Virginia Tech football East Carolina Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football is currently projected to get the New Era Pinstripe Bowl bid according to; (read: A.c.c. vs. Big-10).pin-logo

There are only ~87 days remaining until Christmas; and yes, there I go again; putting the cart before the horse. Go ahead and bet the under vs. BYE this next weekend –as points are always hard to come, by, vs. them. And this just in…. rain is rumored to be wet. Or in other words, things look pretty dang O&M rosy right now with the Hokies off to a highly offensive scoreboard electrifying start at 3 up and 1 down. What with Virginia Tech and the Fu’fense playing Cornhole like a champs! That objectively correct take firmly in place, it is likewise science-fact to say that our beloved Hokies got off to what was a sloppy start; whereby Virginia Tech could and possibly very well should have been up 50-nil at intermission. Read on in part I of the E.c.u. Eye in the Sky to find out …why… [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football East Carolina preview

ECU's wide-side offset I.

#64 R.P.I. East Carolina @  #62 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech football returns to Worsham Field in Lane Stadium at half past twelve (12:30pm) this Saturday vs. the upstart visiting East Carolina Pirates. (On the A.c.c. Network | check local … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Boston College Eye in the Sky

a very, testy, play!

Virginia Tech football just opened an entire case, no, check that; they just opened an entire gross of vacuum packed whoop-ass upside Boston College’s head. To the tune of a 49-o blowout victory at home, and the worst ass kicking Boston College has … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Boston College preivew


#1o1 R.P.I. Boston College @  #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech football returns home at the widely predicted mark of 1-1 overall, .5oo, even, or on the level. As most of the prognosticinti got that one right; and this just in, rain is … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Tennessee Eye in the Sky

This really was 2 PF's on 1 play. : (

Virginia Tech football fans, Surgeon General's warning... if you are a P.A.T.T. or feel you may be preggers with a P.A.T.T., this Eye in the Sky may not be the one for you. Probably because M.Poppins and any Owens Dining Hall spoon full of … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football preview: Tennessee Volunteers

UT O grades

#15 R.P.I. Tennessee vs. #64  R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech football packs up and heads ~124 miles west-so.west for the Battle of Bristol vs. #14th ranked Tennessee at the Bristol Motor Speedway in a deluxe and soon to be record setting  … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football: Liberty Eye in the Sky

...a game of, inches? ; )

Virginia Tech football is finally underway! No more LT3 is tall and this just in... rain is rumored to be wet pre-season the more things change the more they stay the same, drivel. The newly Christened head football coach Justin Fuente has … [Continue reading]