Campbell basketball preview!

#25o R.P.I.  Campbell  #93 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s hoops is even-steven, .5oo. or 1 vs. 1; and this is a Get Well Soon old Corner Drug calling card to put some O&M pep back in our, (outta); step.

The Hokies are down after being downed by an uppity Iowa Hawkeyes. The menz squadron got done out and came up one shot south of South Carolina itself. Good thing Ty.Blow and Co. suck at coaching up menz foutball or they mighta messed around and hit a hexa-centennial day of Total O. Better thang that we ain’t a football school or anything such as that. That squarely struck, Campbell is also a middling .5oo hoopz club. At: 1 up vs. 1 down after finishing south of East Carolina on Saturday afternoon, after sinking po’ Navy before that. Nonetheless, and all those compass points aside… what you wanna know is… who is gonna score mo’ points here and by how much, right? So, read on… to finds, out!

Campbell Head Coach: Kevin McGeehan: age=fiddy (5o), 155–163 (.487) overall, and at Campbell. Does field a rep’ for defending and backboarding.
$363,299.oo ($13 mo’ K for incentives).

Baby Baller (born October 30, 1973) is an American college basketball coach and the current head men’s basketball coach at Campbell University.

Young man gone baller Kevin ran ball at: Gettysburg. Hard chargers (triple-double entendre, get it?) no doubts. Anywho… that attempt at Civil satire aside… Kev’.edu is a: 1995 graduate of Gettysburg. Where McGeehan was the captain of the men’s basketball team his senior season. He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and then earned a dual master’s degree in secondary and higher education and counseling from West Chester in 1999. +1 from the always sexafull Sa’babe Wren and me @Master McGeehan hereby awarded.

Prior to taking the helm of the Fighting Camels basketball program, he was the associate head coach at Richmond and served as an for a total of eight seasons at varying places. McGeehan was hired at Campbell in April 2013, replacing Robbie Laing. And as you can plainly see… he’s coached places nobody has heard of and prolly not many wanted to… coach. That’s doing thy résumé penance. He done cut his chops— made his bone.

He will suit up…

Big Whistle Kev’ only has one big whistling tour stop, Campbell itself. McGeehan was named Big South Coach of the Year in 2o19; and he did jockey these Camels to three straight post-seasons from: 2o16-2o19. 2-3 all-time Playoff coach; hard to Geiger a good counter off of only 5 post-season data points though…

…as this is a systemic more traditional One through Five coach. He carries a well-disciplined tag and not a lotta flash lives here.

Mo’ parts lay-ins than Dominique Wilkes and/or ‘spud’.

Poppa-bear McGeehan and his wife, Melissa, were married in 2oo4 and have two sons,
Jack and Connor, and a daughter Grace.

Campbell at a glance:

  • 67th in 3-point percentage allowed D!
  • 92nd in FG percentage O (overall).
  • …not much in between…
  • 289th in 3-point percentage!
  • 315th in Swats!
  • 32o in Scoring O!!
  • 33oth in Assist:Turnover ratio!
  • 345th in offensive rebounding!! (yikes!)
  • 348th most 3-point shots/game!!! (not a Stephine Curry kinda team).
  • Nearly a third of the 32 D-1 menz Team Categories I track graded 315th or worse. This outta 35o D-1 menz hoops teams fo’: 2o23-’24, (With eleventeen mo’ D-1aa to D-1 reclassifying). Meaning: this is a very bottom-heavy team; it is offensively truncated and maybe even mo’ athletically/kinetically limited than that. wowow.
  • NO Injuries reported. “thanks” @Coach God.

Returning Starters=3.

Campbell Strengths:

  • Their wimminz cheer squad lifts their fannies totally off! Truly. Never seen so much cheer ironing it out like their lift-vid’. Impressive. Very.                                                                                                    🏋️‍♀️
  • However, as hoops go… Campbell goes as one #3o goes. Mister Anthony Dell’Orso is another tariffing kid for Campbell from: Melbourne, VIC, Australia. “Gooday mate”. Paul Hogan, Men Down Under done some D-1 come up. As their #3o version of Dell goes: 6′6″, 19o, second-season, lbs. And this ‘tony can flat out net the rock. He is a pure outburst scorer who never met a shot he did not like— or, would not, take. And he is off to a fast, start folks… check it out…
    Mr. DelloOrso was only named: 2o22-23: Big South Conference freshman of the year. He was only named to the Big South all-championship team, he only scored in double digits 22 times, and he only led Big South freshmen in scoring (12.5), rebounding (5.8), and free throw percentage (.83o). That all at only age=17. As he’s a year quicker than most. That’s all. He sucks. Cut him now!
    If you however do choose to keep him? This year you would be keeping an all-conference looking: ~25 ppg, with 6.5 rpg on 1.o apg and 2.o spg gamer. I mean… can this kid pop popcorn or park, cars? ’cause that is ’bout all Anthony is not doing for po’ Campbell.  As he has tallied a handful of double-doubles and a couple of buzzer-beaters, already. ‘tony has an Australian Jr. Championship and he was a member of the 2o22 Victoria U20 all-state team; 1st-string.
    Make no misQ here folks… this is a seriously M.Young-flavored kid… Mike should slap him at least five post-game and see what kinda N.I.L. he might could, deal. As you gotta wonder how much longer this kid will hump it for the Camels? He good… possibly… very. As his: 89% FTA’s, 5o% 3’s and 56% overall says. Bonus pts. for racing the Greg Brady ‘fro as well.
  • Sr., S/F, Laurynas Vaistaras is about as good as Forwarding gets for Campbell. Plunge, Lithuania imported baller who is all smiles as an undersized Four at: 6′6″, 215, final-year, lbs. He keeps a: Kaunas Varpas High School bling and you and I combined, don’t. He is said to be a… three-time Big South Presidential Honor Roll member. .edu^3 love here. As he’s prolly gonna do mo’ in the Game of Life than just school you at your local Y.M.C.A. gym after that. In hooping terms… L.Vee has been a 3rd or 4th option kinda guy who needs to medium-O step it up in ’24. 8.5 ppg on 3.o rpg and 2.5 apg are all better, tho’ they needs to be mo’ better for Campbell here. Vaistaras does hold 2 FIBA and Euro silver medals alike. So, there is that… is there any, mo’?
  • Gediminas Mokseckas is also another Vilnius, Lithuania flavored off-G guy. 6′4″, 2oo lbs. of final year taker; (note: Eye did not type: ‘maker’). The 10.o ppg, the 3.o rpg and the 2.o apg are helping at least a bit… the 25% long and the bricky 37.5% free-throwing and not so much. Gedimians is better than that; or at least he was… though not by much in historical terms. As this is a ceiling kid with no real remaining headroom. He is a tough/gritty in-your-shirt defender; willing enuff to be sure. And not much after that.

Campbell Weaknesses:

  • The Camels departed 2 of their ’23 Top-3 scorers in: Ricky Clemmons and Jay Pal. Which is code for 27 ppg and 12 rpg; gone. Most of the ‘boarding was from Pal who was a real pen-pal off the glass and the only legit Frontcourter Campbell had. These two Exodi hurt here, possibly, thrice.

Camel Bench: (depth=)

340th best in bench ppg if you need ’em and you’d better hope you don’t need much pine-squad scoring here. As the Campbell 1’s don’t get much relief and really gotta be 4o-minute men all nite long.

Part-time former starters and transfers: Sam Perez (High Point) and Alex Kotov (Illinois State) are supposed to be and are surely needed to be all dat and at least ½ a ‘snap’.

Sam is a 6′8″, 2o8 lb., second-season guy with a very thin e.Flynn looking 30’s era p0rnstache and a flop-top crowing all of dat. Sam does not look like someone who you wanna see pop outta the shadows at your local 7-11 after twilight. Wild-looking kid. That said… he played A.A.U. ball for: Team Wolf and that seems appropriate enuff. He is supposed to be a springy Four with a little range. He was well-schooled in H.S. Academy terms… so, maybe there is a High Point high side here somewhere down the road? Not sure Eye am seeing it in ’23 terms right now tho’.

P/F-C, Kotov is a Moscow, Russia comrade. He is a big boy too. 6′10″ and 238 right-sized match-up lbs. down-low for keying your POSTED no-trespassing areas accordingly. Grad’ student. Props on that. Though Campbell is his 4th college: (Palm Beach State/Daytona State/Illinois State) in as many years. We know how I feel about that. 4.o ppg with 4.o rpg and a send-back on 25% shooting from the bullpen so far. Although, Alex does vend a 2o18 Geico High School National Championship ring by way of: hoops-factory: Montverde Academy (Fla.). So, there is that, and there was more that was expected here accordingly.

This Campbell menz hoops game will R.A.T.T. tell us... what(s)???

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Camels who could hump it @Tech=2 for sure.

the takeaway:

The takeaway here is…

…these Camels were competitive in their former Big South rendezvous.

Now, however, these Camels mount the tougher C.A.A. (Coastal Athletic Association) where near NC2A caliber gainers like Drexel and Hofstra routinely put in post-season work on someone who feels them beneath them.

How will that feel for these Camels who have not won even a Big South Conference title since 1992???

As you kinda gotta wonder if this is a competitive Bridge Too Far for Campbell to soup.


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for an A.c.c. hit-back here.

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up +7% in shooting percentage margin (though much and more of this is really Coppin State skewed… against U.S.C.-East and we were defending not so much); similarly, these Camels are up a shocking +3% in 3-point percentage margin (even though they cannot shoot very well, we cannot defend the 3 at all thus far), and yet the Techmen are actually up a useful looking +12 caroms collected in rebounding margin year-to-date.

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… in shooting percentage margin, in 3-point percentage margin, and in rebounding margin… they say we should all wait for game no. …6.

F.W.I.W.: …one could be forgiven for saying this one statistically slots as a Sleepy Hollow trap game of sorts. As we are surely their N.B.A. Finals and they are surely our yawning festival.

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

VeeTee is up +1 in R&R.
VeeTee is up +8% at the charity stripe for the year.
V.P.I. is a 1.oo host; whereas Campbell is .ooo as a guest.

The Call…

No.233 Net Ranking  Campbell @ no.99 Net Ranking Vah.Tech:


Tough to call for anything other than a: Tech Triumph here.

As my sources still say that: “rain is rumored to be wet” and these Camels (less one guy) are just not offensive enuff to pull anything upsetting vs. Man o’ War or vs. Virgina Tech at 6 PM on Wednesday.

We are the big guy.
And so long as we fight the same… we really should punch downhill here.

the VerdicT:

Eye predicts a VicTory dance.

🦃 >>> 🏀  >>> 🐫

…and this just in… rain is still rumored to be wet.
You can gar-ron-damn-tee this one as we won’t be getting upset here.

Well, beyond those nutty stats Eye did bother to run up above here… LOL… which is just the kinda thang to sour that pregame pop, corn.

As in all candor, less their one lead-G; who is pretty leady… our 2’s could take their 1’s here. Shirts-n-skins might even have a looksee at the end of their bench.

The Digits:

Eye predicts we win by an easy 25+.

Maybe 30. Possibly 4o or more.

Nevertheless, Mike must short out his (credible) 3rd or 4th option not named the very high-percentage Kidd, kid. We really do need someone to take some of the have-to-play 38 mpg load off of our handsome enuff 1-2 backcourt scoring punch. As you may have noticed, they ain’t Brawny Towels big or O&M flannel shirt kinda guys.

And frankly now would be an easy/safe time to tinker and putter and mess around with: rotation(s) and combination(s) and… see.

As it should not take north of 6o to win here.


(96% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=88, Campbell =59

please support the VT F.C.A.!







Bonus Tech Thoughts:

  • Pre-game: …unlike our correct reporting of being too: ‘loose’ and courting too many METRO-smiles/LOL’s and funnin’ around @Lousiville… they got off the bus up in Beantown aiming to misbehave. Very serious. A very scowling-looking team. Nite-n-day different than our last abortive roadie.
    That to us four speaks to figuring it out… maturing… matriculating itself.
    They are learning and although prolly not fully learnt… they are getting there… they are beginning to figure it (+++efforting calibration wise as the visitor), out.
  • Likewise, posting a stunning virtual 12 ypp (yards per play) on the money down last Saturday or on 3rd-Down itself. That too is figuring out what to do… and (eventually) how to… win.
  • Ditto 35th best for the campaign in competing on 4th down keeps the O droning on and on and on… very impressive to the Cowardly Lion, The Tin-Man, and to me alike. (With such modest blocking in front mind yah).
  • That… and you haters just know that Pry & Bowen are all about this lopsided 5:2 play-calling mix. That’s the at least 110v+++ version of their Power-Spread wannabe Base-O with a fully fueled gasoline genny outside, J.I.C. Now, imagine them if they ever find any power-play(ers) to actually amp it all the way up to an industrial strength 220V O?!? All-Charmin Conference… I hope you like… pain.
STOP stealing our plays, young man!!! We called AAA Champs ‘first’ looooong ago.
  • However, a nearly never heard of 78% of your offensive plays hiking-it-up in: Positive Territory on the far side of the fiddy is a real live short-circuit’her for the other side. Also, some damn fine Special Teams and all the little things management. As they were very aggressive here. Had BeeCee off-balance from the jump and never really let BeeCee back into the game. That’s what a pure closer like: Bill Russell taught Birdy and Magic to do.
Sure seems like his football is about to run… dry. Godspeed @Grant.
  • Anyone else see any real live blocking for po’ g.Wells? Yah; me three on me too and me neither alike. This just ain’t *his* team. And frankly, it never was. Not learning your teammates’ names was just not a Taylor Drive’her of a swift start look. Though still, he deserved better that, ^^^that^^^.
2 drops and only 1 kinda bad throw is pretty dang tight decisionmaking, ain’t it?
  • Did you bet the Over on Cobra-Ky’s whirlpool stay after upsetting BeeCee @BeeCee of all the things? Me neither on me too. As -sans the Qb2 and Qb3 substitutions- he was on a Logan’s (Thomas) Run of a did not avoid much incoming fire at all of an abusive or bludgeoning kinda day. He sure stopped a LOTTA F’n Eagle shots with his flanks and upper body. He has a chin. Chinny he just ain’t. Whiskers he gots. Although, he is the heart-n-soul of this whole, entire, total; team! Make no misQ on that gentlemen. Not since the days of b.Randall has a Hokie team rallied to a Qb1’s cry and his demeanor like this. And it is one mean-azz-mug of a demeanor, let me tell you! The passing is inching along— this in the game of proverbial inches that is best measured in centimeters itself. And if he ever finds the full passing-fancy measure, you can 1st or 2nd string All-A.c.c. look the foxtrot out.
  • He {sic: Drones} is also gaining Read-Option literacy as Eye type. This is showcasing some aerial and grounded headroom alike. As the game is just beginning to proverbial ‘slooooow-down’ for him. As you can see him settling and confidenting into this alpha-Qb1 role as Eye type.
  • That… and Ty.Bow’, and Whit and maybe even Mrs. Pry should name something Ky’. At least a rescue puppy —if not a nextborn. ’cause he sure is saving their (Turkey)-bacon. In Owens Dining Hall spades. s.
  • As the career high RTG of: 217.6 might just be a… hint. Ditto the season high (on the stricter) QBR of: 93.o. Dang. Snap(s), plural!
  • Likewise… the career high in rushing yards of: (.135 ) if you need ’em.
  • Hence the nearly +12 in T.O.P. (time of possession) which helped sit the aircraft carrier-sized road grader BeeCee big olè beefy oLine then forced them outta their F’n Eagle pet run-fits when they had to throw.
  • Did you catch the entirely new even side oLine even before they sat Cobra-Ky’ down? (Or, his new double earring looks at that?)
  • Likewise po’ Crooky… who owes his hat to the improv blocking angles the Mad-Lib version of Cobra-Ky’ is sandlot creating for his got plain pawned straight-up mano-a-mano vs. F.s.u. and Louisville group.
    (The State dLine coach might just be Wiley enuff to see this upon breaking tape for his Gap-jumping signature base sets, too!)

    Me and Doans hope he makes it. Fingers, Eyes, and Toes all… Crossed.
  • Tritto our astonishing 4th conversion clip. Good, or rather great for 35th in the Nation! Did I prop this up, yet? Again, Cobra-Ky is going totally Atlas and has taken this whole entire team program (with a bit of King-Tut lowercase mechanics tho’ pretty big on heart help) fully upon his very own back.
  • Such is the realm of The Hulk: (Mickey Fitzgerald) forced to carry the 70’s offense by his ownself.
  • Make sure you understand this…
    Cobra-Ky' IS v.P.i.!
  • The Hokie D is playing the fastest it has in a minute or three, or a year or four. They were moving. More bend, less stiff, mo’ kinetic; no starch.
  • Finally, I apologize for such a bitch-ass preview. Not a single cell in my body coulda typed out: “6oo yards” @Away vs. a good D overall. Proly not even at a D-1aa Away vs. a so-so D at that. So, I’ll own the suck of that. My bad. On me.
  • That BeeCee preview sucked. Truly. My worst in decades.
  • Though do wanna give King-Tut’ some bonus willful love as well as Drones. Whit should at least name an office plant or something in some fish tank located domicile same after Tuten. He is fun to watch when fresh(er) earlier on.

  • Still yet… methinks I have riddled out the Pry-bar equation. And thus far in ’23? Every single data point, points to this… although that is a matter for the @HooVa preview. As State does not quite data-point fit the equation. They are NOT a favorable match-up. Not on either, side.
  • Finally-finally, it was neat to see the other guy wear-n-tear then wear down a bit later on for a S&C change. As just like any I.C.B.M. bombastic Heavyweight Title fight… VeeTee left some of BeeCee out on the field. You Vegas types might wanna consider that this week when a possibly spent BeeCee faces Pittsburgh @Away, on a VERY short work-week.

The Closer

  • Or, in finalist words… how much would BeeCee beat L’ville by over in, Kentucky?
Dancing the forbidden dance…
  • Or, or, …was this Pry-bar’s seminal ‘leverage’ moment just like Beamer’s 1993 team’s win @Pitt by 63 points?
  • Or, or, or, …Fu’s victorious beginning of the end at #16 East Carolina drubbing of 64–17?
  • Now that 0ne Eye do not know, yet…
  • …although I do know that State could very well be a 2’fer typea deal… as Eye also knows that this ’23 team is still half-baked. It is not a finished product people. It has not fully… cured. Upset a dicey schematic match-up @home vs. State and you’d have to like our far better match-up chances over in gày-Paris. Do this not and winning @c’ville is not gar-run-damn-teed. Not at all.
  • I also know that the current state (foreshadowing possibly intended) of our two front-lines caliber of play won’t do much mo’ than split the final two contests. Unless one of these sets of 1’s takes the next step… possibly… two.

🐺 <<< >>> 🦃 <<< >>> 🇫🇷

  • Ergo, therefore, to Whit…
  • Do thyself a credible favor for a change…


  • i.e., don’t get too L’ville lo’ nor too BeeCee, hi’.
    Let whatever Stately outcome pass right on, bye…

  • Stay the course… let the narrative narrates itself.
  • Or, would that just make too much; R.A.T.T., sense?!?
  • 💯