Boston College Eye in the Sky!

Virginia Tech=21, Boston College=31

#4 took way more than just this one for dear old V.P.I.

Virginia Tech football just fought pretty dang hard. They just left a lot lot out on Worsham Field; and yet they are now an entirely pedestrian 4 up and 4 down or a .5oo football team that still needs two VicTories to qualify for bowl eligibility this year.

The Hokies had a pretty sporting rally point… to a point. Although we needed 11 more points or so last time I checked. As there are no moral victories and as WWII legendary Army had coach Earl Henry “red” Blaik once put it so pointedly… “we don’t want good L’ers here!!!” That being said, Bud Lyte looked a little better, to be down a nearly umpossible 12 (nine left/got kicked-off with three more 2018 hurt now) starters from last year. Ry’ was cooking with propane right up until he chilled out and got his innards turned out on three/four really hurtful hits and basically that was that. The better club won. So why start adjusting all these CornRows intermission Brad suddenly forgot how to coach harangue filled flimsy yet fulminating fictional narratives? As Justin and I are about to totally Fu’sillade slice into all of you!

OUCH”, truly. : (

1Q 60 mins. remaining:
Least all these message board(s) Adonis’ forget… Whip/Db, K.Ladler, had to sit out the first half after being called for targeting in the Georgia Tech game. It was a squirrely call… still yet, that’s all it is, no message board X-file need apply. (Ashby is week-to-week with an earlier knee injury on film and a whispered possible ankle ding to boot)

1Q 7:52 remaining:
If you’ve balled this is like the c’word in an oncology clinic, scary as hades! God super bless here, St.Nikhon get that work! As poor Burke’s calf blows out on the plant and you can basically see it give as his foot gets planted and he is driven backward. It was so nasty the uber-physical oLine just let him go. They literally stopped blocking him! (and the training table (face down) is NOT how you treat a knee, it is how you get at the back of the leg/soleus area and a certain Trojan epic hero knows what stops arrows there. So did Dominique Wilkens if your dot connection(s) needs help(s)).

1Q 2:09 remaining:
Watch poor Ry’ fiddle all game long with his non-right shoulder pad, watch Ry’ land on his not right-shoulder and watch Ry’ pound the ground knowing full well he took this slide on the ‘rong shoulder! (i.e. his non-throwing shoulder is not, right).

2Q 10:42 remaining:
So, I’ve been seeing this for four straight weeks/games… we are getting stolen and/or ragged dolled (physically) all over the place. I mean it goes on and on and on… as here we see a very rarefied double steal from the BeeCee return team as they light two Hokies world(s) right on up.

As D.Griffin and E.Adams should move to Paris and take up sculpting after this— as they got totally plastered on this one.

2Q 4:53 remaining:
Dalton “double deuce” Keene is one Hokie who is fighting all the way until the bitter end. And DeeKay can drink from my canteen any day.

Just watch as Keene goes total undertaker and totally buries the left-OLb of BeeCee here on an I.HOP pancake shop style open-field block. Which is very very hard to do.

2Q :17 remaining:
And here is where things got concussive, indeed… as he somehow failed the first battery of sideline tests and then was secondary-test, cleared?!? Hmmm-k…

This is S.Glennon type, abuse sports-fans… vs. the same team, ironically enuff.

Solar Plexus 1o1.

And Eye added the orange Vee in the first frame to help you understand just helplessly far his body bent (mostly at the waist/spine) on this hit at impaction.

3Q 10:30 remaining:
If you’ve been to my summer lecture tour before, you already knew this one.
“b.street said he was amphibious!” (or ambidextrous… or is it ambipodiatrous?”

A Koufax, kicker?!?

Blue-state peeps rejoice! As our punter punts both, ways.

This way would be CCW (counter-clockwise); or handcuffing to field when you expected an orthodox or CW spinning punt.

Game Duration:
The feds’ Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act… need not apply to our Mike-Lb2, here. As Rico (Kearney) tackled about as good as he could for being guy who does not look his listed 6′, 228 lbs., and for being a guy who looks like he’s in his late-20’s. Easily. As Bud may just get pretty close to being 2-deep at Mike and at ‘backer as his ILb-twins go next season if he’s not real careful.

4Q 8:42 remaining:
Yah;, this is legal, and this is just totally rough… just watch as already beat all to hell Ry’ on wheat hold the mayo’ gets turf gremlin punked at the end of the defenseless bounce off of the rather unforgiving Worsham field turf at the end of this impromptu sideline scramble for his life.

Geez! Lord have mercy.

He literally bounces, limp.
As in totally as in totally out. Lights turned out, Eye mean.

4Q 2:42 remaining:
Well, the hits just keep coming, don’t they?

As sometimes you get the bull and sometimes you get the horns and poor Farley’s right-foot gets pinned and extends his right-knee that had to be feeling pretty horny indeed after this pretty sickening looking (accidental) fold-up. St.Nikon bless. (and for bad measure? Dax got his bell-rung here to boot)

(that said, the early returns are this one coulda been worse, much, extremely!)

4Q 1:48 and a possible Bowl Streak remaining:
Much as I am want to defend Ry’?

…dang. Not happy; though not gonna pile on here. To do so would be like kicking a puppy that only has 3, legs.

On this, I just can not proffer a successful football civil defense of poor Ry’ here. Maybe Eye could, however, offer a reasonable criminal knocked silly defense, maybe even the two prior penalities messed with his hung-jury head, regarding what down it was… maybe?

That said… he is lugging a now three fu’lly documented injuries downfield trying to get ~20 yards by his ownself while not exactly being known as the new MV1, in the track-n-field blue ribbon first place. And “yes”, there are whispers that say Ry’ did not actually know where he was at this moment…

So that is gutty, gritty, and gamey; up to a point.

A point that was about ~17 yards gamey enough… or about 3 bricks shy of a… load.

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=20 (1 INT)
Qb hurried=nil
Qb hits=22

Boston College:
Qb pressured=7
Qb hurried=zip
Qb hits=8

So, the actually paying attention among you will immediately note… that’s the worst looking pie-chart in the history of oLine/blocking pie-charts grades.

And that’s hard to do in the typically “bang-bang” football Fu’fense when the ball gets outta there on the quick. PROPs at Boston College graciously and accordingly. That’s just a pretty dang good dLine. A bad match-up dLine for us. And…

And here is where I finally go… OFF!

Today’s word of the day is … Mythpreceptions


(miTH pərˈsepSH(ə)n)


  1. false or incorrect perception.
  2. to perceive incorrectly; misunderstand.
  3. the neverwasbeen Media Room post-game…
  4. and what bourbonstreet specializes, in. Unicorn detection 1o1…

So over on the pay side of TSL there are two basically terminations at will textbook threads. Both totally panning poor Corny —who for 2.67 years was not less than a fine offensive-coordinator and Qb-coach. Well, that is, right up until he was not.

They call for Fu’ to take over play-calling himself… without telling you what play(s) to call, specifically, or even vaguely generically! They call for Fu’ to demote Corny (or fire him outright). Without telling you who to promote and/who or replacement hire.

They give the Boston College coaching (the verb) absolutely NO love. No praise. No recognition. None. Nadda. Nil. Although they sure did eat our very own. And yet they never once told any of you what they would have done as they do know oh so much better, instead. Huh? Why???

Because -and as we all know- when you present a problem sans marrying a problem to a solution? You girlfriend(s) did no better than… complain.

To the sentient among us, do you see a pattern (already)?
To the pareidolia among us, do you see the mothership (already)?

And oh yes… if you said “no b.street” well here is what their temporal cartography looked like.

  1. 10:13pm.
  2. 7:55pm.
  3. press-conference where this was (actually) first said you ask? ~7:20pm.
  • threepeat.
  • repeat.
  • “Pete”.

Telling you to blame a coach is the lowest common denominator there is in sports. It is the very cheapest of all the inexpensive shots that there is. A junk punch after the final bell rings where there is technically no D.Q. Why though? Because try as you might, all you rocket-surgeons that don’t write for N.A.S.A., just can’t “fire” Ry’ Willis or JAX’s snapped twig, can yah?

…and yet telling you how they would fix it is virgin territory.
Chaste. Nuntastic.

And yet, then a poster wrote in and actually knew something about football… of all the things?!?

In 2Q after getting burnt on blitzes and 1 high safety man cover, BC went to a 4-3 Cover 2 shell. Designed to limit big plays in pass game. Bend not break. The weakness of this defense is stopping run and flats/quick passing game underneath. That’s why BCorn went to the run game. Except for we couldn’t run. Not sure why are Oline is so bad. BCorn likes zone runs. Our OL doesn’t go side to side well. Power run game downhill better.” –HokiePhilmore

  • Well, Eye for one agree and it appears the Big Whistle himself agreed as well. Check it…

Play-calling has nothing to do with it. Play execution has 100 percent to do with it and that’s not taking it from the coaches to the players. It’s the coaches to get the players and teach the players to execute. The guys calling the plays are the same guys that his very first year here set 10 school records. He (Corny) still knows what he’s doing.” -Justin Fuente-

  • The players weren’t pointing fingers at the play-calling either.

Virginia Tech wide receiver Damon Hazelton, who is one of the bright spots for the offense this season, agreed.

I think it’s a simple as that,” Hazelton said. “When things are going well it’s because everyone’s doing their job on the field, all 11’s doing their job on offense. And when it’s not, it’s because we have guys here and there who are maybe not focused in or not doing what they’re supposed to do.”

Honestly, it’s just our execution,” Virginia Tech tight end Dalton Keene said. “I think we’re calling the right plays but at times we just don’t focus in enough, maybe, here or there. It could be one guy during one play and it really changes the game. There’s definitely been flashes of, you could see how good our offense could be, but we just need to stays focused.[1]

Coach Fu’ is NOT happy with the anti-Cory narrative that has been popularized post-game! No joke. They say he was VERY upset!!!

So here’s what time it really is gang

Ry’ had zero misses in a 212 Qb rating opening 30 mins. on 16 snappy completions. And what did the Fu’fense look like vs. BeeCee, to start, to you?

Well to me it looked the most like the 2017 Fu’fesne that it has all 2018 long. I liked the quicker, crisper tempo. I liked the shorter angular passing looks. We even had a minor redux in screening action(s). (sans the mysterious A.Earhart Wr jet-sweep behind the triple-point R.P.O. play… which I still do not understand why that heretofore critical Fu’fensive element has gone 2018 M.I.A., although I tangent…).

Then chilly Willie showed up and whiffed with five different misses during his 2nd-half of 14 incompletes. Three of which were dropped. Yikes! Desequence, much? Or was it Red Cross too much and the plays were actually… fine?

As all Qb coaches I know would love to learn how to fix, that. Maybe they could actually fix his grip… recall whose Eye spied that biomechanical flaw; mind you. Nevertheless, beyond that? What do you fix here? And how do you fix it? Coach Cambridge (i.e. Fox Mulder) and I and conspiracy theorists everywhere are ready to learn. So don’t preach… TEACH!

As everywhere I look I hear the same played, tired, “echo”… V.Tech needs to fix halftime adjustments. Mmm-k, I’m game, I’ll play… pick me! Just tell me how first? As in how much more O&M blood do you expect Corny and Fu’ to squeeze from this 2018 Hokiestone rock? i.e. what if this anhydrite rock is already tapped?

As this rock is…

  • 5th best in RedZone O.
  • 46th in total O sans its Qb1.
  • 27th in net-punting.
  • 36th in KO returns.
  • 27th in yards per catch.
  • 39th in passing efficiency.
  • 70th in rushing O with our best Rb out in, Colorado.

Or did they already tell you that?


As I (now) finally understand where Fu’ was on Ry’ all along… the easy to like Ry’ is a total washer chewing faucet with stripped threading if there ever was one. Accordingly, riddle me this: what Qb Coach, can install a Willis, thermostat? As the warmer version of Ry’ throw-game needs insulation in the worst way. Or recalling E.S.M. in Norris Hall…

FREE thermo’s Dr. Jasmin!!!
As Ry’ -and therefore this offense; thus far- are the very sporting definition of: “entropy”.

Or his very own fifth law of Thermodynamics.
As poor Ry’ really could wear: “Š” as his number.
Entropy: “a lack of order or predictability; or a gradual decline into disorder.

⇐  ⇒

     In all of those 2 threads… did anyone bother with analysis or to say just one thing about how BeeCee adjusted here? My term -if you sat here with me was- “read-n-react”, “vanilla”, and “basic”. Not as much red-dogging, deeper Safties playing halves vs. our slightly deeper than JAX located passing-points. Basically, keep everything in front of you and let your noticeable edge advantage (i.e. the BeeCee De’s) collapse things back inside and force things back inwards or back towards ground-game Flying-Eagle help.

TSL: “woof!”

Though the truest kicker -that no one mentioned in their rush to pronounce Old Testament judgment upon and then cyber stone the now (suddenly) officially “unclean” coaching leaper otherwise known as: Brad Cornelsen outside the Lane Stadium walls- the thing no one mentioned you asks? Well, when you move your Safties that far back, you are demonstrating just how much phobia regarding defending the incoming run-game?

Not much or so last time I checked… and guess what? According to my 36 hours of calc’ and stats in McBryde… the Eagles yielded 33′ of rushing (that’s thirty-three feet people) in just under 30 mins. of scrimmaging after they went medium pass forty-three adverse. Think about that for a moment -they crunched our run numbers while lined-up in pass-protect- so think before you stink.

As from where I come from… that was a helluva a non-run-fighting risk, and guess what? It worked. In spades.

Q. Though why did it work bourbonstreet?
A. Did any of you read the exchange where I told Golfer that I feared: “that’s all Ry’ Willis is” last week? Simple… “they took their 4 and (totally) played our, 5.”

Or to put it another way… who do you 2018 run-behind on our current mismatched Vice Squad Oline? Last year it was Teller and Nijman over on the odd or left side when we needed to go get that Boston College work. This year? This year we’ve wanted no smoke with BeeCee— or anyone else.

As they had highly noticeable De match-up advantages vs. our two rookie or nugget year Ot’s and they even outclassed our r-Sr. -should be stalwart- Ot. Then they had two solid Dt’s vs. our flat-line have not improved one iota in coming up on a 15-20 odd game interval 6th and 5th year G’s.

So how does Corny “adjust” to that?
Go up in the stands and coax Jim Pyne and/or Buzz Nutter outta retirement, or outta the tomb?

Finally, (and least your Ginko Gland forgets), Coach-Fu and coach Corn’ have now broken a staggering 48 different team and individual offensive coaching marks scattered across three different schools together. And some of you are (al)ready to run Brad into the nearest ditch, twice.


Longfield Management (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
positive: |||| | (1 TD, Ry’s first!)
Swiss (neutral): ||||  ||| (1 BeeCee penalty)
negative: |||| |||| |||| ||| (1 INT, 3 VT flags)

Boston College:
positive: |||| || (1 TD, 1 VT flag)
Swiss (neutral): |||| |
negative: |||| |||| |||| (1 BeeCee fumble, 1 BeeCee penalty)

As to how actual Lo.FM analysis goes… V.Tech was right there on the Lo.FM meter/count and road right with BeeCee until the final few drives in what ended up being a mere 12′ total yardage advantage, from the no.24 team, which committed 200% Fu’wer penalties than did hosting Virginia Tech. In mental management terms that’s not good and doing that and spitting the mental bit in the clutch is even worse. Classical hero vs. goat syndrome… and here goes THE segue of all possible segues (buckle up)!!!

Though there was objectively science fact this… against hard-rushing power-churning Boston College and their siege-machinery offensive-line? It was actually Vah.Tech who graciously won TOP (time of possession) by two tick’s short of a full +2 min. advantage. Did not feel like it, did it? Me neither on that, although that is entirely why you take the… time, to actually qualify your takes.

And yet in spite of being +2 in TOP, and a fairly valiant gut-checking start; our D faded right on out in the end. Which is basically where we took this one down the… stretch. And nobody is writing about this… why? Because if you do not believe me, will you at least do me the professional courtesy and go ahead and believe current star and walking wounded Dt Ricky Walker and record-setting ex-Te, Mike Burnup?

Mike Burnup, -who has balled out like a total V.P.I., Te, stud, by the way- Mike Burnup on the other hand, sagely applied sports psych observed how clinically down the Virginia Tech sideline is when a given play does not go their way this campaign. Mike himself Eyed the fact that the 2018 V.Tech sideline deflates easily and often when facing adversity and had the guts/or the gall to say it, live on-air. Then Walker took it a (most candid) step-Fu’rther.

"...guys are pouting when they have to go out there (not in the lead)."
-Dt, Ricky Walker-

For crying out loud.
To paraphrase Tom Hanks: “There’s no “pouting” in football.”
LOL, (though not really), as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are you “pouting” about?

Or since half past when does that help anyone play any, better?

R.A.T.T., putting thy hand on the TSL bible... what's really 'rong,

View Results

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the takeaway

insanely stoopid negativity“.


That’s my takeaway because my new homeboy Andrew Allegretta, damn well said so!

I’ll take the lead now and you trust me on this one young ‘drew… as I’m the all-time downvotes leader— although I do confess, you young buck is off to a fast start. And that was a helluva helluva helluva a sage start. You called this Duck Pond love canal meltdown before it even got started. You China’ed their Syndrome.

As it was literally only minutes after you good Sir said that, that the O&M internet firesale was on! And as documented above these flamers flamed on and on and on.

Well, I’m with you and Fu’ here… because when I tried to envision what they were saying I found myself… squinting.

Why the rush to Cornhole the man on the, right?

Nevertheless, and that science-fact well-earned beatdown aside… and as you come here to hear a fresh take that does not suck… how ’bout this one…

Has anyone else noticed how slow this team has been to get up post-play as these fight(s) wear on?

Eye have and the Eye itself has documented this for four straight weeks or ~2 fortnights worth of scraping. Leaving this humble scribe to wonder out loud if this particular team is: “overtrained”?

It is rare in 2018 terms… still yet, did we not read over and over and over how everyone on the team said they had “never worked harder” in their lives and “nobody is out working us” this summer. That ring any O&M S&C, cardio-pulmonary, voluntary-mandatory summer-workout bells with anyone else?

And recalling Music Appreciation with Professor Gānz… the only thing I know about bells?
Well the only thing I know about bells is… they can’t be, unrung.

p.s. Eye hear Fu’ us fu’ming with this attacking of HIS very own offensive coordinator…
and that means that I like our chances with a fu’rious Fu’ next week!



Virginia Tech=21, Boston College=31







[1] Mike Niziolek, Roanoke Times & World News/Virginia Tech Insider “Play Calling Has Got Nothing To Do With It (4th November 2018 A.D.)

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  1. Great insight and detail. I chose culture in the poll question, but could be the Jimmy’s and Joe’s are over rated by the faithful as well. The run game is on the coaches, have had plenty of time to fix. Let’s see: T Mac 1000 yard season before Fu and now on track to break a 1000 before bowl game. Don’t talk to me about blocking. Also look at T Mac’s receiving numbers versus this crop of rb’s.

    1. One of about 10 paragraphs I cut– was about Fu’ needs to work on
      (star) talent management.

      Look at how many of his more elite guys have left.
      Be that trouble. Be that transferring. Or be that early entry.

      Maybe the wind has blown a few breadcrumbs… though there are a lotta
      breadcrumbs here and the wind could not have wrongFu’lly obscured that many breadcrumb trails.


  2. Well thought out and insightful. CEOs hardest role is learning talent management something the young grasshopper could learn from Master Whit—as this tea has been steeping for quite some time, more below

    Section 7 crew’s post game voyage back into the 336 was filled with ????? If you burn 1/4 QP’s redshirt games, with a clearly dinted Willis & a need to run in Q3, Why not play the numbers game and play him. You know the Fuente’s bread & butter RPO….

    Don’t agree but understand that HH is perverbial toast in Cornelsen’s Eyes now, but his wheels too are better than Cary Coleman’s big Bro. Can not confirm the open doors in Triad to said OC are now closed. That’s a blow to recruiting.

    Maybe part of your “talent management by Fuente concern” from a players perspective ever notice how many injured players continue to play in games when it’s obvious they’re hurt…Evans ‘16, Fayscon ‘16, Gallo’16, Jackson ‘17, Phillips ‘17 Willis ‘18, Walker ‘18, Ashby 18, Hmmmmm a trend here does the data make….

    Let’s Go…Hokies!!!

    1. Well thought out and insightful. CEOs hardest role is learning talent management something the young grasshopper could learn from Master Whit—as this tea has been steeping for quite some time, more below.”

      ‘fraid so.
      He is “YOUNG”. as someone has tried to convey.

      Start talent, in particular, he needs reps with… as to how much did he have @Memphis again?
      (i.e. that to is new to Fu’)
      +1 for Coleman fam’ play on word.
      ChuckedOL at that—->me

      I do not know this one… though I wonder what kinda command-n-control (medical) word came down from the top on the new takeover? Patton’s “NO batte-fatigue in my command!!!”???


  3. Without naming names, since it’s through no fault of their own that they’re playing right now, how many of the freshmen and sophomores who are either starting or playing significant minutes at their real positions would have been able to any non-garbage time, non-special teams minutes if they were on, say, the 2006 roster, that had lot more guys in their 3rd or 4th year of the program? Whatever the number is, I doubt it’s very high, and I’m certain it’s not as high as the number who are playing this year. While watching a game get dropped in the L bucket isn’t very fun, I can’t help but feel like I’m watching a bunch of scrimmages where the should-be mostly-2’s (if not for an out-of-whack depth chart owing to the 2014-16 recruiting) are playing against the mostly-1’s. Now those 2’s are salty as hell, but there’s only so much a guy in his 1st or 2nd year can do against someone who’s in their 4th or 5th.

    Way back before the season began, I recall wondering aloud whether or not a team with so many young guys playing would fade down the stretch for lack of stamina. Could be aggravated a little bit by the higher-than-average physical demands placed on the team (defense has always been susceptible to this, often being undersized vis-a-vis their colleagues in the same recruiting classes, now the offense too is in on the action with cardio and blocking requirements all over the place). One of the common refrains is how the season is 2/3 over and so that experience means they’re not freshmen anymore, yet that really only applies for mistakes like lining up wrong (remember year 1 under Loeffler? dazzling number of pre-snap penalties), forgetting the play call, things like that. But if you’re under-recovered, there’s no short-term solution to fix it, not when you have to play a game the next week, and the next, and so on. Everyone who’s done any kind of long-term training knows how it feels when you get to the point where your body can’t do what you’re asking. If you just did 3 reps of X, and you’re trying for another, there’s no shaolin monk inner chakra whatever that you can unleash to get that 4th rep, no amount of conscious thinking is going to override the (reduced) signals your spinal cord actually sends down to your muscles. And it’s not to say you’re completely done for, you just can’t do X anymore that day. Maybe X – 20% or something. And, to my less-trained football eye, it sure looks a lot like that’s where the team’s at right now. Everyone, even Alabama, is at least a little faded by the end of the season, but a team full of guys who really needed a bare minimum of 1 more year, if not 2 or even 3 in some individual cases, of athletic training, are much more burned-out, in aggregate, than a team with a healthier mix of upperclassmen. So, if that thesis is true, your healthy guys are down some percent from the kind of max output we saw against FSU (10, 20, maybe even 30%?), you got guys knocked out completely for injury so you’re reaching into a well of guys who are even less experienced, or otherwise were 2nd-string for a reason, it’s actually surprising that the W-L record isn’t worse than it is. But the only quick fix to this kind of problem is banned 6 ways from Sunday (and even then it’s arguably not that quick in the timescale of 4-5 years of college ball).

    1. We are playing 2020, now.
      Is the short response to paragraph no.1.
      But if you’re under-recovered, there’s no short-term solution to fix it, not when you have to play a game the next week, and the next, and so on. Everyone who’s done any kind of long-term training knows how it feels when you get to the point where your body can’t do what you’re asking. If you just did 3 reps of X, and you’re trying for another, there’s no shaolin monk inner chakra whatever that you can unleash to get that 4th rep, no amount of conscious thinking is going to override the (reduced) signals your spinal cord actually sends down to your muscles.

      ALL of this is sooooooooooo, true.

      Coach God (got tired) and slept in a “rocking boat”.
      So if He wears down?

      So do, Eye!


  4. Now B’Street, this raises even more questions.
    1. Appears the Beamer recruits were misfits that couldn’t play by rules no matter what culture they were under. So, is CJF’s culture going to be tough enough moving forward to compete?

    2. If FR OL are better than our older OL and are struggling with assignments, is that youth or a bigger problem with lack of comprehension/appititude?

    3. With a lack of Sr/Jr leadership and a perceived certain lack of support in media for #5 at times, is this team truly leaderless? Do we spy a leader being born in Dax or someone else anywhere?

    4. Finally, does #5 have ability to improve the passing routes available under conditions mentioned above that BC showed or we doomed to repeat our mistakes through 2018?

    1. 1. Or could Frank have a decent to high-probability of therapytizing them with Family-First?

      2. Yah; they prolly are better. Though how can you sit what precious few Seniors you do have?
      And yes, they need playbook time/reps.

      3. It’s real close.
      So guess who has to fill that; senior void?

      This creates even more Fu’ message(s) fatigue to boot.
      (tho’ JAX would have helped here as well)

      4. As hurt as he is?
      I doubt he can/will do much more.
      That’s nearly totally unfair to his beat-up body.

      (healthier and I’m not super-sold, either, he may be who he be)


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