Virginia Tech football North Carolina Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football went down to Tobacco Road and came back with a soaking wet 34-3 win over homesteading #17 North Carolina down on Tobacco Road. On a sloppy field with simultaneously sloppy play.

...not 1/2 bad, for something (2 INTs) that has never happened; before; now.

…not 1/2 bad, for something (2 INTs) that has never happened; before; now.

To me, anything and every can and probably will happen when you play a football game right on the edge of a Hurricane (Matthew, God Bless). As the presence of the absence of the still concussed star Tb (Hood) of U.n.c. mucked up my Carolina digits a bit –although I don’t like U.n.c. and you can see the byproduct of said motive in the final paragraphs call. Thank you coach God insert _____here, check! That being said, methinks the goodness, or possibly even the greatness off this 2016 suddenly pretty dang handsome looking Virginia Tech football team hangs by two threads; as it hangs precisely by #4 (on O), and his pal #57. The health of #4 + #57=our gridiron margin of error, and it also exactly equals the rest of our, year. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football North Carolina preview

 #25 R.P.I. Virginia Tech @ #12 R.P.I. North Carolina:

Virginia Tech football -now nationally ranked at #25- travels to face likewise nationally ranked #17 North Carolina this weekend at 3:30pm on A.b.c./ESPN2 and simulcast on ESPN3. In what could very well be a soggy bottom precipitous day? Which segues us neatly and rapidly into today’s word of the day…tar-heel-logo

Today’s word of the day is… elemental.




  1. Of, relating to, or being an element.
  2. Fundamental or essential; basic. Of or relating to fundamentals; elementary.
  3. Constituting an integral part; inborn.
  4. Of such character as to resemble a force of nature in power or effect
  5. See what I mean? (Presuming this Hurricane does hit | may St.Matthew bless!)

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Virginia Tech football East Carolina Eye in the Sky (part II)

Virginia Tech football did get off to an offensively pirated start that was more parts Pokey and less parts Hokie two Saturday’s ago down in the New River Valley of Blacksburg Va.

Hokie, STONED!

Hokie, STONED!

Precision was not our first 13+ minute thing; and yet then a funny thing happened along the way to the blowout (54-17) VicTory O&M candy-store.

I for one found that almost audible (pardon the pun) offensive “click” that I heard to be refreshing indeed. Or to put it another way… when was the last time you heard an initially sputtering Fighting Gobbler offense suddenly and therefore proverbially go “click”, kick that Owens Dining Hall pig, and then suddenly score 54 points over a 42 minute span? Me neither, as that high octane ~40 minute scoreboard binge was about as close to basketball on grass that Lane Stadium has been since Lane Stadium opened for gridiron business way back in 1965 A.D. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Boston College Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football just opened an entire case, no, check that; they just opened an entire gross of vacuum packed whoop-ass upside Boston College’s head. To the tune of a 49-o blowout victory at home, and the worst ass kicking Boston College has taken in 74 years. That, and if anything; Virginia Tech football plucked the Eagles good and hard or even worse than the score showed.

built Ford tough!

built Ford tough!

The Hokies smoked Boston College and Chris Coleman of is correct; the Hokie fan base needed that one like a dead man needs a coffin. As lottsa things actually improved, a few things still need a bit more O&M spit-n-polish; and yet all and all that was indeed, a totally freakin’ epic Fighting Gobbler flavored day. And oh by the way, what would Virginia Tech-48.5 have paid out at the Vegas betting window had you got that wager in by 1:29 their time?!? Me too on: wish I had; …and me neither on not even in my widest dreams. [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football Boston College preivew

#1o1 R.P.I. Boston College #67 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:bc-helmet

Virginia Tech football returns home at the widely predicted mark of 1-1 overall, .5oo, even, or on the level. As most of the prognosticinti got that one right; and this just in, rain is rumored to be wet. Yes, our beloved Hokies could have voluntarily won that one, though that is like saying the USofA was still ahead on points on December 6th, or extinguishing a burning bridge via split milk. Here we eschew that, for that matters nil…

The Hokies had their chances vs. UTenn and yet limped away from the Bristol Motor Speedway track per what film-study showed to be more or less, or rather should I say more and more, with an ugly self-inflicted wound. Said wounded team now must buck-up and avoid the likely emotional let-down trap game vs. a very defensively rugged –albeit likewise very offensively limited- Boston College football club. Yes, Virginia Tech is -6 (or a six point) home favorite in this 3:33pm ESPNU kick-off. Nevertheless, Boston College has given our beloved Hokies football fits for years as wins vs. Boston College are not technically a given, and clean or good looking wins vs. Boston College are few and far between. Read on to find out who will win, in what posits to be a potential baseball score or ugly looking football game in Lane…?

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Virginia Tech football Tennessee Eye in the Sky

Virginia Tech football fans, Surgeon General’s warning… if you are a P.A.T.T. or feel you may be preggers with a P.A.T.T., this Eye in the Sky may not be the one for you.

Red, White and You!

Red, White and You!

Probably because M.Poppins and any Owens Dining Hall spoon full of sugar does not help the bad medicine otherwise known as 10 fumbles in eight quarters of play with a pitiful 10% recovery ratio go down. Nor will we here sugarcoat six asinine, and knucklehead personal-foul or dead-ball unsportsmanlike like penalties. All 16 of those needs to get the (bleeeeeeeep) out if this 2016 Virginia Tech football team and the newly struck program itself; if we are going to get out of our very own way.

I for one found this one was a good one, right up until it was not; and then it was nearly all downhill 10-45 the ‘rong way up on “Colossus” from there. Tennessee is New Years Day bowl good; and now you know why I gave Dobbs an A— Qb rating –as he can and he did make plays; big ones at that. However, we were our very own worst enemy here and that’s not Tennessee’s fault anymore than that is not the Vol’s credit either. As we’ve got bucu things to clean up mentally and more than a few dings and dents that now have less than five days left to heal up physically. Remember; here is where real men congregate and speak truth to the power and there is a whole whole lot to say after breaking tape on this one… [Read more…]

Virginia Tech football preview: Tennessee Volunteers

#15 R.P.I. Tennessee vs. #64  R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech football packs up and heads ~124 miles west-so.west for the Battle of Bristol vs. #14th ranked Tennessee at the Bristol Motor Speedway in a deluxe and soon to be record setting  made for T.V. night.

big orange or burnt-Orange?

big orange or burnt-Orange?

The Hokies and the Volunteers will both need to improve off of what I just saw in breaking tape on each clubs’ opening game no.1. As neither debuting weeks effort will win this game no.2. The Vols may have already been playing game no.2 during game no.1 with Virginia Tech on tap next | whereas Virginia Tech must clean up so much fumbling slop and maintain pigskin integrity in order to upset S.E.C. penultimate favorite Tennessee. The key here -at least for my $o.o3 ante in the game of life- the key here will be which team improves the most from game number one to game number two. As that team will be the one to win between these two come midnight this Saturday. As it is finally time for the Battle of Bristol: so get ready for the real Hokiestone to rocky your top!!! Or was UTenn merely caught looking; ahead??? Keep on reading to find out…

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