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2017 Belmont Stakes preview

Belmont 2017 is here and yet sans a Triple Crown threat it feels more like a N.b.a. sweeping Finals double-double threat; with one of those 10’s being chalked up in turnovers. As in this less than salty three-year old crop has sure turnedover from the Derby to the Preakness to Belmont Park. Stakes racing this […] READ MORE

Tech Thoughts: spring practice observations

The Virginia Tech Defensive Line: Virginia Tech football is done for spring and is officially into the sitzkrieg or so-called 1940’s “Phony War”, which we of the prognóstico all deign to call the off-season. The great Hokie Nation has seen this yawning festival of a movie before —whereby all real news tends to be bad […] READ MORE

2017 Preakness Stakes preview

2017 Preakness Stakes Preview: Preakness fans the middle -and shorter- leg of the 2017 A.D. Triple Crown season is upon us up in Baltimore, Maryland! This Saturday afternoon at  ~6:48pm post-time, the Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming steps off as a heavy heavy betting favorite vs. the typically smaller or about half-Kentucky Derby sized Preakness […] READ MORE

Kentucky Derby 2017 preview!

Kentucky Derby weekend is upon us courtesy of $15 mint juleps, zillion dollar -only worn once- fem’ hats, sheik sundresses and thoroughbreds turning it loose at my old Kentucky Home down in Churchill Downs on Saturday afternoon at ~6:34pm o’clock on N.B.C. Derby fans rejoice as here is your preview of what pretty well everyone […] READ MORE

Wladimir Klitschko @ Anthony Joshua boxing preview

Boxing fans rejoice; as we finally have a potential Heavyweight fight of the decade; or for just as long as this MEGA main-event, lasts. Of course the naysayers who sit obliquely (and safely) well beyond the boundaries of the crucible of truth, A.K.A. the fabled squared-circle will wish to pan all of that. Xperts everywhere […] READ MORE

Qb or not to Qb, that is the… question.

Very curiously enough, spring has officially sprung down in the -warming as I type- New River Valley. That means nights on Arnold’s back poach or over on The Balcony (T.O.T.S., to the younglings among you). It also means biology lab on Slusher Beach, going to the river or to the falls. This also means pigskins […] READ MORE