Wofford basketball preview!

#226 R.P.I. Wofford  #1o4 R.P.I. Virginia Tech: 

Virginia Tech men’s hoops stays home hoping to salvage the pre-holiday weekend for all things revenue sports “Y” chromosome-wise over in the chilling out mid-Autumn New River Valley.

The Hokies are a basketball school for sure!!! You STFU b.street! As Nc.State would k9 incisor these puny litter; I mean puny little (2 up vs. 9 down) Terriers in football. And that could very well be; IF, they were playing them in football here. In lieu of the same… instead of Pry and Co. being “out-coached” and “not ready to play”… let us all hope that we do out-talent these Wofford Reservers here. Nonetheless, what you wanna know is… who won (State); and who will win here and by how much, rights? So, reads on… to finds, out!

Wofford Head Coach: Mike Young: Dwight Perry: age=36, 12–12 (.500) overall, and at Wofford.
Has a rep’ for G-play and modern reach/touch.
$153,000.oo (with incentives).

Home court edge, 1o2

Baller Perry played three years at Kentucky. He played in 19 career games for the Wildcats, averaging o.3 points, o.2 rebounds, and o.1 assists per game. Which is mo’ than you and I combined did historically @Adolp Rupp U.

Coach Perry started out as an intern for Stanford and he coached there for two years. Then he became a graduate assistant for V.C.U., and he would coach there for three years. Next, he became an assistant coach for Furman for five years.

On April 18, 2o19, Wofford hired Perry as an assistant coach. On September 1o, 2o21, the Terriers promoted Perry to Associate head coach. After head coach Jay McAuley resigned after taking a month-long leave of absence, Perry was named the interim head coach on December 5, 2o22. On March 21st last spring the Terriers removed the interim tag and made him their new head coach.

Prery.edu is a 2o1o graduate of the University of Kentucky, Perry played three seasons for the Wildcats and earned a degree in business management. He was named to the S.e.c. Academic Honor Roll. He served as an intern with Stanford’s men’s basketball program for two years before joining VCU, where he earned a master’s degree in sport leadership in May of 2o13.

Poppa-Perry married the former Brittany Gee in August of 2o16;
and the couple has two sons, Dwight III (Trey) and Ashton.

Wofford at a glance:

  • 27th most 3-point attempts/game!!
  • 56th most assists/game!
  • 76th best in Effective FG-percentage O.
  • 287th most fouls ‘whistled’ against.
  • 291st in FG-percentage D allowed!
  • 291st on the defensive glass!
  • 324th best in Scoring D allowed!!!
  • 335th most swipes/game!!!
  • NO injuries listed. “thx” @Coach God!

Returning Starters=1*.

Wofford Strengths:

  • Chase Cormier is your silver-medal scorer at: 12.7 ppg on 1.7 rpg with 1.o apg. This from a 6′2″, 172 lb. second-season off-G by way of: Northeastern. Where he had not done much of anything, much less hitting for a nearly triskaidekaphobic 13 per game as he suddenly and shockingly is right now. This is from a kid with only his senior season of scholastic ‘ball, listed. This is from a kid who went Nor-by-Nor-East, and took a 3 ppg scoring ‘rong turn at Alberqureue; which bugs, some people. As Chase be chasing that dream and nobody in any of my preview magazines drempt he’d be gettin’ you this. As he was hardly mentioned in any of them at all. Review is still in excess of preview to be sure. That and Fletch and I are sure this is a massive and massively teased-up ‘fro, yo. We are unsure if his sizzling: 58% overall with 100% free-throwing and 56.3% long-stroking are merely gravy or gonzo soon enuff?
  • Dillon Bailey, SG, 6′3″, 195 lbs…. is your 3rd offensive wheel for the Terriers here. 11.7 ppg with 2.3 rpg and 2.3 apg and yet again… such is way way more than my magazines forecasted here. As they did not even forecast him being on the roster (ex-of-Northeastern State) here. So, this is a late addition and it is a fully building permitted indeed late edition at that. It is such a late edition that they do not even have a picture (yet) up for him. However, I did find that… during the 2022-23 season, Dilion ran the Double Deuce; started all 27 games, and led the team in scoring with 413 points (15.3 ppg). I also found out that led the team in rebounding with 128 (4.7 rpg), assists (71), and three-pointers (63) to earn All-MIAA honorable mention recognition. Hell yah that’s a swaggy roster buzzer-beater of a good-get. The MIAA Academic Excellence Awards for three straight seasons are good gets for the Game of Life. As Dilly-Dilly was an overlooked and underrecruited single-A kid from down in small-town Bentonville, Ark. That most whiffed on big-time indeed. As this pasty will dunk on you and his family tree sprouts roundballs all over. Check it… his father played basketball at Central Arkansas and his mother played basketball at Harding. His little bro’ (Dawson), plays basketball at Freed-Hardeman in Tennessee. So, that all counts too.

    ...wild, huh?
  • * One, #1o, third-year, 6′3″, 193 lb., Corey Tripp G1, lead-G, and truly -if not entirely- a Malcolm Delaney lookalike or doppelganger when he puts his hair up/back. As his overall game is a lotta things… and laid-back not being among ’em. Check it… 16.7 ppg with 4.3 rpg on 4.3 apg and 1.o spg is doing about all that this Tripper can do.  As in… 53.8% from the floor paired with a mere 100.0% from the charity stripe and married to a solid 35.7% deep is again… doing about all he can do. Corey is a Special Olympics volunteer coach on the side— Coach God Bless anyone doing any of that. He had real nice though not quite epic Ohio H.S. basketball metrics. However, he has improved his collegiate scoring by a staggering near ~+1,6oo% since his south-of-so-so debut year. His sister(s) all play college lacrosse; so, there is that too. And so 2o23 far… Corey has been exceeding most any/all pre-season goals. And Wofford needed this like a dead man needs a coffin as you will (Portaling) read below…
  • t-Fresh., 6′8″, 22o lb., Jeremy Lorenz, P/F is your one legit BIG here. And his: 9.o ppg on 5.7 rpg with 1.7 apg and a sendback are medium enuff. This version of J.Lo’ is one of the few guys listed in my previews and one of the few guys who has a pho-tog of himself. The word is he was a pure H.S. scorer and he did lead Brillion, Wisc. to an AA Whiskey state bling. 23 ppg, 12 rpg, 2 bpg, and 4 dimes dropped is not bad scholastic work from a smaller school big-man on the come. He will get carded to buy beer for a long while… a nice thing as you age… and this too seems like a legit 4 find from Coach Perry and Co. to me.

Wofford Weaknesses:

  • ’23’s Top-2 Scorers: (Mack (South Carolina), Jackson (Iowa State), and Jones (Towson)) all made like a leaf and fell, out. (We just saw how big-Mack this Mack could truck, too!)
  • This is not a good look for Coach Perry… as Wofford went from possible League fave (Southern Conference) to maybe mid-range So.Co. overnite.
  • That’s right at ~46 ppg on ~17 rpg that just pet-peved, Perry for someone/somewhere, else. Dang.
  • There is just a smidgeon of height ‘n play here… though weighty this squadron is not. What with only two guys north of 2o7 lbs.!

Terriers doghaus: (depth=6 or 7) Nearly everyone Paricipation Trophies here.

Rookie or nugget year 5′12″, 19o lb. undersized Shooting-G Quentin Meza lends you his spot-up 3-point shooting range; (4o% beyond the arc). The 6.7 ppg on 3.o rpg with 1.7 apg from another guy that nobody bothered to take a picture of says a lot.

So.Illinois transfer: 6′9″, 25o lb., senior season, and d.Cowens Baltic Ave. man’s Kyler Filewich is the kinda true-C/grinder everyone loves to watch. He is a self-made man and he does what he can as the prime frontcourt Wofford Terrier reliever from the bullpen. Tho’ the next apartments his Baltic Ave. knows will be the first. Until this year of gentrification… 9.o ppg with 5.7 rpg and 1.7 apg on 1-swat are not only career highs; they are on-trend to be close to +2oo% better straight across. Not ½ bad work from a Five who has been mo’ parts hack than jack until the fall of ’23 itself. As this kid will lean on you, he will push on you and he will leave something behind of you to boot. The 62% from the floor is tight enuff… tho’ the masonic or bricky-looking 12% from the FT-iine chips a lotta, paint. +1 for the b.Walton era headband hereby awarded as well.

After that, there are mainly role-players and spot-minute guys. Tho’ there are several of ’em… so, fatigue should be held in check for Wofford at least a bit.

The key to heeling these Terriers is.... what(s)?

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Illation, conclusion(s) and OPT digits:

Number of Terriers who could scrap @Tech=2'ish, maybe?

the takeaway:
The takeaway here is

…it is hard to be taken too much or too far via these Terriers here.

Though this coach is worth a premature Coach of the Year consideration in So.Co. terms if Perry can keep this seemingly misfit, juxtaposed, and banjaxed-looking patchwork crew, up.


Our handy-dandy friend the so-called Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is calling for a… All Coaching Conference ask back here.

The annualized year-to-date vitals say that… VeeTee is up +5% in shooting percentage margin (all of it from a defensive edge; with Wofford up just a mite on O); Wofford is actually up a whopping +1% in 3-point percentage margin (as these two are virtually tied on each end of the court on threes), and yet Vah.Tech is up a decent enuff +4 carroms in rebounding margin year-to-date.

The most recent 5-game metrics say that… in shooting percentage margin, in 3-point percentage margin and in rebounding margin… are all conspiring to say… “leave us game no.3 alone!”

Armchair Pt.Guard’s:

VT is a 1.oo host; whereas Wofford is .ooo as a guest.
V.P.I. is up +15% at the charity stripe for the year.
VT is up +2 in R&R.

The Call

No.267 Net Ranking  Wofford @ no.117 Net Ranking Vah.Tech:

The VerdicT:

Frankly, I’ma somewhere in between being torn between these two extremes…

…Wofford -to their credit(s)- has a buncha overachieving guys; who seem due to ‘bounce’ in horse-racing terms to me. Or due to fall back to Terra Firma or back down to… Earth. As I’ma kinda terra incognita surprised by where they are in conference pre-season ranked with their ’22-’23 Top-3 all-kicking ’24, rocks. As in.. all of my mag’s tab Wofford mid-range in So.Co. terms.
Go fig’ on that?

…that… and I am kinda underwhelmed by what Coach Mike and Crew can ’23-’24 do. We are very limited internally or in the post less a just-Kidding jump-hook. We are a very hacky/reachy bunch on D. Our next fastbreak or dunk/lay-up points will nearly be our first, and we are limited on the fiberglass as well. Or in other words… we are basically what our 1-2 backcourt punch can hit for on O. They pop clean and we will upset a few; they pop dirty and a few will get us, too.

What is that saying about throwing Hokiestones at ag.school O&M greenhouses again?

…that… and this one has Sleepy Hollow written all over it… same as Campbell did, same as the alarm clock humps us again.

Worrford -to me- does not quite have the firepower to win out on the A.c.c. P5 road.
Nevertheless, if their imported guys are legit and do not fall back to Earth?

They could have just barely enuff Washington to Irving and get all Spartan’ and mess with an Ichy Crane or snoooooze button kinda Tech.

In extra particular if our 1-2 has an o’fer kinda nite.
Tech wins… though Boise and the Holiday Tourney are far-mo’ Stately indeed.


(91% confidence interval)
Virginia Tech
=88, Wofford=6o

please support the VT F.C.A.!







Bonus Tech Thoughts:

The State Staff was ready to play. Out hitting our very Talented Staff, too❗️
  • hooVa may have just tightened up a mite… oui-oui on their pee-pee.
  • Cart out in front of… horse? Check!

As Pry and Co. really did all they could do to keep a mindless 2o.5-minute T.O.P. deficit game to a 1-play final margin!?!

As that is all State won by gents. That’s absurding the verb.

Truly… ^that’s^ just nutz. Like Bastogne nutz.
Nearly, unheard of.



Now dig on this gentlemen…

Or, in other words… the 3 most Talented teams’ that we have faced… have combined for the following annualized overall/Total metrics…

  1. A season high ranking of: #4, #9 and #26.
  2. R.A.T.T.: just how close are we nationally to even being no.27 outta (now) 133 D-1 menz foutball teams?
  3. LOL!!!
  4. A combined: (mean): of 43rd best Total O.
    VT=69th in Total O.
  5. A combined: (mean): of 21st best in Total D.
    VT=37th in Total D.
  6. …do you sees what Eye… mean(s)?
  7. K… ‘fraid so… so, the far stricter/better βeta’s say:
    31st best Opposing Total O!
    15th best Opposing Total D!!!
  8. This vs. the surprisingly spry 41st best VT βeta Total O.
    This vs. the modest 67th best VT βeta Total D.
  9. …now, do you sees what Eye… mean(s)?
  10. David Cunningham did… nobody need ask his pick any ‘tough questions’ this week.
Eye mean we are (now) #1 in D-1aa ‘ball, baa-bee. We done told you to: “STFU”, b.street! Shat-up!!!

What Eye means is… after my off-season marketing gem of an article… whereby nearly nobody wants nearly none of our out-box Portal ballers…

…to have a fair-to-midding shot a a Bowl bid and at doubling our ’22 win-tally, is most impressive indeed.
A Pygmalion is a dirty animal… —Coach Jules Bernard Shaw,

’cause those three aforementioned noticeably, even vastly more Talented teams you ask?

Those vastly mo’ Talented teams that whooped us by a combined: 1o8 for to 48 against in Σ points vs. said Top-3 Talents when taken: head-to-head-to-head.

Well, we ’23 did the (formerly) unthinkable… resistance was (NOT) fu’tile… we dug-in, we held-on and we even fought back (literally) at the close of some not-so-Stately sideline scrum business.

IF you cannot win on the field you can win in the parking lot.

Check it…

…what Eye mean is… if it is NOT Talent the noun that is still lacking after those unmanned shellackings, when will it be?huh?

Well, unless of course, something is acting as a lack of Talenting masking, agent?

Culturing/Chemistrying… the verb(s)???

Our guys; tho’ physically knocked down (12), pinned (7), stolen (4!), and basically rick-rolled by the more physically Talented, and the mo’ physical itself puppy-pack did mange to not spit the bit; wet the bed or let go da… rope! Not even with seven, that’s (7) shaken-up or worse… Coach God bless…

Check it…

To recount, this cardiac or rally-cap attack on the ‘pack occurred after a ho-hum predicted Sleepy Hollow 1Q. Then we got doubled-down in 2Q rushing and got smashed by an unthinkable 2,667% passing deficit in the 2Q. Well, then we got even mo’ smashed by an outcome untenable  -29oo% rushing in arrears or in our rears in the 3Q; (passing was kinda close, actually).

Then? Well, then, -when we had formerly bent forward at the waist and said: “AHHHHHH” and got blow the spark out to close… then you ask?

Then we suffered State to eat this chit… here…

+7oo% rushing and a mindless +86oo% better in passing!
As in... fighting back is not what bitches, do!

As the Bren gun misfired 100% of the time in the final 18+ minutes of work! wow, did not feel like it either, did it? Prolly did not feel like Drones droned on and on and on to close on a 78% tear, either.

Now… consider how we closed since a certain Texan Qb1 Baylor’ed us out…

Before… we outgained #4 -and Play-Off bound- F.s.u. down in Tally in the 4Q by: a 13o to 86 yardage margin.

In between… we were only outgained #9 -and A.c.c. Championship game bound- Louisville over in KY in the 4Q by: ~4o yards total.

In these seemingly swamp-azz blown-out VomiTory games, three, that’s (3) times we bowed our ‘competitive’ backs’ and tried a mite harder to close. A.B.C. Alawys; be, closing.

Prior to all of that -and not coincidently- when an ‘available’ g.Wells was passed over for Cobra-Ky’; thereby finally torch-passing and de facto crowing Cobra-Ky’ with the keys to the alpha-mail Miyagi-do Garage company car(s)…

Well, since then we additionally nearly punked Marshall to close in the 4Q of play. 22 Herding total yards allowed to 11o Hokie hi’s inflicted if you are keeping score @home.

Amazing what one bullying, headstrong, gridiron scapper (and his cultural helper King-Tug’) have done for all things: Whit, Pry, both coordinators, and everything in the ’23 VeeTee football program overall.


This is (actually) only true because we DID get out-talented and at least semi-whopped upfront; again, for the third time this year by one of the Top-3 teams we have faced. “Blown up Sir.”
As our linemen are a ways away from earning their… Stripes.

Meaning… it gonna take some salt in your veins, some mud in thy eye; or someone just downright mean to hold this dugout buncha trenchesrs together when they get dirt, punked.

Another series’ (pun intended) of: “…rapid unscheduled disassembles.

Meaning… if Drones hears the final frenchy bell gäy Paris gets rung up.
(If ‘non’ mon-ami, this one is theirs for the 213-clubing).

’cause although limited in surrounding Talent(s) and very limited up-front… Cobra-Ky’ gives them guts.

This may not (yet) be a Full Metal Jacket— though his “…guts is enough.



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