Boston College football preview!

#89 R.P.I. Virginia Tech #53 R.P.I. Boston College:

Boston College Head CoachJeff Hafley: age=45, (21–23 overall and @B.C.); has a rep’ for Defense itself and the Secondary in particular. Also said to be an Ace at game prep, and an Energizer bunny type of coach.

And oh yes, he just inked the #1, that’s no.1 B.C. recruiting class, ever!
Did I mention the alpha recruiting, yet?

Baller Hafley was a four-year letterman (1997–2ooo) as a Wr1 on the Siena Saints football team and graduated in 2001 from Siena College with a bachelor’s degree in history. He earned a master’s degree from the University at Albany, SUNY in 2oo3. A Cum Laude History degree; so, this is not a stereotypical dum’ jock.

Home team 1o1…

Before entering the N.f.l. ranks, Hafley spent 11 years on the collegiate sidelines with coaching stints at W.P.I., or at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2001), Albany (2002–05), Pittsburgh (2006–10), and Rutgers (2011). While at Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights were the ninth-ranked passing defense in the country and Duron Harmon earned first-team All-Big East honors and Logan Ryan received second-team accolades. Both Harmon and Ryan were drafted by and played for the New England Patriots. Additionally, you can see where recruiter Hafley has some inherent in situ P.R. type juice already Nor.-by-Nor-East hooked up and good to go.

In 2012, Hafley made his N.f.l. coaching debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He joined the Bucs as an assistant defensive backs coach and spent 2013 as the secondary coach/Fs/Ss. In 2013, Hafley oversaw a unit that helped Tampa Bay finish tied for third in the N.f.l. with 21 interceptions. On January 27, 2014, Hafley was hired by the Cleveland Browns to coach the secondary. Hafley would remain in this role for 2 seasons (2014–15), before being relieved of his duties due to a coaching overhaul. On January 24, 2016, Hafley was hired by the San Francisco 49ers’ new head coach Chip Kelly to coach the defensive backs. In 2019, he was hired to be the co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State. Hafley quickly established himself as one of the best recruiters in the country, truly. He has a rep’ of: “a monster” defensive coach in the coaching sewing circles. And, he can also ink studs to LOI (letters of intent); what with being ranked ninth overall recruiter for the 2020 national recruiting class by On December 13, 2019, he was hired to be the head coach at Boston College after the firing of Steve Addazio.

Finally, from what Eye can gather/glean? This is one well-loved coach… in; house. Staffers,, administrators, and media alike all sing coach Haf’s praise. And where there is that much smoke there is bound to be some smores, fire. (Not since ½ past Frank has Eye heard of it on this level, either. So, you’d have to think he is doing something(s), right… Godspeed to any leftover/refugee good guy still fighting the good ’22, fight!)

Pappi Hafley is the father of two daughters, Hope (born 2016) and Leah (born 2019);
and so is his wifey, ‘Gina.

2021 record: 3 up 9 down and 2-6 in the A.c.c.; i.e., Last… as in, place.

 Defense: (starters back=8)

  • 46th in Total D.
  • 1ooth vs. the run.
  • 18th vs. the throw.
  • Does ^this^ remind you of anyone, already?
  • 83rd in Passing Efficiency.
  • 127th in zone D!!! wow!
  • Not much in dLine Havoc. (from below): when you cannot run the ball; and then when you cannot stop the same… all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. As BeeCee was very rushing user-friendly last year in ’22. This year in ’23 and… The Edge however is rather reasonable… what with De1: Donovan Ezeiruaku. As the 6′2″, 255-pounder from New Jersey has racked up 15.5 sacks and 22.o TFL (tackles for a loss) in the last year-n-a-half give/take. He is downright noteworthy, if not strong itself. Along with him we see, athletic/bursty Dt1 transfer George Rooks from Michigan. Georgie adds more athleticism inside, Stud-Edge rusher De1a, Shitta Sillah is back after being out with a shoulder injury (St.Christopoher bless). As that’s a solid starting 75% as 1’s go; though the 2’s have a ways to go behind them. Edges are stronger here; tho’ Shit’ is dinged up and that could even that out.
  • Not much in Linebacking Havoc. Lb1a, Vinny DePalma, and Lb1b Kam Arnold, who combined for 162 stops last season, are back on the OLb’s edge. Internally and Mike1b Bryce Steele (51 tackles, 5.5 TFL) is expected to take on a starting role in the middle. These are adequate to solid 1’s in the film room. They are not great any mo’ than then ain’t ½-bad. Not studs; solids. MisQ free, reliable, more so than vaunted or starry. Bryce Steele and Jaylen Blackwell are good options to find roles somewhere, and they may make a northward play here-n-there.
  • Not much in Secondary Havoc. 2 quality starters are gone here (Cb1 & S1). Cue: transfers: Cb2, Khari Johnson (Arkansas), Cb1, Alex Washington (Harvard: 2o22 Phil Steele Ivy Second-Team), and hybrid-Nickle-Cb1, Victor Nelson (Long Island, a: F.C.S. Sophomore All-American) coming in to try to sure hind-3 things back-up. So, to speak… however, there is starting Talent here. Woulda liked to get a looksee at them early on before they began to settle down and settle in. Holdover now Corner1b, Elijah Jones is a very handy guy who breaks up or deflects a lotta throws. Really plays the ball well downfield. Still yet, 1’s rebuilds aside, this is said to be a: ‘thin’ group overall.
    Cb is probably better than the midfielders here.
    Award-winning Elijah Jones is on the cusp of stardom here; he really on the come of late. +1 @him.
BeeCee Base 4-3: very forward facing, observe!
  • D overall: Here too -same as the O whistles down below- old is new again. As Tem Lukabu is off to the N.f.l. pur the Carolina Panthers. Aazaar Abdul-Rahim and Sean Duggan were promoted from within as co-coordinators, although they’re not expected to change much from a schematic perspective. So, maybe the (re)Learning and Experience Curves are not as curvaceous as you might expect. Still yet,
  • (film-study):
    Saw me a neutral base forty-three. That is not Man pressing/jamming, skared. This tells you they trust their recovery speed; and/or, they feel they can get to you quickly enuff. Not so much on the second part this year; hardly at all.
    They did seem to be keying or lockpicking well. Well-schooled on where/when to fil. Tackle well too. D does play the ‘ball, not the man. They will take a few risks here. Tho’ they play D (not O) for a reason(s), erstwhile known as their hands. They cannot catch a cold in January.
    D gets set very late off of whatever sideline calls they are waiting to be signaled in. NO huddle and Series looks would enjoy a runny-go at that.
    D also has a twenty look with 2, 2-point-stancing Des. And they sure underflood anything and everything in coverage. They dare you to beat them long— something our Qb1 is only about 11% at. Lottsa congestion in/around the Ot-box lurks here. Kinda the same as their O, they wanna check your whiskers and see if you can whoop ’em internally. Or get over the top externally.
    That said… tho’ solid at times, and dependable at others. NOTHING wowed or wooed me here. Very okay to okay+++ D. And yah; it could be worse… it is not spectacular and not even very good at times upon breaking tape. Their metrics surprised me a mite. This is a nice to solid D. Not much north of that.
  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=79% (13th). Nobody is your conflict defender here. VERY inert team. Wet-powder abounds. 759. That would be BeeCee’s Σ or Total Rushing yardage in ’22, and that would be ungood. With fiddy or 5o% of their ’22 rushing majors (TDs) tallied vs. the declawed D-1aa Maine, Bears! Dang…
    Overall… kinda a stiffy D. Not much bend in it. Lotta vanilla being their favorite colour here. (Halves or Cf covering long).
    Can King-Tut’, Lane, and Drones test it on the edge or via breaking, contain???

Defensive letter-grade:

beta stats thingy

➕1⃣ bonus point hereby ’23 BeeCee awarded for their Bandanna Style striping or piquing on their pants this season. Neat-o.

Offense: (returning starters=)

  • 47th in Total O.
  • 9th in ground O!!
  • 1ooth in aerial O!
  • Does, ^this^ remind you of anyone, too?
  • 91st in Passing Efficiency O.
  • 50th in zone O.
  • Rb(s): In ’22 the clipped Eagles ranked dead last in the Football Bowl Subdivision in rushing offense (63.2 ypg); 131st best if you are keeping score @home. That’s not good— and this jus’ in… rain is rumored to be, wet. Still yet, there is only one way to go from here; right(s)? Ergo, therefore, to wit; Eye hereby forecasts an improved BeeCee run-O in ’23 (on: 11.July.23). Looks like Eye was right… again… LOL.
    Qb1 (see below): is actually your ’23 Rb1. Which typically encodes south of Rb1, epic.
    Rb2, Pat Garwo III is still about… albeit he be hobbled (right-foot, St.Sebastian bless) of late.
    Patrick Garwo III (5′8″, now a learner 21o lbs., r-Sr.) is a human Smith-rack or a darty good squat rusher. As hommie looks like he’s got at least a smallmouth bass stapled to his arms… maybe a Nor.Pike? Strong kid in the northern hemisphere, who does not seem his listed height on tape to me. Still, yet, his former/healthier ≅6-yards/carry is a first down every two tries. That does not suck— tho’ #24 does wear down in-game from 1Q:2Q and again 3Q:4Q. Ditto he has shed nearly 2 ypc from September to October! So, Patty needs some O2 masking downtime in-game or some love from another Rb or Wr. This is from the #1 Keystone State (Pa.) ranked Rb three years back who was #21 overall in America (per: Rivals). As nearly 4K rushing in his final two scholastic seasons says so. Tho’ and in all fairness, it is righteous to type that Garwo went from being buried as Rb4 on the depth chart to becoming BeeCee’s bell cow and the 19th Eagle in history to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season two years back. That’s a rising-up or undertaker W.E.E. look and a lotta Rb4’s in D-1 wish they had those problems. He good, though his bad wheel has really nagged his ’23 thus far.

    Short stuff 1o1…

    Stepping it up has been… de facto Rb1: Kye Robichaux. Koolio surname, Scrabble Points to boot. Anywho… Kye is a 6′, 219 lb. r-third-year, Western Kentucky ex-Rb1 who has moved New England on up. A Jeffersonian Rb1 if you will. (Get it?).  As their Rb1 was 3rd-strung All-CUSA. He good too. Has a CUSA bling for it in tow too. He has a takes a shine to the limelight rep’. He had really good -almost great- scholastic digits. 4o5th ranked baller overall (Rivals). May have been a little bit overlooked for it. Though he got pretty much detonated last week and it remains to be seen where his head-game is this week. (St.Demos help)!
    That said… both of these guys -if they can both or each go- are pretty much the same: straight-ahead, willful, hard to tackle when they get it going guys.
    Rb3: Alex Broome: is a mucho smaller guys. Tho’ a plucky 5′6″ and 196 lb. sparkplug sawed-off grinder in his own right. #2o however courts massive pipes. Like all he does is shoulders and curls. 41st baller in the state (Tenn.) that some thought to be a reach take on the little guy. National Honors Society and Mr. Tennessee Football did not suck. Neither do his soft hands in the throw-fits. Tho’ he still lowercase P5 big-time ball, sm-all. Time=tell… tho; he is sweating/ferrous and weight-room willing to be sure.
    (UPDATE: Pat is DOUBTFUL (possibly ’23 DONE) and Kye is  QUESTIONABLE, yikes & Coach God Bless!)
    (UPDATE2: Broome is said to be QUESTIONABLE as well with ‘undisclosed’, wow; Godspeed at Rb4). He has been dinged off/on all year back to since week no.2. (Shoulder, St.Christopher help).

  • Qb1: enter: r-Soph’, Emmett Morehead: a 6′5″, 244 lb., kinda sturdy looking hippy-haired Californication flavored mate who threw for 1,754 yards and 1o TD’s in 1o games on 4 starts last year after replacing his battered predecessor. As E.M. picks (bad pun) up where he left off after he took the ’22 starting reins right as rain for the nearly always dinged/dented (Godspeed) Philly Jurkovec. Em’ is a: Alexandria, Va. native/escapee. A pocket-passing one. Morehead (funny), had a decent regional offer list. Private school kid too, (V.E.S.) which may have held him back a bit recruiting/advertising-wise. Tho’ only 52nd in-state. Has long-ass Tarzan canelo flowing locks, and the Co.Ed ovHER bet is prolly a good one on him. Good size (6′5″, 233 lbs., gray-shirt rookie). As his father played football and was on the crew team at Princeton while his mother was a member of the Princeton basketball team. So, the physicality and the fiscality are Ivy League inherent enuff. Surfer in his spare time, a guitar plucker as well. -18 rushing, married to: 40% passing, and a 0:0 ratio is not a lotta film/data points for me to extract. Still yet, the vibe is Hafley likes Moorehead, and which guy does not? Did I mention his surname yet? As Em’ seems to have some velocity/arm talent on what little tape I could find. As he sat himself H.S. cv19 down for 2o2o. Which says sompthin’-sompthin’ about an ‘m’ ‘e’ in “TEAM” to me. Emmett Morehead is a very big, very promising passer who got his feet wet over the last month of the season. He won’t move much, planted. Kinda statue ‘esque. Though he is a pocket-passer by trade and he can sling it down the field. On the flip side, backup Qb2, Thomas Castellanos -a package deal transfer from U.Cent.Fla- is a rather dangerous Pivot rusher when he takes off. 56.3% passing from the small-built (5′1o″, 188 lb.) tho’ big ole 70s free-flow afro Qb2. So, there is that if the BeeCee run-shapes are not ’23 shipshape.
    …this new Qb1 Jack is NOT a dull, boy.

    And yet now we sees… Thomas Castellanos as your spearhead (leading rusher) Qb1 for ’23 BeeCee.
    This being a (seemingly) even mo’ overreaching pick as the 663rd baller overall (Rivals) and the mere 56th baller in-state (Georgia). WoW. That… or BeeCee’s L-n-Found dept. must be aces in excavating emeralds in the rough.
    Anywho… this Tommy-knocker is a: mere 5′1o″, 191 lb., true-Soph. baller by way of U.Cent.FLA. Who transferred in, in the off-season. Some thought him a Cb1 prospect, though his scholastic dual-threat digits: (Four-year starting quarterback-one at Ware County, Ga., Where he threw for 7,71o career yards, and ran for 3,681) seem pretty dang threatening to little ole me.
    Among other finds… really liked the Braveheart face paint, some Mr. Worf warrior (or prune juice) lives in this kid. Swaggy/streety kid. Has a couple of Mercedes. Has a sculpture of his sparky bouncy-looking: (French) Bulldog. Had the audacity to describe himself as: “1-way, ‘odd'”. Eye like that. And think of that as their very own Cobra-Ky’, albeit a bit juicier or selfie-jacked-up. This IS his Qb1 pet spot. Make no misQ on whose huddle this F’n Eagle is.
    As for the ‘ball side itself… he has a Naturally strong arm. Not as accurate as it is strong. He pulls the rock; quick, and takes off. Kinda a J.Evans under Fu’ at this. He is an ATH playing Qb1. This after starting in H.S. terms as a Cf1 in seams and as a Pt.Guard1 in hoops. His mechanics can get a little textbook ill. Though he is also closing in on a nifty 1K rushing and 2K passing and that 3K does not collectively, suck. (Mo’ below on Spitting the Difference)…

  • Wr’s/Te1: The biggest challenge this offseason was be finding a replacement for star Wideout1 Zay Flowers. U.Cent.Fla. Wr1 transfer (5′1o″, 172 lb.) Ryan O’Keefe has a similar style and with more than 183 catches in the past two seasons combined for the Knights. Ry’ could step up as the go-to receiver. Dino Tomlin –son of NFL coach Mike Tomlin– and Joseph Griffin Jr. should also via to become primary targets. Notre Dame transfer Te1, George Takacs is one of the better pass-catching Te’s in the A.c.c. Good hands people or a 3rd-down get to the sticks insurance Te1 here. A possession Te1 -if there is such a thing- here; who at: 6′7″, 247 lbs. is something of a mini-me folding Ot3 on the edge.
  • oLine: 80% of some1’s ’22 starters return here. Though not all return from BeeCee itself. Upfront and we see that former All-A.c.c. G1, Christian Mahogany is back after missing all of last season with a knee injury (St.Nikon help). He is/was a Pro’, Coach God, and 1.9+ good knees willing. And he is joined by transfers right-G1, Kyle Hergel (Texas State, All-Sun Belt Third Team, who does resemble the roly-poly sloped-shoulder part) and VHT (very highly touted) Ot1, Logan Taylor (virginia) to reshape what was one of the worst offensive lines in the country. There is a smattering of star power here… though this is an uneven-looking oLine Talent-wise to me upon breaking tape. 3-kinda to pretty good and 2-dips after that. Tho’ the 1’s are mix-n-match versatile in a pinch. However, the 2’s are even further beneath the Top-5 by a way as well. This is all from the 126th in Pass-Pro’ or sacks allowed ’22 crew mind yah. Sophomore C1, Drew Kendall and Junior Ot2, Ozzy Trapilo both return… and are a year older; Eye guess? Prolly helps assignment/misQ reduction-wise from otherwise average-looking guys. As the coaching sewing circle whispers deigned to gloss’ this oLine as: “shaky”. And that is seldom -if ever- a good blocking look.
  • Rb(s): Pat Garwo III led the ’22 way with a paltry looking 4o3 yards averaging three yards per pop. The Eagles ran for just six touchdowns, and three of them came against Maine. There won’t be any production coming from the Qb as dual-threat(s) go either. Pat Garwo III is your mail carrier here, and then Alex Broome and Xavier Coleman (no Chris relation) get a handful+ of touches per contest after that. Patrick Garwo III (5′8″, 218, Jr.) is a human Smith-rack or a darty good squat rusher. As hommie looks like he’s got at least a smallmouth bass stapled to his arms… maybe a Nor.Pike? Strong kid in the northern hemisphere, who does not seem his listed height on tape to me. Still yet, his former: ≅6-yards/carry is a first down every two tries. That does not suck— tho’ #24 does wear down in-game from 1Q:2Q and again 3Q:4Q. Ditto he has shed nearly 2 ypc from September to October! So, Patty needs some O2 masking downtime in-game or some love from another Rb or Wr. This is from the #1 Keystone State (Pa.) ranked Rb three years back who was #21 overall in America (per: Rivals). As nearly 4K rushing in his final two scholastic seasons says so. Tho’ and in all fairness, it is righteous to type that Garwo went from being buried as Rb4 on the depth chart to becoming BeeCee’s bell cow and the 19th Eagle in history to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season last year. That’s a rising-up or undertaker W.E.E. look and a lotta Rb4’s in D-1 wish they had those problems.
  • O overall: The Eagles have two new faces running the offense, as longtime N.f.l. and college coordinator Rob Chudzinski and Qb coach Steve Shimko will share those two duties between themselves, (somehow).
BeeCee base (unbalanced) O:
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=78% (17th most). Pretty experienced possession side.
    FREE Merrill Gainer and John Chmara!!!
    A freakin’, unbalanced line straight outta the 50’s to 80’s and the author of 12 State Titles in the #1 in all the high school land, house!!!
    WOW. Never ever thought I’d see this one gain. Tho’ here it End-G-c-G-InOt-OutOt-End, is!
    Awesome sauce all over BeeCee for raiding the Smithsonian and bringing this Jurassic relic back to life!
    That said… the onus is on the short side or odd/Left-End and odd-G. They have to be tight to make all the set-up-plays hit. Tho’ the wide side does pack quite a punch.
    That said… the oddball part is that BeeCee flips its unbalanced line. Short-side is the overloaded blocker side and the wide side is the End-G short one on personnel. WILD.
    Then… they pull the singular G into the already overloaded short-side and try to out-power and mans game you short-circuit-her D, son!!! WOW. Been waiting on this O all my life. Truly. And if they had a truly flexy (Think: Fraiser @Nebraska for Congressman Tom-O) Qb1? You would never ever touch this O in myspacebook terms.
    It is a punchy O. It strikes, hard, first, often, repeatedly. BUCKLE-up. Or your azz might just get 220v physically shorted out here. Such is not a fancy-pants O. It is a B.O.H.I.C. O… here it comes, again. My Barboursville Pirates narrow-splits on this Oline (which is a bit thin), too. Again, right down your throat they RAM rod it. Gotta be very deep upfront on D here. Gotta use Pat Riley R&R timeouts to give your D a breather two. Someone had gotta get in the pulling-G'(s) hip-pocket and try to backside collapse things. As their narrow splits are the sworn enemy of penetration (TFL/Sacks) itself. NASTY O. Again, what Eye’ve been waiting for since before most of the rest of the VeeTee football media were even little, squidies.
    There are Qb counters here that suddenly iso-their oLine short side. Cast’ is a quicky/shifty guy when fresh. Tho BIG he just ain’t. Gotta hit on him and wear him down.
    Passing and not as much… this Qb1 is kinda raw here… and he can be picked. He is an ATH on the move, granted; though not foot-planted and set, and then he just plain forces things here-n-there. O is a bit Wr-centric on throw-fits. The even look a bit old-fashioned in the greater than ’23 expect sit-down or waiting on the ‘ball routing. Their throw-points are short to intermediary; and only 2-chucks top 45-yards. Mo’ short side of the Alice mushroom and they hit it quick. Qb1 will over-cast and miss high/tall at times to boot. Additionally, the same only 2 rushes top 45-yards. This is a meat-grinding O. Are you their… Potted, Meat???
  • 61% run:pass 49% mix. This is a whopping modern-era basketball on grass ground chuck, tilt!
    Wr4, Jaden Williams is your secret sauce offender here. He has some ‘go’ juice in his socks. So, BeeCee is doing exactly and ENTIRELY what I have personally and in person begged our oLine coaches to do for decades; plural! Go Trips or Quads, not on Wr’s, on oLinemen! And F’n gee-dee bludgeon this wimpy little speed Spread fighting D’s until the Ag.School cows come home.
    Hence, BeeCee is generating a mind-numbing, and nearly heretofore NOT seen before, +32.65% mo’ offensive snaps per game than their opponents are! Road all nite and hung up wet indeed. In… spades (♠’s)❗️

BONUS: Rb4, now possibly Rb1 pro’-temp’: Cam’ron Barfield… 5′6″, 186 lb. second-season supposed to be your Quad-back-up-Rb. Had a nice ‘Vada AAAAA scholastic career. Has the Nevada penta-A bling to show for it. Honor Society Member never hurt one-iota (1ι) either. true-Soph., who is also another lowercase little guy. *** or a 3-star kid who got a lotta Mt.West caliber looksees. 15th (Rivals) guy in-state. Trains with chains & sledgehammers; I O.G. Rb1 likes dat. Big comic-book Marvel-flavored guy. 1.9 ypc and a career-long of 30′ speak to the depth of a drop-off here to me.

Mike Young DOUBLE BONUS: …however, the practice field ‘whispers’ say BeeCee is experimenting with moving Fb1 (Andre Hines Jr.) a rising Senior who has physically risen up (6′3″, 239 lbs.); back to Tb. This kid is a lumberyard. Looks like the Fb1 part with a bit of a paunch or kegger look to him and all. He got his first P.T. (ever) last week. Mo’ of a practice field bully simulator… tho’ he is BIG and that does Tri-um-bo 7-oLinemen, fit.

Offensive letter-grade:

Special Teams: (return)

BeeCee ranks in 1o7th in Net Punting and so does twice replacement P3 now P1: Sam Candotti. Last year and not-slammin’ Sammy was an Aussie imported P2 who saw some action last year. Though he was mostly used for short pooch kicks. Niddre Victoria, Australia, the native-born bloke who would tell you that Fosters is their Beast Lyte down under. Sam I Am is also your placeholder on field goals and point-after attempts, and you know I am not a fan of split-ST’s duties and time like that. Sam was rated No. 7 punter in the class and No. 4 player in Australia by 247Sports; so there is that. There is also his consensus No. 1 punter ranking by On3 where he trained as a punter with Prokick Australia; who has done some smart footsie work. So, there is that as well as there is… the fact that he grew up punting at a local Men At Work airport. Interesting and never seen that one before to boot. So, at least some peeps think there is some Talent(s) somewhere here. I however can tell you that his punt-drop (between normal and pooch) is a dead giveaway). As he grips/drops the rock in a very different shape. Sam drinks beer, he has traveled the world (with his Euro’ trodding Rugby club) and there are worse things you can say. He is also the only P Eye have ever seen who looks the ‘greasers’ part from the rumble in the 80’s classic The Outsiders. So, you and Ponyboy might wanna pick on someone else.

  • 43rd in Punt Returns | tho’ only 127th in KO returns.
  • 73rd in punt coverage | and 54th in suicide-squad.
  • B.C. has blocked o kicks and allowed o kicks to be blocked.
  • B.C. has blocked o punts and allowed o punts to be blocked.
  • Expect newcomer Ryan O’Keefe to be the regular return man for the Eagles in 2023.

K1: (Connor Lytton). Conner went to Frank Beamer H.S., or by way of localized Radford Bobcat fame. Where he was merely nationally ranked as the No. 5 scholastic kicker in the country by 247 Sports and No. 26 by ESPN! Not too bad, and neither is being named a 3-straight seasons: Team Captain at R.H.S. Not sure I’ve ever read that one before. So, Mister Connor musta been doing something New River Vale right. Anywho… 5′12″, 2oo lb., rookie or nugget voting year c.Lytton seriously has Howdy Doody gonna get carded deep into his late 30’s looks. All this cowboy needs is a rope and Hyde and Zeke: the twin bears and he 31st.Oct. Costuming Contest wins. Easily at that. As kicking goes… Connor has range out into the late-40’s. Tho’ not quite as rangy beyond that. 48-yards max’ in H.S. and 49-yards max’ for the Chowders says so. Last year he was stellar enough, albeit on limited data points; check it… 85.7% on FGAs @6-7 and 100% on P.A.T.’s @15-15. The glitch is… only one F.G.A. ≥34-yards thus far! So, maybe he is all dat and a snap? Or, maybe not? Hard to tell on such collegiate leg-swing traction/truncation… still yet, Eye can tell you he has tallied zero passing or rushing attempts at any level. So, trickeration should be off the table here. (Ditto, no blocked kicks at any level, which is impressive). c.Lytton is 3 of 3 on P.A.T.’s and o fer 1 on F.G.A.’s for BeeCee thus ’22 far. Time=tell on this one…

Lytton had a tough sophomore year, as his field-goal percentage dropped from 91.7 (11-of-12) to 50 (7-of-14); yikes… K2 or K3 report to the dance floor?

This year and he has sliced/hooked 2 P.A.T.’s and is 77% on his FGA’s. Average. Though less than average reliable range. Seems capped at lowercase 40’s. This will bring going for it on 4th or a short punt into play.

Special Teams letter-grade: C+++. Not bad though not electric either. 11ov or domestic ST’s.

Unit Rankings:

  1. BeeCee O.
  2. VT D/Bee Cee D/VeeTee O.  (all, tied)


  • motive: Tech needs a VicTory dance here or the next 8Q’s of ball are post-season sudden death. BeeCee is @home and rolling right along. EDGE=push, or VT very small.
  • weather: Kan’t really November complain; tho’ this is getting low enough to not favor the aerial game. EDGE=BeeCee‘s oLine.
  • health/off-field: For the 1st-time in a while the good guys are in just a smidgeon better health. Rb is very dinged/dented for BeeCee. (Tho the later week ‘whispers’ did say closer to: “probable” here. EDGE=VT.
  • penalties: These two are separated by 9 penalty spots. Both are in the lowercase 1oo’s here. EDGE=chapstick for the “tweeting” zebras.
  • intangibles: bo.College is just ahead in both T.O.P. (time of possession) and again in the all-important Turnover Margin. Neither one is an edge in-and-of-itself, though together they are a lean-looking checkmark on the whole. EDGE=BeeCee by just a little bit.
  • fatigue: BeeCee is +1 on R&R and sleeping in their own racks here. It is not a huge advantage, tho’ it could be advantageous later on as wear-n-tear latent 4Q sets in. EDGE=BeeCee.


The key to picking this 7o4-mile Nor-by-Nor-East high-noon tip-off is... what(s)?

View Results

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Eagles who could fly-guy @Tech=12

the takeaway:

Pretty hard to not be taken with what Coach Jeff Hafley and Co. have surprisingly done so ’23 far.

As they are everything that Pry-bar and Co. aspire to be.

They are roofers with modest to so-so to middleocore talent, playing over their heads. Kinda what the Pittsburgh Stillers are doing right now in No Fun League terms.

BeeCee and Jaffy-Taffy have no, as in nadda, none, nil… headroom remaining.

Can ’23 Pry and Ty.Bow’ and the Marvelous one say the same?



xxx’s & ooo’s

Thomas Castellanos, who leads the nation in rushing yards by a Qb with 76o. Castellanos has 1o rushing touchdowns, tied with Southern California’s Caleb Williams for most by a quarterback.

i.e., you know what is coming attcha, don’tcha?


  1. Δ1=5o% the Home team has the love here.
  2. Δ2=3o% the 9% under Pry Away team learns how to win when traveling.
  3. Δ3=2o% this one needs bonus time.

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and yet again we gots to go Ric Flair and be 60-minutemen. (Get it in historic, terms?)

the optics…

Last week was a struggle for the Hokies’ offense, which totaled only 140 yards — below 200 for the first time since 2015.


Boston College will aim for its first six-game winning streak since 2007 when the Eagles host Virginia Tech in an Atlantic Coast Conference matchup Saturday at Chestnut Hill, Mass.

the skinny

My pet: ^^^”two ships passing in the, nite”?^^^

WWI: “The Great War”…

Trench Warfare favors…

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • VeeTee is a modest-looking 85th best on 1st-down O | whilst BeeCee is a pretty belty 27th best in 1st-down D allowed! Dang…
  • BeeCee is a plucky 23rd best on 1st-down O | whilst VeeTee is a downright salty 14th best in 1st-down D allowed!
  • Vee Tee is an enemy of good 116th best in 3rd-down O | whilst BeeCee is a centrist 73rd best in 3rd-down D allowed.
  • BeeCee is a vigorous 29th best in 1st-down O | whilst VeeTee is a vigorous and matching 29th best in 3rd-down D allowed. wow!

Lo.FM Analysis:
Well, and for the umpteenth time this year… the D’s win here. That, or the VeeTee O L’s this one here. As BeeCee appears vastly mo’ capable of remaining on schedule and delivering the mail on post-marked time. The Hokie O is hokey indeed in terms of chasing the chain-gang. And it would be unwise to type anything other than… that could come back to haunt them— all the mo’ so out on the A.c.c. road. EDGE≠the VeeTee O. It does favor the BeeCee D.

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • The Hokies are a below-average 88th best in Sacks allowed O | whereas the Eagles are a rushless 123rd best in Sacks inflicted D! (wow).
  • The Eagles are a downright blocking 18th best in Sacks allowed O | whereas the Hokies are a ruthless 5th best in Sacks inflicted D.
  • The Hokies are a C- 84th best in T.F.L. (tackles for a loss) allowed O | whereas the Eagles are a penultimate 129th best in T.F.L. inflicted D! (wowow!)
  • The Eagles are a well-sealed 33rd-best in T.F.L. allowed O | whereas the Hokies are a combative 9th best in T.F.L. inflicted D.

TTT Analysis:
Well, and for the first time this year… one D could not beat anyone here if it tried. Some of this is a read-n-react schematic that keeps everything in front of you personal preference. Though some of this is just plum inert. Static not dynamic if you E.S.M. will. So, this one is a strength-on-strength crime. (BeeCee O vs. VeeTee D). And as Coach c.Noll taught us in traveling all-stars camp… that typically means a lesser side rises up and sorts this one out. EDGE=push. Unless the BeeCee D or the VeeTee O (somehow) makes some play(s). (Though is one is just a strange one… very hard to sort here to me). Go fig’ here???

3-game splits,
So, here we see that… the Hokie O is a little better of late. Close to +2o ypg, all of it on the ground. Although our aerials are beginning to detract from that as they continue to decline. The Eagle D, however, has truly constricted of late. 5o ypg less allowed in their last three says so. All of this threw the airwaves that have gone from 17th best overall to a downright dictating 1th best of late. First-best, gold medalist by about 23 ypg mind you! Dang. Geez. wow!

On the other side, we see that… the Eagle O is inflationary by right at +48 ypg to the better. About four 1st-downs worth of which is from their ground-n-pound attack which is pounding the daylights outta opponents of late. Like, pretty dang close to Service Academy {sic: Happy Weekend!} pounding peeps into submission down in the dirt. The Hokie D is super deflating of late. As the Marvelous ones are allowing close to 7o ypg less recently! However, that objectively said… the ‘cuse “0” rushing yards allowed is subjectively skewing the ‘bleep’ outta this one one here. As the L’ville oLine just plum ran right over us would allow. So, to me, this one is a false positive. The only mathematics for you is… by just how much?

EDGE=prolly gotta be the home team. Though both are statistically mo’ effective in Recency Effect terms.

H/A splits,
So, here we see that… the VeeTee O really plummets by a whopping near 75 ypg to the worse when the visiting team. As our @Aways passing tally would only tie for a pitiful 126th-best hurling in all the land! wow. The BeeCee D has a bit mo’ mud in its home-field eye. Allowing about 27 ypg to the less in Beantowne. This is virtually entirely due to being better at vs. running in their own backyard less 3′ of passing betterment itself. As this run-defense is highly defensive in Massachusetts.

On the other side, we see that… the BeeCee O is pretty dang consistent @Home vis-à-vis @Away. They chuck it by +5 ypg better in their own neighborhood as this is a pretty uniform offense no matter where it suits up. Not much to possession-based examination here. The VeeTee D, however, basically fails its visiting exam when out on the road. They allow just above 50 ypg more when visiting than they do when hosting. That’s not good and it is all, as in 1oo% on Pry’s lack of run-defense leverage here. As we rate a Hokie horrific next-to-last or 129th-best in rushing yards when the traveling team. OUCH.

EDGE=the hommies. No if’s, and’s, or butt’s.

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely calling for an oddball-looking 8-point VomiT here.

As L’ville and F.s.u. both got their chins checked much harder by BeeCee than they did by VeeTee.  In point of fact… and to “echo”-‘echo’ what Eye’ve already writ above and below… the overplayed false callout look by the rest of the media re: the Eagles clipped looking margin of victory holds NO h2o here. As BeeCee beat F.s.u. by ~10-points in the box score; and went FREE-view upskirt intercepted and gift-wrapped the L’ville day away. This is why Gollum and I know… this oblong spheroid can be: ‘tricksy’ indeed.

Triangle Theory says that… BeeCee wins by 1o. Or, by 9-n-change. That said, it wiggled all over the place. Though to be clear; the lopsided ‘cuse contest was 100% of the wiggle.

Which is an objective outlier; or, maybe even a subjective liar itself?

the call

the sportlight…

…here in the sportlight we get that girls like… splits.

Thomas Castellanos…

  • Kinda a slight/mite mo’ passing refined Cobra-Ky’; although a smaller one physically.
  • He peaked in late September and has gone Smothers Brothers yo-yo routine ever since in passing fancy terms. Though his groundings have been improving which does cover some of this up/down pitch-n-catch look ever since.
  • Has chucked 72% of his ’23 picks ever since as well!
  • Albeit, with 7o% of his rushing tallies ever since as well!!
  • (Drones has been similar, tho’ with a few mo’ passing downs as his Cast’ing call goes).
  • Thomas is +6% better @Home. Drones is 7% worse @Away. A net 13% B.C. hosting edge.
  • Thomas is right at a 60% kid for 2Q & 3Q. Though he dips5% in both the 1Q and the 4Q alike. Go fig’ on that?
  • Drones, however, betters his completion percentage each and every Q! ~54% to start (1Q) up to ~64% to end (4Q). Clearly, the A.B.C. or always be closing edge is Drones’.
  • So, if this one is close or if VeeTee is up to begin the final stanza, you could favor Drones here. If not, you have to favor the home guy vs. the traveling guy in generic terms.

formulae here favors:

…bother to suffer this Terminal Contact sport; which inspires you to twice-check in triplicate and to therefore look things up.

So, most of the rest of the 4th estate is hammering away on: four, that’s (4) Bostonian wins by a full TD or less. And frankly, objectively; they do have the (mathematically) right measure of it. Granted.

However, here we dug a little deeper than the surface. Here we are arterial and not so epidermal. And we found the following out for all of you…

  • .667 overall BeeCee has tallied not entirely whopping wins of: an FG-make, an FG-make, 1-full-play, and another 1-full-play.
  • Not great, nor good, or seemingly not anything north of average for: an average winning margin during their 4-game win streak of: a Safety+a FG or of 5 points itself.
  • Granted… that is not entirely spiffy or shining out loud, is it?

Then we keep diggin’… as the Holden Hall in me digs their Pulp Fiction: “…the most”

  • against lowly france BeeCee left ~10 points out on the field. 4 Turnovers will boohoo that -or worse- to yah!
  • against venerable Army BeeCee left ~11 points out on the field.2 Turnovers will not mule that.
  • against husky looking UConn BeeCee left ~18 points out on the field. 2 Turnovers will cat-nip that.
  • against the ‘Cuse BeeCee left ~9 points out on the field. 3 Turnovers will orange crush your margin just like dat.

Or in other words… BeeCee has nearly equally fumbled and intercepted their way to being their own worst enemy of late. BeeCee has gone Christmas come early and given away the rock 2.75 times/game and subsequently forfeited a stunning: 48 points or nearly 2-full-plays per game that they gaffed and yacked up.

This is why you run the Irish car bomb maths, not thy mouf.

BeeCee Projected S&P+: 88th.
Eagle Projected S&P wins: 6.1 W’s.


Game Ball or mag·num o·pus:

The βeta’s say…

We got, these?

…an explosive game this just ain’t. 97th BeeCee is 2.9 yards and a cloud of dust and 89th VeeTee is only a little less dusty at that. On D it is even more Ceti or entirely middleocore closer than that in βeta terms.

BeeCee is 61st overall and VeeTee is 62nd. The only stop-unit differential being… drive efficiency from the Hokies with totally sucks, and Passing Efficiency D from BeeCee which sucks a little.

i.e., can Drones drone on and wing our way to VicTory out on the road?


The VerdicT:

In this one here… one could dare to opine that Pry will have to beat himself.

Apologies to Mrs. Pry and all.

This one is an isomer or mirror image game of sorts.
As they mo’ than sorta look a lot like us in a lotta ways-n-means.

’cause even with that friendly-firing in those single-plays games up above…  of nearly 12 ppg on nearly 3 tpg; they nevertheless, did find a way to win when they did NOT play their best. Recall that is one of two pet Jerry West signatures of really good teams. There is something to be said for that in lieu of neggin’ on the obvious sloppiness of that.

You can say that ’cause you can also say that this one might just have fu’gly written all over it. First, one to 21, misspelled 17, or maybe even something really rugged like say: tweleteen… wins.

It may not take more than 3 scores to tally a winner here.
Points and prettiness itself could be at a premium.

The Digits:
So, there is no mystery here folks…

…you know what is Boston Legal coming at you.

This one is not the now fully settled via out-Talented @L’ville and even mo’ out-Talented @F.s.u., no longer ongoing Coaching the verb vs. Talent the noun TSL message board debate. (Our less Talented guys did not get out-coached to give you a hint…) They got plum whooped— and this down-n-dirty O.G. old-school battleaxe of a scrum @BeeCee means to parquet you and floor you jus’ the same.

This one is culturing or chemistrying the verb(s).
Gotta toe that damn line here gents. Load the mule as John Madden used to put it.

Meaning: …this is Dr. Seuss football folks. ’cause here is where you need a true-Mike1 and true-Fs1, or a north-going DAX to stop BeeCee in their trax.

This one is your Dick getting Butkus’ed. Knocked stiff.
Over-n-0ver-n-over. Nothing exotic about tire pulls and tug-o-wars.
Just how ‘competitive’ are we?
By 4 PM or so Pry and Co. will have, found; out.


upset Index=39%



Virginia Tech=19, Boston College=26


Please support the VT F.C.A.!