Boston College Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=27 Boston College=1o

A possible season-saving, play?

Virginia Tech football went at least a little bit St.Lazarus on Saturday nite and rose up from the dead after a mortifying visit to Norfolk, Va. two Friday nite lights ago.

The Hokies nabbed a k.Kong raised to the g.Zilla BIG big big play at the 43-second expended marker and got semi-close to never really having to seriously look back after that. Though recalcitrant to publish that we curb-stomped BeeCee or beat the F’n Eagles ass… I can say that we at least had the game in not less than semi-hand as we led for virtually ≅93% of the whole entire duration. And more often than not leading 93% of the time is not half-bad in the final analysis. They’ve done studies you know… as in…, 60% of the time leading 93% of the time wins (nearly) every time. So, maybe this was a Sex Panther moment for our Hokiebird going phoenix vs. these F’n Eagles? Or, maybe not so much. Because even if we did need this one like a dead man needs a coffin? We have a way(s) to go to even vaguely become a complete and total football team as you will statistically objectify down below. As this was a solid VicTory that got us back on the right side of the ledger vs. a team with two left feet.

2Q 13:52 remaining:

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
—Henry IV, Part 2

Do you see what Eye mean? (St.Nikon bless!) This has been a slow-nag all camp long.


Whispers do however say he also has a hip-pointer here.
Could be down for a week or three… dang.

2Q 9:15 remaining:
See: Garbutt goes spin-move, sharp enuff, and on a very handsome 2o22 start. Then see him (accidentally) step onto DAX’s right foot with his very own left foot.

…dang, this coulda been worse to misstep 1o1.

Eye woulda said ankle here… tho’ he is grabbing his toes.
May St.Sebastian bless!

Alhough #45 did thankfully return to scrumming later on.

3Q 7:46 remaining:
Grant (somehow) won this hit!


Don’t wanna see him (having to) win anymore ——>b.street
As this is how you get your cranium side-lateral cracked and knocked the spark out. Dang…

3Q :44 remaining:
Just what the A.c.c. Defensive Player of the Week and hopefully getting next week full-shut-down, off; did not need.



The odd-G of BeeCee tries to help block the hard-charging and really coming ’22 #45 (Garbutt) on.

Though he accidentally Charley horses him right in the quads for it to boot.
St.Charles bless!

…and yet again, he did return to battle 2-series later (nabbed a Sack for it too).
Game; ain’t he?

4Q 0:00 remaining:
Ending the final stanza of play you ask?

We/VeeTee was only up ➕36oo% in rushing yards for the whole, entire, game— Eye’ma jus’ sayin’…

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=9
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=11 (1 personal foul on BeeCee)
Sacked=1 (they scored one Eye scored two FWIW)

Boston College:
Qb pressured=16
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=18

Blocking Analysis:
Well, in all candor, we distributed some of our natural or Swiss chicken-fighting plays in both positive and negative directions alike.

The harshing is… we missed a few more assignments and/or blocks. Tho’ our Pass Pro’ continues to surpass our run-fits (pardon the pun). As g.Wells found himself a near +8% boost in completion percentage this time out. However, Wells is dropping by a mind-numbing 27% 1Q to 2Q, then dropping again by 12% 3Q to 4Q on an aerial percentage basis. This seems to speak to a very front-loaded ‘go’ play scripting, or to a tired arm (or a hidden ding). Time=show-n-tell, here. As his Total Qb Rating falls off a 3Q to 4Q cliff by 1o3 points in-game. wowow! (1Q to 2Q only falls by about 6o-points).

However, we’ve only had one Rb(1) bust north of a very paltry looking 2.4 ypc in any game so far.

Some of this is whispered to be a very complicated set of blocking rules— some of it is a systemic juxtaposition. Although neither one of those will fit the 8th up through 18th Octoberfest rushing-D’s we face three outta four times. (With only porous U.n.c. seemingly Run D available here).

= =

This is sharp statistical work if you can get it.
Make no misQ… this is a shiny start…

Though… threw no fault of our own… we’ve not exactly been facing Steve Young or Frank Tarkenton. And we’re not exactly faced a Lombardi: Gregg, Kramer, Ringo, and Thurston oLine.

The Monarchs (who beat us, mind you) …

  • O.d.u. is penultimate to last in Rushing O!!!
  • 6th from last in Total O!!
  • nearly 100th in passing O.
  • 92nd in Sacks Allowed O.
  • 83rd in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed.

The F’n Eagles (who we clipped) …

  • BeeCee is penultimate to last in Total O!!!
  • DEAD last in Rushing O!!! Worst.
  • 1o6th in Passing Efficiency O!
  • 124th in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed!!
  • 129th in Sacks Allowed!!
And we just had only one guy average ≥7′ per carry for an A.c.c. game!

(o) (o)

Do you see what Eye means?

Wofford is o-57 on the scoreboard after scrumming for 8-quarters so 2o22 far.
Not much gonna be revealed here— or so we all Training Room/whirlpool surely hope.

Then hateful w.V.u. comes to town in a final hateful rivalry game chapter with their head-coach-hating hot-seat life. As our D finally gets its thermostat, calibrated and/or chin-checked.

Mea culpa…
Yes, Eye fully agree…
Things do look ’22 better vis-à-vis ’21 on D.

Nonetheless; or in other words, this is Donald Rumsfeld football…
…we don’t know what we don’t, know.huh?
Do you???

Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| |||| ||| (3 BeeCee penalties, 1 4th-down TD!)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| ||| (3 VeeTee flags)

Boston College:
positive: ||| (1 VeeTee flag)
Swiss (neutral): ||||
negative: |||| |||| |||| |||| ||| (1 INT)

Tackling Analysis: halts continue to improve… and it was not real bad @O.d.u.
In point of fact, it was better over in Norfolk than on the balance of the last campaign.

Mueling 1o1…

From above and along similar (front) lines…

  • Hokie Total O and Total D are a staggering 11o-spots apart in National Rankings!
  • Hokie Passing O and Passing D are 9o-sports apart in National Rankings.
  • Hokie Rushing O and Rushing D are 81-spots apart in National Rankings.
  • With Passing Efficiency O and Passing Efficiency D only 1o4-spots apart in National Rankings!
  • With 1st-down O and 1st-down D a likewise numbing 1o4-spots apart in National Rankings.

Do you see what Eye mean?

As we are 25th best in sacks allowed or pretty decently keeping Wells upright and erect in the pocket. We are also a serrated 16th best in opposing Qbs sacked and a nearly as knifey 18th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) behind the opposing offense’s line of scrimmage. Then, however, we are very user-friendly 1o9th best in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed on O.

˜˜ ¯‾

So, and this is entirely why you run the maths not yo’ mouf(s).

It did NOT feel like this watching the tape to me… however, and nevertheless, I suppose the P.A.T.T.y-cake P.A.T.T.y-cake bakers’ men among yah?

Well, maybe you could get away with the cliché… “…we were beating them worse than the scoreboard showed.” Or maybe even “Virginia Tech could have won by more.”
Maybe? As we were up 430% in positive Lo.FM’s.
Even if 24% of them were courtesy of BeeCee.

Eye says this because Boston College did not tally their initial positive (+) Lo.FM on offense until right before intermission. Going nearly 48% of the way less one dang good Lo.FM play they infected upon us. That’s just not a clutch look for poor beat-up-looking Phil Jurk’ or Zay.Flow’.

The caveat is… we/VeeTee had tallied 2 missed throws and 2 yellow laundries tallied against ourselves via ourselves. As our D was BeeCee’s own worst enemy and we were our very own worst enemy alike —at least for a stuttering portion of the 2Q and the 3Q of play.

Now, this is better than being your own worst enemy for all 4Q’s like over @O.d.u.
Granted (pun somewhat intended).

And even if this is never ever gonna be a good 2o22 offense?
Eye’d settle for it just being a non-selfie-inflicted wound of a 2o22 offense.

And I bet Pry & Co. would too.
As they will begin to creep up on C— or so on O if /when they ever do.huh?

As our ex-Qb2/3: Blumrick made plays with his mits and our now Qb1 Grant made a couple of plays happen with his feet; and that is a start… so we all hope!

As we warned… this one was not easy on the eyes.
A strange game is this oblong spheroid.
Whereby if you combined these 2 little O’s you might enjoy 1-medium-O.

(o) V (o)

Meaning: something has gotta give; as we ain’t exactly flushing out murders row.
And the opposing P.E.T.A. ask only goes up after obedience schooling the lowly Terriers of Wofford.

Or: R.A.T.T. …just how far can this hopefully legit D carry this nearly illegitimate O?

This we do not yet know… tho’ Atlas and Doan’s and me are
all getting a lotta lumbar stretching, in, JIC❗️

the takeaway...

…pretty taken with PK1, William Ross year-to-date.

5×5 on P.A.T.’s and 100% (3 of 3) on F.G.A.’s is 3/2’s full just like dat.

…we may need him, too!

Other than that?

In all reality… we are in a Coach Fletch O&M ‘gray area’ here.

D looks much improved vs. a close to worst D-1 O and then vs. the virtually worst D-1 O. O looks muddled vs. a very suspect D and then vs. an okay enuff D; alike. With King hitting 3 home run plays’ great for a collective 14-points (counting Ross’ stellar P.A.T. boots).

This means… we are merely k.King’s two crowning plays removed from being 1-point removed from Last Place in Scoring O for all of D-1 folks.

Or, get well soonest or at least by hateful w.V.u. to his dinged-up hip and to
m.Thomas’ dented left foot; no doubt in spades.
our guy was better early and late, their guy was inconsistent for the duration.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:

…mo’ like applied sports psych’ at least 1-credit-hour of a Laboratory section hereby awarded.

BeeCee did not punch us in the mouf.
No mo’ so than O.d.u. did not punch us in the mouf.

We punched ourselves in the mouf over in the 7-5-5.

So, either we are packing a pretty decent wallop or we are chinny as adversity goes.

Tho’ it does go to say that they did not tank post being upset @O.d.u. like Shamoo at Sea World.
And that is at least an encouragement and worth 1-credit hour of Applied Sports Psych.

As we still do not yet know what happens when someone does actually punch them right in the mouf.

R.A.T.T.: ...these .now even or .5oo Hokies are on their way to what?

View Results

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formulae football…
…favors shortening games and going FOX or G.O.P. and conserving our defensive petrol tank while on O&M O.

…as 28th in TOP (time of possession) would appear to agree.

They do not appear to be in any hurry less the opening drive @O.d.u.— and they really do gotta mind the defensive Prybar R&R or cardio-pulmonary conditioning store rather hawkishly indeed.

The Rest of the Story...

Where’s the Tau Sigma Lambda I used to know?

As in there are only 10 mo’ training days until you know, who!


The sportlight...

Here in the sportlight… we saw that Chris Coleman of TSL called this: “A Vintage VT Defensive display“.

We had the same near a fait ac·com·pli 4Q look.

JUST what we like, want, love… and Frankly -pun intended- feel County Fair blinking-contest safest about.

VeeTee squeezed the life outta this one folks.
A Coach Heimlich Maneuver gag order if you will

As in all candor?

There was not a whole helluva a lot to 4Q film-study glean. (Beyond, keeping the 1’s in too long— which we warned you Pry had a coaching sewing-circle reputation for being want to do). That needs to cease. Tho’, he musta felt that they needed the reppin’ up and that tells the sage armchair Qb1’s among you something in-and-of-itself; n’est-ce pas?

Beyond that P.T. foible or maybe necessity in their eyes?

This was a dullard of a closer.
A yawning festival broke loose less one BeeCee modest 2nd-half attempted rally.

…tough to do much more than this, or was it the BeeCee oLine?

You can clearly see what Eye mean now, right(s)?

VeeTee succeeded in stalling or shorting out or just plain derailing 85.71% of the F’n Eagles offensive possession on an eventually got kinda soggy New River Valley latent Summers Eve.

2 for 7 on 3rd down-converts allowed and a perfect o’fer on 4th down-converts allowed is squeezing the pigskin good-n-hard just like dat. Owning TOP (time of possession) via a near astounding 300% surplus margin until the last two scoring drives of BeeCee tried to skew things at least a little back towards normalcy itself is domineering if not dominate itself.

Flirting and batting eyes at being: “Vicelike “… 1o1…

And there is the temporal mechanic’s kicker… (pardon the punting pun); Virginia Tech only allowed on BeeCee drive of 4:26 in TOP max. The Hokies however engineered a mere one, that’s (1) drive north of 4:o5 in TOP.

Or in other words, the ’22 VeeTee D is vastly, and I do mean vastly mo’ dominate than the very moderate (at best/at most) ’22 VeeTee O.


And as asked as sobriquets go last week… where is this “most accurate passer I’ve ever coached”? Where are all these amazing Home-Run deep shot throws; as they -not we- they told you how great Wells was here. 3 stretch chucks per quarter is what they told you. Whereas Grant has exactly 2 completions ≥17-yards thus far.

This was either Lou Holtz -esque ‘coach-speak’ or trying to talk g.Wells into himself… or… we literally have no idea?

Because we can only assure you, we never saw what they said.
…from really bad to still below average… tho’, trending up!

Or in final words… the @O.d.u. L is not as bad as it seemed, and this W @home vs. BeeCee is not so one-sided as it seemed.

As our D is noticeably better than we expected on the inside.
Shrek and Pry merit early defensive coach of the year vote(s) here.
Because nobody other than Garbutt has any noticeable statistical panache to their game upfront.

And yet they are really plugging the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and spilling plays to uncovered ballers (DAX, Peoples, and Conner) like total champs.

The O? Well, they are real close to being offensive indeed.
Time=tell and hopefully not time=smell, there…


So, if you ask me -and you did via reading these very words- if you ask me?
Well, where you stand is where you sit.
Or, any port in a storm.

…now do you see(s) what Eye, means?


I’ma hoping -and I kinda think- the D is at least semi-close to being fo’, real.
The O however is really close to being not only really bad; it is objectively worse than ’21 was before.

The closer

So, we done not so good and then we done good in not beating and then in beating two not-so-good teams respectively. Aye, Saturday was better, cleaner, and tighter (15-flags throw then a 300% reduction to a manageable 5 in the same). Ditto Turnovers (+1 vs. BeeCee in Turnover margin after a heinous giveaway/gift-wrapped 5 vs. the Monarchs).

And oh, if we could only be 3-nil and flying sky-high for guess who?
’cause, we have split and are now .5oo vs. a tomato can and a bum.

This leaves us wondering what do we do when we face a good squadron.
Or, once we get to October and we face several very dang good and Nationally Ranked clubs.

Though there Eye go again, always putting the cart out in front of the horse…

And ‘aye’, I do know that lying is for… rugs.
Still yet, the early ’22 truthing returns are that the truth prolly lies somewhere in between. As of right now, that is where this highly imbalanced offensive vs. defensive acumen team seems line-of-best-fit to be to me.
We are most likely centrist… or middle of the aisle overall, unless, of course, we are not?
With the Sodium Pentothal or Scopolamine otherwise known as hateful w.V.u.,
set to nudge our ’22 honestly needle either O.d.u.’s or BeeCee’s, way.



Virginia Tech=27, Boston College=1o







…may St.Nickbless!!!

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  1. Pleasantly surprised with the defense. It wont keep this pace all year, or if it does, someone will be getting some serious accolades.
    Offense must figure out how to get Wells to open up without crapping the bed. King cant tote all the mail, as we see he is already hurting. Blumrick was a nice surprise, and we will need some others. We must figure out how to throw downfield. The o line is shaky.

    1. Agry in full.

      Dt’s –where did they come from? Where have they last 1-3 years been?


  2. I think Wells Fargo needs some help from O teammates. Several throws were catchable balls, but the 1 glaring miss was Gallo running free and not looking for the ball. Receivers gotta give the QB some help too. Question is…do we have any outside of Blumrick and a 100% Smith? And Blumrick needs more catches or touches as well, although NOT as a wild turkey QB.
    And Wvu…ain’t all that and a bag of chips either. Looked good vs. sPitt, but haven’t since losing to the KU Jayhawks…Lane will be more electric next Thursday with a dry forecast in the 10 day outlook. Go Hokies!!

    1. Eye don’t know either way yet… tho his O less Thomas is not 100%.
      what is it if/when they get him right?


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