Virginia Tech basketball preview Florida State


#43 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #13 R.P.I. Florida State: Virginia Tech basketball remains road-tripping after getting basically poleaxed by Nc.State after finally cracking the Top-25 in an embarrassing, routing, of a total L on Wednesday night down … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball preview North Carolina State

Jr. sized Shaq' attack!

 #44 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #39 R.P.I. North Carolina State: Virginia Tech basketball returns to the court down on Tobacco Road after a euphorically ~50 hour span of Revenue Sports outcome hysteria after what Coach-Fu did to Arkansas and after … [Continue reading]

Tech Thoughts: Virginia Tech football’s next Qb1?

R.P.O. dreamy...

Virginia Tech football just had a great N.f.l. day; and probably a pretty bad 2017 seasonal adjustment in R.A.T.T. Atlantic Coast Collegiate terms. Godspeed to our early entries! The Evans, Bucky, Ford, Sam, and 100% of the right-side oLine … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball Buzzing over upsetting coach K and Duke!

snoopy-hny-17 … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech basketball preview Duke


#8 R.P.I. Duke @ #55 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech basketball takes to the court vs. *the* Atlantic Coast barometer or inches of hooping mercury this Saturday afternoon down in the New River Valley. The Dukies -or the alpha team that … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Belk Bowl highlights Virginia Tech=35, Arkansas=24 “LETS GO!” “Hokies!” bourbonstreet** V.A.D.A. approved … [Continue reading]

Virginia Tech football Belk Bowl Preview Arkansas

Married (very) well,1o1...

#48 R.P.I. Arkansas vs. #23 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech football goes bowling on Thursday afternoon vs. the University of Arkansas. At ~5:30pm, on ESPN, in the 75,412 Bank of America Stadium down in Charlotte North Carolina, as an -8 point … [Continue reading]