so much that Wake Forest plum beat our damn ass; as much as we spanked… ourself!

(which is code for: our upperclassmen Qb’s are class rank overdue to play a more senior
looking game on Lo.FM’s; or at least they should be by now, in theory)

The Vice Squad did not grade all that bad for a day that felt very short on good itself.
They did however grade Genève. Or rather Swiss. With an unusual matrix of neutral graded plays where we struggled to I.D. Wake’s forty-two sets and all that looping/X’ing/twisting behind it— while doing just enough to not get crushed by the same. As preview said, Eye’d rather face a scheme(s) like Wake after an OPEN/BYE week or Bowl date.

On the defensively scrambling to find (credible) good things to say… Chamarri Conner is leading us in stops on the year by about 25%. And Barno seems to like real Stud-De, great call by Chris Coleman of here. Kinda a less dressy L.C. Greenwood who looks like he could play a hybrid 2-point stance game if you really needed him to.


On the other hand, we let a negative seasonal rusher (coming into this game, 42-yards 2020 gained), who is coming off of a ‘snapped’ leg (St.Julia Bless), and who got knocked goofy in the 1st-half… you let him finish up ➕42-yards on the ground-gaining day?!?

You let ^that^ happen O&M eggs and j.Ham?
And yah; you prolly do deserve to take home the L and not the: “Dub”.

Remember what my legit insidHER peeps told you about the 3rd’ish place j.Ham’ hire?

They did not say this was: A Bridge Too Far.
They did say this was: A (Torgy) Bridge Too… soon.

To Qb or not to Qb, that is the question…

Q. If Fu’ just sat BAX… should Fu’ have sat a clearly badly haywire off target Hooker?

A. playing-wise? Hmmmm, maaaaybe. Locker-room and sideline wise? No way in hell.
As that takes us from a leadership laden Qb1 to a superintendent Qb(n)one.

You will kill what year you have left if you do bench our Hooker here.
If it ain’t broke don’t break it?

Understand, this is a football program through twilight Frank and now up threw Fu’, that does not (yet) expect to win most every game it plays this side of the K.C. Chefs.

They are however unfortunately used to being just good enough to get beat

4-7 times per Fuente year beaten so far. Accordingly, I’m not real sure that I wanna juggle ^that^ slippy Qb1 musical-chairs chemistry set if I am Fu’/Corny. Not after it just took me 2018-2019 to finally get it assembled and then finally get the hang of how it actually… works!

(o) (o)

Check it and check my calculus here… 19th ranked in America teams are typically ranked where (on defense)❓

  • the bottom 3.33% on run-shapes?
  • the bottom 21.1% on pass-fits?
  • the bottom 9.6o% on total D?
  • ================

Yah; no shite, as that’s pretty much in the bottom, indeed!

Tho’ the oddity of it all is… twice outta four times we held Wake to 14-yards passing per 15 minutes (or per quarter), and we once held Wake to 14 yards rushing per quarter. As one single solitary yard allowed per minute of play, that really should=a lotta punts. Right?

Whereas Wake only once held us to ≤44 yards of anything per quarter (and that was 38-yards worth of passing in the 3rd); when we hit our game wide quarterly rushing high no less!

Go fig’ gents… a strange game this oblong spheroid for sure.

the takeaway...

The 🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner: …fences, everywhere!

As fu’ is the greatest fence-sitter in football Eye’ve ever seen!
Truly. This guy just will just NOT fish or get off the pot.

Tho’ he will do just enough to keep you and coach Robert Frost from objectively science-fact making up your mind— either way I mean.
As “good fences make good neighbors,” and Fu’ seems mightily neighborly vs. at least one team he really should
beat annually indeed.

R.A.T.T.: ...has 2020 VeeTee already... peaked?

View Results

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xxx‘s & ooo‘s

formulae football

Seems like it should favor the 2nd winningest coach in the All Coaching Conference since he got into the All Coaching Conference, right?

Ditto when he leaves up ➕83-total yards on the day which in old-school abaci theory says should amount to having won the game by about one full play to the good.

Did Eye mention only Clemson has mo’ wins that Fu’ does in the A.c.c. since Fu’ got into the A.c.c.? And yet… it sure doesn’t feel like it, does it?

And did it feel like we had mo’ talent than Wake did on Saturday?
Or, and this is IMPORTANT, did it feel like we played/tried as hard as we did
vs. a clearly superior U.n.c. two games back?
Honestly, tell the truth down below…

Or, to put this a different way… and per a very cogent post from VTizzle on Will’s pay-message board…
Okay, so, how/where will we 2020 improve R.A.T.T.?
  • How much more will our just downright ill-fit Coach Tee’s Dt’s improve?
  • How will our thus far very so-so looking second layer (Linebacking) get any better?
  • The secondary is getting a little healthier, might be an O&M ray of light here, is that enough to lift the entire D however?
  • Will our non-pure-passing Qb1-Qb3 suddenly air it out?
  • Will our very vertically limited catch-corps (not named Mitch’) suddenly get deep and stretch the field to help open our run-fits (that are growing more and more crowded as Eye type) underneath?

    Max Headroom or NO headroom?

I suppose you could go entirely Run-Max’ on O… We do have a deeper Vice Squad and 3-rushing-Qb1’s and k.Herbert.

However, this is at least predictable. And as Eye detailed before; the back end of the 2020 regular season schedule is far more defensively heavy and a lot of that is code for rather jagged looking opposing run-fits.

So, maybe we can gracefully issue a preview Word of the Day “mulligan” for the @Wake game; just this once.

Tho’ can we mulligan @Louisville, or home vs. a penciled in gimmie (now virtually) Nationally ranked Liberty who is gonna be World Series raised to the N.b.a. Finals gunning for us? As neither one of these springtime seemingly likely O&M wins is likely code for anything O&M outcome certainty wise now. And then to extend and simultaneously burst the 2020 sporting metaphorical bubble… a split in the next two weeks is actually possible, and 2 L’s is not entirely umpossible.

  1. so, the kindness of an upside ‘rong 2020 mulligan notwithstanding: how many balls do we have left in this needs to win NOW shank-bag?
  2. what if we tank and run outta pasty-ball dimples south of the 2020 18th fairway?
  3. or, what if Fu’ and Co. -to their A+++ credit- opened 2020 topped, and have already… peaked❓❗❓

    This hat *should* fit Fu’ jus’ like Pittsylvania County fits Chris Coleman… right?

’cause to borrow on our Fearless Leader –Will ‘freakin’- Stew’s word of… “FIT”

…I found your use of “fit” to be most delicate. Deft, actually Will. Tho’ can you grace this website with your 2nd ever follow-up, here?

As in…

  • Fu’ the good guy, hard worker, Fu’ is a grinder. That’s VeeTee.
  • Fu’ is a family FIRST guy for sure. Just ask the Family of g.Scott. So that’s VeeTee.
  • Fu’ is a no-nonsense straight-up clean-cut guy. That’s all things S.W.Va. and VeeTee!


So, why such seemingly custom-fit juxtaposition?
Why such a shrinky-dink❓


The Rest of the Story...

Emotional muscle >>> (overly) sensitive flab!

Coach Claw’ is a damn dawgg.
He’s a young-man’s coach David Cutcliffe.

So, P.A.T.T.y-cake know it alls… riddle me this… who has more Talent: Wake or VeeTee? Yah; I thought so… and ^this^ is coaching verb and it is also “player development” the nouns extraordinaire.

You can lead a horse to h20… tho you CAN make ’em… sink!

Float or Bloat!

(…balsam) wood ships | IRON Men!

The closer...

From the opener up above… Hall of Fame Coach Riley taught us all two major coaching sine qua non criterion in his epic Leading/Winning based book: The Winner Within

…he taught us that there are only really two times you can get peeps to stop-call-waiting, dial all the way 110% in, and literally bend-an-ear and give the third version of hearing an emphatic “listen up”.

  1. Under big game or pressure-packed situations…
  2. Or, when they just got served. Uppity-ass tails-tucked. Schooled. Beat.

If you ask me?
(and you did via reading these very words…)
@ an improving Louisville pretty much qualifies for each, both.

On October 31st no less no mo’.
Hokie “BOO” birds, unite!
Then… flock-off!!!

As I can now finally take the measure of the difference between 2019 and 2020 for all of you…


(Herbert’s rushing total thus far).

Or… déjà …Fú.



Virginia Tech=16, Wake Forest=23




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    1. Any port in a storm.”
      –Sailors adage

      (they drink like fishes, too!)
      ; )


  1. Street – great insight here. Can you help those of us in the ANTIFU crowd? Nearly equivalent W-L record (not great) for Fu’s tenure vs. Frank’s last five years; six Ls as a ranked team to an unranked team; recruiting nosedive; and that’s to say nothing of the transfers, Baylor flirtation, fleeting up of a DC that was a bit of a headscratcher…

    On the pod, of which I’m a big fan, Will scoffed at the notion of the fanbase gathering their pitchforks. But with this loss, a shot at an ACC title is all but out the window for this year…a true disappointment given the amount of experience that came back, and the hyping of 2020 as “THE year” even pre-ODU disaster. VT seems good to compete for that once an national election cycle, and I think we lost our shot already. Overall…what gives?!

    1. Is that right?
      we were ranked 6 times and beat all 6 times by UNRanked teams under Fu’?

      Can you list that and I’ll give you publishing credit.
      That’s a salty one.

      Recruitng=the one I can not help. Recruiting=what gives. Wake was not that far behind us on overall Talent– and yet it did not show out (to the good) for us. They looked more talented.
      That’s coaching the verb.

      This developmental thingy is P.A.T.T. sauce. Sugary and bad for your health; alike.
      : (


      1. I don’t *think* the stat means that during the FU Regime, we have lost 6 of 6 to unranked teams, when the Hokies were ranked, just that it happened 6 times?

  2. Nice insights, from the stands it appeared Wake owned LOS both on O & D pushing VT defense front around and some confusion upfront by our offense line. For whatever reason, Hooker never looked comfortable. Like he was fooled from the snap as to what the defense was doing or afraid to make the pass into tight coverage, either way need to create some patterns to his strength as too many patterns down the field just looked bad from mechanics and comfort level. Never seemed ready to throw. As for running game, this offense needs push by the G-C-G or it’s doomed.

    Time to turn the page & beat the Cards!

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!

    1. Yups.
      Oline confu’sion.
      Best to play them after a BYE on 13-days.
      They are a strange schematic brew be that C.F.L. or not: “eh”.

      So, what precisely are your boyz “patterns”?
      Hooker seems comfortable on short to medium mid-field this/that.

      And what else(s)???


      1. In High School, Dudley split the field, two levels Receivers with run option, rolling both Left and Right. @ VT when he drops straight back, whether it’s his read, looking off safety or forced to throw into tight windows. He’s uncomfortable. That said fav pass are the quick reads within 7 yds of LOS ( Slants, hot pass or drag to TE) and post down the field. Will say to his defense, the passing patterns Sat were basic & horrible, go 5 yds-stop and turn around. Easy to defend, waste of receiver. Least accurate are over the middle by sailing passes over the receiver.

        Tons of homeschooling to eliminate passing not on the threads but noticed it once in WS as grip slipped out.

        IMHO, his instincts have been coached out of him, often holding ball too long in passing game due to not trusting himself, interesting point from QB Evans was Fu/Cornz were furious with his one read and go… The gun slinger was beaten out of Willis by running the RPO, Hooker a RPO QB is turned into drop back passer. Could be great off season report, but crew from Section 7 concurs…Warden from Cool Hand Luke has nothing on Fu/Cornz QB room. In terms of my way or hard way mentality. Note not 1 VT QB has made for full season.

        I don’t like it any more than he does

        Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
        Beat the Cards

        1. he did the miss-grip thingy, again at Winston-Salem?
          dang… do you know when?
          Eye’d like to find that.

          Great post.
          Gonna borrow some of this.

          thank you!!!

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