Charleston Southern basketball preview!

#241 R.P.I. Charleston Southern #48 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s basketball returns from a runner-up or medalist effort in the made-for-telly Charleston Tourney via getting just barely done out by the hostess with the mostess in the Finals.

The Hokies were upset by what prolly does amount to a minor-league or beta-side post-season club playing in their very own backyard and therefore upon their very own backcourt Prolly makes no never mind ultimately— tho’ will ‘coachable’ moments on the defensive end and on the fiberglass prove subsequent to this VomiT of an upsetting day? Time=tell there… tho’ I can tell you that the other Charleston is checking in up a very modest looking (tho’ .5oo) 2 up against 2 down in Southern living terms. The Buccaneers are typically a lowercase Big South hoops team. Such is the case this year vs. this little man here. Nonetheless, Happy Thanksgiving; and what you wanna know is… who is gonna win and by how much, rights? So, read on… to find, out!

Charleston Southern Head Coach: Barclay Radebaugh: Age=57, 239–3o9 (.436) overall, and 219–3o1 (.419) @C.S.U. Has a rep’ for Guard-play and 3-pointing things out from range in particular.

The Barclay’s… Center!

A native of Lincolnton, North Carolina, Radebaugh received his master of arts degree in physical education from the University of South Carolina in 1996 and earned his bachelor of science degree in business administration at East Tennessee State in 1987. Baller Barclay does not appear to exist, the best that Eye and a few bio’ pages can see… same as Buzz Williams and very very few hoops head coaching others.

Radebaugh is a two-time Big South Conference Coach of the Year (2012, 2015). In 2015, he led Charleston Southern to the regular season Big South Conference title and the most regular season wins in program history.

Radebaugh has a career that began in 1986 as a student assistant coach at East Tennessee State under Les Robinson. After stops at Wofford and Furman, Radebaugh began a seven-year stay in South Carolina.

While at South Carolina, the Gamecocks won the SEC regular season title and received a number two seed in the 1997 NCAA tournament. In 1998, the Gamecocks finished the season ranked 14th and received a number three seed in the NCAA tournament.

Radebaugh continued his success as an assistant at Winthrop University, helping the Eagles to back-to-back Big South Conference titles and an NCAA tournament berth in 2oo2.

Radebaugh then spent one season as the head coach at Queens University in Charlotte, guiding the Royals to a 21-8 record overall and a 14-4 record in the Carolinas-Virginia Athletic Conference. There, Radebaugh coached Spencer Ross who was named the Sporting News Division II National Player of the Year.

The next and final stop before CSU would be serving as an assistant coach at Miami. In his one season at the school, the Hurricanes finished 16-13, which was good enough for a sixth-place finish in the ACC and an invitation to the NIT.

Then he gots to Charly Southern… where he took some lumps, then he humped his first hill in 2o11 up through 2o13. Then he found another hump in 2o15. That is two C.S.U. post-season humps vs. 12 (negative seasons <.5oo) in 17 seasons total.

Championships: Big South’s South Division (2o13). 2 Big South regular season (2p13, 2o15). Awards:
2× Big South Coach of the Year (2o12, 2o15). There is that. Mo’ than you and I combined; tho’ less than some this many career-years, in as well.

Poppa-bear Radebaugh and his wife, Hope, have three children: Anna, Reid, and Sophia.

C.S.U. at a glance:

  • 18th best in offensive rebound!! (’cause of… keep reading…)
  • 19th most fouls ‘whistled’ against/game!!
  • 2oth most 3-point attempts/game!! (154th in 3-point % FWIW).
  • 37th best in Assist:Turnover ratio!
  • 317th most FTA’s per game! (Perimeter team that gets no calls to boot).
  • 334th best in FG percentage O!!!
  • 34oth most in spg!!!
  • NO injuries listed. (“thx”@Coach God!)

Returning Starters=3

Charleston Southern Strengths:

  • One #12, the 6′3″, 19o lb., true-Soph., Claudell Harris Jr. is a keeper. He could help put in work even @Virginia Tech. A program pacing: 19.8 ppg with 3.5 rpg and a second-best 3.3 apg is prolly about all this kid has to give here. 45.8% from the floor with 82.4% from the charity stripe and 36.7% on a team-leading 32-mpg balling kinda seems just a mite like a guy who might be wearing down come March. As Harris Jr. is your Buccaneer senior on pure sweat/perspiration at this rate of expenditure. Claudell is a Louisiana escapee who was something of a minor recruiting coup of sorts. He comes with pretty good handles and a rep’ as a scholastic outburst typea scorer. Routinely dropping 2o+ per Q. That’s quarter people, not half, not game, 25% of the game. VERY streaking guy tho’ his hot hot hot side is Buster Poindexter savvy indeed. Kinda reminds a bit of the DET Pistons ‘microwave’. As Harris cannot miss for a spell when he really finds his stroke. The caveat being he sometimes strokes and sometimes he gets stroked. Low-single-digits or very high 20-somethings are all scoring possible on the proverbial any-given-nite here. Although, the bent beak might have something to do with some of that… St.Zoe bless. As this is a dunkable guy who will finish you off on the rack if you let him get close; and best not to let him get going early on. Mister Harris is a blowtorch; so, you must snuff out his initial ignition attempt to offensively spark.
  • 6′7″, 257 lb., Taje’ Kelly… is the one (playing the: overloaded high-voltage Four) who Lindy’s seemed to be a bit lit about. Taje’ may or may not favor Kelly-green… tho’ he does favor hanging-n-banging down-low. Looks the scowling/intimidating part to boot. Like a very Baltic Ave. man’s Anthony Mason or so. A second best: 11.8 ppg married to a first best: 8.3 rpg, with 1.8 apg and another 1st-best: 1.8 bpg is a pretty solid beta level efforting from your second option overall. Kelly is a Sophomore playar and he and Harris Jr. (and a couple of others) were part of playing 2o25 last year’s mainstay longview near ’21 scuttling radical approach (per: Coach Radebaugh).

    Facial… yikes!
  • r-Junior year Tahlik Chavez is your Qb1 or Pt.Guard here. This one (only) goes: 6′2″, and a string-bean looking 158 lbs.! Tahlik is however 3rd in scoring (11.0 ppg) and seems mo’ parts scorer or taker than pure shooter or maker to us. Kinda a 2-Guard trapped in a spindly-looking One’s body if you will. Tahlik was part of last year’s go-for 2o25 broke youth movement, and frankly, he was last year’s biggest surprise (12 ppg). Appears to have flattened out a bit this year thus far, however. As shot-selection (now: 31%, previously: 24% as a rookie @Iona then 36% last year @C.S.U.) appears to be lacking or wanting as B.P.S. (basketball positioning satellite) goes. As this kid never met a shot he did not like— or would not, take.

Charleston Southern Weaknesses:

  • Lindy’s says there is only one way for these Lowlanders to go. (i.e., ‘up’ in statistical terms).
  • Little-man that we needs to punch downhill on here… as C.s.u. only fields one guy north of 6′8″, and only two guys north of 210 lbs.!

Buccaneers Port: (depth=2 or 3)

6′1″, 185 lb., R.J. Johnson is the other Buc’ that Lindy’s did buck-up to just a bit… pure shooter (≈43% long) and honestly, he may be the only pure shooter in the C.S.U. rotation here. Redshirt Fr.  baller who sat last year and he too looks kinda like a Shooting-G trapped in a Pt.Guard’s body. Tho’… 5.8 ppg with 4.3 rpg on a now team-leading 4.0 apg is a guy in development. And Eye will say this, this kid has some surprisingly strong-looking pipes upstairs for such a very lean-looking B.M.I. overall. Like he was an Ss in football in another life.

Reginald Duhart Jr. is your one frontcourt sub’ who ports with the Buccaneers here. R.D.J. goes: 6′9″, 21o lb., as a springy r-Junior with a history of leg-dings to boot. Kinda a worker-bee or glue guy who does the necessary grunt work as manning the paint goes. 5.8 ppg with 3.3 rpg on 47% overall is about all he is.

This Turkey Day+1 contest is all about, what(s)?

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Bucs who could raid @Tech=1, maybe 1 mo' could plank (i.e. bench)?

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is...

…there not a lot to be taken with here gents.

In all honestly, this is a team we really should beat.
Hostess cupcake “eat them up, yum” …1o1.

Charly Southern basically has one player. He good, and the rest not so much.

And if we let him beat us?

That is not his fault.
That’s… ours.


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a December head-to-head (in)common opponent(s) ask back.

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up a big ole +15% in shooting percentage margin (VT shooting well, C.s.u. ice-cOld, and below average on D); with VeeTee up a mere +1% in 3-point percentage margin (both chilly squadrons wings have been icing up of late from distance on O), and VeeTee is up +2 caroms in rebounding margin for the season. (VeeTee is just above average and C.s.u. is just below average is what that is code for this time).

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… the Hokies are now up by +13% in shooting percentage margin (per: C.s.u. IS the 4-game same, tho’ V.P.I. slipped just a scosche on each end); the Bucs are now up a shocking +3% in 3-point percentage margin (from: C.s.u. is the quad-game same, and yet the Gobblers are defending and shooting, LESS on both sides alike), and again, nearly shockingly, we see the Bucs now up +3 misses in rebounding margin in the last fortnight of play. (as: V.P.I. has slumped in both O and in D-rebounding a bit alike of late).

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

C.S.U. is +3 in R&R post-Tourney.
VT is up +1% at the charity stripe for the year.
VT is a 1.oo host; whereas C.S.U. is .ooo as a guest.

The Call...

No.267 Net Ranking Charleston Southern @ no.89 Net Ranking Virginia Tech:

You just gotta call for a VicTory dance here.
As the Techmen triumph in this one, the only calc’ is by just how much?


That not going out on the late-Fall thin ice plainly stated…
Eye do wanna see how this reloaded O&M club responds to adversity for the very first 2o22-2o23, time.

Who are the (legit) locker-room Leaders here? Who will work the, we need to offer mo’ than a casual or a domesticated-looking leftover 11ov defense effort vs. anyone real?

Who will key us on the ‘glass? (See: the pun?)

Or will our turkeys settle for trying to out-offense everyone and get cooked indeed?

Because this team will be plenty dangerous in Tournament play come March Madness ’23; if/when they get hot on O on quick turnarounds scheduling-wise. Shooters shoot and you want to keep feeding a hot hand. As you need not be ‘cornbread’ Maxwell to know that, that beets a loota peeps in one-n-done post-season formatting.

Although some attention to little things done big would be gravy for Mr. Popcorn himself..

So, wow will they do when their shooting is lukewarm or cools and their wishbone goes ‘snap’ and things have to be contested in hard-fought and hard-won not having your best offensive nite terms?

Thankfully, right about now would be a good and vastly easier and/or safer
outcome pre-A.c.c. time to begin to find… out!



(93% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=82, Charleston Southern=52

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