Clemson football preview!

#2 R.P.I. Clemson @ #58 R.P.I. Virginia Tech:

Today’s word of the day is… ab·surd

adjective. (LATIN).

  1. wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.
  2. arousing amusement or derision; ridiculous.
  3. mid-16th century: from Latin absurdus ‘out of tune’, hence ‘irrational’; related to surdus ‘deaf, dull’.
  4. You can’t compare anything to this season,” Fuente said. “This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever been through. I just mean you can’t make this stuff up.”
  5. The final score come Saturday Night over in a chilly December steel-gray New River Valley right before the proverbial clock strikes: …out?

Clemson Head Coach: William Christopher “dabo” Swinney: age=51, 138–32 overall (all @Clemson); $9,300,000.oo

Swinney’s nickname was given to him as an infant by his parents when his then-18-month-old brother would try to enunciate “that boy” when referring to Swinney.

Baller Dabo walked on at fabled Alabama as a Wr in 1989. He earned a scholarship and lettered on three teams (1990–1992), including the Crimson Tide’s 1992 National Championship team. During his time as an undergraduate at Alabama, Swinney was twice named an Academic all-S.e.c. and SEC Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll member. In three seasons at Alabama, he caught 7 passes for 81 yards and earned two degrees from ‘Bama u.grad and Masters in Business Administration. (Making one wonder if/when he will, return, to earn his terminal football degree from the same?)

In December 1995, Coach Swinney received his M.B.A. from Alabama and became a full-time Wr’s and Te’s assistant coach for the Crimson Tide. He was fired with all of the head coach Mike DuBose’s staff in early 2001.

From April 2001 through February 2003, Dabo did not coach; and instead worked for A.I.G. Baker Real Estate on development projects in Alabama.

Dab” on it!

In 2002, his former position coach at Alabama, Tommy Bowden, made Swinney an offer to become an assistant coach for the wide receivers at Clemson, and Swinney joined in 2003. He took over as Recruiting Coordinator and Swinney proved to be both an excellent Wr’s coach as well as recruiting coordinator. In point of fact, Recruiter Swinney has received several recruiting awards from Swinney was initially named interim then full-time head coach and weather a few Life of Pit moments thanks mainly to such epic recruiting early on. In the meantime, Swinney has only won seven Coach of the Year awards —all last year.

God bless Jr.High sweethearts!

Dabo enjoys an extremely handsome rep’ for national recruiting prowess, a creative throw-game itself, and is a very qualified modern era gridiron motivator who does well in selfie 2020 Facebook.TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore terms. A pure player’s coach.

Daddy Dabo married the former Kathleen Bassett in 1994 and has three sons, two of whom are Wr’s for Clemson. Kathleen and Dabo Swinney met in the second grade. In the fourth grade, Dabo pulled his strings to get her elected in the Safety Patrol team with him, and then both were elected to the student council!

And God Bless his wife Kathleen’s reposed sister: Lisa.
(because: after gene-testing revealed 90% odds at cancer? Kathleen Swinney had a double mastectomy, followed by a hysterectomy to cut down her chances of developing ovarian cancer.

wow, 🙏!

2019 record:  Season up, L.s.u. down, and perfect in the A.c.c.

 Clemson Defense: (starters back=6, now 5)

  • 8th in Total D!!
  • 12th vs. the run!
  • 26th vs. the throw.
  • 10th in passing efficiency D.
  • 53rd in zone D.
  • 9.5 outta 10 in dLine Havoc. De Xavier Thomas is about as talented and yet every bit the mercurial part as they come. Although fellow De Myles Murphy appears to have pass-rushed X.Tee right on by. Dt Nyles Pinckney is plucky and solid as they come and utility down lineman Bryan Bresee adds versatility and play-making at times alike. As this is a heighty and pretty dang good-sized Dline by-the-bye. And oh ‘yes’, they are all underclassmen. So, you had better get ’em now ’cause you won’t be getting them 2021 or 2022 later. With Dt maybe being just a mite north of De here. Maybe… with back-up Dt Ty.Davis being lowercase tho’ truly cat-quick for his want of size.
  • 9 outta 10 in Linebacking Havoc. Only 1 starter returns here. Linebacking is strong, fit, and good-looking specimen wise on tape. Two grad’ guys ball here and that never an experience nor learning-curve hurt. And this with stud Lb (James Skalski) being a bit up-n-down Smothers Brothers 2nd-layer yo-yo routine this year. Thereby leaving j.Bond’s least favorite Lb: (Baylon Spector) as your default alpha at the Will-Lb spot so far. And the whole Font-7 will go after tips/deflections when possible.

    Pseudo-fortythree base D:
  • 8 outta 10 in Secondary Havoc. Same as above… only 1 starter returns here. ex-Wr now 2019 All-A.c.c. Cb Derion Kendrick (discipline) has been missed. Tho’ he is listed as starting for this one. Lannden Zanders Fs, has been a rangy pleasant surprise. And the hind-4 is right-sized here, both in terms of verticality and mass itself. And the CU defenders play the ball at nearly all costs. #2 in passes pilfered nationally says so!
  • D overall: Clemson has plenty of talent to replace, most notably OLb All-American Isaiah Simmons, yet the good news is that Brent Venables excels at remaking defenses. Last year, the strength of Clemson’s defense was its hind-seven, and Venables got creative, often utilizing three-defensive-linemen sets and moving Simmons all over the field. The result? Clemson finished in the Top-10 nationally in total defense for the sixth straight year. (filmstudy): This year and Clemson has been down 3 or 4 starters in several games and it makes you wonder what Clemson is with eleventeen starters per game? Pretty dang solid tacking halt-unit on tape. CU’s D don’t miss much here. CU has held 44% of their opponents to south of 6′ rushing per carrying! Yikes. On tape… CU runs/mixes in some 20 and 30 types of looks. Lotta 2-point-stancing as the Tigers really peel their ears/tails back and plum git after you up-field in obvious passing downs. CU will deal an extra Blitzer and they are pretty geometrically exotic with it. Loops, twists, stunts, shucks the works. CU will attack at times and live with Man-on-edge (press or not less than medium) and one Tampa-1 CF clean-up hitter a mile behind it all. CU sells fake blitzes best I’ve seen on film in a good long while. Really athletic guys too, who nearly instantly find their way into Te/Rb coverage without missing much at all. As this is just a very jazzy D on tape. An athletic, kinetic, talented D both E-W and N-S folks. With a lotta shiny moving parts that live here, ditto a lotta rolls, disguises, shills, coverage-chips, and bait-n-switch head-games on top of all that prime beef. (in addition: to playing with an early Beamerball level of enthusiasm… Fu’n bunch to break the tape on; refreshing, actually). And you’d better mind the Gauntlet Drill store here folks. CU defenders are very handsy even on the 1st-Q date. As they go for the Pick in coverage and they strip 25/8. Safeties really elevator well here too… great ice to Eskimos in July salesmanship. And this D has surprisingly good-hands people on it. Might be a closet Wr -if you need ’em- somewhere here in a depth-chart pinch.

  • ∑ (summary): returning D production=51% (only the 104th most came back!) Murph’ and Spector (a pure hitter) are both your conflict defenders here. As they force, create, or outright find more than their share of Tiger Turnovers this year. And for having 80% of your former Top-5 gonzo in tackling itself, this must be what merely reloading the gun per a deep-bunkering mentality feels like. Even if this newly rebuilt Clemson halt-unit is at least a year removed from the gentrification of a new… roofing zenith. (all of this with Strong(side)-De (Xavier Thomas) opting-out for: ‘health reasons’). And oh, by the way… Clemson is ridiculous 47-0 when it comes up with two or more takeaways. And although our HenBoss is the only Football Bowl Subdivision Qb1 with more than one 150-yard rushing performance; he and Herbert need to show totally out, what with bucu Pro Scout’s watching this one down on the aü natural Worsham Field to have any shot at all.

Defensive letter-grade:

Clemson Offense: (returning starters=5)

  • 9in Total O!!
  • 76 in ground O.
  • 3rd in aerial O!!!
  • 17th in passing efficiency O.
  • 38th in zone O.
  • don’t let a couple of ^those^ digits fool-yah. This is a neat O. And it may not yet be 2020 ceiling much less roofing just yet as well.

    Base Pistol-I hybrid O. X, Z, X, and a Wingback.
  • O overall: Qb1: 6′6″, 220 lb. true Jr., Trevor Lawrence, he’s okay… eye guess. Not sure he could beat QVT out? Still yet, beyond that… maybe he can make it in the C.F.L., “eh”? Great White North, Bob-n-Doug, all the hockey he can drink. Maybe? As the 2,236 yards passing, the 70.6% passing, the average of nearly a 1st-down per toss (9.8 ypc), the long of: 83-yards, the 19 majors against only 2 passes pilfered? I mean… maybe. Then again, what do Eye know? Maybe he’s a bust? Flash-n-the-pan? Dexys Midnite Runner? Although… purr all those Tiger metrics and merely being: The No. 1 player in the nation by 247Sports and Rivals and the No. 2 player by ESPN. The No. 1 player in Georgia by 247Sports and Rivals and No. 2 peachy player by ESPN. The USA Today National Offensive Player-of-the-Year. The U.S. Army Player-of-the-Year. The Gatorade player-of-the-year in Georgia as a junior and then again as a senior… maybe this was a, sign? Maybe? As Eye’m still a bit unsteady here. I mean beyond the Ric Flair lion-tamer mane he wears. ’cause he was beaten, twice; of all things in high school… check it… T.Law’ was only: 52-2 as starter in his scholastic career. Including a 41-game winning streak and 14-2 record in the playoffs. He only led his team to four region titles and two state blings. He only had 13,908 passing yards and 161 TD’s against 21 INT’s in his H.S. career. He only set state records for passing yards and passing TD’s. Well, maybe he’s not ½-bad? As he only won the 2019 Tim Bourret Award, only given to the player who best represents himself, his teammates, and Clemson University. As he is clearly a Tigress in incline… check it: 179, up from 166, then up from 158 in Qb-rating (2020-2018). As Trevor has improved his Korterbacking (as Al Davis put it) every single season at Clemson. His rushing however is way (selfie-protect mode) way-way down this campaign (183% down). In spite of the fact that his passing-cup is cleaner and improved for 2020. Trevor also only averages 1.3 yards per reception and has received a Qb-pass each year. Honestly, eye don’t think he’s gonna hack it at the next level as a Wideout. On-film, T.Law’ has a very zippy arm. Pretty much great. Measures well. Consistent pitcher. Can move when need be (4.7 forty). Good pocket-awareness. The whispers say he needs a little 2nd-n-3rd read work. Gets a few passes tipped despite being a sizey Qb1 and misses high at times (a really odd-combo’ there). Was hotter earlier on this season… although nearly 8% better @Away and 86% in the 4Q could be a clue. I’m still not sure… this is a tough one to call… other than the 2-time All-A.c.c. .edu honor roll? Tombstone’s Doc Holiday and I may just “hate him”. (as do most of his… opponents). Rb’s: Travis Etienne is a 5′10″, 2o5 lb. rarefied stuck-around Senior year Rb1. This after back-to-back 1.6K rushing seasons good for a crispy 8 ypc average if you need him. Not bad work if you can get it from the Top-125 prospect by ESPN. Where Bristol had him ranked No. 114 overall as the No. 13 Rb in America outta high school. Which was either a bit of a bargain or maybe these two “Tee” formation kids should both be, cut? Not sure yet… although I am sure that this Tee at Rb (same as his Qb) is down 29% rushing on the season so far. Even if his grab-game is way way up (+180%). Scholastically he only tallied: 115 total TD’s and 8,864 total yards as something of a triple-threat (Rush+Pass+Returns). Curiously, his high school did well though never great in Bayou State terms. And Etienne was a fair to middling hoopster in H.S. as well. He has 3-tackles on turnover play stops. He is clearly a bit of a homer (literally); what with 2.2 more ypc @Home than Away. And has been in decline mode all year long, what with 6.8 ypc, then 5.6 ypc, and now a back-up looking three-decimal-point-nil in monthly terms for 2020. The 4.38 forty-clocking is not too bad. Although all those burners have only broken a 17-yard carry ceiling twice since September. Does have four fumbles in his last five contests to boot. And for all their VHT (very highly touted) leg-game talents? Clemson only posts one, that’s (1) carry north of 30-yards on the year. Wr’s/Te: Wr1 Amari Rodgers (knee history, St.Culbreth bless) is the truth and Wr2 Cornell Powell is prolly most anyone else’s Wr1 most anywhere else. As the Top-2 Wideouts merely combine for right at a centennial or 100 grabs, good for a solid if unspectacular 60-points between ’em. The caveat being, eight of Clemson’s Top-9 grab-gang have at least one reception ≥35-yards on the year. So, not only can CU bomb you out going-long they can and they have broken off chunk-yardage bites on short to mid-range nibbles underneath. And the Te’s combine for nearly 40 snags combined great for nearly 15-yards per catch for the Top-2 and seven T.Ending TD’s overall. As Te’s Galloway (back from a year-long suspension) is big-n-fast; alike, both, each. Finally, eleventeen guys have received a Major (C.f.l. for: TD, ‘eh’) here and 9 of the 11 enjoy at least 12-points scored thus far. i.e. Clemson is sharing=caring in the Catch Corps. This after top target Justyn Ross was ruled out for the year due to a neck injury and stud-Wr Tee Higgins went Tiger-to-Tiger with the Cincy Bengals. (St.DeClan bless!) With Wr mostly good-sized or better here. oLine: The biggest offensive question mark is the offensive line, itself. Where the Tigers must replace four starters. Only blindside-Ot Jackson Carman is back upfront. Clemson’s staff does feel good about its four new starters, particularly left-G Matt Bockhorst and right-Ot Jordan McFadden, who both received extended playing time last season. And who both are VHT (very highly touted) offensive-line recruits. As the lack of production from Walt’ Parks has hurt this front-5. Left or ‘odd’=your hard yards; as the right or ‘even’ side is smaller and less experienced alike for CU. And although oLine play is not bad; or even average here, some say it has backed up a bit of late. Eye say it looks like it is just now getting there to me. As the Pitt run-shapes were pretty shipshape vs. a very good run-fit D when the Tigers wanted it. Prolly took a minute or three for CU to season or cook this much green-wood on the fire.
  • ∑ (summary): returning O production=60% (79th overall). (filmstudy): did not take me long to see that CU’s RPO’s are hard to key. The pull 2-guys backside, play-action the offset Hb from a pistol and then throw front or play side with not a care in the world. t.Law’ stands there and delivers the deep-Out goods like trip-crown racehorse gone stud-champ’. CU uses a surprising amount of misdirection and crossbuck type of fits. They move all over, might flow to the play or it might be the old-school 47-Reverse to the Wb (H-back per “today”). And all this scissoring is just a mess to key or run with unless you have a very experienced 20-20 football high I.Q. electric front-7. As a domestic or household 110v won’t cut-the-cord here. With more sideline routing and than crossings or angular patterning into the mid-field behind the Hook-Zone (Lb) drops. Big time trust in their Qb1’s arm-talent is what all of this is code for. Additionally, …this is not a G.O.P. or middle-of-the-aisle O. It will take downfield airwaves risks anywhere near mid-field. Be that + or – off the 50 {sic: yardline}. A jugular, carotid, or Jack the Ripper type of O. 50-shades of play.

  • 46% run:pass 54% mix. Which makes Clemson one of your very few teams with an airwaves play-calling tilt, even in the basketball on grass, era! The CU football trainer is your secret sauce offender here. As he’s about the only shot you have to slow this “Teeeerfic” Tiger attack down. t.Law’ is better than ever. A deeper better bomber than before. And his YPA backs this up. He’s developing downfield and his offensive staff is giving him more and more vertical room to boot. Behind that Etienne has slightly slumped this season, and yet he is STILL the A.c.c.’s all-time leading rusher; chew on that one for a mental moment or three. Clemson has studs at Wideout and one of ’em (all-World recruit) E.J. Williams has yet to pop clean. Think about that as well. As the weak-link here is the CU Oline. Although it is a relative weakness. Like a 3rd-cousin twice-removed… and yah; a lotta D-1 peeps wish they had Clemson’s offensive problems.

Offensive letter-grade:

Tigers Special Teams: (return)

Clemson is 53rd in Net Punting and so is CU P1, 6′5″, 220 lb. r-Sr. year Will Spiers! Which is none too shabby for a walk-on (originally) non-scholarship Punter at a school that has no trouble recruiting much of anything this side of an occasional Tom Brady went somewhere else glitch. The fact that Mister Spiers has been your P1 since he did walk-on as a four-year starting P1 is all the more impressive indeed. Will is also an All-A.c.c. Honor Roll student 4×4 or all four seasons as your P1 to boot. His old-man you may recall is only the former two-sport athlete and Clemson Hall of Famer Bill Spiers, who was starting punter in 1986. And is now the senior special team’s assistant for the Tigers. Son Spiers was also a starting Qb1 in high school ball so a fake-punt is always a possibility here. As he has already run one and thrown two this year. As young-man Spiers has speared the pigskin to the tune of 56 career punts ≥50-yards with a CU career-long of 64-yards (thrice)! A good leg with good hangtime when he directionally wants it. Will is also CU’s traveling Qb4 break glass in case of Qb3 emergency Pivot. This is a good P1, who is right in the first-cut fringe of being a professional Punter. (and aim-high on your block point with an N.b.a. sized S/G of a Punter here).

  • 34th in Punt Returns | 31st in KO returns.
  • 85th in punt coverage | and 99th in suicide-squad.
  • CU has blocked 1 kick and allowed an indescribable 5 kicks to be blocked!
  • CU has blocked o punts and allowed 2 punts to be blocked!

B.T. Potter is the Tigers K1 at 5′10″ and 180 Jr. year lbs. BeeTee was merely a near Top-3 consensus K1 prospect coming outta Rock Hill South Carolina homespun High School in America three seasons ago. Where B.T. only pocked a perfected four that’s (4) straight state championships in four scholastic seasons! The Bill Russell of H.S. Place-Kickers if you will. That’s all. He sucks. Cut him now. However, and in the meantime… Potter is your back-up double-dip P3 when traveling, and he has a pretty good leg what with range just into the mid-’50s. Where he is only a very handsome 83% on FGA’s ≥50-yards for his collegiate kicking career so far. This Colonel Potter may or may not be, hairy; tho’ he can and has kicked-off for Clemson, and now just imagine him if he had everything right-blocking and functioning five-by-five in front of him on FGA’s? As he flat-out misses FGA’s less than he gets snuffed-out! As this kid to is a fringe Sunday Pro’ at the moment.

Special Teams letter-grade: “Aye” Clemson is not lacking leg-talent(s) or any manner of ST’s talent(s) itself. Tho’ seven, that’s (7) blocks-allowed at this level of talent(s) is a damn shame.
And their coverage units have mo’ talent than this. This group is vastly better than this grade; avers, posits, or connotes. However, D+++ is all I can do here).

Unit Rankings:

  1. CU O.
  2. CU D.
  3. VT O.
  4. (omit).
  5. VT D.


  • motive: Clemson cannot afford a play-off banana peel slip-up moment here. And we are their final 2020 regular-season game. So, they can rest as much as they want next weekend; whereas we could be saving-up for all things hooVa, already. EDGE=CU.
  • weather: …although not as bad as I was hoping… it won’t be helping CU’s throw-game and that should help the better run-game. EDGE=VT (at least a little).
  • health/off-field: Neither team is in great shape, although VeeTee is a little thinner for numerous sorts of reasons at the moment. EDGE=CU (per: vastly deeper depth too!)
  • penalties: Although VeeTee has been trending very mixed of late here, they are still better than Clemson who is very centrist to C— in annual terms as yellow-laundry goes. EDGE=VT.
  • intangibles: All important Turnover Margin is only 10-spots to Clemson’s good, however, TOP (time of possession) is a hurtful 65-spots to Clemson’s great. EDGE=CU.
  • fatigue: Clemson is pretty well-rested as they have only balled once since November 7th. Although VeeTee was BYE last week and sleeps in their own beds here. EDGE=VT.


R.A.T.T.: ...upsetting Clemson here is all about what(s)?

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Illationconclusion(s), and OPT digits:

Number of Tigers who could claw @Tech=18

the takeaway:

…the takeaway here is that it would be impious to the point of outright lying to type anything out other than… VeeTee is likely to get took.

As in… could Vah.Tech rightfully take Clemson’s best A-game punch bang on the chin and not get sparked-out if their best shot did come crashing home?

Eye think not.

Now mix in who knows what kind of whiskers we have leftover after Thanksgiving Break and you quickly R.A.T.T. see which team appears to be the cat’s: “meow” here.

And as we and the ultimate tool time Carpentry Coach (St.Joseph) all know…
lying is for… rugs!


xxx‘s & ooo‘s:

Tough to put Dabo and company south of Fu’ and company here with a straight face.
Although, only one side is coaching for their jobs in this one; or is that rather in
the next one? And that one makes this one a Catch-44. Do you save things
you might need for upsetting uva or go fo’ broke here?

Either way… hard to say this favors the O&M this week.

(next week it just might however as the O&M chips get Jeffersonian big-n-blue).

formulae here favors:
The noticeably deeper, more Constellation Class type of Recruiting club.
And this just in… rain is rumored to be, wet.


  1. Δ1=70% that Dabo pours it on Fu’. As this may be his last chance to do so and that kinda walkway power has to be R.U.T.S. factored in.
  2. Δ2=25% still yet, there is a shot that CU don’t wanna show too much or risk too many injuries and just go’on and glorified-scrimmage get off the field A.S.A.P. vs. us. They could get up, take their foot off the accelerator, and just green economy cruise-control this one all the way, home.
  3. Δ3=5% I’ma lowering this 2020 one from 10% to 5% on anything and everything #3 ranked Villanova can and will happen. As not much seems to be 24060 happening to the good of late. (and Clemson looked pretty tight coming-back from a testing miss last time out vs. Pittsburgh).

#ChallangeA.c.c.epted… there are 1,440 minutes in a day and VeeTee needs to win 61 outta 60, here.

the optics
…speed kills.

Simple as that… as the downrange optics are blurry at best on VeeTee catching or dusting many CU kids if/when things break contain.

the skinny
…is just that. Who came Thanksgiving Break back tight-n-right and who came back thick-n-fat? As Clemson’s having worked last weekend prolly keeps them in better-fighting nick than us (what with all we have had sporting-O.P.E.C. turmoil going on and going-in behind the scenes).

Lo.FM (Long-field Management©)

  • Clemson is a sleek 9th best in 1st-down O | whereas VeeTee is a generous like 117th in 1st-down D.
    Clemson is a centralized 58th best in 1st-down D  | whereas VeeTee is a sharp 20th in 1st-down O.
  • Clemson is a useful 28th on 3rd-down O | whereas VeeTee is a so-so 69th in 3rd-down D.
    Clemson is a stingy 10th best on 3rd-down D | whereas VeeTee is a puntful 1o4th best in 3rd-down O.

    7:30 PM tipoff!

Lo.FM Analysis:
Clearly, 2020 VeeTee is just not a stalwart or Stallworth type 3rd-down team. Clemson sits back a little bit more on their early-down defensive sets; although they have the Jimmy’s and Joe’s to out-athlete most any opposing X’s and O’s. EDGE=CU (pretty big too)!

TTT (Time To Throw©)

  • Clemson is a decent 40th best in sacks allowed | whereas VeeTee is a Blitzburg 9th best in Qb’s sacked!
    Clemson is an average 51st in TFL (Tackles for a Loss) allowed | whereas VeeTee is a northward 28th in TFL inflicted.
  • Clemson is a Qb orange crushing 5th best in Qb’s sacked | whereas VeeTee is a scosche below-average 70th best in Qb protection.
    Clemson is a penetrating 4th best in TFL inflicted | whereas VeeTee is a very serviceable 37th in TFL allowed.

TTT Analysis:
You should go’on and expect some backfield stops to be inflicted behind the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) from both clubs in this one. You should also prolly expect Clemson to inflict
a few more. And although reasonably competitive, the EDGE=CU, here.


The most recent 3-game splits say: both squads have backed-up on the ground (55 from CU and 80 from the Fu’fense); although CU has nearly covered this bet threw the airwaves. VeeTee’s O&M eggs and j.Ham halt-unit is only 6-yards removed from being the yearly same. Although the Tiger defenders have shifted into reverse to the tune of almost 60 more yards allowed aerially speaking of late. As mind-numbingly enough… it is actually V.Tech who is up ➕ 30 aggregate yards O to D over the most recent three games. (even with both clubs in decline).

The H/A splits say: that Clemson is better on O on the road and yet worse on D and these two markers less right at one first-down basically canceled each other out. Whereas VeeTee actually turns up at ➕35 yards/game better at home than away with most of the betterment coming from the Tech defense. Even if Clemson is still up right at 65-yards to the good in your house or about by one full play when aggregate comparing VT home head-to-head CU away.

(admittedly: these is sum dang strange splits folks…
although this is why you run the numbers,
not yo’ mouf!

Our handy dandy friend, the so-called: Forum Guide of Graham Houston fame is merely for a mind-blowing ➕108 point Clemson-matter vs. VeeTee-antimatter total annihilation! Even taken pro-rata; this is still calling for a 4-score kick right in the Techmen can. (which seems lyte as canned goods go).

the call

So, you’re saying there’s (not) a chance?

Inspect, circumspect, retrospect, suspect,

  • Inspect, Clemson just completed its most successful decade in school history and one of the most successful in college football history as Dabo Swinney’s program finished 117–23 during the 2010s, tying for the third-most victories in a decade in major college football since 1890. Although the timeline differs, VeeTee is now a sub .5oo team in their last 4-calendar seasons of play. “Two ships passing in the night” indeed and one ship’s deck is fu’lly awash.
  • circumspect, well, sadly, this has been a late-in-life O&M circumcision of late. Gentile or Hebrew or anything else… the next time that feels good? Will be the first. As in… ever!
  • retrospect, …too late now. As it appears that some little engine that could {sic: “not”} had its 20-20 hindsight bias chances. (per: VT hasbeen beaten by 1-full play, a ½-play, and then by 1-point. As o-3 in close ones is justincredible just like dat!)
  • suspect, Eye do however suspect this gets worse before it gets… better. The only ask is… has it gotten: “worst”, yet?

Clemson Projected S&P+: 2nd.
Clemson Projected S&P wins: 12.9 W’s.



Eye honestly don’t know?
Do, you❓

  1. Do you push your few remaining chips into the: “IF you keep score you play to win!” Coach Billy Cunningham kitty vs. the possible eventual National Champs and hope you don’t get totally chumped @home vs. archrival hooVa for it?
  2. Or, do you horde your few remaining O&M chips and try to load the hooVa gun with all you mid-December totally hot-seat rivally game employment lifeline gots?

As there are cogent applied sports-psyche arguments to made for each… and yet you only have a decent to moderate shot at one of these two contests.

As the voters have spoken…

Eye do however know that I wanna do whatever it takes to have my best possible shot to get this sagging -if not foundering- Duck Pond team back up just in time delivery wise for uva. Nonetheless, I also know that not really showing up for Clemson really does set a spit-the-bit and let go the O&M rope tone.

(even if this Staff is about to reach the end of its… knot)


If you will notice… this preview is a little shorter than most… why you ask?

"The fish stinks first at the head..."
—Turkish proverb

’cause Eye ain’t m.Poppins, Eye ain’t gots no sugar, NutraSweet or saccharine for you S.A.T.T.’s. (sugar all the time).

I do however keeps an oversized umbrella and you are most welcome to the same. So, come on in outta the not R.A.T.T. TSL rain and get some warmth up against the real hot stove rotisserie topic(s) du jour.


As it will take a whole lotta Clemson’s help before they VomiT up a Tech Triumph for us here. As we may or may not even know where we chemistry wise really are post getting toxicologically Dering Hall totally acid-washed up @Pitt.

And here Eye thought that was so, 1981?

Although I’ma truly fenced on how many uva-bullets you bunker and/or try to at least conserve— if not outright, save.

I do know that he who loafs in this Terminal Contact sport will get baked.

I’m just hoping that Dabo is friendly enough to NOT set his oven to: BROIL.

As our Turkish goose is cooked if/when Dabo gets needy polling wise.
As numerous Duck Pond, things really do smell: 🐟 here…
“Absurdly”… at that.


upset Index=1%


Virginia Tech=1o, Clemson=44


Please support the VT F.C.A.!



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  1. p.s. 1st time since 1973 and Alabama happened to wanna Claiborne our stillborn ass that I am this unsettled about what might-could worst-case happen here.


  2. Ahhhhh it’s 2020 and after popping the CBD home brew or two… an upset is in the aire. Tiggers can’t lose. Hokies can’t win. Dabo is the Aloha & Omega whilst Fu is smoking you step in the doggie park. No way VT wins. right—–WRONG! . Haha. VT plays best when we’re the underdog.
    Fuente is coaching for his big whistle
    Vice Squad is chapped
    Herbert is seeing an early draft pic
    It’s time for the Deuce to be turned loose
    TNT goes off in the cold.

    Hokies win & we celebrate with more Hales Bottom CBD home Brew into the wee hours

    Let’s Go… Hokies!!!
    Grab that Tigger tail and rip it off!!!

    1. Aloha & Omega

      LOL.. is this a spellcheck gitch you want me to fix?


  3. Keep the bench warm. Lot VT players might want to sit this one out..Heart might be the issue..hope not on the big screen. Dabo needs to get this over early..and mush this place up in the first half..just keep the bench warm…

    1. …1st VT football game my WANT to watch quotient is a little, mixed.
      (don’t wanna see this grenade defu’se itself in Fu’s face).


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