2019 Preakness Stakes and Wilder Breazeale preview(s):

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That apple-clapping and eraser polishing attempt aside… back to writing itself…

Let’s take a looksee at the middle-rung on the Triple Crown trinary 3-step ladder and then a quickie of a Heavyweight Championship primer for Saturday night…

Then -Coach God (and Word Press) wiling- Eye has a lotta Qb, Wr, and offensive takes. Plenty of hints, vibes, and whispers that I finally managed to objectify and validate …as much as anyone pre-season should. Per always… keep reading, to find… out!

  • Only thing I can tell yah is da truth… because as well all know: “…lying is for, rugs.” So truly speaking, this is an underwhelming Preakness field. A hind-leg back-kick right in the oats.
  • As fleet of hoof this -really should be quadrupedal Usain Bolt field- just ain’t.
  • At least not by historic Preakness standards as the middle leg of the Triple Crown ain’t the green, E.P.A., granola-hugging or conserving of much of anything leg of the Triple Crown. This is is blue-state, C.N.N., sprinters delight of a runnin/gunnin’ go for broke tempo. With the massively lengthy grueling and conservative savvy Belmont the foxy state Grand Old Race. With the lead-off K.Derby  best ‘capped as a more moderate or somewhat centrist in between jaunt. As there is no need to throttle back on pace here; “Punch it”, as Capt. Christopher Pike used to like to say.
  • To take that a step further, there is no -as in not one- horse here with a ≥100 Beyer Speed Rating! In point of fact, there are only four -that’s a mere (4)- ponies with a ≥96 Beyer Speed Ratings’ and although that ain’t slow that ain’t a metric ton of galloping get-up-and-go, either.
  • Finally, 23% or 31% (three or four ponies) really look misplaced here to me. Like putting an M.Benz logo on a… Hyundai and trying to burn thin tire rubber to impress peeps you really don’t need a stamp/vice to impress.

Accordingly, this is a slumpy looking velocity type field— and although I had thought we’d gain some sandbagging -just waiting to sprint all-out in the Preakness- clarity for it… I was ‘rong. As we have not and same as the slogging sloopy Churchill Downs track three weeks ago, this is a rather muddled field for it to boot.

That, and this is a relatively “fresh” field. What with only three -that’s (3) or 23%- of the Lousiville racing crowd making the B’more, Maryland Preakness trip. As 10 of these 13 2019 Preakness entrants should be ripe and raring to go. (i.e. fatigue -mostly- need not apply here).

After that?

After that… Whiskey Tango Helen knows?

Who wins the 2019 Preakness Stakes???

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Preakness Picks:

  • Owendale, (to Show)… (3u).
  • and Improbable (to Show)… (2u.)

As the Boxing World Turns…

This weekend on (non-P.P.V.) regulation/terrestrial Showtime cable telly, we get treated to a World Heavyweight championship bout. As Dominic Breazeale challenges W.B.C. strap holder Deontay Wilder at ~10 to 11 pm east-coast time.

  • Dominic Breazeale: 20-1 overall, with 18 kayoes.
    6′7″, 223 lbs., 81.5″ reach.
    #11 BoxRec world-ranked.

(Wilder is at a career high; mind yah— tho’ it was all right-mass as he intentionally added about 10 lbs. of sinew for this grudge match-up)

  • Deontay Wilder: 40-o-1 overall, with 39 stoppages!
    6′7″, 255 lbs., 83″ reach.
    #2 BoxRec in the World.

At first, I had thought this fight to be something of a credible row. As Breazeale (+625) brings a lot of what it takes to upset the Wilder 10:1 betting favorite (-1ooo) to the table in this scrap.

He’s big, meaning slender Wilder will not enjoy the gravitas of gravity itself and Deontay won’t be punching downhill all night long here. He’s very heavy set, dense with old-school farm-strength type muscles— and as the even larger/longer Tyson Fury just showed us all, the contemporary Super Heavyweight modern era very spindly looking Bronze Bomber (D.Wilder) does not carry opposing weight well when giving away 30-50 odd lbs. of size accordingly. Neither does Wilder fight particular well going backward and although both are forward-pressing fighters by trade, Breazeale does industrialize the necessary bulk/mass to force Wilder off of his pet front-foot spot when he leans in and puts his two-stones six-pounds or about 30 odd extra lbs. overall on Deontay Wilder.

Then Breazeale went out and hired the present-tense sensei of head games, applied sports psychology, and clinical analysis inside the squared-circle itself; one Virgi -Samuel L. Jax, semi-lookalike and musing sound-alike- Hunter to train him for this bout.

Mutually, there is bad blood here, as (apparently) these two heavyweights looked each other up, then hooked each other up –boxing pun very much intended– in a Birmingham hotel lobby back in 2017. In a scuffle and/or outright ruckus that ended with little brother Wilder sparked out and laid out flat on the floor courtesy of Dom’ Breazeale his very own self. (or so the “whispers” say). This after team Wilder for some reason or reason(s) apparently went at Dom’ B’s wife and family (or so the “whispers” say). The video of the incident says the following… or at least so far as we can crowded, mouthy, hotel lobby discern…

As the animus is real for a change here sports-fans and it is plural (i.e. family members are involved on both sides) or textbook: storge love or fraternal love —as this is not just a purely individually personalized or a mere two-way mänō ä ˈmänō Title tilt. What with several nuclear family members involved here who really do wanna get a few manos of their own in too. (post-fight security is: warned…)


So there is genuine, nepotistic bad-blood in play here. A revanche family feud if you will.

Then there is the noticeable -if not even more demonstrative- Wilder hand-speed and footwork advantages that are entirely umpossible to ignore.

… real HEAT 1o1!

…and here I had initially thought that the towering Dominic Breazeale had a decent, and possibly even a fair to middling shot to upset the Alabama Slammers applecart in this one.

Eye do favor Deontay Wilder ITD (inside the distance).

Although: the fight won’t go (the distance)-4oo is my play here.

With this one hosted up in the seemingly always hard or good-fight producing, the stimulating, and the streety/rowdy Barclays Center. Where there is legit swagg to be won and credible street cred’ to be acclaimed; due to the typically more volatile urban crowd in attendance. So make no mistake gents, the Hawthorne Effect absolutely hints at a jumped-up area; plus all the family on family la cosa nostra beef that has been stewing outside the ring between these two since 2017.

     I like: Fight won’t go in lieu of the Wilder stoppage side; because there is just that modest shot that Dominic Breazeale has the thicker beard to go with the much thicker/heavier set body; and with close to 480 lbs. of heavyweights in the ring, combined… who combine for a whopping fifty-seven (that’s 57) stoppages between ’em… someone is sleeping someone here.

It’s just a matter of when one of these two combatants “lullabies” the other…

The Bronze Bomber before the 9th.