Clemson basketball preview!

#79 R.P.I. Clemson @ #29 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s basketball is no longer butter.

The Hokies are gettin’, rolled. As in o’fer two downhill and chicken-little and Eye have two craniums between us that are mostly… cloudy. That attempt at a rather tryst New River Valley mid-Winter warming trend of late satire aside… …the Hokies are not in the best place right now. Looking vulnerable, looking less (Roster) available, and frankly, they do not look as gritty nor as (outside) shooty as last year’s All-Championship Conference squadron did. Now, we catch a rather sprite-looking 11 up against 3 down Clemson right in the 1.oo in-conference-calling (A.c.c. 3-o) face. These Tigers are always squirrely to tame and they basically play a BeeCee+++ or a Wake’ish brand of ball. Nevertheless, what you wanna know is who is gonna win and by how much, rights? So, read on… to find, out!

Clemson Head CoachBradley Robert Brownell: age=54, 396–254 (.609) overall,
229–169 (.575) at Clemson.

Baller Brownell played high school basketball at William Henry Harrison High School (Evansville Indiana) with current Saint Louis University assistant coach and Indiana University legend Calbert Cheaney. Backcourt baller Brownell balled and graduated from DePauw University in 1991, he earned three letters at DePauw University, a Division III school in Greencastle, Ind. He ranks seventh in school history with 332 career assists. He led the Tigers in dimes three straight seasons, while also leading DePauw in steals as a junior in 1989-90. Then completed his degree at the University of Indianapolis in 1994. Thereafter Brownell immediately went into an apprenticeship (i.e., assistant) coaching after graduation.

Coach Brownell was named the U.N.C. Wilmington head coach in 2002, after having won a master’s degree and having been a U.N.C.-W. assistant coach from 1991 to 2002. Brownell’s U.n.c.-Wil’ teams made the big dance 50% of the time.

After that, he went to Wright State and amassed nothing less than a 21-win season before eventually snagging the Clemson job -in something of a surprising hire- in 2010.

Holding up half a century+, well!

At Clemson Brownell went dancing his very first season, though he has only made the N.I.T. twice in the other seven years down in South Carolina. Coach Brownell’s teams have won six conference championships and he has won two conference coach of the year awards himself. All of which were mid-major caliber and therefore all of which were prior to his power conference admission at Clemson. Ergo, therefore, to wit, some would say that Brad is sitting on something of at least a warm seat at the sporting moment. Coach Brownell has already spawned four D-1 coaching tree mid-major disciples, and his teams come with a defensive first reputation. That and he has snagged two NC2A post-season pennants of late plus two mo’ National Invitation bids.

Maybe that is @Clemson code for a rise >>> run; now?

Daddy Brownell and his wife, Paula, have two daughters,
Abby (19), a student at Clemson; and Kate (17).

Clemson at a glance:

  • 14th best in FT percentage!!
  • 20th best in 3-point-percentage!!!
  • 25th best in Assist:Turnover ratio!!
  • 48th best in Effective FG percentage!
  • 239th most in bench points.
  • 291st in fastbreak points. (Stall ball, ½court flavored squad).
  • 292nd most in steals/game. (Plays the man, not the ball).
  • 329th best in offensive rebounding: (tho’ see above, not a lotta misses to collect). (78th best in D-boards, however).
  • 1 injury listed; Coach God Bless.

Returning Starters=zero, that’s (0)!!!

Clemson Strengths:

  • Pretty dang experienced team. (See: 3rd •).
  • Aquarian team… lotttttsa Hunters and gathers live here!
  • Unlike most… Clemson does not have a billion Portals/Transfers. Tiger kids stick to their den—father and that has to be saying something what Brownell can do for you, good.
  • One #24, 6′1o″, 245 lb., Jr., PJ Hall… is a keeper at the Four spot, or as a P/F. Big, elongated, even a little bit kinda strong lookin’ pasty-Four. With the prerequisite Greg Brady mop-top tempting Alice the maid 25/8. And this kid is a pretty big P/F homespun get… check it out… P.J. was only the: #1 ranked player in South Carolina; he was only the: 2o19-2o South Carolina Gatorade Player of the Year; and he was only the ESPN ranked four-star prospect (No. 48 in ESPN Top 100, No. 9 power forward in the nation). That’s all. He sucks. Trade him now! One-time S.C. “Mr. Basketball” and two-time AAAAA or penta-A State Champion. Older sis’ is all-everything FLA Gator volleyball and oldest bro’ played basketball at nearby Anderson University. So, the family Genome Project projects rather well here. And right now, P.J.H. gets Clemson: 12.5 ppg, married to a so-so 4.5 rpg on 1.6 apg with 1.1 bpg, which paces these Tigers. P.J. has improved and deepened his stroke with a ten-percent betterment from deep, now up to a shiny 4o.7% from range. As 53.9% overall and 76.7% from the charity-stripe offer alms enough. His coach says that PeeJay found 15 off-season lbs. last season and added S&C stamina to deal with added in-season leading-man demands. This season he went out and found another 10-lb. weight plate and is even stronger than ever. I’d say that passes the eye test in the film room. And that is a pretty good call by Coach Bradley. (UPDATE: P.J. is now listed as: PROBABLE, (sore foot). St.Sebastian bless! As this has already expensed him a handful of games already this season… BIG ole ding here if Mister Hall cannot hold court). As P.J. just looks plum slower to me upon breaking tape. Especially since right before Final Exams more/less. However, that is (hurtfully) what playing all of last year with an undiagnosed foot fracture, a springtime surgery and then another summertime foot injury with another summer foot surgery is all about. As nobody can question the heart connected to these dingy feet(s) for Mister Hall here. Dang… St.Servatius bless! ’cause P.J. is/was prolly a legit export baller if/when he can get his footwork into salubrious order). (Do like the Greg Brady mop-top however). Did I mention the Brady bunched locks, yets?
  • r-Sr., 6′8″, 217 lb., Hunter Tyson. Tyson was kayoed for the moment when we last saw him with a broken clavicle, and he was not expected to return to the lineup until the middle of 2o22 March. St.Christopher bless! Sidelined was his: Useful enuff looking: 10.4 ppg and 5.4 rpg in relief. 3-time All-ACC Academic Team does not suck. Does have a history of dings/dents, et al. Including a pretty harsh ‘facial fracture’ that he tried to play plexiglass mask through for a spell. Hunter won a metric ton of Charlotte Metro area hoops awards and regional ones too. Not as many state-wide however. 255th nationally from 247Sports was his highest hit. ESPN gave him a lower-end **** or four stars. Slotted somewhere between 54th and 76th nationally at S/F or on the Three spot by all recruiting services. And methinks that is pretty fair, as his statistics are a pretty fair R.O.I. on all things considered. Not many can say they moved the matriculation needle that much. Godspeed, get well soon. Now, however… returned are his 2o23 team leading: 15.6 ppg, his team-pacing 9.8 rpg, and his team alphaing of virtually ≈89% free-throwing! All Conference Comeback Player of the Year votes inserts (_____) here, check. Been pretty hot-to-trot on O of late, and has added a mind-boggling +1600% to his college scoring since his Clemson arrival. Not many can rightfully say that… and if Tyson is not careful, this Hunter may just be playing his way into a paying basketball job outside of the USofA. And oh yes, the six, that’s (6) different All-Academic Conference Championship awards do not suck. bra-vo for 5th year Hunter. He has added dribble drives, a bit of passing (career-high 2.2 apg), and “vocal” leadership to his docket as well. (UPDATE: HOT Hot, hawt… Buster Poindexter baller of late… including skyscraping on the glass. As in… Hunter Tyson just notched career highs in points (31) and rebounds (15); on his way to A.c.c. Player of the Week honors. The last Clemson player with at least 3o points and 15 boards in a game was Horace Grant in 1987. #45’s sidekick ‘wow’!
  • ~6′4″, 2o4 lb., true-Sr. season Chase Hunter, combo-G… could make for a pretty fair to middling combo’-shot where you called: “rail” as A.c.c. Most Improved goes. Or, rather maybe that is only codes for: ‘good foot health’ for a change here? (St.Sebastian help). As this poor kid has been at least slightly Waltonian podiatry dinged-up most of his Clemson career. As in… you just do not see too many final-year kids make a +239% push as increasing ppg or scoring goes. As Hunter has chased down the Tiger silver medal in scoring (14.6 ppg) and the team-wide gold in assistance (4.6 apg) as well. Good on him! And nearly great on his near-team-pacing 45.8% when dialing long distance (2nd best). That is some damn fine come-up-ins from a career reserve or bench-warmer sports fans. And this makes Hunter an easy-access fan-favorite @home. This from a kid who was a four-star (****) prospect and No. 98 overall in 247Sports’ Top 1oo for the 2o19 class outta high school. 247Sports ranks Hunter as the No. 4 player in the state of Georgia and the No. 14 combo guard in the country. He did miss his senior seasons (injury), and his overall digits were good tho’ not quite Scholastic Sports America with Adran Karastan epic. Not even S.I.’s old-school ‘faces in the crowd’. Still yet, this was a pretty good recruiting get for Clemson— and who knows what Chase mighta run down on 2-good, wheels? As more was expected here… and sadly mo’ is what the Training Room got. Lindy’s says c.Hunt’ ‘needs to score’ and calls him a 6th-man caliber guy. As this is/was a fringe overseas pro’… and a solid guy who does nothing to hurt you; lotta teams wish they had a final-year uber-experienced guy you can count on like Chase. Godspeed to him.

    Good frontcourter 1o1…
  • Brevin Galloway G 6′3″, 21o lb., graduate-year (r-Sr., and his CV19 flyer) gets you a reasonable looking: 9.9 ppg with 2.9 rpg and 2.5 apg. On 32% from behind the arc and a solid 82.5% free-throwing. Kinda the same drill as c.Hunter above, solid guy, glue-guy; nearly maxed out on experienced guy to boot. As this is Gallo’s sixth, that’s (6th) season of D-1 collegiate ball. Four years running ball for the College of Charleston, one up at BeeCee, and now one down at Clemson make this Two-G near the furthest right-tailed member of the Experience Curve itself. However, he has never matched his near 16 ppg CofC on a nifty 42% from trifectaville senior season. Not at BeeCee (8.3 ppg & 25% on 3’s) nor at Clemson (9.9% & 31% on 3’s). In boxing, we call this: ‘staying too long’. In college ball, you call this a degree or two or occasionally, three. And I for one will not be negging on dats. Not one-iota (1ι). Again, (Coach God Bless), same as c.Hunt’, Brevin has battled injuries off/on his whole entire career. With his 2o17 and 2o2o campaigns nearly blown up. 37% career shooter when healthy on 3-balls all on 1-left-A.c.l. tear (St.Culbreth help) and then on several ‘re-aggravations’ of the same. Dang…  Three-star recruit ranked as high as No. 4 in the state of South Carolina outta high school where he enjoyed something of a mid-range to deep blow-torch scoring scholastic rep’. Also said to hail as some kinda Pokémon gaming warrior/award winner as well. So, there is that too. There is his worker-bee mentality that has filed his improvement of 55% FT’ing as a rookie all the way up to a nifty 82.5% now as a Tiger. There is also footage of another knee-brace or double-compression sleeving and Godspeed, gotta wonder what this kid is on two good sticks too? That and he has cooled a bit of late, which makes you wonder (health-wise) even, mo’?

Clemson Weaknesses:

  • Dingy team historically… sad; as a lotta, Tigers have had a lotta thorns in their paws. Godspeed!
  • Lindy’s says that Clemson lacks ‘heath’. And this just in, rain is still rumored to be… wet.
  • That said… fielding zero pre-season All-A.c.c. honorees 1st-2nd nor 3rd string is typically not a good, look. As you might just lack ‘Talent’ for that.
  • Eye say that… Clemson has a lotta (injury/graduation) roster churn and nearly as many dings/dents of late… leaves you wondering what they are if/when they all stay together and hold the same?
  • 6′4″, 195 lb., final year, Hemenway has sat out the last two games with a foot injury, and it remains to be seen if he will be active Wednesday versus Virginia Tech.

Tiger Den: (depth=4)

(Kinda a tall-struck or sizey pine squad for Coach Brad here folks).

More was expected of 5.2 ppg, backup S/G Alex Hemenway (6′4″, 195 lb., third-year)— at least per Lindy’s. As they were really high on his (potential) outside-offensive headroom here. As he was the Alpha Tiger get in his recruiting class three years gone. Does have a very sliced-up 1970s (albeit pasty) face-fro’. This future groom does not cheap on his manscaping look. So, there is that. Although the Hoosier State’s hoop crazy star has a history of dinging and denting type of ankle-rolls (St.Phillip bless). And these have (sadly) limited his role here. This guy is prolly your X-factor. As Clemson, Sc. really needs his outside pure-shooter work; as 39.9% in relief is not the worst work if you can get it. (Which, is entirely +o.6% ahead of his ‘location location location’ or overall shooting-range gone real-estate axiom if you know what Eye memes…) Did Eye mention the face carvings just yet? As this kid could borrow Coach Pry’s signature brown leather Shaft jacket and get away wif’ it. That, and he can flat out shoot the rock. On a near brilliant 50% trifecta tear recently this year). As Alex is a pure spot-up shooter, (not a dribbler). Catch-n-shoot, tho’ his ranginess is most receptive here. As Alex’s range is the gym itself. If he is in it he is… open. Big miss (pardon the bad pun) from deep for Clemson if Alex cannot go in this one here.

6′7″, 23o lb., Ian Schieffelin is a strapping Three or S/F for Clemson in his second-season. Ian cut a mind-numbing twenty percent, that’s (2o%) body fat in the off-season. Yah; Jen’ Craig and I’d both have to say that that, counts. Ian’s 5.6 ppg on 3.9 rpg with 1.4 apg in substitution count as well. Only his one outta four or 24% long-range is hard to count on. The book here says that Ian is a: ‘versatile’ and a ‘tough’ baller. His dossier says he has an AAAAAAAA Ga. H.S. bling. The book also said this multi-sport athlete got some multi-sport college sniffs beyond basketball itself. So, all-’round athletics Mr. Schieffelin gots as well. He was also something of a late Vah.Tech recruiting snub; and Ian kinda has the look-n-feel of a balky Point-F at times to me on film. Not quite a ‘tweener, more like an athlete who lacks a home-position definition. Although, this does service his scoring from all 3-levels: (inside, mid, and long-range). A useful overall kid, the only wonderment is… is he more than that?

Ben Middlebrooks is a big ole, Four or P/F. Bennie goes 6′11″, 242 lbs. in relief upfront down low for the Tigers. Benjamin is a sophomore-season baller, who finds his way to 3.2 ppg with 2.6 rpg and a steal and swat off the bench. 158th baller in the land from 247Sports outta high school. Where big-Ben dropped you 20 & 15 (ppg and rpg) on the reg’. Another VeeTee lookie-Lou recruiting-wise. His big sis’ (Mackenzy) was a Tennis star for the Tigers. Whereas, Ben is said to be a skillful big who moves well without the ball and enjoys footwork and hoops I.Q. ppg alike. Lindy’s says he is a: “high motor guy though still raw”. That says to check back in 2o25 to me. Tho’ nobody hates a legit big who is not the enemy of preparation, perspiration, or work itself.

Most white bread I’ve seen on tape in the A.c.c. in a looooong time rides here. Fiddy-percent, that’s 5o% of the caucasian persuasion if you are keeping score at home.

This is a big tree fall down go boom bench. Towering, nearly; although shooting or marksmanship they ain’t so heighty on. Pur these sub-in Tigers only netting 28% down to 18% and then three, that’s (3) guys who have not made a 3-pointer off the pine in all of 2o22-(’23) thus far.

R.A.T.T.: ...which Orange Crush clad team does the crushing, here?

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Illationconclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Tigers who could jungle gym @Tech=a handful anywho...

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is

although to some extent; Clemson’s docket is not exactly murders row {sic: their schedule}.

They are however just two, that’s (2) shots removed from being a one-L hoops team.

And there is something to be said for that, S.O.S. (strength of schedule) water-cooler arguments aside.

Meaning: …the R.A.T.T. thing(s) to say are… the Tigers are indeed a good hoopz club.

The only calculus is… are they a great one?

As they are surely a post-season one of some measure or another.


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a stunning (tho’ single shot roundball round-robin) 22-point VomiT in favor of Clemson here. On only one data point thus far. Ergo, therefore, to Whit; I hope that points something missing in comparative population data points out down the road. Tho’ it does not bode well if we take the Wake Forest match-up prima facie.

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up a nominal looking +1% in shooting percentage margin (due to: VeeTee being slightly better on O, tho’ Clemson nearly negated that by being slightly better on D, two pretty dang even teams here); Clemson is actually up +2% in 3-point percentage margin (from: a bit better 3-ball range mostly) and kra-kra enuf, these two tested exactly even in rebounding margin for the duration. (Tho’ VeeTee is a mite better off the O-fiberglass per se…)

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… the Hokies are now up +3% in shooting percentage margin (per: Tech is shooting less, tho’ everything else has moved in VeeTee’s favor on both marksmanship sides. Including a much saltier overall O&M D of late), nobody is up anything in 3-point percentage margin (as: both are +5% to the good of late. Tho’, VeeTee is shooting less and defending mo’; whereas Clemson is nearly the same on 3-pointer O & D alike Recency Effect compared to annual returns), and Clemson is up +6 caroms in rebounding margin. (Pur: the Tigers are improving on the O-glass, whilst the Gobblers are coming up short on the O and on the D-backboard alike of late).

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

Crunchtime: ab-works, sit-ups:
Clemson is o-2 in games decided by less than 4 points.

9 PM kick!

Coach Ray Stevens streaks
While Clemson (11-3, 3-o A.c.c.) has won its three A.c.c. games decisively, including a 78-64 victory over North Carolina State on Friday, Virginia Tech (11-3, 1-2) has cut its last two tests by razor-thin margins, including Saturday’s 77-75 defeat at Wake Forest.

Those who do not learn from history…” —Winnie Churchill
Virginia Tech leads the series with Clemson 23-17, with wins in four of the last five meetings, including a 76-75 victory last March in the A.c.c. tourney quarters’. When Darius Maddox made a 3-pointer at the buzzer of overtime.

Clemson is up a nice +5% at the charity stripe for the year.
V.P.I. is a 1.oo host; whereas Clemson is .5oo as a guest.
Clemson is up is +2 in R&R of late.

The Call

No.78 Net Ranking Clemson @ no.38 Net Ranking Virginia Tech:

…from and continuing the S.O.S. supine up above, one other thingy struck me when I began my Tiger-time homework for this one.

Clemson has not exactly punked most of the lesser teams they have faced. (Sans Richmond who they did “run on” indeed).

Recall… none other than Jerry West teaching me and my shortie peeps in Traveling All-Stars Camp as, well, shorties… that “one of the two signature signs of truly great teams is… they beat the teams they are supposed to beat and they beat them badly.”

Blowouts, due to the objective Talent imbalance are what The Logo was ‘on’ about.

Why is that wanting/lacking here, however?


Catch a Tiger by the Tale

Well, Eye dug a little deep in my attempt to catch this Tiger(s) by the… tale.

And all told… Clemson has played in some very Sleepy Hollow-looking gyms thus far. Like right at 5,000 peeps or fewer gymnasiums thus far eleventeen times so far on the season.

Yawning Festivals for coach Ichy Crane and for you and for me all three.
With three of said Sominex Gyms populated by barely 4-dights worth of attendees.

Do you see what Eye means?
Not exactly punk people or feeling your flow or catching your sexxy environmental runs.

…this leaves me wondering ‘out loud’ if that is all this really is?

The closer

…so, in closing; basically, what we see here is what?

Well, if you asks me -and you did via reading these very words- if you asks me what you sees is… a defending Champion that is unused to having to defend much of anything itself.

So, Eye did what I do’s best… I went to look this up, right?

We need to amp our head game up!

Thingy is… Vah.Tech defending Another Conference Champion lacks or wants for data-points all together. Only Coach Chucky Noe (196o) and Coach Moir (198o) know where I am about to go. As in… our two and only (2) conference calling titlist prior to last spring, got sprung for 11 games in defense of said title(s) combined. Both enjoy pretty fair-to-middling rosters in return mind yah.

Or… in other words… it sure is a different game when you are everyone’s A-game punch and they are easy, turnkey, emotional Christmas cookie cutters higher than the International Space Station to play you when you show up. (We found this out in round #1 of ’85 vs. a nearly maniacal jumped-up North Marion. An 11-win playoff team ‘plum got after us’ … as they hit and kept on hitting the defending champ (us) in the mouf from the very first ‘ding’ of round no.1).

Methinks… which is to say mefears… Mike Young’s 2o22-’23 defending champs are not (yet) up to matching the incoming Always Championship Challenging intensity. At least not @Away. (@Home, and the Cassell vassals can lend a vocal hand or three).

The VerdicT:

Or… in final words… we need jersey-leadership {sic: baller(s)} and coaching/mentoring the verb… to get this point across, STAT. You are everyone’s A-game, A-nite, A-day, A-date… 25; 8.

We gotta rally to the science-fact that defending (i.e., a ring) is much sizier than the lay-up gone layaway of shopping for said ring. (In extra particular out on the road when: “the Champ is here”! (As: Jadakiss sings).

1, 2, 🏀, 4, 5

@Clemson and I’d prolly have to take the Tigers.
In the warming 24o6o and frankly, this one takes a coin-flip to me.

Nonetheless, this one left me wondering about my pet saying of: “two ships passing in the nite“?
Or are the whispers of this 2o23 being less: ‘physical’ to be taken fo’ real?



(49% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=68, Clemson=68

please support the VT F.C.A.!







Happy New year TSL from the 3o4!!!