ESPNRadio 1o2.3 FM Beckley Dub Vee, the 3o4!

This week your very own bourbonstreet plum gits after the following topics, sans a power failure; and generally rattles, rambles, informs and loquaciously entertains among the following topics…

  • the weather
  • VT pre-camp vibes, whispers, and feel
  • what has changed — is the attitude any different?
  • are there any senior leaders on this years team?
  • then on to a VT 2013 dLine preview
  • then the Coastal showdown game of the year!
  • VT @ GT on ESPN on only 4 days rest for the good Tech
  • Does VT have a short-week shot in this one?
  • Or is that just too much assignment football to ask vs. the whacked-out Flex Bone?

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