A.c.c. Tournament preview!

#33 R.P.I. North Carolina #72 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s basketball won, again! The 2nd time in two back-to-back nites as the odds on this worked out to 28.o5%. That’s how hard it is to win in the All Championship Conference dis time of year!

The Hokies now stay put, albeit 498-miles mostly Nor-by-Nor-East, and attempt to live to fight yet another day at 9 PM Thursday night on ESPN/ESPN2. BIGGEST-name:  North Carolina enters this one at a handsome-looking 24 up against 8 down overall. While trying to get more conference-calling love in (J.I.C.), at a second place in the Atlantic Coast Championship shebang with a 15-5 inter-league record coming into this one here. This is an improved group since we saw them last, make no misQ on that one men. It will take mo’ to beat them on our N.b.a. looking 3rd game in three nites the third time’s the charm in the A.c.c. tournament’s fourth, round. Nonetheless, what you wanna know is… who is gonna win and by how much, rights? So, read on… to find, out!

North Carolina Head CoachHubert Ira Davis Jr.: Age=51, 23–8 (.742) overall, and @U.n.c. alike. Has a rep’ for: don’t know yet? Need data points here, tho’ you’d have to think recruiting and Guarding/backcourting most likely.
$600,000.oo (base;  he will be paid $750,000 per year from his agreements with Nike and Learfield IMG College, plus incentives/performance, tho’ still, had on the cheap!)

Baller Ira Davis attended Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia, averaging 28.0 points per game his senior year. After the fact, Davis went on to the University of North Carolina, where he holds the record for the highest career three-point percentage in school history. In his junior year, he helped lead the team to its first Final Four appearance since the Tar Heels won it all in 1982. After averaging 21.4 points per game his senior year, he graduated in 1992 with a degree in Criminal Justice.

In Living, Colour!

The New York Knicks then selected Davis with the 20th overall pick in the 1992 National Basketball Association Draft. He made the winning free throws after Hue Hollins called a disputed foul against Scottie Pippen in Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference semifinals against the Chicago Bulls, giving the Knicks an 87–86 win.

Davis remained with New York for four years and was traded to the Toronto Raptors before the 1996-97 season. After Toronto, Davis spent time with the Dallas Mavericks, Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, and New Jersey Nets. Davis played his final N.B.A. game in 2oo4, finishing with career averages of 8.2 points, 1.5 rebounds, and 1.7 assists per game. Davis’s nearly 44.1% N.B.A. career three-point shot percentage ranks him third behind Steve Kerr and Seth Curry. Or, living the life 1o1…

Starting in 2oo8, Davis began working for ESPN as a college basketball analyst. Then on May 2, 2o12, Davis returned to U.N.C. as an assistant under then-head coach Roy Williams. Davis also served as head coach of U.N.C.’s junior varsity basketball team, the only JV team in the A.c.c. He helped the Tar Heels win the 2o17 NC2A Men’s Basketball tournament.

Williams retired on April 1, 2o21. Four days later, on April 5, Davis was announced as the 19th head coach in Tar Heel basketball history, and the first African-American to lead the program. Although Davis had never been a head coach of a varsity team at any level, Williams had been grooming him for a head coaching job much in the same way that Dean Smith had groomed Williams during Williams’ time on the U.N.C. bench as an assistant from 1978 to 1988. For example, Williams had handed Davis the reins of the JV team in order to give him experience leading a team in real-time.

Poppa-bear Davis and his wife Leslie have three children: Elijah, Bobbie Grace, and Micah. Elijah will play college basketball for the University of Lynchburg starting in the 2o21-2o22 season.
When at the conference announcing his hiring as the UNC basketball coach, when
prompted about being the first Black UNC head coach, Davis caused public
debate by stating he’s proud to be African-American,
yet also proud that his wife is …White.
Davis is a devout Christian.


North Carolina at a glance:

  • 11th best in 3-point shooting!!! (Now=2oth!  pretty much here…)
  • 12th in Defensive-Rebounding!! (Don’t miss vs. them here.) (Now=8th!!!, ) (wow!)
  • 22nd in Rebounding Margin!! (Now=16th!!! again, pretty much , here.)
  • 37th best in shooting overall!! (Now=95th, kinda good… tho’ they have chilled out here, ).
  • 50th most personal fouls ‘whistled’ against. (Now=64th, still getting calls, plural; ).
  • NOW… down to 291st in 3-point Defense!! (UNLISTED b4… makes D-rebounding sense).
  • A sloppy joe-looking 3o5th in Turnover Margin, however! (Now=296th!!,  not much Δ).
  • This team clearly keeps the man in front and does not play the ball. (Only, 295th in spg!)
  • (3 injuries listed, Coach God thrice Bless!) And He at least Once, did.  (Only 2 listed nows).

Returning Starters=was 3 (Black sprung a starting… leak!)

North Carolina Strengths:

  • Surprisingly decent amount of Experience did return for this typically 1-n-done hoops factory program here.
  • (Lindy’s 1st-string all-A.c.c.): One #5, and Juniorfic year Armando Bacot is a 6′10″, lengthy/rangy-looking P/F Commonwealth refugee (Richmond, Va.) at 24o lbs. Bacot led IMG Academy to a prep national championship in 2o19 and he was also a member of the U18 USA Basketball national team with Cole Anthony and Coby White, winning a gold medal with the same. Before that, he won the 2o17 VISAA Division-I state champion at Trinity Episcopal School. Bacot is said to be a true internal player and nobody’s stretch-Euro-F. Bacot has excellent hands and excels on the defensive glass (nearly a tricentennial or almost 3oo d-reb’s already). Armando found about 15 lbs. of sinew last off-season and this helped him drop you a then team-pacing 11.7 points per nite with 7.6 rpg and he led the way in SWAT team work with .8 swats on a sparkling team-besting 62.2% overall. This year he was still bettering himself… up to 16.1 ppg with 12.1 rpg, on 1.6 apg a swipe and nearly 1.6-full swats. 63% this campaign, with only his free-throwing (65.9%) may be tailing a bit. (That’s past tense earlier this campaign shooting); present tense=57.5% from the floor. This kid’s prolly a Pro’, although it does look like he could add another 5 lb. plate or more and fill in a bit more upstairs to me. Tho’ he has a right-elbow-ding (St.Julia) bless history and maybe that is messin’ with that, here? (And oh-yes, did Eye mention the Dimetrodon or Jurassic Park hairstyle, yet?) Overall, he looks about the same to me physically, his measurable did NOT move at all this off-season may or may not be a good thing. The hair however gets you a FREEbe all-day mandatory entry pass into Jurassic Park. Dropping and rolling dimes, foreshadowing, intended! Tho’ Mister Bacot is good, prolly very— the only remainder calculus is… is he, great? Lindy’s named him: A.c.c.’s Best Rebounder pre-season and that could be a hint… (UPDATE: this kid was good when I wrote this— this kid is now starting to flirt with being great… legit).
    (UPDATE2: Bacot has been babcocked for the last 1.75 games with a cockeyed coccyx | YIKES and St.DeClan bless! And was listed as: “QUESTIONABLE” for our last one down there).
    (UPDATE3: … tailed off a bit, pardon the pun… since we did actually face the ailing version of him last… makes you wonder where that reptilian tailbone is cocked?)
  • (Lindy’s 3rd-string All-A.c.c.): 6′5″, 195 lb. nugget or 2nd-year Caleb Love is only the 2o2o Gatorade High School Player of the Year in Missouri; and yes he will meet you in St.Louie as that’s his home-crib, yo’. Love gave the scholastic box-score a lotta 3rd-base loving. Tho’ he never won the home-run state title-wise as a high 20-something ppg pure outburst type of H.S. scorer. Go fig’ on that for your #1 alpha kid state-wide? He is also whispered to be a crack mini-golfer (no bleep), and yet some scouting services list him as mo’ parts One and less parts lead-G. He has a very odd habit of dunking with his right-middle finger wrapping the rim, he is said to have tight handles, and he has real live depth to his J (in theory). This along with a now second-best 15.5 ppg, on 3.1 rpg with a team mastering 3.6 apg… and it kinda makes you one’der what home-position this kid really is or best is best suited two? That… and his former 31% overall has risen up to a now serviceable 39.1% and an exceptionally streaky game-log this season tell you just how hawt-n-cold this kid can run. Likewise, he can shoot at times… 83.2% free-throwing and a useful-looking 41.3% from triuneville speak to this. Tho’… the shooting inversion (3 >>> floor) is never a righteous look. Thus making c.Love your Agent Mulder or X-factor here. Caleb however… has shrunk 1″ this offseason and yet he did not add a single solitary, oz. Go fig’ on dat? (UPDATE: every, single, thing… I tracked… dropped.  or downgraded here).
  • R.J. Davis is a 6′, 17o lb. Point-G. Davis gets you: 13.5 ppg with 3.7 rpg, 3.4 apg, 1.0 spg, all of which is on a pretty tight 41.3% from three-point-land. This one vends a Koufax or lefty look from his unorthodox shooting stance. (Which only helps on D). He also fields a twist top with big azz Samuel L. Jax lamb chops served up on the side. You are Sophomorically visually warned, here. Academic All-ACC team honoree is always a most welcome Qb1 of your hoopology O look. +1 u.n.c.edu point awarded accordingly, here. Prior… R.Jay was only named: the 2o2o Gatorade High School Player of the Year in New York and he was also only named: New York’s Mr. Basketball! That does not suck, might even be a clue of sorts… so might Davis’ 26.5 points, 8.0 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 2.1 steals along the way to back-to-back NYC and NY-State championships alike! Dang… that counts. As did his breaking of a lotta regional scholastic scoring markers along the way. Said to be a pretty good football and futball (soccer) baller as well. And his dad scored 2,118 points (without a three-point shot) from 1982-86 at Mercy College and still holds the Manhattan school’s career scoring record. Dang, and that counts too. As the D.N.A. might just be double-helix N.B.A here. ESPN’s 43rd baller overall and yet only 9th best One or Point-G in his class; (curious, n’est-ce pas?). Whispers say he can lockdown defend, and he has several halting awards on his resumé for it to boot. 48% from the floor is quite reasonable at this stage of his career. This Davis kid is a keeper, the only question is where does the next-level keep, him? (UPDATE: everything did drop… by mere tenths… so, this is close to a level or ⇔ grader here).
    Dimetrodon… dino… much?!?
  • 6′9″, 233 lb., grad’-year Brady Manek, P/F and (Lindy’s 2nd-string All-A.c.c.): 6′11″, 238 lb., super-Soph’ Dawson Garcia, P/F… add up to mo’ than skate-8 and donate at the Four spot upfront for U.N.C. (Mind you, Duke’s size just wore on us… recall…) b.Manek drops you: 13.7 ppg with 5.7 rpg on 47.9% from the floor and a respectful 38.4% from long. d.Garcia (DID) nets you: 9 ppg with 5.5 rpg on right at 4o.5% overall and 37.5% from deep. Manek is doing his BEST Bill Walton look impersonation. Seriously, a big-red gum N.I.L. sponsorship and a V.W. bus are the only things missing here. I mean, this dood looks like he just fell off the Woodstock, Ny. turnip truck— and did not feel a thang. Third-team Academic All-America nationwide married to All-Big-8 Academic team is a tight double-double look. As this ex-post-facto Boomer Sooner is prolly a 1st-option kinda guy anywhere else. Also courted and perfected 4.o G.P.A. in H.S. and he dunks a lot, too. Garcia is let another southpaw pitcher and he keeps two big old icy-white bling-bling earrings (one per side… not sure what that is nearly 2o22 code fo’?) Anywho… this Marquette transfer Four has a pretty good-looking floor game. Like he was a handling S/F or 2-Guard in another life. Minnesota’s Mr. Basketball Award winner and he keeps a gold medal from playing for Team USA. Where he only pocketed the Most Valuable Player honors in the 2o19 U-18 3×3 World Cup in Mongolia. Who knew we even had dat? That said, Garcia was the 49th ranked recruit in America; outta ‘Sota where his H.S. digits were good enough, he just never won much of anything. Which is a curiosity, if not at least a pink flag here. Strange… stranger yets is his hottest-coldest output routine. As he hits for 20’s or you can count his scoring on one hand— with not much to be found in between. Streaky-streak or a Ray Stevens‘ kinda baller fo’ sho’. (UPDATE1: That squarely struck, Maneck has been en fùego “hot-hot-hot” Coach Buster Poindexter ball recently). (UPDATE2: Maneck is one of the few late year bettering starters in hoops… shooting has noticeably moved, right.  here!) (UPDATE3: hommie just went totally 1st-half kra-kra haywire vs. u.V.a., HOT baller here gents!)

North Carolina Weaknesses:

  • Well, ahhhhhh, looooottttta Talent(s) (still) lives here.
  • How well do they mesh/work together in a new era/system(s), however?
  • However, all my preseason mag’s say this is a frontcourt-heavy and backcourt-thin program. Don’t cry for me Roy Allen Williams vacationing in… Argentina.
  • Sizey 2-Guard, true-Fr. Puff Johnson (grate name!) is out for a spell with a turned Ankle (St.Philip bless). Out as well would be his stretchy 6′8″, 2o5 lb. fame. And all of its lopsided perimeter and post-up match-up advantages as well.
  • Dawson Garcia: 6′111″, 235 lbs., Soph., of career ~13 ppg and 6-n-change rpg digits… (over at: Al McGuire Land or Marquette) is listed as: “Garcia is tending to a family medical issue, and he is expected to miss the remainder of the season.” Yikes!
    A couple of days back Dawson issued the following statement his ownself: “After the loss of several very special family members this past year, I came close to losing my dad in December and my grandma is currently in the I.C.U.,” Garcia posted on Twitter. “With my dad recovering and my grandma fighting for her life, it’s not even a question to me where I need to be right now. My family is my world and I will always be there for them. The past few months have quickly changed my perspective on life and I have put this into God’s hands and trust His guidance.
    Shew! Coach God Bless/Godspeed!
  • Nevertheless… ^this^ is a significant departure down low in the post for the Coach Picasso painting Heels. Dang… krazy world right now, ain’t it?
  • …and yet then upon a T.G.I.F. double-check… U.n.c. is ‘whispered’ to be back to thrice injured. Come’on Coach God— git, dat, work! As now listed is: 6′8″, now 22o lb., big ole Wing or near S/F gone ‘tweener: Justin McKoy. (QUESTIONABLE: with what the resourcing is calling some kinda trick-knee. St.Nikon bless!) Also, questionable, would be his: end of the bench: 1.1 ppg with 1.5 rpg on 0.5 apg. 22% shooting and 25% from behind the arc prolly ain’t super missed. Tho’ Justin was logging spot minutes per half and did play (if not tally) a bit. As in… U.n.c. just got frontcourt even, thinner.  hooVa transfer; keeps several ear-blings. Tore it up and emerged post-H.S. out on the Prep-School circuit. Mid-to-high-20’s in ppg does not suck at any level. North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association’s Player of the Year has never sucked no matter the (Prep pick) level. Big ole smile on tape… A.c.c. Academic Honor Roll proppers insert here: (____), check! 247Sports’ 229th baller overall. Said to be something of a Point-F, with a high hoops I.Q. and a fluid player more so than pure kinetic freaky-freak. Godspeed McKoy!

u.N.cBench: (depth=6 or 7)
(Do not let the benchmark metrics fool yah; they are lowered as P.T. is spread out, here).

BENCH: was right at 2 peeps for Tourneying hooVa F.Y.I.
(…and they did not do much of anything or lend themselves to much help at all).

Leaky Black -grate grate grate name- is a 6′8″, now 2oo lb., final-season, bean-pole baller who has a history of left-ankle rolls (may St.Philip make that alright). Tho’ he did amass just a little bonus right-mass this off-season; finally. Leaky did pocket a title leading Cox Mill to the 2018 3-A state championship (Nc.) And he sure seems the highlight tape part. As a strong off-the-dribble guy who seems capable of more than 4.9 ppg and 4.4 rpg to me in pure athletic/kinetic terms alone. As he was a towering H.S. Qb1 who got a few eye-catching long-looks Pivotally speaking here. As this is a diverse, defending, and distributing Wing whose taking is not (really) his problem. Although his 2o% from 3-point land just does not mesh well with his: 41.2% from the floor and 86% FTA’s at all. Or, at least it did not… as Leaky is all patched-up now, what with: 50% overall and 41.4% when dialing long-distance. WOW. Helluva a betterment here… As this guy is another micro-me M.J. Great mid-range and only so-so or less from long. (UPDATE: VERY few subs resurface from this… deep. ⇑⇑ 1st-ever double-dip upvote, hip!)

Senior, 6′5″, 21o lb. Ryan McAdoo -yes, he is related- is an unusual r-Jr. season Florida Gulf Coast University to U.n.c. transfer basketballer. As Ry’ (same as Leaky) has that *it* or vertical look-n-feel to his game as a pure Three or S/F. His poppa-bear {sic: Bob} was merely the No. 2 pick in the N.b.a. Draft, was only the N.b.a. Rookie of the Year in 1973, the Associations’ MVP in 1975, and a five-time All-Star. Senior McAdoo -who was instant offense and rebounding off the Showtime pine- won N.b.a. titles with the Lakers as a player in 1983 and again in 1985. Accordingly, a lot is legacy expected here. (More than his careerist: 1 ppg and .2 rpg (no typo’s) I mean). That said, Ry’ did finally put some meat on his wheat and some meat in his, seat. Looks noticeably stronger to me on film. (UPDATE: Ryan appears to have fallen outta rotational favor… so “I” for incomplete).

…the ‘post‘ game is where you really, score!

Anthony Harris, a 6′4″, 195 lb. Woodridge, Va. in-state escapee was also said to be out for the year (left-knee meniscus, St.Nikon help here too) last season. Well, until he came, back. C0meback is his sniper-like marksmanship shooting that generated 7 ppg on 43% long and 88% from the charity stripe last year. Now down to 2.6 ppg on 6o% deep and 88.9% from the free-throw-line makes you wonder if he came back too soon in linear terms? (As: he had apparently used what looked like a wrap-around gray-shirt season to me… tho’ that does not count this campaign, right?) As this kid can flat out shoot… and it makes you wonder what he’d be shooting on 2-good-wheels? (UPDATE: now listed as: “OUT”, some say for the duration, reason(s)=”unspecified”. Godspeed here!) (One source says this could be his 2nd-blown-A.c.l., one per each side, St.Culbreth triple-double, Bless!!! Dangnation…)

Kerwin Walton G (no relation… he be keepin’ a medium-complected tan); Kerwin is a 6′5″, 21o lb., double-Sophomore shooting-G. He is a 2019 ‘Sota State Champ’ and a rook-card badminton player on the side (no joke). On the hardwood he has a rep’ for marksmanship; tho’ his substitute metric of 31.1% long accurately does not so well pop-quiz, attest. Kerwin also nets you now bettering 4.2 ppg, with 1.3 rpg and .7 apg. The vibe here is that he can also pass pretty well and defend (1 spg) very well and the 94% FT-shooting last season only led the A.c.c. Did Eye mention the gold-medal free-throwing yet? 100% this season! Twenty-one game on dat! As this kid is a pure sniper and if he continues to matriculate as a stopper and facilitator? There will be a 3-n-D foreign gym home for him. Although his output is nearly cut in ½ thus far this year. Makes you wonder if he is dragging some flavor of ding/dent along a bit… as he’s a better baller than this. His own history says so. (UPDATE: getting mo’ P.T. and scoring a bit mo’ for it of late…  vote here; as this G is an interesting Two, in forward-2o24-facing, terms).

Upsetting basketball factory and mighty North Carolina is all about what(s)???

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Heels who could shoe-in @Tech=all?

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is

not to be too taken with our mediumcase legs on short-rest vs. a pretty dang jumped-up squadron from North Carolina.

As Tobacco Row is indeed a tough row to… hoe. (cough-cough…)

o-3-1 says so.

As that is our marker in halves this year vs. Nor.Carolina head-to-head.

The spurious thingy being… they have only beaten us by 4, by 6, by 8, and then by none per/half.

Not exactly rubbing-one-out, unfiltered, or kicking our… butts, right?

I mean… Eye wanna smoke them just as much as you do.
NOT one of my favorites of all time.
Make no mistake there… K?

Nevertheless, we is not the rightful favorite here…
…and yet what if we are peaking at JUST the right, time?


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a whopping –25-point VomiT in this one here. And let me tell you, bring your Dramamine for motion-offense-sickness here. As this Fourm Guide was literally all over the place. VeeTee was better head-to-head recently. Then U.n.c. was better. Then VeeTee got back in it a little bit; before U.n.c. was reasonably better to close the most latent calculus out. OR AT LEAST THEY DID… then I went back and updated the closing games and their populative margin shrank down to a mere 5-point VomiT period! U.n.c. stayed pretty good to close the year, in particular on O. As they can really put the biscuit in the basket; granted. It is rather that V.Tech got better here-n-there, a little there, and a little here overall. Nothing astounding when I ran the categories, mo’ like a slow-creep of generic improvement overall. Or… coaching the verb.

That science-fact firmly in place… U.n.c. did beat dat damn roundball round-robin azz at times here-in-there. P.E.TA. and Audubon both rendered saline-solution leaks plural when U.n.c. was truly getting it on and feeling their… sexxy (on O). So, there is that… the elite fighting-trim (fully offensive) version of Nor.Carolina will be a tough nut to crack. Even for a possibly peaky VeeTee. And yet… per capita, this did work out to a near single-shot contest or a .29411-point near sister-kissing push. (the Louisville rout really cut into everything if you are wondering inloud @home).

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up a whooping +1% in shooting percentage margin (only from D, as the opposing O’s were in a virtual 1/10th dead-heat here); with V.P.I. up another +4% in 3-point percentage margin (pretty close to evenly or +2% between O & D alike), and yet Nor.Carolina was up a noticeable +6 in corraling caroms in rebounding margin for the duration. (Both were positive annually in backboarding, it was just that U.n.c. was way more P.A.T.T. or about ¾’ers on the half-full if you will).

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… the Hokies are now up a staggering +1% in shooting percentage margin (courtesy of: +3% on O against 2% looser on D); then again, up another offing +1% in 3-point percentage margin (this time per: +4% on O and yet 3% softer on D), and then the t.Heels are still up +6 in Windex Wipes in rebounding margin in the last fortnight of ball. (Caveat being: the F’n Gobblers have been up a pretty fair to middling +6 in fiberglassing margin of late, and this is their roofing for the ceiling for the year (by far) in Recency Effect terms. U.n.c. is still quite rebound-dating good, and yet VeeTee has never been this good all year long! Not even close in all candor).

“THX” @Coach God!!!

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

Man with hand in pocket 24-hour feel, Cocky, all… day!” –Coach Confucius
a.Babcock is averaging 18 & 14 vs. us this campaign!
(That’s rpg & ppg, actually; wow!)

Whereas c.Love is only netting nearly 23/game on us as scoring goes.

That all rightfully struck… the **** and ***** (4 or 5-star) ‘heel bench you ask? Averaging, 2.5 ppg vs. us if you are keeping score @home…

… whereas our 3-star pine squad is out-scoring them,
by an unexpected +840% in substitution mode.

That squarely struck… the all-galaxy ‘heels are up a whopping +18 rebounds overall vs. us, already! They are up a hurtful +175% on the offensive glass, while defensive-rebounding is shockingly even-stevens thus far! (Go fig’ on dat…)

VeeTee is a .6oo as a Swiss; whereas U.n.c. is .25o as a neutral.
U.n.c. is up +2% at the charity stripe for the year.
U.n.c. is up +5 in R&R in the last week!

The Call

No.32 Net Ranking North Carolina vs. no.36 Net Ranking Virginia Tech:

9:34 kickoff!

So, here’s a VERY late nite change of pace… Eye’ma gonna cut straight to the bottom of the deck sleepyhead, place…

  • virginia woulda been a noticeably mo’ efficacious match-up in the A.c.c. Semi’s.
    This is their least great team in many a year— and they lack kinetics nearly as much as us/VeeTee.
  • u.N.c. on the other hand lacks head-game(s) at times. Sometimes they are right; and sometimes they too are a yawning festival of collective (“I may not get the ball back“), effort(s).

And yet Nor.Carolina is one other thang… they is… dynamics.

We is statics.

And I doubt our 125-minute pretty hard running legs is getting any twitchier or burstier as Eye “Good Nite Irene” types.


Our one and only chance is a scorching shooting nite and U.n.c. downshifting into their 1st or 2nd-gear head-game; which they can do. (Just ask: betting punked by less Talented: Tennesee, Miami, Wake Forest. Then getting punked by as Talented: Purdue. Then getting punked by possibly mo’ Talented: Duke).

As U.n.c got beaten by virtually double-digits in every L less N.Dame. They got run by between 9-points and run outta the building by 22 to 29 points in a bizarro and unWorthy looking 38% of those pretty outta step L’s for the Heel’s.

What I and ‘sleepy’ Sam Perkins mean is… the dippy version of these Heel’s that has stones plural in their Nike shoes shows up and who knows? We may have a hot-shooters shot?

The *real* version of U.n.c. shows up?

The one that has tallied between 84 and 94 ppg in their last 20-days of running ball?


And our tired legs could very well get run outta the Barclays building,
final-15 to 10 odd minutes here.

👣 >>> 🏀 >>> 🦃


(67% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=66, North Carolina=77

please support the VT F.C.A.!