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Tech Thoughts: … the Fu-view part II

Virginia Tech football head coach Justin Fuente had a lot to say, when he wanted to have a lot to say. And when coach-Fu’ does not wanna talk about something(s); it is his predator steely shark-attack eyes that let you, and all of Amity Island know, to get outta that line of asking, STAT. As […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: …the Fu’-view! (part I)

Virginia Tech football head coach Justin Fuente was interviewed recently by someone who asks some unalike questions. With: “so, who did you say would be your back-up quarterback next year” perhaps being the best among them. This humble scribe wishing to report more than just: the whispers say that LT3 is said to be tall […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: what the heck re: Coleton Beck?!?

Virginia Tech football may or may not be luke warm or warming up to the human blur otherwise known as Rb Coleton Beck of Blacksburg high school fame. This depends upon who(m) you ask and more importantly when you asked them. Nonetheless, why are some so inflexible on this pure burner of a kid? Those […] READ MORE

2017 Belmont Stakes preview

Belmont 2017 is here and yet sans a Triple Crown threat it feels more like a N.b.a. sweeping Finals double-double threat; with one of those 10’s being chalked up in turnovers. As in this less than salty three-year old crop has sure turnedover from the Derby to the Preakness to Belmont Park. Stakes racing this […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: spring practice observations

The Virginia Tech Defensive Line: Virginia Tech football is done for spring and is officially into the sitzkrieg or so-called 1940’s “Phony War”, which we of the prognóstico all deign to call the off-season. The great Hokie Nation has seen this yawning festival of a movie before —whereby all real news tends to be bad […] READ MORE