Virginia Tech basketball NCAA preview Wisconsin

#32 R.P.I. Wisconsin vs. #47 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech basketball opens N.C.A.A. tournament round of 64 play in the 9/8 match-up vs. Wisconsin.

I for one could not be happier to dine upon crow tonight –as I likes my crow rare, yet warm.wiscky hoops logo

Props to Chris Coleman and all the rest of you who called this one spot-on pre-season as: “Oops I blew it, it’s a moth” ¦ James Douglas Morrison. That admission, ownership, and felicitations all rightful put to bed and henceforth bestowed; we have a NC2A (bleeping) basketball game to play! I have a preview to write and you have a preview to read. As we drew the no.8  seeded Wisconsin Badgers fresh off a 2nd place or silver medal runner-up performance from the fabled BIG-10 conference; as Wiscy checks in at 25 up and 9 down and 12-6 in conference play on the year. They are known to be a physical, tough-minded, internally grinding halfcourt offensively efficacious type team and that means this game is nobodies gimmie. Though who will win this N.C.A.A. opening round match-up  ~9:40pm Thursday night tip? Read on to find, out…

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Virginia Tech basketball A.c.c. Tourney preview Florida State

#45 R.P.I. Virginia Tech vs. #11 R.P.I. Florida State: Virginia Tech basketball remains alive in the Atlantic Coast Conference men's 2o17 Tourney bracket after (possibly) busting the Deacon's of Wake Forest's March Madness NC2A tourney bubble on … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball ACC Tournament preview Wake Forest

acc tourney logo

#32 R.P.I. Wake Forest vs. #45 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech basketball opens post-season play Wednesday night up in the ill placed Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball tournament vs. The Deacons of Wake Forest. The Deacons of Wake … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball preview Wake Forest

Not a manly place to, ride.

#39 R.P.I. Wake Forest @ #34 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech basketball remains @home and firmly ensconced in defense of our very own Cassell at 4:3o pm on Saturday afternoon down in the suddenly springtime chilly New River Valley. The … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball Miami preview

#35 R.P.I. Miami @ #39 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech basketball returns to the court down in the New River Valley Monday night after a very N.b.a. 'esque looking one day turnaround after running vs. Boston College on Saturday. The Miami … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball Boston College preview

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Virginia Tech basketball preview Clemson

Bonus points for sporting a Shaft, beard!

#6o R.P.I. Clemson @ #35 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech basketball hosts the South Carolina native Clemson Tigers on Tuesday evening at 7pm on ESPNU. Tech hoops just played and beat Clemson -albeit very narrowly- on a nail biter of an 82-81 … [Continue reading]