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french bread, french toast, french fries……..and…….le` game!

Football is the most important win there is; right? Pretty much. But surely the next closest is found in mens hoops. But what can our Hokies do with le` team b’street? Could we sweep them? Can they sweep us? Or should we hope for a home-at-home split? Wellllllll……..I gotta tell you……the odds don’t favor beating […] READ MORE

O.B. Eye in the Sky: (part II)

The O.B. had a second-half to it, one in which VT cut into the KU lead, and seemed close to taking control of the LOS once or twice. As our 3rd Quarter of play was prolly our best composite 15 minutes down on So.Beach. But things happen, and sometimes they happen more than once; as […] READ MORE

Orange Bowl predict: I’m fenced. As the recent Hokie news has n0t

been favorable; (V.Hall’s jet-sking tweaked Knee, Ore sitting the first 15 minutes of play, could be longer, ‘pending on who has possession to start the 2nd-Quarter). On the other hand, my KU spy’s feel pretty good, as KU was a bit of a M*A*S*H unit to close their 2007 regular season down. Therefore, they were […] READ MORE

VT is in the Aeropostale Tourney championship game, vs. St.John’s with…..

…..Chris Mullin, Bill Wennington, and of course, Lou’s famous sweater. Oh wait. That was 25 odd years ago? Yah; there is that, and how things have changed at St.John’s. But it’s still a quality D-1 hoops name that carries some real live basketball cachet, and this would still be a major Tourney championship scalp to […] READ MORE

VT up in the Mecca of all-sports arenas!

Gotham, The Big Apple, the NYC, and VT in the Madison Square-Garden house! This is a very big deal folks. This is the house that “Clyde” Fraizer and his signature lambchops used to roll cooler than kool bell-bottom right on through. The house that helped make Ali great. The house that has hosted more Tite […] READ MORE