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Simply put………………that did NOT taste good!Seton Hall hoops.

When will all opposing game-winning slop shots stop finding the net?!?

I got concerned when Xavier got back in it and cut it to 2 points right before intermission; but we did deserve to win that game. So now we must try to move on to Seton Hall; a former National Championship game participant and pretty decent big east hoops squad.

The big question here is who is better? The even bigger question however very well could be……where is our collective psyche after taking a 50` crack Musketeer shot right between the O&M eyes???

Seton Hall is our final Puerto Rico Tourney opponent, and guess who the mountain state will be pulling for? I’ll give you a hint, the team from the big east.

Seton Hall at a glance:

  • Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez is a manic. Dude never meet an argument he didn’t like. Ref’s, players, even a dust-up with an assistant coach. Just watch to see what ICould be the biggest guy we see all year! mean.
  • 7` 34o lb. freshman Center Melvyn Oliver is where the beef is!
  • The Pirates are a frenetic, pressing bunch that want to make you walk the high-octane plank.
  • Seton Hall is a little better than average both offensively and defensively overall. More remarkable however are the facts that the Pirates are 59th best in shooting the rock, and 16th best in defending the 3-ball.

Seton Hall is paced by #15 Brooklyn native Eugene Harvey, who is a penetrating street-GuardThis guy can put the biscuit in the basket. manning the point. But don’t make fun of his name; as dude can flat-out score, as he is dropping in a smooth 23 per contest if you need him. Seton Hall has three other guys all averaging more than double-digits in points, but it’s Power-Forward John Garcia who is the real match-up problem. Garcia is not only netting 11 points per game, he is also filling out the Pirates stat-sheet with 13 boards per game for the classic double-double. Even better if you are a Seton Hall fan, Garcia seems to have shed his chronic bad knees so far this year.  Former A-10 rookie of the year and transfer baller from Duquesne Ro’ Mitchell rounds out a very nice frontcourt from his small-forward spot.

In generic terms, Seton Hall beat the stuffing out of 2 scrubby teams, then upset nationally ranked and totally jet-lagged So.Cal before giving a respectable but ultimately non-winning effort vs. Tourney favorite Memphis. That is code for being good enough to beat us/VT as Seton Hall is nobodies gimmie.

The most important thing vs. a team like Austin Peay ... is???

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If this consolation game had been immediately following that slop bank-shot where nobody called “glass” vs. Xavier, I prolly would call for Seton Hall to win. Due to the possible mental hang-over a gutting L like that can cause. But I do like ADV to shoot better and I do like the fact that we get a much needed day off. So I’ll pick us to win a close one.
Virginia Tech=69 Seton Hall=65
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