Virginia Tech football Miami Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football is forecast to go to either the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium, New York Dec. 28, 2 p.m. (ESPN) …or… the Belk Bowl in Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina Dec. 29, 5:30 p.m. (ESPN); at the moment. Accordingly, why such seemingly lowly post-season O&M projections in week no.9?

Hitting the mark... thank you Coach God!

Hitting the mark… thank you Coach God!

The omnipresent the glass is twice too large R.A.T.T. in me even finds that to be a bit, low, as in the ancient Greek concept of: ἁμαρτία or “hamartia” … i.e. the missing the mark –whereas most of us prefer the outcome concept of parabolas, or an arching arcing arrow that (eventually) finds the mark. Virginia Tech found their mark Thursday night down in Lane Stadium late in the game vs. the always talented yet likewise always mercurial So.Beach crew. Although are we/Virginia Tech finished being mercurial in our own right? Or could there be another Jiffy Pop hiccup or hamartia type game looming on our traveling horizon? As doing what we did to Miami in our own crib was the first-step, and learning how to do it out on the ~30% win index Atlantic Coast road is the next step. Read on to find out just how strident we may or may not R.A.T.T. be…
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Virginia Tech football Miami preview


#32 R.P.I. Miami @  #37 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech football hosts ESPN, the Bristol broadcasting company at 7pm on a made for (national) telly audience as about seven point Lane Stadium favorites vs. Miami. This after both Atlantic Coast … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Syracuse Eye in the Sky

WORST quarter, ever!

Virginia Tech football did not have a good day as Fighting Gobbler ego went. Virginia Tech football did however have a great day for humility. As daddy Foster taught his son Bud, as Golf My Way by the greatest ever -Jack Nicklaus- teaches us all, you … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Syracuse preview

pretty good coach coaching a pretty bad, team.

#20 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #1o5 R.P.I. Syracuse: Virginia Tech football hits the road for a 3:45pm Saturday afternoon date in Will's much ballyhooed "Jiffy Pop Dome" in mid-state New York. The game is on ESPN and our beloved Hokies are a 20 point … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football North Carolina Eye in the Sky

Bob Evans(ed), and, served. : (

Virginia Tech football went down to Tobacco Road and came back with a soaking wet 34-3 win over homesteading #17 North Carolina down on Tobacco Road. On a sloppy field with simultaneously sloppy play. To me, anything and every can and probably … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football North Carolina preview

Hope I'm still here; AND look this good in seven years!

 #25 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #12 R.P.I. North Carolina: Virginia Tech football -now nationally ranked at #25- travels to face likewise nationally ranked #17 North Carolina this weekend at 3:30pm on A.b.c./ESPN2 and simulcast on ESPN3. In what could … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football East Carolina Eye in the Sky (part II)

shew, again!

Virginia Tech football did get off to an offensively pirated start that was more parts Pokey and less parts Hokie two Saturday's ago down in the New River Valley of Blacksburg Va. Precision was not our first 13+ minute thing; and yet then a … [Continue reading]